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15 October 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

This information is confidential, should be treated as such, and is provided at the request of Mr.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, who has asked me to serve as a reference.
It is a pleasure to provide this reference letter for Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I believe he is a unique
student who deserves high recognition for his abilities. He is an exceptionally intelligent young person and
possesses many qualities, which will make him successful in whatever task he undertakes. I think that the
following information should help introduce him as well as convey my wholehearted recommendation.
I have known Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX since 2010 when he enrolled at the graduating studies at the
Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the field of Information Technologies. He has attended the lectures and
practices during two courses Basic of PLM and Programing languages that I teach. I immediately noticed
his extraordinary social and learning skills. He was one of the few students that stood out from the other
students in the class from the beginning.
Our academic intercommunication has not stopped since then. I was part of the science committee for his
Master of Science thesis XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the Advanced Information Technologies study program.
Having kept in touch with Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the intervening years, I am confident in my
knowledge of him.
As my student, Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has proven to be exceptional in several respects.
He is very responsible, ambitious, fulfilling and proactive person, which can be confirmed with the fact that he
fulfills all the projects on time and manage to undertake master studies at the same time while he developed a
serious career progress in his working career in insurance, which says a lot about his capabilities of
multitasking working under a time pressure, and his ability of being a team leader.
Being student at Information Technologies study program requires outstanding oral and communication skills.
These characteristics that Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is highly fond of, combined with his experience
gained through participation in multinational projects organized in Europe-wide activities such as conferences
and workshops and his managerial experience in IT sector, build his personal strengths.
He is always ready to learn something new, and his eagerness to invest in himself will help in his future carrier
development. I would expect him to perform well in a wide range of environments. Add to all this that Mr.
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is a very congenial person, well-liked by teachers and students alike and
because of this and many other reasons I am so positive about this bright and energetic young student. I am
glad that he wants to develop his skills even further, and I will be very happy if he would be given an
opportunity to learn more.
I would recommend him anywhere because I am sure that he would be extraordinary in his future career and
academic development. I give Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX my highest recommendation, and very much
hope that the committee judges his application favorably.
Please feel free to contact me if I can in any way assist you in your evaluation of Mr.