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906 5th Ave NE
Austin, MN 55912
(507) 210 - 4766
Winona State University
Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education
K-6 Teacher Preparation Program, first cohort
K-6 Licensure Program
In partnership with Austin Public Schools

Winona, MN
September 2015 Present

Riverland Community College

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Austin, MN
September 2006 May 2008

Blooming Prairie High School

High School Diploma

Blooming Prairie, MN
2002 2006

Winona State University
Austin, MN
Student Teaching
6 Week - Woodson Kindergarten Center/1601 4th Street SE, Austin, MN
July September 2016
Took initiative to deliver whole group lessons across all subject areas
Demonstrated cultural competency and sensitivity by differentiating instruction for culturally diverse learners
Fully integrated with the building staff and procedures to deliver a consistent learning experience
Austin Public Schools
Austin, MN
Student Tech Team Co-teacher
September 2016 Present
Developed curriculum for pilot high school course for technology support skills
Directly delivered content and instruction
Created assessment standards for course
Facilitated opportunities and trained students to independently develop solutions to problems using technology
Information Systems Technician
June 2012 Present
Responded to the technical needs of students, staff, and faculty
Developed district wide technology replacement plan
Received and responded to the entirety of the districts IT support requests
Supported nine sites through facilitation of communication about technical issues to IT department
Excelled in customer service support for highly technical content delivery to varying skill levels
Neveln After School Academy Program Director
Austin, MN
Hired, trained, and curated activity professionals for afterschool offerings
September 2012 June 2013
Managed all student logistics and parent communications
Developed and fostered community partnerships
Developed curriculum for afterschool programing: Beatboxing, Computer Class
Facilitated programing for 230 students annually, over 50% student body enrollment

General Education Computer Paraprofessional

Austin, MN
Responsible for the needs of four computer labs across two sites
September 2011 September 2013
Data entry and analysis of DIBELS for reading progress monitoring
Ensured a secure and stable online testing environment for students during standardized testing
Riverland Community College
Austin, MN
Be Your Best College Prep Academy
June 2007 August 2009
Piloted summer program for support of disadvantaged first-generation college students specific needs
Tutor for students with an emphasis on language learners and low socioeconomic status support
Mentored students to support social and academic success
Pioneered collective group art project
Winona State University
Austin, MN
Clinical Experience
I.J. Holton Intermediate School
January 2016 March 2016
Focused on 5th grade Social Studies curriculum
Provided whole-group instruction
Delivered week-long lessons to support and emphasize the design and engineer process
Sumner Elementary School
September 2015 November 2015
4th grade non-traditional learning environment
Focused on collaboration and cross-disciplinary learning
Implemented collaborative Literacy Circle lessons to engage in group reading techniques
Developed 5 weeks of lesson plans with cooperating teachers
Winona State University
Austin, MN
Gifted and Talented Symposium, Hormel Institution
July 2016
Attended sessions relating to Gifted & Talented educational needs
Gained tools for identifying and effectively supporting the needs of Gifted & Talented students
Riverland Community College
Austin, MN
Big Day on Campus, Student Ambassador
September 2006 June 2009
Monthly event throughout the school year for perspective students
Collaborated with Riverland Community College faculty and students to organize and deliver on-campus events
Speaker for recruitment events
Deans List, Winona State University
Fall 2015 - Present
Deans List, Riverland Community College
Fall 2006 Spring 2008
Phi Theta Kappa, Academic Honor Society
Fall 2006 Spring 2008
Spanish Interpreter Austin Public Schools
September 2011 - Present
Fostered communication for Spanish-speaking families at sites across the district
Maintained schedule for meetings to ensure the accessibility of services to all families
Provided training for policies and procedures at orientation
Interpreted IEP meetings for parents in a culturally sensitive manner
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