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It is undeniable that youth generation nowadays will be the next

leaders in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to educate them with the
characteristics of the good leader. For example, the leader needs to be able
to think outside of the box to solve the conflicts and try to create a win-win
situation if there is any problems occurred within two or more parties. They
also need to be exposed with the real life situations that are full with risks,
problems and conflicts as they need to learn how to handle those situations
that may occur in their lives for a few more years. They need to be able to
plan, organize, lead and control everything such as an event, their followers
and also themselves (emotions).
Besides that, the youth also need to be trained how to be a good
leader and show a good example to the followers as well as the correct way
how to plan and manage an event. For instance, they need to be able to give
clear instructions to their followers and make sure that their followers can
understand their needs and orders. This is because if the instructions are not
clear, misunderstanding may occur and it will be difficult to accomplish a
task when it happened. Hence, as a solution, all the students at International
Islamic University are compulsory to take the leadership and management
skill as one of their subjects during their studies at the university. This is
needed for the betterment of the students, the society, the nation and also
the world.


Since the first time I attended the leadership and management skills
class, there are many great lessons that I have learnt and acquired. During
the first class, I have learnt two important lessons from Miss Mahani Alang.
The first crucial thing that she taught us was that first impression cannot be
the first second impression. This means that our first impression when we
dealt with someone or some organizations is very important. We need to
show our positive side and our strengths when we first dealing with others.
For example, when we are attending an interview, make sure that we arrived
at the place early and take a good care of our appearances and attitudes
when we first introduced ourselves to others. The second lesson that I have
learnt during the first day was that we need to think outside of the box. As a
leader, we need to be creative and critical in solving problems. Think beyond
of what we can see and never ever give up in solving the problems or
conflicts that we faced in lives. If we as leaders easily give up and afraid to
try something new and take risks, imagine what will happen to our followers.
We are their role models, so we need to set a good example for them.
The next session of this class, I have watched and listened to 4
presentations from 4 different groups. In the first presentation, I have learnt
that a few things. The presenters told us some stories about the tortoise and
the rabbit. The first version of the story taught us that we need to try hard
and use our own strengths when we do certain tasks. Then, the second
version has taught us to never underestimate others who are below us and
we should not be proud of ourselves. We need to always remember that
everything that we have in this world is belongs to Allah and He can take
them whenever He wants. Therefore, we need to always remind ourselves to
be humble and kind to others every single time. After that, the third version

has taught us that we should not have enemies in lives, instead we should
have friends. If we cooperate with them in doing or completing any tasks, it
will make the task becomes easier to be handled. Thus, we need to
cooperate with others in lives in order to strengthen the relationship with
them and to lighten the burden of the works.
Then, for the second presentation, we have learnt about the lessons in
the book entitled Who Moved My Cheese?. In that book, there are also a few
lessons that can be learnt on changes. Some of them are we need to be
ready for changes and do not afraid of changes, instead we need to enjoy
them. It means that, many things will occur in our lives and some things will
change. When we faced the changes that happened in our lives, we do not
need to panic and be worried. Instead, we need to view on the positive sides
and be ready for the next changes. Life is unpredictable and thats what
makes it fun. However, we need to remind ourselves that everything
happened for reasons and some of the things that occurred may be the
consequences of our actions. As the saying goes, what we give, we will get it
back. Therefore, in order to get good things in lives, we need to give
beneficial things to others.
After that, the third presenters have sung some songs on leadership.
They were very creative and innovative. It shows that as leaders, we need to
be prepared for anything and they have shown that they managed to handle
the tasks that have been given to them. As for the last group, they explained
on the owner of Azman Hashim Complex who is very generous and has
contributed many things to IIUM. He also has contributed to IIUM in giving
the scholarship to those students who succeed in their studies. It shows that
even though he has become a successful and rich man as well as leader, he
is still very generous and kind towards others. It is also one of the
characteristics of good leaders that we need to have in ourselves. When we
have succeeded, do not forget to help and aid others who have difficulties in
their lives. Besides that, during the second class, we have also played a

game called look and listen. It taught us to listen to the instructions given
by the leader carefully and we need to be alert of any changes happened
during the game. I have learnt that it is very important to do tasks according
to the instructions given by the leaders. Hence, we should pay a good
attention to the leaders when they are giving out instructions to the
On the next class, it is my group turn to present. We need to present
on the book entitled Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. The book
has taught us that there are many differences between men and women in
the way they perceive things, express things and the way they view the
world. For instance, one of the chapters in the book taught us men love to fix
things and solve problems when they meet one. In contrast, women love to
share their problems and will be very happy when others listen to their
problems instead of fixing them. When man and woman do not understand
each other, both parties will fight as man will not be listening to the womans
stories and problems. The man will tend to solve the problems and expect
the woman to be happy when he does that. However, the woman will
become very angry, frustrated and disappointed when the man seems did
not listen to her stories. It shows that the way men and women react or
behave when they meet some situations are very different and it will cause
misunderstanding between them when they do not know about each others
differences. As leaders, we need to relate this with the institutions or
organizations that we handle. We need to understand these differences and
avoid doing mistakes in interacting with followers from different genders.
We have also learnt about the important of communication in the
second class. In order to communicate well with others, we need to choose
simple yet meaningful words and sentences that can touch the listeners
hearts. We need to consider the listeners backgrounds such as cultures and
educations when we interact with them. For example, we should avoid using
jargon words or any scientific terms when we explained something to the

school children as they might be bored listening to our speech as they did
not understand anything that we talked about.
For the next few sessions, there are many new things that I have
learnt. For example, I have learnt that we should not lie to others and we
should be responsible towards our actions. Moreover, I have also understood
that in becoming an amazing leader, we should be aware of sensitive issues
involving cultures and religions of different people. We should choose our
words wisely and avoid offending others when we speak or do something. If
we fail to observe this matter, we might lose our credibility and our followers
will no longer respect us as their leaders. In addition, during the leadership
class, I have also learnt that it is indeed important for us to plan everything
wisely before we do anything. If we fail to plan, it means that we are
planning to fail. Therefore, a good plan is indeed necessary for every actions
and activities that we are going to conduct. Furthermore, I have also got
some lessons regarding jotting notes. A pen or pencil is indeed one of the
greatest inventions that can help people in developing their lives and this
world. It is indeed one of the greatest weapons that have ever created by
people. By jotting notes and writing some points, we may be able to
memorize important details and we can make some improvement based on
our writings.
Other than that, we have also joined a community service programs in
cleaning the IIUM Gombak. Some of the students including me have been
given the tasks to clean the KICT compound. During the community service
program, we have realized that it is not an easy job to do. The weather was
very hot that day and we were very tired after cleaning the KICT compound
for about 1 to 2 hours. Imagine how did they cleaners worked from early in
the morning until late in the afternoon. It makes us to be grateful studying in
IIUM Gombak and acquiring knowledge that can help us to become a better
person in the future. We also feel very thankful to the cleaners who have
worked hard in cleaning the IIUM compounds. Last but not least, we feel very

grateful with our lives and it reminded us not to play around while studying
and we should be focusing in our studies while not forgetting to be involved
with the societies or other programs.

In the last session of this leadership class, we watched the movie

entitled Now You See Me and learnt that a leader should plan strategically
when they aim to do something. They need to imagine first what they need
to do and imagine their success in achieving the aims so that they can see
what are the things that they need to plan, organize, lead and control. They
need to be always prepared with some back up plans if their original plan
faced some problems or conflicts arose when the plan has been carried out.
In conclusion, the leaders need to think more than the normal people and
they need to identify and utilize their followers strengths in achieving the
aims of any programs or organizations that the leaders are currently
It is undeniably true that I have learnt so many things in the leadership
class and here, I will mention a few of them. First and foremost, the
leadership class has taught me to become a great leader and have
succeeded in letting me know my own strengths and weaknesses. I have also
learnt that a leader must set an amazing example for the followers and must
watch all his or her actions in order to maintain his or her credibility. This
class has also taught me that in order to become a remarkable leader, I need
to think outside of the box. I need to become creative and innovative in
handling problems as well as crisis. Other than that, I have also identified
that men and women have so many differences in the way we perceive
things, act towards something and understand everything surround us.
Hence, I have able to understand and tolerate with the men when it comes to
cooperating with them in completing tasks or handling programs.
Besides all that, I have also learnt the importance of writings and
choosing words in my speech. I have known that I should be very careful and
particular in choosing my words as they are going to show my personality

and behaviors. Moreover, I also learnt that in order to communicate well with
others, I have to choose the suitable words for the listeners or audiences.
This will make it easier for me to connect with them and touch their hearts.
In addition, I have also learnt to be grateful for what I have in my lives and
never looked down towards others. Even if I have succeeded in the future, I
should never forget to aid others who faced difficulties in their lives. I also
learnt to be humble and never be proud of what I have as everything belongs
to Allah, including myself. Any time and any minute, He may take everything
including my life. Furthermore, I have learnt that we need to have strategic
planning in every action or activity and we should cooperate with others to
lighten up the burden of the work.
All in all, I have learnt so many lessons that are very beneficial in my
lives. In Sha Allah, I will practice everything that I have learnt and make
betterment for myself, the society, the nation, Islam and the world.

All in all, this class has benefited me and my friends a lot. We have
learnt so many important lessons that we may never get in our academic
class. Some of the crucial skills that we need to acquire in order to live in this
world have we obtained during this class. The skills on how to communicate
with others, how to cooperate with others, how to influence others as well as
how to understand others have we acquired in the lessons of this class.
All of the things that I have learnt will not only benefit me during my
studying period, but it will also benefit me in the future, when I have worked,
married and become succeed in my life. Besides that, it will also give positive
impacts towards the development of the society, nation and the world as the
leaders is one of the important elements that shaped the world.
In conclusion, I want to thank all my classmates especially my group
members for giving good cooperation during this class. The most important
one that I want to thank is Miss Mahani, who has been making the class so
fun and interesting. She has given us food, refreshments, games and
activities that were very interesting and has taught us so many crucial
lessons. In Sha Allah, I will never forget the instructor, Miss Mahani, my
beloved classmates as well as the lessons that I have acquired during this
class. It will be one of the memorable events that I always keep in my heart.