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What Quantum Physics can teach us about the Souls Will

By Patricia Kenney

The world manifests itself according to your expectations. Lately, all of us have heard this affirmation quite a lot and we think I wish it did! You must have heard of Quantum physics. It is a discipline in Physics with some few decades of study. But it is revolutionary! So much so, that several scientists, who plunged into its mysteries, practically made a connection of science and religion. There are several of them writing books about science, spirituality and God. Fritjof Capra is one of them. Well, some of them have been trying to explain to us a discovery by this science which has a fundamental importance to our understanding of what matter, energy, spirit, God and the creative process might be. They say that todays tiniest detectable particles manifest their presence according to the observers expectation. They cite surprising examples of experiments carried out with photons: Light particles which can behave as particle or as wave, depending on the scientists expectation. That is: it is the observer who is going to determine the behavior and form with which the photon is going to manifest itself. In its natural state, the photon is neither one thing or the other, but it has the potential to manifest both as a particle or as a wave at the exact instant the observer manifests his/her expectation as to the form it will have. This has left scientists crazy for, if at the experiment, the scientists expected the photon to come out as a particle, so it did; and if they thought of a wave, thats what they would get. That is: they could not study what, effectively the photon particle was or would be, because the observers expectations influenced the experiment. What is this good for in the study off apprentices of God? We, folks, know that if we wake up with a foul temper and go out kicking things around us, the probability of having a bad day is quite viable. We already know that all around us is made of the same matter, particle, energy, spirit, God. WE know that God has created His Children to His own image and similitude, and that all God is, we also can be. Therefore, we can create a Gods world (perfect) or a Mans world (limited), as Power is inherent to each one of us and - as in the case of the observer of the scientific experiment - nothing can stop the particle from, instantaneously, responding to our expectation. And, the most incredible of it all is that all this happens even before we are capable of formulating our thought. Willing comes before thinking. Our wishing is a motive power. Even before we are able to think: I want a chocolate ice-cream, our wish, which is a form of energy, a will, makes us formulate the mental phrase. After the wish is awaken, there comes the

thought: I want a chocolate ice-cream. Thats the reason why our expectations end up by molding the world around us. Like God, we create with our WILL. We know that, in His creating act, God does not need to keep saying that this will be an earthworm and that, a marrow. Everything stems from His WILL. God does not think like us, human-beings His Will is not as we imagine: LINEAR. It is more like a NET, like the Internet that gets infinitely and instantaneously connected. For God, time and space do not exist. God is spirit and awareness. Stop for a while to think how things happen during a dream at night. All of a sudden, you are immersed in a world with a complete scenery, with no need for creating each thing individually. TIME is an effect of our world. We watch the stars criss-crossing our Sky and the Earth going round the Sun and we attribute a time to the world. This is the reality of matter. It is always going to occupy a time and a space, but, in its essence, matter is energy and, in its immaterial form, it is eternal. Thus, the eternal possibility of the particle responding as a wave or as a particle is a continuous reality that will only be defined from the manifestation of the observers will. This is science, my friend, but it also shows how miracles can happen and, why, they, effectively, happen. The plastic substance, from which everything originates, has eternally the potentiality to transform itself in any other thing. All depends of our expectations, which are molded according to our beliefs and, these, on their turn, by our cultural origin. However, the power of changing this is yours and it is available at this exact moment. You, like God, is the consciousness that shapes up all there is. It is time to be more aware of what you think and feel. Your wish can become true!


My article above was gently translated from Portuguese by my mother Maria Kenney. Books translated by Maria Kenney Joseph Campbell's book "THE MYTHIC IMAGE" translated to Portuguese by Maria Kenney and Gilbert E. Adams and printed by Papirus Editora, Campinas, So Paulo, Brazil, in 1994 Sara Marriot's books "Jornada Interdimensional" from "Interdimensional Journey" translated to Portuguese by Maria Kenney and printed by Editora Pensamento Ltda, So Paulo, Brazil in 1993 : "A Alegria de descobrir ANJOS DA GUARDA em nossa vida" from "The Joy of discovering Guardian Angels in Our Lives" translated to Portuguese by Maria Kenney And printed by Editora Pensamento Ltda, So Paulo, Brazil 1995 : Cia das Ervas book of Receipts

"The Druids in the Kitchen" translated to English by Maria Kenney published by Cury & Cury Ltda Sa Paulo, Brazil, in April 2000 Patricia Kenneys book Now, it is up to you! from Agora com voc! translated to English by Maria Kenney and printed in Portuguese by Madras Editora, So Paulo, Brazil, in 2007