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Which type of fracture is prefered ? Why ? Explain any two reason.

What is ductile - to - brittle transition? FCC metals do not experience a ductile to- brittle
transition. Why?
3. Explain the difference between beach marks and striations.
4. Explain the four measures that may be taken to increase the fatigue resistance of a metal
5. State Grifiith's criterion for brittle fracture.
6. Sketch and explain S N Curve.
7. Explain the three steps of fatigue failure.
8. What do you mean by stress concentration? Write down the equation for stress concentration
factor and name the variables in it.
9. What are stress cycles?
10. What are the features of a cracked surface that denotes the type of failure occurred?

For the following design situations which creep parameter should be selected ?
(a) Design of a nuclear power plant component.
(b) Design of turbine blades in military aircraft.
12. Name the three metallurgical/processing techniques that are employed to enhance creep
resistance of metal alloys.

13. Cite one reason why ceramic materials are, in general, harder yet more brittle than metals.
14. For a ceramic compound, what are the two characteristics of the component ions that
determine the crystal structure?
15. Would you expect Frenkel defects for anions to exist in ionic ceramics in relatively large
Why or why not?
16. Briefly answer the following:
(a) Why may there be significant scatter in the fracture strength for some given ceramic
(b) Why does fracture strength increase with decreasing specimen size?
17. What do you mean by Super alloy?
18. Write a short note on smart materials.