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SIOP Lesson Plan Template 2

Standard - 8.4.8.D
Compare conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations which have impacted the
history and development of the world.

THEME: World History

The student will be able to listen to and watch the video in order gain a strong
understanding of the axis and allied powers.
The student will be able to write notes on a graphic organizer in order to sufficiently
complete all of the lesson activities.

The student will be able to differentiate between the allied and axis powers that existed
during WWII.
The student will be able to apply the concepts that they learned from the lesson to answer
questions in about the topic.
The student will be able to compare the allied and axis powers based on their similarities
and differences.

LEARNING STRATEGIES: Smartboard allows for kinesthetic learners to be interactive in the

lesson. They are able to connect the content they are learning with the actions they are using
during the lesson. The video helps students who are both audio and visual learners. It provides
information on WWII by showing and stating what went on during those times and who the
powers were.


MATERIALS: Smartboard lesson, KWL chart, graphic organizer, Smartboard, Kahoot
(Building background)
The teachers will provide the student with a KWL chart. The student will write about the things
that they already know about WWII. The teachers and the student will talk about some of the
things that the student wants to know about WWII.

(Language and content objectives, comprehensible input, strategies, interaction, feedback)
The teacher will use the whole-brain teaching method of "mirrors" to explain the axis and allied
powers (comprehensible input). When that is completed, the teachers will introduce a video about
the powers of WWII to the student. Before starting the video, the teachers will pass out a graphic
organizer to the student. The student will be instructed to fill out the graphic organizer as she
watches and listens to the video being shown(Strategies). The student will have to fill out the

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SIOP Lesson Plan Template 2

graphic organizer while listening to the video to compare the two powers based on their
similarities and differences and organize thoughts on the two topics. Once the video is completed,
the student will be given an additional two minutes of wait-time to ensure that he/she is ready to
move on from the graphic organizer (interaction). When reviewing what the student put in the
graphic organizer, it is important to remember to give positive, yet constructive feedback in order
for the student to understand the content, but still feel comfortable in the classroom.


(Meaningful activities, interaction, strategies, practice and application, feedback)
The student will be instructed to pull the correct contries into the axis or allied globe "buckets"
(Meaningful activities). The teacher will apply the concept of "I do, we do, you do" (interaction).
In doing so, the teacher will pull one of the powers to the correct bucket. Then the teacher will
work with the student on another power. Last, the teacher will have the student complete the rest
of the powers on their own (strategies). As the student completes the activity, the smartboard will
guide the correct answers. If the student gets the answer incorrect, the teacher will ask the
student to explain why they thought the piece they pulled belonged to that power (feedback).
Once the student was finished, the teacher would have the student return to his/her seat and
finish the "L" of the KWL chart (practice and application).


(Review objectives and vocabulary, assess learning)
To finally assess the learning of the student, the teachers would pull up a Kahoot. The Kahoot is a
really fun activity that is interactive and allows the student to be assessed on their ability to
answer questions correctly and hastily. This would be the final assessment for the lesson to show
what the student learned. The student will encounter higher-order questioning during the Kahoot
when presented with two forms of propaganda from WWII and then will be asked to identify which
country that propaganda was from.

The Smartboard lesson will reiterate things mentioned in the video. The challenege will be for the
student to rememeber such information and without the KWL chart or graphic organizer, be able
to complete all three interactive, Smartboard activities.

(Reproduction of this material is restricted to use with Echevarria, Vogt, and Short, 2008. Making Content
Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model.)

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