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Key Differences first by stats:

Alexa Ranking - Automation Anywhere - 271,822
Alexa Ranking -Blue Prism -514,936
Automation Anywhere- More than 500 global enterprises use automation anywhere.

Blue Prism - over 100 customers from a wide variety of industries enjoying the benefit of Robotic Proc
Automation and their Virtual Workforce.

Both the companies have their respective software and they are both very good. Both the softwares a
very similar work. So they sell substitutes with each other and there is not much difference. However
data also suggests Automation Anywhere is a bigger brand with more clients. It is also more catered t
bigger clients.
Blue Prism
United Kingdom
Creates virtual workflow and Software Robots

Global Partner: Accenture

Regional Partner: Alsbridge, Avo consulting, The Burnie Group, Capgemini, Cognizant, Digital workforc
Genfour, HCL, HP Enterprise, Hexaware, IBM, id.mngmnt, Lattetud, Neeops, Premier Logic, Prodapt, Qu
Reveal Group, Rpai, Solai & Cameron Technologies, Sopra Steria, Symphony Ventures, Tech Mahindra,
Thoughtonomy, VANAD Group, Vector ITC Group, Virtual Operations, Virtusa & Voyager Solutions

Business Process Outsourcing, Telcos, Utilities & Energy, Financial Services, NHS & Healthcare, Capital
& Logistics

Automation Anywhere
United States
Automation Anywhere, Botfarm and Meet your Bots

Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG, Genpact, Infosys, Wipro,

Cognizant, EY, Als bridge, PWC, Dell, Exl, NTT Data, First
source, HGS & L&T
Mixed Industry