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Text 1 04. When did archeologists become aware of the possible

The La Brea tarpits, located in Hancock Park in the Los value of the contents of the tarpits?
Angeles area, have proven to be an extremely fertile A. During the Ice Age.
source of Ice Age fossils. Apparently, during the period of B. Thousands and thousands of years ago.
the ice age, the tarpits were covered by shallow pools of C. Early in the twentieth century.
water; when animals came there to drink, they got caught D. Within the past decade.
in the sticky tar and perished. The tar not only trapped the
animals, leading to their death, but also served as a 05. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an
remarkably effective preservant, allowing near-perfect example of a skeleton found in the tarpits?
skeletons to remain hidden until the present era. A. A bear
In 1906, the remains of a huge prehistoric bear discovered B. A sloth
in the tarpits altered archeologists to the potential treasure C. A horse
lying within the tar. Since then thousands and thousands D. A snake
of well-preserved skeletons have been uncovered,
including the skeletons of camels, horses, wolves, tigers, Text 2
sloth, and dinosaurs. Food products account for the largest portion of our
agricultural exports, although it is traditionally thought that
01. Which of the following is NOT true about the La Brea pesticides and other agricultural chemicals are in the lead.
tarpits? The value of food product exports has increased in recent
A. They contain fossils that are quite old. years, with the increased interest among consumers in
B. They are found in Hancock Park. more exotic food products. Our growers have responded
C. They have existed since the Ice Age. to the demand and we have established one million
D. They are located under a swimming pool. hectares as a special development region for these
products. Our low night-time temperatures, combined with
02. The pronoun they in paragraph one refers to _____ the fact that we have little rain and plenty of sun in the
A. the La Brea tarpits daytime, gives us a competitive edge over growers in
B. Ice Age fossils other regions.
C. shallow pools of water Our exports of native tropical fruits and root vegetables
D. animals have increased from less than 2 % to more than 5 % of
total agricultural exports in the past two years, and growth
03. According to the passage, how did the Ice Age is expected to continue. But we continue to anticipate new
animals die? food trends and will be ready to respond as the market
A. The water poisoned them. changes.
B. They got stuck in the tar.
06. What is exported the most?
C. They were attacked by other animals.
A. Pesticides
D. They were killed by hunters.
B. Fibers
C. Foods
D. Chemicals

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07. Why has the value of their food product exports B. and
increased? C. that it
A. Increased interest in unfamiliar foods D. when
B. Drought in other countries
C. Higher prices 15. Never before ______________ here to give me some
D. Consumers who are willing to spend more food.
A. he has come
08. What trend do they expect to continue? B. has he come
A. Regulations on agricultural exports C. will he comes
B. High demand for exotic fruits and root vegetables D. he will come
C. High prices for foods
D. Desire to produce more 16. According to communication theory, after message
leaves the sender, he _______ controls it.
09. The word exotic in the first paragraph is closest in A. not longer
meaning to _____ B. none longer
A. usual C. does not longer
B. extinct D. no longer
C. distinct
D. unfamiliar 17. The Rose Bowl, ______ place on New Years Day, is
the oldest postseason collegiate football game in the
10. What is the possible range of the exports of native United States.
tropical fruits and root vegetables? A. takes
A. 2- 5 % B. it takes
B. 2-6 % C. which takes
C. 1,8 5,4 % D. took
D. 3- 5 %
18. After the interruption, she carried on talking ________
Question no. 11 22 : Choose one word or phrase that nothing had happened.
best completes the sentences. A. like C. as if
B. if D. as
11. Development has many aspects, and they call for
________ analysis and scrutiny. 19. He admitted ___________ his own mother.
A. adequate difference A. to have killed
B. adequately differentiated B. having killed
C. adequacy different C. to killing
D. adequately different D. have killing

12. The issue ____ child labor tends to divide South 20. The smart student decided ___________ his study to
Asian economists. the famous university.
A. over A. not continuing
B. about B. not to continue
C. on C. to not continue
D. of D. do not continue

13. When __________ the bus, I saw your uncle walking 21. He promises to have his car ________ here.
with his wife. A. washed
A. waiting for B. to wash
B. waited for C. wash
C. I waiting for D. be washed
D. I wait for
22. You should ________________ with the boy.
14. If a food label indicates that a food is mostly A. let your daughter to walk
carbohydrate, it does not mean ______ is a good food B. make your daughter to walk
to eat. C. allow your daughter to walk
A. and it D. permit your daughter walking

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Question no. 23 28 : Choose the one underlined that 33. By __________, both letters arrived on the same day.
cannot be accepted in standard written English. A. existence
B. endurance
23. A series of lecture was given by the dean of the C. preference
A B C D D. coincidence
faculty two days ago.
34. It is considered that a motivation training can
24. Alloys of gold and copper have been widely using in ________ ones passion of work.
A B C A. beast
various types of coins. B. boost
D C. decline
D. deflate
25. Married customs differ greatly from society to society.
A B C D Questions no. 35 40 : Choose one word or phrase
which would best keep the meaning of the original
26. One of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the sentence if it were substituted for the underlined word
A B or phrase.
United States is the wildly and lovely Magnolia
C 35. He was quite candid with them about his reasons for
Gardens near Charleston, South Carolina. leaving.
D A. taciturn
B. frank
27. Mathematics have taken centuries to develop the C. unobvious
A B D. splendid
methods that we now use in arithmetic
C D 36. They agreed to undertake the difficult task.
A. take off
28. In 1972, a corporation constructed a 60-miles toll road B. take over
A B C C. take to
from Pennsylvania. D. take on
37. The people are lying inert after the previous nights
Question 29 34 : Select the correct answer from the party.
four choices given in each sentence A. smilingly
B. motionless
29. Entry to the club is ________ to members only. C. unstill
A. broad C. rejected D. active
B. restricted D. burdened
38. His health deteriorated rapidly and he passed away
30. He committed a sin but then he ___________ two weeks later.
A. reversed C. repented A. became worse
B. reconvened D. relieved B. became better
C. incurable
31. The government official was ________ on charges of D. recovered
A. indicted C. beseeched 39. I have never seen such appalling behaviour.
B. determined D. confessed A. considerate
B. extremely priding
32. When you believe that you have been treated unfairly, C. completely well
you are very likely to feel ________ D. extremely bad
A. Indisputable
B. indolent 40. You can find many witty stories in the book. I believe
C. indignant youll love it.
D. ineligible A. shocking C. amusing
B. romantic D. crucial

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Question No. 01 07 : Choose the best answer based 01. Which of the following is NOT discussed about Camp
on the following reading. David?
A. Its location
Text 1 B. Its cost
When the president of the United States wants to get away C. Its facilities
from the hectic pace in Washington, D.C., Camp David is D. Its uses
the place to go. Camp David, in a wooded mountain area
about 70 miles from Washington, D.C., is the official 02. According to the passage, who founded Camp David?
retreat of the president of the United States. It consists of A. George Washington
living pace for the president, the first family, and the B. The first family
presidential staff as well as sporting and recreational C. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
facilities. D. Dwight David Eisenhower
Camp David was established by President Franklin Delano
03. The pronoun he in the first sentence of paragraph 3
Roosevelt in 1942. He found the site particularly
refers to ___
appealing in that its mountain air provided relief from the
A. Camp David
summer heat of Washington and its remote location
B. Roosevelt
offered a more relaxing environment than could be
C. James Hilton
achieved in the capital city.
D. President Dwight David Eisenhower
When Roosevelt first published the retreat, he called it
Shangri-La, which evoked the blissful mountain kingdom in 04. Which of the following is NOT true about President
James Hiltons novel Lost Horizon. Later, President Dwight Eisenhower?
David Eisenhower renamed the location Camp David after A. He had a grandson named David.
his grandson David Eisenhower. B. He attended a conference with Nikita
Camp David has been used for a number of significant
C. He named the presidential retreat Shangri-La.
meetings. In 1943 during World War II, President
D. He visited Camp David.
Roosevelt met there with Great Britains Prime Minister
Winston Churchill. In 1959 at the height of the Cold War,
05. Khrushchev was at Camp David in ___
President Eisenhower met there with Soviet Premier Nikita
A. 1942
Khrushchev; in 1978 President Jimmy Carter sponsored
B. 1943
peace talks between Israelis Prime Minister Menachem
C. 1959
Begin and Egypts President Anwar el-Sadat at the retreat
D. 1978
at Camp David.

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06. The word appealing in paragraph 2 is closest in 13. The man, ___________, wants to earn more money
meaning to ___ to support his family.
A. unattractive A. as the other workers
B. charming B. like the other workers do
C. appearing C. likely the other workers
D. rising D. like the other workers

07. What is the main idea of the first paragraph? 14. The X-ray treatments __________ up to the time that
A. Camp David is a place which can be visited by he was dismissed from the hospital.
everyone who wants to enjoy life. A. gave daily
B. Good recreational facilities can be found in B. were given daily
Camp David. C. basically have given
C. Camp David is a place visited by the President of D. daily had been given
the United States when wanting to avoid his busy
activity. 15. Having been treated badly by her own father,
D. Camp David is an area near the sea. _____________________.
A. the man found the girl crying in front of his
Question no. 08 20 : Choose one word or phrase that B. escaping from her house was the best decision
best completes the sentences. for the girl.
C. the girl escaped from her house
08. The complicated work needs both _____________. D. the house was left by the girl.
A. persistence and patient
B. persistently and patience 16. Your parents ___________ for almost an hour before
C. persistence and patiently your train reached the railway station.
D. persistence and patience A. had been waiting for you
B. have waited for you
09. The man doesnt like working in this company C. have been waiting for you
________________________________ D. had waited for you
A. He doesnt want to work in the hospital too.
B. Nor does he want to work in the hospital. 17. When ______ nests during spring nesting season,
C. Nor he doesnt want to work in the hospital. Canadian geese are fiercely territorial.
D. He doesnt want to work in the hospital neither. A. building
B. are building
10. The cows, ________ are yours, are eating grass in C. built
the field. D. are built
A. some of whom
18. The boy along with his friends _________ to continue
B. some of them
the journey despite the rain.
C. which of some
A. decide
D. some of which
B. decides
C. deciding
11. ______________, the girl would be pleased to
D. to decide
become his wife.
A. If the man was intelligent 19. _______ cruel to leave the girl alone in this jungle.
B. If the man would be intelligent A. There is C. It
C. Were the man intelligent B. That is D. It is
D. If were the man intelligent
20. The woman __________ achieving her ambition
12. It is essential that your brother _______ the first because of her hard work and persistence.
program before working on the others. A. successful in
A. is completing B. success in
B. completes C. succeeded in
C. completed D. succeeded to
D. complete

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Question no. 21 25 : Choose the one underlined that 29. You need not pay the furniture in cash. You can pay it
cannot be accepted in standard written English in _________.
A. installation
21. Only rarely sound waves are of a single frequency B. requirement
A B C C. discontentment
encountered in practice. D. installment
30. According to the witnesss _________, you were
22. John Chapman became famous in American folklore present when the crime was committed.
A A. concurrence
as Johnny Appleseed after he plants apple trees B. testimony
B C. literacy
throughout the northeastern part of the U.S. D. determination
31. When you think that something is not worth
23. Halleys comet, viewing through a telescope, was considering, it is __________.
A B A. negligent
quite impressive. B. outstanding
C D C. negligible
D. invaluable
24. Those Travelers are completing their trip on Delta
A B 32. The boy has __________ food. We must give him
should report to Gate Three. some.
C D A. run across
B. run over
25. The witnesses saw that most of the fire in the hills C. run into
A B C D. run out of
were extinguished.
D 33. A woman who has sex with a lot of men is called a
Question no. 26 34 : Choose the one word or phrase B. slayer D. rift
that best completes the sentence
34. _________ is an intense feeling of happiness and
26. The girl ________ after standing before the class pleasant excitement.
more than two hours. A. Euphemism
A. passed out B. Euphoria
B. passed by C. Etymology
C. passed off D. Ambiguity
D. passed over
Question no. 35 40 : Choose one word or phrase
27. We call someone whose specialization is to treat which would best keep the meaning of the original
children a __________. sentence if it were substituted for the underlined word
A. pediatrician or phrase.
B. pedestrian 35. We may not impute guilt to somebody who is truly
C. veterinarian innocent.
D. Victorian A. attribute C. recruit
28. The young woman was _______ by your sexist B. compel D. isolate
A. defended 36. The man implored her not to abandon him.
B. suspended A. explored
C. offended B. considered
D. touched C. insisted
D. begged

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37. It is a pity that he has experienced great misery and

hardship for a long time.
A. undertaken
B. underdone
C. undergone
D. underwear

38. Her artificial gaiety disguised an inner sadness.

A. genuine
B. insincere
C. natural
D. facial

39. The new building cut off our view of the lake.
A. denied
B. obstructed
C. unblocked
D. constructed

40. Little children dont find it easy to articulate their

A. express
B. hide
C. grasp
D. catch

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READING COMPREHENSION The Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and

scientist, Leonardo died on May 2, 1519, and was buried
Question No. 01 11 : Choose the best answer based
in the cloister of San Fiorentino in Amboise.
on the following reading.
01. What is the authors main point?
Text 1
A. The invention of the helicopter.
Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in B. Birds cup air with their wings and use feathers to
Vinci, Italy. He was the illegitimate son of Ser Piero, a help hold the air.
Florentine notary and landlord, but lived on the estate and
was treated as a legitimate son. C. An overview of one of Leonardo da Vincis many
In 1483, Leonardo da Vinci drew the first model skills.
of a helicopter. It did not look very much like our modern D. Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 and died in
day copter, but the idea of what it could do was about the 1519.
Leonardo was an artist and sculptor. He was 02. The word problem in paragraph five could best be
very interested in motion and movement and tried to show replaced by the word:
it in his art. In order to show movement, he found it helpful A. dilemma C. danger
to study the way things moved. One subject he liked to B. mistake D. pain
study was birds and how they flew. He spent many hours
watching the birds and examining the structure of their 03. The word it in the second sentence of paragraph two
wings. He noticed how they cupped air with their wings refers to:
and how the feathers helped hold the air. Through these A. Leonardo da Vinci
studies, Leonardo began to understand how birds were B. The first model helicopter
able to fly. C. 1483
Like many other men, Leonardo began to dream D. motion and movement
of the day when people would be able to fly. He designed
a machine that used all the things he had learned about 04. Which paragraph explains why Leonardos helicopter
flight, and thus became the first model of a helicopter. was not successful in his lifetime:
Poor Leonardo had only one problem, however. A. paragraph 1 C. paragraph 4
He had no way to give the necessary speed to his B. paragraph 2 D. paragraph 5
invention. You see, motors had not yet been invented and 05. The word illegitimate in paragraph one is closest in
speed was an important part of the flying process. It would meaning to:
be another four hundred years before the engine was A. against the law or illegal
invented and another fifty years before it was put to the B. not in correct usage
test in an airplane. Leonardos dream of a helicopter finally C. incorrectly deduced; illogical
came to pass in 1936. D. born out of wedlock

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06. The following sentence would best complete which C. for him to see the boss
paragraph? Since then people have been living out D. to see the boss that he must
Leonardos dream of flying.
A. paragraph 3 C. paragraph 5 15. Would you please _______ the listening
B. paragraph 4 D. paragraph 2 comprehension script until after you have listened to
the tape?
07. What was the main problem with Leonardos A. not to read
invention? B. not read
A. motors were not yet invented C. dont read
B. the birds lost their feathers D. dont to read
C. he was illegitimate
D. he couldnt draw 16. ____________ covered by sea, which occupies 71
percent of the earth.
08. The word they in the third paragraph refers to: A. A huge unknown world is
A. the feathers C. the studies B. An huge unknown world
B. the birds D. the wings C. How huge the unknown world
D. So huge is the unknown world
09. In what year was the first helicopter flown?
A. 1483 C. 1519 17. It costs about thirty dollars to have a tooth ______.
B. 1452 D. 1936 A. filling C. filled
B. to fill D. fill
10. What two things did birds have that Leonardo da Vinci
noticed helped them to fly? 18. The woman could scarcely afford the rent, _______?
A. wings and beaks A. could she
B. feathers and talons B. couldnt she
C. wings and feathers C. can she
D. cups and feathers D. didnt she

11. The word thus in the fourth paragraph could best be 19. ________ in the U.S. declined from twenty million in
replaced by: 1910 to nine million in the 1970s.
A. Hence A. For a number of horses
B. After B. The number of horses
C. Unsuitably C. When the number of horses
D. Inappropriately D. That the number of horses

Question no. 12 24 : Choose one word or phrase that 20. The musical instrument _____ is six feet long.
best completes the sentences. A. is called the bass
B. it is called the bass
12. I think he is almost _______ my uncle. C. called the bas
A. the same age with D. calls the bass
B. the same old as
C. the same age as 21. _______ is sold in the shop beside my house.
D. as old as the same A. Jewelry
B. Jewel
13. Having completed his studies at the college, C. Jewels
___________. D. A jewels
A. the work was received by the young man.
B. the company offered the man a good job. 22. At the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San
C. the young man applied for a job in the big Francisco, Geraldine Ferraro became the first woman
company. _________ for the vice presidency.
D. there was no job suitable for him in the company. A. to being nominated
B. to has been nominated
14. It is necessary __________ now. C. to have been nominated
A. that he sees the boss D. to will be nominated
B. he will see the boss

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23. An overly detailed ______ of the characters and 31. Few scientific breakthroughs are discovered merely
setting of a novel can sometimes distract from the by coincidence.
narrative quality of a short story. A. talent
A. describe C. describing B. laymen
B. descriptive D. description C. chance
D. imagination
24. The mans daughter _________ by several strangers
before he arrived home. 32. The two sides are discussing a very sensitive issue.
A. has been kidnapped A. delicate
B. was being kidnapped B. reactive
C. had been kidnapped C. irritable
D. had kidnapped D. physic

33. She humiliated her husband by criticizing him in

Question no. 25 29 : Choose the one underlined that public.
cannot be accepted in standard written English. A. recommended
B. dedicated
25. Particular issues that concern teenagers were C. embarrassed
A B C D. assassinated
covering in the half-hour program.
D 34. She is held in high esteem by those who know her
26. Manufacturers may use food additives for preserving, A. appreciation
A B B. seduction
to color, to flavor, or to fortify food. C. creation
C D D. obstruction

27. Have taken all the medicine prescribed by the doctor, Question no. 35 40 : Choose the one word or phrase
A B that best completes the sentence.
she recovered from the ailment she had had for two
C D 35. Ive met him on several ________.
months. A. occupations
B. occasions
28. Before the developing of the printing machines, the C. determinations
A B D. convenience
only books used were those that were laboriously
C D 36. A tale which gives the readers advice or lessons is
copied by Monks. called a _____ one.
A. cautious
29. Nicotine consumption is no diminished by pipe B. cautionary
A B C C. stationary
smoking; a casual relationship exists between all D. luxury
forms of smoking and cancer. 37. A policeman was killed when his booby-trapped car
Questions No 30 34 : Choose one word or phrase A. blew over
which is the synonym of the underlined word or B. blew out
phrase. C. blew in
D. blew up
30. Thomas A. Edison was a celebrated American
inventor in the 19th century.
A. ingenious
B. creative
C. eminent
D. successful

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38. A person living outside her or his country is called a

(n) _____
A. expatriate
B. caveman
C. negotiator
D. fiance
39. It is generally believed that Malin Kundang was
______ into rock by his mother.
A. burst
B. bribed
C. cursed
D. condemned

40. The treasurer was sent into prison for _________ the
companys pension fund.
A. embracing
B. disgracing
C. hampering
D. embezzling

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Question No. 01 10 : Choose the best answer based 01. What is the main topic of this reading?
on the following reading. A. Women and drugs
B. The dangers of pregnancy
Text 1 C. The fetus and alcohol
One of the most dangerous drugs for pregnant women to D. Drinking and the human body
consume is alcohol. Because alcohol is delivered quickly
into the blood and passes quickly into the tissues and 02. In line 3 the word "its" refers to
membranes, the human fetus is particularly vulnerable to A. the fetus
its effects. In fact, the negative effects on a fetus are so B. the blood
pronounced that babies born after exposure to alcohol C. the tissue
are said to be suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome. D. the alcohol
03. In line 4, the word "pronounced" most closely means
As a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, the alcohol is passed A. evident
into her bloodstream almost simultaneously. Moreover, B. spoken
because the bloodstream of the fetus is inextricably tied to C. described
that of the mother, the alcohol passes directly into the D. unfortunate
bloodstream of the fetus as well. And, what is more, the
concentration of alcohol in the fetus is exactly the same as 04. How much time can it be inferred that it takes alcohol
in the mother. For the mother, this concentration is not a to enter a woman's bloodstream after she takes a
problem because her Liver can remove one ounce of drink?
alcohol from her system per hour. However, the fetus's A. about one hour
liver is not completely developed (how developed it is B. a few seconds
depends on its stage of development). The rate at which it C. several minutes
is able to eliminate the alcohol from the blood of the fetus D. at least 24 hours
is much slower.
Eventually, the alcohol will be returned to the mother's 05. In line 9 the word "inextricably" most nearly means
system by passing across the placenta, but this process is A. unexplained
slow. By the time this takes place, major neurological B. formerly
damage may have already occurred. Research has shown C. forcefully
that as little as one drink of alcohol can produce D. inseparably
significant, irreversible damage to the fetus. Babies born 06. According to the passage, how does the
after exposure to alcohol generally exhibit facial distortion, concentration of alcohol in a fetus compare to that in
inability to concentrate, and difficulty in remembering. the mother?
Simply speaking, it is imperative that pregnant women A. The concentration is more.
avoid alcohol. B. The concentration is less.
C. The concentration is equivalent.
D. The concentration cannot be measured.

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07. It can be inferred that the development of a fetal liver 14. Can you tell me what the secretary is interested in?
depends on ____________ in the afternoon.
A. how many months the mother is pregnant A. Having a sightseeing
B. how much alcohol the mother has consumed B. Has a sightseeing
C. how large the fetus is C. To have a sightseeing
D. how well the mother has taken care of the fetus D. Have a sightseeing
08. According to the passage, how is alcohol finally 15. It is said that during the reform, the poor _______
returned to the mother's system? poorer.
A. it is carried through the bloodstream A. are getting
B. it is transferred across the placenta B. is getting
C. it is expelled by the fetus's liver C. getting
D. it is not completely returned D. to get
09. Which one of the following was NOT mentioned as a 16. What is written is more easily understood than
sign of fetal alcohol syndrome? _________.
A. disfigurement of the face A. what is spoken
B. concentration difficulties B. speaking
C. increased aggression C. speak
D. memory problems D. to speak
10. At what place in the passage does the author discuss 17. When _______ on July 4, 1789, the federal tariff,
the quantity of alcohol necessary to produce negative intended by the Founding Fathers to be the
results? governments primary source of revenue, was
A. Paragraph 1 remarkably even-handed.
B. Paragraph 2 A. was first enacted
C. Paragraph 3 B. first enacted
D. None C. was enacted first
D. it first
Question no. 11 24 : Choose one word or phrase that
best completes the sentences. 18. Many people like my plan. Will you ______ it?
A. agree with
11. The legal systems of most countries can be classified B. agree to
_______ common law or civil law. C. agree
A. as either D. agree about
B. either as 19. Those applicants ___ their completed forms at the
C. either to earliest date have the highest priority.
D. to either A. return
12. Bioluminescent animals ___________ the water or on B. returns
land. C. to return
A. live D. returning
B. are living either 20. This isnt the main reason, nor ______________.
C. they are found in A. is it the most important
D. can be found in B. it is the most important
13. __________ the managers is going to lead the C. the most important is it
meeting tomorrow. D. the most important it is
A. Neither 21. ______ impressive chapter in this book was the
B. Both of chapter on Stuarts scientific theories.
C. Neither of A. It was the most
D. Every B. The most
C. Most
D. Most of

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22. The manager requested that all new employees VOCABULARY AND IDIOM
________ professionally.
A. is trained Question no. 31 35 : Choose one word or phrase
B. trained which would best keep the meaning of the original
C. was trained sentence if it were substituted for the underlined word
D. be trained or phrase.

23. During the early period of ocean navigation, ____ any 31. Chemicals are used to retard the growth of
need for sophisticated instruments and techniques. ornamental trees.
A. so that hardly A. initiate
B. where there hardly was B. stunt
C. hardly was C. benefit
D. there was hardly D. alter

24. ________beautiful scenery. 32. Sometimes, while living in a foreign country, one
A. What craves a special dish from home.
B. What a A. desires
C. How a B. eats
D. How is C. prepares
D. looks for
Question no. 25 30 : Choose the one underlined that
cannot be accepted in standard written English 33. Staring at other people can sometimes be impolite.
A. Gazing steadily
25. The dictionary in his bag is twice thicker as the one B. Glancing briefly
A B C C. Peeking carefully
over there. D. Winking privately
34. The colours of the ocean and the sky merge into one
26. On June 30, 1992, international timekeepers in Paris on horizon.
A A. blend C. vanish
were added an extra second to the day. B. maintain D. alter
35. It is not easy to foretell the outcome of the football
27. Almost all books have a few errors in them in spite of match.
A B A. argue
the care taken to check its proof pages before the B. forego
C D C. discuss
final printing. D. predict
28. There has been an alarming increase in the incidental Question no. 36 40 : Choose the one word or phrase
A B C that best completes the sentence
of babies born addicted to cocaine.
D 36. The boy _______ that it is too late for him to do
anything at all.
29. Dependent on monetary aid from foreign countries A. originated
A B B. procrastinated
often cripples the economies of developing Countries. C. detested
C D D. decapitated
30. It is interesting that some the most intriguing
37. The girl really ________ her sister. You will not be
able to distinguish between them.
languages in the world have originated in central
A. takes to
B. takes on
C. takes over
D. takes after

Kumpulan Soal Tes CPNS DEPKEU

38. Old people are usually more _______ than young

A. conservative
B. preservatives
C. initiative
D. consecutive

39. We call a person with the legal right to receive

property or money when the owner dies a (n) _
A. heir
B. fianc
C. ancestor
D. slayer

40. The minister promised to ______ the condition in the

conflict area after the riots.
A. burden
B. deteriorate
C. restore
D. bribe

Kumpulan Soal Tes CPNS DEPKEU

Question No. 01 07 : Choose the best answer based 03. According to the passage, ragtime was
on the following readings A. generally performed on a variety of instruments
B. the first type of jazz
Text 1 C. extremely soothing and sedate
American jazz is a conglomeration of sounds borrowed D. performed only at the Maple Leaf Club in Sedalia
from such varied sources as American and African folk
music, European classical music, and Christian gospel 04. Which of the following statements is true according to
songs. One of the recognizable characteristics of jazz is its the passage?
use of improvisation: certain parts of the music are written A. Scott Joplin was a slave when he was born.
out and played the same way by various performers, and B. Scott Joplins parents had been slaves before
other improvised parts are created spontaneously during a Scott was born.
performance and vary widely from performer to performer. C. Scott Joplin had formerly been a slave, but he no
The earliest form of jazz was ragtime, lively songs or rags longer was after 1868.
performed on the piano, and the best known of the ragtime D. Scott Joplins parents were slaves when Scott
performers and composers was Scott Joplin. Born in1868 was born.
to former slaves, Scott Joplin earned his living from a very
early age playing the piano in bars along the Mississippi. 05. The word living in paragraph 2 could most easily
One of his regular jobs was in the Maple Leaf Club in replaced by .
Sedalia, Missouri. It was there that he began writing the A. money
more than 500 compositions that he was to produce, the B. life-style
most famous of which was The Maple Leaf Rag. C. enjoyment
D. health
01. This passage is about .
A. jazz in general and one specific type of jazz 06. The name of Scott Joplins most famous composition
B. the various sources of jazz probably came from .
C. the life of Scott Joplin A. the name of a saloon where he performed
D. the major characteristics of jazz B. the maple tree near his Sedalia home
C. the name of the town where he was born
02. The word conglomeration in line 1 could best be D. the school where he learned to play the piano
replaced by .
A. disharmony 07. The word which in the second paragraph refers to
B. mixture A. regular jobs
C. purity B. the Maple Leaf Club
D. treasure C. Sedalia, Missouri
D. 500 compositions

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Question no. 08 - 22 : Choose one word or phrase that C. Surviving

best completes the sentences. D. They survive

08. It is necessary that you ________ on time from the 16. Completed in 1756, Nassau Hall is the oldest building
time being. now _________ on the campus of Princeton
A. is University.
B. was A. standing
C. be B. it stands
D. are C. has stood
D. stood
09. The manager wants to have the letter ______ soon.
A. to type 17. Most Indonesian people are living under poverty line.
B. type _________, unemployed people can also be found
C. typing everywhere.
D. typed A. Therefore
B. Otherwise
10. The North Platte River _________ from Wyoming into C. In addition
Nebraska. D. Nevertheless
A. is flowed
B. flows 18. _______ not wanting to attend her party made her
C. flowing cry.
D. will flow A. You
B. Your
11. The men hardly explained anything to their lawyers, C. You are
_________? D. Your having
A. did they
B. didnt they 19. The price of all cruises ______ airfare and all
C. did he transfers.
D. didnt he A. to include
B. includes
12. Only after a baby seal is pushed into the sea by its C. including
mother _________ to swim. D. include
A. how will it learn
B. will it learn how 20. They ________ there for more than an hour before
C. it will learn how their parents came.
D. and it learns how A. has been standing
B. had been standing
13. Candles ______ from beeswax are burned with a very C. has stood
clean flame. D. was standing
A. are made
B. making 21. Can the boy explain ________________?
C. which make A. why he comes late always
D. made B. Why does he always come late
C. Why he always come late
14. _________ his bad behavior toward the teacher, he is D. Why he always comes late
still the best student in his class.
A. Although 22. He didnt obey his parents, but he _______________
B. Despite of that.
C. In spite A. should have done
D. Despite B. might have done
C. shouldnt have done
15. _________, all animals need oxygen, water, food, D. mustnt have done
and the proper range of temperatures.
A. To survive
B. Their survival

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There was a cruel robbery _______(23) in the bank near 32. Hes decided to help the woman solve the problem,
my house yesterday. Two strangers wearing masks A B C
_________ (24) their faces broke into the bank and isnt he?
________ (25) their guns to the people around. They D
threatened to kill one of the tellers if they ________ (26)
money. Luckily, two brave teenagers threw stones at them VOCABULARY
and made the robbers faces wounded. The robbers
fainted and police came to arrest them. All the people in 33. When you find someone doing something unusual
the bank thanked the two teenagers for _______(27) and shocking, it is _________.
something incredible to save them. A. invaluable
B. outrageous
23. A. happened C. unbelievable
B. happening D. familiar
C. which happening
D. happens 34. The residents of the small town promised to give their
political _________ to the candidate of governor.
24. A. to cover A. coincidence
B. covering B. endurance
C. covered C. endorsement
D. cover D. endeavor

25. A. point 35. The artist has _______ his works in some galleries.
B. to point A. exhibited
C. pointed B. inhabited
D. pointing C. prohibited
D. exiled
26. A. didnt gave
B. hadnt given 36. When a criminal decided to be a good man, he has
C. given ________ his criminal way of life.
D. werent given A. denounced
B. pronounced
27. A. having to help C. renounced
B. have helping D. bounded
C. having helped
D. being helped 37. When you refuse to obey an order made by a court of
law, you are doing a _______ of court.
IDENTIFYING THE ERROR A. attempt C. condemn
B. contempt D. deduce
28. Mount Hood in Oregon is a center for alpine sports
A B 38. The woman is trying hard to remove the blood ______
such as skiing, climbing, and hikes. from her dress.
C D A. stem C. sustain
29. Ballpoint pens require a tiny, perfectly round ball for B. stain D. stun
its tips. 39. You may not _________ your lecturer in such a bad
D way.
A. criticism C. critical
30. An attractive display is one thing that encourages B. critic D. criticize
customers buy our product. 40. When you find someone being easily offended, he is
C D ______.
A. touching
31. The manager considered to have the project done by B. touchable
A B C D C. touchy
the contractors. D. touched

Kumpulan Soal Tes CPNS DEPKEU

Question No. 01 07 : Choose the best answer based 04. It can be inferred that George Bullet Williams
on the following readings _________
A. was the best blues harp player
Text 1 B. became friends with later harpmen
Another common blues instrument that flourished in the C. played lead guitar in his band
rural south during the 1920s and 1930s was the blues D. influenced some of the later harpmen
harp or harmonica. It was played mainly in bands called
jug bands that commonly performed on street corners, in 05. As used in the passage, the word primarily could
saloons, and at country stores. Jug bands used a variety best be replaced by _______
of instruments including banjo, guitar, washboard, kazoo, A. chiefly
fiddle, jugs, and blues harp. In these bands, the blues harp B. peculiarly
was used primarily for melodic and rhythmic support. The C. favorably
earliest evidence of the harp used as a solo or lead D. advantageously
instrument in the jug bands was in the late 1920s, as
heard in the recordings of George Bullet Williams. Other 06. The word revolutionizing is closest in meaning to
good harpmen, such as Sonny Terry, Little Walter, and ______
Sonny Boy Williamson, followed William, revolutionizing A. reforming
the harps role as a lead instrument. B. fighting
C. resisting
01. What does the passage mainly discuss? D. turning
A. twentieth-century music of the south
B. a change in the role of the blues harp 07. According to the author, when was the harp first used
C. good harpmen of the traditional blues harp as a lead instrument?
D. the variety of instruments in jug bands A. 1920-1925
B. 1925-1930
02. The blues harp is another name for the _______ C. 1930-1935
A. harpsichord D. 1935-1940
B. guitar
C. harmonica
D. banjo Question no. 08 20 : Choose one word or phrase that
best completes the sentences.
03. The author uses the phrase rural south in the
passage to refer to the southern ______ 08. _______ the lawyers opinion, the case should not go
A. landscape to trial.
B. metropolis A. By
C. countryside B. On
D. nation C. In
D. With

Kumpulan Soal Tes CPNS DEPKEU

09. The motivation of the workers ______ not a monetary 17. Maradona ___________ one of the best football
reward, but the satisfaction of a job well done. players ever lived in the world.
A. was A. considering
B. were B. considered
C. should be C. is considered
D. could be D. considers
10. The human right activist considered it ____ honor to 18. The old man __________ the money to the little boy.
be nominated for the award. A. doesnt mind giving
A. an B. doesnt mind to give
B. a C. hasnt mind giving
C. the D. doesnt mind give
D. this
11. _______ or sharks, for instance, the dolphin is a 19. Of the three cars, my brother bought _________
mammal. A. the less expensive
A. Either fish B. the most expensiver
B. When it is like C. the least expensive
C. Being fish D. the more expensive
D. Unlike fish
20. Neither the boy nor his friends ________ leave the
12. If Peter had enough money, ________on the trip to room now.
A. want to
Las Vegas.
A. He would have gone B. want
B. had he gone C. wants
C. he went D. wants to
D. he would go
Question No. 21 27 : Choose the one underlined that
13. After carrying out a large number of experiments, cannot be accepted in standard written English
A. Alfred Nobel finding the formula for dynamite in 21. Dallas is a city which enjoys both growth and
1866. A B C
B. the formula for dynamite was found in 1866. prosperously.
C. it was in 1866 that the formula for dynamite was D
found by Alfred Nobel.
D. Alfred Nobel found the formula for dynamite in 22. Before becoming famous as writer, Nathaniel
1886. A B
Hawthorne lived for some months in a commune.
14. It is important that your brother _____ here tomorrow. C D
A. is
B. being 23. Although Jack was the youngest of the two boys, he
C. be A B
D. has been was clearly more mature than his elder brother.
15. The child ______ playing in the yard is my son.
A. now 24. She always smiles at me anytime I met her in her
B. is A B C D
C. he house.
D. was
25. American farmers have historically been
16. By the end of next year, the woman _________ here A B
for three years. extraordinary productive.
A. has been living C D
B. will have been living
C. will has lived
D. will be living

Kumpulan Soal Tes CPNS DEPKEU

26. One of the first results of the police investigation were 34. Your idea is very bright. I fully ________ with you.
A B C A. conquer
a redesigning of the whole security system. B. disapprove
D C. torture
D. concur
27. A number of people visiting the cinema increases
A B C 35. _______ is a hard black mineral found under the
from time to time. ground used for burning to supply heat.
D A. Brick
B. Coal
Questions no. 28 32 : Choose one word or phrase C. Straw
which is the opposite of the underlined word or D. Coax
36. The manager is still on _______. Youll not find him in
28. I am very worried about her erratic behavior. his office.
A. consistent A. duty
B. capricious B. shortage
C. static C. leave
D. discourage D. leaf

29. They stood around the pool as the swimmers 37. Education should be seen as a universal right, not a
emerged. special _______.
A. raised A. privilege
B. disappeared B. privy
C. collapsed C. pretence
D. rose D. permeate

30. I still wonder why they decided to break up the 38. The lake scenery really ________ the man to write his
partnership. greatest poetry.
A. call off A. conspired
B. run across B. inspected
C. make up C. coincided
D. pass by D. inspired

31. What you have done to the old man is illicit. 39. A (n) ________ is a stress given to a word or words in
A. ridiculous order to make the meaning clear.
B. invalid A. synopsis
C. lawful B. emphasis
D. credulous C. hashish
D. ellipsis
32. They restrained him from jumping off the bus.
A. prevented 40. My parents _________ to the magazine.
B. allowed A. describe
C. left B. inscribe
D. caught C. prescribe
D. subscribe

Question no. 33 40 : Choose the one word or 

sentence that best completes the sentence Jika ingin menjadi orang sukses,
33. Oh my God! Why can this car _________? jangan hanya suka bermimpi,
A. break up berjuanglah untuk selalu meraih
B. break down mimpi
C. break out 
D. break off

Kumpulan Soal Tes CPNS DEPKEU

Question No. 01 10 : Choose the best answer based B. Standardization of time zones
on the following readings C. Improved economy in the transportation system
D. Railroad schedules
Text 1
The golden age of Railroads refers to the period 03. The passage indicates that Standard Time was
from the end of Civil War to the beginning of World War I implemented ..
when railroads flourished and in fact maintained a near A. before the Civil War
monopoly in mass transportation in the United States. One B. On June 1, 1886
of the significant developments during the period was the C. after World War I
notable increase in uniformity, particularly through the D. before standardized track gauge was established
standardization of track gauge and time. throughout the U.S
At the end of the Civil War, only about half of the
nations railroad track was laid at what is now the standard 04. The world flourished in paragraph 1 is closest in
gauge of 1.4 meters; much of the rest particularly in the meaning to ..
southern states, had a 1.5-meter gauge. During the A. furnished
postwar years, tracks were converted to the 1.4 meter B. abolished
gauge, and by June 1, 1886, the standardization of tracks C. grown
was completed, resulting in increased efficiency and D. cherished
economy, in the rail system.
A further boon to railroad efficiency was the 05. What does gauge mean?
implementation of Standard Time in 1883. with the A. a kind of instrument used to establish a railroad.
adoption of Standard Time, four time zones were B. a measure, esp. of width and thickness
established across the country, thus simplifying railroad C. an instrument used to measure something
scheduling and improving the efficiency of railroad service. D. a kind of meal had by the establisher

01. According to the passage, the Golden Age of Text 2

Railroads ..
A. occurred prior to the Civil War. Vaccines are prepared from harmful viruses or bacteria
B. was a result of World War I. and administered to patients to provide immunity to
C. was a period when most of U.S. mass specific diseases. The various types of vaccines are
transportation was controlled by the railroads. classified according to the method by which they are
D. resulted in a decrease in uniformity of track derived.
gauge. The most basic class of vaccines actually contains
disease-causing microorganisms that have been killed
02. The passage mentions that which of the following with a solution containing formaldehyde. In this type of
occurred as a result of uniformity of track gauge? vaccine, the microorganisms are dead and therefore
A. The Civil War cannot cause disease; however, the antigens found in and

Kumpulan Soal Tes CPNS DEPKEU

on the microorganisms can still stimulate the formation of Question no. 11 17 : Choose one word or phrase
antibodies. Examples of this type of vaccine are the ones which would best keep the meaning of the original
that fight influenza, typhoid fever, and cholera. sentence if it were substituted for the underlined word
A second type of vaccine contains the toxins produced by or phrase.
the microorganisms rather than the microorganisms
themselves. This type of vaccine is prepared when the 11. In his term paper, Janis had to cite many references.
microorganism itself does little damage but the toxin within A. write
the microorganism is extremely harmful. For example, the B. quote
bacteria that cause diphtheria can thrive in the throat C. queue
without much harm, but when toxins are released from the D. reach
bacteria, muscles can become paralyzed and death can
ensue. 12. If we terminate our relations with that country, well
A final type of vaccine contains living microorganisms that have to find another supplier of raw materials.
have been rendered harmless, with this type of vaccine, a A. break off
large number of antigen molecules are produced and the B. draw up
immunity that results is generally longer lasting than the C. withdraw from
immunity from other types of vaccines. The Sabin oral D. break in
anti-polio vaccine and the BCG vaccine against
tuberculosis are examples of this type of vaccine. 13. The young man is not vulnerable. He is robust.
06. Which of the following expresses the main idea of the A. drenched
passage? B. easily ill
A. Vaccines provide immunity to specific diseases. C. stout
B. Vaccines contain disease-causing D. vigorous
C. Vaccines are derived from different ways. 14. The department chairman asked his staff to help with
D. New approaches in administering vaccines are the registration.
being developed. A. called up
B. called off
07. How many types of vaccines are presented in the C. called on
passage? D. called for
A. Two
B. Three 15. While rummaging through some old boxes, I ran
C. Four across my grandmothers wedding dress.
D. Five A. discovered
B. lost
08. The word ensue in the third paragraph is closest in C. recited
meaning to _______ D. cut
A. occur
B. cause 16. They erred when they accused him of theft.
C. disappear A. made a mistake
D. err B. told the truth
C. predicted
09. What does solution mean in paragraph 2? D. undertook
A. The way of solving a problem
B. answer to a puzzle 17. She was envious when she saw her friends new car.
C. a liquid in which something is dissolved A. ridiculous
D. Food needed by our body B. happy
C. jealous
10. What happens when toxins are free from bacteria? D. furious
A. The bacteria can thrive in the throat without
much harm.
B. There will be relaxation of muscles.
C. There wont be death.
D. Muscles have the potential to have no feeling
and death is very likely to happen.

Kumpulan Soal Tes CPNS DEPKEU

Questions no. 18 22 : Choose one word or phrase 25. He cant deny ________ the money from the safe.
which is the opposite of the underlined word or A. having stolen
phrase. B. to have stolen
C. being stolen
18. It was made of a rigid substance. D. to steal
A. standard
B. stiff 26. The teachers have requested that I _______ more
C. flexible careful to answer the questions.
D. stern A. was
B. am
19. They made a feeble attempt to get there on time. C. being
A. effective D. be
B. futile
C. hopeless 27. Only if you were here _________happy.
D. restless A. she would be
B. she is
20. They objected to the drunks disgraceful behavior. C. would she be
A. outrageous D. will she be
B. intolerable
C. offensive 28. In a new culture, many embarrassing situations occur
D. honorable _______ a misunderstanding.
A. for
21. Im still confused how he could make the trivial B. of
mistakes. C. because of
A. important D. because
B. easy
C. insignificant 29. A computer is usually chosen because of its simplicity
D. wasteful of operation and ease of maintenance _______ its
capacity to store information.
22. The man has given us elaborate explanations about A. the same as
the strange boy. B. the same
A. complicated C. as well as
B. intricate D. as well
C. simple
D. detailed 30. They are lazy to study as though they _________ to
reach their ambition.
A. didnt want
Question NO 23 35 : Choose one word or phrase that B. dont want
best completes the sentences. C. hadnt wanted
D. hasnt wanted
23. Mr. Ross got the graphics department ________ the
charts. 31. He ___________ all the questions, but he only
A. to prepare answered three of them.
B. preparing A. may have answered
C. prepare B. might have answered
D. prepared C. could have answered
D. must have answered
24. The problem ___________ before I arrived at the
meeting. 32. The man called the girls father after he _________
A. was being discussed her.
B. has been discussed A. has kidnapped
C. had been discussed B. was kidnapping
D. had discussed C. kidnaps
D. had kidnapped

Kumpulan Soal Tes CPNS DEPKEU

33. In 1989, President George Bush appointed Carla A.

Hills _______ a special trade representative.
A. to
B. as
C. like
D. be

34. A collectible coin ____________ in mint condition

when it looks as it did when it was made.
A. to be is said
B. said is to be
C. is to be said
D. is said to be

35. There are no natural lakes ______ in the state of

South Carolina.
A. which found
B. finding
C. found
D. founded

Question no. 36- 40 : Choose the one underlined that

cannot be accepted in standard written English

36. We will have one staff meeting on Tuesday or another

by Friday.

37. A helpful receptionist makes visitors feel relax and


38. Since the 1930s, the archeology has become a

precise science with strict rules and procedures.

39. A weak patient was carefully examine by the

Handsome doctor.

40. John Jay, a diplomat and statesman, first entered

public live in 1773.