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Budapest is a city just fit to be visited by tourists that are at the beginning of their travelling
outside the borders of their country. Few are those visiting Budapest without being impressed.
The Danube, the bridges, the Parliament Palace, Vaci Utca, the Citadella, are some of the
beautiful places of Budapest.
1. About Budapest
The city is located on both sides of the Danube. In the eastern part of the Danube is Pesta,
which takes up two thirds of the area and on the west side is Buda, the other third of the city.
Budapest is inhabited by approximately 1.7 million persons (est. 1999). The Buda Citadella
and the Danubes banks area from Budapest have been signed up in 1987 on the list of the
UNESCO World Heritage.
2. History
Budapest was divided in 10 sectors and planning was done so if it was necessary, the AustroHungarian monarchy could be ruled from Budapest. After this, there have been built a lot of
new buildings like the Opera, the Academy of Music, Nyugati station, Central station (today
named Keleti). Traffic inside the capital was improved after the piers on the Danube banks,
the Margit bridges, Szabadsag and the rail line in the north of the city have been built.
Boulevards in semicircle form having bridges at both ends are built. A tunnel was built
beneath the Citadella in 1853 and in Pesta in 1896 the first metro on the continent and the
second in Europe (the first one being in London) was built. Between 1884 and 1902 on the
left shore of the Danube, the Hungarian Parliament is built.
3. Official language
4. Official currency
Hungarian Forint (HUF)
5. What you can visit in Budapest
The Chain Bridge, the Royal Palace, the Parliament, the Fishermans Bastion, St. Stephens
Basilica, Matthias Church, Heroes Square, Margaret Island, Vaci Utca, the Citadella and
Gellert Hill, the Hungarian State Opera House and the City Park.
6. Where and what to eat in Budapest
In general, menus are three course and every course has its essential.

Soups, you shouldnt miss the goulash, chicken soup, tarragon soup, bean soup with smoked
pork (big violet beans) and cold cherry soup. Soups can be bought for about 2-3 euros the
Main course, chicken with hot paprika, cabbage rolls, libamj (foie gras), pancakes with
minced chicken and paprika satisfy any gourmand together with rose duck served with forest
fruits sauce and potato croquettes, every dish for prices around 3 euros and 15 to 20 euros for
the more exquisite ones.
Dessert, you can buy a great variety of products of the Hungarian cuisine: apple or cherry
strudel, apple pie, mini sponge cakes, cottage cheese dumplings, plum dumplings, Dobos
cake, cottage cheese cake, mashed chestnuts or Turo Rudi whipped cream which can be
bought in supermarkets, evey dish for less than 1 euro to over 15 euros.
7. How to get to the airport
A train line connects Terminal 1 with the Budapest Nyugati station. The trip takes half an
hour. The train station has 2 platforms and the link to the terminal is made through a
pedestrian passageway. The train tickets can be bought from Terminal 1 or from the vending
machines on the first platform. To get to Terminal 1 from Terminals 2A and 2B you have to
take the 200E bus.
There is a service of minibuses that drive tourists in different areas of the city. The ones that
go in the same place can form a group and use the same minibus. Minibuses have AC and 8 to
10 seats. Every terminal has a minibus service.
The airport has an official zone for taxis. Fares are fixed depending on where you want to go.
There are also some companies that offer rent-a-car services and that have their offices inside
the airport.
8. Low cost flights to Budapest
The Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, known before as Budapest Ferihegy
International Airport, is the principal airport of Budapest and the largest of the four
commercial airports of the country. It is located at 16 km east-southeast of the city centre,
being accessible from Ulloi street. It offers links to other cities in Europe, North Africa and
the Middle East. In 2012 the airport had a passenger count of 8.5 million. You should not miss
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9. When to visit Budapest
The most suitable times to visit Budapest are springtime or autumn when the weather is
beautiful and sunny and it pushes you to walk from the morning until evening. The peak is hit
during July and August when the majority of the townspeople leave for holidays and tourists
invade the Hungarian city. The end of July is really awaited by hotels because during this
time the Formula 1 Hungarian Gran Prix is held.
10. Hotels and accommodation in Budapest
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11. What you should not do in Budapest

Dont pay with euros, use Hungarian forint.

Dont exchange money anywhere else but at banks and known exchange offices
Dont travel during periods with heavy rain
Dont wear clothes that may look expensive and pay attention to your bag and pockets
Dont speak to beggars or to people that approach you on the street

12. Budapest in the world

The city life is full of cultural, national and international festivals, national and international
sport events and of musical festivals for young people like the Music Festival Sziget or
Budapest Pard equivalent to Berlins Love Parade.
Roju wishes you a pleasant trip to Budapest Pearl of the Danube, or Queen of the
Danube, the Heart of Europe, and the Capital of Freedom.