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Specialists in Acoustic Flooring and House to Flat Conversions

Eleco 36 Fitting Detail

Plan view of fitting

Skirting Board Trim Isolation Tape Eleco 36 Acoustic Flooring

back to skirting.

22mm T+G Chipboard


4 SoundSlab Insulation
between 225 x 50 mm joists

Resilient Bars

Existing 9 x 2 Floor Joists

2 Layers of stagger
fixed 15mm SoundBloc
4 Air Gap Plasterboard

See below for Fitting Instructions

From Above

1. Install Electrics and heating as required under floor boards

2. Replace floor boards with either 18mm T+G Chipboard or Ply screwed and glued to joists.
3. Render and Plaster all walls down to this sub floor level and fill all gaps with Sealant
4. Build up all stud Party and internal walls onto this floor
5. Ensure skim coat plaster is applied to all rooms right down to sub-floor level.
6. Fit isolation tape around bottom edge of room wall.
7. Fit 35mm Acoustic floating floor to each room.
8. Glue all joints well and seal any gaps with silicon sealant.
9. Ensure new floor surface is completely water tight
10. Ensure skirting board sits onto foam and not directly onto flooring

From Below

1. Install 100mm Insulation Slab 45kg/m3 between existing joists.

2. Screw fix Resilient Bars at max 400mm ctrs across underside of joists.
3. Apply 2 layers of 15mm SoundBloc plasterboard to underside of Resilient Bars
4. When fixing plasterboard, ensure screws DO NOT PENETRATE INTO JOISTS
5. Seal all gaps between plasterboard sheets with caulk or plaster.
6. Seal around edge of both layers of plasterboard ceiling to ensure no gaps.
7. Ensure ceiling is completely watertight.
8. Do not fit recessed ceiling lights in this ceiling

Please note, the success of any acoustic system, will depend entirely on the construction of the existing building and finishing detail, to the extent that we can not
guarantee the level of noise reduction that will actually be achieved. It is the clients responsibility to check the quantities of acoustic materials ordered are correct as
shortages will have to be paid for separately and to check with Local Building Control on actual testing requirements.

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