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Return is to be filed by 31st July.

If filed, and any details are to be corrected,

return can be filed again after 31st July. But if return is originally filed after 31 st
July, then changes cannot be made later. The return can be filed with modified
figures if any changes are to be made. Entire procedure remaining the same
except that in pt. A22 one has to choose 139(5) in drop down menu instead of

Procedure to file return:

1. Log on to
2. Either Register Now or Log in (yellow button) as may be applicable.
3. Click on Quick e-File ITR

4. Fill details as follows:

Choose from PAN database if filling return for the first time. Other wise
choose From previous return filed

5. Fill details under Personal information tab

6. Fill details under Income details tab.

In the field B1 Inc from Salary, fill figure appearing in your Form 16 Part B
(pdf downloaded from webice), in that salary income appearing in point
number 6.
7. In the field C1. 80C, fill figure appearing in your Form 16 Part B(pdf
downloaded from webice), in that salary income appearing in point
number 9A i.e. aggregate of PF, Superannuation fund and PPF, the
aggregate appearing in rightmost column.
8. In field C11. 80G i.e. donation, figure will appear once we fill details in
tab 80G> A.Donations entitled for 100% deduction without qualifying limit
following details pertaining to donation to Tamil Nadu floods: Name of
Donee: PMNRF; Address: PMNRF PMs Office, South Block, Raisina Hills;
City: New Delhi; PAN of Donee: AACTP4673Q; Amt of Donation: 830. This
will cause Rs.830 to appear in C11.80G field.
9. If there is interest paid on education loan then fill it in field C10.80E.
10.If one has income from employment in previous co. between 1.4.15 and
31.3.16, then following is to be done. If employee has given income details
from previous co. to PCS then Form 16 Part B will have those figures
included in income figures and TDS figures. However, same has to be
verified from Form 26AS (view tax credit) which shows your income earned

and TDS deducted.

11.For all others, those who have income from only ONGC, click on Taxes
paid and Verification tab and check if D18.Total payable is NIL. Fill
number of bank accounts you have e.g. 1 or 2 and enter details of same.

12.Fill your name, father name, place (home town or place of posting any)
and click submit.

13.Once return is file one needs to E-verify the return. Either choose Aadhar
OTP option or net banking option. Aadhar OTP is easy to do yourself. If
netbanking option is chosen then choose bank, netbanking will open. If
SBI, on SBI pg, on left side log in to efiling link will appear. Click the
same. Proceed to generate OTP. Fill OTP and return will be everified.
14.If one is not able to e-verify once, then go to
page again and choose e-verify return. Choose Option 2: I do not and EVC
and Id like to generate EVC, and proceed for net banking. After a couple of

attemps, return gets verified.

The return is hence filed for this year.