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NURS 2021H Clinical Course Evaluation

Mid-Term Evaluation

Student: Erin Power

Clinical Instructor: Shelly Ham
Placement: Peterborough Regional Health Center MC2
Missed Clinical Hours: 0

Missed Lab Hours: 0

NURS 2021H Clinical Course Mid-Term Evaluation


Course Objective
Recognize and begin to navigate the complexities of
family nursing.

Integrate knowledge from previous courses to support

diverse populations.

Critically appraise relational inquiry processes and



I had an experience with a mother

who was homeless living with
three children already. The father
of the baby was a first time dad.
I helped a family who had three
children already and worked to
engage the children while bath
their new sibling.
I helped to an
admission/assessment on a young
mother who did not have a
support system.
I had a patient who had a strong
support system and it was their
second child.
Each different family dynamic needed
something different from me as a care
provider. How I interacted with each
family changed, weather that be in
regards to teaching, or providing
comfort and support.
Using open ended questions to
learn more about patients.
I use different lenses when
viewing patients of different
I use good body mechanics when
transferring or repositioning.

Each morning I try to begin


begin to develop meaningful relationships with health

care providers and family members.

Collaboratively formulate a plan of care based on

knowledge of family nursing, related theories and
scholarly literature.

developing a therapeutic
relationship with the patients.
I ask the mothers about their
pregnancy, what they have set up
for the baby, whether or not they
knew the sex
I try to engage the fathers when
assessing the babies.
I frequently go in to my patients
room to see if they are
comfortable or need me to get
them anything.
I ask my co-assigned nurse
questions when I am unsure of
reasoning or method.
I periodically ask my co-assigned
nurse if there is anything I can
help her with.
With a patient who presented with
bruising all over her body, the
nurse asked the women about
living conditions and abuse, as
intimate partner abuse tends to
rise while women are pregnant.
With some of the patients who
have had troubles breast feeding,
we have taught the mom how to
hand express, how to mix
colostrum with sugar water, and
put them in contact with the
lactation consultant.
I have recognized whether or not
babies are eligible for a bath
depending on how many hours
old, birth weight compared to

Develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of

health-promoting, evidence-based practice, reflecting
principles of family nursing as relational practice.

Demonstrate increasing competence and confidence

in the application of psychomotor skills in practice

gestation, and if they are on the

hyperglycemic proto call.
Moms are educated on the
benefits of breast feeding vs
formula feeding, yet still chose to,
even though I dont agree I still
supported the mom. No matter
how much teaching you do, some
mothers are set in their ways.
Mothers who smoked during
pregnancy tend to have babies
who are small for gestational age.
Mothers are warned about the
risks of smoking during
pregnancy, yet still do. As a result,
babies are small for gestational
age, which puts them into the
hyperglycemic protocol.
With situations like these, you need to
take a set back and consider how the
patient got to this point. It is not easy to
make major life style changes, like
quitting smoking, so nurses need to be
sensitive to the choices mothers make.
Gaining confidence taking a
babies vitals.
I am more comfortable picking up
Working on swaddling, and having
it hold.
Gaining confidence giving a baby
Confident changing dippers.
Confidant taking vital of mother.
Gaining confidence doing a full
postpartum assessment on

mother (locating fundus).

Demonstrate accountability and professionalism that
is consistent with a nurse entering a self-regulating

Select appropriate community support services for

families needing referral to enhance coping with
diverse transitional experiences.

I complete my charting in a timely

I show up prepared and on time.
I seek guidance when I am unsure
of procedures.
I recognize what is out of my
scope of practice.
Before giving a bath to a baby
who should have been on the
hyperglycemic protocol, I asked
the assigned nurse why she
thought we should be doing it.
I am up-beat when talking with
patients and staff.
Moms who are struggling with
breast feeding are put into contact
with the lactation consultant.
A homeless patient we had was
put in contact with the hospital
social worker to try and find a
more family friendly shelter.
I provided a mother with
information about circumcision.
I have listened in on nurses doing
discharges of patients. At this time
they are given phone numbers to
resources, even if there is not a
clear need for them at that point.
As well as follow up appointments
with their family doctors.

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