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Vibe Productions would like you to produce either a short film or animation for

submission to the 2017 festival.

I will be producing a short film for the Oxford International Film Festival.

Your final short film must be completed and submitted to Vibe Productions by
Friday 9th December 2016
I will have completed and submitted my short film by Friday 9 th December,
including all the pre-production tasks.

You must each produce your own animated or filmed short using the following
Every student must originate and produce their own idea My film will not be
copied by any film I have seen or heard of before. I will come up with my own
original idea.
Animations should be between 3 and 5 minutes long
Short films should be between 20 and 30 minutes long My short film will be no
more, or no less than 20-30 minutes long to ensure I am within the OXIFF
Must not suggest any drug use I will not use any illegal drugs in my production,
nor will I use anything relating to illegal substances.
Must not use unnecessary / excessive bad language I will avoid using any bad
language in my film. However, if necessary to make the scene more realistic, I
will use mild bad language to emphasise the scene.
Documentation Prior to shooting your production, you must submit the following:
Full research project on your idea I will complete a research project into the
story behind my production. This research will be presented neatly and organised
through a Harvard Reference. My research will be detailed and it will relate to my
Script (including narrative structure and character profiles) I will write a script
which flows and fits with the storyline of the production. The script will also relate
to the characters in the story and match their personalities which have been
described in their character profiles. The script will follow a narrative structure
Storyboard My storyboard will be presented neatly to make my filming plan
easy and simple to follow. It will work with the story and script I will write.
Location Recces for ALL locations (Locations must be scouted BEFORE
production starts) Before I begin any filming, I will plan all my locations. I will
visit these locations prior to filming to make sure the area is fit for purpose. (E.g.
is the lighting correct? Are there any health and safety hazards?).

Clearances Whilst doing my location recces I will make clearances to ensure the
owners of the places I intend to film at are happy with me using the area.
I will have completed all of the above by 22 nd November 2016

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