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3rd Grade Classroom

The goal for my 3rd grade classroom was to set it up for student-teacher organization and
success. When you walk into our classroom, I want you to be able to feel the welcoming and
diverse environment surrounding you. To accomplish this goal, our classroom displays a fun
learning environment with all the supplies and materials needed to do so. Throughout this paper,
we will take you through a tour of our classroom and everything it has in it.
When you walk through the door, you are able to see the whole classroom. If you look
around you can see where everything is placed and how it all comes together as one. On your
right, there is a sink. Before entering the classroom, you must wash your hands to ensure we
keep all the germs away. As you walk pass the sink, you will see the reading area. The reading
area has a big circle rug in the center of it. Around the circle rug, we have placed bean bag chairs
for comfortable reading. The book stands and shelves consist of many books to choose from. The
books are culturally diverse, informational, yet fun, and appropriate for each childs reading
Next to the shelves in the reading area, is our focus wall (not pictured). This wall has
spelling words, vocabulary words, and specific thins we are working on each week. Below this
information on the wall, we have bins with extra pens, pencils, markers, crayons, and paper for
all the children to use in the classroom if they need it. This supplies especially helps our children
who have a hard time getting school supplies at home.
By the focus wall, you will see all the students tables and chairs. I arranged the students
tables to have a maximum of six children per table. These small sized groups will give the
students plenty of space to complete their assignments along with an opportunity to work
together and ask their peers questions in order to solve the problems theyre having.

By the supply bins in the back of the room, we have the childrens storage and clothes
stand. The children will store their backpacks, lunchboxes, and any other personal items in their
assigned storage bins. The clothes stand is used for their jackets, coats, or scarves depending on
the weather.
Next to the clothes stand, you will see our iPad stand. Students are assigned an iPad at the
beginning of the year. It is used to do work in class and easier access to the internet for group
time work. Students are required to sign their iPads in and out each day. iPads may be taken
home for homework use under certain circumstances, and must be cleared with me first. To
ensure that the iPads are not cracked, broken, etc. throughout the year, students are sent home
with a slip each year. This slip will make sure parents are aware of the insurance fee paid every
year by each family. The money will be reimbursed if the student doesnt crack, break, etc. the
iPad throughout the year.
After passing the iPad stand, you will see our homework bin (H.W. Bin). Upon arrival,
the children will place their homework that is due each day in this bin. The children will place
their homework in their assigned folder. I chose to have a homework bin, because with the tables
being so spread apart, it would be difficult to collect the homework between each table. Also,
some children may be uncomfortable with other children looking at their homework while its
being passed to the front. I also believe that it creates a sense of accomplishment by turning their
homework into their folder.
The teachers (my) desk is right next to the homework bin. I decided to use this set up,
because its easier for me to grab the homework out and grade it. The teachers (my) desk is
clearly off limits to students. The students are very aware of this rule. On a table next to my desk

(not pictured) is our classroom printer. Students may use this printer whenever as long as they
have permission to.
After walking by my desk, you will be at the front of the room. The front of the room
consists of our two easels and the smart board. The smart board is used for solving math
problems as a class, writing prompts for independent writing, or throughout our Weather Lesson
Plan. Next to the smartboard, is our calendar. On the calendar, we have todays date, the days of
the week, and what month it is. Depending on the month, we also talk about the holidays that
will occur. We do not limit these holidays to American holidays, but also of other cultures. On
some of the holidays, we may decide to have a class party for celebration.
On each side of the smart board, there are two easels set up. One easel has the list of class
jobs and leaders. Each week these jobs and leaders will change by rotating through the class
attendance sheet. The jobs and leaders include: attendance monitor, line leader, calendar helper,
teachers assistant, and clean-up crew. The attendance monitor will help me do that attendance in
the morning. The line leader will be in the front of the line whenever we leave the classroom as a
class. The calendar helper will help the teachers with the day of the week that we are on. The
teachers assistant will help with anything else that I need help with. The clean-up crew will
consist of the rest of the class. At the end of each day, they will help make sure the classroom is
left better than how we found it this morning. This creates a job for everyone, so we dont run
into any problems of students feeling left out.
On the second easel, there is the daily schedule. The purpose of the schedule is to create
order in the classroom. It will help our day flow in a structured manor. Below is a copy of our

8:00-8:05 Arrival
During this time, children make their way into the classroom. They will put away their
lunchboxes, backpacks, and coats in their own storage bins and on the clothes stands. They will
also turn in their homework in the H.W. Bin that is due for the day. Once they have put away
their belongings and turned in their homework, they will make their way to their assigned tables
and chairs.
8:05-8:15 Morning Meeting
At this time, the children are standing by for the morning meeting. The morning meeting is how
we start each day. We start each meeting with a greeting from me. We go over what we will
being doing that day. After the introduction, we move onto our Question of the Day (QOD). The
QOD is used as a warm up. It gets the students engaged for a full day of learning!
8:15-9:15 Reading Time
Reading Time is held around the circle rug. The students must pick up a book to read from the
shelves and book stands. The students can choose a spot around the classroom, to include the
beanbag chairs, and read with their groups. The students are divided into their reading groups
based on their reading levels.
9:15-9:45 Independent Writing
Once the students put their books away from Reading Time, the students make their way back to
their assigned tables and chairs. The students will be given a prompt to write about it. The
students can write a story, poem, song, or whatever they want to. The goal is to get the students
thinking, creating, and most importantly, writing. This will expand their knowledge and get
practice on proper grammar and sentence structure. These stories, poems, songs, etc. can be
continued the next day or until given a new prompt.
9:45-10:00 Break
After all this thinking, students need a break to re-group and get ready for the next activity.
During this time, children can use the restroom and get a drink of water. Its also a time to
socialize with their classmates briefly.
10:00-10:40 Social Studies
Social Studies is very similar to history. During this time, the children will be given their social
studies assignment. Normally this assignment includes reading this section out loud as a class
and then doing a reading check assignment individually. They will turn in their reading checks as
a grade.

10:40-11:25 Specials
Specials change based on what day it is. Although they change, specials will always be held
during this time. Specials include: P.E., Music, or Art.
11:25-12:05 Lunch
The students will come back from their special of the day and get their lunchboxes. The students
will line up and get ready for lunch. They will have 45 minutes to each lunch and socialize with
their classmates in the lunchroom.
12:05-12:50 Recess
Now its time to send the students outside (according to the weather) to enjoy some free time and
play. There will be recess monitors assigned to the students outside.
12:50-1:05 Break
The students will be given a break to wind down before heading back to class. They may use the
restroom and get a drink of water.
1:05-1:45 Science
After some fun out of the classroom, the children will come back and we will do our science
lesson. Sometimes this science lesson will include a lab as a demonstration. The students
science lesson may include reading, reading checks, labs or worksheets. This week, we will do
our Weather Lesson. See below:
1:45-2:25 Math
The students will move onto our math lesson. The math lesson may include worksheets, problem
solving on the white board as a class, timed drill worksheets, and discussion.
2:25-2:45 Final Discussion
This is the final meeting that we will have before the day is out. The students are free to ask any
questions about the day. We will also go over all the homework that will be due the next day.
2:45-3:00 Pack Up and Dismissal
The students will clean up their table area and pack up their backpacks, lunchboxes, and coats.
They will be dismissed by table to do so. Once they have packed up, they will line up to outside
for pickup.

As we make our way back to the door, you will pass our classroom rules on the wall. I
established these rules to enforce consistency to keep things fair. Children need discipline and
structure and our classroom provides that. Below is a copy of our classroom poster:
Classroom Rules:
1.) Work as a TEAM
3.) Be RESPECTFUL to everyone
5.) LISTEN when the teacher is talking
6.) RAISE your hand when you want to speak to the class
7.) FOLLOW directions
8.) Play SAFE
9.) ENCOURAGE others
10.) Keep your classroom CLEAN
You have now officially made it around my classroom. We appreciate you coming into
our classroom for a tour, and I hoped you enjoyed our classroom as much as we do!