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Any change in inventory planning for E Comm V/S Conventional? Any key insigh

First we need to understand what are the obejectives in IP 1 Customer Satisfaction - timely delivery, right delivery blah blah
2 Forcasting needs
3 Controlling costs
4 Successful storage
What are the activities in a typical one?

1 Planning of inventories ---> Will be needed in Ecomm, how much a

2 Procurement of inventories --->
Will be needed in Ecomm,
3 Receiving and inspection --> Important. Certain SLA levels have to
4 Storing and issuing inventory ---> External in nature. Ecomm to ha
5 Recording receipt and issue of fresh inventory ----> Better than tra
6 Reverse logisitics --> IW traditionally never had reverse logistics un

(For sake of discussion - taking men's undergarments)

Here is a conventional package


In Type 1

The plastic cutout is useless because

The original intention was to preview color shade and
It is a more complicated packaging material with plas

In Type2

Assuming these type of boxes contain 2 to 3 underwears

The packaging efficiency is high, but is still not volum
A new packaging design can be proposed which is as
Here is the new packaging image

Point in its favour

Net vol savings
10cm sq

Why did people not go for this earlier?

1 This packaging will require
2 There is no way you could

Why should we go for it now

1 Since it is an online format
2 Van Huesen will be sending
3 The quality of box materia

What can we do to improve this packagi

You tell. It could be more manly shots on

Customer satisfaction

Write about ERP bullshit. Generic hai. Pelo

you can talk about schemes such as loy

tional? Any key insights?

delivery blah blah

n Ecomm, how much and implementation? Lets see later in detail

be needed in Ecomm, how much and implementation? Lets see later in detail
ain SLA levels have to be maintained as a huge number of SKUs will end up in one warehouse of say, A
nature. Ecomm to handle.
y ----> Better than traditional setup. More live updates. How to incorporate? Lets discuss
ad reverse logistics unless there is manufacturing defect (due to hygiene factors). Cant see a reason


eview color shade and material texture. Now in online format the consumer cannot do this. Hence avoi
ging material with plastic itself prone to damage in transit, causing defect rates to go high

h, but is still not volumetrically efficient
proposed which is as follows
Firsty, old package and new package will have same width, hence for sake of calculation it wi
We are modifying the length and depth of box
Note that in exisiting box, the IW has been rolled and guess says that the depth of package w
The exisitng length will be 5*3=15 cm (cylinder shape,dia common in depth and length)

ackaging image

(as a design reference)

If instead of rolling the IW, if we just put it like a napkin, there will be savings in depth. A typic
A typical under wear is 10 cm in length. Since we are stacking one over another, savings of 5
per box

Width of box = width of underwear (30cm) (the undie stretches to manly dimens
300 cm cube

ot go for this earlier?

packaging will require long shelf area, and in convetional places like malls, they are vertically challene
e is no way you could sneak peek all 3 undies at once

for it now
e it is an online format, people need not see the undie before making a purchase decision, hence no lo
Huesen will be sending in bulk, any savings in volume will reduce shipping cost
quality of box material/infrographics can make up for the loss of potential sex appeal

o improve this packaging's sex appeal

e more manly shots on the package, important infos, your company tagline etc. Think.

ic hai. Pelo

t schemes such as loyality points (as it is easier to track purchases). Baaki nai pata, pelo agar pel sako

ne warehouse of say, Amazon.

s discuss
s). Cant see a reason for distruption in this case either.


not do this. Hence avoid the extra cost.

o go high

ake of calculation it will be avoided

he depth of package will be 5cm

epth and length)

vings in depth. A typical under wear is 1cm thick. 3 under wears, 3 cm thickness
another, savings of 5cm

tches to manly dimension of 100cm etc, but its elastic would not be more than 30cm apart)

are vertically challeneged to put so many of these, hence original design

decision, hence no longer an active variable in decision making

ata, pelo agar pel sako.

0cm apart)