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Development and Managing

Cre8tivity & Innovation

Bugs Tan
Malaysia University of
Science and Technology (MUST)

Participants will go through the Cre8tive and Innovative Practicing
Company (CIPCO) training program over 3 days which includes:

learning how to promote a culture of cre8tivity among staff in an


acquire new skill, cre8tive thinking tools to generate new ideas

discover the method on how to tap the cre8tive ideas from the
employees in an organization

develop an understanding of different stages of product

development and approaches to obtaining early added value and

Experiential learning through-out the 3 days program

FELLOW - University Technology of Malaysia (UTM)
INNOVATION ADVISOR University Technology of Malaysia (UTM),
Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST), Asia Pacific
University of Science and Technology (APU)
INNOVATION CONSULTANT Malaysian Royal Police (PDRM), Public
Works Departments (JKR), Job and a few more
INNOVATION ADVISOR Gas Pantai Timur, NCMC Manufacturing,
Tresenergy, PT Herkul and a few more
INNOVATION JUDGE National Academic Award (Ministry of Higher
Education), James Dyson Award (UK), IDEAS Malaysia Inventors
Challenge (Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation) and etc,.
ADJUNCT LECTURER Petronas University of Technology
AWARDS Won 15 national awards for innovation

We are very fortunate to have a human mind that could cultivate
intellectually. This potential is enormous and it has no limit. Human mind
operates at lightning speed. It can store memories larger than an ocean. Its
mental strength is stronger than titanium steel
To be good at creating ideas, you need to be a good observer. You need to
look at problem faced by people. Observe closely and see the hindrances
that are obstructing the smooth flow. Opportunity will arise when you could
see through these problems
Everything in our life changed. Including the way we walk, talk, listen, eat,
taste, wear, work and play. This provides ample opportunities for creativity
and innovations to take place
Everyone is born creative. EVERYONE!


An invention is a piece of prototype which is the first of its kind

Ideas including those that could save wastage of material, save

time, save space, save human supervision, save energy,
increase productivity, increase revenue and increase profits.
Invention cannot just live on dreams and hope. It needs
planning, money and time to make it come alive.
A vast majority of time is devoted in getting things wrong. Or
rather, to painstakingly testing things to see how they might work

The economic surrounding a single patent, or a group of
patents, revolves around the balance between the
expenses of obtaining and maintaining the patent, and
the income derive from owning those patents
..but do you know intellectual property also has a price
Wealth is no more measured in terms of fixed assets
such as building, land, machinery and etc. Intangible
assets in particularly intellectual property rights (IPr)
constitute real value

Opportunity Assessment/Evaluation
Opportunities are a major source of new business:
New products and services
New markets
New ways of delivering products and services
New sources of raw materials
New ways of organising markets
Opportunity Assessment focuses on identifying those opportunities
that are worth pursuing
What is the value proposition
How much do you have to charge
Are there sufficient customers
Can you get the product to customers
Can you compete
Can you defend a market position

Development and Managing Cre8tivity

& Innovation Malaysia or your home country
Day 1: Thinking Tools, translating imagination into
sketches, evaluation;
Day 2: The methodology to turn a simple idea into a
commercial product;
Day 3: Intellectual property rights, valuation of technology
and commercialization;
With lots of hands-on activities through out the CIPCO training program

Who should attend

This short course is designed specially for people who wish to create
a culture of cre8tivity in an organization. This course is suitable for :1) Private company, factory, plantation, tourism, logistic, services and etc,.
2) Government departments, federal or state and government linked company
3) Non Profit Organization, association, foundation and alike
People who should attend such course are :a) Leaders of organization Bosses, strategists and middle level management
b) Heads of department leaders and middle level management
c) Human resource & Research department & other relevant personnel