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File: 122881ffce4dfc9 .png (765.44 KB, 888x976, 111:122, blogih9y8.png)
11/15/16 (Tue) 13:34:48 ID: 69da6f No.8254092

Trump Effect: Jewish and Muslim Organizations Form New Alliance

A new Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council will work to protect religious minorities' rights as well as other 'issues of common concern.'
>Less than a week after an election that left many minority and religious groups in the United States feeling disenfranchised, two important
organizations one Jewish and the other Muslim announced an unusual alliance on Monday. The American Jewish Committee and the Islamic
Society of North America have teamed up to form a new national group of leading Jewish and Muslim Americans: The Muslim-Jewish Advisory
>In a press release, the AJC said that the new group brings together recognized business, political and religious leaders in the Jewish and Muslim
American communities to jointly advocate on issues of common concern. The co-chairs of the 31-member council are Stanley Bergman, CEO of the
Henry Schein healthcare company, and Farooq Kathwari, president and CEO of the Ethan Allen furniture company.
>Among its initial action items, the press release said, will be to develop a coordinated strategy to address anti-Muslim bigotry and anti-Semitism in
the U.S. and to protect and expand the rights of religious minorities in the country. Our two communities share so much in common and should find
ways, where possible, to work together for the benefit of the entire country, said Bergman. The council members include religious and lay leaders
from both communities. Among the most prominent names on the membership list is Joseph Lieberman, the former senator who was the Democratic
vice presidential candidate in 2000.
Hm, Jews and Muslims working together to undermine whitey. Where have we seen that before?

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Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 13:37:30 ID: f1e033 No.8254104

Disenfranchised? Fuck off. They're just looking for an excuse to make the white man rage.
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 13:37:35 ID: 640af5 No.8254107
Well since they're such good friends now I guess we can stop defending Israel from them.
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 13:48:25 ID: 69da6f No.8254191
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 13:48:25 ID: 6feb6f No.8254192
File: 89a274f6e9f2771 .jpg (78.16 KB, 557x490, 557:490, 1448933638893.jpg)

Where have I seen this episode before?

Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 13:48:29 ID: 496af2 No.8254194
Good, good, the masks are falling
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 13:50:01 ID: 0d98a8 No.8254210
It's the Toledo strategy.
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:00:17 ID: 72bf7f No.8254293
It's nothing new, they've done that in the past. They hate White Christians more than they hate each other.
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:12:51 ID: 4f02c8 No.8254411

Its absolutley necessary to persuade people out of the whole Jews vs. Muslims fallacy
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:17:23 ID: f1e033 No.8254459
Just look at the Quran - a lot of the prophets mentioned in it are Jewish ones with Arabic spellings of their names. What this means, is that
right from the very start Muslims have considered several Jews as holy men - which later got retconned by Muhammad's disciples into these
prophets actually being Arabs or whatever. Muhammad's uncle was at least part Jewish and Muhammad learned Judaism from him, among
others, (even Muslim scholars admit this) while forming the basics of his own ideology. These alone tell you a lot about both groups.
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:30:08 ID: fd2fad No.8254580
THIs is news?
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:34:40 ID: 4bfda4 No.8254616
Reminds me of when the Jews joined with the Moors to try and conquer the Visigoths
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:34:48 ID: 6c083b No.8254618
Double dubs confirm breaking the hallucination that Jews and Muslims are in an eternal conflict needs to be a top priority, especially if we
want Trump to make the One State Solution deal succeed.
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:35:49 ID: 0ecc83 No.8254626
The Quran was literally written by kikes. Medina was a jewish town that rolled out the carpet for Mohammad because he'd give them
preferential treatment that the pagans in Mecca wouldn't.
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:35:57 ID: 72bf7f No.8254627
What kind of meme could we push ?

converted by

Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:38:12 ID: 605ec2 No.8254649

semite brothers
always there to ruin white man
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:40:44 ID: af69b5 No.8254667
>Implying they were not allies since the beginning
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:44:44 ID: f1e033 No.8254706
>literally written by kikes
I know that Muhammad himself may have had Jewish ancestry (especially since ancient Jews and Arabs are genetically very close
anyway), that the Ka'aba was actually a pagan worship site, and that there were hereditary Jews among his first ever disciples but do you
have a source for the Quran writing bit?
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:46:10 ID: 71a7c2 No.8254715
File: ab60b54537fabff .png (164.39 KB, 665x610,
File: 3b71f9bf2f84c2e .jpg (39.75 KB, 622x450,
133:122, ISIS jews again.png)

311:225, al-alam-news-tweet-netanya.jpg)

Dude,. I fucking told you Jews. Muslims and Kikes work together to destroy the world.
What will James Woods do?
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 14:47:24 ID: 71a7c2 No.8254723
File: 40798324a17219d .jpg (20.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, die God jesus.jpg)

oh yeah.

Christians + Muslims + Jews = White man lose

Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 16:27:15 ID: d1a06a No.8255528
>pictures of crusaders who fought mudslides and Jews so fat fucks like you don't have to fuck goats
*rubs hands together*
Yes goyim, le bad goy Christians!

converted by

Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 16:33:37 ID: 86fd9e No.8255606

File: 1e2020bd5976bd4 .jpg (83.79 KB, 741x749, 741:749, Jewslims.jpg)

Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 16:36:54 ID: 5a471d No.8255630
with muslims and jews
you lose
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 16:38:24 ID: 8f3fcc No.8255645
sad motherfuckers, imagine how scared they are, 2 groups that fucking despise each other, working together just to beat whitey
i'm feeling rahter smug about this
Anonymous 11/15/16 (Tue) 16:48:55 ID: 8ad300 No.8255750
File: 42e256a2dd760fb .jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, dVj_RUK4.jpg)

AKA Slimy jews realise thye can use Muslims and Muslims like the free megaphones given to them.
I really don't think this could be a threat- the Jews jump from ship to ship. They were doing this with the blacks in the 90s and 00s, even
though groups like the Nation of Islam were jew-wise.
Never lose sight of the Jew,

converted by

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 05:57:38 ID: 9d68f3 No.8262617

File: 876b1772a9f6a1d .jpg (42.57 KB, 618x619, 618:619, mysterium-618x619.jpg)

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:00:40 ID: e5f92e No.8262635
This doesn't surprise me at all Jewish girls and Muslim girls at my uni organize shit together all the time.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:03:19 ID: 6fa89d No.8262662
Judeo-muslim values.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:04:20 ID: e64245 No.8262678
Viewtiful, Blockhead Joe Bernstein is retweeting this shit on his twitter.
Let him know what you think.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:07:34 ID: ecd1dc No.8262704
Just remember man, Pagans and Atheists (as in god/religion hating aka true atheists) are useless to this movement.
Follow after Hitler, he wasn't no christian but he valued them and knew that once you removed the kikery from the country, they would be
good people. Altruism is good on a national level, once your altruism extends beyond border the shitskins will exploit you.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:22:29 ID: 9d68f3 No.8262822
File: 55371ccd120e5e7 .jpg (863.66 KB, 1520x2688, 95:168, PnwMM7j.jpg)

This, Christianity when stripped of it's toxic egalitarianism IE total embracing of Truth, that is, even material and scientific; genetic truths, is
ideal for a fascist state. The same could be said for Catholicism.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:26:03 ID: ecd1dc No.8262849
Christians need a man and a movement like Hitler in order to be protected, that's the thing. Without check, the jews will use them to further
their agenda. But they are good, they have great values to the community. We just need to avoid going full evangelicuck or letting others
take advantage of their altruism and kindness.

converted by

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:26:48 ID: b332d4 No.8262856

File: beeb036053a05d9 .jpg (60.14 KB, 680x422, 340:211, clown disgusted.jpg)

>Yet another thread devolving into "Christcuck" D&C

So are we being raided by /intl/ again, or is CTR still on the payroll?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:31:41 ID: 9d68f3 No.8262894
Yea Jews have subverted the popular christian movement in the US though many churches and congregations are red-pilled to some extent
on Jews simply due to how terrible they act in the bible. The sanhedrin turned into rabbinical orthodoxy which is where talmudism was
spawned. This translates into a more obtuse "jews were shady as fuck back then" rather than "oh my god the synagogue of satan is on
earth today" but at least the sentiments are there in small percentage of believers.
Award winning commentator 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:31:46 ID: 20adf5 No.8262895
Every fucking time.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:32:04 ID: 6fece8 No.8262901
only a couple posts are actually d&c'ing. the rest is us shitting on the semite twins
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:34:05 ID: 44caf6 No.8262915
Finally kikes put down their mask.
Award winning commentator 11/16/16 (Wed) 06:35:08 ID: 20adf5 No.8262922
The Mahound worshipers did exactly just that, they were and still are the invaders. Jews and Mulslims must be both deported. Reconquista.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 07:15:59 ID: e677f9 No.8263201
I think CTR is gone, and JIDF is back (hence the return of the "Trump is with the Jews" D&C posts)
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 08:39:58 ID: f5a6e7 No.8263740
File: ac0252c8790ee0b .jpg (69.41 KB, 690x485,
File: 1d10873bbea67cd .jpg (164.13 KB, 630x330,

File: 614e013031a114b .png (1010.36 KB,

138:97, 1458163274696-2.jpg)

952x1103, 952:1103, 1463175090055.png)

21:11, 1458163274696-1.jpg)

The arabs and the other arabs working together, what a surprise.

converted by

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 09:40:23 ID: 87e370 No.8264036

funded. uses women. you're staring at psyop not meant for you. you'll know when that ship sails, but for now it's a consolidation game that
you just happen to be able to witness.
what follows is an aside.
while mudslimes are hypercucked in the home (hence all their pseudo anger violence displays in public and sucking at it and only achieving
drama), large factions of their men are actually vehement antijew. you wouldn't know it, unless you had the misfortune of working closely
with them.
the recently imported mudshits are so caught up in muh jihad, i actually see those siding with the jewry. they tend to be the ones that are
the most dramatic drama seeking, just like nigs who are fervently black lives matter.
pick the 'minority'. nig, spic, sandcoon x-variants, chink. each of these groups displays pathognomonic behavior: dependents = terrible
toddler syndrome dramatists = side highly with any manipulation = suck impostor money lender tits. i dare say i think part of each of these
race's dependent-class men know it or rather, can sense it but they're way too meek to challenge the tiny little dim light hinting to them
that they're just going from the pot to the fire. this only then serves to fuel their fervent toddler syndrome, instead of making them stop
digging. desperation has differential effects on different races and crucially differential something-else i can't quite put my finger on, but i
i've had repeated, verifiable, success with segregating the jew-siders from the shitskin-nationalists in each race: if i can convince them to
have gratitude, stated precisely like that, and i can isolate their employment placements to 'wall' them off from hive-think susceptibility,
they do so strangely enough come around, improve, and behave. crucial outcome achieved: i don't have to babysit them and they can't
attain net productivity. still marginal. still lazy. still variants of low energy. but, i can't say those that actually agree to be agreeable and
remember to have gratitude don't have souls. notably, this only applies to male shitskins; female shitskins you have to remain 'in the room'
with, and keep isolated away from each other as well as the meek numales of shitrace. of the men, however, many will still have to go back,
and they agree. and for these, it's 1-to-1 hellfire for kikes. they're always surprised that i know.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 09:43:22 ID: 87e370 No.8264054
fuck my fingers edit:
>crucial outcome achieved: i don't have to babysit them and they can't attain net productivity.
crucial outcome achieved: i don't have to babysit them and they can attain net productivity.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 10:55:31 ID: 04c648 No.8264324
Christianity of the first millennia, when combined with state power, was one of the most powerful (and sometimes only) carrier of European
culture and values. The message of tolerance, ecumenism and love for other was always there, but it never lost sight of the fact that love for
your brothers and sisters alos means sheltering them from harm, if it is brought against them and against you.
The very nature of life and desire to survive are God-given imperatives to fight anything that might harm you or your identity. This needs to be
harnessed to strike the kikes and finally best Islam.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 11:12:36 ID: b90273 No.8264377
shit tier d&c
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 12:41:34 ID: dc5dd1 No.8264765
>jews =arabs
are you a slow poke?
Dont you know that arabs and jews both claim to be sons of abraham?
they know that they are related, they just dont like each other
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 12:56:29 ID: 1a644e No.8264802
File: 79f5eebca19d82c .png (2.72 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 2016-11-16-11-35-30-693311.png)

They can feel the Black Sun of Kek rising.

Soon we will have our first Pyramid.

converted by

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:00:29 ID: 60176b No.8264812

Let them unite. At the end of the day they are the same thing anyway. A parasite upon our Earth that will be destroyed on the DOTR by our
In the name of Kek.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:05:33 ID: dd7ac4 No.8264833

Around semites, prepare for fights!

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:09:57 ID: dd7ac4 No.8264845
We should encourage race mixing between arabs and kikes while they espouse these new values. Jews hate working with goyim, we just
have to splinter these groups by showing that they are hypocrites and they are only semites when its convenient, just like they are white
only when its convenient.
The masks didn't come off, these people just used their shapeshifting powers to switch sides.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:10:30 ID: 509192 No.8264851
>Trump says he's gonna try to end the war between kebabs and kikes in the middle east
>kebabs and kikes ally themselves agaisnt trump out of butthurt
>i don't have a proper reaction image to post a mfw green text
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:46:35 ID: 9d8cb9 No.8265039
File: f5cc528d6cb41eb .jpg (1.01 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1391740563976.jpg)

The only shilling going on is the massive denial of the fact that christ insanity was and is a proto-sjw movement. Let's not push harder for a
total victory or anything. Let's stay in the comfort zone. I mean, look at this fucking faggot:
>useless bagans and atheists
Pagans and atheists are the most useful people, if anything. Atheists don't give a fuck and shitpost the post, and all the elite warriors have
Odinic worldviews without exception.
You people are still so weak you can't deal with the one glaring hole in the movement and you're just going to let it fail again? Oh, anyone
making sense just *must* be a shill, right?
It would be great if people would stop talking out their ass and understand that their FOREIGN RELIGION is a weakness. Everyone that ever
said anything against real White religion is anti-white, period. There is no fucking choice here, any more than with mixers. I am so sick of
retarded casuals acting like they know ebin jebuz is best. It's not the truth, and everyone that supports it is corrupt and weakfrankly, the
kind that shouldn't be in any leadership for movement issues. I am so sick of weaklings holding our people back. Stop lying to the public
and take a leadership role and have honor and do what is right!
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:48:38 ID: 1a644e No.8265053
Praise Kek.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:50:17 ID: df69b0 No.8265064
File: 11885cc10f48eff .jpg (347.22 KB, 731x452,
File: 20d6e9155a350c1 .png (108.93
731:452, jewsandmuzziesac2.jpg)

KB, 375x524, 375:524, darkeishalom666.png)

New OC

converted by

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 13:52:03 ID: 4c6a1a No.8265075

Serious question, if the American military would start killing jews and sandniggers in USA, and then nuke Israel, would anyone care?
Russia? China?
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:00:49 ID: ff0a04 No.8265130
Russia and China's reaction will depend on how the God Emperor handles it. For all we know they would like to join in as well.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:02:55 ID: f9e80f No.8265144
File: 822a5d89b040e67 .jpg (17.02 KB, 250x255, 50:51, starofkek.jpg)

Let there be blood
For the blood god.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:06:30 ID: 1a644e No.8265162
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:14:50 ID: 932d97 No.8265197
File: dbd88f76b6f1004 .png (2.49 MB, 1090x1074, 545:537, KEK.png)

==Checked For KEK!
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:57:50 ID: be5d34 No.8265402
All you have to do is read the text and look at what christcucks do to know it's poison for Whites.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 14:59:35 ID: 237424 No.8265415
And Christians keep plugging their ears and saying that the Jew and Muslims really hate Christians and not White people.
Yeah right.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 15:01:24 ID: 1a644e No.8265429
The pagans and atheists are useful damnit. Reeeeee

converted by

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 15:03:15 ID: 237424 No.8265435

If Christianity was redpilled on the Jews, all Jews in Europe would have exterminated a long time ago, like they did to the Nativists and other
Christian groups.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 15:04:40 ID: f9e80f No.8265444
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 15:06:56 ID: fc5455 No.8265452
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 15:10:59 ID: 7beda0 No.8265478
>Oy vey the goyim are noticing that we are openly using the mudslimes against them
>Time to get them arguing amongst themselves
Every fucking time. And just wait for some kike to come in here and accuse me of being a christian or a pagan or anything else to try and
stir up bullshit. They are trying to drive you off course and make you not focus on how JEWS AND MUSLIMS ARE OPENLY WORKING
For fucks sake people. Most normalfags are afraid to name the jew but will admit they don't like mudslimes. All you have to do is keep
presenting them with the fact that mudslimes are weaponized shitskins aimed at white nations. Keep reaffirming that neither are our friends,
both want to destroy us, and both need to be destroyed. Stop wasting your time on retarded bickering you fucking aardvarks.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 15:14:49 ID: 6fece8 No.8265497
I doubt China would give a shit, they have mobile organ harvesting vans for rule breakers.
leftypol continues their d&c campaign to seperate /christian/ from /pol/
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 15:19:21 ID: d3134d No.8265526
Yeah. Degenerate faggots don't like Christianity because it tells them they're going to Hell unless they repent, kikes don't like it because it's
a threat to Judaism and they work so hard to shut it down or discredit it. They even created Islam for the shit skins to attack Christians.
Jews and Muslims are "natural allies" in destroying Europe. Catholicism is a kike subversion of Christianity, one look at the pope should tell
you this.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 15:21:48 ID: ff22f8 No.8265539
Everyone here should know well that both groups are tactical allies. The fact they are now creating public fronts to make this known to us is
a good sign in my opinion. Multiculturism has failed. In an open dispute the European man will prevail.
Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 15:35:06 ID: e0d534 No.8265612
File: d55bd08782da9be .webm (3.95 MB, 854x480, 427:240, A path through a jew's ne.webm)


Ya filthy anti-semite, you can't deport these peaceful refugees unless you want to commit another shoah!

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 17:20:52 ID: e12b8d No.8266384
the Jews are completely pulling this out of their ass. I caught yesterday, Netanyahu is trying to ban that fucking screeching 5x a day from
their mosque. Which, in Europe certainly should not be allowed, but they've been there 2,000+ years. That's going to be a great fucking fight
and probably lead to another war.

converted by

Anonymous 11/16/16 (Wed) 17:26:14 ID: d906bd No.8266420

>From Infogalactic: For the most part, the invasion of the Moors was welcomed by the Jews of Iberia. Both Muslim and Catholic sources
tell us that Jews provided valuable aid to the invaders. Once captured, the defense of Crdoba was left in the hands of Jews, and Granada,
Mlaga, Seville, and Toledo were left to a mixed army of Jews and Moors. The Chronicle of Lucas de Tuy records that "when the Catholics
left Toledo on Sunday before Easter to go to the Church of the Holy Laodicea to listen to the divine sermon, the Jews acted treacherously
and informed the Saracens. Then they closed the gates of the city before the Catholics and opened them for the Moors."
>White Christian Americans helped establish and fund and defend Israel. And this is the gratitude they receive? This is the thanks they get?
ANOTHER Jewish-Muslim alliance against them in their own country? It's not as if Americans don't know who opened the gates in 1965.
>Guess what's likely to come of this sort of behavior. Come on, just one guess. And what sort of bizarre, ahistorical logic do people whose
single metric is "is it good for the Jews" use to conclude that this behavior is, somehow, going to be good for the Jews? Epic stupidity
doesn't even begin to describe this.
ka!!Pl17JKGhvc 11/16/16 (Wed) 17:30:43 ID: 186810 No.8266446
File: e681f9baee9931a .jpg (503.46 KB, 732x654, 122:109, JudaismIslamHateChristiani.jpg)


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