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This deed of partnership executed this 1st day of April 2016 at Jhansi by and between:

Shri Niraj Khattri aged about 44 years S/o Late Shri Kishan Lal Khattri R/o
Green Park Colony, Civil Lines, Jhansi hereinafter called the,
First Party, AND


Smt. Vidya Khattri, aged about 68 years D/o Shri Vikh Chand Narwani R/o
Green Park Colony, Civil Lines (behind Central Hotel), Jhansi
Second Party

(The expression party (also referred to as partners) include and mean his/her heirs,
successors, assignees, administrators and legal representatives)
WHEREAS the parties to this deed have been carrying on the business of coaching in
partnership under the name and style of M/S IMPACT in terms of partnership deed
Dated 25.10.2004 and addendum(s) thereto.
WHEREAS this addendum to deed is being executed to enumerate the change in
terms and conditions No. 6.3 of said partnership, now settled in between the parties to
This deed, in writing and to avoid any misunderstanding in future.
Remaining terms & conditions enumerated in original partnership deed shall remain
Same inter-se between the aforesaid partners.
Now this deed Witnesses the changed term and condition No. 6.3 as under

REMUNERATION: The parties namely Shri Niraj Khattri and Smt. Vidya Khattri
to this deed has agreed to keep them selves actively engaged in conducting the affairs
of the business of the partnership firm as working partners, It is hereby agreed that in
consideration of the above said parties working in the partnership they shall be
entitled to remuneration as under:

Shri Niraj Khattri

Smt Vidya Khattri

Rs. 1,00,000/- Per Month

Rs. 30,000/- Per Month


...1st Party

2nd Party