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Presently working as an operator in 110KV Substation Mattanchery from

25th June 2008 onwards (KSEB on contract basis)
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Preparation of Permit Works
Issuing Isolation Certificate for Feeders
Maintenance of Transformers, Feeders, Batteries and Relay Panels.
Routine maintenance of Registers and Yard Equipments.

As Operator with DNJ ENERGY LLC,Dubai

Planning, Scheduling and preparing work breakdown structure liaising with appropriate functions/
managers related to work, organization and costs.
Monitoring of work progress & preparing the projects weekly/ Monthly progress reports to management
& client.
Co-ordination between the clients, subcontractors and the project team for timely completion of project.
Ensuring adequate QA/ AC is carried out on all plans & procedures.
Preparation and maintenance of Manpower schedule & Resources.
Co-ordination with the Manufacturer, Site for Timely completion of project.
Monitoring & controlling of substation
As Technician Apprentice with KSEB
KSEB is utility owned by state government having generating stations, EHV & HV substations (up to
400kV) and distribution network supplying power to about 6 million consumers in Kerala State, India.
Testing, commissioning and trouble shooting of Protection Relays and Control Systems of EHV
substations and feeders up to 220kV
Configuration, Testing and commissioning of numerical/static/electromechanical distance relays,
differential relays, pilot wire protection relays, over current relays etc. of various manufacturers like
ALSTOM, ABB Easun Reyrolle, Siemens, Alind etc
Testing and commissioning of CTs/VTs of switchgear panels
Commissioning of high Impedance/ low impedance bus bar protection scheme.
Trouble shooting Protection System for new Substations and Power Generating stations
Design/Design review of Protection System for Substations and Power Generating stations

Maintenance of Protection System for Substations and Power Generating stations

Primary Injection Testing of CTs (Magnetisation curve, Knee point voltage, Class, VA etc).
EHV and HV cable selection.
Review of Drawings and calculations.
Pre-commissioning checking and verifying the level of standard and rating of devices and instruments.
Technical correspondence with contractor and company.
Preparing Inspection reports and forward to the concerned authorities.
Assisting testing of various Electrical Equipments like Power Transformers, various types of Relays,
Current transformers, Potential Transformers, commissioning work of substation
Major works undertaken as Contractor
Electrification of Various multistoried building under University of Kerala
Electrification of building for M/S BANATONE PVT LTD ETC
Electrification works for KHRWS.