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Membership Application

A Call to Duty

For those concerned about the

health and future of our
community; and committed to
supporting efforts to
Save our Sons, our Daughters, our

Creating opportunities to renew the human spirit through

devotion to the upliftment of fallen humanity by building
safe, united, productive communities.

New L.I.F.E. Movement 329 W. 18th St., Suite 500, Chicago Illinois, 60616 (312) 324-0253

Date: ______________________

Dear Applicant:

The New L.I.F.E. Movement is happy to review your application for membership. Please be advised that we are looking for
a very special type of member. One who will join us in the fight to Save our Sons, our Daughters, our Children.

The New L.I.F.E. Movement coalition is implementing a political and economic development program designed to lift our
community out of poverty and provide opportunity for our young people to have gainful employment, small business
opportunity, and more importantly an opportunity to have a safe and productive life.

If you are a person who believes that if we get organized and unified as a people that we can take control over our political,
economic and social life; if you are a person who believes you have a duty and responsibility to contribute at a minimum of
ten hours a month to such an outcome, then you are exactly the person the New L.I.F.E. Movement coalition is seeking to
join with us. If this does not fit in your sense of personal responsibility, or you are not able to participate with passion and
conviction then the New L.I.F.E. Movement coalition is not the place for you. Thanks for your inquiry.

For those who believe the New L.I.F.E. Movement is exactly the kind of effort they are ready to commit to then I ask that
you review the three attached documents carefully.

After your review of the third document Duties and Responsibilities of Membership, you believe that this is a
commitment you are ready to make, then you may proceed to complete and submit your application for membership. Upon
review of your application you will be notified of the membership committees decision within 7 business days from the date
of your submission.

Thank you so much for your inquiry as to how you may do your part in helping to Save our Sons, our Daughters, our

With Best Regards;

I am,

Dr. Levern Murphy
President & C.E.O.


Representing Integrity, Performance and Top Quality Service to the African
American community.

Executive Summary

Not a day passes in urban black America that we dont hear over and over again the senseless carnage wrought upon the lives
of young African American males living in urban black America. A recent study reveals that black homicide rates in the 14
to 17 year old age group has risen forty percent between 2000 and 2007. In Chicago Public Schools, the drop-out rates for
black males are approaching 60 percent. Illinois prison data reveals that only three percent of African American inmates
have a high school diploma. The correlation between High School drop-out rates and disproportionate rates of incarceration
among black males is clear and demands intervention.

According to a recent study released by North Eastern University reveals some rather disturbing facts: 1. Among their
findings: An increase of more than thirty-nine percent in the number of black males between the ages of 14 and 17 killed
between 2000 and 2007, and an increase of thirty-four percent in the number of blacks in that age group who committed
homicide. The vast majority of black youth killed are killed by other black youth. The victims and perpetrators of gun
crimes are getting younger and younger and we are losing a most valuable sector of our population to senseless gun violence.

Since September 11, 2001, we have witnessed a steady and dramatic decline in government funding support for community
based programs that serve at risk youth. These dollars have been redirected to Homeland Security programs intended to beef
up security against foreign external threats. The local impact of this funding shift away from inner city youth oriented
services has left many urban communities far less safe, and the youth of our communities, particularly, black males are too
often left wasting away on the streets of urban America. Government neglect to these concerns coupled with inaction on the
part of communities directly impacted leaves little hope as it relates to reversing this insidious and deadly pathology.

The LIFE Movement, an Illinois based not-for-profit dues paying membership organization is taking the lead in organizing
local community efforts to design strategies and an intervention model to disrupt the current trend. The LIFE Movement,
through its Building Our Posterity (BOP) initiative has introduced the BusyMan model of services and programs specifically
targeted at high risk youth.

The BusyMan Power Teen Movement is a violence reduction, juvenile delinquency prevention strategy which is a character
building program that improves life skills and literacy, currently being implemented throughout Cook County. The
BusyMan Power Teen Movement is a school and community based direct service model designed to organize youth to be
proactive and accepting of their responsibility in helping to create safe communities; and to help stop the deadly violence
thats taking too many of our young peoples lives, and destroying our posterity.
BusyMan is a school based intervention that aims to stop the senseless killing of our children; stop the wholesale disruption
of our childrens education as evidence by an alarming high school drop-out rate especially of our young men. The system
has our young boys on a path to early death or long term incarceration during the prime years of their lives to the clear and
destructive impact on our posterity.

The BusyMan Power Teen Movement is presently operating in twenty-one public high schools in communities hit hardest by
youth violence, delinquency, crime, high unemployment, and deteriorating housing stock. The youth participants receive
mental health services, entrepreneurial training, and life coaching.

The staffing pattern for BusyMan Power Teen Movement emphasizes the need for male presence for direct interface with
young black males. Currently, nearly one hundred male mentors are part of the front line of the BusyMan Power Teen

BusyMan Power Teen Movement description:

The multi-faceted Power Teen Movement is a personal development and motivational learning intensive experience.
BusyMan Power Teen Movement provides teens with social and emotional knowledge to apply to situational
encounters. BusyMan Power Teen Movement implements a three-phase, self fortification curriculum in traditional,
after school and summer program settings. The programs instruction time consist of five days a week, one hour and
a half a day. The experience includes parents/student interaction and activities to reinforce learned skills and
techniques to living a successful life. BusyMan Power Teen Movement provides real world skill sets within five core
areas: self awareness, managing emotions and behavior, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible
decision making, and entrepreneurial training as a strategy to alleviate poverty.

The BusyMan Power Teen Movement will present a series of interactive seminars, focusing on the business of sports and
entertainment, as a supplemental component to our entrepreneurial training program. These seminars will be designed to
enlighten young adults on the inner-workings of corporate entertainment entities in an effort to expand their consciousness on
career and revenue producing opportunities in sports and music.

The business of sports and entertainment seminar topics to be determined at a later date and offered to participating BusyMan
Power Teen Movement members who have been identified as making progress with our core curriculum. Upon completion
of the seminar series, students will apply their knowledge through a hands-on experiential learning process that will
culminate with those students hosting their own revenue producing events.

Join the New Life Movement Now. Everybodys HELP is urgently needed.
Creating opportunities to renew the human spirit through
devotion to the upliftment of fallen humanity by building
safe, united, productive communities.

New L.I.F.E. Movement 329 W. 18th St., Suite 500, Chicago Illinois, 60616 (312) 324-0253

Mission, Purpose, Goal, Vision and Values

The New L.I.F.E. Movement

To alleviate the impact of poverty, dependence, and manipulation of community circumstances by external
influences that negate our capacity to be self determining and in control of our own lives and destinies.

To change the pervasive dysfunctional social, economic, and political reality to a state wherein the African
American community becomes progressive, self-reliant and self-determining.

To create a community environment that nurtures a sense of oneness that eliminates feelings of isolation and
disconnection from the mainstream of community L.I.F.E. through the operations of programs that connect and
empower African people to change the existing counter-productive social, economic, and political condition.

We envision a highly organized and productive community that supports and nurtures its members to their
maximum level of functioning; organized and functional political structures that promote economic and social
upward mobility that affects the desired levels of community achievement.

Impenetrable bond of brotherhood/sisterhood.
Collective efforts that demonstrate the power of unity.
Acceptance of personal responsibility for self-development as a prerequisite for community
Establishment of unquestionable integrity among our members and relationships.
The building of strong families with the capacity to inculcate the moral and spiritual values our
children will need to fully develop into the progressive social force necessary to continue building
upon our efforts in the future.
A constructive spiritual framework that inspires and directs our individual and collective efforts.
Creating opportunities to renew the human spirit through
devotion to the upliftment of fallen humanity, by building
safe, united, productive communities.

New L.I.F.E. Movement 329 W. 18th St., Suite 500, Chicago Illinois, 60616 (312) 324-0253

Membership Application
First Name: _________________________ Last Name: __________________________ MI: ______
Nick Name (if applicable): ___________________ Date of Birth: ____________ ID# ____________
Address: __________________________ City: ________________ State: _____ Zip code: _________
Phone #: ______________________ Fax #: ____________________ Cell #: ____________________
E-mail Address: _______________________Website: _______________________________________
Employer: _____________________________________ Job Title: ___________________________
Employers Address: _____________________ City: ___________ State: _____ Zip code: _________
Employers Phone #: _____________________ Employers Fax #: ____________________________
Company Name: _____________________________ Company Address: _______________________
City: _____________ State: _____ Zip code: _________ Company Phone #: ____________________
Ethnicity: __________________ Referred by: ____________________________ ID# _____________
Highest Grade Completed ____________ Highest Degree ______________ Male: Female:
Are you a Registered Voter Yes No Political Affiliation: _____________________________
Life Challenges: ___________________________ Strengths: _________________________________
Skills: _______________________________________________________________________________
Yes, I Want to Make a Difference: My $1 a day membership goes to support The Movements political, economic and
social agenda for the future of our youth.
Enclosed is my annual membership payment to The L.I.F.E. Movement: $1 a day Saving Our Sons, Our Daughters, Our
Children Mail Payment to: The New L.I.F.E. Movement, 329 West 18th Street, Box #20, Suite #500, Chicago, IL 60616
Annual $365.00 Semi-Annual $182.50 Quarterly $91.25 Monthly $30.42 Daily $1.00
My first payment to be made on_________/________/__________
Form of payment: Cash Check Credit Card Payroll deduction
Yes, I want to make a difference by inviting friends, neighbors and family to The Forum next meeting, and volunteer with
the Movement Initiatives
_______________________________________________ __________________
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