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URI students to give BIG to local

KINGSTON, R.I. Oct. 13, 2016
Not only do URI students think big,
but they give big, too. To celebrate
Community Impact Week, from Oct.
3 - 7, public relations students will
give back at various charities in more
ways than one.
Students are giving back to
Johnnycake Center. Founded in
1974, the Johnnycake Center
improves the lives of people and
their families by giving them food,
clothing, and household items. PR
students will hold a warm clothing
drive to give back to the Johnnycake
Center. These donations will provide
people with warmth this winter.

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URI students will not stop their

efforts at the Johnnycake Center.
The Rhody Outpost will also benefit
from the efforts of PR students. This
organization is an emergency food
pantry, donating groceries to
students and families in need.
Students are volunteering their time,
helping organize shelves and give
out groceries. Another team of
students is organizing a food drive to
aid the Rhody Outpost in combatting
hunger. Kate Brewster, executive
director of the Johnnycake Center
said nonprofits often plan to take on
multiple projects but never execute
them. Brewster says both the Center
and the students will benefit from
donation efforts.
We hope that the experience is
mutually beneficial, with
students learning more about
the needs of their surrounding
community and the Jonnycake
gaining some fresh ideas about
communication, Brewster said.

URI PR Students are just as excited to help these organizations.

I think it is an amazing opportunity for our class to work with the Rhody
Outpost, Leticia Simone, senior public relations student, said. The Rhody
Outpost stock piles food and gives it to people in need, so especially during
Community Outreach Week, why not spend our time there?
About PR at URI
The Public Relations program at the University of Rhode Island sits in the
Harrington School of Communication. Every year, about 80 students are
newly accepted into the program. PR Students focus heavily on media,
communications, writing, and business-based courses. PR students
engage in many hands on projects in order to enrich their experiences.
About Rhody Outpost
Established in 2013, the Rhody Outpost is located within Saint Augustines
Church on Lower College Road. Its mission is to give food to individuals
and families in need. The Rhody Outpost feeds more than 300 families in
About the Johnnycake Center
Founded in 1974, the Johnnycake Center is located in Peacedale, Rhode
Island. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of others by donating
providing food, clothing, and household items.

Contact Information:
Analee Santaromita


PR students from @HarringtonURI are giving back for Community Impact Week,
learn more at #URI #CommunityImpactWeek