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A Revolutionary Principle for

Achieving Your Full Potential

Derek Rydall

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"I can humbly say that whatever truth has come through me onto these pages is largely the
fruit of seeds planted in me by my master teachers, such as Jesus, Buddha, and Joel
Goldsmith. But even more it has been my living mentors, such as Michael Beckwith and Nirvana
Gayle who have cultivated the soil of my soul through their years of loving guidance and
support. None of this would have been possible without them. And to a great extent, all that
I share is just my unique twist on all that they've taught me."

My Story
What's In This eBook

PART I: The Soil

Chapter 1: The Law of Emergence. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Chapter 2: The Nature of Reality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
Chapter 3: The Ecology of Consciousness. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

PART II: The Seed

Chapter 4: Catching the Vision. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24
Chapter 5: Cultivation of the Soil. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35
Chapter 6: Staying Rooted in the Present. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43

PART III: The Roots

Chapter 7: The Fruits are in the Roots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52
Chapter 8: The Urge to Emerge. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60
Chapter 9: The Dark Night of the Soil. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65

PART IV: The Fruits

Chapter 10: Staying Rooted As You Rise. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .72
Chapter 11: The Emerging Edge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82
Chapter 12: The Seeds of Future Generations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters

compared to what lies within us,

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Self-Improvement is an oxymoron.
The Self, when truly understood, is already perfect. Just as the acorn contains the oak, the Self has
everything it needs to fulfill its higher purpose. And when the inner conditions are right, it naturally
emerges. Bigger, better, and more abundantly than we can imagine.
This isn't hyperbole, it's law.

is an

The Law of Emergence.


And practicing it will enable you to live on the 'emerging edge,' where your greatest potential can unfold in
every area of your personal and professional life.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of what we're taught directs us away from our Self. The obsessive drive to
'improve' ourselves not only takes us further from true fulfillment, and covers up our original perfection, it
ingrains many of us with a sense that we're more broken than when we began. The very act of trying to
improve ourselves often carries with it a seed of inadequacy that can grow into a larger feeling of lack,
requiring greater attempts at self-improvement. It's like trying to dig yourself out of a hole it just keeps
getting deeper and deeper.

The Law of Emergence

We need only look to nature for clues about how we're really meant to grow. Does the acorn have to
improve itself in order to become an oak? Does the caterpillar have to improve itself to become a butterfly?
If the acorn could improve itself, it might become a better acorn, a stronger acorn the best nut in the forest
-- but it would never become what it really is. Likewise, the caterpillar, through a self improvement
program, might become a faster, leaner, more beautiful caterpillar -- but it would never fulfill its destiny to
spread its wings and fly. The lack of awareness, or repression, of this authentic Self is at the root of the
discontent most people feel and the aggression that wreaks havoc on our planet.
The Law of Emergence is not just a novel departure from what fills most self-help and success books, it is
180 degrees in the opposite direction of what is often taught, and what most people believe about how life
works. Much of what we are using to grow ourselves, our businesses, our families, and our organizations to
the next level are artifacts of an old evolutionary paradigm based in duality, scarcity, and a Newtonian
model of cause and effect all of which have been shattered by discoveries in quantum physics, cuttingedge brain science, and mind-body medicine. Even many sincere spiritual teachings of the 'new age,' when
not combined with an understanding of this law, often lead to just 'spiritual materialism' -- causing the same
stress, struggle, fear, and failure that so many people suffer from.
The Law of Emergence: A Revolutionary Principle for Achieving Your Full Potential, is the first course to
explain this evolutionary process; a process that will free you from the need to look outside for answers and
authorities, from trying to add something to yourself, fill up places you perceive are empty, or even 'attract'
things to you. It will reveal the secret of your true sovereignty and power, the fundamental principle great
mystics have tried to teach, but that has been largely lost; a principle great leaders in every field have utilized
to create masterpieces, build empires, and ignite revolutionary forces that have propelled society forward,
yet it has rarely been understood or easily repeated.
At a time when so many people are living a prodigal life, feeling cut adrift, fearful, and spiritually
impoverished, The Law of Emergence will bring you home again, where you will find peace, renewal, and
the inspiration to fulfill the great purpose for which you were born.
My Story
A lifelong truth-seeker, I was officially initiated on my path by a 'brush with death' experience while on
location making a movie in Jamaica. In between shooting, I was an avid explorer, and one day I ended up
snorkeling in a reef far from the shore of a secluded bay. Following some strikingly colored fish, I swam
further and further into this labyrinthine world, never giving a thought to where I was going. And before I
knew it, I was lost, unable to find a way out.
I began frantically searching up and down the corridors of coral, trying to retrace my way -- but the harder I
tried, the more disoriented I became. How stupid could I be?! I thought, my mind a maelstrom of 'should
haves' and 'if onlys.' I swam faster, my strokes angrier, as if somehow through sheer will I could bust out of
this underwater maze. But rounding a mass of coral that looked like a giant brain, I suddenly found myself
stuck in a narrow pocket -- fire coral surrounding me on all sides, rows of spiked coral inches from my


stomach, chest, and face. It looked like some booby-trapped tomb in Indiana Jones. Only this was no movie
set and I was no longer a cocky actor playing the hero. I was in real trouble, and I knew it.
I was only able to use my fingers to paddle and stay afloat; lifting my head out of the water would've thrown
my body off balance, skewering my neck and chest with the coral spikes. I could barely breathe in shallow,
staccato gulps; a full breath would've pushed my chest and stomach straight into the spikes. The rapid
breathing intensified my growing anxiety, creating a sort of euphoria that forced me to focus with every
ounce of attention to keep from passing out. With the little room I had left for thinking, I ran through every
possible scenario for escape, for what felt like hours, imagining everything from being rescued by a passing
fishing boat to washing ashore, blue-lipped, bloated and bulgy-eyed, having a crowd of people stand
around, shaking their heads, thinking 'what a shame,' and the cast of my movie consoling each other as they
grieved the tragic loss. I even managed to fantasize becoming a cover story in the Hollywood trades,
mourning the untimely death of 'such a promising actor.' Here I was on the verge of drowning, and my ego
was still seeking its fifteen minutes! Oh, the power of denial.
But as night began to fall, and sand sharks started gathering below, my body became exhausted and my
brain ran out of options, as well as dramatic death scenes that would make me posthumously famous. I
couldn't rationalize or fantasize my way out of this. All my (imagined) wit and charm were useless, all my
coping and defense mechanisms impotent. When the curtain was finally pulled back on my mind, rather
than being the master of the universe it proclaimed to be, it was exposed as nothing but a frightened little
man cowering at the controls, having no real control after all.
I was going to drown. And I knew it. My body had nothing left to keep me afloat, and without any way out,
I simply had no more hope to hold onto.
All that remained was to let go.
So I did.
And in that moment -- in that exact moment that I gave up control -- a wave washed me up onto the one
safe coral area that protruded out of the water. I was able to stand. And for the first time,
I could see where I had gotten stuck.
The exit was right behind me all along.
With this glimpse of the 'big picture,' all fear and exhaustion vanished, and I was easily able to slip back in
and swim out of the reef.
But that was just the beginning of my swim through uncharted waters. In that space of complete surrender;
in that moment when my mind reached its limits and stopped; in that gap between thoughts, between the
'story of me,' something else emerged. It was only for a split second, but it was enough to completely uproot
the seemingly stable structures of my ego and radically change my point of identification. The purely

The Law of Emergence

earthbound, self-interested actor who went into that reef was not the guy who came out. Something had
shifted dramatically.
For the next several months, I was tormented by dreams of destruction and an inexplicable fear of death.
The truth is that I was dying. Not physically, but a part of my ego was -- which doesn't know the difference
between the death of an identity and literal death. And in the space this 'death' created, I caught my first
glimpse of the Self that never dies, the Self that needs no improvement (which, for an actor, endlessly trying
to fill a bottomless pit of inadequacy through a compulsive drive for self-improvement, was like being
suddenly freed from a prison I didn't even realize I was in). Again, the insight was only for an instant. But it
brought a peace unlike anything I had ever felt before a sense that maybe, just maybe, I was actually, dare
I say, 'okay.'
And with this revelation, came a whole new direction to my life.
I dropped out of acting, limited my contact with family (who, despite their best intentions, can be brilliant at
convincing you you're not okay), canceled my cable, and for the next few years spent all my time
meditating, sitting at the feet of spiritual 'masters,' immersing myself in the wisdom teachings of the ages,
and seeking a deeper relationship with this Self that had swept me off my proverbial feet in that brief
encounter; a Self that was already whole and complete, ready and willing to emerge not by my making it
happen, but by making it welcome. A stint in ministerial school followed, then serious consideration to
becoming a monk (while fasting in one monastery, I became so hungry I broke into the monks' kitchen and
stole food!). Ultimately, I became a licensed practitioner at Agape International Spiritual Center, one of the
country's largest trans-denominational spiritual communities, and re-entered the entertainment industry to
create more conscious media. While on the outside it may have looked like I was on yet another quest for
self-improvement, how it felt inside was like I had finally come homeand remembered who Id been all
Many more meetings with my Self and clearer glimpses of the 'big picture' have followed, each time
allowing me to swim deeper into the uncharted mystery, become freer from the labyrinth of the human
mind, and activate the Law of Emergence in powerful ways (which I'll share more about in the weeks that
follow). I've taught the principles in this course to thousands of artists and media professionals -- which led
to the launch of, a community of creators dedicated to walking a more
purposeful path in the arts as well as a diverse array of people from around the world, helping them
become the artists of their life, tapping into deeper potentials, building successful businesses, meeting soul
mates (which often required meeting themselves first), and embarking on the adventure of truly authentic
What's In This E-Book
This introductory eBook includes meditations, exercises, and a plan of implementation so that it doesn't
become just more information but transformation as you are guided to turn this new knowledge into real-


world wisdom and action. There are four parts and twelve chapters:
Part One: The Soil
Chapter One: The Law of Emergence
Chapter Two: The Nature of Reality
Chapter Three: The Ecology of Consciousness
The emphasis in these chapters is on busting the illusion of cause & effect, exposing the unattractive side of
the law of attraction, and helping you become rooted in the realization that everything you need is already
within you. It will explain how, rather than living in a material world, you are part of a quantum field, a
realm of perfect ideas wanting to be born. It will touch upon how consciousness operates, how everything is
happening in consciousness, how all problems stem from consciousness, and how consciousness is where
you must cultivate the conditions for the seed of your potential to unfold. Finally, it will reveal how
problems, external obstacles and crises, are actually 'evolutionary catalysts' making everything you
experience potential fertilizer for your growth.
Part Two: The Seed
Chapter Four: Catching the Vision
Chapter Five: Cultivating the Soul
Chapter Six: Staying Rooted in the Present
The emphasis in these chapters is on offering exercises, meditations, and daily practices for tapping into
your higher purpose, creating the fertile inner conditions for its emergence, and moving through the
resistance and sometimes painful process of real change. It will re-define the nature of 'vision' (showing how
it's not something in the future but a glimpse of a greater reality seeking to express), guide you to live now
as if you are the person you always dreamed of being, and help you see the ways you are sabotaging your
success all preparing the seed of your potential for unprecedented growth.
Part Three, The Roots
Chapter Seven: The Fruits are in the Roots
Chapter Eight: The Urge to Emerge
Chapter Nine: The Dark Night of the Soil.
This section will look at the process of quantum planning, the power of 'growing with the flow', and the
inner impulse always pushing us higher. We will dive deeper into the nature of problems as the seeds of
greater solutions, show how your darkness is really the light in potential, unwrap the gift of suffering, and
disclose the secret of your shadow. You will learn the art of effortless action, how to let the crises crack open
your shell and accelerate your progress, how to build your soul's stamina, and why Self Love really is your
greatest strength.

The Law of Emergence

Part Four, The Fruits

Chapter Ten: Staying Rooted As You Rise
Chapter Eleven: The Emerging Edge
Chapter Twelve: The Seeds of Future Generations
This section will delve into the practice of living in the world but not of it, why you must never judge by
appearances, and how you must stand for something or you'll fall for anything. It will talk about how to
align yourself with the 'evolutionary edge' in order to become deeply congruent and unstoppable, how to
live as a true visionary, and how to see the world as 'falling together' rather than falling apart. It will discuss
what it means to live a life that leaves a legacy, to live a life more about service than self, and why you can
never outgive God. And it will finish off by guiding you to cultivate a 100 year plan so that your personal
vision is aligned with the Grand Vision, gaining access to the full force of nature, and creating the fertile soil
for generations to come.
How to Work With This eBook
Courses like this are great tools. But there is always the danger of becoming 'information smart' without
gaining true wisdom. The words on the page (or in an email) can lift your consciousness to begin glimpsing
your greater potential and seeing what's possible, but only by actively engaging the material and creating a
daily practice will you experience real transformation and the gifts of greater aliveness, abundance, and
This eBook is structured with each chapter building upon the previous one, so it might take going all the
way through it once to grasp the overall concepts and principles. Once you have a handle on the basics, feel
free to dive into any area that inspires you and do re-do the work.
One suggestion, however, is to take your time. As you read each chapter, be aware of ideas or sentences that
cause you to stop and think. That is a 'hit' from your intuition that there's something more there, something
between the lines, behind the words. Become still, tune into that part of you that already has all the answers,
and open up to the deeper wisdom trying to emerge. In this way, you may not get through them as quickly
as you're used to, but when you're done, you will not be the same person who began the journey.
And that, finally, is what this is: a journey, not a destination. When you realize there really is no
time or space -- that everything is happening here and now -- you see that there is no place to get
to and no final goal to achieve. There is only the continuous discovery and unfoldment of your
infinite potential in this moment. That's the only raw material you have to work with, that's all
you'll ever have to deal with this moment. And, as I hope you'll discover through this process,
that's more than enough.

Part 1

The Soil

Chapter 1

The Law of Emergence

More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones
-- Mother Teresa

Attraction or Emergence
I once knew a guy who used the law of attraction to 'attract' a
Mercedes into his life. Wow, this stuff really works! he declared,
becoming an instant convert. Two weeks later he lamented that the
Mercedes was in the shop for the third time and he had spent
the last several days trying to pray his way out of the mess he had
attracted himself into! The problem was that he manifested the
Mercedes, but didn't develop 'Mercedes Consciousness'. He
changed the world outside but remained the same inside. This is a
common limitation of many sincere 'new age' teachings still
rooted in a dualistic perception of life; one that often leads to
'spiritual materialism' and causes the same stress, struggle, and
fear people are trying to heal.

He manifested the
Mercedes, but
didn't develop

The Law of Emergence

When you use the law of attraction (or any manifestation technique), your desire manifests at the
level of your current self-image including your limited perceptions, fears, and past traumas
which can cause you to create things that perpetuate your old problems rather than improve
them. You manifest a new job, but end up with the same jerky boss, just wearing a different
mask. You attract a new mate, but end up in the same fights. You earn more money, but your
spending habits just increase with your income, making you broke at a higher level!
In contrast, The Law of Emergence is about becoming (or more accurately 'revealing') more of
who you already are, unleashing your infinite, often imprisoned, potential. There is never a
danger of attracting the wrong thing, because rather than trying to attract something you think
you're missing which is a reaction to a limited self-image -- the Law of Emergence creates the
inner conditions that cause your next evolutionary stage to unfold organically, bringing with it
everything needed for its fulfillment. Just as when the acorn allows its greater self to unfold,
there's no danger that a cactus will appear, when you activate the Law of Emergence, only that
which supports your highest potential can show up. If a Mercedes is what you need, that's what
you'll get. But when you do, you'll have the consciousness to enjoy it fully.
Take a moment right now to think about one or two big things you've been struggling to
'manifest' or achieve in your life. Become aware of the energy behind that movement, that
desire. Feel into it. Does it feel expansive, empowering, energizing...or constrictive, anxious,
and exhausting? Feel a little deeper into it. Does it feel peaceful, still, a quiet confidence...or
excited, agitated, and impatient?
The first set of qualities are the proper 'nutrients' to cultivate the soil of your soul for the Law
of Emergence to be activated. The second set of qualities -- which is what we often feel when
we want something -- are like weeds and insects that are sucking the life out of our emerging
power and even destroying the potential that is trying to bloom.
Now take a moment to imagine yourself already having the thing you desire. Feel into it. Feel
the feeling of having it, of being that person fully. Then let go of the picture and just stay with
the feeling. This energy is fertilizer for your inner soil. Let it sink in deeper. And understand that
this feeling, these qualities, are who you really are, and are the very substance of the 'thing' you
It's not going to attract something 'out there' -- although that may appear to be the case it's
going to emerge in your field of consciousness. It's the difference between a getting pregnant
and anxiously waiting for a stork to bring your baby -- searching the sky, wondering when it will
come or even if -- versus knowing the baby is already growing in you (or your mate if you're a
man). You can relax, you don't have to go anywhere to get it, you don't have to wonder if it's
coming. You've already got it!
We'll go into all this more later. For now, just feel grateful that you've taken a moment to
cultivate your inner ground of being for its eventual emergence.

The Law of Emergence

The Acorn Principle

We've been born into a belief that our fate is determined by external conditions. In fact, the
opposite is true. Like the acorn, we already have the perfect blueprint and mechanics within us to
fulfill our greatest potential. All that we need to do is create the right conditions and that
potential will emerge organically.
The basic principle is as follows:
When you tap into the seed of divinity within you, and cultivate the conditions for its growth, no
matter what limitations appear 'out there,' the destiny for which you were born will emerge as
naturally as the oak rises from the acorn.
But whereas the acorn is indigenous because its successful emergence is determined by external
conditions, humans are endogenous, because our unfoldment is determined by internal
conditions. This is a great truth that can set you free; to realize that no matter what side of the
tracks you were born on, no matter what the current conditions are 'out there', and no matter what
race, color, or creed you are, when you create the right 'inner conditions', the greatness already
within you will unfold.
But that's not how most of us were raised. We were raised to believe we are victims of external
conditions, and that our external conditions, to a greater or lesser extent, determine how high
we'll grow and how far we'll go. This has led to a whole belief system that has us waiting for
things 'out there' to change in order for us to live the life of our dreams; whether it's the approval
of a parent, spouse, or boss, or a change in economic conditions or weather there's always some
external excuse for why we can't do or be what we most deeply desire.
But the Law of Emergence says that the main conditions you need to concern yourself with are
the internal ones and you have 100% control over that, regardless of what the conditions are
outside. When those are cultivated correctly, your potential emerges. If it requires you to take
specific action, you'll be moved to do so. If it requires others to take specific actions, they'll be
moved to do so, or you'll say or do the right things to move them. If it requires outer conditions
to change, a new job, a new car, more money, or a healing, that will unfold as part of the process.
So take a moment right now and think about those one or two big things you are struggling to
achieve or manifest, and ask yourself what outer conditions you are waiting to change before
you can fulfill this goal. Are there certain people you're waiting to show up or change their
behaviors? Are you waiting for money, support, approval? Are you waiting to lose weight, get
healthier, or become more educated? If you're not fully engaged in living your dream or destiny,
in giving your gifts and being your authentic self, you are waiting for something or someone
outside to change (including yourself).

The Law of Emergence

This isn't how life works. Life doesn't happen to you, it happens through you as the activity of
your consciousness. You must become the change your want to see in the world, internally,
vibrationally, emotionally, and then through your actions. This doesn't mean you shouldn't get
the education you need or go to the gym if you need to, but don't wait to get all your ducks in a
row before you get started. Start living your dream now and it will transform you from the
inside-out (we'll get more into that in the chapter on vision). The more important key is that
you can be totally fulfilled at the level you are at, right now, without any sense of lack,
limitation, or external condition holding you back.
So take a look again at those things you're waiting to change outside before you can be all that
you are meant to be, or take the actions you want to take. Now imagine that this outer
condition changes exactly as you want it to; that person changes or shows up, the money
appears, the new job manifests. Be in that reality. Feel what it feels like to be a person
experiencing it. Luxuriate in it. Take a breath. Let the feeling expand until it fills your whole
body, then another breath and let it fill the whole room.
Now from that place, ask yourself (or your God), What action am I called to take from this
state, not to make anything happen, but as an expression of who I already am, as an expression
of this energy that is already in me? This might be an inner action, an outer action, or taking no
action where you otherwise would have. Then take that action as soon as you can, preferably
today. And as you do, keep connecting back to this feeling, letting it become more and more

Our Real Self is an eternally perfect being made in the image and likeness of God, whereas our
material 'self' is a relative, finite expression, made in the image and likeness of our ego. It's the
part of us that is born, gets a name, and will eventually die. This isnt a bad thing. In fact it's
beautiful in the right context. But to the extent we identify with the part of us that is changing,
we create resistance to the part of us emerging, much the way an acorn would if it was identified
with its shell. When we are more identified with the changeless, infinite part of us, we stay
rooted in our core as our external world continues to change form and reveal our ever-expanding
From Cause & Effect Living to Living From Source
You're already the thing you're seeking. You already have it all. But most of your potential is
invisible, waiting to be activated by your attention and intention. In fact, everything in the world
of form only represents about .001% of reality. 99.999% is invisible (we'll talk more about this in
the next chapter). Suffice it to say, as long as you're overly focused more on what you can see,
touch, hear, and feel, you are cutting yourself off from the vast majority of your potential, and
making yourself a prisoner of external conditions and the vicissitudes of human living.

The Law of Emergence

Newtonian physics, or the mechanistic model of life, has colored our thinking, creative
processes, and external structures, making us believe in duality and separation as ultimate
realities. But with the insights gained from quantum physics, and the wisdom of the great
mystics, it's now known that there really isn't 'interaction' but an omni-action going on
everywhere, a Unified Field out of which multiplicity arises the One appearing as the many.
Combined with an understanding that we're not a person in the traditional sense, but a field of
energy and information in the larger quantum field -- like a wave upon the ocean, never separate
-- we begin to see a bold new picture of how reality works. We release the struggle of
manifesting, creating a deeper sense of inner harmony and outer order, and are now able to
activate the law of emergence in powerful ways.
For most people, when they are confronted with a desire or a need, the inner intention or prayer
sounds something like, Please just let this work out for me and I'll be happy, or If I can just
get enough money to pay my rent, all will be well, or If I could just get that job or meet that
perfect mate, my life would be good. From this point on, however, I encourage you to change
your inner prayer or intention to something like this:
More than I want to make anything happen or change my external world in any way, I
want to awaken to my true identity, my true divinity, and realize my full potential.
This will begin to shift your focus from the effects 'out there' to the 'cause' or 'source' within you,
and activate your innate wisdom to bring you the insights and opportunities necessary to grow to
the next level. As this happens, you'll find moments of peace and inspiration bubble up that have
nothing to do with the conditions of your life in fact, things might not look so good, but you'll
be able to feel good anyway, because you are becoming more rooted in the changeless, infinite
nature of your real being than in the world of constantly changing forms.
You can also try affirmations like:

I am totally
fulfilled, whole,
perfect, and
complete now

I already have everything I could ever need. I am totally fulfilled,

whole, perfect, and complete now. And everything is working
together for my highest good.

I am expanding my awareness of my infinite abundance, health,

love, and success every day in every way.

The Law of Emergence

These will also help re-direct your attention to your potential rather than your experience or what
you think you're lacking, and begin to cultivate the soil of your soul to create the conditions for
your full emergence.
Take some time each day to contemplate what it means that you are already whole and complete,
and that everything you need is already constituted in your consciousness. Contemplate the truth
that you don't need to struggle or strive or even attract things to you, because you are much more
than your body, you are an infinite immortal being unfolding in time and space. Journal about it
and see where these insights lead you. Think and write about what this idea means in specific
areas of your life. For instance, in the area of relationships, it might sound something like:
If I'm already whole and complete, then in my relationships...I don't need to seek
anyone's approval, respect or even love because I already have all that in me. Instead, I
can seek to give these qualities to others without ever worrying about getting it in
A contemplative exercise like this can go on for minutes or pages, and can often lead to some
new insights and ideas. Do a little every day, then let it lead you into a silent, receptive
meditation where you ask that deeper, wiser part of you, to reveal more Truth than you've ever
known before. Ask and it shall be given. Knock and the door will be open. Really, it will.
As you find yourself in a challenging experience or running up against those walls, remind
yourself that more than I want to make anything happen or change my external world in any
way, I want to awaken to my true identity, my true divinity, and realize my full potential.
Finally, as you drift off to sleep at night, take a few moments to anchor yourself in the idea that
you already have everything within you; infinite substance, infinite wealth, infinite intelligence
and know that whatever insights, guidance, or direction you need to take it to the next level is
now easily unfolding in your mind and heart, and being put into action in your life.

Chapter 2

The Nature of Reality

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye,
-- Antoine de Saint-Exupry

Reality vs. 'reality'

To grasp the significance of the Law of Emergence, you need to
embrace a new paradigm not just of the Self but of the entire
The butterfly
universe. You can't put new wine in old wine skins. The butterfly
can't live in the world of caterpillars. And this larger Self cannot
live in the limited world of Newtonian physics. This chapter builds
upon the previous one as we dive deeper into the nature of reality,
in a world
as described by cutting-edge quantum physics and mystics of every
of caterpillars
age (at least to the extent we can in this short course). More than
just giving us a larger framework in which to live, this new model
of life will enable us to depend more on the invisible side of reality
(primary causation) than the visible. This is a good thing, because
we now know that the atom, once believed to be the building block
of life, is not solid at all. Like I already mentioned in the previous chapter, it is 99.999% empty
space. What we perceive with our senses, what we've built our whole world on, is based on
0.001% of reality. If that number represented our level of sight, we would be walking around
blind -- which turns out to be more true than most care to admit.

The Law of Emergence

So it would appear that everything is made up of nothing. But this 'nothing' is quite full of
something energy and information, or the 'field' that was described earlier. And we are a field
within this field, like a wave upon the ocean, individual but inseparable. When we understand
that we're not a person, but a state of consciousness without boundaries, we confront the reality
that everything and everyone 'out there' is actually an extension of what's 'in here'; the world is
our larger body and every person represents a part of us. There was a reason the great prophet of
Galilee entreated us to 'love our neighbor as ourselves'. He wasn't preaching a doctrine of being
good for goodness sake, he was pointing to a mystical truth that when we love our brother (or
sister), we are loving an aspect of ourselves literally. And when we withhold from another, we
are withholding from our Self. As we tap into our larger Self, it manifests as opportunity,
relationships, and abundance 'out there' -- but what is really appearing is just a greater
manifestation of our Self.
A Universe of Ideas
The 'invisible' realm of energy and information is where the divine
ideas exist, where the oak lives before it emerges through the
The first stage is
acorn; where the perfect idea of 'You' is before you're born, and
getting unchained
where the perfect idea behind everything, known and unknown,
resides -- waiting to be discovered. Plato talked about this in his
and turning to see
Allegory of the Cave, where he explained how man is caught in a
where the
dark cave, chained to his seat, staring at shadows on the wall that
projections are
he perceives as reality, but which are actually projections of
coming from
objects behind him illuminated by a flame (objects of our mind
being projected). The first stage is getting unchained and turning
to see where the projections are coming from. The next stage is
leaving the cave (our circumscribed sense of reality or ego), where we discover, in the real Light,
the true forms of Life, the prototypes or eternal patterns of which everything else is a mere
Many writers, artists, and musicians have talked about having the experience of suddenly tapping
into this dimension of their being where they could see the whole painting already done, or sense
the whole book already done, or literally hear the completed song playing and all they had to
do was be a channel for it or take 'divine dictation'. The word 'human' actually comes from a
Sanskrit term meaning 'the dispenser of divine gifts'. And that is what we're here to do -- to draw
these patterns from the invisible and dispense them on earth. Michelangelo knew this when he
created the David. He saw the completed masterpiece already in the block of marble and just
chipped away everything that wasn't David. He based his life on the idea that these divine perfect
forms already existed and his job, rather than creating something out of nothing, was to reveal
this heavenly perfection on earth. The universe is not a vast sea of random energy moving in

The Nature of Reality

arbitrary ways; there is order, intelligence, and divine ideas waiting to be caught and brought to
shore. That's why an acorn always becomes an oak, a caterpillar doesn't become a cat, and we
can discover laws that always work. As Einstein said, 'God does not play dice with the universe.'
Now I'm being a little simplistic here. It's not that this invisible realm is filled with ideas of cars,
cabbages, and kings, just waiting for us to make them visible. In the invisible realm, which is
timeless and infinite, the nature of ideas is quite different. For example, in a dimension where
there is no space, you wouldn't have an idea for a plane, train, or automobile because you
wouldn't need to get from here to there when all there is is Here. In other words, the nature of
the eternal realm, whether you call it God, Higher Power, or the Quantum Field, is Omnipresent,
or everywhere-present simultaneously. But as that idea of Omnipresence breaks into space, it
takes on progressive expressions of 'being everywhere present'. Our history of movement is
really the unfoldment of the eternal idea of Omnipresence; we started moving around by foot,
then evolved to riding animals, chariots, boats, cars, jets, and spaceships! With each unfoldment,
we get closer to being everywhere. In fact, with the advent of internet and advanced
communications, we are experiencing 'virtual omnipresence'. That is the divine idea behind all of
these forms. And it is uniquely expressed through each of us.
We can see the same thing happening with the idea of Omnipotence, or all-power. As we look
around, we see unlimited forms of power, in people and objects, in an ever-expanding
expression. Or Omniscience, all-knowing, all-intelligence; our ability to have instant internet
access to almost any knowledge we could ever need is an expression of this idea. Its also an
expression of Omnipotence and Omnipresence. We could also look at the idea of Infinity and
realize that all expressions of space are relative expressions of this idea; or contemplate Eternity,
and realize that all expressions of time are expressions of that.
You could say that the fundamental archetypes or building-blocks of the quantum or spiritual
realm are Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, Infinity, and Eternity. You could also add
Love, Peace, Joy, Beauty, Supply, and many others, and start to realize that everything we see is
some expression of these ideas, mixed and matched in an infinitely unique variety, like a
kaleidoscope. My spiritual mentor Michael Beckwith (of The Secret and Agape International
Truth Center) has said that we are 'holographic, kaleidoscopic expressions of God.' Coming from
this perspective, that makes sense.
Take a moment to look around you, at the room youre in, the walls that enclose it, the
furniture in it, the accessories. Pick one thing and contemplate what the Real idea behind it
might be. For example, if you look at a chair, what does that really represent? You can start by
asking what its function is. It supports a person's body, so 'Support' could be an idea or quality
of it. What other benefits does a chair deliver? It gives you 'Rest', so maybe that's an element of
the divine idea behind chair. You can also ask what larger, more archetypal quality might be
behind those. For example, 'Support' might be an expression of 'Order', 'Harmony', or 'Love'.

The Law of Emergence

What about that painting on the wall? It could represent 'Beauty', 'Creativity', 'Harmony',
'Abundance', and whatever other ideas the artist was conveying. And what about your body?
Think about different parts of it, how they represent ideas in themselves. The legs offer
'Mobility' (an expression of Omnipresence), the torso offers 'Strength' (an expression of
Power), the senses are instruments of awareness (an expression of Omniscience), and every
organ and function has a bigger idea behind it; blood might be Life, Nourishment, or
Circulation. Bones are a form of Support, etc.
Take a moment to contemplate the forms in your space, and the deeper ideas behind them.
When you've reached the end of your mind's understanding, close your eyes and open your
consciousness to your greater wisdom, asking What is the divine idea behind (fill in the
blank)? Then be still and listen, and see what comes through. Whether or not something
specifically comes through, by being receptive youre setting the stage for a greater awareness
of the Reality behind 'reality', the true spiritual forms behind the relative formations.
As I like to say, everything in material existence is a relative expression of an infinite perfection.
We have been trained to pay more attention to the relative expression and identify with it, and
that has blocked us from fully tapping into the infinite possibility that lies behind form. When
we become aware of and identify more with that, real magic and miracles become possible.
And this becomes more and more essential as you activate the full power of the Law of

You Are an Idea In the Mind of God

Your assignment until the next chapter is to take this concept and turn it on yourself, realizing
that you are an idea in the Mind of God, or Universal Intelligence. That might sound odd, to
think of yourself as being an idea in the mind of Supreme Being. But understand that you aren't
just an idea, you are the very Life animating it. You aren't separate from this Higher Power, you
are a unique individualization of all that it is.
I like to think of it like this: I am a whole person, but in my mind there are many roles I play,
many ideas or dimensions of me; theres the Father, Husband, Son, Friend, Writer, Teacher, etc.
When I'm being one of those, Im being all of me but in a totally unique way specific to that idea.
Think of God as having an infinite number of roles He/She/It plays. You are one of those roles.
You are God being God in a unique way. Not your ego, but your Real Self. Your ego or human
personality is just one small part of this expression, like the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority
of you is beneath the surface of your conscious mind, invisible, waiting to emerge.
Take time each day until we meet again, contemplating this idea, turning within and asking who
and what you really are. Journal about your insights. And keep contemplating the deeper idea

The Nature of Reality

behind other forms and other people as well. Have fun with it. Be a scientist of the soul.
Everything Works Together For Good
In this unified field, you are completely supported; everything is conspiring to awaken you to
your true identity and fulfill your great destiny. You can relax into this truth, lean on it, and from
this deeper sense of peace, allow your life to unfold in ways that are truly beyond your

and true fulfillment
are not about
adding anything
to you, but about
your True Self

When you realize the true nature of life and see that everything is
already in this 'field' within you, you drop the struggle of trying to
'make something of yourself.' You see that the great Prophet of
Galilee was right when he said, Who by taking thought can add
one cubit to his stature. You discover that self-actualization and
true fulfillment are not about adding anything to you, but about
'seeing' your True Self, releasing everything it isn't, and allowing
your life to unfold according to its perfect pattern.
Michelangelo knew this when he created the David. As I've talked
about before, he saw the completed masterpiece already in the
block of marble then chipped away everything that wasn't David.
That is what you are called to do as the artist of your life
discover the perfect masterpiece hiding in this block of mortal
stone and set it free.


Chapter 3

The Ecology of Consciousness

Take what you can use and let the rest go by,
-- Ken Kesey

It's All In Your Head

Weve been brought up with a material concept of the world,
believing there's an 'inside' and an 'outside'; that we're over here
and something separate is over there. But this is an optical illusion
or delusion. Everything we feel, see, taste, touch, every
relationship we have is happening in consciousness. This is a
liberating realization because it puts the full determining factor of
our experience squarely on us, rather than anything or anyone 'out
there'. This is not a 'blame the victim' perspective, it is a position
of ultimate empowerment. We are the authors and authorities of
our life. This chapter will initiate you into this new level of Selfownership.

Everything we feel,
see, taste, touch,
every relationship
we have
is happening
in consciousness

The first step in developing this new awareness is understanding the

'reality-creating' mechanism of consciousness; how the experience of the senses are an
expression of mental and spiritual activity, not a reality in themselves. Dreaming is a good
example. When we dream, we experience life in Technicolor and have rich, meaningful relation-

The Ecology of Consciousness

-ships. But this is all just a play of consciousness populated by the personifications of our
psyche. We also experience everything sight, sound, touch, feeling, pain and pleasure -- as fully
and concretely as our 'waking life'.
Clearly the fact that our waking world 'feels' real doesn't make it
true. Our eyes don't actually see, nor do our fingers feel -- our
mind does. The phantom limb phenomenon proves this. When
someone has lost a limb, sometimes they still feel the limb as if it's
there, and even feel pain or itching in the non-existing limb. What's
more, as we trace back the experience in our mind, we find that
there is a spiritual counterpart for every material sense. We don't
see because we have eyes, we have eyes because 'seeing' is a
quality of consciousness. The whole world 'out there' really is just
a movie we are projecting on the screen of our mind and into the
larger unified field.

We don't see
because we have
eyes, we have
eyes because
'seeing' is a
quality of

You Are The Point of Power

As we come into this new awareness, another realization emerges all power resides in
consciousness. This is important in activating the Law of Emergence, because it's easy to harbor
a belief, even while practicing spiritual principles, that there are still forces 'outside' that
determine, to some extent, who we can become and what we can achieve; whether an authority
figure, a government, a parent, a mate, the economy, heredity, genetics, weather, or germs. But
the truth, despite appearances to the contrary, is that nothing and nobody 'out there' has any
power over us. (Although we can experience being powerless if we believe something has power
over us, because we always experience our belief about life.) The latest discoveries in
epigenetics has even begun to prove this scientifically.

This environment is
determined not
merely by what
we put into our
body, but by
our emotional and
mental state.

Whereas we used to believe that our genes controlled us, we now

know that it is the 'environment' that our cells are in that
determines whether or not a gene is turned on or off. And this
environment is determined not merely by what we put into our
body, but by our emotional and mental state. This has been
further proven through the science of psychoneuroimmunology,
where they have shown how every thought and emotion creates
corresponding neurochemicals that impact the body creating the
inner environment for the cells.


The Law of Emergence

So it is ultimately our state of consciousness that determines our genetic disposition, not our
genes, not germs, and not heredity. Furthermore, the science of quantum physics and the
'observer' effect has shown that we are not merely a body, but a field of energy, and what we
expect and pay attention to determines what we draw out of the field into our experience. We
really are the captains of our soul and the masters of our fate.
Below is a re-print of a blog post of mine that speaks to this idea, You Are the Only Power Over
Your Life.
Nothing moves except Mind.
When this thought first bubbled up in my mind, it startled me.
I had been contemplating the idea that consciousness being infinite, there couldnt be
anything outside of it. But this took it to a new level. Not only could there not be
anything outside of consciousness, there cant be anything other than consciousness
(or Mind, in the absolute sense).
I found my attention drawn to my hand and I moved it. Then I realized that my hand
hadnt moved, my mind had. There was an impulse in thought, which was translated
into electrical and neurochemical impulses, that then traveled down my spinal cord and
cascaded through my nervous system, resulting in a message being sent to the
muscles of my hand Move.
Then I remembered the phantom limb phenomenon, which is where people who have lost
limbs still feel the presence of the limb, and sometimes even have pain or itching in the
missing limb. How is this possible? Because the experience of the limb is all in their
I continued this exercise, moving through my whole body, realizing that every action,
every function, was not really the activity of my body, it was the activity of my
consciousness translated into material expression. The beating of my heart was an
activity of consciousness, the breathing of my lungs was an activity of consciousness
indeed my whole body was happening in my consciousness.
This led to another realization: the body doesnt give us life, our consciousness gives
the body life.

The Ecology of Consciousness

The heart or lungs cant give or take my life away; of themselves, they have no life. Take
my consciousness out of it, and neither the heart nor the lungs can function. The eyes
dont allow me to see, nor do the ears allow me to hear, because without my
consciousness they are nothing but inert matter. It is my consciousness that sees
and hears.
As I followed this beyond my body, I could see that every activity in the body of
affairs; every creation, every relationship, all of the comings and goings of my life, were
first a movement of my consciousness. Nothing, no action, no reaction, no creation
could enter my experience except as a movement first in my consciousness.
Then another thought occurred to me: My hand cant turn and attack me.
That seemed strange at first until I realized the implications. Why cant my hand turn
and attack me? Because it has no power of itself. Its nothing until my consciousness
moves through and as it. I am the creator, it is the creation. I am cause, it is effect.
That led naturally to the realization that nothing in my body can turn and attack me
not a heart, not my lungs, not a germ or a virus. All of that is inert until I give it life
through my consciousness. And that led to the realization that nothing in my body of
affairs can have any power over me either. Nothing out there all of which is an
effect of my consciousness can do anything to me.
Then a line from Christian scripture surfaced, a line spoken by Jesus to Pontius Pilate
when he was on trail. Pilate told him that he had the power to give him life or take it
away, and Jesus responded with:
Thou couldst have no power over me lest it was given thee from above.
Now the metaphysical meaning of above means higher consciousness, the divine
consciousness that isnt caught up in the human, material world. And I realized that
was the witness consciousness I was experiencing; the consciousness that wasnt
identified with form, but was the energy that moved all form, the cause behind all
All power, all substance, all creative energy, all causation lies in consciousness.

The Law of Emergence

Nothing happens until consciousness moves. Nobody and nothing out there has any
ability to determine our life experience.
The ONLY power over our life, on every level, is in our consciousness. We are always at
the point of power; we are the center of our universe and the source of all that flows
into it.

I know this is pretty heady stuff, but experiment with it yourself and see where it leads you!

And that's exactly what I want you to do now experiment with this. Take a moment to
become quiet and still and observe your thoughts, then your body, and follow this trail of
consciousness into form, so that you can begin seeing and experiencing for yourself that
everything in your life emanates from your consciousness. Nothing happens unless it first
happens in your consciousness. Therefore the ecology or environment of your consciousness
determines the environment in your experience. Contemplate and journal about these ideas
over the next week, and see how your perception of the 'inside' and 'outside' world shifts.

You may not fully understand what this has to do with The Law of Emergence, but I assure you it
has everything to do with it. Remember, we've been trained to believe in an outside-in world;
that we are victims of what's happening out there, even the 'out there' that includes our body.
From that perspective, it's difficult to activate the Law of Emergence, because we're always
living on the surface of life reacting to external conditions. But when we realize that it's all being
generated from within, we now have a firm foundation to begin cultivating these inner conditions
to allow our greater potential and freedom to emerge.

Hell is a
state of mind,
the ultimate
sense of feeling
from our essential
nature or God

Heaven Is Within...and So is Hell

This brings us to a discussion on the mythology of Heaven and
Hell and the fantasy of going to a 'better place' in the future. There
is no heaven 'up there', nor a hell 'down there'. I know thats a
bold statement that is likely to be met with angry protests, but this
isnt my idea its what the great spiritual leaders taught. Jesus
said that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand, but eyes could not
see it nor ears hear it -- and that Heaven was within us. Buddha
described a similar here-and-now state that was available by

The Ecology of Consciousness

turning within, but called it Nirvana. Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana -- these are all a state of
consciousness where duality has dissolved and the essential peace and harmony of our being is
realized. This isn't in the future, it's here now, waiting to emerge when the conditions are right.
Likewise, hell is a state of mind, the ultimate sense of feeling separate from our essential nature
or God.
This is an important piece, because we are all, to some extent,
waiting to arrive at a future paradise; the paradise of a perfect
relationship, a perfect job, a perfect car, house, or literally the
pearly gates beyond. And most of us also fear, to some extent, a
future hell; the hell of losing the love of our life, losing our dream
job, going broke, getting sick, or dying and sucking on sulfur in
the eternal fires! Both positions keep us stuck in a fantasy of the
future, putting our good on the layaway plan or keeping us fearful
about living fully. All the power and joy we'll ever need are right
here. But we can't experience it as long as we're stuck in the past,
anticipating the future, or lost in fantasy. Therefore, a key step in
cultivating the conditions for emergence is moving from
anticipating to participating in our good.

A key step
in cultivating
the conditions for
emergence is
moving from
anticipating to
in our good

Participation versus Anticipation

Because of these myths, fantasies, and false concepts about the way life works, we are often in a
state of anticipating something in the future good or bad. From this state, activating the law of
mind, we find ourselves either running right into the bad we expect or forever waiting for the
hoped-for good. Neither states of consciousness create the ideal conditions for the emergence of
our full potential in the only time and place it can happen Here and Now.
We must re-train ourselves to remember that all the good we could ever want, all the joy, peace,
love, freedom, fulfillment, creativity, and inspiration, is happening right here and now, within us
and all around us. We are literally swimming in a sea of well-being and abundance and don't
often know it. And all of our effort to 'get it' and anticipation for it in the future, creates mental
blocks to experiencing it now. So stop it already!
Your good is here now. It will never come in the future. But you must start participating in it,
which is a big part of activating the Law of Emergence. This begins by accepting that it's here,
then looking for the evidence of it in your current conditions. I like to think of it like playing that
game from the magazine Highlights, where you have to look for all the hidden objects that are
disguised or obscured or peeking out behind corners. The same is true here. Heaven is literally
peeking out all over the place!

The Law of Emergence

The love, peace, joy, and fulfillment you're seeking is seeking you, like a game of mutual hideand-seek. And as you look for it, you'll start catching it ah, there you are! I see the joy in that
child playing, and it makes me happy to recognize it; aha, there you are again! I see the love and
support of the universe in that person who just held the door open for me and smiled, and
when I take that in, I feel loved and supported now. Aha, caught you again! I recognize all the
abundance around me in paved roads, running water, libraries full of wisdom, friends, family,
I'm literally surrounded by more wealth and abundance than I can use all at once. I'm abundant
now and I didn't even realize it!
The next way is to think back to times when you had actual experiences of the good things you
are wanting more of now. Tune back into that feeling state, and let go of the picture. Then take
a breath and let it magnify several times until that feeling is filling your body; that sense of
abundance, joy, love, support. You're feeling it now, participating in it now, not expecting it in
the future or waiting for conditions to change before you can feel it -- and thereby creating the
conditions, through the law of mind, for it to become clothed in material form.
You can also use your imagination, as we've talked about, and visualize the good here now,
then let go of the picture and soak in the good feelings (youre not visualizing to try to make
that picture come true, like most visualizations, youre using it as a tool to get in touch with the
essence behind the image). Finally, from these good feeling states, you can ask yourself what
actions you can take 'as if' the good is already here, 'as if' you are abundant, healthy, in love,
successful, or enlightened now. Then take that action. All of these are ways of participating in
the good now. Feel free to come up with your own. The key is to walk around, as often as
possible, participating in the good that is here physically, generating it mentally and
emotionally, and then taking actions that are in alignment with that; acting 'as if' the good is
here now.
Journal about your experience and insights. Contemplate them throughout the day and week.
Ask your higher Self to illuminate you further on these ideas; all the wisdom and genius is
already in you, you might as well tap into it. Then remain open to any other actions youre
being compelled to take, even if they seem 'out of the box' -- not to 'make something happen'
out there but to 'make it welcome' to emerge from within.

The Thicket of Negative Thought

Now that you're present and participating, more conscious of your inner conditions -- perhaps for
the first time you will likely run into the thicket of negative thought that has taken root in your
mind. At first, it might seem as if this work is causing it, but it was always there. That's the
reason many people spend little time in their present mind and heart it's too painful. But
whether we're conscious of these weeds or not, they're clogging your vital energy, choking off
the seeds of your potential, creating the conditions for limitation rather than growth. Tread lightly

The Ecology of Consciousness

here at first, however, or risk getting bloodied by this thorny thinking. Maintain a gentle but
diligent awareness through this sometimes perilous passage, and it will lead you into the heart of
the present and the Presence.

If you don't
seem to have
control over what
thoughts flow
through your mind,
you always have
control over your
reaction to them.

The first rule of this stage is 'Non-Judgment.' Whatever exists in

your consciousness thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, and
images is what it is. It's not good or bad, it just is. And it's not
who you really are. You didn't even create these limited beliefs;
theyre part of the universal false belief system. At best you just
interpreted them in your own creative way. There's nobody to
blame for this way of thinking, especially you.

What's more, the limited thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, in and of

themselves, are not power it is your attachment, identification,
and resistance to them that gives them power. Who's power?
Yours. The very act of judging, fighting, or resisting fuels the
object of struggle with your energy. Without your energy it would
be nothing, an inert perception. So even if you don't seem to have control over what thoughts
flow through your mind, you always have control over your reaction to them. It's like the Zen
saying, You cannot prevent the birds from flying overhead, but you can prevent them from
making a nest in your hair. Or in this case, in your inner garden.
Armed with the first rule of non-judgment, the first practice here is being the witness of your
thoughts and feelings. All you have to do is be aware of them. Watch them. Don't try to do
anything with them. They are like clouds in the sky and you are the sky, clear, wide open and
unattached. No matter how many clouds or even storms roll through, they never actually touch
the sky or diminish it. And right above the weather, the sun is always shining. That's the vantage
point you want to start taking.
As you observe the content of your consciousness with non-judgment, the light of your
awareness will begin to literally dissolve that which doesn't serve your emergence. It's not
always easy, but it's simple. As the thoughts arise, just observe. Then when they no longer have a
pull on you, bring your attention to your breath and observe that going in and out, in and out. If
the thoughts and feelings grab you again, simply observe them again, and bring your attention
back to the breath.
There are thousands of years of meditation teachings already in print, so I won't go into a whole
course on meditation here. There are as many ways to meditate as there are people. The key is to
know what your intention is. In this case, it is to release all attachment and identification with the
limited thoughts and feelings and reconnect with your True Self (or God / Higher Power).

The Law of Emergence

That's it. We'll build on this later. But for now, that's enough. And it's a lot.
Take a moment now to practice this exercise. Become still and comfortable, either sitting up in
a chair or lying down (although there's a danger of falling asleep when you go horizontal). Start
by observing your breath. Don't control it; let it be whatever it wants to be, going in and out, in
and out. It will change of its own accord. As your attention gets pulled away by thoughts or
emotions, witness them. You can even say to them, hello, aren't you interesting. Hello fear,
how are you today? Hello pain, nice to see you again. Or you can just label them 'fear', 'pain',
'sadness'. You don't have to do this, but it can help keep you conscious and aware, rather than
falling back under the hypnotic spell of these very familiar mental and emotional patterns.
When the thoughts and feelings no longer have a strong pull, gently bring your attention back
to the breath. Do this for a few minutes. You might be pulled off the breath hundreds of times
you might be pulled off it more than you are on it that's okay. It's perfectly normal. The key is
that the moment you catch yourself drifting off in thought or fantasy or feeling, you gently
bring your attention back to the breath. As you do this over and over, you are regaining
dominion over your attention and strengthening your inner meditative muscles. We'll talk more
about this later.
You can think of it like a plane. When a plane goes from LA to New York, its off its flight plan
virtually 90% of the time. But the automated system keeps bringing it back to its flight plan
and it makes it to its destination usually on schedule. So every time you practice this, even
when it feels futile, just know you are getting closer to your destination which is the ability to
have mastery over what you place your attention on.
Use this process whenever you feel suddenly gripped by strong thoughts or feelings. Every time
you do you will neutralize a little bit of your identification with those negative patterns. Just
remember, let go of judgment and struggle and just observe...observe...observe...and watch as
the weeds of your mind get pulled up by their roots.

Ecologically Sustainable Thinking

The final notion I want you to think about is the idea of Ecologically Sustainable Thinking; the
kind of thinking that doesn't pollute your inner and ultimately outer environment; the kind of
thinking that nourishes you, honors the diversity of your being, and doesn't rape and plunder
your inner resources. As you take the time to become aware of your thoughts and no longer let
them completely run you, you will become more and more aware of the chronic mental and
emotional patterns. As these become apparent, ask yourself: are these thoughts fertilizing my
inner ground of being, nourishing it, maintaining and sustaining it, or are they planting weeds,
spraying it with toxic energy, or eating away at it like insects?
That might seem obvious, but as you consciously ask this question, you will bring these core
patterns out of the dark soil of your subconscious -- where they hide and operate as if they're

The Ecology of Consciousness

'normal' into the light of your awareness, where you can now use your rational mind to
recognize just how crazy and ineffective these patterns are. That doesn't mean judging yourself,
but it does mean you becoming discerning about what you choose to plant and let grow in your
inner environment. If you're walking around with a thought pattern that you are worthless,
unlovable, and probably will never succeed, you can now recognize that for what it is and come
to a choice point to accept or replace it with a more nourishing belief.
All of our thoughts and beliefs, no matter how good or seemingly bad, are just beliefs. They are
neither true nor false necessarily; they're just our perception of Reality. Reality is reality
regardless of what we think about it. So if you have a choice of choosing, I'm not worthy of
love and success or I am totally worthy of love and success and I'm experiencing it
abundantly now, the question to ask yourself is: If either one of these has the equal potential to
be true or false in my experience, which belief has the greater chance of getting me what I want?
Then choose accordingly. (By saying they have the equal chance of being true or false, I'm not
speaking about Ultimate Reality, where only Good exists, I'm speaking about the likelihood of
you experiencing either one of those outcomes, which is up to you and thus equally possible.)

At some point this week, or now if you already know the answer, take some time to journal
about the limiting patterns of thought that are recurring with some frequency. If you are aware
of a chronic emotional state, take a moment to see what the thoughts/beliefs are behind it.
Then write out some affirmations that are the opposite of those beliefs, just like I did above
with the 'worthy and lovable' example. These will become the new fertilizer you're feeding your
inner garden with. In the morning before you roll out of bed, at night as you're drifting to sleep,
and as often throughout the day as possible, repeat these affirmations to yourself with feeling.
As you say them, focus on the feeling behind them, the vital energy. Then visualize this golden
light filtering down into your inner environment, feeding your brain, the cells of your body, and
the inner landscape of your mind. Just see your whole being glowing with this soul
If you want to flush out the pesky thoughts burrowing into your mind, try speaking the
affirmations aloud to yourself in the mirror, such as: You are worthy, you are lovable. I love
and appreciate you so much. And be aware of what that brings up. Don't be surprised if it
makes you squirm, cringe, and feel like a fool. That is the lurking creatures of the dark being
brought out by your light. They don't like it one bit, and will do whatever they can to convince
you that theyre the truth and get you to stop shining that light. Don't listen. Don't let them
scare you off. Just keep pouring that good stuff into your heart and mind and watch as your
inner environment gets cleaned out and begins sprouting all kinds of new and wondrous things.


The Law of Emergence

As you move through this, remember it's a process not a destination. Every bit of work you do
toward cultivating the inner conditions is making an investment. Be patient. Be kind to yourself.
And create a consistent daily practice. Sooner or later, but with certainty, the Law of Emergence
will become activate -- and you will start reaping a bountiful harvest.


Part 2

The Seed

Chapter 4

Catching the Vision

Where there is no vision, the people perish
-- Proverbs 29:18

A Vision is Never In the Future

What is vision? Where does it come from? How do we get it?
And how do we know it's real when we do? This chapter
addresses this mystical query, busting the myth that vision is
something that foretells the future (which is prophecy or
prediction and subject to change). True vision is never in the
future, it is what we touch when we tap the timeless dimension of
our being. It is a glimpse of Reality, with a capital 'R'. If the acorn
could have a 'vision', it would see the Oak -- not in its future, but
now, in the invisible (of course it wouldn't look like an oak,
which is a material interpretation of a much vaster spiritual idea,
as we talked about in the early chapter on the invisible ideas or
prototypes that fill the universe).

The vision of our

life isn't in the
It's not going to
happen someday,
it's happening now,
in the realm
of eternal ideas

Likewise, the vision of our life isn't in the future; it's not going to
happen someday, it's happening now, in the realm of eternal ideas. As
we tap into and begin participating in it, It transforms us from the inside out, stretching and

Catching the Vision

re-shaping us; literally becoming us. But only in the present, not in the future. This isn't
semantics. This is a new way of thinking and being that primes us for powerful insights,
revelations, and demonstrations of good in our life.

This is a new way

of thinking and
being that primes
us for powerful
revelations, and
of good in our life

It's like the story of the beggar sitting on a box, begging from the
side of the road, year after year. One day a passerby asked the
beggar what was in the box, and the beggar said he didn't know,
and didn't really care; he was too busy trying to survive. But the
passerby didn't relent and urged him to open the box, just out of
curiosity. Finally, hoping to get on with it and maybe get a buck
from this guy, the beggar opened the box and lo and behold it
was full of gold! He had literally been sitting on all the riches he
would ever need. His true nature wasn't of a beggar at all, but a
rich man who had forgotten who he was. There is an infinite
storehouse of riches within us, with everything we need to live a
fulfilling life and deliver our unique gifts to the world. But as long
as we're looking outside of us or into the future, even trying to
'attract' stuff to us, we've forgotten who we really are and the gold
mine we're sitting on.

Living from the realization that we already are The Thing Itself -- that we are the butterfly
disguised as a caterpillar, the oak disguised as an acorn, the rich person disguised as a beggar -ultimately challenges and changes the way we think, feel, and act in every area of our life. We're
no longer on the way to someplace, no longer dependent on external conditions, only the inner
conditions, which we and we alone have control over. We no longer seek to get anything, but
rather to 'let' more and more of this infinite Self that we are emerge.
Visualization vs. Vision
Imagination is a powerful tool, and it has a great purpose in our life; it allows us to take creative
charge of the thoughts and images we produce and therefore determine our experience, rather
than being victimized by it. But imagination can take us only so far. Since it is based on our
experience, the best imagination can ever do is give us a better acorn or caterpillar, but it can
never give us an oak or butterfly because those are 'outside of our known self'.
We can't imagine that which is unprecedented. We can't imagine that which has never happened
before and we are an unrepeatable idea in the Mind of God or Universal Intelligence. We have
never happened before. Our True Self cannot be known through our imagination, indeed it can't
be known through our mind at all, and neither can the vision of this Self expressing in the world.

The Law of Emergence

It can only be known through our soul faculties which open up when the mind stops working and
weaving its stories of separation and limitation.
By now most of us know what visualization is. It's simply a process of creative imagination that
allows us to think independently of circumstances and cultivate certain conditions in
consciousness that are acted upon by the law of creation or the law of attraction, and tend to
bring that experience into our life. Athletes have used it to great success, as have business people
and people of all stripes. It's a great tool. But, like imagination, it will never turn an acorn into an
oak, a caterpillar into a butterfly, or us into our True Self -- because, as I've already illustrated,
the only thing we can do from the level of the mind is imagine and visualize a better version of
our already limited self-image. That's why so many people using visualization, even when they
manifest some good stuff in their lives, often feel unfulfilled and even restless on some level, and
are continuously on the hamster wheel of visualization-manifestation-visualizationmanifestation, round and round.
What's worse, using only imagination and visualization may, in fact, temporarily hinder what
needs to unfold for our next stage of development. For example, let's say that we wanted to
experience a beautiful loving relationship with a new mate, so we start visualizing it, day in and
day out. And by the power of our imagination and the law of attraction, we manifest a new
relationship with someone that actually looks and acts a lot like the person on our vision board.
It's a miracle, right?! Maybe, maybe not. Because we ultimately only experience what the deep
content of our consciousness is, if we are still harboring feelings of lack, limitation, or
resentment from previous relationships or childhood, then ultimately this relationship must
reflect that back to us; this partner must ultimately become a projection of our deepest beliefs
about ourselves.
This is called shadow dancing, where we project our unhealed
shadow qualities both positive and so-called negative onto our
closest partner. This can be a useful thing if we know how to work
with this projection, but if we are unconscious, this will lead to reenacting our childhood issues and previous relationships, giving
us either the same type of relationship we just got out of or worse,
because of the added feelings of defeat and frustration that will
arise from yet another strained relationship.
If we had worked with Emergination instead, we would have
tapped into the part of us that is already in a perfect relationship
with the only partner we can ever have our Higher Self. In this
relationship, we are completely loving and completely loved. And
as this communion continues, the energy of this essential

This is called
shadow dancing,
where we project
our unhealed
shadow qualities
both positive
and so-called
negative onto
our closest

Catching the Vision

wholeness and love would transform us from the inside-out, bringing up the issues we need to
deal with and resolve and the areas we need to forgive and heal. The emerging power of this
connection would literally force us to grow into the perfect mate we already are, just as the
emerging power in the oak pushes through the acorn, forcing it to release its limiting shell and
unfold to its next stage of being.
It's a natural process, and can even be effortless if we don't resist it. What's more, as this new
state of consciousness emerges, it brings with it everything that is needed to fulfill itself, just as
the emerging oak does. The oak doesn't have to go shopping for the right root system, it grows it
from within its own substance. We can do the same. Even when it appears as if something or
someone is coming from 'out there', when we understand that we are a field of consciousness that
extends far beyond our physical body, we recognize that what is appearing 'out there' is just the
emergence of our larger Self in this quantum field.

The people and

that show up
are uniquely
designed to bring
us the perfect
of our
heart and soul

Then the people and experiences that show up are uniquely

designed to bring us the perfect fulfillment of our heart and soul.
Even more importantly, the mate we ultimately end up with will
be better than we could have imagined or 'attracted', because they
will not be based on past relationships or any precedent; they will
reflect the more expanded Self that we have emerged as. And they
will bring chapters and blessings that pull us forward in
continuous evolution.

Again, to use the faithful caterpillar, it's as if the caterpillar used

visualization and creative imagination to attract the perfect mate.
They might imagine the best, most beautiful caterpillar, with the
greatest caterpillar body, the highest paying caterpillar job, great
caterpillar hair, and an expensive caterpillar home. And using the
power of their mind and the law of attraction, they would eventually
get some version of that. It all sounds pretty good, except for one small problem -- the
caterpillar is really meant to become is a butterfly! And that butterfly won't be living on the
ground in nice caterpillar houses, driving nice caterpillar cars, or working at nice caterpillar jobs,
it will be soaring high above all that and making its habitation in the trees. What's more, if it
could actually manifest this perfect caterpillar life, it might be stuck in limitation and thwart its
true destiny of fulfillment. Other caterpillars might look on with envy at first, but this successful
caterpillar relationship and life would actually be a tragedy.
The most pernicious outcome of merely using our mind tools of imagination and visualization, is
that we get what we want and experience, at least for a time, what the world calls success. As the
biblical saying goes, It's easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man

The Law of Emergence

to enter the kingdom of heaven. When we have what appears as material success, but not what
our true purpose is, it becomes more difficult to change course and start living an authentically
empowered life. The pressure to 'keep up with the Joneses', and the complex facades we build to
support this pseudo-life become so intricately connected with every aspect of our lives and
identity that it feels like we would literally have to die or experience complete collapse in order
to get back on track.
One extreme, but no uncommon example, is the person who wants a particular job and uses
traditional manifestation techniques to get it -- but their desire comes from a place of lack, fear,
pride, or peer/parental pressure (although they probably aren't aware of it, it's just their
unconscious motivation). They go on to earn a nice living, apply new 'success strategies', move
further up the corporate ladder, make more money, and get a bigger house. They feel an inner
gnawing, a quiet desperation, but ignore the emerging impulse and continue to practice the latest,
greatest manifestation techniques -- thinking that having more will relieve this inner aching.
On and on this goes until one day they reach the top of that ladder if they haven't died of a
heart attack trying to climb it -- only to discover it was leaning against the wrong wall! Now
they're faced with some hard choices: do they risk everything to live the life they were born for,
or cover the pain by keeping busy, addicted, and unconscious? You know how this often ends,
with someone on their death bed lamenting that they could've, should've, would've, if only.
Tapping into our Emergination -- which is the soul's imagination
-- results in something quite different in quality, and is a primary
practice of The Law of Emergence. It opens us up to this invisible
realm of ideas (the rest of that sentence stays). And one of the
best tools for accessing this is Visioning, a process pioneered by
my mentor, Michael Beckwith. I've expanded and modified it to
include other components, such as neurolinguistic programming
and a form of active imagination that helps clear the 'field' for the
vision to emerge.

When we are
relaxed and open,
feeling a sense
of love, gratitude,
and connection,
we create the
for true vision

Visioning taps into our Emergination and reveals areas we must

change, things we must release, and qualities we must embrace
not to improve our Self, but to cultivate the right conditions for its
emergence. It's a natural process everyone does at some point. When
we are relaxed and open, feeling a sense of love, gratitude, and connection, we create the
conditions for true vision those 'ah-ha' flashes of insight, ideas for new projects, solutions to
personal problems, or an inner sense that our life needs to move in a new direction. But we don't
need to wait for those moments of grace, we can consciously cultivate them through this process.


Catching the Vision

The One Minute Mystic
Tapping into our Emergination through Visioning is a meditative practice, which we'll be doing
shortly. But before we do, I want to talk about meditation in general, because its a new or
frustrating experience for some. Most people think meditation is something you do while sitting
down, cross-legged, chanting OM and choking on incense for long periods of time. But that's
only one method. Extended periods of meditation are highly encouraged, but meditation is not a
chore, it is a state of relaxed attention, single-pointed focus and inner listening.

Meditation is that
moment when we 'shoot
the gap' between our
thoughts and touch the
timeless dimension
of our being.

Meditation is that moment when we 'shoot the gap' between our

thoughts and touch the timeless dimension of our being. It is our true
nature. But the practice of getting into a meditative connection is
where we tend to get hooked up. So I want to suggest a practice to
help grow your meditative muscle and become what I call the oneminute mystic.

This form of meditation I call Meta-tation. Meta because it means

going beyond the old ideas of meditation, beyond all the limited
excuses for why you can't meditate and get connected, and ultimately
beyond the idea that meditation is something separate from who you
are all the time. It's based on a very simple idea: throughout your day you have many
opportunities to practice being present, connected, focused, and relaxed. You have to let go of the
idea that unless you have an hour to meditate, you don't have time to do it, or if its hard to quiet
your mind youre just not wired for it. It's simply not true. Do you have one minute in the
morning? How about before you even get out of bed? We all like to have a good excuse for
spending more time in bed well here you go!
Illustrating the full program is beyond the scope of this course, but the general technique is to
stop every hour, at some point, for one minute and watch your breathing. Dont control it; just let
it breathe, in and out, in and out, in whatever rhythm it flows. If thoughts or feelings come up,
watch them for a moment without engaging them then go back to the breath. When the
minute is up, take a moment to feel the sensations in your body, in your heart, give thanks for
your life everything and everyone in it and go back to whatever you were doing.
You can do this upon awakening, while showering or bathing, before you eat breakfast, while
youre stopped at a traffic light, when you sit down to your desk to begin your workday, during
commercial breaks when youre watching TV, and right before you fall asleep. If you are
someone who wakes up in the middle of the night, you can even practice it then. If there are
important insights trying to come through, this will help you connect to them. At the very least, it
can help you fall back to sleep.


The Law of Emergence

As you practice the art of Meta-tation and become a true One-Minute Mystic, at first it will
become something you do by route, having to remind yourself and discipline yourself. But after
a while, maybe sooner than you think, something else will kick in and you will notice yourself
organically stopping and turning within to re-connect, with your eyes open or closed. You'll even
begin to find yourself being able to tap in and become still or mindful in the midst of a
conversation or activity.
And as you gain some confidence with this, you can add a longer morning meditation, maybe
starting with five or ten minutes and working up to an hour or more (even if you have to get up
earlier). And then again a short one midday during lunch, and/or maybe even one before you go
to bed. Don't push it. Let the practice evolve. The key is to not let anything prevent you from
getting and staying connected within, and this you can do with a bunch of one-minute moments
through the day. In fact, some would say that doing sixty or more one-minute meta-tations
throughout the day is as powerful or more powerful than one sixty minute one. Experiment and
decide for yourself!
Activating our Emergination: A Meditative Exercise
Okay, let's practice Visioning and begin tapping into the vision for your life! Youll want to get in
a quiet place, without distraction for a period of time. Start by watching the breath to quiet the
mind and calm the body. Then once you achieve a sense of peace, you can move to the next stage
setting your intention. Like meditation, the most effective intention is a desire for a conscious
contact with your spirit, a deeper connection to your Self. This is the most powerful purpose to
intend every time you meditate, pray, or do any spiritual practice. It doesnt matter what human
goal youre going after, whether its to manifest a job, find a new mate, heal your body, or make
more money if you consecrate it to having a sacred tryst with your soul, in an energy of
unconditional love, youll be tapping into the greatest power you have.
This meditation is guided. You can do it from memory, take turns reading it between you and
someone else, or record yourself and play it back. You will be prompting your spirit (higher
consciousness) with a set of questions throughout. You can say these in your own words, as long
as they have the same basic purpose behind them. Once you have become centered, established
your intention, and taken a minute or so to really soak in the feelings it evokes feelings of love,
gratitude, and openness above all else -- you can pose the first question:

What is the vision of my life? What is the divine (or highest) idea of my life? What does
it look like, feel like, what is its essence? (You can substitute my life for whatever you
want to get clearer on; my family, my relationship, my company.) You can also
ask What is Gods idea of my life? or What is trying to emerge through and as me?


Catching the Vision

Now wait, watch, and listen. Become aware of whatever images, sounds, or sensations arise.
Sometimes it will be literal; youll see specific pictures that relate to what youre catching a
vision on. Other times, it will be symbolic; you may not see any connection at all. Some people
see things in Technicolor. Others are more kinesthetic. You might only get a feeling or a
vibration. Its all good. Whatever comes up is part of the process. If you find yourself drifting,
planning your grocery list, or thinking about what youre going to eat later, gently bring your
attention back to the breath. But dont take anything for granted. Even the external
distractions might be synchronistic clues from your soul.
Repeat the question as many times as you need. As insights come through, you can open your
eyes and take notes or wait until after the meditation. Some people prefer to wait because
opening their eyes and writing takes them out of the deep flow. Others find that if they wait,
they forget what came up, the same way you forget dreams after you get up and move around.
Experiment with it both ways. In any case, trust that what you need to receive and remember
will come through, and even if you don't remember, there is still valuable work being done in
There are many other questions you can ask to prompt the sometimes unyielding nonconscious mind, such as: If this vision was fully manifest in the world, what would it look like?
What would I look like? How would I act? How would I feel? This may sound similar to this first
question, but it actually brings out a subtly different color. When the first question doesnt
elicit much, this one might create a cascade of insight. You could also ask, If this vision were a
color, what color would that be? If this vision were a song, what would it sound like? If this
vision were an animal, what would it be? If this vision were a symbol, what would it look
like? All of these are ways to bypass the intellectual, logical mind, and access the subjective
realm where the real power, substance, and genius reside.
Once youve received sufficient input, ask the next question:

How must I change in order for this vision to come forth through me? How must I be
different, what must I become? What must I let go of -- what limiting beliefs, toxic
emotions, outdated ideas must I release? What new, larger ideas, beliefs, or positive
emotions must I embrace?

This is probably the most important question. Remember, the thing you want is already here
within you. Everything you need to fulfill your greatest desire is already part of your being. But
it cant come out until you align with it, let go of the obstructions to it, and raise your vibration
to the level at which it already exists. In other words, fulfilling your great destiny is not about
adding anything to you, but about constantly letting go of what no longer serves. If the oak
could talk to the acorn, it would be telling it to die, to let go of its shell (which is a scary thing,
since that's all the acorn has ever known).
As this question brings up limiting emotions or beliefs, there is another step you can take to
begin clearing them. It's a technique that combines neurolinguistic programming and creative
imagination to literally rewire your neural pathways and open you up to deeper wisdom.


The Law of Emergence

You can either do this from memory, or record it as part of your overall emergination session.
With your eyes still closed, imagine there is a timeline that stretches out, from your past to
your present, and on into your future. See it in your mind's eye, and feel yourself hovering
above it. As you become aware of a limiting belief or chronic negative emotion that this last
question brought up, give yourself permission to feel its effects fully. You can even imagine a
dial that you can turn up, heightening the feelings. As you do this, notice that your head and
body lights up with a unique pattern, like a string white Christmas lights. This represents the
pattern of this belief or emotion in your neural network.
Now allow yourself to float back along the timeline, back to the place where this belief or
emotion first occurred. Don't use your mind to figure it out, just trust and let your spirit (or
non-conscious) carry you back to the right time and place. Once you reach this event, don't
judge where you end up. Breathe. Allow it to be. Then drop into the timeline, into that
experience. See what's happening, where you are, how old you are, who you're with. Feel the
feelings and become aware of the beliefs. Then rise back above it, and let yourself float
backwards to at least an hour or more before the event actually occurred before you ever felt
this negative emotion or had this limiting belief. You are safe here. Feel that.
Now ascend high above the timeline, high above all the influences of it, until it's just a tiny dot
below, then even higher, into the heavens. This is your place of true wisdom. This is where you
easily receive the guidance and direction about who you really are and why youre alive. A
foundational principle here is the understanding that everything which occurs has a higher
purpose. Nothing is random in a uni-verse (which means One Song). Even chaos, when we step
back far enough, has a perfect order. But we must consciously choose to see this higher order
or greater purpose to activate the alchemical process that heals our perceptions. From this
place you're going to open yourself to the real wisdom behind this experience. The truth is, you
(the higher part of you) are the author of this play, and you created it to educate, transform,
and prepare yourself to fulfill your ultimate destiny. Now its time to remember what you had in
mind when you created it.
As you hover here in this sacred space, open your heart and mind, and ask your higher power or
God to reveal to you the deeper purpose behind this event. Whereas you may have thought it
was about being victimized by something or someone, maybe now you discover that it
occurred so you could learn compassion, forgiveness, or some other chapter to prevent it from
happening to
others. For example, if someone betrayed you and you interpreted it to mean you are unworthy
or alone, you might now discover that it happened to push you deeper, so you could discover a
strength that would enable you to stand in your power regardless of what others think. In
other words, it was meant to take you from a perception of being 'alone' to being 'all-one',
which is the ultimate realization of wholeness. You may further realize, now or later, that this
quality is exactly what you need to cultivate in order to fulfill your greater purpose. Be open
now to receive this empowering interpretation.


Catching the Vision

Even if no words or images come, trust that it is being received. See the light of wisdom in
whatever color it appears -- now flowing down from above, entering into the crown of your
head, filling your whole body with the higher truth, the renewing energy of your spirit. See and
feel it soaking every cell of your being, every crevice of your consciousness. Then see that it's
pushing out all the negative emotion, beliefs, and toxic energy related to this event. See all of
the psychic debris of this event being cleansed from your whole being, scattering back out to
space, dissolving back into the nothingness from which it came. And as it leaves, notice that
your whole body becomes luminous with this new energy of wisdom and power that is flooding
Now pour this positive energy -- the energy of the true meaning of this event -- back into that
scene below. See it saturating everyone and everything, blessing the whole event with this
newfound wisdom and energy. Feel the effect of this. Sense into the nourishing impact as this
vitalizing energy feeds the hungry parts and quenches the thirsty parts of your psyche and soul.
Then look up and notice how your whole timeline is changing, being re-shaped, becoming more
vital, more colorful, as the meaning of this event shifts and re-qualifies your whole life story.
For now youre done with this event. Slowly begin moving forward on your timeline, allowing
every other moment connected to this event to pop up. Dont try to make things appear; let
your non-conscious mind do the work. Trust it. It will reveal what needs this healing energy.
And as these events emerge out of your timeline, splash them with this color and energy, recoding it with the new truth you are now holding about your life. Feel the alchemy inside you,
and see it continuing to transform your timeline. Maybe you even notice new events branching
off in the future -- new possibilities that never existed suddenly becoming available.
As you reach the present moment again, ask the original question, What is the vision of my
life? or What is the divine idea trying to emerge? And see what comes up now. You can even
go forward on the timeline and drop in on some future point, one year from now, two years,
and see what's happening, what's coming up. Then ask the second question again, How do I
need to change to allow my highest vision to unfold? and repeat the process, allowing yourself
to be drawn back to some past event, tapping into the deeper wisdom of it, letting go of the
limited belief or emotion, then moving forward again to see what has changed. In this way, you
are creating new neural pathways and clearing the limiting contents of your consciousness so
that you may see the great vision of your life that has always been here waiting to emerge.
And the final question:

Is there something that I need to do, some symbolic action I need to take, in order to
step out on this vision and create the space for it to express?

Remember in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Indiana had to cross an invisible
bridge to get some potion that could heal his father? All he saw was a chasm, a certain drop to
his death. But this was a bridge of faith. It required stepping out onto the invisible for it to
appear. Thats what this question and the subsequent action is about. Its not about making

The Law of Emergence

something happen (because in consciousness it already has), its about making it welcome.
Sometimes the actions youll be told to take wont seem to have anything to do with what youre
visioning on. Sometimes theyll seem only slightly related. But when you follow the guidance,
youll often get surprising results.
I remember doing this process early on in my writing and consulting career, where I was guided
to get cards printed up with my name and the title of president/CEO. It felt so silly getting such
cards when I wasnt even an employee of my own company let alone the president!
Nevertheless, I followed through and was shocked by how much negative self-talk came up. I
thought I had cleared most of that, but I was sorely mistaken. There was so much crud still
lurking in the swamp of my soul, bottom-feeding off my spirit, sapping my vital energy, keeping
me small and I didnt even know it! Taking this seemingly innocuous action brought it all to
the surface where I could process and heal it which led to greater abundance and fulfillment
not only in my professional life but in my personal affairs as well.
As a closing question, you can ask, What other questions should I ask to realize this vision in
its full potential? or Is there anything else I need to see, hear, know, or feel, to allow this
vision to unfold in my life? Thats a good one to finish with. It pretty much covers all the bases.
Let your heart speak to you, stay open to new and creative questions or uses of the timeline
component that allow you to clear your consciousness and tap into the divine vision.
This process, as it is described, is just a basic template. There are numerous ways it can be
developed and used to work in different situations, for different things, and according to your
changing needs. As long as you maintain the basic purity of intention, put your own mindcreated idea aside, and stay open to intuition and inspiration, it will ultimately be fruitful.


Chapter 5

Cultivating the Soul

To him who can perfectly practice inaction, all things are possible
-- Ernest Holmes

When the inner conditions are right, the seed of your potential
unfolds. This is at the heart of the Law of Emergence, and this
chapter gets into the meat of the matter, describing the core
conditions needed for emergence such as love, peace, joy,
gratitude, and abundance. These are qualities we already possess,
but which are often not activated, or only activated by specific
external conditions, putting us on a rollercoaster ride of seeking
more and more external stimulus.

When the inner

conditions are right,
the seed of your
potential unfolds

We've been brought up to believe that it's all about changing the
conditions 'out there', and most of us spend our lives struggling
against external facts in an attempt to carve out a place in this world for us. But that really is the
opposite of how life works. The 'facts' out there are effects, the result of our former thinking (or
the thinking of others). In other words, the outer conditions we're struggling to change are
already the result of our inner conditions.
It's like the analogy of reacting to something on a movie screen, then trying to change it by going

The Law of Emergence

to the screen and railing against the images. Even if you manage to yell loud enough to drown
the voices out or block some of the images on the screen, they're still there, and the moment you
relax, it's going to show up again.
If you get nothing else out of this course, I want you to have a fundamental shift in your
understanding of the way life works. It's ALWAYS an inside-out job. Life flows through us, not
to us. It all comes out of our consciousness, then into form. No matter how it appears to be, what
you see out there is ALWAYS a reflection of the conditions 'in here'. That's not anything to beat
yourself up about, it's something to get excited about. All the power to determine your
experience is within you, not anyone or anything else.
This is the basic idea behind the law of attraction as well; that we
can create whatever we want if we just build the image and energy
of it in our mind. That's true, but it's only part of the story. As I've
already talked about, when you create from the level of the mind
or ego, you are creating merely from your human self, from a
limited point of view, and are apt to run into problems. The Law of
Emergence isn't about merely visualizing something and creating
it. It's about creating the right inner conditions for that which you
already are your real destiny to unfold. Big difference.

The Law of
Emergence isn't
about merely
and creating it

To this end, in all the exercises we talk about in this course, while
we may use visualization and images, or outer actions, it's always about connecting to the inner
vibration behind the images and actions. That is the fertilizer for the soil of your soul; that is the
very substance that creates our experience. And when you're only focusing on the qualities and
energy, you're never in danger of creating any limitation, because you're not attaching it to any
picture. You are, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, getting your 'bloated sense of nothingness out of
the way of the divine circuits.'
The Conditions for Emergence
The great Universal Intelligence, whether you call it God, Christ, Buddha, Higher Self, or the
Unified Field of quantum physics, is all-knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere present. It is the
very essence and life force that permeates everything. It is already the sum total of all
possibilities and all potential, happening now. So it doesn't know lack or limitation; it doesn't
know sin, death, or disease. It doesn't know failure, chaos, or confusion. And it doesn't know the
word 'no', it only knows 'yes'. From the point of view of Absolute Intelligence, there's nothing
but wholeness. As it says in scripture, God's eyes are too pure to behold inequity. The
Universal Intelligence doesn't know about your problems. Thats a good thing, by the way.
Because if God, this Omnipresent Intelligence, knew about lack and limitation, it would be
permanent and no amount of prayer, meditation, or manifestation techniques could change it!

Cultivating the Soul

That may be a shocker. I know it was to me when I realized it. But it's true. God or Higher Power
only knows Itself because if It's an Infinite Omnipresence, there is nothing else but It. I know
some of this might be challenging to understand or believe, or seem too heady or 'out there', but
please try to stay with me. We are unique centers of consciousness in this Divine Mind. We are
individualizations of it, like rays of the sun, waves in the ocean, or branches on a tree (I know
those have become clichs, but theyre still good metaphors to work with). So from our emerging
consciousness, we don't have omniscience, therefore we can
misperceive reality. And in that misperception, we create thought
forms, beliefs, and stories that become experience through the
We are unique
of mind. These experiences we call 'reality', and build from
centers of

in the
Divine Mind.

But these experiences are not reality. They're just projections of

our mind, limited perceptions of the infinite perfection that is true
Reality. Our thoughts and experiences don't change Reality and
don't ever diminish our real Self, but they do obscure it and keep
us spinning in a hypnotic spell, trying to solve all our mind-created problems by using the very
thing that created them our mind! Meanwhile, we judge by appearances, and all of that creates
a vibration in us that matches our appearances...and perpetuates itself by the law of mind, over
and over.
It's like the analogy of the young initiate who walks into a darkened room and recoils at the sight
of a snake, then starts attacking it, trying to kill it, or runs screaming from it. Then he notices his
teacher isn't afraid at all, and asks why. What snake? the teacher asks, then turns on the light to
reveal it's just a rope. There never was a snake, it was always a rope. Another analogy is the
person on stage who's been hypnotized to chase a white poodle around. But try as they might,
they can never catch it. Then they get fleas from it and start itching, then it does its business on
the stage and they step in it! They turn to the others and ask for help, but the audience just laughs
because from their perspective there is no white poodle, just a hypnotized audience member
running around like a crazy person.
So what does this have to do with cultivating the inner conditions for your emergence, and why
is it so important? As I said, God/Universal Intelligence doesn't see your problems. He/She/It is
like the teacher or the audience from their perspective there is no snake or white poodle. From
God's pov (which is really your Highest Self) there is only wholeness and perfection. So if you
start sending a vibration of problems and lack to this higher part of you, It can't understand you -it can't even hear you because you're vibrating at a frequency that it doesn't hear. Its as if you
were stuck in a nightmare calling out for your loved one to help you, but back in bed you're just
lying there and your loved one isn't even aware you're calling out.


The Law of Emergence

Again, I know this sounds controversial. I can hear people saying, What do you mean God
doesn't know my problems and hear my pleas?! But there's good news coming, just hold on...
There is a way for God (this higher part of you) to hear and respond, to give you what you need
by becoming more and more like this higher consciousness. Here's the axiom: God responds by
corresponding to Its own nature in us. As you raise your vibration, you align with that frequency
where your good is already happening. And as you align, it becomes available to you.
One more analogy is to think of a radio. There's all this music playing, right? But you can't hear
it unless you're tuned into that specific frequency. Or if it's a CB radio (or shortwave), the other
person can't hear you unless you're tuned into their channel. All
your good already exists at these higher frequencies, but you
must be vibrating at the same level in order to see, feel, sense,
This is where we
and experience it. As I like to say, 'Dreams don't come true. They
stop judging
already are. You must become true to them.'
When we start to wake up and realize that we're not experiencing
Reality, we're just experiencing our belief about reality, we can
begin to extract ourselves from this 'hamster on a treadmill' life
where we only have the illusion of free will, and actually begin
to gain real freedom. This is where we stop judging by
appearances and reacting to external condition, and start
consciously choosing thoughts and beliefs independent of
conditions. We're no longer letting the world determine what gets
planted in our inner garden, we are taking over that job now and
cultivating the inner conditions for our emergence.

by appearances
and reacting
to external
condition, and
start consciously
thoughts and beliefs
of conditions

Remember, we're not trying to make something happen, we're

trying to make it creating the conditions that the
'something' already inhabits. It's like if you wanted a polar bear to come live with you, you
would need to create conditions that it can live in. Same thing with everything you want to
experience. If you want more loving relationships, you need to create the inner conditions where
love can thrive. If you want a more abundant life, you need to create the inner habitat where
abundance can live. As Gandhi said, 'we must become the thing we want to see in the world'.
It' Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Feeling
So that brings us to the real work of cultivating these inner conditions. There are so many ways
to do it; we've already touched on some of these in previous chapters, such as meditation,
visualization, the one-minute mystic, etc. All of these help you cultivate that inner connection, as


Cultivating the Soul

well as specific qualities of love, peace, gratitude and abundance. So the key thing to ask
yourself is 'what are the conditions needed for my life or some specific project to emerge?
The first and easiest way to tap into this is to imagine yourself already living the life of your
dreams; having that mate of your dreams, job of your dreams, or some major project already
done. Then take the time to sense into how it feels to be that person. How would you feel inside
if you were living your destiny (or at least your highest idea of it)? How would you respond to
others? Would you be more confident, joyful, generous? How about more patient,
compassionate, loving, and peaceful?
Those, then, are some of the foundational qualities you would need to cultivate for your
emergence. It doesn't matter if you don't know what your destiny is yet. The emergination
process will definitely help you in that area, but all you need to know is what you want right
now. Its okay if it's materialistic or non-spiritual; the key is to tap into what turns you on. If it's
a million dollars, a mansion, or a Mercedes, start there in your visualization, and see where it
takes you. Follow whatever makes you feel as good as possible. You can always build on this.
It doesn't matter how you get to the feeling because as you do, you're going to let go of the
picture anyway. Remember this isn't the law of attraction, where we're using our mind to figure
out what we want so we can will it into our lives. We're using our imagination to cultivate the
inner vibrational conditions, but we're leaving the specific outcome up to our higher intelligence,
which already knows it and IS it. The acorn doesn't have to visualize an oak to become an oak,
but it does have to be planted in the right conditions for that which it already is to grow. Same
with you.
Okay, so it's time to practice. If you already have a vision for your life from the earlier
emergination work, use that. If you want to focus on a specific area, like manifesting your
perfect relationship, you can start there. Just remember, you're not trying to attract the ideal
mate, you're working to become the ideal mate vibrationally. In other words, if you want a
beautiful person who is generous, loving, kind, considerate, confident, deeply spiritual, and
really successful, you want to develop those qualities within yourself. And if you would feel
fulfilled, whole, and complete in your ideal relationship, you need to develop those within
yourself. Im not saying you have to be perfect before you meet them, but you must raise your
vibration to at least that level where this relationship already exists in consciousness.
You can also pose these as questions, such as: if that awesome person met me right now, would
I be the kind of person they would be attracted to? Am I that confident, loving, giving, great
person? (We know you are in the absolute sense of the word, but are you living it?) Am I
vibrationally the kind of person I would be if I were deeply in love? Or am I more vibrationally a
needy, even desperate person when it comes to love? That's not a knock on you, personally. It's
not personal at all, it's vibrational. See, the truth is, if you already were that kind of person
vibrationally, you would already have attracted them into your life either that, or you would


The Law of Emergence

be so confident in yourself, so in love with life, that you would no longer have the need for
anyone. And you'd probably be beating them off with a stick!
So take a moment now to go within and imagine yourself in that ideal situation. If you already
saw it in the previous emergination process, just bring yourself back there, only this time your
focus is on really feeling what it feels like, and observing the kind of person you are as you move
through your day. Pay attention to how you respond to others, to events, how you walk into a
room, how you hold yourself, how you move your body and how you feel in your body.
When you get a strong sense of all this, and are feeling the feelings, take a breath and allow the
feelings to expand ten times, then a hundred times. You can also try turning up the juice in the
visualization. Let you imagination soar. When you walk into that room, instead of people just
smiling, have them give you a standing ovation. When you come home to your mate, instead of
just kissing them, have them throw you a surprise party (or a surprise strip-tease) then lavish
their love on you, telling you you're the most amazing person in the world. Make the
visualization as vivid and powerful as you can until you're bursting with the energy of it.
Then let the pictures go. All of them. And be with the feeling tone, the vibration. Take a deep
breath and let it expand even further, beyond your body, filling the room you're in, filling your
whole house, pouring into the streets. Soak in that, meditate on that, breathe into that. Then
let it flood every area of your current life, touching every person and situation until your
whole present life experience is saturated and radiating with this energy. You can even allow a
color to emerge for this vibration, so that as you splash it all over your life, you can see
everyone and everything glowing with this high vibrational aura. Give thanks for it and open
your eyes.
Journal about it. Write down the qualities you felt, where you felt them. Write about how you
held yourself, how you moved your body, how you reacted to people and situations. This is
what you begin praying for and affirming. You don't pray, God, send me the perfect mate or
job or money, you pray to activate and express more of these qualities; that you can be more
loving, more giving -- whatever the qualities are -- and that you can be the kind of person you
saw and felt. You're not praying for something 'out there', you're praying to be more available
and open to accessing and expressing more of who you already are. Big difference. And in your
affirmations, you want to re-connect with these qualities and affirm that you are them now
(which you know you are because you just felt them in your meditation).
Also, be on the lookout for songs, books, articles, audios, pictures, people, or places that evoke
some of these qualities, and commit to spending more time with them. If going to the beach
makes you feel like this person you saw and felt in the vision, do that. If listening to Mozart does
it, listen more often. If watching Oprah activates these feelings, watch every day. And if looking
at certain pictures does it for you, put them on your desk, on your mirror, on your computer,
wherever you can see them often.
But here's a caveat: as you do these things, remember that the person, place, or thing is not the
source of your good feelings, it's just a tool to help you activate what's already in you. In that


Cultivating the Soul

way, you will never become dependent on the person, place, or thing; you won't fall asleep
again into the false belief that someone or something 'out there' is the source of your good
In this way, you begin building an outer environment that perpetually cultivates your inner
conditions, all while doing the inner work to develop them regardless of the outer
circumstances. This is real freedom and power. Instead of using some external God to get more
stuff in the world, you're now using everything in your world to get more connected to your
internal Godliness. Pretty cool, huh?
Now go practice!

If You Build it (Inside), They Will Come (Outside)

In this age of quick fix and microwave mindsets, most of us want what we want and want it now
-- whether it's an Oompa Loompa, a Lexus, or a hamburger and fries, hold the mayo. But, just as
you can't force the farm to produce a harvest before its time, you can't force your seed of
potential to grow until it's ripe and ready. In this section, the reader is shown that 'if you build it
inside, they will come outside'. The analogy of the Chinese bamboo tree illustrates this:
You plant the tiny bamboo seed, water it, fertilize it for a year...and nothing happens. So you
water and fertilize it for another year, and this time...nothing happens. In the third year, you
water, fertilize, water some more...and, lo and behold -- nothing happens! The fourth year comes,
watering and fertilizing, and guess what? Zip, nada, nothing. Then the fifth year arrives and, if
you haven't strangled the guy who sold you this damn bamboo seed or given up bamboo farming
for a easier way of life like, say, digging ditches, you do what you've learned to do quite well,
you keep watering and fertilizing. Then something amazing happens. Sometime during the fifth
year, that Chinese bamboo tree sprouts and grows ninety feet in six weeks!
Why did it take so long? The answer lies in its root system, which is deep, broad, and powerful,
capable of not only holding up that 90-plus foot stalk, but also drawing all the rich nutrients it
needs from the soil. This is a useful metaphor for your own growth. The alternative is to build
the bamboo stalks before the root system is sufficient. They may look good, but the first wind
that blows will take them down. In absolute truth, it doesn't take time to manifest miracles,
because there is no time in reality. And it is possible to raise your vibration to such a level that
you can instantaneously manifest whatever you want. But for most of us, there is a lag between
the inner cultivation and embodiment and the outer expression. This can be frustrating if you're
working with most manifestation techniques that are more about making something happen 'out


The Law of Emergence

The good news is that when you work with the Law of Emergence, your focus is primarily on
building the reality inside, on generating the inner feelings so that you walk around already
feeling like a success, already feeling in love, even if the outer conditions aren't reflecting it yet.
When you live from there, you are truly free and actually don't even care what's happening
outside nearly as much.
I remember once, after doing this work for a while, driving on the freeway and suddenly feeling
on top of the world. I felt like a million bucks even though I barely had a hundred bucks in the
bank. It was so strong I had to stop and think, 'What happened today that I'm so happy?' And the
truth was that nothing had, in fact there were some problems. But it didn't matter. I felt great. I
was living in heaven, even while my outer life might have been somewhat hellish. And in due
time, the outer conditions caught up with my inner ones. That's how it works.
The deeper the roots go, the higher the tree can grow. You're building a deep root system that will
have the strength and nourishment to allow you to reach higher and wider than you ever have
before. So be patient!


Chapter 6

Dealing With All Your Dirt

The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off
-- Gloria Steinem

Just as like attracts like, like also drives away what its unlike. As
we dive deeper into our heart, catch a greater vision of our life,
and cultivate our soul with these high-vibrational qualities, it
brings up the lower-vibrational beliefs and emotions weve buried.
To use the soil analogy, as we start digging, it shakes things up,
driving the creepy crawlies living in the dark to the surface. We
may even find structures in our life falling apart relationships,
jobs, finances -- because they can no longer support the larger
emerging Self. To refer to our friend, the Acorn, the shell's gotta
go for the oak to grow. It can feel like we're going backwards or
getting worse, but as the land gets cleared away of all the old
debris, a stronger foundation is poured, upon which a bigger life
can be built.

To refer to our
friend, the acorn,
the shell's gotta
for the oak to grow

Uprooting the Old

This is rarely talked about in self-help or New Age spiritual teachings. I think there are a couple
reasons why: first of all, it's not a very good selling point. If you're trying to get someone to

The Law of Emergence

believe in your approach and get enrolled with your work, telling them that their life as they
know it will have to eventually fall apart in order to be rebuilt is not a very appealing thing to
say. The other reason I think it's rarely mentioned is because so many of the teachings out there
aren't about real transformation, they're about cosmetic make-overs. They practice an approach
that is about improving the human 'picture' of your life, but not necessarily changing the deep
inner structures that created that picture in the first place. So, for example, a person ends up with
more money, but deep down they're just as afraid of losing it as they were before sometimes
even more afraid because they now have more to lose.
I'm not going to sugarcoat it. If you want to grow into your greatest potential, you will have to let
go of a lot of things (and maybe people) that no longer serve you; mental, emotional, and
physical elements that are vibrating at a lower level than your highest vision. If you try to hold
onto these, they will bring you back down to their vibrational frequency at best, or take you
down completely at worst. Letting go and surrendering your ideas and agendas is one of the
more important practices to master along this journey. Just like the acorn example. It can't hold
onto the identity of being a seed or nut, it can't hold onto its shell
-- it can't even hold onto the idea of itself as a small plant or a
Letting go and
'normal' sized tree because its destiny is to be this towering
majestic being.

your ideas
and agendas
is one of the
more important
practices to master
along this journey

So is yours.

As visionaries on a path of real transformation, there's really only

one place we can live the present (and, yes, you are a visionaryin-training, even if you dont think so). And when you are truly
living in the now, you can't hold onto anything but what's
emerging. Old ways of doing things, old patterns of coping and
controlling, and old ways of thinking no longer work even what
you thought just a moment ago! What's more, if you try to force them, you create even more
problems than before. As one Master Teacher said: You can't put new wine in old wine skins.
That's what it means to live on the razor's edge, or as I call it, the 'emerging edge'. And it can be
tenuous, particularly in the beginning when you're not yet fully rooted in the Real, and you
haven't yet fully released your old identities.
As you move through these different stages of emergence, you may feel lost sometimes, like
we're wandering in a dessert with no landmarks. Just as you must have the patience to wait for
the old to die and the new to be re-born or re-built in your outer world, you must allow the inner
space to remain clear for the new insights and mental structures to come forth. You don't want to
move old furniture into your new home so quickly, but be willing to live sparsely until you get
the new stuff that makes the space pop. This is a time for contemplation and affirmation; a time


Dealing With All Your Dirt

to keep pouring in the high-grade qualities love, peace, joy, abundance -- that become the
foundation of your new life. It's a process. Stay open, available, and willing to let go and grow.
If You Don't Heal the Past, You Can't Be Present
As you're in this cleansing, healing, and re-building process, you will be called to work on
specific issues coming to the surface. But to move past your pain, you must first accept what is,
without any attempt to fix, change, or even heal it. What you resist, persists. The act of trying to
change something gives more energy to the very thing you're trying to change, making it more
powerful. You must embrace it, feel your feelings fully, roll around in the dirt, and let yourself
get all muddy! Then, from a place of acceptance, move into healing, forgiving, and releasing it.
Of course the most obvious way this comes up is around our old
wounds and unresolved traumas of the past and their
To move past
accompanying shame, blame, guilt, and fear. When we
your pain, you must
experience a trauma and don't have the consciousness of Truth to
first accept what is,
process it, we assign a meaning to it usually a negative one that
without any attempt
has something to do with how life is scary and unsafe, and we're
bad and unworthy. This then becomes part of our 'story.' Now
to fix, change,
instead of being a radiant, innocent expression of infinite
or even heal it
potential, we are a lowly unlovable human who must fight to
survive in this cold, cruel world! Of course I'm being a bit
dramatic here but only a bit, right? You know those stories weaving themselves in your mind.
I'm not the only Drama King here, am I?
Then, as we move forward in our life, instead of experiencing the fresh, vital energy and
possibilities trying to emerge in the Now, we project our story onto the screen of our experience
and, by the law of mind, we re-experience our story just with new players, new masks,
costumes, and set pieces. Haven't you ever known someone who goes from job to job and keeps
having the same experience? Or from relationship to relationship and keeps having the same
mate just with a different face? That's because they're bringing their past story into the present
and re-living it over and over. It's like they're a character stuck in the first act of their play. In
fact, most people don't live many years of life, they live the same year over and over. Some
people are living the same day over and over, stuck in their own groundhog hell.
We're all doing that to some extent; we're all bringing our past experiences but more
specifically our past stories and meanings into the present. And to that extent, we're never
really present. We never really 'arrive' at this moment, so we can never allow the full power of
our potential to emerge because one of the key foundational conditions for our emergence is
being present. This moment is the only time and place we can emerge.

The Law of Emergence

One thing to understand is that there really isn't a 'past'. Any seeming negative experience you
had in the past that wasn't processed isn't happening in the past anymore, it's happening now in
consciousness; all those thoughts, feelings, and vibrations are part of the soil of your soul, the
weeds and creepy crawlies that inhabit it. This is an important awareness, so that you don't put
things in a past that you can never change. In realizing that it's all happening now, you can
actually heal your past and become the person you would have been if it had all worked out. As
you weed your inner garden, pulling things up by their energetic roots which are feeding and
keeping past forms alive you reclaim the power being choked off. By healing the past you
become present, and make more of your life force available to emerge.
There are many ways to process the material that is coming up. Traditional therapy has value, in
that it allows you to become conscious of formerly unconscious beliefs and thought patterns, and
through talking about them, release some of the stored energy charge attached to them. But it's
usually not enough. The problem is that, even if you release much of the emotional energy
around an experience, if you haven't looked at and changed the underlying premise about you
and your life, no deep transformation has taken place.
For the purpose of this course, we'll focus on one process that I call Discovering the Divine
Author's Intent.
We did a version of this exercise in the emergination process, but here you have a chance to go
into it more fully. It's a neurolinguistic programming tool combined with a spiritual practice
that allows you to remove the charge from past events then discover the deeper purpose
what I call the divine author's intent for that event.
If you already have a past event in mind that you know is still having a negative or limiting
impact on you, start with that. If you're not sure, just think about an area in your life where
you're feeling stuck, blocked, or even broken.
Get in a comfortable position and take a moment to become still. Imagine that there is a
timeline that stretches out, from your past to your present, and on into your future. See it in
your mind's eye, and feel yourself hovering above it. Become aware of the limiting belief,
chronic negative emotion, painful past event, or current area you feel stuck. This will be the
area you'll be working on.
Give yourself permission now to float back along the timeline, back to the place where this
event, belief or emotion first occurred. If you only have the current condition where you feel
stuck, just trust that your spirit and unconscious knows exactly what even to go back to. Don't
judge, just trust and let your spirit carry you back to the right time and place.
Now let yourself drop into that timeline, into that experience. See what's happening, where
you are, how old you are, who you're with. Feel the feelings and become aware of the beliefs.
Then rise back above it, and let yourself flow backwards to at least an hour or more before the


Dealing With All Your Dirt

event actually occurred before you ever felt this negative emotion or had this limiting belief.
Now rise high above the timeline, high above all the influences of it, until it's just a tiny dot
below. You're safe now.
Understand that everything which occurs has a larger purpose than what appears on the
surface. But we must consciously choose to see that in order to turn these seeming-negative
areas into positive forces. Now you're going to open yourself to the deeper or higher wisdom
behind this experience. Now you're going to open yourself to the deeper or higher wisdom
behind this experience. As if you were the author of this play, there is a greater purpose for this
experience, one that was meant to prepare, educate, or transform you for your ultimate
One way to think about this is that when an author writes a great story about a character who
becomes a hero or grows in some way, they don't just write a story about a character who goes
in a straight line to the goal it's filled with conflict and challenges, obstacles and seemingenemies. From the character's point of view, these all seem like negative forces, but from the
author's point of view, these are dramatic tools that force the character to dig deeper, let go of
old patterns, and grow in the ways he/she must to become the person necessary to fulfill the
big goal.
Shakespeare said 'all the world's a stage and men and woman are but players.' And he wasn't
far off. This is a divine play happening on Earth Stage, and you are playing a great character in
an epic tale. The key is to not become overly identified with the character and become more
identified with the divine author. That's what we're doing here. So let's continue...
Open your heart and mind, and see yourself floating in space, high above the timeline, as you
ask your higher power or God to reveal to you the deeper purpose behind this event. Whereas
you thought it was about you being victimized by something or someone, maybe it is revealed
that it occurred so you could learn compassion and forgiveness, so you could open your heart
or learn some other chapter to prevent it from happening to others. Be open now to receive.
Even if no words or images come, trust that it is being received. See the light of wisdom in
whatever color it appears -- now flowing down from above, entering into the crown of your
head, filling your whole body with the higher truth, the empowering, renewing energy of your
spirit. Feel it soaking every cell of your being, every crevice of your consciousness. See it and feel
Now notice that it's pushing out all the negative emotion, beliefs, and toxic energy related to
this event. Maybe it's black smoke or dust. Just see all of the psychic debris of this event being
cleansed from your whole being, scattering back out to space, dissolved back into the
nothingness from which it came. Your whole body is luminous with this energy flooding you.
Now pour this positive energy -- this energy of the true meaning of this event -- back into that
scene below. See it saturating everyone and everything, blessing the whole event with this


The Law of Emergence

newfound wisdom and energy. Then look up and notice how your whole timeline is changing,
being re-shaped, becoming more vital, more colorful, as the meaning of this event shifts and requalifies your whole life story.
Start slowly moving forward on your timeline, allowing every other moment that this event
was connected to, to pop up, then splash it with this color and energy, re-coding it with the
new truth you are now holding about your life. Feel the alchemy inside you, and see it
continuing to transform your timeline. Maybe you even notice new events branching off in the
future, new possibilities that never existed suddenly becoming available.
Now float past the present moment into your future, a month, two month, six months, let your
intuition guide you, drop back down into your timeline, and look around. What does your life
look and feel like now? If you were dealing with an area you felt stuck, how does that look and
feel now? If you still see and feel negative or limiting images, emotions, or thoughts, rise back
above the timeline, ask your spirit or unconscious to take you back to the event where this
limiting belief, emotion, or decision about life first occurred...and repeat the re-framing
You should notice a reduction in the charge as you move forward and even start to see new
events and new possibilities emerging in your timeline, as you unleash this new energy and
begin living the story you really came here for. If not, that's okay. There may be deeper work to
be done. Just know that all the work you are doing is making a difference, but sometimes it
doesn't happen right away. Keep moving through these processes and repeat them as often as
you want.
When you are complete with this, allow yourself to drop down into the present moment again.
Take a moment to reflect on your experience, to give thanks for it all, and then return fully to
your body and your room. Journal about what came up for you. Then pay attention to any
emerging insights, emotions, or experiences that occur during the next several days and how
they might be connected to this inner work.

If You Don't Heal the Present, You Can't Have a Future

The future is happening now. The overall quality and vibration of the content of your
consciousness in this moment is the substance of what you call your future. All the 'future' is, is
the continuous unfoldment of an infinite now. So the only place you can prepare the soil of your
soul for emergence, or prevent it from becoming filled with weeds, is in the now. You must
become vigilante, the Sentry posted at the door of your consciousness (or the gate of your inner
garden, if you will), not allowing anything into your consciousness that doesn't nourish its
healthy growth.


Dealing With All Your Dirt

One practice that helps cultivate the inner conditions for your emergence and maintain the
healthy conditions that you've cultivated is dealing with issues as they come up in the moment.
If there is a traumatic experience, a hurt, an offense, don't put it off until later to deal with it (by
later, I mean days, weeks, or longer. If you need to wait until you get home or get off work, that's
okay). Even if you can't deal with it externally in this moment, you can always deal with it
internally through prayer, affirmations, and where you choose to put your attention.
In other words, when the event happens, you can choose to remain open and soft around it, rather
than constrict around it. You can observe your feelings, feel them fully, and embrace yourself
and even the others involved. In this way, you keep the field clean of accumulating debris. When
you put the healing moment off, you leave the field open for negative emotions, beliefs, and
energetic patterns to take root and begin creating conditions that are contrary to what you need
for your emergence.
Another way you must remain vigilant in the moment is guarding
against past patterns of thought taking over. This requires you to
remain present and aware of the general movement of your
thoughts and feelings. If you start to notice your body tensing up,
that's a warning to become alert to what you're thinking and
feeling about what's happening. Lurking beneath the surface is
some limiting belief pattern asserting itself. You don't have to
fight it or resist it; just becoming conscious of it and shining the
light of your awareness on it will begin to dissolve it. These
weeds of thought can't thrive in the presence of your light.

Lurking beneath
the surface is
some limiting
belief pattern
asserting itself.

When we go unconscious or avoid dealing with new painful experiences as they arise, old
patterns take deeper root and new patterns plant their seeds all of which leads to a repetition of
our past and present limitation. Then we get frustrated, think we're failing or this process isn't
working, react to these feelings and experiences and dig even deeper trenches in thought where
even more seeds of lack and limitation are sown. And before we know it, our beautiful garden
where the seed of our potential were starting to grow becomes overrun with weeds and bugs,
killing the new life that was taking hold.
I'm not saying this to scare you, just to convey the importance of remaining alert and aware, and
to help you realize that your job now is the cultivation and maintenance of this inner sanctuary
that is your consciousness. This is the fertile ground upon which the Law of Emergence grows.
Doing this work prevents you from getting stuck in that proverbial Groundhog Day, living the
same year over and over (or the same day), and ensures that something new will emerge and
your future 'now' will be a fresh and vital expression of your infinite potential.


The Law of Emergence

Don't Just Do Something, Sit There

As you go deeper in your healing and soul-cultivating work, there will come a time when you
feel restless and want to start 'making things happen' -- but you must have the patience and
courage to let the emerging ideas cook. It's like the caterpillar in the chrysalis. At some point,
after it sheds its old skin and identity, its body liquefies in the cocoon. This is a necessary stage,
because it is from this liquid state that the new butterfly is formed. If at this point, however, the
caterpillar tried to leave its cocoon, not only would it be unable to fly, it would die. So instead of
telling yourself, 'don't just sit there, do something,' the command at this stage is 'don't just do
something, sit there!'

Basic meditation
is a foundation
for becoming still
and observing
these inner
anxious impulses

There are many practices to facilitate this. Basic meditation is a

foundation for becoming still and observing these inner anxious
impulses. As you do this, you unplug from them, dis-identify
from the false self that thinks its in control, and tap into that
peace that passes human understanding. If you're really
courageous, I even encourage you to 'take a well-being day' when
you are feeling particularly 'in the world'. This is where you clear
your schedule and just spend the day in meditation and
contemplation. Going into nature is always a great way to
reconnect to that inner stillness and the natural rhythms. But if
that's not possible, you can make your home or office space a
sanctuary for the day.

One version of this practice I have done many times is to sit in my office and meditate, and if
something bubbles up from deep within, from a place of peace or inspiration -- like an idea or
phone call -- I'll do just that one thing then return to meditation. If another thing bubbles up, I'll
do just that and return to meditation. All day long. If I feel the anxious thoughts coming up, I'll
just observe them until they lose their pull on me. Every time I've done this practice, within a
short time, new opportunities, inspiration, greater creativity and productivity has unfolded. Give
it a try to whatever extent you are able.


Part 3

The Roots

Chapter 7

The Fruits are in the Roots

The Role of Planning
The Beginning is the most important part of the work,
-- Plato
The Pitfalls of Planning
When talking about planning, it's common to hear things like
'know where you're going before you begin' or 'begin with the end
in mind'. Sound advice on the surface. And practical enough once
you've discovered what the 'end in mind' really is. The problem
with traditional planning is that, like visualization, it often comes
from our limited mindset and historical perspective. We plan
based on what we think we want and how we think it must be
done. But the 'who' doing the planning is not the same person who
will be here when the vision unfolds.

The problem
with planning
is that it often
comes from
our limited

It's like the caterpillar planning for its future from 'caterpillar
consciousness', when it will actually be a butterfly living in a whole
new world of possibilities. It's difficult to plan for a life we can't imagine. We might imagine the
superficial picture of it, but the internal picture is outside of our known self. Like a butterfly, our
future self will see the world from a higher vantage point, which will color what we want, how
we move forward, and where we land.

The Role of Planning

Don't Make It Happen, Make It Welcome

This doesn't mean we can't start with an 'end in mind'. But the end is the vision we tap deep
within, below the surface tension of our ego's story; that inner feeling tone that doesn't have a
picture attached yet, or if it does, we're not attached to the picture because we know it will
most likely change. This deep conviction and connection to our spirit is the real 'end in mind';
this is the root that already contains the fruit. When we're aligned with that before we begin
and plan from that depth of being we arrive at our destination before we take the first step.
If you've been working through these chapters, you've already begun the important inner process
of 'making it welcome' the 'It' being your vision or greater potential. You may have found that
spontaneous ideas and strategies for achieving the vision have begun to emerge; new ways to
approach that old problem, new techniques for reaching your goals. You didn't necessarily plan
for this, it just unfolded and you found yourself doing the necessary things to get it done. You
might even have found that other aspects of your life harmonized around these new goals, as if
some higher manager was orchestrating things.
Even if you haven't yet experienced this, this is the way it really
works. The plan is already there or to be more precise, the
'pattern'. In truth there is no 'plan' in Universal Mind, because
Nature doesn't
there is no time or space there's nothing to 'get to' and no time
plan for anything,
to get there. It's already happening right here, right now. But as it
it just unfolds
unfolds in time and space, it takes the form of plans, goals, and
actions. The key is that as you get clearer, as you get your
'bloated sense of nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits',
and as you cultivate the right inner conditions for your emergence, this pattern organically
unfolds. Just like nature. Nature doesn't plan for anything, it just unfolds. We can do the same
when we create the welcome conditions for it.
Grow With the Flow
This doesn't mean we shouldn't have traditional plans. Planning is an important tool, and it is
often necessary to master the art of planning before we can let go and live spontaneously.
Learning to set goals, make choices that become a plan, and develop the discipline to execute it
are important inner structures to build. It helps us root out the pockets of laziness and resistance
to doing the work we must do. It allows us to release the excuse of 'emotional reasoning', where
we think that just because we don't 'feel like' doing something, that's a good reason not to do it!
And it allows us to let go of the self-centered limits of comfort and convenience. When you have
a plan and execute it -- whether it's comfortable or convenient -- it makes you more self-empty,
available for something bigger than you to emerge.

The Law of Emergence

Planning also allows us to structure our life in such a way that we guarantee we have the time to
focus on what's most important on cultivating our inner life, spending time with our loved
ones, investing in our mental, emotional, physical well-being, and doing our most meaningful
work. Having a plan helps us stay congruent and in integrity with our highest vision of life,
regardless of where we are in consciousness or what's happening in the world. Of course things
will still happen that take us off our plan and sometimes they are divinely appointed but
despite what their nature, having that 'flight plan' will allow us to easily return back to our path.
Effortless Action
There have been a lot of questions and confusion around the role of action in manifestation,
especially with The Secret. To some people, it sounded as if the only thing you had to do was
picture something inside strong enough, believe in it powerfully
enough, and your dream life would arrive on your front door. This
upset a lot of people, particularly those who were very rooted in
Nothing moves
the Western mindset that nothing gets done without someone
going out and doing it. While there is some truth to this, which
until consciousness
we'll talk about in a moment, this is also a fundamentally flawed
perspective. Remember consciousness is primary. Nothing moves
until consciousness moves. Move your hand right now. Then ask,
What moved, your hand or your mind?
As we touched upon in an earlier chapter, the appearance is that it was your hand that moved, but
this is an illusion. It was your mind that moved with an impulse of thought, which sent a cascade
of chemical and electrical responses down your spinal cord and through your body with a
message targeted for the muscles in your hand -- Move! If you take mind out of it, the hand is
nothing but inert matter. And if consciousness is taken out long enough, the hand can't even hold
its form and dissolves back into dust, into atoms, into energy. This is true for every process in
your body and, by extension, everything that the body can do in the world. When you follow this
line of reasoning, you will discover that nothing is moving 'out there' except consciousness.
So where is 'action' in all of this? Is the action you must take really about the physical actions? Is
that really where we need to focus? Or is it the actions of the mind -- the consciousness -- that we
need to give primacy to? Clearly, it's the latter. And this distinction or lack of distinction is at
the heart of many self-created problems. We keep trying to change the world 'out there' while
remaining the same 'in here.' We keep taking physical action, while our consciousness is taking
actions all its own and consciousness always wins out. There's a metaphysical axiom that sums
this up: 'To he who is right in mind, he can do all the wrong things and it will still turn out right;
but to he who is wrong in mind, he can do all the right things and it will still turn out wrong.'


The Role of Planning

Haven't you ever known someone or been that someone who did all the 'right' things, took all
the 'right' actions, and it still didn't work? Or the converse, where you or someone you knew
totally screwed up, blew that audition or big proposal or said the wrong things and it still
worked out? If it's all about action, how is this possible? It's possible because it's all about action
but it's the action of the mind or consciousness, not the body, that determines the outcomes. A
true and full realization of this idea alone would radically transform anyone's life and
ultimately the world. This really is a big one. Contemplate it.
So where does action fit in? When you have a shift in consciousness, because all form is
consciousness expressed, that new consciousness will compel you into right action it will
literally clothe itself in new action and ultimately new form. It's Law, it can't be otherwise. The
only way it doesn't happen is if the urge to act arises spontaneously and you resist it. That's the
key. There is always a movement, an urge to emerge, but we often block, deny, or delay it. Then
we go out and try to take a bunch of actions that aren't backed by any authentic movement in
consciousness and wonder why things aren't working out! It's crazy, but it's human nature.
Its key to remain alert about what movement of action is trying to emerge as you do this work?
If it unfolds as a plan, great. But sometimes it will unfold as spontaneous right-action urging
you to go somewhere you havent scheduled, speak up when you normally wouldnt, or even do
something that goes against your plan. Odds are youve had those moments when you felt
inexplicably pulled you in a certain direction, and odds are you made up an excuse for why you
couldnt or wouldn't do it! When you increase your connection to this inner vision or emerging
impulse, you will be given your marching orders more and more in this way sometimes from a
place beyond reason and logic. And when you obey these inner directions, they have a tendency
to accelerate your progress and even lead to quantum leaps.
This doesn't mean you only take actions when you're inspired.
Quite the opposite. When you have that flash of insight, that
This doesn't
compelling vision, and get that inner click that tells you who you
mean you only
are and what youre meant to do, that is a command from your
soul to get busy. And when you create a plan of action from that
take actions
consciousness, there is real power in that plan waiting to be
when you're
released. It then has nothing to do with your emotional state. If
youve received guidance to start eating differently and going to
the gym, and have mapped out a plan to fulfill that then you
must follow it whether you feel like it or not. Don't wait for
inspiration or energy that sometimes doesn't come until after you step out and take the actions.
You also can't wait for the outer conditions to be conducive to your actions. If you get the vision
that you're a singer, you can't wait for people to validate your talent before you act on it.

The Law of Emergence

You must step into the vision first then the results follow. Remember, you are the source of
everything in your life, not something or someone out there. That's why waiting for things to
change out there will have you waiting forever. All the good you're looking for is locked up in
your consciousness, and stepping out on your vision and acting 'as
if' is one way to open that channel and pour your good into your
experience. It's about shifting the flow.
It's like the scene in Indiana Jones, where he must cross a chasm
that will supposedly support him if he takes the leap of faith. The
guidebook says theres a bridge, but he can't see it. The only way
to know if its real is to step out onto it and risk falling to his
death. He tries to put his foot out and test the air, but only when
he commits fully to it does his foot hit the bridge that was there
all along, camouflaged by the scenery. Action can play a similar
role in your life.

You must step

into the vision
first then
the results

As you catch the inner vision, you are called to take outer 'symbolic' action that opens up a way
for the invisible substance to take visible form, and simultaneously strengthens your faith muscle
to begin living more by insight than eyesight. When you are able to stand on the solid ground of
your inner vision, regardless of outer conditions, you are not only free, you become a greater
vessel for transforming wisdom and unprecedented transformation; you become an individual on
the emerging edge of evolution.
Quantum Planning
Make some time now to create a plan, based on what has been revealed in your emergination
work. Maybe you only see a little bit of it, maybe you're only clear about one goal, or maybe
you're only clear about your inner goals and not any outer ones. That's fine. Start there.
Now taking whatever goals you have, reverse engineer them so that you can come up with some
component actions to take. In other words, if the goal is to write a book, what has to happen
before that? You need to have the outline for the book perhaps. And before that? You need to
write the outline, which requires a writing schedule. And before that? Maybe you need to
research the subject or at least come up with the idea for the book. Get the picture?
If it's an inner goal, like attaining more peace, it might be a meditation practice, a book you want
to read about it, a class you want to go to, some activities that make you feel more peaceful, or
letting go of certain things that take you out of your peace. All of this can be planned and put in
your schedule.


The Role of Planning

If you feel inspired, you can even give dates for completion of certain things. Since it's already
done in Reality, it doesn't have to take a long time to achieve. It might take longer than expected,
but depending on your level of consciousness, you could get a divine assist that allows you to
make a quantum leap. Just remain aware of your intuitive response.
If setting a particular time makes you feel tense and overly anxious, it's probably too ambitious.
If it makes you feel excited about the adventure of it, that might be a clue that youre ready to
expand to that new level. In general, I lean on the side of balance. I always tell people to plan as
if they are doing all the work, but live as if God is. So you're not waiting for a miracle, but
youre living in the context that anything is possible, that your life could even defy the laws of
nature if that was necessary to fulfill your destiny you just can't plan for that.
Going through a whole planning workshop is beyond the scope of this course. You can read
about planning in my previous book, 'There's No Business Like Soul Business'. Even if you're
not in the entertainment or media business, that section can be used to create a plan that is rooted
in your deep vision and values. But always remember that this plan is just a working document.
It's not written in stone.
You are conditioning yourself to live more by revelation than a plan. That isn't an excuse to
chuck the plan just because you feel a 'whim' to do something else. But it does mean that the plan
is adaptable to your ever-expanding sense of self and mission. As new insights and visions
emerge, the plan could change sometimes radically. Remain open and flexible.
If you are open to doing more work on you plan, you can use the timeline meditation exercise to
clear obstacles to your goals, and plant your goals directly into your neurology and nonconscious mind. Heres a brief guide on how to do it:
Clearing the obstacles to your goals:
You can use the previous guided timeline exercise where you released limited feelings,
beliefs, and decisions, only now you will be doing it directly related to your goal. To do
this, take a few moments to get into a quiet, still inner place. See yourself floating
above your timeline. Imagine your goal as already done or just think about it, then ask
the question: What limiting beliefs, emotions, or decisions do I have to release to
fulfill this goal? Allow insight to emerge. If nothing comes up, thats okay.

Next, allow your non-conscious mind to pull you back along your timeline to the
moment where you first felt this limited emotion, made this limited decision, or felt
this negative emotion. Drop down into the timeline, see it, feel it, then rise back up
again to that place high above the timeline where you can access your innate wisdom.


The Law of Emergence

Clearing the obstacles to your goals: (cont.)
Do the process already described in earlier chapters, where you open up to the true
meaning of this event, receive the wisdom as light energy, see it pushing out all the
negative or toxic energy, splash the event with it, the move forward on the timeline
and splash this new energy on all other related events that pop up.

As you reach the present, imagine seeing the goal fully realized on a screen in front of
you. Step into it and experience yourself living that goal. Feel it, sense it. Then step
back out and be an observer, watching the picture of yourself with that realized goal.
Heighten the images, sound, or movement in the picture to make it come even more
to life. Then breathe three deep breathes into the picture, infusing it with your spirit.

Holding the picture, move forward to the date on the timeline that you have decided
to have this goal fulfilled by. When you reach it, drop the picture into the timeline, and
see it unfold as a fully realized event there. Drop down into the event and look around.
Dont control it, just observe what you see, feel, or sense. Does it look the way you
want it to? Do you notice any problems, limitations, or negative thoughts/feelings
coming up?

If the picture isnt what you want it to be, or if negative thoughts/feelings come up,
rise back above the timeline and repeat the process from step 1, allowing yourself to
go back again to some event that contains the seed of the limitation. Do this as often
as you like until you feel the issue is sufficiently cleared and the goal is firmly planted in
your future timeline.

As you complete this, notice how your timeline has changes in color, brightness, width,
depth, or if new avenues have opened up. You can even go further into the future,
beyond your goal, and see how the fulfillment of it has changed more elements of your
life beyond what you could imagine. When you are done playing in this realm, return
to the present moment, drop down into your body, and journal about what you

Following Your Inner GPS: God Positioning System

As we strengthen the inner senses, we take our cue more and more from this invisible realm. We
turn left when the world says turn right and end up exactly where we should be to make an
important contribution or receive vital information that takes our life to a new level. This
becomes our way of living. We fly by the inner instrument panel of our soul instead of the outer
signals of the world. We follow our GPS (God Positioning System). We achieve things beyond
our imagination and grow into the kind of person we admire, respect, and love. And as we
continue to strengthen this ability, our actions become more seamless, less stressful, and
ultimately even effortless. Like a great athlete, we begin living 'in the zone'.


The Role of Planning

This is what I was referring to when I talked about living a spontaneous plan-less life, where you
just find yourself doing what needs to get done without having to think about it. This is how
nature operates, and ultimately this is your true nature. Don't try to force it or be something
you're not. If you can't walk on water, I don't suggest you step off that boat. As you do this work,
at some point it will become clear that you can begin relaxing the planning and living 'not by
might or power, but by grace.' Until then, just keep doing the inner and outer work, being
compassionate with yourself and others, and enjoying the ride.


Chapter 8

The Urge to Emerge

It should have sung, this 'new soul' and not spoken!
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

Something Is Always Seeking to Emerge

There is always something trying to emerge through and as us.
The universe is not static or neutral. It has a plan, a pattern, a Big
Idea, made up of infinitely more ideas -- all seeking willing places
for expression. As we activate our GPS (God Positioning System)
and follow the inner map, we develop a sensitivity to this 'inner
movement'. We are not only guided more effectively than our
rational mind, but awaken to the realization that we live in a
friendly, supportive universe that is totally for us, conspiring for
our freedom and fulfillment at every turn. This chapter is aimed at
helping you gain a greater sense of trust in this naturally emerging

There is only one

expressing and
its nature is

Good Is The Only Thing Emerging

Despite appearances to the contrary, there is only 'good' emerging, because there is only one
Omnipresent Intelligence expressing and Its nature is love. The biblical story of Joseph is used to

The Urge to Emerge

illustrate this. Joseph was rejected by his father, sold into slavery by his brothers, then framed
and sent unjustly to prison. He confronted all manner of trials and tribulations and had every
reason to believe 'life was hard and then you die'. But through it all, he kept his eye single on the
inner vision God had given him in his darkest hour; a vision of hope, possibility, and ultimate
victory. Because of this focus and faith, he found the 'growing edge' in each experience,
developing new talents and abilities, making new alliances, and rising to higher and higher ranks
until he became Pharaoh's right-hand man, and was responsible for saving many lives. In other
words, by keeping his 'eyes on the prize', looking for the good in every experience, and
cultivating the talents and inner qualities that each experience required, he ultimately created the
right conditions for his emergence.
Eventually, he found himself face to face with his brothers again, the original 'evil doers' of the
story. They were understandably afraid, realizing he could order their death. And he had every
reason to hold a grudge. Instead, he forgave them. Man may have meant it for evil, he said.
but God meant it for good. He saw how his whole life had been a conspiracy of good; how
each event had helped him become the man he needed to be to fulfill his destiny. Developing the
vision to see this 'conspiracy of good' and yield to the emerging impulse is a key component of
living the Law of Emergence.
Developing this state of awareness that sees how everything is working together for good
requires practice. It's like attuning your musical ear to be able to hear elements of the music
that you are otherwise unaware of. So take a moment now to look at some outcome in your life
that you consider a blessing. Maybe it's your kids or your mate or your job. Then contemplate
the string of events that led you there. If it's a great relationship, maybe you see how past 'bad'
relationships helped you work out certain issues and learn certain things so that you could
become more compatible with this person. If you trace it back further, maybe you see that
certain painful childhood experiences led you to make decisions that ultimately brought you
here. Maybe your parents had a challenging relationship and it motivated you to do it better or
at least differently.
Or maybe it's some creative or career success. As you trace that back, you might see that
previous failures which you had labeled as 'bad' led you to learn, grow, and gain the
necessary skills and talents to becomes the success you are now. Following it back further,
maybe it was some painful childhood experiences that caused you to withdraw into a rich
creative life that developed into your present talents. Or maybe the painful past caused you to
dig deeper in your soul and search for a greater meaning and purpose to life, which ultimately
led you to this place. If you are willing to look long enough and dig deep enough, you will begin
to see that many of the things you call 'good' today actually grew out of things you called 'bad'
before. This will also help you to see that all the things you are calling 'bad' today are really the
fertilizer for the new growth of tomorrow.


The Law of Emergence

Take time to do this contemplative exercise now. Journal about it. Take time throughout the
week to continue to contemplate this idea and look at the events of your past and present
through these new eyes, looking for the signs of this 'conspiracy of good' in your life!

Emergence and Suffering

Pain is often unavoidable in this life, but suffering usually is. Suffering is caused by our
resistance to what is. Pain without resistance is actually not that painful; it's just energy. If you
could observe it without reaction, you would discover this for yourself. Vipassana meditation is a
practice that builds this. This is a practice where you sit for at
least one hour and watch what's going on in your mind and body.
No matter how painful or uncomfortable, you don't react, you
Pain without
don't move, you just watch. Eventually you come to a place where
resistance is
your body might be in terrible pain, but you are no longer
actually not
identified with it you don't take it personally anymore and it
actually doesn't hurt. This works for mental, emotional, and
that painful;
physical stimulus. Of course, depending on the level of pain, it
it's just energy
gets more and more difficult not to react, it's innate in our body.
But the fundamental principle still applies.
In practicing the Law of Emergence, our suffering is caused by resisting the emerging impulse or
holding onto the old forms that must fall away for the next stage of our evolution. From that
perspective suffering becomes a 'sign' that you might be in resistance to what's trying to emerge.
In that case, it's a time to stop and reflect on what you're thinking and feeling and tune into what
is trying to come through that you may be blocking. You can use the various forms of meditation
and contemplative exercises we've gone through to help you tune into it and work with it.
Our suffering can also be used for greater growth and unfoldment. Instead of suffering in vain,
crises can break down our limited internal structures and open us to expanded possibilities. Just
as certain seeds require a forest fire to crack open their shell and cause germination, our suffering
becomes a sacred fire that burns away the old and makes way for something new to take root. In
the midst of suffering or crisis, our ego is weakened and the potential for evolutionary growth is
great. So if a crisis is happening, don't blow it! Don't go to sleep literally or figuratively. Make
it a priority to work with it, either alone or with somebody else. But don't suppress it, ignore it, or
distract yourself from it.
The Pressure of Unexpressed Good
There is an even darker side to resisting this emerging good, which I would be remiss if I didn't
touch upon. Energy is never destroyed and always seeks expression. When, out of fear, doubt, or

The Urge to Emerge

resentment, we deny these inner impulses to give, serve, love, create, or grow, it causes an inner
pressure that must find an outlet, often in destructive ways, like an earthquake releasing energy
that has built up in the earth's crust. This can break out as a disease in our body, a disaster in our
business, or the breakdown of our relationships ultimately forcing us to surrender, to open our
hearts and minds, and become receptive to our deeper nature. When we resist this emerging
energy as a community or society, it can find expression as a larger crisis or disaster that causes
us to access the love, generosity, kindness, and our more evolved consciousness in order to solve
the problem and bring about an eventual healing. We must allow this impulse of good to express,
individually and collectively, or it will force our evolution.
Again, I don't tell you this from a fearful place, but to motivate you to make this work a priority.
You don't have to be a victim of accidents or tragedy; you don't have to suffer. It is in your power
to grow gracefully into higher consciousness rather than being dragged kicking and screaming
into your next stage of evolution. The choice really is yours. But it requires a sincere intention
and commitment to your emergence, and regular attention to your inner and outer life. If you're
reading this now, and something is stirring in you, then you are ready to take your life to this new
level. Just remember to be gentle. Whatever is happening in your life, there's no judgment or
blame, just learning and practice.
Every Problem Has The Seed of Its Solution
This leads us back to the understanding and grace, really that even when we have resisted,
remained unconscious and created destructive elements in our lives, these problems still contain
the seeds of their solution. No matter how bad it appears, no matter how hard the task before us,
at the very center of the challenge, a greater good is seeking to emerge. Always. Our job
becomes to look beneath the surface of the appearance and discover the deeper idea trying to
express. Then to ask how we must change to be the midwives for the birth of something better.
Take a moment to contemplate what appears to be a problem in your life right now. Close your
eyes and be with that issue. Don't get involved in it, just observe it. Observe how it looks and
feels, and where those feelings are in your body. No judgment, no resistance, no struggle.
You're just watching and witnessing it.
Now ask this event or your higher intelligence (God), what new dimension of your life is trying
to emerge by means of this problem? Be still and listen for a few moments, sensing into the
emerging energy. Then look at the problem and see if you can sense what is emerging beneath
it. Ask again, What's trying to emerge through this problem? What new talents, skills, or
opportunities are being called forth? What old way of thinking or being is it calling for me to let
go of? What idea, quality or new action maybe something I know I've been resisting is it
calling for me to embrace?


The Law of Emergence

Then ask yourself: If I had to live with this problem forever, what qualities would I have to
embody to live in absolute peace, love, and joyous fulfillment? This is an interesting questions
because it leads you to realize that you can be peaceful and joyful regardless of circumstances
Take time to journal about your answers and insights. If specific qualities or guidance came up,
commit to taking some action toward working with that. If you realized you need to become
more trusting, ask yourself how you can practice that starting today. If you realized you need to
be more loving or giving, ask yourself where there is a call to give or love in your life right now.
Then do it!

Don't Cast Pearls Before Swine

One important but rarely talked about practice on a transformational path is the need to hold
sacred these inner movements and insights. As this energy begins to articulate itself as wisdom,
guidance, and creative ideas, we often get eager to share it with anyone who will listen. But we
must heed the biblical statement: 'Don't cast your pearls before swine.' This doesn't mean people
are pigs. It's an analogy that, just as a pig perceives a pearl as having no more value than garbage
and will trod over it or slurp it down without a thought, a mind not illuminated or not where you
are, will not recognize the value of your insights, and in some cases may be threatened by them.
The result can be the feeling that they are trouncing on your fresh, often fragile, state of
awareness, which can temporarily crush your spirit and hinder your progress. If you have
mentors or close friends you are sure will totally support your new insights and growth, no
matter how crazy they may sound at times, then you can share with them. But if you experience
anything less than total acceptance and support, stop. Keep your inner life sacred and secret. In
time, your consciousness will grow to such an extent that the outward evidence will become too
obvious for anyone to ignore. People will start asking you what you're doing that's making your
life go so well! Then is the time to start sharing what you're learning, because it has matured and
ripened and is ready to be picked and given with the world.


Chapter 9

The Dark Night of the Soil

There is no coming to consciousness without pain
-- Carl Gustav Jung

The Seed Must Die to Fulfill Its Destiny

As our larger life begins to emerge, and we let go of the old forms
and structures mentally, emotionally, and physically we will go
through a dying process. Although we won't actually be dying, it
will sure feel like it sometimes! This happens because the ego
doesn't know the difference between physical and ego death, and
will wail and gnash like its life is at stake. This chapter will touch
upon this experience, helping you understand the basic premise
that, just as the seed must die to become a tree, our old self must
die to become our greater yet-to-be.
This can be a difficult passage, and one we must go through more
than once. But as we evolve, becoming more identified with the
invisible, changeless dimension of ourselves than the physical,
ever-changing form, we resist less and, thankfully, experience less
pain in the process.

Just as the seed

must die to become
a tree,
our old self
must die to become
our greater

The Law of Emergence

The Darkness Is The Light In Potential

As you move through your practice of the Law of Emergence, you will discover that the dark
places in your soul are the light in potential, just as the dark soil is life in potential. Darkness is
not our enemy, it is the rich ground we must cultivate, nourish, and sometimes be planted in
before something new can break through the surface. The more we expose, reconcile, and
redeem the shadowy places within us, the more bountiful our harvest will be when the time for
reaping comes.

Darkness is
not our enemy,
it is the rich
ground we must
cultivate, nourish,
and sometimes be
planted in before
something new
can break
through the

There are certain plants that thrive in rough soil, because it causes
them to dig their roots deeper and grow their trunks thicker; if
they had it too easy, they would not develop the right structures to
survive the environment. Likewise, as I've talked about in
previous chapters, the struggles we encounter make us stronger
and create the conditions for us to become what we must to fulfill
our purpose. Everything is working together for good. But we
need a state of mind that sees it. And then we must have the
courage to work with our so-called darkness the way a gardener
works with the dark soil to cultivate it for planting.
We'll get into this more in a moment, but right now just take a
moment to contemplate some 'dark' aspect of yourself; some part
of you that you think is 'bad' or 'negative' or 'wounded'. You don't
have to figure it out right now, but just observe it with a spacious,
compassionate mind, and remind yourself that right there in the
midst of that seeming-darkness is actually more of your light in

Your Suffering Will Make You Stronger

When we think about individuals who have taken a stand for big ideas in the face of great
resistance, fear, bigotry, prejudice, and seemingly-insurmountable economic, social and political
odds the question naturally arises: How were they able to forge ahead, even in the darkest
nights? Where did they get their strength, their tenacity?
As I've suggested already, we need to begin looking at our life and the various conflicts and
struggles from the point of view of the Divine Author instead of the character we're playing.
When we view our life story primarily from the perspective of the character we're playing, the
obstacles and challenges might make us stronger, but they are just as likely to break us down and

The Dark Night of The Soil

make us more bitter, more resentful, angrier, and ultimately exhausted.

When we view it more from the pov of the Divine Author, however, we are now in a position to
use our suffering to make us stronger. We understand that all problems and obstacles are in our
life to help us in some way become more our true self, never less and we are therefore able to
work with them like weights in a cosmic gym! That person betrays us and instead of reacting
with anger and revenge, we recognize it as a call to 'work out' our love, compassion, and
forgiveness muscles. That doesn't mean we condone the behavior, but it does mean we take it
less personally. Then, on the other side of that event, we are larger, more alive, more empowered,
and more equipped to fulfill our greater purpose. We have taken that bit of darkness and
extracted the light from it. That challenge has become an opportunity to further cultivate the
conditions for our greater emergence...and in due time we find that more of us has, indeed
emergence as better, healthier relationships.
Building Your Soul's Stamina
As you continue to operate this way, you will discover that something even more significant is
taking place. As you work with all the seeming-darkness in your life to extract the light from it,
you begin to realize that you are becoming more rooted in Reality, where your Real Self lives,
and taking your cue more from that timeless dimension than the world of ever-changing forms.
You are building 'soul stamina' and sharpening your spiritual senses to see through the darkness
and move with confidence -- based on insight not just eyesight.
This is a foundational state of consciousness that allows you to truly become a visionary in your
life and to weather all the challenges the world throws at you, without letting it take you down.
As Einstein said when he was breaking through the old paradigms of Newtonian Physics and
creating the bridge to Quantum Physics, and people were calling him crazy and imbalanced:
Arrows of hate have been shot at me too; but they never hit me, because somehow they
belonged to another world, with which I have no connection whatsoever.
Your Shadow Will Make You Whole
As we study the dark parts of our soul, we ultimately touch upon the
nature of the shadow. Just as the darkness is light in potential, our
shadow is a dimension of our Self in potential. All so-called negative
shadow qualities (and positive ones) are aspects we have repressed,
rejected, and decided weren't part of us. We start out with our whole
Self for potential expression, but as we develop in this world, we have
experiences that make us decide that we 'are' certain things and are
'not' other things. We might get the message that having a lot of

As we study
the dark parts
of our soul,
we ultimately
touch upon
the nature
of the shadow

The Law of Emergence

money is bad, so we decide we are 'not' a person who has money. We might also experience a
controlling parent and decide we are 'not' controlling. But at the same time we also decide what
we 'are'. So when we choose to be a person without money, we might also choose we 'are' a
person who isn't materialistic. And when we choose to 'not' be controlling, we may also choose
that we 'are' a free-spirit who doesn't believe in structure.
The things we have determined we 'are' become part of our ego, and the things we decide we are
'not' become our shadow. These ego qualities are really just masks to counter the energy of our
shadow. The person who walks around as the 'nice guy' is really wearing that mask to try and
hold back the shadow quality of being the 'bad guy', which he has decided is negative and 'not'
him. But because energy is never destroyed, these shadow qualities always express either in
destructive, self-sabotaging ways or by attracting people and situations that reflect them back to
us. And all of this creates inner conditions that keep us stuck in our old ways and identities,
rather than creating the conditions for our whole and authentic self to emerge. So our work now
is to embrace, reconcile, and re-integrate these energies so that they become new strengths,
talents, and allies, further cultivating the soil of our soul for our next stage of growth and
There are many practices for working with your shadow, and doing full justice to it is beyond
the scope of this course. (Debbie Ford and her books and workshops are some of the best in
this area.) I include it as part of the Law of Emergence because reconciling our shadow energy
removes much of the resistance to our emergence, as well as freeing up the energy that we'll
need to sustain our growth.
So let's take a moment to work with your shadow in a guided meditation. Start with an area in
your life where you are wanting to grow or where you feel stuck. Become aware of the way you
normally react to this situation; what do you think, feel, and how do you respond. If it's an area
you are stuck in, does it make you feel like a victim, a failure, hopeless, afraid, broken,
unlovable? If it's an area where you want to grow, does it make you feel impotent, untalented,
unworthy, scared?
Now widen your awareness as you ask yourself, Where else do I feel this strong quality?
Notice if it's chronic, a habitual thought or emotional pattern in your life. In other words, do
you notice that you feel like a victim in a lot of areas, or that a sense of unworthiness pervades
your life, like this low-level tolerated misery that only becomes acute when you step out of your
comfort zone or have a crisis. Maybe you notice you are a chronic blamer or complainer or
On the other hand, maybe you notice that you are the 'good girl', 'the eternal optimist', the
'giver', the 'loyal friend', etc. And yet despite all these seeming 'good' qualities and actions, you
don't seem to get yours in return. No matter how much you give, you always seem to be on the
short end of the stick, and no matter how much you act like the 'good' girl or boy, people still
take advantage of you or lash out at you. Does any of this sound familiar?


The Dark Night of The Soil

Now understand that behind these chronic qualities, there is an opposite quality trying to
emerge and be reconciled. If it's a mask like 'the good girl', there is an energy of the 'bad girl'
that needs to be embraced and re-integrated. And the negative experiences you're
experiencing from others when you act like the good girl is the energy of your bad girl being
reflected back at you because it's all one. Likewise, if your mask is the skeptic, then
underneath that is the optimist wanting to be recognized and reconciled, which you probably
rejected early on because certain experiences of loss made it was too painful to have hope or
believe again. So the creation of the skeptic mask was a defense or coping mechanism meant to
protect you.
All of this helps you to begin releasing the charge on the quality and embracing it as part of
your life. Then you can ask it what it needs to become more integrated in you and not be a
negative quality that you are always trying to avoid. Maybe it tells you that you need to become
more responsible with your finances, start a savings, or become more discerning about what
you spend money on. In this way, it becomes your teacher now, guiding and directing you to
embody the other side of your strengths, making you someone who can consciously be
generous and spontaneous, while also being a good steward of the resources you've been
given, making the most of them.
Again, this is a very in-depth process. But this is a good start. Work with this on a few of your
issues and see what new insights begin to bubble up. Also notice how you start to respond
differently to circumstances where these qualities used to push your buttons. And don't be
surprised if healings, talents, and new opportunities start to unfold in your life. Just remember
that these aren't things coming from 'out there', they are greater dimensions of your larger Self
that you have now developed the inner condition for them to emerge in your larger field of

Self Love Is Your Greatest Strength

Our capacity to love ourselves, no matter what, is the water and sunlight that nourishes and
sustains the seed of our potential. You can have the best soil in the land and the best seed -- but if
you don't have self-love, when the sun shines, it will burn up the seed and turn the soil from a
fertile landscape to a barren wasteland. If you do nothing else, develop
a practice of loving yourself.

Stand in front
of the mirror
and tell yourself
you love yourself,
no matter how
awkward it feels...

Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself, no
matter how awkward it feels, until you start to feel comfortable in that
vibration. Embrace yourself throughout the day and remind yourself
what's good about you and that you'll always love yourself and be
there for yourself no matter what. And in times when you stumble or
fall, wrap your inner arms or outer arms around yourself and
parent yourself the way you would parent a child in that situation.

The Law of Emergence

I know this might sound very airy-fairy or sappy, but just know that all that self-talk is the ego
trying to prevent you from changing because it knows that love is the most powerful force in
the universe, and when it is unleashed there is nothing that can stand against it. It will sweep
away everything that is unloving, shine away all the darkness, dissolve all limitation, and
transform any situation into its greatest potential. In the truest sense, love is not just the most
important practice in cultivating our soul, it is the very ground of our being.

In the truest sense, love is not just

the most important practice
in cultivating our soul,
it is the very ground
of our being.


Part 4

The Fruits

Chapter 10

Staying Rooted As You Rise

I want to cultivate the seed placed in me until the last small twig has grown,
-- Kathe Kollwitz

Living From the Soil Not the Surface

As we practice the law of emergence and our life begins to
blossom, there is a temptation to become overly focused on the
fruits and lose sight of the roots from which they come. This is
where even the mighty fall. When the love of our life finally
shows up or that great new job or big paycheck, it's easy to think
we 'got it going on', we've 'arrived'. We should enjoy the fruits of
our labors, but we must remember they are the 'effect' of our
good, not the source or cause. When we forget this, we fall back
asleep to the illusion of materiality, and lose our emerging edge.
This chapter is about learning to live from the depths of the soil,
rather than the surface.

We should enjoy
the fruits of our
labors, but we must
remember they are
the 'effect' of our
not the source
or cause

Judge Not By Appearances

The first principle of this practice is 'don't judge by appearances.' As discussed in the chapter

Staying Rooted As You Rise

about darkness, we can't judge our progress, our deeper nature, or our next action by outer crises
or bad conditions. Likewise, we must not judge our life by the 'good' conditions or successes
either. They are two sides of the same coin of duality, two temptations to identify with form, with
ego, and become separated from the underlying unity that holds everything together and out of
which everything comes.
The parable of the farmer and his son illustrates the illusion and relativity of seemingly good and
bad appearances:
In brief, the farmer's son was training their horse when it broke out of the stable and ran away. A
neighbor commented that it was a bad thing this happened. The farmer responded, Maybe so,
maybe not. A day later, the horse came back to the stable, leading a pack of wild stallions. The
neighbor thought this was a great thing, a blessing upon the farmer. The farmer again said,
Maybe so, maybe not. The following day, while the son was breaking a horse, he fell off and
broke his leg.

No single event
is either
good or bad
in itself

The nosy neighbor opined that this was a terrible turn, that maybe the
man had bad fortune after all. Maybe so, maybe not, was again the
farmer's retort. The following week, the military came to recruit
young men for a battle that had broken out. But because of his broken
leg, the farmer's son was spared. No men from that town survived the
battle It's a miracle, the neighbor proclaimed. Truly you are
blessed by God. And we all know what the farmer said, Maybe so,
maybe not. And on and on the story goes.

Life is infinitely unfolding. No single event is either good or bad in itself. To judge it as either is
to become trapped by the relative conditions and thwart our continued progress. This is also
behind Chaos Theory. Even the most chaotic event, if you could step back far enough, or see it
from a different perspective, would reveal an inherent order.
In the absolute sense of things, there is only Good going on
everywhere the All-Good (also called God or Love), even in the
midst of apparent chaos. So if you're going to judge appearances,
calling everything good in the absolute sense is the only judgment
that will serve you in cultivating the emergent conditions. Any other
judgment will keep you stuck, and make your life a self-fulfilling


Any other
judgment will
keep you stuck,
and make your
life a

The Law of Emergence

Take a moment to close your eyes and become aware of a situation that is a source of stress
and struggle. Just look at it and breathe. As you do, notice what youre feeling in your body,
and where. Again, just witness it, dont do anything about it. Now notice what youre thinking
about this situation or person. Pay particular attention to the inner thoughts that think it
should be different and want to change it.
Now take one specific strong thought you have about this situation. For example, if its a
relationship, you might be thinking: They shouldnt be doing that! or This shouldnt be
happening! Then ask yourself if that is true. Is it absolutely true that they shouldnt be doing
this? Can you be 100% certain that this shouldnt be happening? You may wish it were true, but
can you be 100% certain that its true? Odds are you cant, especially based on what you now
know about how the universe creates events that conspire for our growth.
Now ask yourself, How would I feel if I couldnt think this thought about what should or
shouldnt be? Notice how without your ability to judge this experience as bad, you dont feel
as bad about it anymore, maybe you even sense a degree of peace. This is your real nature. The
truth is, no experience has any inherent human meaning, only a divine meaning and that is
always for the highest good of all. You have the ability to choose the meaning you assign to it,
or to relinquish all human judgment and open up to the divine meaning.
The fact is hat what is happening is exactly what should be happening, because thats whats
happening! That doesnt mean that it wont change, or that you wont ultimately take some
action around it, but if you take action from judgment, you carry that judgment into the next
moment of creation and perpetuate more of what youre trying to change. That judgment
becomes the conditions you fertilize the soil of your consciousness with -- so you dont want to
take any of that into the next moment of growth and unfoldment.
You can also try this on a positive experience and notice how even your good beliefs about the
event are just that beliefs. Theyre not necessarily the truth, theyre just the meaning youve
assigned to it. This can be okay if your thinking is progressive and expansive around the issue,
but if your good thoughts about a situation also contain a desire to hold onto it and keep it the
same and never let it change the good judgments can become just as limiting as the bad
The key learning here is that your whole life experience is made up of your thoughts about it
the story you have created. The events are neither good or bad in the human sense although
they are all-good in the absolute sense, in the larger cosmic plan. As you let go of this story, you
discover that who you are without your story is already a peaceful, joyful, fulfilled being. And as
this realization grows in you, you regain the power that was given you in the beginning to have
dominion over all things of the earth.

Be In the World, Not of It

This brings us to the next stage of evolution: to 'be in the world but not of it.' As the practice of
non-judgment grows and we become more identified with the invisible dimension of our being,
were called to relinquish our grip on many material concepts of life. This includes cherished

Staying Rooted As You Rise

ideas and identities we cling to, ones that we believe are so important to our happiness and
Identification with forms, including the mental forms of mind, limits our ability to express from
the realm of pure potential, where unbounded joy and unrealized genius reside. It slowly
imprisons us to precedents, personalities, and preferences, where we become conformed to the
world and lose our true creative power.
On the other hand, you must not lose your connection to 'this world, go the way of the ascetic
and live in a cave (unless thats truly your purpose). As we become more connected to this inner
dimension, this becomes a real temptation. Why spend time in a chaotic world, dealing with
traffic, politics, bills, and more traffic -- when you can rest in this inner peace and bliss?
But we must come down off the mountain top into the valley of everyday experience and imbue
it with our light; becoming active citizens, voting, creating, contributing, building new social,
political, and professional structures that carry this higher vibration. This human incarnation is a
gift. We don't want to take it for granted. There are many souls just dying to take our place!
Becoming less 'of' the world is a practice that develops organically on any true spiritual path
that is about real transformation rather than just cosmetic makeover or spiritual materialism.
But there are ways to specifically work on it in areas where you are more 'in the world' than you
would like to be -- those places or people that push your buttons the most, take you off center,
and cause you to give away your power. These are fertile ground for growth.
Pick one now. Something or someone that really angers, scares, or saddens you. Close your eyes
and become centered. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths, then let the breath breathe itself in
and out. Don't control it, just witness it, in and out, allowing your body to relax and let go.
Now allow for this issue or person that pushes your buttons to appear in your mind's eye.
Observe it, look at it from different angles. As with previous meditative exercises, become
aware of what you're thinking and feeling, but to the best of your ability don't react to it. Just
witness, observe, and breathe. If it becomes too intense to look at without getting caught up in
it, bring your attention back to your breath.
When you feel centered again, return to the issue or person and ask why it pushes your buttons
so much. Whats the belief you have about it? For example, if it's a job and youre struggling
with your boss or afraid to speak up, ask why. Whats the worst that could happen? Maybe
you're afraid you'll get fired. And if you get fired, you'll go broke, get evicted, end up on the
street and become a bag person! Take it to its worst case if that's where the feelings lead you.
Once you arrive at the 'worst that could happen', let go of the picture, and ask your higher
consciousness: Whats the spiritual truth behind this fear of loss? Listen and sense into it. For
example, let's say youre afraid of losing your job and going broke, the spiritual truth is that


The Law of Emergence

your boss or job is not your source, the Spirit within you your Real Self is. This is a truth you
can realize and depend on, just as much as you depend on 4+4 always equaling 8. It never equals
7 or 6 or -1. It's a principle, and when you understand it and know how to work it, it always
If nothing comes through clearly, that's okay. Its a process. There are many books, from the
great spiritual texts to more modern ones, that talk about the specific universal principles
behind all modern problems. You might need to serve an apprenticeship under these to fully
understand the 'letter of the law' so to speak.
Suffice it to say, there is one Ultimate Principle that encompasses all of them. In biblical terms:
The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. In quantum physics: There is a unified field of unlimited
potential and you have complete access to it. In basic terms: Everything you could ever want or
need to be all that you were created to be is already in you, embodied in your consciousness,
your True Self, just waiting to be realized, activated, and expressed.
Learning to be 'in the world but not of it' is about learning to lean competely on this invisible
source of supply, power, and intelligence within you so that youre never looking to the world
to get something but, realizing you already have it all, are only looking for where you can give.
Take a moment now to complete this process. If something has come up, some idea that makes
you feel a bit freer in relation to this person or situation, then work with that.
This truth principle or idea becomes your 'assignment' as it relates to this person or situation.
When you find yourself getting pulled into the drama, caught up in 'this world' as it pertains to
this, your work is to bring your attention back to this truth. All I need is within me. My True
Self or God within me is the source of my wealth, work, and employment, not anyone out there.
I work for the universe and I'm fully employed in meaningful work always! This is a form or
affirmative prayer. At first it may not feel true, but over time, as you learn these truths and
repeat them to yourself over and over, you cut a new subjective groove and 'embody' them.
Come up with an affirmation (or use the one above) that puts the power back inside you, in
your spirit, not in the world or in someone else. Write it down 25 times, repeat it 25 times, then
become still and feel into the vibration of it. Soak in it. Then turn over the problem or person to
this higher part of you, release it completely and open yourself to a moment of Grace. Remain
receptive, asking your higher Self to let you see, feel, and become the Truth that makes you free
in this situation. Be still. Listen. Breathe. And let go.
At some point, you might feel a deep breath, a release, or a 'click'. In that moment, your Spirit is
'on the field' and you can complete your meditation. If, after a period of time, it doesn't come,
that's okay. Some powerful seeds have been planted. Give thanks for the work you've done.

Stand For Something or You'll Fall For Anything

From the commitment to be more involved in the world, comes the call to stand for something in
our lives. This doesn't require becoming an activist or revolutionary, but to fully engage the Law

Staying Rooted As You Rise

of Emergence does require that we no longer remain neutral. Looking at the great leaders, artists,
inventors, even great parents, we find people with specific points of view and contributions.
Likewise, as we are touched by this emerging impulse, it has a purpose for us the purpose we
deeply want for ourselves. And with it comes a message, a medium, and a mission. Without this
clear inner foundation to stand on, we will be easily swayed by outer conditions, trends, and the
winds of public opinion. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything!
Having the courage of your convictions is something that grows over time, particularly as you
become more rooted in your authentic Self, realize that It is your true Source, and become less
dependent on anything outside of you for validation or fulfillment. But there ways to accelerate
this process and begin strengthening your ability to stand for a more authentic life that is
congruent with your highest values.
Where in your life are you keeping your mouth shut when there is a strong impulse to speak up?
Where are you feeling an impulse to act in some positive way, but are holding back out of fear
of rejection or other negative consequences? Maybe you have a friend or family member that
speaks badly of other family members, gossips, or makes racist, feminist, or critical remarks of
others. And every time you experience this, you know its not in integrity with your values but
you never say anything about it, or if you do it's very mild and has no consequences.
Ask yourself, If I totally trusted life and knew I was taken care of and supported in living a life
of integrity congruent with my vision, what would I say or do in this circumstance? Then
listen...and obey. It might mean expressing how this isn't okay with you, and how you care
about this person but can't be around them if they continue to talk this way. And if they don't
take this feedback to heart, you follow through and stop hanging out with them.
This isnt a license to be a big mouth, a nag, or some overly-opinionated person who is always
sticking their nose in other peoples business, this is about aligning your thoughts, words, and
actions with the values and vision youre trying to manifest. Otherwise youre not congruent
and the inner conditions for your emergence can't be created or if they are theyll become
Take a moment now to journal about some of these areas. Maybe it's an issue at work, an issue
with your mate, your business partner, your minister, your parents, or a friend. Maybe you have
a strong desire to speak out about a public issue but are afraid of what others will say or that
nobody will listen. Choose one you can begin taking action on, then do it.
An important caveat: Don't forget all the work you've done up to this point on owning full
responsibility for your life and consciousness. The principles you've learned still apply here.
Whatever buttons other people are pushing in you are about you not them. So make sure to
address these inner issues as well, cleaning up your own consciousness before, during, and after
you take action. Also remember there is no judgment involved here.
If someone is acting in an inappropriate way, you don't condemn them; you realize they are


The Law of Emergence

If someone is acting in an inappropriate way, you don't condemn them; you realize they are
stuck in their own shadow and on their own journey. You work in yourself to find compassion
and forgiveness (which comes largely from dealing with your own shadow qualities until this
person has no more charge on you), then you can take the actions out of love, from a place of
power and inspiration. When you do this, your actions are not 'reactions' to external conditions
but powerful responses from your soul, from the emerging energy.
This is different from the typical 'activist' mentality. If youre trying to 'right a wrong' from an
energy of judgment, condemnation, or negative reaction, youre actually giving more power to
the very thing youre trying to correct. What you resist, persists; what you can't be with won't
let you be. When you wage a war on something, anything, you perpetuate the very forces that
created the war.
That's why the 'war of drugs' has created more drug use and proliferation of drug dealers, and
the military industrialized complex has only created non-stop warring around the world.
Definitely take action if that is what is required, but weed out your own garden before you
complain to your neighbor that their yard is an unsightly mess!

From Surviving to Thriving

The 'survival ethic' is as fundamental to our ego as our name, and it served us well in our
developmental stages as a species when we were in constant threat from very real predators who
wanted to eat us at every turn, and warring tribes who were attacking us all the time. But that's
not where we are now (at least not in the industrialized countries). Despite what the politicians,
pharmaceuticals, or the media try to sell us, we really aren't under constant threat. The problem is
that, because of our genetic history and the constant bombardment of bad news, our 'fight or
flight' system is on overdrive and our nervous system has been habitualized toward this energy.
This keeps us stuck in defense mode, unable to fully surrender to the emerging impulse, because
we're always trying to control our environment. And as long as we're in a chronic 'survival'
mode, we will not be able to cultivate the right inner conditions for our full emergence. The
primary principle we need to embrace at this stage is:
The Universe is Friendly, Supportive, and For Me.
Your awareness of this has most likely grown since you've begun this course (if you've been
doing the work). But there is probably still a sense that something or someone out there is 'out to
get you', or that God is some whimsical power that could change up on you and suddenly send
His/Her/Its wrath upon you. There might still be a belief that 'if you want to get something done
you have to do it yourself.' Of course you do need to take action, but this can create a sense that
you're all alone in this, that you're not just doing it yourself, you're doing it ALL yourself.


Staying Rooted As You Rise

This leads to the efforting, struggle, and stress that blocks the natural creative flow of life the
very essence of your emerging power. By the very law of mind, if you believe you're doing it all
yourself and that it's a hard, cold universe out there where everyone is out for themselves that's
what you'll create. And the problem is, humanly you don't have the power to grow to your full
potential. In fact, as a human being you don't have any real power.
Sorry to break it to you, but without the Universal Intelligence assisting you (which is within you
and is the real you), you're impotent. You may be able to move things around, prop things up,
and fake it through some mediocre life, but in order to truly reveal your greatness, it's going to
take something beyond your ego, which is a synonym for survival.
It's time to move from surviving to thriving, to embrace the supportive nature of life and start
living, giving, shining and sharing like all of life is for you. Even if you don't believe it yet, fake
it 'till you make it. Become aware of the places where you're in the strongest survival mode. It
might be at the office, in your marriage, family, or even friendships. It might be around money,
health, or your choice of career. In other words, you might be doing a job to make a living, rather
than living your true purpose, because you're afraid you'll go broke and die if you don't!
Or you may be acting out of integrity in your workplace or relationships because of fear of
rejection or loss. We talked about this in the section on 'standing for something', so you've started
moving in that direction. Now I want to get at a more fundamental realization that you're
supported, that you're not here to survive but to thrive.
Close your eyes and become relaxed. Start with a few deep cleansing breaths, then follow the
breath for a couple minutes. If your mind starts racing or drifting into fantasy, observe it for a
moment, then bring your attention back to the breath. Allow your whole body to relax, just let
it melt into the floor. Now bring to mind one of these areas where you are in high survival
Look at it without judgment or reaction. Observe yourself in survival mode. Notice what it feels
like, where you feel it, and what youre doing. If any critical thoughts come up, just observe
them. Youre not your thoughts, feelings, or even body, youre the pure awareness that it floats
in; youre the clear blue sky and everything else is the clouds and storms that move through it.
Now ask the higher part of you, your spirit: What is my belief in this situation? And listen. If
it's around money, maybe you hear something like: I never have enough, I'm so tired of living
paycheck to paycheck, I'll never get ahead, life is so hard, I'm so afraid I'm going to go broke
and end up on the street as a bag person! (There's that bag person again. He/She comes
around a lot in some people's minds.) Again, just observe. Your observation alone has the
power to begin dissolving these limiting beliefs. Anything that is not a part of the fundamental
harmony of the universe cannot survive for long in the light of your pure awareness.


The Law of Emergence

Now ask this deeper part of yourself or God: What is the higher truth behind this? How does
God see this or me in this? If the universe really supports and loves me, what's the truth here?
And listen. If you have a Christian background, you might hear something like: The earth is the
lord's and the fullness thereof, and all that the Father hath is mine. Or It is God's good
pleasure to give you the kingdom. If you are into new age lingo, you might hear: Let go and
let God, or The universe is pure abundance and so am I. If you have no particular religious
persuasion, you might simply hear: I'm okay. Life will take care of me. It's gotten me this far.
God is good and God loves me. If I have faith, things will work out.
Whatever comes up is okay. Just listen and observe. You might also get a feeling, a sense of
peace or wellbeing, or just a release of tension and anxiety. That might be the way your spirit
speaks to you. It's all good. From this place, say to yourself, in your own words: The universe is
a safe place, a friendly place, a supportive place. I am safe, supportive, and totally taken care of
by life. Repeat this over and over, slowly but with feeling, sensing into its deep meaning and
vibration. If critical thoughts come up, telling you it's not true and you have the proof! -- just
breathe, observe, tell them 'thank you for sharing' and continue.
Once you feel a connection to this affirmation, hold your attention on this vibration. If your
attention gets pulled away by thoughts, feelings, or sensations, observe, and bring it back to
this feeling of universal support. If you have to say the affirmation again, like a mantra, do so.
Then ask: What one action can I take in this area to act 'as if' I am fully supported by the
I remember years ago when I was struggling financially and wanted to make progress in my
career but help seemed elusive. Then my spiritual mentor asked me what I would do if I
believed the universe really supported me. I told him I would take out an ad for my work, which
at the time was like $300 dollars and seemed like all the money in the world. I also said I would
rent an office space. He gave me the marching orders to do it.
So I started moving in that direction, looking for office space and investing in the ad. I was
scared, really scared.
(So if you're waiting to feel comfortable before you act on this guidance, you'll be waiting
forever. It doesn't work that way.) But that first ad got me a client that not only paid for that
ad, but made me thousands more, enough to also rent office space and launch my early
consulting work. I acted like the universe supported me and voila! It did.
A caveat on this: Start with the most immediate need, the most natural next progression. If you
can't swim, don't try to walk on water! If you've never earned more than $10,000 a year, you
probably shouldn't go out and take a loan for a million dollars. First of all, no bank would likely
loan it to you, and anyone who would is not someone you want to be doing business with, at
least not if you value your knee caps. There is an organic unfoldment here. The acorn doesn't
try to become an oak overnight. It first lets go of its shell, then risks breaking through the soil,
then sprouts a tiny shoot. Work with the thing in front of you, and the next step will reveal


Staying Rooted As You Rise

After a few minutes of this process, allow a sense of gratitude to well up. If you can't feel it,
focus on something youre grateful for, at any time in your life, and feel the energy of gratitude.
Then slowly open your eyes. Journal about what came up for you. What limited beliefs were
behind the survival situation, what higher truth is behind that? Track this as you work with this
practice to see how the sense of survival begins to diminish. You can do this with all the areas
you live in survival mode. You can also use other practices we've done, like emergination, which
will allow you to catch the deeper vision of truth in that area and transform it.


Chapter 11

The Emerging Edge

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space
-- Anonymous

As we work with the law of emergence, we eventually reach a

point where we have stabilized our personal sense of life (or at
least the most chronic parts); where the things that plague the
average individual -- the fears, doubts, worries and worldly needs
-- are no longer foremost on our minds. In Maslov's hierarchy of
needs, we're at the top. But this is just the beginning; this is where
the fun really starts. If we are willing, we can begin living a life
bigger than our personality, in service to a grand ideal, and become
an instrument of evolutionary progress on the planet in whatever
arena we operate in.

If we are willing,
we can begin
living a life bigger
than our
in service to
a grand ideal....

At this stage, and in this chapter, you'll be asked to examine what

you believe and do, not from the perspective of whether or not it works
for you personally, but what its impact is on the planet, other people, and future generations. Are
your behaviors, habits, and beliefs a product of the 'evolutionary edge' or artifacts of an old
evolutionary paradigm?

The Emerging Edge

Living on the Evolutionary Edge

One simple example might be around eating meat, which is believed to cause ecological harm to
the planet and suffering to other beings, but is not necessary anymore for our survival. In other
words, we may like it, but most humans no longer need it. And the negative impact it has on the
life of the planet which is a dimension of our larger Self -- may not be in alignment with our
evolutionary stage.
This isn't to advocate vegetarianism (I still occasionally crave a little fish or chicken to ground
me), but to illustrate that there are things we do and believe that are not congruent with where we
are in our spiritual development or where we are as a species evolutionarily-speaking. Another
one is war. While it could be argued that it was a necessity at a certain level of human
development, there are serious questions about whether or not it is anymore and whether it
even works. This includes all wars on drugs, on poverty, in our minds, on our bodies.
Why is this important in living the Law of Emergence? Who youre destined to become, if
youre willing, is revolutionary and unprecedented, and part of the evolutionary edge of the
planet. You and the planet are not separate, it is all one system. So as the larger system evolves,
all of its smaller systems must evolve with it or become obsolete.
And where do obsolete things end up on the scrap heap of history. I don't want you to end up
on any scrap heap, as I'm sure you don't either. Another way to look at it is that you are a whole
system, and as you evolve and become more refined and efficient in your energy use, the ways of
thinking, feeling, and behaving that are less refined and efficient must be transformed or let go of
or they will bog your system down.

You can't watch

hi-def on
an old TV set,
and you can't
catch the
insights using
a low-vibrational

You can't watch hi-def on an old TV set, and you can't catch the hivibrational insights using a low-vibrational mindset. You can't drive a
Ferrari on cheap fuel, at least not for long without damaging it and
you can't drive this hi-performance vehicle called your body on lowgrade food without it breaking down, especially as your vibration
rises and you become a more sensitive instrument. Get the picture?
As the vibration rises on earth, those who are willing to rise with it
will be supported and receive more energy, while those who aren't,
will receive less and less energy, until they don't have enough energy
to support their continued emergence. When you live on the emerging
edge you literally hitch a ride with the great evolutionary power
pulling this whole planet forward and begin growing into your
greater self with more and more ease and grace.

The Law of Emergence

Let's do an exercise now to become more aware of the areas where you are holding onto an old
way of being or doing and hindering your own evolutionary growth. To do this, start as we have
in previous practices by closing your eyes, taking a few cleansing deep breaths, then following
your breath for a few minutes as you let go and sink into your center.
Ask your higher Self where in your life youre holding onto an old way of doing or being that is
holding you back from your next stage of expansion. Be still and listen. Maybe you already
know or think you know. That's okay. Just pose this question again and see what comes up. It
might surprise you. Be willing to be completely honest with yourself.
This is one area where you may not want to know the answer because it may require some
change that is inconvenient, like giving up meat, exercising more, giving up complaining or
gossiping or judging. It might mean giving up defending, trying to prove a point, or it might
mean spending more time alone when you're so used to going out every night or spending
more time in quiet contemplation when you're so used to watching TV at night.
If nothing comes up, ask yourself what area youre most stuck in. Then look at that area and
become aware of your habitual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around the issue. Ask yourself
what aspect of those habits are not congruent with who you want to become or what you
want to achieve. In other words, if it's a relationship issue and youre constantly defending
yourself, maybe you realize that the coping mechanism of 'defending' is out of integrity with
the vision of a harmonious relationship; its an old way of dealing with this problem thats not
evolutionarily advanced enough to get you to where you want to go or grow you into who you
want to become.
As you tune into that mental, emotional, or physical habit youve identified as being outdated
evolutionarily-speaking (at least in terms of your personal evolution), imagine yourself now
floating above your timeline like we've done in previous exercises. Look down and see your
current life and that current situation where you act in this outdated way. Don't judge it. In
fact, allow yourself to appreciate what it has done for you, because it wouldn't be there unless
it served you in some way, most likely in your early developing years.
Now imagine that youve dropped that habit. You've stopped eating meat, defending yourself,
gossiping, or whatever. See yourself down there in the timeline behaving in this new was, as
best you can. If you need to drop down into the scene to get a better look, do so. It might look
or feel awkward, that's okay, it's new. Now rise back above your timeline and start moving
forward. As you do, notice that the timeline seems to be changing in front of you, it's color
becoming more vibrant, it's vibration speeding up perhaps. Maybe there are new possibilities
branching out.
Keep floating forward, a month in the future, two months, six months, a year. Now drop down
into your timeline one year in the future of this new habit. Look around. What do you see? Look
at that situation from before. How is it different? Is it still there or has it evolved into something
unexpected? If it looks worse or other negative images arise, don't worry, it's a sign that some


The Emerging Edge

deeper roots have been triggered. That's good stuff. Rise back up and keep moving forward,
noticing the timeline changing more, two years in the future, three, four, five years...
Drop down into your timeline again and look around. What do you see now? What do you look
like five years into the future of this new habit? Who are you with, what are you doing, what's
different? Again, if something negative appears, don't worry, you're shaking old stuff up. Rise
above it again, and ask yourself the question: What limited belief, decision, or emotion do I
need to release in order to embody this new habit and evolve to my full capacity?
Now allow yourself to fly backwards along the timeline, back to the moment when that limited
belief, decision, or emotion first occurred in your early life. Trust your subconscious to take you
there. When you arrive, drop down into the scene and become aware of who's there, what
you're doing, how you're feeling, and what's happening. Rise up again and repeat the reframing process we've done in earlier exercises
Open your heart and mind and see yourself floating in space, high above this event in the
timeline, as you ask your higher power or God to reveal to you the deeper purpose behind this
event. Whereas you thought it was about you being victimized by something or someone,
maybe its revealed that it occurred so you could learn compassion and forgiveness, so you
could open your heart, or learn some other chapter to prevent it from happening to others. Be
open to receive.
Even if no words or images come, trust that its being received. See the light of wisdom in
whatever color it appears -- flowing down from above, entering into the crown of your head,
filling your whole body with the higher truth, the empowering, renewing energy of your spirit.
Feel it soaking every cell of your being, every crevice of your consciousness. See it and feel it.
Notice that it's pushing out all the negative emotion, beliefs, and toxic energy related to this
event. See all of the psychic debris of this event being cleansed from your whole being,
scattering back out to space, dissolved back into the nothingness from which it came. Your
whole body is luminous with this energy that is flooding you.
Now pour this positive energy, this energy of the true meaning of this event, back into that
scene below. See it saturating everyone and everything, blessing the whole event with this
newfound wisdom and energy. Then look up and notice how your whole timeline is changing
again, being re-shaped, becoming more vital, more colorful, as the meaning of this event shifts
and re-qualifies your whole life.
Now start slowly moving forward on your timeline, allowing every other moment that this
event was connected to, to pop up, then splash it with this color and energy, re-coding it with
the new truth you are now holding about your life. Feel the alchemy inside you, and see it
continuing to transform your timeline. Maybe you even notice new events branching off in the
future, new possibilities that never existed suddenly becoming available.


The Law of Emergence

Move forward to a month past the current time, drop down into the scene, and look at this
current issue again (the evolutionarily-limited mental, emotional, or physical behavior). What
does this situation look like now? Are you still using this old habit or has it been replaced? Rise
up and move forward again six months, and drop back down. How do you look now? How does
this situation look? What about the rest of your life? Rise up, move forward five years, and drop
back down again. You know the drill. What's changed, how are you and your life different?
If it feels expanded and seems to be growing well, rise up, float back to present, drop into the
current moment, and complete this exercise by giving thanks for the insights and
transformation. If you still see signs of negativity or limitation, rise back up, ask what limited
decision, emotion, or belief you need to release to totally heal this and evolve...then repeat the
previous re-framing process. You can do this a few more times, moving backwards and
forwards. Then return to the present moment, give thanks for all the rich work you've done,
and open your eyes.
Now that you've made this inner movement and begun to literally re-wire your neuropathways
for this change, it's time to put it into action. Make a commitment to make the evolutionary
leap. Release this limited pattern and replace it with something that is more congruent with
who you are becoming. Congratulations! You are living on the evolutionary edge. Feel free to
continue this work in every area that you feel stuck or feel called to make a quantum leap.

Becoming a Visionary
Are you willing to be a visionary? What does it mean to be one? Can you be a visionary parent,
teacher, politician, artist, business person, plumber? The answer is absolutely yes. And the
ramifications are profound. Take a moment to ponder the questions: How does a visionary live?
How does a visionary 'see'?
It's not just about standing on a podium and carrying a bullhorn, it's about 'seeing' things
differently; seeing the invisible and articulating it -- to family, friends, colleagues, or the world.
When Dr. King said he had a dream, he was captured by a real but invisible idea and, through his
words and actions, facilitated its manifestation. Same with Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Oprah,
Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, and Walt Disney. Were all called to do the same, in our own
way. While others are following trends, judging by appearances, and being led like lemmings off
a cliff, a visionary talks about, and aligns their actions with, the higher idea trying to emerge.
This is another level of 'standing for something' and living on the 'evolutionary edge' that takes
you further into your real destiny of greatness. This is where that newfound courage of your
convictions and evolutionarily-advanced habits get put into service of your specific calling. If
you've already caught a strong vision of your life (or family, business, or project) through the

The Emerging Edge

emergination process, you may already be moving in this direction. You can repeat that process
as often as you want, for as many areas of your life as you want. Every time you use it you are
honing your inner faculties to be able to see the invisible and hear the inaudible; you're learning
to see the spiritual universe, the 'world not made with hands.'

The great challenge

of living a
true visionary life
is that it's not
always popular

This is the domain of the true visionary. They may not call it the
spiritual universe, but they are tapping into and seeing the realm of
the unprecedented, the field of unconditional life, the dimension of
infinite potential and unbounded possibilities. More and more, this is
the place you want to live from if you want to maximize your ability
to activate the Law of Emergence and fulfill your true potential
because this is where your True Self lives, and everything you need
to actualize it. But living a life from this place is not for the faint of
heart of the weak of spirit. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, God will
not have His work made manifest by cowards.

The great challenge of living a true visionary life is that it's not always popular. In fact, it's often
quite unpopular with a large part of society (not to mention family, friends, and associates). Why
is that? Because a visionary is always describing something that will require people to change
and human beings by their very nature resist change!
In most institutionalized areas of life, the great visionaries have almost always been labeled
quacks, vilified, usually destroyed, and then later the system realized the value of their idea and
incorporated it into the norms taking credit for it of course. This is because a true vision often
threatens the status quo, makes people uncomfortable, and will require them to let go of a lot of
what they believe to be true for a whole new world of mystery, whether it's a new medical,
political, economical or interpersonal model.
Again, to refer to our trusty acorn, if a visionary acorn was speaking to a group of acorns who
were feeling stuck, unable to grow, she would tell them that they must let go of their shell, that
they must basically die to their familiar identity. And if they could, they would drive that crazy
acorn out of the forest and find an acorn who comforted them in their afflicted state. But a
visionary is not here merely to comfort the afflicted, they are here to afflict the comfortable!
It's like a group of people living in a dark room all their lives and someone has the vision that
there is this thing called 'light' somewhere if they could only tap into it. Now this vision didn't
come from the dark room, it came from somewhere inside them. The others would think they had
lost it, babbling about this thing that nobody can see, feel, touch, or measure with their darkroom instruments. Still this person can't help themselves, they've seen the light!


The Law of Emergence

So they search the room, climbing over people, upsetting the order of things, doing what appears
to be very weird behavior to all those who have become settled in their spots in the room (after
all, in a dark room you can't move too far out of your comfort zone or risk bumping into others,
messing things up, or worse falling off the edge of the known world.)
The visionary might start to feel like an outsider, an outcast, and if they don't have sufficient
inner resolve, they might finally collapse, thinking what a stupid idea this 'light' was. And that
would be the end of that. But if they continue to search, pulled by this inner conviction, they
eventually find a switch and turn it on -- illuminating the room with its light.
Everyone is grateful for this discovery of light and embrace the visionary with open arms,
throwing flowers at their feet and naming a national holiday after them, right? Wrong! The light
hurts their eyes, feels like a terrible disturbance to their familiar world. They cry out, 'Turn that
thing off!' If the visionary persists, they might attack him for bringing this 'light' into their world.
And if they manage to shut it off, and he continues to speak out about its existence, they might
even kill him, or at least shut him up for good, so they can go back to their normal life.
Of course this doesn't have to be your lot. Once you discover that this room full of dark-dwellers
isn't open to your vision of light, having seen a door when the light first went on, you could
choose to venture out of the room, into the world where light-dwellers live, and there spread your
message. You might even get a few who follow you out of the dark room.
To be a visionary, you don't necessarily need to preach to the uninitiated, especially those who
are resistant to your mission. You work is to simply do what you are called to do, to do what's in
front of you, and to do it without resistance to what is. If you are called to end war, you aren't
anti-war, you're pro-peace. You aren't trying to change people, you are just speaking the truth,
shining the light, and letting the chips fall where they may
Journal your insights. If there was some guidance, see if you can put it into practice today.
Take a moment to turn within now and contemplate the vision for your life; where you want to
go, who you want to be with, what you want to achieve, who or what you want to help. Ask
yourself if there's any place you're holding back, ignoring or denying some insight or guidance,
out of fear of being rejected or attacked in some way. Listen. Be willing to hear.
Ask if there is something you need to let go of, something you need to embrace, some way you
need to change to become more available to this visionary guidance? Have the courage to hear
the truth, even if it's a bit scary or overwhelming.
Then take action on what you receive.


The Emerging Edge

The Worlds Not Falling Apart, Its Falling Together
Is the world falling apart or falling together? The unillumined judge by appearances and tell us to
beware, to protect ourselves, to save for a rainy day, prepare for hard times, and 'get them before
they get us' -- fomenting fear, lack, and limitation, which become like weeds that choke off the
life force and corrupt the conditions for true growth and emergence.
The visionary guides us to awaken to our true identity, our divine destiny, and inspires us to
fulfill it. There's a place for constructive criticism and personal boundaries, but when a visionary
includes those, they are in service to a higher vision, not simply to protect the way things are. A
visionary doesn't just see the glass half-full, she sees it completely full -- half liquid and half air!
A visionary also knows that the change starts with them, right where they are living. They know
that if they want to create world peace, they need to create peace in their world. And from that
perspective, there are no small acts, just small perceptions. It's like the story of the man who
came upon a boy running along the beach and throwing star fish back in the water. The man
looked down the beach, saw that there were literally miles of starfish that had washed ashore,
and told the boy that what he was doing wasn't going to make any difference whereupon the
boy picked up a starfish, threw it back, and remarked: It made a difference to that one.
That's a visionary perspective.
Seeing the potential in everyone and everything is where the visionary starts from. Then doing
what can be done, rather than complaining about what can't, is where they act from. Armed with
a vision of possibility and grounded in practical action, big changes can emerge. Another phrase
that sums this up is 'Think Globally, Act Locally. This was how Gandhi operated, and Martin
Luther King Jr., and even the great Rabbi from Galilee, Jesus. And this is the mindset we must
Where are you seeing the 'cup half empty'? Where do you feel you are stuck in an identification
with 'what is' in the world, rather than what IS in Reality, the perspective of your Soul. Is there
some problem that seems hopeless, like the star fish story, where there's just no way you could
make a difference? It could be something that bothers you in the larger world or something
close to home. Take a moment to contemplate this.
Now turn within for a brief meditation. Go through the relaxation steps we've outlined before.
When you are centered, ask yourself (or your God), what is the Truth behind this appearance?
How does God see this? What is the 'cup full' perspective that I could take on this? You can ask
these and take a few minutes in between as you listen and receive whatever impression
unfolds. Repeat if necessary. Then ask what meaningful action you can take from this 'cup full'
mentality? Is there a 'star fish' you can throw back, so to speak?
Journal your insights. See if there's something you can put it into practice today.


The Law of Emergence

Branching Out
As you build a solid inner foundation and stabilize the outer structures, your life thrives and the
fruits are plentiful. But there may come a time when you are called to branch out, even from a
successful venture. This can be natural in some cases, but offer its own challenges and doubts. If
it's not broken, why fix it? Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods did this when, at the top of their
game, they went back to basics and dug deeper to discover more of their athletic genius and
emerged at a whole new level of excellence, inspiring a generation of athletes to reach higher.
Great business leaders have done this when, based on a 'hunch', they took their companies in a
new direction, risking ridicule and failure, and transformed entire industries.
Oprah is an example of this process. At one stage on her path, she had developed a successful
even exceptional -- career and company. But something more was trying to emerge. She wanted
to integrate more spirituality and personal growth, elements that spoke to the deeper needs of
people and her own soul. But it threatened to divide, even destroy, what she had built and
many people advised her against it.
Many lesser minds might have retreated back from this call into the comfort of their successful
life. But Oprah took the leap, took the chance, and let her branches grow taller and wider than
many thought possible. She rocked the boat. But the wave she created built an empire of
empowerment that has rocked the world.
Where in your life are you settling for 'good enough'? No matter how good it is, it's always just
the beginning, you're always just scratching the surface of what is seeking to emerge. Maybe
you haven't yet achieved a stable level of success and fulfillment in your bigger vision, but there
is probably at least one area of your life where you have accepted 'good enough. Take a
moment to contemplate this. If it helps, meditate on this question, Where in my life have I
settled for good enough?. You can start by looking at the areas that seem to be working.
Maybe it's physical fitness; maybe you aren't overweight or sick, but when you look a little
deeper, you realize you could improve in some way, get into exquisite physical shape which
would have a positive impact on every area of your life. Maybe you've even thought about it,
but brushed it aside because you 'didn't have time' or 'it wasn't that important.' Maybe it's
finances. You have a job that's paying the bills, money in the bank, a retirement fund. You're
doing okay. But you could be doing better, so that you have more to give and fund the vision -and if you're honest you have felt an impulse for something more in this area.
This isn't a call to just do more, be more, and get more for its own sake. This is about
becoming aware of the areas where there is new growth seeking to emerge, but which has
been blocked by thoughts of it being 'good enough', 'not that important' or 'there isn't enough
time'. Or maybe there are crises breaking out in other areas that are sapping all your resources.


The Emerging Edge

The interesting thing is that sometimes the crises are connected to seemingly unconnected
areas of our life where we are blocking our growth. For example, you're struggling to get some
project up and running and feeling overwhelmed by it, and you start working on taking your
exercise/health to a new level, and suddenly you have a surge of confidence or energy that gives
you a boost in your work life.
Take a moment now to identify one area of your life where you're settling for good enough.
Then use the emergination process on it to see what's trying to emerge, how you must grow to
create the right conditions for it, and what, if any, actions, you are called to take to facilitate it.
And don't be surprised if the new energy, enthusiasm, or opportunity that arises has a positive
impact on other areas of your life, and even helps you get un-stuck!


Chapter 12

The Seeds of Future Generations

Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

One of the great shifts this emerging state of consciousness causes

is a move from self-fulfillment to selfless service. We are here to
plant trees whose fruits will only ripen for future generations. Our
life is not really our own, and not here just for us. Just as every
seed contains infinite trees, the seed of our life is meant to cocreate an eco-system on the planet that will nourish and sustain
many lives. This final chapter is about opening you up to a vision
of your life that is not just about achieving a lot but leaving a
legacy that continues giving your gifts long after you are gone.

Our life becomes

about helping
others awaken
to their
full potential

From Self-Centered to Service

As we realize we already have everything and are part of a larger system, we start 'living for
giving'. Our life becomes about helping others awaken to their full potential. It becomes the
reason we wake up, the fuel that powers us through the dark nights. We live to serve, love to
support, and

The Seeds of Future Generations

support, and make a contribution wherever we go, in whatever we do whether as a doctor,

teacher, politician (yes, even there), artist, businessperson, or carpenter. All conflict and
competition dissolve in the realization that we are one. As the Ojibwa Indian saying goes: No
tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves.
As we grow into this level of living, our life becomes richer in ways we can't imagine. Not only
do we gain the deep satisfaction of knowing we're making a difference and feeling more
connected to our human family and our spiritual roots. But as we give more from this place, we
are creating an even larger channel through which we can receive, allowing us to have even more
to give, on an ever-expanding upward spiral.
It's not always an easy practice, but I am convinced that our true nature is all about giving and
serving, and that we will never reach our true potential until this becomes our predominant way
of life.
You Can't Outgive God
As we embrace the idea of living a life of giving and service, there
may arise some fear and trepidation about running out of whatever
we may need for our personal experience. But there is a principle that
protects us: You can't outgive God, Universal Substance, Life.
Because we are an individualized expression of an infinite source that
lives to give, the more we give from this consciousness of
abundance, the larger an instrument we become, and the more we
have to give.

Our good never

comes from outside
of us, it always
is an expression
of what we are
giving forth
from within us

It is spiritual substance, eternal and infinite, it can never run out. This
is a practice and a spiritual muscle that we exercise and strengthen.
But ultimately it becomes as natural as breathing. Just as the idea of
hoarding our air for a rainy day is ridiculous, the same idea becomes
evident about holding onto anything we have. Just as Niagra Falls is always letting the fullness
of Lake Erie flow forward, we learn to let the infinite flow of life move through and as us, out to
the world.
The shift is this: we have been trained to believe that our good is 'out there', and that whatever
good we have in our life is limited and can be used up. But the Truth is that within our
consciousness lies a infinite storehouse of substance that can take infinite forms of good
according to our needs. Our good never comes from outside of us, it always is an expression of
what we are giving forth from within us.


The Law of Emergence

So if you want to keep the flow going, you need to keep giving and serving, always on the
lookout for how you can be an even bigger giver and greater servant. In this way, you are always
creating a sort of vacuum within you, and as the saying goes, God abhors a vacuum. The
Universal Substance will always fill up those places you are emptying out through your giving
and serving, particularly when you give from a consciousness of your inherent abundance.
If you give from a place of lack, from a perspective that you are 'spending' something, then you
are setting yourself up to experience your own belief of lack and limitation. Whatever you spend
is 'spent.' It's gone, used up. But whatever you circulate must return to you through this 'circuit',
increased. You're swimming in a sea of abundance, it's all around you visible and invisible. You
can never really give it or receive it, you merely participate in it to a greater or lesser degree.
This happens through giving and serving from a consciousness of the overflow.
Where in your life are you feeling a call to give, but aren't answering? Maybe there's a charity
you really want to support, or your church. Maybe there's some kind of volunteer service
you've felt pulled toward but don't think you have the time. Maybe it's just an impulse to give
more time and attention to a friend, family member, or mate, but you haven't made it a
Take a moment now to contemplate this question: Where am I called to be a bigger giver?
You can also ask: Where is there a manifest need that I could give to or serve in some way?
And also: How can I use my gifts, talents, and abilities in greater service? Maybe there's some
pro-bono work you could do, maybe there are some young adults you could mentor.
As something arises, ask yourself if there is anything you must release or embrace to be a
bigger giver or greater servant. You could even use the emergination process and ask to see a
vision of what your life would look life if it were used in greater service. You might be surprised
at what comes up.
Take this new insight and find some way to give or be of service today. Commit to finding
something you can do every day to grow this muscle and make it a permanent part of your life.
It doesn't have to be a huge, world-saving activity. It could be a call, a letter, taking a few
moments to help someone when you normally wouldn't, or dropping a few coins in that
donation box. Start where you are and build a practice. Over time you will be amazed at how it
can grow and what possibilities can emerge as you cultivate this condition of service.

Living a Life that Leaves a Legacy

This chapter opened on the idea that our life is not entirely our own and that, just as there are
infinite forests contained in every acorn (because each tree begets more acorns which beget more
trees, forever), our inner and outer actions plant seeds with a similar potential. When you think,

The Seeds of Future Generations

feel, and act in a certain way within your family, you aren't merely growing or stunting your life,
youre planting seeds and fertilizing or degrading the soil of your environment, which impacts
the growth of everyone. This is true at your place of employment, and particularly if you're in a
leadership position (and most of us are in some way). This further extends to the impact your
thoughts, feelings, and actions have on the larger community, and ultimately the world.
Every thought you think becomes part of the thought-atmosphere of your family, then
community, then world. People born into your family are born into those mental and emotional
conditions. Likewise, whatever you create and put out into the world is having an impact for
good or ill. And whatever you're withholding the love, the forgiveness, the gifts, the wisdom
are vital nutrients that your family, friends, and world needs to continue growing to its fullest
potential. All of these are ways youre leaving a legacy. It's not just the obvious trust fund or
classic book or masterpiece that hangs in a museum which leaves your legacy, its the whole
work of art called your life, which includes your inner life, the real source of power.
When you hear the name Jesus, Buddha, Shakespeare, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr. you're
not just hearing the name of personality you're hearing and sensing into a vibration of eternity.
Beyond their great works, these individuals, and many more like them, caught a vision of life
that was beyond time and space; a vision of their being that was eternal and immortal then
rooted it on earth, in human consciousness.
This, more than anything, is what we feel when we connect to them or their work. This is their
true legacy. As you tap into your true Self, create the conditions for its emergence, and practice
in the ways we have been talking about, you have the same potential to tap into this eternal,
immortal realm and ground it on earth in a way that will serve and bless humanity for ages to
come; your life will become the seed that will spring forth into unbounded future forests, an
entire eco-system that serves and nourishes many long after you are gone.
Your 100 Year Vision: Planting Trees You'll Never See
Finally, we come to a whole new perspective on our life and the nature of life itself. Instead of
living based on this parenthesis in eternity called a human incarnation, we begin living from
eternity now. Our actions, interests, and long-term goals are increasingly about the impact they
will have not in 1, 10, or 20 years, but 100, even a 1000 years and beyond.
As our sense of Self becomes enlarged to include more of humanity and earth, the things that
matter most and the projects we devote our life to become more about long-term sustainability,
the evolution of the human race, and the many future generations that will reap what we have
sown. This final exercise is about realizing such a vision and creating your own 100-year plan -which becomes not the end of the journey...but a bold new beginning.

The Law of Emergence

This can be a really fun and even liberating exercise. To start, I want you to follow the
emergination process, and this time your core questions are as follows:

What is the the impact of my highest vision (or God's vision for me) 100 years in the
future? If I were to live my divine purpose fully, what would its ramifications look like in
my family 100 years in the future? In my country? On the planet? What would it feel
like? What is its vibrational tone?

If you feel bold, you can expand even further and ask what the 1000 year vision is, and
how your life's work impacts all these areas that far into the future. Feel into it, then
claim this power now. It's a part of you in this moment, not in the future.

As this grand vision unfolds, or any part of it, ask what the vision for your life is again,
what is trying to emerge, what is God's idea of your life? The reason for asking this
again is that, as you expand this far it sometimes opens up new insights and avenues
that make you more available to your current vision.

Then ask how you must change, what you must release, embrace, or become, in order
to create the inner and outer conditions that fulfill this 100 or 1000 year vision.

Finally, ask if there are any actions you can take, not to make it happen, but to step into the
reality of it and make it more welcome.
To take this further, you can also do the timeline process. Imagine yourself living your highest
vision in the present moment, float above this experience in your timeline, then move forward
20, 50, 100 or 1000 years, seeing the years tick by beneath you. When you arrive, drop down
into the timeline and look around. Take some time to explore this world and see how your
vision has impacted it.
After you soak this up a bit, rise above the timeline and ask How must I change? What limited
belief, habit, or chronic emotion must I release to allow this vision to come to fruition? Then
ask your subconscious (or Spirit) to take you back to the moment in your timeline when you
first had that belief, emotion, or habit...and follow the re-framing process we've done before.
Once you've done this, you can move forward on your timeline again, to present time, drop in
to see what's happening, then move forward again 20, 50, 100 or 1000 years to see what's
happening...and repeat again for an even deeper clearing.
When you feel complete for now, float back to present time, drop down into your current life
feeling all the power of this transformative experience and vision then give thanks and open
your eyes.
Take some time to journal about what came up for you.


The Seeds of Future Generations

As the vision emerges, let the fullness of its wash over you and through you. Feel its impact, its
power, allow yourself to see its effects far and wide. Don't judge or edit. If your vision has to do
with your family, maybe you see its impact on your children and their children. Maybe you
realize that something you're doing now or committed to doing could lead to your grandchildren
growing up to make some significant impact on the planet.
In this way, you begin to realize that what you may have deemed insignificant or small compared
to other 'worldly' visions, is actually a part of a much larger vision; you realize that your life and
its impact is as potentially important as the greatest person who has ever live if you just go far
enough into the future or step back to get a big enough picture.
This can be a profound exercise that leads to the realization that you are much more than a
person; that you really are the 'light that lighteth up every man and woman that cometh into the
world.' There is no separation, there are no greater or lesser people, greater or lesser actions.
There are no small parts in this divine production every part is necessary for the whole play to
work and make sense.
As you catch this, rather than walking around with this small energy based on your meager
human lifespan, you begin to embody and carry the vast energy of the whole human purpose, the
power of the whole play, and then express that cosmic lifeforce in your every step, every breath,
and every action.
If you have been doing the work in this course, you have probably had many insights, made
some significant changes, and committed or re-committed to a bold vision. You may also have
run into many obstacles, unearthed core fears and limited beliefs, and stretched yourself in ways
that weren't always comfortable. Just know that whatever has come up, or not come up, it's all
good, and it's all part of the normal process of growth and emergence. Wherever you are today is
exactly where you should be.
You know how I know this?
Because it's where you are.
Be patient and kind to yourself. Treat yourself the way you would want others to treat you. Better
yet, treat yourself the way you would treat a person you love, admire and respect more than
anyone, whether it's a religious figure, a spiritual leader, a celebrity in some field, or a family
member. Give yourself the best you have to offer.
This is a never-ending process. There is no end to this journey, no finish line. No matter how
much has unfolded, there's always infinitely more waiting to break through the surface.

The Law of Emergence

Appreciate where you are and where you have been, what you are accomplishing and what
you've already done and keep breathing and allowing more to emerge on this great adventure.
To Your Emergence

Derek Rydall