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Recruitment Questionnaire Sales

1. FMCG Experience
Have you negotiated a listing relationship with a supermarket chain
and how did you go about the process?
Ans. Yes I have done the negotiations with supermarket chain. As a
standard process, I have scheduled an appointment with procurement
manager of the supermarkets. I have prepared a presentation PPT about
our company and product lines. Also I have shared company brochure and
product pamphlets and advertising supporting documents.

Have you negotiated listing prices with the supermarket chain and/or
had to negotiate changes in the pricing of product already listed. If so
how did you go about this?

Ans. Yes, we have discussed the prices and negotiated the profit margin
for the customer, payment terms (mode of payment and credit period),
freight conditions and its expenses to be paid by respective party. It varies
from client to client and it has been closed as per negotiations with the


branding experience do you have in supermarket environments,

dealing with in-store promotions: Yes
Motivational fees:
Advertising material: yes we have used pamphlets, Banners,
Caps and T-shirts are the merchandise we used to promote our
o Rebates: We have created special loyalty bonus program for
quantity bought and generated loyalty points which can be
redeemed at the end of the year after christmus
What experience have you had managing merchandizers?
What experience do you have with promotional material in the
development of brand displays in supermarkets?

2. Wholesale Experience
What wholesale marketing experience have you had?
How would you define the difference in the pricing dynamics in the
wholesale environment and how do you negotiate the best price
How do you differentiate your style of business between dealing in the
wholesale trade versus retail environments?
3. Events / Corporate Social Responsibility
What sponsored social events have you been involved with in the past?

What corporate social responsibility initiatives have you been involved

with before?
What significance do you attached to corporate social responsibility
programs and/or events in respect of their implication for your sales
What branding benefit have you been able to develop for past

4. Sales Team Management

How do you motivate a sales team?
Describe your management structure and style?
How do you set objectives for your sales team?
How many people have you managed in the sales team before?
What would you say is one of your greatest achievements in the
management of the sales team?
How do you deal with nonperforming sales members of your team?
What process do you follow when recruiting new sales staff?
What attributes do you believe are most important when assessing
potential new sales members to your team?

5. General Management
Define your management style?
Define what a management role is?
How have you contributed to the budgetary process in your previous
organizations and how do you define the cost profiles appropriate to
your department?
What significance do you attach to management of a sales
6. EQ
Define your God-given talent, this has nothing to do with what youve
learned or studied before?
Describe your personal discipline structure and how you motivate
How do you achieve your targets?
What motivational techniques do you propose are the most beneficial
to use when working with the sales team?
7. Family Obligations / Status
Where does your family live?
How many children do you have?
Where do your children go to school?
What are your family obligations and objectives and how do these
balance these with the demand of an employer?
What implications would a move from Uganda to Kenya have on your
Would you be able to work in Kenya and have your family remain
behind in Uganda if needed?
8. Current Employment Structure
Define the current notice?
What options do you have too short notice?
9. Overall Personal Issues
Why do you want to move from Uganda to another country?
Why you looking for new opportunity?
What is the attraction of Kenya to you?
What are your personal career objectives
How do you anticipate being able to achieve your career objectives.
What steps have you taken to achieve your personal career objectives?