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June 16, 2010
Serving Surrey and North Delta

Pay too slow, pay much more

Toll surcharges on new Port Mann Bridge slammed by NDP
by Jeff Nagel

MOTORISTS WHO use the new Port Mann Bridge and arent careful about
paying the bill fast will be charged sharply higher tolls.
The concession agreement governing the new toll bridge shows those who
dont pay within two full days of crossing may be charged $5.15 each way,
rather than the $2.85 base toll for those who pay quickly, pre-pay or have a
Opposition New Democrats, who
released the agreement obtained
under Freedom of Information, say
Many people will be
the government misled motorists paying $5.15 compared
by repeatedly promising Port Mann to the $3 they thought
tolls of $3 for regular vehicles.
Many people will be paying $5.15 it would be.
compared to the $3 they thought it
would be, NDP transportation critic Harry Bains
Harry Bains said. And we havent
seen the improvement in public
transit they promised.
He said its unreasonable to jack the price for those who dont pay within
two days.
You wont even get the bill within 48 hours in order to pay, he said.
Bains noted the video processing surcharge for those without transpon-
ders who dont pay promptly is significantly more than the equivalent extra
fee at the tolled Golden Ears Bridge.
ILLUSTRATION SUBMITTED It charges $2.75 for cars with transponders, $3.30 for those that are
Drivers who dont pay the toll for crossing the new Port Mann Bridge within two days stand to
pay nearly double, according to a concession agreement obtained by the New Democrats See MINISTER / Page 4

Breathalyzer evidence
allowed in Middelaer case
Mechanic and undercover ofcer also testify
by Tracy Holmes part of the police investigation. Berner is charged with
four counts impaired driving causing death, impaired
THE JUDGE in the case against a Delta woman accused driving causing bodily harm, dangerous driving causing
of impaired driving in the death of four-year-old Alexa death and dangerous driving causing bodily harm.
Middelaer has allowed breathalyzer evidence to be Judge Peder Gulbransen agreed to admit results of a
considered. roadside blood-alcohol screening device obtained from
The court also heard Monday from the mechanic Berner in May 2008 at the scene of the crash. LEADER FILE PHOTO
who inspected Carol Berners car after the crash, and Berners lawyer, David Tarnow, argued last week that Defendant Carol Berner, anked by defence counsel David
an undercover officer who befriended the accused as
See BERNER / Page 4 and Jason Tarnow.

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2010 Style Show with p

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of framchase
Sat., June 19 9am - 3pm es

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2 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader
Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 3

The charming killer

A Surrey con man is convicted of four murders in Delta, Richmond and Vancouver
by Dan Ferguson Yeung was pulled from the Fraser River near Vancouver International
Airport in 2005.
HE WOULD LEAN back slightly in the witness box as the prosecutor chal- Yeungs biological mother, Richmonds Margaret Kembo was reported
lenged his version of events, an occasional flash of irritation disrupting his missing in October of 2002. Her body has never been found.
calm demeanour. Mahs body was found in a hockey bag dumped at the foot of a Richmond
Surrey resident Charles Kembo is an admitted con man with a con mans slough near the Massey tunnel in 2004.
inflated belief in his ability to talk people into believing his stories. In a court, Kembo was up against veteran Crown Prosecutor Hank Reiner,
The 42-year-old represented himself to his victims as a rich, successful a methodical, patient questioner who made Kembo explain his improbable
businessman who drove an expensive Land Rover and dressed well, but it was stories over and over.
all a lie, funded with money from insurance scams and credit card fraud. Among other things, Kembo claimed his stepdaughter had been kid-
So when the Surrey resident took the stand in his own defence at his mur- napped by some mysterious men before her body was found and his ex-wife
der trial, all his tactics and techniques were there to see. had gone back to Hong Kong to be a nun.
With a relaxed manner, a faint smile and slightly superior attitude, Kembo Charles Kembo Kembo said when he appeared to confess to some of the murders while
attempted to suggest the criminal charges were no big deal, the result of talking to police who arrested him, he was distracted because he was more
bumbling by police and prosecutors who were just not smart enough to concerned about being charged with incest for having sex with his 21-year-
understand what really happened. old stepdaughter than he was about allegedly killing her.
But ultimately Kembo was unable to explain away the deaths of his stepdaughter, 21-year- He was not convincing.
old Rita Yeung of Richmond, his wife, 44-year-old Margaret Kembo of Richmond, 55-year- On Friday (June 11), a B.C, Supreme Court jury brought the lengthy trial to an end by
old Elvie Ma of Ladner, his mistress, and his business partner and friend Arden Samuel, 38, convicting Kembo of four counts of first degree murder, a verdict that carries an automatic
of Vancouver. sentence of life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years.
Samuel was found strangled to death in a Vancouver park in 2003. His lawyer is said to be considering an appeal.

Puckering up
to her pony
Alyssa Kennedy kisses
her two-year-old female
miniature horse Indy prior
to competing at the BC
Miniature Horse Clubs
2010 Spring Classic Show
at the Cloverdale Agriplex
on Saturday.

Surrey Liberals hold firm on HST

Despite colleagues stance, local MLAs still back the tax but say its introduction was a failure
by Kevin Diakiw and Alex Browne But Hogg said he continues to have issues with
the way the HST was introduced to the public,
ALL OF SURREYS Liberal MLAs are holding firm in even though he believes the new tax is a fait
their support of the controversial Harmonized Sales accompli that will serve the province well in the
Tax (HST) after one of their members quit last week long run.
over the issue. Hogg added that he supports, as a matter of
Blair Lekstrom, the Liberal MLA for Peace River democratic principle, the petition process anti-
South quit his position as provincial mining minis- HST campaigners are using in an attempt to
ter and the Liberal caucus over the HST. overthrow the tax.
Surrey area Liberal MLAs remain unwavering in Falcon Hayer Cadieux Hogg I appreciate the angst people have had over it,
their support of the tax. Hogg said, noting he has received many calls and
Kevin Falcon, Liberal MLA for Surrey-Clover- ports the HST because its the right decision. had many in-person meetings with constituents
dale, said he completely backs the HST. I still support it because I think its going to create who have not been shy in expressing their views. A lot
I do that acknowledging I cant imagine how we as jobs, Hayer said. I think its going to be good for the of people end up agreeing that this is probably a good
a government could have screwed up the roll out in the economy. On the other hand, we have done a very poor thing for the province, but the way it was done is wrong.
announcement of what we were doing any worse. job communicating that to the public. The announcement of the HST which came after
Falcon said the province has no ability to reverse the Gordon Hogg (Surrey-White Rock) and Stephanie election statements by Premier Gordon Campbell that it
HST decision, pointing out that its federal legislation. Cadieux (Surrey-Panorama) have also confirmed they
Dave Hayer, (Surrey-Tynehead) said he also still sup- still back the controversial tax. See LEKSTROM / Page 5
4 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader
Coffee with Dave

Got something on your mind?
Dave will buy your first cup of coffee!
Sat, July 3rd
Minister: Surcharges undetermined
3:15-4:30pm Motorists who set up pre-authorized toll payment
SALE! Everything
y g MUST GO! The Pantry Restaurant From page 1
in Guildford Mall
152 St & 104 Ave
through their bank or credit card would avoid the
70% the near London Drugs
detected by video but have registered in the system for surcharges altogether, Bond said, adding there will be
lowest New Office payment, and $3.90 for those who are unregistered other methods to pay as well, such as by cellphone.
up to OFF price! Location!
201-15135 101 Ave and are billed by mail. The agreement also indicates large trucks will
T: 604.586.3747 F: 604.584.4741 The rate structure in the Port Mann agreement pay half rate if they cross the Port Mann at night, an shows similar step-up rates for late payers with other encouragement to move cargo at off-peak times.
METROTOWN location only! 604.432-9552 DAVE S. HAYER MLA vehicle types $8.10 (versus $5.70 base toll) for small A 25 per cent discount will also apply to vehicles in
(Located underneath Shoppers Drug Mart) SURREY-TYNEHEAD the HOV lane.
trucks, $10.85 (versus $8.55 base) for large trucks and
$3.75 (versus $1.45 base) for motorcycles. Taxis, people with disabilities and registered car
Bains noted those prices are in 2009 dollars and are pool vehicles will all be exempt from tolls, Bond said.
likely to be higher when the bridge opens in 2013. Tolls on the Port Mann would rise by 2.5 per cent
Transportation minister Shirley Bond accused the each year, according to the agreement. A transponder
NDP of spreading misinformation and said the for the Golden Ears Bridge is also supposed to work
PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE surcharge rates listed in the agreement are maximum for the Port Mann, and vice-versa. Regular users
levels the actual surcharges are yet to be determined. would also be subject to a $1.25 monthly account fee.
We havent made a decision about what that The $2.4-billion project includes doubling the
additional cost will be, she said, calling extra fees nec- number of lanes throughout the Highway 1 corridor
AN INVITATION TO A essary to recoup the costs of billing some users. We from Vancouver to Langley. Its being financed entirely
have two years in which to have a discussion about by the provincial government, which will recoup the
PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE FOR A what is required for cost recovery. costs through tolls.
You are invited to a public open house to provide input on three possible
Berner: Befriended by undercover cop
locations for a childrens bike park that is to be located in the South From page 1 ment. Based on Berners test results, ting close to Berner, to determine
Newton community. The three parks under consideration are Panorama Image estimated her blood-alcohol if there was any criminal culpabil-
Village Park, Bob Rutledge Park and Goldstone Park. Const. Sarah Swallow, the first level at the time of the crash at ity with respect to the accident
officer at the scene, did not have between 73 and 107 mg/ml. involving Alexa.
The purpose of this Open House is to provide you with an opportunity to reasonable suspicion to carry out Mechanic Don Kirkpatrick testi- Between Oct. 10 and Dec. 10,
review and give input on three preliminary locations the City has been a blood-alcohol breath test at the fied he found significant damage 2008, a total of 16 Project Angel
reviewing in partnership with motivated children and youth from the scene. to Berners Oldsmobile, but no scenarios were carried out, involv-
South Newton community. Staff will be on hand to receive community In Mondays ruling, Gulbransen mechanical explanation for the ing multiple undercover officers.
feedback and priorities. This information will help us determine a said given that Berner told Swallow fatal crash. He conceded he was At the testifying officers first
preferred location for the proposed facility. she had consumed alcohol prior to not aware of a recall notice that meeting with Berner on Oct. 22,
the accident, it was certainly rea- indicated weld defects in nearly 2008, the accused disclosed every-
The Event will be held: sonable for the officer to suspect 4,000 of the cars that if the weld thing from how her son was getting
Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Berner had alcohol in her body. fails, loss of steering could result, married to how she once fantasized
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Alexa died after she was struck possibly in a vehicle crash. On about killing herself by stepping
by Berners vehicle May 17, 2008 re-examination, Kirkpatrick said he in front of a train, the officer said.
Location: Panorama Village Park saw no evidence of the weld failing. The latter was shared en route to
while feeding a horse at the side of
14899 57 Avenue, Surrey, BC a Ladner road. Her aunt, Daphne The court also heard from a Berners home when the officer and
If you have any questions, please call 604 501-5050. We look forward to Johanson, was seriously injured. female undercover officer who Berner were waiting for a train to
working closely with the neighbourhood to review potential locations for Tarnow said he was disap- befriended Berner as part of the pass. Berner was very open, and
pointed with the breathalyzer investigation. The officer who also spoke of raising three sons as
a bike park in the South Newton Community.
decision, but pointed to testimony cannot be identified by court order a single parent, and of a previous
from forensic alcohol specialist testified the Delta woman was abusive relationship.
Brian Image. Image told the court quick to share personal informa- The officer said Berner had a
people with a blood-alcohol level tion after they met at a pub. half-litre of red wine at the pub that between 30-100 mg/100 ml may The officers mission dubbed night, and two more glasses of wine
not show outward signs of impair- Project Angel was aimed at get- at her home. The trial continues.

NewtonBikePark_0616 1 6/7/10 3:42:28 PM


Whether your eyes are fixed firmly on the road or on your pocketbook, the new
AVID Touring-S from Yokohama outperforms. It offers a quiet comfortable ride and
long-lived performance you can rely on with a degree of stability and handling
that inspires confidence in challenging weather conditions. The Touring-S features
legendary Yokohama tread design and construction technology at a price that makes
precision driving affordable. And with a 5 year, 130,000 km. warranty, you know
youre going to be on tour for many years to come.
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OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm Sat. 9am-4pm Sun. 11am-5pm HAZARDOUS

7447 River Road, Delta | 604.946.5681 | | Toll free: 1.800.661.6113

Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 5

Lekstrom: Peace River MLA quit

Liberal caucus over HST debate
From page 3 the federal government Like Cadieux, Hogg Calvins Fresh Choice
legislation is there, and said he remains con- SWEET

our ability to stop it is vinced the HST will be GREEN SEEDLESS

would not be adopted


left many without gone, and was gone as of long-term benefit. HE
crucial information far back as when the Im not an expert on AL
about the benefits of a federal legislation was economics, but all the
voted on in November, information we have We Support
harmonized sales tax, Local Farmers
Hogg said. Hogg explained. received has said its a

Cadieux said she good thing, and all of
The perception that
people had been lied to fully understood Lek- the experts say it is, he HAPPY
has been a very difficult
thing to overcome, he
stroms position.
Blairs got to do what
I think thats why FATHER'S lb.
said, adding he believes
many Liberal MLAs Blair Lekstrom
he feels is right. He was
a great colleague and
its in effect in most
provinces except DAY
would echo his com- I respect his decision. Alberta, Saskatchewan
Blair thought the HST and Manitoba, and I Calvins Fresh Choice Calvins Fresh Choice
ments. caucus to serve as an SWEET LARGE FRESH SUPER SWEET
Cadieux said she, independent MLA. was the right decision believe it will soon be
too, has heard the Lekstrom, originally before, and then he everywhere. NEW ZEALAND
objections of anti-HST
campaigners in her
a supporter of the HST, changed his mind. But
Im still behind it 100
said it was clear his
constituents dont want per cent.
Hogg, who referred YOU DESERVE IT! CARROTS
I believe the HST is it and that the govern-
the right thing to do, ment has been unable to Lekstrom as a good
Cadieux said. The HST and close friend said

$ $
3 2
to sell the concept to
is really different, and the public. he appreciated that
with difference comes Last week, he urged many of the MLAs
angst. But its going to
benefit jobs, which is
going to benefit the
the government to
delay implementing
the HST for six months
supporters in Peace
River oppose the HST
because they own car
10 foforr 3 foforr
province in the longer dealerships that sell PLUS MANY MORE IN-STORE SPECIALS
to a year so that voters
term. could be consulted. a lot of vehicles to Prices in effect June 16-20, 2010 while quantities last. Sorry, no rainchecks.
The local MLAs Alberta, where the tax
This option was
JT Mann
comments followed
Lekstroms announce-
rejected by Campbell,
who said the HST is
is not in effect.
But even Blair said,
latterly, that this could
Great service is my promise! CALVINS FARM MARKET
ment that he has now federal law and Call me today to discuss all
stepped down from his B.C. had already spent be worked around, your real estate needs. 6477-120th St., Delta, B.C. Roger's

cabinet post as Minister Hogg noted. SUNSHINE HILLS SHOPPING CENTRE Video

or budgeted close to $1 Calvin's
of Energy, Mines and billion in federal transi- The HST wasnt 604-507-1368 X
his issue it was the
Petroleum Resources tion funds.

process. BUSINESS HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 9:30-7; Sun. 9:30-6

and had quit the Liberal The reality is that

Ask Stephanie MLA Stephanie Cadieux

Visit my website to ask the questions that matter SurreyPanorama Web:
to you, be heard, and see my responses. Twitter:

TIRES: 195/50R15V
$ 95 17 TIRE
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$ 95
199 $
95 16- 17- 18- 20- 22- 24- 26 $
799 95
6 The Surrey/North Delta Leader OPINION Published and printed by Black Press Ltd. at 5450 152 St., Surrey, B.C.
Wednesday June 16 2010


Crude thirst the

root of the problem
he images of oil-covered pelicans flopping around on deserted Louisiana
beaches are heartbreaking.
The numbers surrounding the oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico are
frightening; tens of millions of gallons of thick, poisonous crude gushing
unfettered into fishing beds and holiday beaches since April 20, hundreds of thou-
sands of metres of absorbent booms deployed to try to contain the slick, millions
of litres of toxic dispersant chemicals poured into the water to try to break up the
viscous goo.
And anyone including those who call Surrey or Delta home who believes they
wont be affected or shouldnt shoulder some of the blame for this environmental
catastrophe is fooling themselves.
Government officials and oil executives talk bravely about the amount of money
theyre willing to spend to make it right. But the toll of the disaster defies the debit
column on a ledger sheet.
How do you put a price on the death of sea life? How do you quantify the tourists
who wont vacation on Gulf beaches? How do you accurately account for the lost
livelihoods from fisheries that will likely be closed for years to come?
Its easy to blame British Petroleum, whose rig blew up. Its easy to cast a stink eye
to regulators who often succumb to industry pressure they can police themselves.
Its easy to denounce governments so hungry for huge tax revenues generated by oil
exploration and drilling they often ignore the warnings of environmentalists.
But we must all shoulder some of the blame. For the ongoing disaster in the Gulf
of Mexico. For the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska in 1989. Even for the mysterious
leak that sullied a stretch of the Burrard Inlet shore below the Chevron refinery in
North Americans are responsible for one-quarter of the worlds daily oil con-
sumption. And despite years of warnings that this finite resource is running out, our
consumption continues to increase by two per cent a year.
Until we come to grips with those numbers, and work seriously to reverse them,
well continue to compel oil companies to put our environment at risk to sate our
thirst for crude.


Biker Lekstrom runs for the hills

ne of the more memorable As we used to say in Dawson Creek, a strong economy and competitive tax Bill Bennett was quickly promoted to the
scenes of the B.C. Liberal era was well, duh. Its hardly surprising that Taylor regimes, government cannot afford to meet suddenly vacant energy portfolio.
the glamorous former finance recognizes this nefarious ideology, since she their continued demands for increased When reporters crowded into Campbells
minister Carole Taylor riding espoused it for four years in the investment in health care, office Friday morning, he was clearly shaken

around the legislature grounds on an old Campbell government. education, social services and by the latest twist in the HST saga. Asked
Harley driven by its proud owner, Peace Riv- One of her last moves as all other programs British about another new party rising in B.C., he
er South MLA Blair Lekstrom. finance minister was to phase Columbians enjoy, Lekstrom noted that anti-HST organizer Chris Dela-
Since rising from the mayors office in out the corporate capital tax. wrote. ney has had three runs at that. The most
Dawson Creek to provincial politics in 2001, Critics on the left portrayed her Right you are, Blair. Carole recent was the B.C. Conservatives, the only
Lekstrom has enjoyed his image as a tough, as a Gucci-shod aristocrat who Taylor couldnt have said party in 2009 to endorse the HST.
independent biker. His latest turn, before handed a $100 million gift from it better. This must be why Lekstroms latest brainwave, presented at
last weeks sudden exit from the B.C. Liberal taxpayers to the banks, then you supported the HST in last weeks cabinet meeting as his price for
caucus, was to grumble about new safety retired to a lucrative directorship the cabinet, the B.C. Liberal staying on, was a six-month time-out for the
legislation that outlaws those stupid little at the TD Bank. And of course caucus and then in a series of HST. Again, duh. The federal deal is done.
beanie helmets favoured by scientifically she looked splendid in green,
challenged Harley riders. implementing North Americas Tom Fletcher votes in the house.
Alas, Lekstrom writes, I
The PST is gone. The moneys spent. Where
would we find the billion dollars, Blair?
Now Lekstrom and Taylor have each first carbon tax, with key exemp- have reached the point where One Vancouver paper played up Lek-
taken their turn as media stars for their tions for big industrial emitters. my beliefs and values no stroms maverick image, with the obligatory
supposedly tough stance on the harmonized And now we have Lekstrom, who perhaps longer align with my government. Which Harley photo and a headline proclaiming
sales tax. should have protected his skull better dur- beliefs would those be, Blair? The ones on him Rebel With a Cause.
Taylor spoke three sentences on a CTV ing his wild years. He seems a bit dazed the record or the ones recently developed I think Tom Petty was closer. A rebel
panel show a few weeks ago that have been and confused about the HST, still vaguely in the coffee shops and car dealerships of without a clue.
spun ever since into a damnation of her praising it in his letter of resignation to Dawson Creek? Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and col-
former boss Gordon Campbell. She even Campbell. Its no secret that the HST is a daunting umnist for Black Press and
called the HST gasp! ideological in its I firmly believe that British Columbians prospect for regions that border Alberta.
tax shift from business to consumers. must be realistic and recognize that without Its no coincidence that East Kootenay MLA


604-575-2544 fax
The Surrey/North Delta Leader is a member of the British 2010
Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing
email: Classied 2010 winner
the provinces newspaper industry. The council considers newsroom@ 604-575-5555 Ma Murray Awards
complaints from the public about the conduct of member
newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints,
604-575-2073 fax
with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder.
If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your Address PUBLISHER DIRECTOR, SALES EDITOR CIRCULATION
Phone: 200-5450 152 St.
complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may
604-575-2744 Jim Mihaly AND MARKETING Paula Carlson MANAGER
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documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 604-575-2544 fax V3S 5J9
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Wednesday June 16 2010 LETTERS Surrey/North Delta Leader 7

Apply Energy alternative to oil is needed

tolls fairly THE HORROR and feeling of powerless-
ness Ive felt while watching the Gulf of
Mexico oil spill disaster is something Im
to electric cars in that country will
just be replacing one fossil fuel with
another because half of the electricity
I FEEL IT IS outrageous that some sure many others share. But none of our in the United States is produced from
bridges will be tolled while others hands are clean in this matter since we burning coal.
will not. all rely so heavily on petroleum products A solution must nevertheless be
Tolls should be applied equally, like gasoline. found, and if that means places where
fairly, and universally throughout One answer suggested by many is clean electricity can be produced eas-
Metro Vancouver or eliminated alto- to turn to electric cars in urban areas. ily, such as British Columbia, are to
gether. Why should some bridges This could possibly work well in Brit- supply places that cannot, then this
be 100 per cent subsidized by the ish Columbia where more than 90 must surely be preferable to the night-
government while citizens have to percent of our electricity is produced mare that has unfolded in the Gulf of
pay costly tolls for others? from clean hydroelectric sources. Mexico.
I am concerned that poor and However, until the United States
working class areas south of the A letter writer says the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico can find an alternative to burning coal Yolanda Lora Vilchis
Fraser will be paying too much. should prompt changes to cleaner energy sources. to produce its electricity, any move Surrey
I guess taxing people a premium

Seniors need better transportation

for using the Lions Gate Bridge is
out of the question since this bridge
is used by many people who can
actually afford to pay tolls and vote
for the provincial government.
Sorry, my mistake, there are no AT UNITED WAY of the Lower fewer social, family and religious their needs. A few communities Both have drivers that assist pas-
tolls on the Lions Gate Bridge. The Mainland, the regions seniors have trips. In other words, seniors who have made some real headway sengers on and off the vehicle,
government has decided to give the told us that accessible and afford- stop driving miss out on life. the North Shore Seniors Go- offer flexible routes and ones
relatively wealthy a toll break. able transportation simply get- What seniors want is transpor- Bus is a great example, so is the designed for seniors.
They have a better plan. ting around is the most critical tation services that accommodate Seniors Shoppers Bus in Mission. United Way, together with part-
Tax the people of Whalley and issue they face. ners like BCAAs Traffic Safety
North Surrey instead for crossing Why? Existing transportation Council, TransLink, the Ministry
the Patullo and provide piece meal systems are simply not age- of Healthy Living & Sport,
public transportation south of the friendly. The fear of falling on a and seniors on the community
Fraser. bus is widespread. planning tables we support are
Seems like Surrey is getting roy- Estimates suggest there may be working to make getting around
ally screwed over twice by the BC more than 30,000 older adults in for older adults, after the drivers
government. the Lower Mainland/Sea to Sky license is retired, a whole lot
Alex Sangha, Delta Corridor who stay home because easier.
they dont drive and dont have One in four people in the

access (or believe they have no region are going to be seniors in
access) to other forms of trans- just 20 years.
portation. We need to start investing in

force not
Studies show that, on average, age-friendly transportation so we
men can expect to live six years can all continue to get around.
and women can expect to live a Talk to your local councillor to
full 10 years without a drivers make sure seniors mobility and

license. the high quality of life that goes
Compared to older people who with it is on their mind.
drive, older non-drivers make 15
percent fewer trips to the doctor, FILE PHOTO / THE LEADER Beverley Pitman, PhD
RE: SURREY MOUNTIES Sued, The 59 percent fewer shopping and Existing transportation systems are not adequate for a growing Seniors Planner
Leader, June 9. restaurant trips, and 65 percent seniors population, argues a spokesperson for the United Way. United Way of the Lower Mainland
Constable Imran Saed of the
RCMP is facing criminal charges on
two accounts of assault stemming

HST went against an election promise

from an incident last year, and one
count of assault arising from an
incident in February of this year.
Another officer identified as only
John Doe is also charged in the RE: BLAIR LEKSTROM resignation. Is the HST likely a good tax? My only member of the B.C. legis- low MLAs who have long served
same February, 2010 incident. Governments are elected to personal belief is there are likely lature who seems to get it. The the province well. His legacy will
On the whole, I believe our police represent the people. longer term benefits to making people of this province do not not be any of the many good
forces are doing an admirable job in Having said that, it is foolish to this change. want this tax. As he identified decisions and projects completed
light of the difficulties they face each believe every decision they make But sometimes decisions made, when he resigned, it is not the during his several terms.
day. I understand that mistakes are will be popular, even with those regardless of their merits, must HST per se voters are objecting to, It will be the HST and the fact it
made where some situations esca- who voted them into power. There be reconsidered when the will of rather the manner in which this cost the Liberals the next election.
late. are times when governments the people is so clearly against an has been mishandled. I cannot and will not support a
However, there is no place for must make hard decisions and issue. Mr. Campbell may not stand for government who so clearly fails to
police officers who use excessive sometimes those decisions may To date, Mr. Lekstrom is the re-election, as may many of his fel- represent me as a taxpayer.
force, and bring disrepute to their cost an MLA re-election. For this While I will never cast a ballot
Brian Batke
reason, at least in my observation,
such decisions are usually made
in the early part of a governments
Resignation applauded in favor of the NDP, my decision
not to vote Liberal in the next
election may ultimately result in
their defeat and election of an
Write to us The B.C. Liberal party, which
should be clear to any thinking
KUDOS TO FORMER B.C. Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom for putting his
morals, character, accountability and constituents ahead of his political
NDP government.
To me, that is a truly unfortu-
newsroom@ person, reversed its position party. Finally a man in politics worth leading our great province. Premier nate but acceptable alternative to on the HST within weeks of re- Gordon Campbell and Finance Minister Colin Hansen should take heed the manner in which the Liberal
election. of this courageous act and follow suit. party are conducting themselves.
Call it what you may, but an British Columbians do not want the HST. We cannot afford to be taxed Thank you Mr. Lekstrom for
Letters to the editor must
election promise was broken. any further especially in the midst of the unstable economic environ- having the courage of your con-
identify writers by proper
Reports are some 80 per cent of ment. We have voted in strength and numbers undeniable. victions and not only listening,
name, and provide address
the electorate are against this new You have misspent our money for the last time, Premier Campbell, and but hearing the people of this
and phone numbers for
tax. In fact, more people have our wallets will no longer be a resource for your financial incompetence. province.
verification. The Leader
signed the HST petition than Blair Lekstrom for Premier. RW Davies
reserves the right to edit for
voted in the last election. Jeff Leggat, Maple Bay Surrey
brevity, clarity and legality.
8 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader

An artists rendering
released by
government shows
S U R R EY M U S E U M interior of new-
style modular
classroom. The
NEW picture notes that
EXHIBIT Rendering is not
the nal design. For
illustrative purposes

Set sail on the high seas of

the Surrey Museum!
Grab your hook and eye
New portable classrooms
patch and come on board for
a swashbuckling adventure
of villainy, plunder, and buried treasure. for all-day kindergarten
LEGO creations built by the Vancouver
LEGO Club showcase the world of pirates, Surrey and Delta to get updated modulars
from their ships, treasures, famous battles
Black Press Chimney Hill Elementary (four classrooms)
and weapons to their dress, possessions, Hillcrest Elementary (four classrooms)
grub and legends. NEW ALL-DAY kindergarten classes will be housed A.J. McLellan Elementary (eight classrooms)
in new-look modular classrooms that repre- T.E. Scott Elementary (eight classrooms)
On display May 22-August 28, 2010 sent an improvement over the spartan portable Hazelgrove Elementary (four classrooms)
classrooms of the past, the provincial government The modular classrooms were designed by a
announced Monday. committee that included educators and a represen-
Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 9:30am-5:30pm, Saturday: 10am-5pm Premier Gordon Campbell and Education Min- tative from the Surrey school district, a government
Admission: Adults: $5, Seniors & Students: $3.75, Child & Youth: $2.50, 5 and Under: Free ister Margaret MacDiarmid unveiled the details of press release said.
the kindergarten program Monday at an elemen- Naturally lit and energy-efficient, the modular
17710 56A Avenue, Surrey, "#s   tary school in Surrey. classrooms will provide a permanent, versatile solu-
Provincewide, the plans call for 133 modular tion with the same life span as a standard school
classrooms that can be dismantled and moved from classroom, said the statement.
district to district as needed, as well as additions to The expansion of kindergarten from half days to
existing schools. full days begins this fall is expected to be completed
In Surrey, the province will install 26 modulars for the 2011 school year.
at 20 schools and build six school additions, while The $144.5-million plan covers school additions,
Delta will get two modulars at two schools. renovations, modular classrooms, new school space The six Surrey schools scheduled to receive addi- and approximately $10 million to furnish and equip
tions to support full-day kindergarten are: classrooms, including the conversion of existing
Cambridge Elementary (four classrooms) space.


Your son comes home with a less Writing Skills: A student needs to be able to communicate the components that go into the particular skill area. Each
than stellar report card. Its no well on paper. Your child is marked on what he or she Sylvan assessment, whether in reading, writing, math, or
surprise to you because youve produces, such as term papers, essays and lab reports. If study skills takes approximately two hours each. A full
been on his case all year. Hes these are poorly written, marks go down. written report is then prepared for the parents and the details
failed English and Social Studies, Study Skills: If things such as note-taking, outlining, are explained in a follow-up parent conference.
but hes got an A in PE! listening skills, study strategies and time-management If your childs foundation skills are strong, then summer
Well, now your summer vacation skills are weak, homework often isnt done or its done school is the right place for him or her. But if any of the three
plans have to be changed and hes off to summer school. poorly and the report card will reect this. skill areas are weak, you may need to enroll your child in
But is summer school really the best long-term solution for If your child failed because of weaknesses in one or Sylvan this summer for better grades next fall.
your childs poor marks? more of the above skill areas, repeating the course has the
For many students, summer school can be a complete obvious benet of picking up a credit, but the underlying Sylvan Summer School Benets
waste of time, says Kathleen Casprowitz of Sylvan problem wont go away. That means next summer, too, can Sylvan starts with a diagnostic assessment to pinpoint
Learning. The problem is that summer school is a repeat of be spent in the classroom! your childs strengths and weaknesses.
the curriculum and often does not correct the real causes of A multifaceted approach may be a better strategy. A customized program is designed just for your child,
poor school performance, according to Casprowitz. Addressing reading, writing, or study-skills issues may allowing us to focus on his/her problem areas.
Parents need to become educational detectives; they need better serve your child in the long run in addition to or Sylvan starts with a students current capabilities and
to fully understand all the reasons their child has passed or in lieu of summer school. However, for most students from there builds the foundational skills needed to cope
failed a course. After 23 years in the business, Casprowitz needing extra help, more group instruction is often not the with the curriculum rather than only exposing them
maintains there is absolutely no reason for a student to fail answer. Many students need individualized instruction to (again) to the same curriculum they couldnt master in
English. If a student has these three skills, they should be hone in on their particular weaknesses, not just more time the rst place.
successful, she asserts: in the classroom. Our program provides for in-depth learning and mastery
Reading Skills: A student needs to be able to get the So how do you nd out your childs skill levels? The of material before a student moves on. The group does
information in. In other words, he or she needs to have Sylvan Skills Assessment is one of the best ways to broaden not set the pace.
good comprehension and vocabulary and the appropriate your knowledge of your childs skill levels and help you The schedule is exible because it is designed around
reading speed for the current grade. determine what is the best help for your son or daughter. the student, not tied to a set calendar. Thus, family
Sylvans assessments are based on nationally vacations need not be interrupted.
recognized tests and are extremely thorough, covering all
Many students
need individualized
instruction to hone Sylvan this summer...
in on their particular
weaknesses. better grades next fall. Reading Writing Math Study Skills

604.596.5451 Newton | 604.582.3332 Fleetwood | 604.532.0030 Langley

Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 9

Thank You!
School cutbacks proceed We would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous donations.
Without them our Dry Grad 2010 for our Sullivan Heights Secondary School
Surrey trustees slash $12 million from 2010-11 budget grads would not have been the success it was.
by Sheila Reynolds bers and teacher- dozens of new teach- It has not been 7 Seas (Southpointe)
( IGA (No. 10 Hwy/152nd
H /152nd StSStreet, Surrey) Pricesmart (Cloverdalee)
librarians into ers might have been fun this year, said Albert & Co. Haircare
H Image Group Inc. Quality Homes Energyy Improvemen
Improvements Ltd.
HE THOUGHT last regular classroom hired under better board chair Laurae BCAA Kanata Blanket Red Robin
years budget was dif- positions, financial McNally on Thurs- Big Ridge Restaurant Langara Collegee Continuing
Co Studie
dies Save-on-Foods (South th Point Surr
ficult to balance. saving more circum- day. We have a lot Boathouse
Bo Limbers Dance cewear Scottsdale Lanes
But after going than $5 mil- stances, its of unique challenges Canada Sportswear
Ca Lordco ((New
Lor ewton) Sea Pro Marine
through this years lion. It will expected in this district. Card
ocore Bootcamp Lovely
ely Swee
eets (Surrey) Senator Larry Campbell
ampbel ell
diaa Marketing
M Markk 1 HHair
airi Design
Desig St
arduous process mean about just a hand- We need to
Centrall Cit
CCityy Shopping Centre Mint Tanning
Min ng Storm
which saw the Sur- a 25 per cent ful will be continue to press Choices
ho Mark arket
ket Montanas Restaurant
M rant Sullivan
an He
Heights Secondary PAC
rey School District reduction in brought our needs with the Cineplex Oddeon on Moray Keith Thrifty Foo
oods (Grandview Corners)
pare more than $12 counselling on, the provincial govern- Coastline Deve velop
ment Murchison Thomson & Clarke LLP Tim Hortonss (64th
(6 Ave/144th St., S, Sur Surrey)
million from its bot- services in rest being ment, she added, Cobra Electric
ec Nandos Chicken (White Rock) Top in Town Pizza
tom line, secretary- schools and made up by referring to the Costco New York New York Vancouver
uver Canucksks
treasurer Wayne a marked Wayne Noye shifting the thousands Surrey is Dr. Maduke ke & Dr. Buulat O Delishh Fast
ODelish Fa Food Vancouver Whiteca
Noyes perspective reduction in specialty forced to spend on Foxridge Homes
Fo H Origin Health Walmart Supercentre
S rcentre re (Grandview
(Gr Corners)
changed. library time teachers portables and the Fraser
ser Downs Panorama Medical Clinic Wescan Charter Bus Liness (Del elta)
I think this year at some schools. into the classroom. carbon offset costs Guildfordd Town
To Centree Potters Western Fence & Gate
has been far, far In addition, Other cuts will hit the inefficient build-
more difficult, Noye remaining custodial ings create. Sullivan Heights Secondary Dry Grad
said after trustees speciality and clerical By law, B.C. school
passed the 2010-11 teachers staff, as well districts must sub-
operating budget
worthy nearly a
half-billion dollars
wont be
replaced for
as adminis-
tration, and
mit a balanced bud-
get to the provincial
David Hunter
Thursday evening.
If we look into the
future, it looks very
of less than
three days,
and main-
Breaking it
Garden Centers
challenging. shaving Supply and
As was revealed another $1.6 Laurae McNally resource

Be the Envy of your

Surrey School Dis-
in a preliminary million. budgets trict budget:
budget made public School were also 86% - instructional
in April, part of the enrolment in Surrey cut by $1.5 million. and classroom sup-
$12.3-million short- this fall is estimated The district also

fall will be made up at 67,580 students extended spring 11% - operations
by shifting specialty an increase of 1,248 break to two weeks and maintenance
teachers such as from the current for the coming 2% - administration
counsellors, learner year. year to save about >1% - transporta-
support team mem- While normally $600,000. tion
Grow David Austin Roses
Flower repeatedly all summer
Crescent Wines Fantastic fragrance
Winner of over 290 Winemaking Awards
CHATAWAY LAKES RESORT Including 216 International Awards Gigantic blooms
Lakeside Log Cabins - Campsites Over 150 Wine types and styles from around the world!
We do not use ning chemicals such as Kielsol or Chitosan in our wines. We ALWAYS use Filtered Water.
Facebook Chataway Lakes JUNE SPECIAL
250-378-0105 or 778-786-8820
8 Annual Charitable
25OFF $15 OFF 6-8 week
4-5 week

GARAGE 10324 Whalley Blvd.

604.584.WINE (9463)

SALE Offer expires June 30th, 2010

Saturday June 19th, 2010 Mattress Sale David A
Roses tin
from 8am to 2pm at 13498 - 73rd Avenue, Surrey

ttention All Business Owners

SAVINGS ON ALL Rose Charles Darwin
Reg ea
Effectii . $24.99 each ch
ve Jun
e 16th
to 20th
You Now Qualify For Full SERTA SLEEP SETS!
Fleet Lease-Discounts
FREE Delivery! FREE Removal of Old! FREE Gift!
Remember every W
d d is i
Gardeners Day
Save 10% on all regular priced
V 1500 merchandise.
PREFERRED EQUIPMENT GROUP, 4.3L V6, A/C, AM/FM Stereo, Folding Mirrors, OnStar.

NOW $ /mo $
0 Surrey
Flowers for all Occasions

15175 - 72nd Avenue

Tel. 604-590-2431 We ship world wide
CALL IAN 604-780-6302 MASONS 5765 - 176 St.
Dealer #5401

48 month term, includes
all factory incentives, OAC
10 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader

To our sponsors, Thank You!

cole Panorama Ridge Secondary Dry Grad 2010
Engelland to run for mayor
Applewood Country Gifts
Costco Surrey
Magic of Yeeri
Margareth Piccioni
Former Delta councillor aiming for 2011
Art Knapp Plantland Craig Retti Pacic Eye Doctors, by Philip Raphael fell short of unseating to see the 500-plus acres
Baljit Ranu Dry Grad 2010 Committee Dr White, Delta Mayor Lois Jackson in of land at Southlands
BC Hydro Fair Deal Tent Rentals Panorama Ridge PAC FORMER LONGTIME Delta coun- the 2008 Civic Election. actively farmed and not
BC Lions Fini Hair Co Pepperoni Cafe cillor Krista Engelland is giving Engelland feels she has developed with the 1,900
BCAA Fitness World Purdys Chocolates the Sept. 18 byelection a bye, and a good shot at winning homes property owner
Bella Sposa Fountain Tire Delta Red Bull Canada is instead setting her sights on next time around and Century Group has
Bill Parsons Remax Delta Future Shop School District No. 36 the mayors chair in 2011. put the Tsawwassen Area proposed on a third of
Boston Pizza Newton Gerry Enright Sky High Balloons Engelland had given serious Plan Review and con- the land which is zoned
Brewsters Pub Guildford Town Centre Starbucks Coffee Co. thought about running for the troversy over developing agricultural but is not part
Cactus Club Caf Delta Gold Star Jewellers Delta Steve & Dots seat made available after Coun. the Southlands property Engelland of the Agricultural Land
Canadian Tire Newton Surrey/N. Delta Leader George Hawksworth passed away at the forefront of her list Reserve.
Harbour Cruises
Can Am Importique The Gold Room Jewellers in March, but made the decision of campaign issues. Asked if she may be
International Stage Lines
Capilano Suspension Bridge The Keg to deal with some personal I am very disappointed in the starting a little too early for a
Island Tan Newton health issues instead of hitting whole area plan process and how campaign for mayor in Novem-
Casey St. Jones JR FM 93.7 Venetos Bakery
Central City Wild Bills Entertainment
the campaign trail. it has been handled, she said. ber 2011, Engelland said no.
Kraft Canada Inc. I had a good think about it The residents have not been I found that last time I started
City of Surrey L.E.A. Douglas Consulting over the weekend and decided I heard. They have been manipula- too late, so lesson learned, she
Coast Capital Savings Credit Liquor Distribution Board
Union wanted to come back healthy and ted, dragged through something said.
Lorne Cope strong, form a slate and challenge that shouldnt have taken place.
Cobra Electric
for mayor, said Engelland who Engelland said she would prefer

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any other coupons, specials or promotions. Must rst meet eligibility criteria to be accepted into a program. Costs of products are additional and at
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Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 11

Firestone FR710 All-Season Tires:
advertised in our current flyer
just mask
(ending June 10th)

r it i s ? the PAIN
P215/55R17 should be $129
P225/55R17 should be $144.
========================== A r t h e?
We apologize for any inconvenience this r t to be
it hu Get RID of the
Relationship troubles led may have caused. Does out pain for good
t r elief with
to apparent murder-suicide a n
W -ef fects? with a treatment
side that can quickly
by Dan Ferguson Police and the
coroners office have con- HUGE Lookin
g for lon
g las t ing result
resolve chronic
34-year-old Aaron
firmed that the couple
were the two involved SEMI ANNUAL
Ogrodnick and 25-year-
old Marianthi Teresa
in an apparent murder-
suicide last week.
CLEARANCE Effectiveness varies
from patient to patient.

Tsanas of Surrey said

he was a likeable man
and she was a vivacious
On June 3, Tsanas
was discovered critically
wounded in a Cloverdale
The never-married
neighbourhood about
five kilometres away Save% No rain checks.

Pain and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

couple had bought a
house together in a
Guildford neighbour-
hood and they both
from the home she pur-
chased with Ogrodnick
and a third person.
She died at the loca-
75 off
regular prices!
Covered under employee health care insurance benets.
worked for the same tion near 67 Avenue and Offer expires June 30/2010 Surrey
logistics warehouse
193 Street.
At least one stray bul-
8278 120th Street, Surrey 604-594-8453
201, 15149 #10 Hwy. 604-575-1331
Some people said let hit a house down the OTHER LOCATIONS:
there were rumours street from the shooting
the couple was having scene.
problems, but if they did, A few hours later, as
they kept their troubles police were moving in, TRUCKLOAD
to themselves.
I live right next door
Ogrodnick killed himself
with a gun while he was
store and more SALE
to them [and] I never, sitting in a pickup truck Family owned and operated since 1962
ever, heard them fight, in the 8500 block of 152
one man said. They
were good people, great
Street outside the house
she and Ogrodnick once
on select

Two airlifted All Front Load Laundry BEST VALUE!

Black Press
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NEW! 4.0 cu. ft.
TWO MEN were airlifted to Royal Columbian Hospital
after a car struck a tree in Surrey on Saturday night.
BEST PRICE! Maytag Performance
Series Front Load
Police said the car crashed on the east side of 152 Centennial
Maytag Commercial Laundry Pair
Street around 7:15 p.m. near 59 Avenue. One of the Technology (MCT) Maytag Maytag
$ 95
four male occupants was ejected into a nearby yard,
while two males were trapped inside the vehicle.
Their injuries are described as serious.
10-Year Warranty on Motor
and Wash Basket
Advanced Vibration Control
Fresh SpinTM Option

699 Refrigerator


Police believe alcohol, speed and aggressive driving NEW! 6.7 cu. ft.
were factors in the crash. SuperSize Capacity Plus
If you witnessed this collision, you are asked to call Maytag Performance
the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502. Free Series Front-Load
3 Year Electric Dryer Maytag
Extended Capacity: 6.7 cu. ft. Laundry
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Office Home and Student 2010 & Home and Business 2010 Product Warranty Suspention system
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604-584-4262 14817-108 AVENUE, SURREY visit our website for more exclusive online deals
12 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader

Spill closes Surrey park Murder confirmed

Ministry of Environment shuts down Hi-Knoll Park
by Kevin Diakiw booms to contain any possible
spill, but after consultation
in Whalley death
THE PROVINCE shut down a
section of park in east Clo-
with health officials the area
was closed to the public.
Body found in bushes last week
verdale last week over worries The area is a known spot by Kevin Diakiw Integrated Homicide Investigation
from a toxic spill into McLel- where kids play. Team (IHIT). Investigators are
lan Creek. McLellan Creek is home to THE WOMAN found dead in Whal- working to confirm the identity and
The Ministry of Environ- chum salmon, the official said, ley last week was murdered, police then notify the next of kin.
ment posted signs closing Hi- adding there is no evidence of now say. The woman is described as a
Knoll Park, at 54 Avenue and damage to the fishery. The body was found in the mulatto woman in her early 40s.
Colebrook Road Friday after The diesel could present a 13600-block of 104A Avenue early Details of the death are not being
concerns that toxic chemicals threat, but ministry officials last Wednesday (June 11). Police released by police at this time.
may have washed from ABC Concern about a possible are confident its not a signifi- have yet to confirm her identity. Anyone with information is asked
Metals, a metal recycling toxic spill into McLellan cant amount. We have a couple of strong to call the IHIT tip line at 1-877-
plant. Creek closed Hi-Knoll Park. Because the company was indicators as to the womans identity 551-IHIT. If you wish to remain
A ministry of environment quick to respond, no charges however its not yet confirmed, said anonymous, call Crimestoppers at
official said heavy rains may antifreeze into a storm drain are expected. Cpl. Dale Carr, spokesman for the 1-800-222-TIPS.
have washed hydrocarbons, leading into the creek.
including diesel, grease and ABC Metals quickly set up

Denture Group
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Complimentary Consultation
604.582.2772 (Emergency No. 604.512.4148)
10115 Whalley Blvd, Surrey (behind Fresgos Restaurant)


Benetting RCTC Teaching & Mentorship
Programmes for Children & Youth

Friday June 25th, 2010

At the home of Judy Higginbotham
14357 26th Avenue, South Surrey

Champagne Reception 6:30pm

Music; Magic: Gourmet food: Live & Silent Auctions:
Complimentary Valet Parking

Surrey Arts Centre Box Ofce
Event Chair: Jas Salh
Sponsored Judy Higginbotham
Shirley Jensen

Jas Salh 604-488-9538 Royal Canadian Theatre Company

Judy Higginbotham 604-535-9196 Charity #80519 1749 RR0001
Shirley Jensen 604-313-2265

Campbells Gold Honey Farm

Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 13


Open from Dawn 5:11 AM to Dusk 9:16 PM

11// 3 OFF


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This is a very simple sale.
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No holds. No rain cheques. No returns LOCATIONS Exclusions to the sale include the
or exchanges on the sale day. Chris Corner of 192nd St. & 48th Ave., Surrey Willowtree collectibles carried at
Unit pricing supersedes multiple Store Manager our 192nd and Ocean Park stores
pricing. No mean or nasty customers. 152nd St. & 32nd Avenue 2124 - 128th Street, Ocean Park as well as our fresh cut ower
Personal shopping only. arrangements and gift certicates.
14 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader

Transit U-Pass unveiled for students

Doubts linger over viability in areas with poor bus service
by Jeff Nagel tional campuses that sign on. drives up use of the transit The original U-Pass serv-
But students in areas system. ing UBC has been credited
ALL POST-SECONDARY stu- underserved by transit are If it costs considerably with spurring a huge surge
dents in Metro Vancouver wondering if theyll be left more than TransLink will get in ridership allowing the
are being promised a $30 behind. Kwantlen Polytechnic from Victoria and from the university to rip up and
U-Pass giving them unlim- University students in Rich- pass fees, the system could redevelop parking lots but
ited transit access. mond, Surrey and Langley struggle to meet the demand it has also been blamed for
The announcement by see big problems in the new of new U-Pass holders and driving TransLink costs up
Premier Gordon Campbell arrangement. existing users. faster than fare revenue could
last Wednesday was hailed A lot of our students dont Thats maybe the $20-mil- keep up.
as a victory by some students live on a bus route, so were lion question, said Langley Most student groups
who for years had demanded concerned we could have a City Mayor Peter Fassbender, applauded the announce-
their university or college lot of students paying for a chair of the mayors council ment.
campuses get the same deal as service they simply cannot that oversees TransLink. The U-Pass is an invest-
UBC and SFU students, who use, said Matthew Todd, FILE PHOTO / THE LEADER But Fassbender said he is ment in the next generation,
have long had the heavily external affairs director for Students at all post-secondary institutions can now hopeful a warming relation- in the economy and the
discounted U-Pass. the Kwantlen Student Asso- pay a monthly fee for unlimited transit access. ship between area mayors, environment, said Nimmi
Students at institutions ciation. TransLink and the province Takkar, the B.C. chair of
that vote to adopt the U-Pass Unless TransLink increases will help forge a new funding the Canadian Federation of
would be required to pay for services to those areas or Thats my fear, Todd said. would have to be in or out of formula to finance a major Students.
it the extra $30 per month allows some students to opt We would have thousands of U-Pass they would not vote expansion of the transit sys- U-Pass prices will fall to
would be added to student out, he fears Kwantlen might students in Richmond paying individually. tem to serve all users. $30 at some existing institu-
fees but it would be much vote down a $30 U-Pass offer. $81 a month when they only TransLink officials had I believe the U-Pass is the tions where students cur-
cheaper than an $81 monthly That would be unfortunate, need to be paying $30. Or else no answers as to how much right decision at this time, rently pay more for the pass.
transit pass. he noted, because the pass we have students in Langley existing fare revenue might he said. There are still issues UBC and SFU keep their
The province is pledging would be fabulous for paying $30 per month for be lost when students shift to we need to address moving lower rates (UBC students
$20 million over three years students near the Richmond something they cant really the U-Pass or how costly it forward. It isnt just about stu- pay $25) until September of
to help TransLink cover the campus, where transit service use. Were in a no-win situ- will be to provide increased dents its about seniors and 2011, after which they will
increased costs of providing is better, especially with the ation. service to new campuses once everybody else who needs rise to $30.
more transit service to addi- opening of the Canada Line. All of Kwantlens campuses the U-Pass takes effect and access to transit.

You want to do it all. But you need to

make a good decision and not overextend
yourself in the process. We understand.
By working together, well help balance
your need list with your wish list. Then
its up to you how many rooms to renovate
and how many cities to explore. | 604.517.0100
Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 15

TransLink revenue is up, costs go down

Budget decit to shrink to $46 million
by Jeff Nagel Olympics were over Ears Bridge isnt attract- possible toll reductions, this year to generate running deficits and tions to translate to the
was still 19 per cent ing as many motorists to attract more traffic. an extra $130 mil- drawing down its bottom line and for a
A SURGE in transit rid- higher than the same as expected, and Although higher fuel lion, spokesman Ken reserves until 2012. restructuring of bus
ership that began with month of 2009. TransLink is consider- and parking taxes and Hardie said TransLink He said it will take service to start generat-
the 2010 Olympics and The tolled Golden ing options, including a fare hike took effect is expected to continue time for cost reduc- ing more revenue.
aggressive cost cutting
are helping TransLink
rein in its budget deficit.
Officials say the
transportation author-
ity is on track to cut
its annual deficit more
than 40 per cent, from
an estimated $79.3 mil-
lion for 2010 to $46.3
TransLink reported
revenues were $7.5
million higher than
planned in the first
quarter, while operating
expenses were nearly
$26 million lower.
For the quarter, an
expected $10 million
deficit turned into a $24
million surplus.
We intend to main-
tain that momentum
by taking every oppor-
tunity to control costs
and generate further
efficiencies, TransLink
CEO Ian Jarvis said.
Over the past two
years, TransLink has ter-
minated several senior
executives, left empty
positions vacant and
restructured some of its
operations shedding at
least 100 jobs in all.
Lower fuel prices, far
more passengers than
even expected during
the Olympics and a
trend of continuing
higher post-Games rid-
ership have all helped.
TransLink carried
51 per cent more
passengers during
February compared to a
year earlier and March
ridership after the

Black Press

IN A JOINT effort,
RCMP officers in Lang-
ley, Abbotsford and Sur-
rey discovered multiple
grow operations after
executing searches of five
properties spanning all
three municipalities.
Seven people were
arrested at the various
properties and mul-
tiple charges will be laid
ranging from theft of
electricity, production of
a controlled substance,
and possession for the
purpose of trafficking.
Over 1,800 marijuana
plants and in excess of 15
SURREY Store Hours
200 ST.

kilograms of marijuana 
CENTRE Mon. - Wed. &

bud were seized.


Riverside Heights  FR
10 Sat. 9:30 - 5:30
All seven arrested E
150 St.

108 Ave. R H
14887 - 108 Avenue Thur. & Fri.

+ WY
are set to appear in Fabricland
Fabricland 9:30 - 9
September. 604-930-9750 Sun. 11 - 5
16 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader


The Municipal Council of The Corporation of Delta will Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977 in single family homes; and that secondary suites are not
hold a Public Hearing, in accordance with the Local Amendment Bylaw No. 6837 included in the density regulations under the SFR and ISF
Government Act, to consider the following proposed To amend the Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977 by land use designations.
projects and related applications: rezoning a portion of the subject property (Rem. Lot 2) Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977
Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 from RS4 Single Family (610 m2) Residential to RS8 Single Amendment Bylaw No. 6852
Time: 7:00 p.m. Family (390 m2) Residential in order to permit a 2-lot sub- This amendment would permit secondary suites in single
Place: Council Chamber division and to retain an existing dwelling. family dwellings in the RS1, RS1-A, RS2, RS3, RS4, RS5, RS6,
Delta Municipal Hall Development Variance Permit LU005834 RS7, RS8, RD1, RD2, RM1, RM5, and RM6 Zones and would
4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent include the following text amendments:
Delta, BC V4K 3E2 To vary Section 305(a) of the Delta Zoning Bylaw No.
A Council meeting is scheduled to immediately follow this 2750, 1977 by waiving the front yard averaging re- (i) permit a maximum of one secondary suite for single
Public Hearing in the event Council wishes to give further quirement of 8.8 m for Lot A to allow a 6.5 m front yard family dwellings only;
consideration to any projects at that time. setback for a principal structure. (ii) limit the oor area of a secondary suite to no more
Project No. 1 Application for Rezoning and Development Staff Contact: Alex Cauduro 604.952.3163 than 40 percent of the total oor area of the building and
Variance Permit (File No. Web Location: Regular Meeting: May 17, 2010 E02 to a maximum of 90 m2;
LU005925) (iii) require that the oor area of a secondary suite is no
Project No. 3 Application for Rezoning and Development
Location: 5263 Central Variance Permit (File No. LU005897) less than 33 m2;
Avenue, Delta as shown (iv) require that all secondary suites meet the BC Building
outlined in bold on MAP Location: 5093 45 Avenue as shown outlined in bold on
MAP NO. 3 Code;
NO. 1
Applicant: Howard Smid Applicant: T.E. Andres (v) require one additional off-street parking space for a
Telephone: 604-946-1726 Homebuilding Ltd. secondary suite;
Proposal: Application for Telephone: 604.946.8876 (vi) prohibit a secondary suite in a single family dwelling
Rezoning and Development Proposal: Application for which is occupied by one or more boarders;
Variance Permit to allow a Rezoning and Develop- (vii) limit home occupations for the principal dwelling
2-lot single family subdivi- ment Variance Permit to unit and secondary suite to certain businesses that do not
sion, retention of an exist- allow a 3-lot subdivision. generate trafc;
ing dwelling on proposed MAP NO. 1 Delta Zoning Bylaw No. (viii) require permission in writing from the property
Lot 2, and construction of FILE NO. LU005925 2750, 1977 owner(s) to operate a home occupation in a secondary
a garage at the front of Amendment Bylaw No. suite; and
proposed Lot 2, and a new dwelling on proposed Lot 1. 6850 (ix) establish new denitions for the terms Cooking Facili-
Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977 To amend the Delta ties and Secondary Suite and revise the denition of the
Amendment Bylaw No. 6860 Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, MAP NO. 3 terms Dwelling Unit and Dwelling, Single Family.
FILE NO. LU005897
To amend the Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977 by re- 1977 by rezoning the Municipal Ticketing Information Bylaw No. 6639, 2007
zoning the subject property from RS2 Single Family (0.40 subject property from RM1
ha) Residential to RS7 Single Family (335 m2) Residential. Multiple Family (Duplex) Residential to RS7 Single Family Amendment Bylaw No. 6853
Development Variance Permit LU005925 (335 m2) Residential. This amendment would introduce a ne of $200.00 per
Development Variance Permit LU005897 day for property owners who are found to have:
To vary the Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977 as fol-
lows: To vary the Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977 as fol- (i) more than one secondary suite in a single family dwell-
lows: ing;
(i) Section 305(a) by waiving the front yard averaging
regulation and establishing a front setback of 7.4 m for (i) Section 632D by reducing the minimum rear yard (ii) a secondary suite that does not comply with the BC
proposed Lot 1; setback from 9 m to 8.27 m and the minimum side setback Building Code; or
(ii) Section 607.4(b)(iii) by increasing the maximum permit- on a anking street from 3.5 m to 2.9 m for the principal (iii) insufcient off-street parking.
ted horizontal distance between the front-most part of structure on proposed Lot 3; and
Staff Contact: John Hopkins 604.952.3155
an attached garage and the rear-most point of the front (ii) Section 636D by reducing the minimum average lot
elevation of the dwelling from 3 m to 3.76 m for pro- depth for subdivision from 30 m to 28.86 m for proposed Web Location: Regular Meeting: June 7, 2010 E06
posed Lot 1; Lots 1, 2 and 3. Additional information, copies of the bylaws, supporting
(iii) Section 607.5 by reducing the minimum permitted Staff Contact: Lisa King 604.952.3164 staff reports and any relevant background documentation
horizontal separation between the principal building and may be inspected until June 22, 2010.
Web Location: Regular Meeting: May 10, 2010 E04
an accessory structure (a detached garage) at the front Municipal Hall: Community Planning and
from 1.5 m to 0.96 m for proposed Lot 2; and Project No. 4 Application for amendments to The Corpo- Development Department
ration of Delta Ofcial Community Plan Bylaw No. 3950, Website:
(iv) Section 632D by reducing the minimum front setback 1985, the Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977 and the
for an accessory structure (a detached garage) from 12 Email:
Municipal Ticketing Information Bylaw No. 6639, 2007 Phone: 604.946.3380
m to 7.4 m, and the minimum side (northeast) setback for to permit secondary suites in single family dwellings.
the existing dwelling from 1.5 m to 1.3 m for proposed Hours: 8:00 am to 4:45 pm Monday, Tuesday,
(File No. LU005941) Wednesday, and Friday
Lot 2. Location: All lands zoned as RS1, RS1-A, RS2, RS3, RS4, RS5, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Thursday
To vary Section 5.2 of the Delta Subdivision and Develop- RS6, RS7, RS8, RD1, RD2, RM1, RM5, and RM6 Zones in
ment Standards Bylaw No. 5100, 1994 to accept cash- Delta Anyone who believes that their interest in property will
in-lieu of installation of ornamental street lighting and be affected by the proposed projects shall be given an
Applicant: The Corporation of Delta opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing on matters
concrete sidewalk. Telephone: 604.946.3380 contained in the bylaws and/or proposed by the applica-
Staff Contact: Tanya Mitchner 604.952.3472 Proposal: To amend The Corporation of Delta Ofcial tions.
Web Location: Regular Meeting: June 7, 2010 E04 Community Plan Bylaw No. 3950, 1985, the Delta Zon- Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to
Project No. 2 Application ing Bylaw No. 2750, 1977 and the Municipal Ticketing communicate to Council in advance of the Public Hearing,
for Rezoning and Develop- Information Bylaw No. 6639, 2007 in order to permit you can write to:
ment Variance Permit (File secondary suites in single family dwellings.
Mayor and Council
No. LU005834) The Corporation of Delta Ofcial Community Plan Bylaw 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent
Location: 5135 Central No. 3950, 1985 Delta, BC V4K 3E2
Avenue, Delta as shown in Amendment Bylaw No. 6851 Fax: 604.946.3390
bold on MAP NO. 2 This amendment would: Email:
Applicant: Frank Buonanno (i) include secondary suites in the description of the One To be considered, correspondence must be received by the
Telephone: 604-946-9308 and Two Unit Residential (R) land use designation in Sec- Ofce of the Municipal Clerk no later than 4:30 p.m. on
tion 1.9.1; and June 22, 2010
Proposal: Application for
Rezoning and Development (ii) indicate in Section 1.9.2 that zoning within the Single Please note that Council may not receive further submis-
Variance Permit to allow a Family Residential (SFR) and Inll Single Family Residential sions from the public or interested persons concerning
2-lot subdivision. MAP NO. 2 (ISF) land use designations may permit secondary suites any project after the Public Hearing has concluded.
FILE NO. LU005834

The Corporation of Delta

4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent
Delta BC V4K 3E2
Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 17

This years headliner:

Pancake Breakfast
at 9:30am
by donation

Activities for Everyone!

Kids Zone Youth Zone
Sunrise Seniors

Central City Saturday,

Plaza June 19
13450-102 Avenue 11:00am - 6pm

Central City Welcomes the Community

on June 19th For the Whalley Festival

Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Future Shop, The Brick, Urban Behavior, Winners, T&T, Zellers, Shoppers Drug Mart and more

18 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader

In a Class of Their Own

Written by Melanie Shim, DSBIA Student Intern

Theyre an icon on the Canadian

music scene with an amazing
list of hit songs. On Saturday,
June 19th Chilliwack will bring
their eclectic brand of rock n
roll to the 12th Annual Whalley
A CA M P U S FO R T H E F U T U R E Community Festival.
SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY Starting off with The Collectors,
Bill Henderson and gang changed
their name to parallel the change
in the bands personnel. The
word Chilliwack, meaning valley
of many streams, eventually
became their name and reected
REGISTER ONLINE the different directions the bands
music took. From Gregorian So, warm up your vocal chords
FOR SUMMER chants to native west coast music, because you will want to sing along
CAMPS NOW Chilliwack is musically innovative. when Chilliwack performs at the 12th
Annual Whalley Community Festival on
Experienced community festival
Saturday June 19th.
organizers know that music is a
wonderful catalyst to help bring people
together and have fun. Chilliwack is the
perfect group to perform
for the biggest one-day
community festival in
Games & Animation
Games Master I didnt know much about
Movie & Special Effects Camp [the Festival], admits lead
Experience University songwriter, vocalist and
Science AL!VE - Surrey guitarist Bill Henderson,
someone just wanted us
250, 102 Avenue, Surrey, BC, Canada V3T 0A3 - Tel: 778.782.7400 Fax: 778.782.7403 passionate about musics
ability to move people.
I think music is healthy
for people... music makes
people feel good and you
need to be in a positive
frame of mind to do well in life.

Have fun celebrating together Henderson hopes to continue

providing music for loyal and new fans
alike. Currently he is producing a live
with friends and family! concert DVD of a recent
Chilliwack concert where
the band celebrated the
40th anniversary of its rst
record release. Henderson
also wants to document
the bands entire history,
including what the band
did, where it came from
and what happened over
those 44 years.

Surrey Crime Prevention Society

Thank you Volunteers for your outstanding contribution!
Crime in Whalley is down.
We are proud to have been part
of the solution!
To nd out more


15-12484 82nd Ave., Surrey BC V3W 3E9
ph: 604-502-8555 fax: 604-502-8511 email:
Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 19

Local band opens for Chilliwack June 19th at

the Whalley Community Festival!
Written by Sarah St. John, DSBIA Student Intern

All About Jack is a local band with ve out of their six

members from Surrey and is not your average cover band.
The group has been together for almost 10 years, they have a
diverse musical repertoire.
June 2010 Take a good look.
Keyboard player Bruce Hayne says the band tries to pick
music that is recognizable and fun to dance to, but also a ITS FEST SEASON IN
little different than what most cover bands play and musically DOWNTOWN SURREY
challenging for the band. Their play list ranges from Journey to We all got in the partying mood during the Olympics.
Joe Cocker to Alanis Morissette to Elton John. Hayne says that With Holland Park, the venue of the only Celebration Site
music is what [they] love to do and that each member of the South of the Fraser, we were able to party close to home.
band has always had music in their lives. If fourteen days of activities and First-Class entertainment
left you wanting more, have no fear the festival season
Hayne says the band enjoys playing at community events
is here.
because it is a unique way of giving back to the community
and that the band is looking forward to playing for everyone at Starting off the season is the 12th Annual Whalley
the festival. Community Festival on Saturday, June 19th. The day
of fun and entertainment for all ages starts with a North
All About Jack is excited to perform on the main stage at the Surrey Lions Club Pancake Breakfast at 9:30 am and ends
Whalley Community Festival June 19th at 3:00pm before with the band Chilliwack from 4:30- 6 pm.
Chilliwack takes the stage at 4:30pm.
This year the festival is moving to a new location, Central
The Whalley Community Festival will take place on June 19th City Plaza on 102 Avenue and the front parking lot of the
from 11:00am-6:00pm at Central City Plaza, 13450 102 Avenue North Surrey Rec Centre, a move made necessary with the
and in the parking lot of the North Surrey Recreation Centre. construction of the new City Centre Library.
For more information about the band visit
We are very excited about our new location, says
For more information on the festival visit Lucie Matich, co-chair of the event. Its high prole
and easy to get to. Its a great venue to host our headliner,
Two new festivals in early July include the Fijian Festival
on July 3 and the Pride Festival on July 11, both at Holland

Whalleys Steve Gidora plays at the Whalley In mid-July, we can look forward to the 3rd annual Fusion
Fest, a two-day event focusing on food and music from

Community Guitarist and mandolin player Steve Gidora started his musical
career in Whalley at the Oak Avenue United Church Coffee
cultures around the world. Last year, over 60,000 people
attended the event and with the spectacular plans for 2010,
that record is sure to be broken. Mark your calendar for
Festival on House. Those who have been in the area for a while may know
him through his earlier bands the Wayside Singers or Bargain at Half
the Price.
July 17th & 18th so you will remember to attend this
Holland Park event.

June 19 He now plays with The Wheat in the Barley, a band whose cultural
background, Ukrainian, Celtic and Canadian, is reected in their
The Jamaican Festival will again be staged at Holland
Park on Sunday, August 1st and promises to be a fun
experience for the whole family.
Written by
Sarah St. John, DSBIA Student Intern
name. The band is made up of a wind specialist, percussion
The Downtown Surrey BIAs Movies Under the Stars
specialist, ddler, guitar and mandolin player, electric bass player, and
presented by Prospera returns to Holland Park. Four family-
accordion player. While the group can play a variety of historical friendly movies will be shown every Saturday in August.
and traditional songs, they have a very contemporary feel their This movie series has been gaining popularity since
music has been described as celtic blues in gypsy shoes. Their 2005. It brings people from all over Surrey and beyond
repertoire in the last few years has even included music written by to participate in the pre-movie fun and enjoy watching a
Gidora. movie under the stars.
The Wheat in the Barley is well known throughout BCs schools for The Downtown Surrey Business Improvement
their captivating educational performances. They recently returned Association is proud to sponsor events that attract people
from an extensive tour of schools in Northern BC. Through music, to the downtown core. As the mainstage sponsor for the
The Wheat in the Barley teach students about Canadian History Whalley Festival, the Kids Zone sponsor for Fusion Fest
and Canadas rich multicultural legacy. and the organizing sponsor of Movies Under the Stars, the
DSBIA is committed to a vibrant, innovative and livable
The band is looking forward to performing at this year Whalley downtown.
Community Festival. Gidora mentioned that last time they were
at the festival it was great to run into old friends. For more Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association
information about the band visit For
more information on the festival visit

Buy 1 Get 2 for % nd Special!

10 off
Tire 1/2 Price! All Brake Parts
and Labour

13654 - 104th Ave.,

Honestly driven. 604.588.1266 Expires June 30/2010 *Passenger & Light Truck vehicles only.
20 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader

Learn More about your Community at the

Whalley Community Festival!
Written by Sarah St. John, DSBIA Student Intern

With over seventy exhibitors, the Whalley Community as a discovery of self-motivation, understanding, also celebrating the wonderful diversity immigrants
Festival will be a great opportunity to learn more responsibility, commitment and inclusiveness. This bring to Surrey.
about the wide variety of organizations and programs year they are looking forward to promoting their new
that contribute to the vibrant community of Surrey. Strong Start program for preschool students. This is just a small sample of the groups attending
the 12th annual festival, so join your friends and
Jean Logan, Principal of Discovery Elementary School Other groups at this years festival include neighbours on June 19th from 11:00am-6:00pm at
sees the festival as a great opportunity for the SportAbility and DIVERSEcity Community Resources Central City Plaza, 13450 102 Avenue and in the
school to meet people in the community and share Society. SportAbility provides sport and recreation parking lot of the North Surrey Recreation Centre.
information. She is always impressed by the festival opportunities for people with physical disabilities - Visit for more information.
and how well supported it is by the community. recognizing the important role of exercise in improving
Discovery Elementary School is a program of choice quality of life. DIVERSEcity Community Resources
within the Surrey School District. The school offers Society offers a variety of programs to support new
an alternative education program that denes learning immigrants in their transition to Canadian living, while

A number of groups will be participating in the

Whalley Community Festival including ...
African Creations Smyley Bears
Association Francophone De Surrey South Fraser Community Services Society
BC Bottle Depot Association Sun Hang Do Martial Arts
The next time
you need BC Hydro Community Outreach Surrey Food Bank
Purchase $10.00 a prescription Burns Bog Conservation Society Surrey Hospice Society
worth of Pharmasave think Pharmasave.
There is a
Caregivers Network of Surrey/Delta
Childcare Canada
Surrey Natural Areas Partnership
Surrey Nature Centre
Brand Products and receive difference! CJSF Radio Surrey North Delta Meals on Wheels
a FREE Pharmasave DiverseCity Community Resources Society Surrey Public Library
Reusable Bag. Ecolocoop Surrey RCMP-District #1
Elegant Henna Designs By J.T. Surrey Urban Famers Market
Pharmasave Surrey Pharmasave Honey Bee Centre The Gecko Project-Human Early Learning

Offer Valid till June 30/2010
144s 69 ea
DELL Shopping Centre
10654 King George Hwy.
Immigrant Services Society of BC
Jamaican/ Canadian Cultural Association
Kidproof Canada
The Surrey Rent Bank - Newton Advocacy
Group Society
Trans Link Police
Kids Help Phone We can End all Violence against Women
Kla-how-eya Aboriginal Centre of SACS
Military Family Resource Centre

TOTAL CAR CARE. New Westminster Area Community

Newton Family Resource Program
Oak Avenue Neighourhood Hub Society
FREE LUBE, Operation Save H2O
Pacic Community Resources Society
OIL & FILTER CHANGE Partners in Parks-North Operations
with Pitt Meadows Paddling Club
Lifetime Guaranteed Princess House
Science Alive
Self Employment Entrepreneur
Well give you a FREE Lube, Oil & Filter change with the purchase Service Canada Center for Youth
and installation of Lifetime Guaranteed Brake Pads or Shoes. Simon Fraser University
Theyre guaranteed for as long as you own your car.
SMH Youth Clinic


Service includes:
Plus tax. Most vehicles.
s Change up to 5 litres of 5W/20
or 30 national branded oil
s Install new oil filter
s Lubricate chassis fittings

s Courtesy check
See o
ourr booth
at the Whalley Festival
Central City Shopping Centre
N Ceentral City
2 for 1 Smoothie
with this ad
104 AVE S

13683 104th Ave. Frien

ndds off B
Blenz at the Central City Shopping

Buy any regular size beverage at regular Centre location only.

136A AVE

One coupon per customer.

price and receive a second beverage of Expires June 21st, 2010

*Most vehicles. Free oil change includes up to 5 litres of 5W/20 or 30 oil, new oil filter, chassis lubrication as required and courtesy check. Synthetic and other
equal or lesser value for free.
grades of oil extra. Environmental disposal and shop supply fees maybe charged, where permitted by law. See manager for limited guarantee terms. Not valid Expirres July 311, 2010.
with other brake offers. Up to 5 litres of oil. Synthetic and other grades of oil extra. Environmental disposal and shop supply fees may be charged, where
permitted by law. Cannot be combined with any other oil change offer. See manager for details. 2010 Midas Canada Inc. Visit Us Durrin
ng Whalley
ha Festival
Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 21

Entertainment Schedule
Main Stage
11 am Phoenix Red Shirts Youth Zone NSRC - Arena Two
11:30 am Sun Hang Do Martial Arts

Last Beat Standing Itinerary
12 noon Marion Torres
(subject to change)
12:15 pm Collabocall Productions featuring Praise Team,
Heavy Hittaz, Next Episode Saturday, June 19, 2010

1 pm Wheat in the Barley 12:00-12:30 Sign Up
2 pm Welcome 12:30-1:00 Showcase (wait for dancers

2:15 pm Central City Youth Talent Search Winners: performing at Main Stage)
Nhemy, Mathew, Nicole, Jugpreet 1:00-1:10 Cypher - Judges pair up crews
3 pm All About Jack 1:10-1:30 First Round
4:30 pm Chilliwack 1:30-1:40 Cypher - Judges eliminate crews
Plaza Stage 1:40-2:00 Second Round
2:00-2:30 Hip Hop Showcase / Popping Locking
12 noon Nicole Whitney Showcase / Judges Showcase
12:30 pm Yvonne Walters Country Dancers 2:30-2:45 Final Round
1:15 pm Classic Steps Dance Studio
2:30 pm Hawaiian Sunset Dancers
Kids Zone
12 noon- Storytelling presented by
2:30 pm Surrey Public Library
2:30- 3:30 pm Cinemazoo
Plus face painters and balloon artists.

why the
same old tie?

Come to Central City Shopping Centre to find the

prefect gift for Fathers Day that your Dad will
actually love! We have floating beverage coolers,
restaurant and coffee gift cards, GPS systems, golf
bag organizers, BBQ 18-piece tool sets, ihome
speaker systems, remote control caddys, designer
Let The Chips Fall Where
suits, casual and dress shoes (dont forget the ties),
They May electric razors, big screen tvs, movies, sports jerseys,
The Whalley Community Festival welcomes World Cup T-shirts, and more. We even have
all chocolate lovers to come and indulge
themselves in what should be a spectacular engraving on site for that special personalized gift. So
start to an eventful day. look no longer. We have the answers. Central City
For the past eleven years, the North Surrey Shopping Centre has gift ideas so great you will most
Lions Club has kicked off festival day by likely buy something for yourself while you are here.
putting on a pancake breakfast. This year,
with chocolate chips donated by Charlies
Chocolate Factory, the Lions Club will be Central City. Get Real. Go Shopping.
introducing chocolate chip pancakes to their
breakfast menu.
So come early and add a little sweetness to
the start of your Whalley Festival Day.

Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Future Shop, The Brick, Urban Behavior, Winners, T&T, Zellers, Shoppers Drug Mart and more
22 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader

The Whalley Community Association The Downtown Surrey Business
would like to thank the many people Improvement Association Summer
involved in the festival that contribute to Interns (Marie Cheung, Melanie Shim,
its success: Sarah St. John) for their enthusiasm and
A big thank you The planning committee including Lucie hard work.
Matich (Festival Co-Chair), Jane Anne Mayor Dianne Watts and Council for
to the sponsors and volunteers of our Anderson, Shelly Baxter, Roger Bose, their continued support of the Whalley
12th and
Annual Whalley Thank
ThankYouYou to
to our
Festival. Alan Champion, Tracey Gravel, Michelle
Mackay, Karen McGregor, Meagan
Community Festival.
Blackwood Partners for the use of
Community and Thank
Leaders You to our
See you Leaders
there! Sarnowski, Shaun Scott, Kerri Van Eaton the Central City Plaza and the City of
Community Leaderss and Anne Van Rhyn, who spent months Surrey for the use of the North Surrey
organizing the event. Rec Centre.
The volunteers who help on the day And our sponsors, for their continued
DONA CADMAN of the festival to insure everything runs nancial support that enables the festival
Member of Parliament smoothly. We would especially Phoenix to happen every year.
Drug & Alcohol Centre for their
Surrey North volunteer support. Thank-you for showing your support to
our community. Community spirit thrives
The City of Surrey Staff members in Whalley.
307-9808 King George Highway who assist during the planning process
Surrey, BC V3T 2V6 through to the clean-up on event day. Bonnie Burnside
Tel: (604) 586-2441 / Fax: (604) 586-2445 President, Whalley Community Association
The Whalley Community Festival Committee sponsors


Media Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors
Bruce Ralston, MLA
BASE Investment Corp

Silver Sponsors Dell

Shopping Centre


Bronze Sponsors
During the week were always serving up lots of fun in our lounges and on our
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Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 23

Calling all youth to bust a move June 19th

at the Whalley Community Festival!
Community Written by Sarah St. John, DSBIA Student Intern

At this years Whalley Community Festival there will be There will also be information about different programs
some mad dance crews in the house. Crews of four will and organizations in the community including Mobile Youth

show off their best break dancing moves and compete Outreach, Pacic Community Resources, RCMP, Options
in the B-Boy Battle. Some dancers wont be competing - and more!
just performing to showcase their best hip-hop, popping
and locking, and B-Boy moves. Showcases will include Besides adding spunk to the festival, the youth zone is a
performances from the judges Savage, Muggy Mugs, and great part of Whalley Community Festival that recognizes
Art. To sign up for the B-Boy Battle or to showcase your the important role teens play in the community.
moves email The youth zone will take place from 12:00pm-4:00pm at
If dancing is not your thing - no worries - there will many the North Surrey Recreation Centre, 10275 City Parkway.
other activities to take part in. In the youth zone there will For more information on other activities at the Whalley
also be a forty foot inatable lazer tag dome, a Wii Gaming Community Festival visit
Lounge, and three on three basketball.



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24 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader

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24 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader

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Wednesday June 16 2010 SPORTS The Surrey/North Delta Leader 25

Chiefs unbeaten in Whalley

Perfect play
at home
by Rick Kupchuk season, and Jordan McComb
with two RBIs were the offensive
A WEEK AFTER losing all four leaders.
games on a road trip to Vancouver Chris Fischer tossed a complete
Island, the Fraser Valley Chiefs game four-hitter in the first game
ended the losing streak with three Sunday, a 3-0 victory against Vic-
wins last weekend at Whalley Ball toria, improving his record to 5-2.
Park. He walked just three batters while
The Chiefs took advantage of striking out eight.
some stingy pitching to defeat Brandon Bufton supplied much
the North Shore Twins 4-0 Friday of the offence, belting a double
night, and sweep the visiting Vic- and a triple, driving in one run.
toria Eagles in a double header Dunbar was the winning
Sunday afternoon. pitcher in game two, giv-
The perfect weekend ing up an earned run on
vaulted Fraser Valley six hits in four innings
back into fifth place pitched in a 6-1 triumph.
in the 13-team B.C. The Chiefs nursed a
Premier Baseball League. 2-1 lead into the sixth
The Chiefs are now inning before scoring
15-12 on the season, four times to put the
locked in a three-way tie game out of reach. Mitch
with the Coquitlam Reds Dornblut drove in two
and Vancouver Cannons, runs with a based-loaded
five and a half games out Mitch Dornblut single, then scored
of first place. himself on a sacrifice fly
North Shore managed just two from Adam Quan.
hits and three walks of Chiefs The Chiefs will host the Okana-
starter Caleb Lefebvre Friday gan Athletics of Kelowna for two
night, as the Fraser Heights games Saturday, the first getting
Secondary student picked up his underway at 1 p.m. at Whalley
second win of the season. Stadium.
Justin Pilgrim and Alex Dunbar WILD PITCHES: Bufton sits
pitched the final three innings, second in the BCPBL in runs bat-
retiring the Twins in order in ted in with 22, two behind leader BOAZ JOSEPH / THE LEADER
each frame. Scott Jones of the Victoria Mari- Chris Fischer of the Fraser Valley Chiefs delivers a pitch during Sundays game against the Victoria
Justin Atkinson with two hits, ners. Bufton is tops in the league Eagles. Fischer threw a four-hitter in a 3-0 victory.
including his third double of the in home runs with three.

Blue Jays continue to chase first place

B.C. Premier League team wins three of four on the road
by Rick Kupchuk just a half game back of the 20-6 all were doubles off the bats of Popoff each had a pair of hits, with
Langley Blaze. Tyson Popoff, Hodgins and Alec Lavallee hitting a double and driv-
A HEARTBREAKING loss their only North Delta took a 3-0 lead after Manierka. Cam Challand had ing in two runs.
defeat of the weekend is all that three innings in Saturdays first a strong outing on the mound, Cam Frick got the win while
separates the North Delta Blue Jays game, and hung on for a 3-2 win with the two earned runs coming pitching in relief. Blue
from first place in the B.C. Premier despite managing just two hits in off eight hits and a pair of walks. Game two was not contest, as
Baseball League. the game. Challand struck out eight North Delta pounded out 12 hits Jays
The Jays won three of four One was a second- Cannons batters. in an 8-2 victory.
games, the lone loss coming in inning double by Trevor Having just five hits in Popoff led the offence with three Q Improved
the second of two contests with Hodgins, who scored two games Saturday, the hits, all singles, while Pentland won-lost record
the Vancouver Cannons Saturday later in the inning on a Blue Jays doubled that batted in three runs and smacked to 22-9
afternoon at Queens Park Sta- Cannons error. total in an 8-7 win in his first home run of the season.
dium. Two Jays pitchers the first half of Sundays Manierka also collected three hits, Q Currently
Trailing 2-0 after five innings, scattered five Vancouver double header in Coquit- while Hodgins had a pair of hits one-half game
North Delta scored two out runs hits. Quinn Allen got lam. and two RBIs. back of the
in both the sixth and seventh the start was picked up North Delta took a 5-2 Matt Tompkins was the winning Langley Blaze
innings, only to watch the Can- the win. He allowed one C.J. Pentland lead into the bottom of pitcher. He allowed two unearned
nons score the winner with a two- earned run on four hits in the sixth inning, then runs on six hits. He didnt issue a Q Will host the
out single in the bottom of the five innings pitched. Jeff allowed the Reds to score walk, and had a pair of strikeouts. Victoria Eagles
final frame for a 3-2 win. Bouchard got the save, striking out five times to take a two-run lead. The Blue Jays will play twice next weekend
Saturdays split and two wins a pair of batters in two innings of Three Blue Jays runs in the top again next weekend, hosting the
Sunday in Coquitlam over the relief. of the seventh lifted them to the 6-15 Victoria Eagles for a double
fifth-place Reds improved the In the second game, the Jays victory. header at Mackie Park. The first
Blue Jays won-lost record to 22-9, managed just three hits, but Reed Lavallee, Pentland and game is at noon.
26 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader

Family Bowling
SPECIAL! Shark Attack are B.C. champions
7 Days a Week!
Includes 2 hours bowling and shoes. Unbeaten at provincial tournament in Cloverdale
Up to 6 people per lane
by Rick Kupchuk Heat 3-0 in the cham- Surrey began round Bumblebees 4-0. Rus- Shark Attack over
5-7pm $40 /lane or 7-9pm $50 /lane pionship game, getting robin pay be edging sell netted a pair of the West Vancou-
Prices include GST
Reservations Required
WINNERS OF all five goals from Jessica the Heat 2-1, with goals, with Driscoll ver Crickets. Wall,
games, the Surrey Shark Anderegg, Harmeet Russell and Anderegg and Anderegg adding Anderegg and Driscoll
12033-84th Ave., Surrey 604-596-3924 Attack won the B.C. Shergill and Gillian getting the goals, and singles. Julia Allen, were the goal scorers,
Field Hockey under-18 Russell. Earlier in the Halle Nash called also called up from the with Kira Okada and
Tier 2 club champion- day, Molly Driscoll, up from the under-14 under-14 age group, Michelle Wessa cred-
ship at a tournament Carley Wall and Brett division playing a was in goal and earned ited with assists. at Cloverdale Athletic Tripp tallied in a 3-1 strong game in goal. a shutout, the first of The Shark Attack
Park June 4-6. semifinal win over The Shark Attack two on the day. was coached by Kevin

The Shark Attack the West Vancouver then blanked the She was also in goal Pereira.
blanked the Tri-City Grasshoppers. West Vancouver for a 3-0 win by the


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Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 27

Moving up at Ogopogo meet

Surrey gymnasts compete in Kelowna
by Rick Kupchuk second on pommel horse and and beam.
fourth on rings. Clarissa Rempel, 12, won an
IN WHAT WAS the last competi- Mikaela Noble, 14, topped the all around silver medal in the
tion of the current season, all around standings in the Level 4 Level 2 Tyro group, earning a first
members of the Surrey Gymnas- Open group, winning gold on bars place score on beam and placing
tic Society (SGS) prepared for and beam and placing fifth on fourth on vault and bars. RayAnne
next year by participating in the vault and floor. Quinn, 12, was one position
Ogopogo Invitational in Kelowna Hiroka Takeuchi, 12, moved up behind in the all around stand-
June 4-6. the Level 4 Novice category, and ings, placing third. She was first on
More than 500 gymnasts from earned a fourth place score on bars and second on floor.
B.C. and Alberta participated. bars. In Level 1 Argo, Sage Bishop-
This final competition gave This was a good outing for Beaurone, 9, was second all
many of our athletes the chance to Takeuchi, who moved up to this around after winning a gold
move up to the next level and test level for the first time, said Car- medal on beam, placing second
the waters for next year, said SGS roll. on bars and floor, and fifth on
head coach John Carroll. Many Emily Carroll also moved up, vault. Madison Plug, 10, won gold
of the kids had good results even competing in Level 3 Novice medals on bars and beam to place
with the bigger challenge. where she earned a fifth place fourth all around. Isabelle Louise,
Aidan Wilson, a 12-year-old score on bars. 10, won a silver medal on beam
from North Delta, won the all Salena Kropp, 12, used a second with Alexandria Godlewski, 10,
around gold medal in the boys place finish on floor and fifth was fifth on beam.
Level 3 category. He also won two place scores on bars and beam Chantal Palmer, 11, was third
event gold medals on vault and to win an all around silver medal on beam in Level 1 Tyro, while
parallel bars, and added silver in Level 3 Tyro. In the same 12-year-old Jessica Wood won
medals on rings and high bar category, Shanya Dhindsa won a silver medal on bars in Level 2
and a third place result on floor. the all around bronze medal, with Novice.
Surreys Kevin Hignell, 11, placed gold medal performances on vault


Jordy Rasode Invitational

Taj Sanghera of Deshmesh FC (front) and Surrey United Lions Tejinder
Besla battle for the ball during the Jordy Rasode Invitational soccer

tournament at Newton Athletic Park on Sunday.

n P R


Gesundheit Bakery - European Breads,
C h a l l e JUNGAETE1S 8 -2: 80AM TH
Buns and Strudels
OPEN 3000 HP, 6 HS
TS: 9 AM 230MP
HoneyBee Centre - Fresh Honey in Three

Eat It Up - Agave Nectar, Gluten-free, PRO MODS
Diabetic Friendly Bread, Pies and Cookies
Friday: $10.0
Locally Roasted Coffee
Simply Delish - Dried Layered Lentil
and Pasta Salads and more
u n d a y : $ 1 5 .00 FREE Pit Pa
Two Guys with Big Peppers - Award-
Saturday/ S &
winning Hot Sauces and Habanera Jams orslammers
and Jellies Pro Mods, D
Oasis - Fresh Salad Greens and Herbs
Stre e t C a r Shootout -
Outwest Ranches - Locally Raised Beef and
li fy in g S a tu rday : noon,
Qua on
Sunday at No
Free Range Eggs
ti o n s s ta rt
Judys Country Kitchen - Cookies, Bars,
Tarts, Seasoning and Soup Mixes, Preserves E
and much more
Glenwood Valley Farms Beer Garden Open
- Fresh Local Produce,
Preserves, Pickles and more Sat/Sun 11am - 5pm
Local Artisans and Crafters

from the
HoneyBee Centre
You wont believe the
Blueberry Honey!

d Hwy
Fresh salad greens
grown on site PLENTY OF FREE PARKING Dean Murdoch photos
For more details visit
Mission B
Next to the new Potters store ke

www. missionraceway
issi r
at the corner of 192nd St. & 48th Ave.
www .com
com or call 604.826.6315 or toll free 1.877.826.6315
Vendor Enquiries: Tammy 604-341-1434
28 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader


FATHERS DAY Sunday, June 20 2010

n the weeks leading up to this third Sunday in June,
mothers and children everywhere will be frantically
scrambling in an effort to find the perfect Fathers Day
present for Dad. But what do you get for the man who
has everything, or at least has everything he really needs?

They say that its easier to shop for a woman than a man
because choices for men are limited. This may be true,
but that shouldnt stop you from finding a gift that will
surprise the heck out of your father.
If you are totally lost as to what you should give your
father on Fathers Day, here is a tip that might help: Men
love original giftsoriginal in both the gesture as well as in
the gift itself. For example, most outdoorsmen
would love a set of quality mini-binoculars that come in
a practical carrying case. A doit-yourself-type Dad would
be thrilled to receive a multi-use tool. Many businessmen
who do a lot of traveling would love to have a lightweight
laptop or an electronic personal
assistant. If your dad is a barbecue fanatic, why not buy
him some cookbooks on the subject? If he is a wine lover,
how about enrolling him in a wine tasting course?
No matter how big they get, all men still have a little boy
inside them. A model boat or plane or even an electric
train set can be a great original gift. Some fathers may
laugh at this type of present, but dont be surprised
if one day you catch Dad downstairs in in the basement
play with his new toy.
Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 29

Fathers Day - an important family tradition.

or 58 years now, Canadians have set aside a special day each year to
pay tribute to fathers. In fact, it was the Americans who were the first to
initiate Fathers Day.
President John Calvin Coolidge, who led the U.S.
from 1924 to 1929, created this day, which was later
passed by legislation in 1952. 14 years later, in 1966,
Lyndon Johnson, the successor for John F. Kennedy,
officially declared that the third Sunday of June
would be henceforth dedicated to this special

Since its inception, Fathers Day has become an

important family tradition. Even if you tell your
father all year long how much you love and
appreciate him, Fathers Day is a great way to

Fathers Day
treat him to something really special. It can be Adults
Seniors 1099

Brunch Buffet
a day for strengthening your bond with your $ 99
Children 7
father, for telling him just how much you appreciate all the (10 & under)

little things he does for you over the years, or for surprising
him with a special gift. On Fathers Day, Dad is the centre Sunday, June 20, 9am - 2pm
of attention. f, scrambled eggs, f
o a s t bee ried ct,
rv ed r n cakes, bacon, sausage, chicken, eg s benedi
ca s, pa g
ed goods and m french toa it,
Most fathers have their own unique way of expressing their o tatoe fresh bak o r e . s t , f re s h fr u
p r t ,
feelings. Some are very open and affectionate, while others are se
des or enjoy dinner featuring . . .
a bit gruff and reserved. Regardless of how they show it, fathers 2pm-9pm
Dinners come with choice of cup of soup 8 oz
have an immense amount of love for their children. or salad, potato, veggies and dessert. NY Steak &
Garlic Prawns
Whether your Dad is 25 or 75, take time out on this special day to spend some
time with him. And even if he shrugs it off when you tell him how
much you love him, just remember that his heart will be overflowing with

emotion as he hears those special words. 8076 King George Hwy 604.596.2013 reservations recommended

8x Champ
Randy Nohr on
the court!


W IS 6!


Saturday, June 19 RESERVATIONS
versus WAVES tip off 7pm RECOMMENDED.
Langley Events Centre 604-587-6127
featuring Harte Music Recording Artist,
Kerry Lee Manuel and Gabbys Girls Dance Team!

Sunday, June 20
the Tide comes in, top off at 3pm
buy a ticket for yourself and get Dad in for free! 681'$<-81()$7+(56'$<%581&+
Celebrate Fathers Day with the titans!
Wednesday June 16 2010 LIFE The Surrey/North Delta Leader 30


Peter Bonell, an L.A. Matheson shop teacher and cancer survivor, will cycle from Kelowna to Delta in the Ride2Survive fundraiser on June 19.

Cycling for survival

A prostate cancer survivor is getting on his bike for a one-day, 400-kilometre trek
by Boaz Joseph The following year, after a stressful wait, he under- Bonell participated in last year.
went a successful surgery. Hell likely be cleared after I wanted to challenge myself, he explains. It

eter Bonells mother collapsed one day in 2002 seven years have passed, hes told. allows me to push my limits.
while hanging up the wash in her backyard in Im feeling good and fit, he says. The 388.4-kilometre ride will go west along
South Wales. Good enough for Bonell to cycle nearly 400 hilly Highway 97C from Kelowna to Merritt, southwest to
It was thought to be a heart attack, but it kilometres in a single day later this month for an Hope, then will wind along north of the Fraser River
I wanted turned out that the long-time smoker had developed
a large tumour that collapsed one of her lungs.
annual cancer fundraiser.
Bonell, an avid cyclist ever since he
to the Golden Ears Bridge. The last leg will wind
through Langley and Surrey and
to challenge She was given nine weeks to live, but survived for was 13 years old in the UK, will par- will finish late evening in North
two-and-a-half years. ticipate in Canadian Cancer Societys Delta at Caps South Shore Cycle,
myself. It Bonell, a Surrey high school shop teacher, flew Ride2Survive on June 19, a ride from video-online] 7917 120 St.
allows me back home four times while his mother struggled. Kelowna to Delta. Itll be about 14 hours in the
Under sedation, she slept through most of his first Some of the credit for his physical saddle, plus some time to rest, eat
to push my visit. fitness goes to three years of Bikram and repair.
limits. Every time, we thought we were going to lose
her, he says. It was very hard.
Hot Yoga which greatly helped with
an old knee injury and to the natural
Last year, riders started at 4
a.m. and arrived at 11 p.m. This
It wouldnt be the last time that the 59-year-old fitness of a former triathlete and bike commuter. year, organizers are hoping for a 3 a.m. start and an
Peter Bonell would deal with cancer. He cycles almost daily to his job at L.A. Matheson arrival before 10 p.m., assuming there are no major
An emergency appendectomy in the fall 2006 Secondary School, and has been training extra hard crashes or mechanical breakdowns along the way.
revealed that Bonell had prostate cancer a telltale on weekends in the North Shore to get used to hill- Things in life do happen. You have very little
spike in his PSA test level that might have diagnosed climbing. control over it sometimes.
it earlier was missed after some paperwork didnt go The ride will be more difficult than the Ride to For more information, visit
through the right channels. Conquer Cancer, a two-day, 250-kilometre ride


Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 31

Surreys Great Canadian Hair Do

Volunteers needed for Canada Day long weekend cancer fundraiser
LOOKING to do worlds leaders in cancer with the disease. during Surreys Canada at 176 Street and 64 the event, or to find an
something fun and research and greatly The Surrey Great Day Celebration at the Avenue. event in your area, visit
rewarding this Canada improve survival rates Canadian Hair Do Cloverdale Millennium For more informa- or call
Day long weekend? for those diagnosed event will be held July 1 Amphitheatre, located tion, to volunteer at 1-888-836-9786.
Volunteering at The
Terry Fox Foundations
newest fundraising
event The Great Cana-
dian Hair Do taking
place in Surrey may
just offer the kind of
hair-raising fun you are
looking for.
The Great Canadian Vikram Bubber
Hair Do, which is
Foundations Great control, volunteers will
Canadian Head Shave play an essential role
event that has taken and help to ensure the
place in previous years, event is as fun and suc-
is a unique event that cessful as possible.
offers participants a This year marks the

variety of ways to take 30th anniversary of
part. when Terry began The
From head shaving Marathon of Hope,

dying and wig wearing, forever change cancer PREVIOUS CIVIC TREASURES RECIPIENTS

Civic Who will be the next

the event has something research in this country
for everyone, whether and peoples perception
you are willing to go of what is possible.
bald or not. Although he was not
able to complete his

Surrey Civic Treasure?

mission, the thousands
of participants, volun-
teers and organizers
who take part in Terry
will play an Fox events each year are
able to carry on where
essential role. he left off and keep CA L L F O R 2 0 1 0 N O M I N AT I O N S
Terrys legacy alive.
Vikram Bubber As one of the most In 2008 Surrey was designated a Cultural Capital of Canada and one of the new programs funded
fiscally responsible by this award was the Surrey Civic Treasures program. This program recognizes and celebrates
charity organizations,
The Terry Fox Founda- Surreys highest achievers in the cultural sector, demonstrating that Surrey values arts and
All you need is a little tion prides itself in its heritage and those people who dedicate their lives and achieve success in these elds.
courage, a good sense of commitment to donat-
ing 87 cents of every Its time to launch the 2010 nomination process.
humor and a desire to
make a difference. dollar raised to cancer
research. Nominees should meet the following criteria: To submit a nomination:
Participants are
encouraged to seek According to Donna Be a Surrey resident, born in Surrey or have Provide a written submission of
pledges from friends, White, provincial direc- a strong connection to the City of Surrey. approximately 300 words to describe
family and co-workers, tor of The Foundations the nominee and outline their
B.C./Yukon Division, Demonstrate excellence and contribute
with funds raised accomplishments and contributions to
going to The Terry Fox this would not be signicantly to the appreciation and
possible without the development of culture in Surrey. the development and promotion of arts,
Foundation to aid in heritage, cultural industries, cultural
its mission of carrying numerous volunteers Reect the unique character and history
who generously donate tourism, multiculturalism or related
out Terrys dream for a of the City. advocacy and philanthropy in Surrey.
world free of cancer. their time to help out in
Vikram Bubber, the the office and at various Represent a signicant achievement in Please provide references to other
volunteer organizer for events. With only three the arts, heritage, cultural industries, individuals who may be able to provide
The Great Canadian full-time staff in our cultural tourism, multiculturalism or further support to this nomination.
Hair Do event, is office, the commitment related advocacy and philanthropy.
of our volunteers allows Provide the name, address and contact
a two-time cancer
survivor himself and a us to keep our adminis- information for the nominee and include
Terrys Team member. tration costs down, and your name and contact information.
There are a variety maximize the amount
of money that goes to
of tasks for volunteers,
the cause. Nominations must
who are needed from 9
a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on the To date, The Terry be submitted by: Please send these materials to:
day of the event, Bub- Fox Foundation has Monday, June 21st, 2010 Attention: 2010 Surrey Civic Treasures Award
ber says. From set-up raised more than $500
million for cancer Surrey Arts Centre
and take-down, to help- For further information please contact: 13750 88th Ave., Surrey, B.C. V3W 3L1
ing with registration, research. Manager, Arts Services at (604) 501-5566
This has helped to Or e-mail to:
the selling of merchan-
dise and even crowd make Canada one of the

JOIN US FOR The White Rock Players Club

presents Tickets
May 25
IN A Drama by Githa Sowerby COAST CAPITAL
WHITE ROCK Directed by Alan White
at the June 9 - 26 Wed. - Sat. 8:00 pm Sunday Matinee, June 20 at 2:30 pm
beautiful Tickets $16.00 Adults / $14.00 Students & Seniors 1532 Johnston Road
Coast Capital Box ofce hours: Tuesday - Saturday 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm - 604-536-7535
Playhouse or reserve on-line:
White Rock
32 Wednesday June 16 2010 Surrey North Delta Leader

years old. A wide variety of 535-1388 or visit www. course, great price. For more
CHILDREN programs will be offered: information, e-mail golf@
Sports, cooking, crafts and bgccs.bc.caor or call 591-
Want to keep the kids busy trips all over the Lower 9262, Ext. 244.
this summer? Hillside Boys Mainland. Your child has Submissions for Datebook should be emailed to A live butterfly release, an
and Girls Clubs Daycamp the option to attend for one Datebook runs in print on Wednesdays and Fridays with more events available annual charity event, will
and Youth Escape, which
will run July 5 to August
week or the whole summer.
The cost is $125 per week
online 24/7. take place June 25 at 2 p.m.
in the gardens of Fleetwood
27, will provide a fun-filled, for ages 6-9 and $140 per
Inclusive Communities from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Villa, 16028 83 Ave. Pledge The Hominum Fraser Valley
active and supervised
experience for children,
week for ages 10-12. Call
604-596-9595 for more
COMMUNITY and Workplaces Project the Eagle Quest Golf Club $10 to receive a box with chapter is a support and
who have completed (WICWP) information forum banquet rooms, 7778 152 your own butterfly to discussion group to help
information. A Welcoming and release. Event will be in gay, bi or questioning men
kindergarten to those 12 will take place June 17 St. Registration is at 8:30
a.m. Free. Lunch provided. the afternoon of June 25. with the challenges of
For more information, visit Butterflies must be reserved being married, separated by May 25. Call 604-590- or single. Its next meeting
2889 for details. All proceed is June 25 at 7:30 p.m. For
to the Grandmothers for information and meeting
Grandmothers in Africa
EVENTS Campaign.
location, call Don at 604-
329-9760 or Art at 604-
Cree poet Sky Dancer /
Louise B. Halfe will visit
Fraser Valley artists will
White Rock for a reading
from her works on June
hold the second-annual
Wine Tasting and Art
17 at 7:30 p.m. at the
Shopping event on June Sources Life Skills Resources
Pelican Rouge Coffee
27 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Centre presents One Hit
House in at the corner of
at Rivers Bend Winery, Wonders, June 16 and 17
152 Street and 16 Avenue.
15560 Colebrook Rd. at 7 p.m. at St. Michaels
This event is free, thanks
Original art selections Millenium Hall, 12996 60
to financial assistance
will include pastels, Ave. Get tickets are $10
from the Canada Council
watercolours, oils and in advance by calling 604-
through The Writers Union
acrylic. Ample parking 592-5599.
of Canada.
for the public. For more
information, call Ernie
Faessler at 604-581-4149. Magnetized Projections
The 45+ Hawaiian Theme
Dance takes place June presents The House of
19 at Star of the Sea Hall, Rock, featuring Wreckin
15262 Pacific. Free disco FUNDRAISING Crew, Silvernine, Kradle
hustle lesson with Roca and Jimmy Wet-Dog on
The Boys and Girls Club June 19 at 9:30 p.m. at
Blanca Dance from 7:30-
8:30 p.m. Old-time country Community Services of Envy Nightclub (formerly
rock and roll with Band on Delta/Richmond invites you Cheers), 11920 70 Ave.
June 19, 2010 the Run from 8:30 p.m. to
12:30 a.m. The $18 cost
to the 19th-annual Golf
Classic on June 21 at Kings
Doors open at 9 p.m.
Cover $10. For more
2 - 4 PM includes snacks and drinks.
Newcomers and couples
Links Golf Course, 3388
72 St. The cost is $125 per
information, call 604-
596-5967 or visit www.
welcome. Call Joy at 604- player. Great cause, great

#401 - 18682 Fraser Hwy., 10320 - 152nd Street

Surrey, BC Surrey, BC CARRIERS
of the Month
Name: Megan
Age: 13 years
Grade: 8
How long a carrier: 1 year
Number of papers: 96
Interests/Hobbies: Soccer and

Name: Oliver
Age: 14 years
Grade: 8
How long a carrier: 10 months
Number of papers: 153
Interests/Hobbies: Karate and
playing the guitar.

First 200 Customers will receive a FREE

Like It Size Signature Creation

To be a Carrier Call 604-575-5322

Surrey North Delta Leader Wednesday June 16 2010 33

Hail Caesar! and romaine lettuce

Three recipes to help steer you away from iceberg
Chicken Pecan dressing. Toss. Serve balsamic vinegar, brown Method: size bowl and place again. Top with the
Salad chefin your kitchen on chilled plates with sugar, and the oil. in the lettuce leaves. croutons. Approximate
sourdough bread slices. In a large bowl toss Select a large fry- Drizzle on the olive oil recipe cost for 6 por-
2 tbsp hot pepper sauce Approximate recipe cost together the almonds ing pan and fry the and toss to coat. tions: $7.
1/2 cup butter melted for 6-8 portions: $13. the Romaine lettuce, croutons gently until Sprinkle on the salt,
2/3 cup brown sugar strawberries, and the golden brown. Set aside. pepper to taste, the Send your questions
1 tsp Worcestershire Strawberry and Feta cheese. Prepare the Romaine lemon juice and the on any culinary topic to
Drizzle on the dress- leaves and keep in the Worcestershire sauce. A Chef in Your Kitchen,
sauce Feta Salad ing, toss and serve. Break in the eggs and P.O. Box 18627, Delta,
1 tbsp lemon juice refrigerator until ready
1 pinch of salt or to Approximate recipe cost to use. toss well to coat and B.C., V4K 4V7. Or
1 cup slivered almonds for 4-6 portions: $6. break up the eggs. Add email pokochef@telus.
taste 2 cloves garlic minced When ready to
Julius Pokomandy assemble select a good the cheese and toss net
1 pound coarsely 1 tsp honey
chopped pecans 1 tsp Dijon mustard Our Caesar Salad
6 skinless boneless Spread the coated 1/4 cup strawberry
chicken breasts pecans in a single layer vinegar Croutons:
1 tbsp olive oil on a baking sheet. 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp ground thyme Bake for 10 minutes 2 tbsp brown sugar 2 cups sourdough bread
1 pound of romaine let- stirring often and 1/2 cup good olive oil cut into 1/2 inch pieces
tuce torn, washed, and watching carefully 1 head of Romaine let- Garlic flavoured olive
well drained until lightly browned. tuce cleaned and torn oil to baste the croutons
1 cup cherry tomatoes, Remove from heat, into bite sized pieces
cut in halves and set aside. Rub the 2 cups strawberries, Salad:
1 cup fresh strawber- chicken pieces with the sliced
ries, halved olive oil, salt to taste 1 cup crumbled feta 2 medium heads of
1 cup seedless grapes and sprinkle with the cheese Romaine lettuce washed
1/2 cup liquid honey ground thyme. and torn
1/4 cup Dijon style Bake 20 minutes or 2 fresh perfect eggs
until the juices run Method:
mustard cooked exactly one
1/4 cup olive oil clear. When cooled a minute
little, slice into thin Select a skillet and
over medium heat, Salt and freshly ground
Method: strips. Combine the black pepper to taste
honey, mustard, and the cook almonds, stirring
frequently, until lightly 1/4 cup extra virgin
Preheat oven to 350F. olive oil. olive oil
In a salad bowl, toss browned. Remove from
In a bowl mix together heat and set aside. Juice of one lemon
the pepper sauce, butter, together the Romaine 1/2 tsp Worcestershire
In a bowl, prepare
brown sugar, Worces-
tershire sauce, lemon
lettuce chicken strips,
cherry tomato halves, the dressing by whisk-
ing together the garlic,
1/3 cup Parmigiano
Own or Rent Optional
juice, and salt. Mix the strawberries, and the
honey, Dijon mustard, Reggiano parmesan support services in a perfect blend
pecans in the bowl,
Drizzle on the raspberry vinegar, cheese for a retirement move with choice
tossing to coat evenly.
and independence
Hawaii Cruise!
Support staff and services you can rely on, helping everyday, every step of the way
ALL AGES Swing Dance
takes place Sundays
from 7:15-11 p.m. at The 12-nights! Sail right from Vancouver, see all of
Jump Joint, Unit 110, the Hawaiian Islands, fly back to Vancouver!
12332 Patullo Pl., next

Board Rhapsody of the Sea in Vancouver and set sail
to Excalibur Bowling. TOTAL CHARGES
Admission is $5. No
partner required. Spon-
for Hawaii! Enjoy full day stops in Hilo, Kona, Maui
(2 full days!) Kauai and Honolulu.
Includes your one-way f light home to Vancouver.
CDN/P, 2 Sharing
Avalon Gardens at Murrayville
sored by Sweet Swing Departs Sept. 17-29. Book by: June 19
Includes flight and transfers Show Suites are Open Every day from 12 - 4 pm,
Dance Co., instructors Complimentary
of lindy hop, the original
Great weather time! Add $150 to upgrade your cabin, enjoy a great post
cruise hotel in Waikiki, and to fly home non-stop!
22323 - 48 Avenue, in Avalon Gardens LUNCH
swing dance. Call Marie Park in our spacious driveway, and come in and register at the front desk
at 604-536-0195 or visit M-F 9-5
Sat. 10-3
8850 Walnut Grove Dr., Langley FOR TWO
www.sweetjesusjump A+ RELIABILITY
located 5 min. north of Hwy #1; 200 St exit
Call Mardie Wolsey at 604-613-4544 to arrange a tour with tour Call Today for details! 604-888-1756

Best Buy Correction Notice Best Buy Correction Notice

To our valued customers: We apologize for any inconvenience To our valued customers: We apologize for any inconvenience
caused by an error in our flyer dated: June 04 - June 10. Product: caused by an error in our flyer dated: June 11- June 17. Product:
Samsung Blu-ray Player (BD-C5500) On page 11 of this week's Acer 15.6" Laptop (AS5734Z-4958). Please note that the incorrect
flyer, please be advised that this product is priced at $49.99 Save price was advertised for this upgrade laptop found on page 19
$150 only with purchase of either 50" or 58" Samsung Plasma of the June 11 flyer. Customers can upgrade to this laptop for
HDTVs (Web Codes: 10143745/ 46). Otherwise regular price $100 more (regular price: $499.99), NOT $20 more (regular price:
($199.99) applies. SKU:10140537 $419.99), as previously advertised. SKU:1014602

Dont Miss A Moment

Do you have difficulty hearing conversation Hearing Centre
in a large group? Yes No
Does your family complain that the TV is too loud? Yes No Guildford Town Centre
Coquitlam Centre
If you answered yes call our office 604-464-8090
to book a hearing evaluation. Metrotown Centre
34 Wednesday June 16 2010 Classifieds 604-575-5555 Circulation 604-575-5344 Surrey North Delta Leader

Your community Your classifieds.


fax 604.575.2073 email

TRAVEL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61-76 FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Ser-
EES needed with 3/4 Ton or 1-Ton
vices will Sell/ Rent Your Unused RAHUL GLASS Ltd. in Surrey is hir-
CHILDREN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80-98 Timeshare for CASH! Over $78 Mil- pick up trucks to deliver new travel ing a f/t delivery driver to drive vans
lion Dollars offered in 2009! trailers & fth wheels from US & light trucks to pick up & deliver
EMPLOYMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102-198 manufacturers to dealers through- goods in the lower mainland. Must
(877) 624-6884 out Canada. Pref. Class 1 Lic. or have class 5 drivers licence with 2
BUSINESS SERVICES . . . . . . . . . . 203-387 3yrs towing exp. Top Pay! years exp. Person should be physi-
Call Craig 1-877-890-4523.
PETS & LIVESTOCK . . . . . . . . . . . 453-483
cally t to load & unload goods,
75 TRAVEL able to perform pre-trip inspection
MERCHANDISE FOR SALE . . . . . . 503-587 and use maps. Salary for this posi-
AT KIHEI, MAUI 114 DRIVERS/COURIER/ tion would be $15/hr with 40 hours
REAL ESTATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 603-696 per week + other benets. Interest-
1 & 2 bdrm Condos with car.
RENTALS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 703-757 Off season rates. 604-535-9446 TRUCKING ed applicants may email resumes
AUTOMOTIVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 804-862 BARNAS, Elizabeth SUNNY Spring Specials At Floridas DRIVERS, 5, needed for long
Best Beach-New Smyrna Beach haul, Class 1, Canada - US East
MARINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 903-920 passed away on June 7, 2010 Stay a week or longer Plan a beach
at Langley Memorial Hospital. Coast. 2 years exp, clean
wedding or family reunion. or Abstract, mountain winter exp.
She is predeceased by her Fax resumes to: 778-565-1075.
AGREEMENT loving husband Bela who 1-800-541-9621
Drivers and Owner /
made sure that Elizabeth was
It is agreed by any Display or taken care of by staff of NG CHILDREN Operators Reqd
Classified Advertiser requesting space Nair Place. For at deck and heavy haul
that the liability of the paper in the divisions of a busy Langley based
event of failure to publish an adver- Elizabeth was born October 83 CHILDCARE AVAILABLE company. Must be experienced.
tisement shall be limited to the 11, 1931 in Kiskinfeleggy, Fax resume: 604-888-2047

amount paid by the advertiser for that Hungary where she met her 33 INFORMATION A Licensed Family Daycare, TYNE- DUMP TRUCK DRIVERS wanted
husband Bela. On the way to HEAD CHILDRENS CENTRE is with experience. (Pup & Transfer).
portion of the advertising space #1 IN PARDONS. Remove your clean, well planned in a quiet area. Fax resumes to: 604-856-9172 or
occupied by the incorrect item only, Canada she had her son criminal record. Express Pardons Preschool program, ECE teach- for info call: 604-807-4040.
and that there shall be no liability in George in England. She offers the FASTEST pardons, ers. 8434-165 Street, Fleetwood.
settled in Langley with her LOWEST prices, and its GUARAN- 604-833-4856 OWNER/OPERATOR 115 EDUCATION
any event beyond the amount paid for TEED. BBB Accredited. FREE Con- Required by Fraser Valley
such advertisement. The publisher husband and son, where two sultation Toll-free 1-866-416-6772,
CATERPILLAR FUN HOUSE, lic. Become a Psychiatric Nurse - train
more sons were born, Bill and daycare. F/T spots. ECE & Montes- Building Supplies Inc. Full- locally via distance education, local
shall not be liable for slight changes sori qualied. Fun/loving/safe. Early time. Tandem axle with 300 and/or regional clinical placements,
or typographical errors that do not John. Elizabeth leaves behind literacy & pre-school program. N. SERIES CRANE REQD. Ex-
ADD YOUR business on and some regional classroom deliv-
lessen the value of an advertisement. many grandchildren and great Delta, 91/116. Jo at 778-438-2426 perience with lumber deliveries ery. Wages start at $29/hour. This
grandchildren. directo- in the lower mainland. Call 23 month program is recognized by
ry for province wide exposure! Quality childcare infants, toddlers
Mom we know pre-schoolers, nr 152/68 Ave. ECE. EMPLOYMENT/EDUCATION Dave Nick at (604) 820-1134. the CRPNBC. Govt funding may be cannot be Call 1-877-645-7704 Over 10 yrs of exp. 604-572-7896 available.
responsible for errors after the first you are nally free Toll-free: 1-87-STENBERG
day of publication of any advertise- we will miss you always. ATTENTION RESIDENTIAL SURREY, 67/127th. Little Monkeys 108 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 115 EDUCATION
ment. Notice of errors on the first day xxx received the CEP (CommonExperi-
Family Care has FT-PT spaces
avail. 6am - 6 pm. 778-991-5740.
should immediately be called to the No Service. Scattering of ence Payment), you may be eligible
attention of the Classified Department Ashes will be held at Victory for further cash compensation. To
see if you qualify, phone toll free A COKE & M&M A Career in Healthcare Administration
Memorial Park at a later date. 89 DAYCARE CENTERS
to be corrected for the following edi- 1-888-918-9336 now. Free service!
Vending Routes!
tion. PS. Loving Memory from BC Community Classied Ads -

Theresa and George. Reach 2.6 million readers in 120 Earn up to $100K with 50 reserves the newspapers through B.C. and
Yukon. If you are buying, selling or Locations in Your Area! HOSPITAL SUPPORT
right to revise, edit, classify or reject simply telling... It pays to spread the
any advertisment and to retain any word. Call this newspaper or: 1- 1-800-367-8409 ext. 6054 SPECIALIST
answers directed to the 866-669-9222. If youre looking for a rewarding career Box Reply Service IF YOU ARE BUYING, selling or ADD YOUR business on in hospital administration, this one of
and to repay the customer the sum simply telling... It pays to spread directo-
the word. Call this newspaper or: ry for province wide exposure! a kind diploma program will prepare
paid for the advertisment and box 1-866-669-9222. you for entry-level employment as an
Call 1-877-645-7704
rental. Admitting/Registration Clerk, Health
LITTLE STARS licensed daycare BE YOUR OWN BOSS with Great
Surrey has F/T spaces available. Canadian Dollar Store. New fran- Records Clerk, Diagnostic Imaging
DISCRIMINATORY 778-228-8453 or 604-592-2526 chise opportunities in your area.
Call 1-877-388-0123 ext. 229 or Clerk, Hospital Switchboard Operator,
LEGISLATION TOTS & TODDLERS visit our website: today.
Medical Secretary and much more. The
CLUBHOUSE typical wage upon graduation tends to
Advertisers are reminded that Licensed Daycare CLEANING CO. OFFERS cleaning be in the range of $19.00-$21.00/hr.
Provincial legislation forbids the pub- in Fleetwood contracts. Guarant. income $1000
lication of any advertisement which to $5000/mo. Call Mon. to Fri. be-
MURPHY, Larry Arthur Spaces Available, 0-5 years tween 8am to 4pm. 604-525-2117
discriminates against any person 1945 ~ 2010 Snacks, Large Outdoor area,
because of race, religion, sex, color, IF YOU ARE...
S Moving, Expecting A
Lots of fun activities. $$$ MAKE FAST CASH - Start
Your Own Business - Driveway
nationality, ancestry or place of origin, Larry passed away suddenly Baby
Please call to Register Sealing Systems, Possible payback
or age, unless the condition is justified on May 13, 2010 at his ranch S Planning A Wedding
604-375-4698 in 2 weeks. Part-time, Full-time. Change your life 604-580-2772
by a bona fide requirement for the S Anticipating Retirement CALL Today Toll-Free
at 70 Mile. He will be deeply 1-800-465-0024.
work involved. S Employment Opportunities
missed by his loving wife, 98 PRE-SCHOOLS Visit:

Christine, 2 sons, Robert and 604-530-6009 Mattress Cleaning & Sanitizing
COPYRIGHT Shawn (Angela) and 3 grand- We have Gifts & Information CASTLE MONTESSORI Business. New to Canada. Re-
children, Richard, Taje and
Structured prog, 2.5-6 yrs. Including
moves dust mites, bed bugs and
Start your new today!
harmful allergens The Green Way
Copyright and/or properties subsist in Shea, his 2 brothers Dan language, math, sensorial, geogra- Small Investment. Hygienitech
all advertisements and in all other (Marilyn) and Brian and many Looking for: phy & music by Montessori daycare 1-888-999-9030
provider, more than 20 years exp.
material appearing in this edition of nieces and nephews. Larry WILLIAM KENNETH MILLER 15957 80A Ave. Sry. 604-572-5593 Permission was predeceased by his par- School, 604-572-4642 Home START YOUR BUSINESS with
to reproduce wholly or in part and in ents Henry and Laura Murphy believed to be in this area. Any- $1000 down, Free Home Delivery
one having information regarding franchise, pet food & accessories,
any form whatsoever, particularly by a and sister Lorraine Jones. the whereabouts of Ken, please 180 franchises, high margin, low
photographic or offset process in a Born on September 23, 1945 notify us at: investment, online sales, Master
publication must be obtained in writ- in New Westminster, B.C. He Franchise also available, www.mul-, Toll-Free 1-877-462- NAIL
ing from the publisher. Any unautho- attended school in Cloverdale HAIR
rized reproduction will be subject to and relocated to Abbotsford in
recourse in law. 1974. He retired from Correc- children. Google: Candace Missing PROGRAM
tions Canada in 1997 to spend or visit:, and get 109 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Now
your chance at $100,000. Check
more time at his ranch at 70 out U-tube. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A Accepting
Mile where he enjoyed working NEW CAREER? Program
Advertise across the with horses and cattle. Larry DOES THE OKANAGAN Applications
will be sadly missed by his 041 PERSONALS
lower mainland in family and many friends. A We are seeking professional
the 17 best-read celebration of life will be held
Relationships, salespeople for BCs leading
auto dealership.Earn an excel-
Fraser Valley Academy of
from 1:00 - 3:00 on Saturday, FREE CALLS. 1-877-297-9883.
June 19, 2010 at Clay burn Exchange voice messages, voice lent income, in a successful
community Middle School, 35129 Labur-
mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live and progressive atmosphere.
adult casual conversations-1on1, We offer training and guidance
num, Abbotsford. 1-866-311-9640, Meet on chat-
newspapers. lines. Local Single Ladies. 1-877- to help you obtain long term
success. Forward Resumes
804-5381. (18+).
to: | Langley | 604.530.4677

LONG BEACH - Ucluelet -
Deluxe waterfront cabin, sleeps 6,
BBQ. Summer special,
4 nights $599. Pets Okay.
Rick 604-306-0891
Surrey North Delta Leader Classifieds 604-575-5555 Circulation 604-575-5344 Wednesday June 16 2010 35

w/exp & Secondary education to SHIPPING / PRODUCTION Calling All Successful
DGS CANADA look after elderly parents; providing Door distributor & manufacturer
has a Part-Time opportunity InSide Sales
timely meals & helping elders; pro- Representatives!
2 DAY viding required medication on time, available for 20hrs./wk. with our
providing care & assistance; help- growing company. Experience is We are seeking a successful
FORKLIFT ing in daily activities. Sal: $9/hr an asset. Must be career driven inside telephone salesper-
WEEKEND Knowledge of English. Punjabi an to join our dynamic team! son who is passionate about
COURSE asset. Email: Opportunity available for selling and servicing busi-
Contact Mr. Surjit @ Phone: 604- career advancement!
Competitive Wages. ness customers. Our sales
No Reservations Needed 250-6028 Location: Surrey, BC representatives contact ex-
Some great kids aged 12 to 18 F/T MON-FRI-for cleaning and rub- isting and new business cus-
Report to 19358 - 96 Ave., #215 who need a stable, caring bish removal company. Must be tomers, outbound selling
Surrey, Saturday 8:30am home for a few months. reliable, able to work in fast paced Fax resume: 604-881-2374 (B2B); multiple daily orders,
Are you looking for the environment,able to lift 50lbs+, valid E-mail: MFortuna@
604-888-3008 opportunity to do meaningful, drivers license req $13.52/Hr start, and a short sales cy-
fullling work? email cle. Intensive outbound
Preferred by Canadian sales is the focus with some
Employers Qualied applicants receive SUPERVISOR, F/T reqd. Sal:
REAL SMART Real Estate Classes, 5/wks.

training, support and F/T NETWORK $22/hr Duties: Supervise, & sched- inbound cross-selling and
remuneration. ADMINISTRATOR ule activities of staff; maintain upselling. This is a great op-
121 ESTHETICIANS record of supplies; hire & train new portunity with outstanding ESTHETICIAN
Funding is available for
modications to better equip
Best Seller for Fido in lower
mainland Vancouver is recruiting
staff; prepare work schedules; esti-
mate costs. Punjabi an asset. Con-
earning potential. We are an
& MAKE-UP ARTIST your home. A child at risk is an experienced, permanent full tact Navjot Fax: 904-590-3681. established business with
Reqd for busy day spa. Sales Exp. waiting for an open door. time Network Administrator. 2,000 employees with a
Office Administration Diploma an asset. Willing to train right Make it yours. Requirements:
S Diploma or Certication System
Loc: 103-14666-64th Ave, Sry, BC brand following throughout
individual. Please drop off resume Call 604-708-2628 the province. Check out our
administration /Computer tech.
Computerized Accounting Software at: Merle Norman Cosmetics & Day
Spa in Guildford Town Centre or fax S One or more years of network & Want to advance your career?
website at:
resume to: 604.597.3228 system administration experience Drillers Assistants (labour)
S Experienced in installing Net-
Payroll Specialist Advertise where clients
130 HELP WANTED works, Firewalls. Entry level positions
We offer:
Outstanding earning poten-
S Strong understanding of net- Job entails: tial. Base plus commission.
Microsoft Office Specialist look when they want to Adult Floaters working protocols & concepts. Two weeks paid holidays
Talented team members are Lift 25-100lbs, repetitive manual Excellent benets (medical,
travel... Required to deliver the competitively compensated with labor, working outdoors, long dental)
Universal E/I Supported Training Leader newspaper door- opportunities to share in the hours, travel in BC, strong work
Learning * Pension plan
Financial assistance may be to-door in the North Delta Companys nancial success. ethic, team player, multitasking,
Institute available to those who qualify. area. A reliable vehicle Start salary $22. - 28/hr depend- self-motivated. Ability to take
1 year successful sales ex-
ing upon experience and work direction, valid BC drivers
Surrey Campus: #203-10252 135 St. and a fair knowledge of knowledge. Interested applicant license, clean abstract, reliable perience preferred (B2B
the area is a must. Pls send resumes to: transportation. Mechanically telephone experience pre-
604-248-1242 (at the Central City Skytrain station) 115 EDUCATION call 604-575-5342 for inclined an asset. ferred)
abbywirelessworld Provide resume and drivers Outstanding sales skills
more information. abstract to:
Excellent communication
Become a Psychiatric Nurse
or fax: 778-395-6161 or fax to 604-888-4206. and interpersonal skills
ATTENTION!! No phone calls. Computer and time man-
Registration work HOLBROOK DYSON Logging agement skills
in your own community $14-18 hr/avg+
Ltd. has vacancies in the fol-
lowing jobs. 134 HOTEL, RESTAURANT,
Advertising, media experi-
No experience needed ence a plus
Full Industry training provided 1) Heavy Duty Mechanic FOOD SERVICES Email:
STUDENTS WELCOME (18+) Details can be seen at
Scholarship programs available Fax re- PASTA COOK needed with exp. for
Experience HUGE growth sumes to 250-287-9259 White Rock Restaurant. Free prk.
There is an urgent need for more Registered Psychiatric Call Today LIVE-IN CAREGIVER, F/T reqd. Approx. 30-35 hrs/wk. $13/hr.Call Surrey Retail Sales
Sal $10/hr Duties: Look after and Pierre after 1:30pm. (604)531-6261.
Nurses (RPN), particularly outside the urban areas of the 1-866-301-6829 supervision of Childs activities, Per- Professional
province. And with the workforce aging the average age of form household duties like prepar-
ing meal etc. Language: English
PIZZA COOKS Trail Appliances, the leader in
with Hindi/Arabic an asset. Loca- the appliance business, is looking
a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in BC is 47 years the number BEST WESTERN
tion: Brooke Rd, Delta, BC, V4C PBA Investment Inc. dba Cana- for an inside sales professional to
LANGLEY INN work in our Coquitlam location.
of retirees from the profession is exceeding the number of 4G2. Contact: Israa. Email
dian 2 for 1 requires PIZZA
Our ideal candidate would meet
Now hiring for the following COOKS. Wage: $14.19/hr, 40 the following criteria:
graduates. Entry-level earnings start at $29/hour. full-time position to join
Maintenance Manager hrs/week. Mail Resume to: Unit
our dynamic team. R Previous experience in a
162 10070 152 St., Surrey, BC professional sales environment
Train Locally The only program of its kind in BC, students V3R 8X8. R Exceptional customer service
can learn within their local communities via distance education, DESK AGENT R Enjoy meeting new people on a
local and/or regional clinical placements, and some regional Apply in person at: 138 LABOURERS
daily basis
R Established as a Sales
classroom delivery. This 23 month program is recognized 5978 Glover Road
R Understands the sales
Inc., located in Surrey requires F/T
Donalds Fine Foods currently
seeks a Maintenance Manager to
quired. F/T. $12 per hour. Duties
include: planting trees, soil installa-
relationship cycle
general farm workers to start in lead a mechanical and electrical tion, preparing grounds to install If you are interesting in a long
Government funding may be available. Jun/2010. Accommodation avail. maintenance team. paving stones, retaining walls. May term career as a Sales
Wage $9.14/hour. Must be in good work on weekends. Apply by email Professional, we would like to
physical shape. Training provided. Requirements; hear from you. Paid product
Heavy lifting reqd. Please fax Responsible for capital and knowledge training is provided.
resume to: 604-574-5773 labour budgets, maintenance Please send your resume to
inventories and stafng 142 OFFICE SUPPORT/CLERKS
Knowledge of preventative and
predictive techniques ADMINISTRATOR/ BOOKKEEPER
Experience in establishing for equipment leasing and nance
effective maintenance company located in South Surrey. 159 TEACHERS
Toll Free: 1-87-STENBERG practices & systems
5-7 years exp. in prior team
Banking/nance experience and
prociency in Simply Accounting leadership or management required. Duties include lease ac- LITTLE READERS
preferable in food processing counting procedures, month end PRESCHOOL TEACHER
Refrigeration exp. an asset nancial statements, receivables,
Ability to adjust to multiple returned payment collection, bank Oxford Learning, Surrey seeks a
demands, shifting work statement reconciliation. Flexible full-time preschool teacher to
priorities, adversity & change hours, competitive salary and teach 3 - 5 year old students how
benets. Email resume to to read.
Apply with resume and
salary expectations A great candidate for this
Fax: 604.533.0896 OFFICE position will possess:
or e-mail: careers@ Strong English language
ADMINISTRATOR written and oral communication
Is Coming to Langley! skills French will be an added
Overseas Career & Consulting
Services LTD located in Surrey, asset
Professional hairstylist needed: Ability to organize and multi-
Studio One Aveda concept salon on BC requires an Ofce Adminis-
For more than a century Carters OshKosh has committed to offering quality trator for their ofce. Wages task, work independently and
beautiful Salt Spring Is- take initiative
land. Amazing community, extend- $20.75 hourly, 40 hrs/week +
stylish childrens clothing and accessories. Carters OshKosh Babies and Kids is other benets. Main duties: Over- Professionalism, creative and
ed medical, education opportu- eager to learn
nities! see & co-ordinate Ofce Admin
excited to announce the opening of its newest location at 20202 66th Ave., Employment or ownership! Email Procedures. Prepare work Love working with pre-school
reports etc. Apply by Fax: 604- children
Langley (near Wal-Mart). resume &
cover letter:
572-6767 or by email: Must follow Oxford curriculum
http://westcoastdream4sale. info@overseas
Join our winning team and become a valuable member of our organization We require:
through your passion for retail, and dedication to customer service. Career SKILLED FIBERGLASS shop work-
er wanted, Chop gun experience is
ECE / Teaching / Special
OFFICE CLERK: experienced, ma- Education Designation
opportunities include: Management and all sales positions. Please apply to: an asset enumeration to follow skill ture ofce clerk required for switch- Training in June, both in Surrey
level, benet package will be includ- board and clerical work. Mon-Fri, and Langley Campuses
Carters OshKosh ed. Must have own transportation
(full time position) please send
9am-5pm. Fast, accurate data entry
& superior communication skills,
First Aid certication
Criminal record check a must
Attention Patricia Re: Langley resume to (Port Kells
both written & verbal are essential.
Must have superior time mgmt and
Full-time as of July
2 year commitment
Fax: 1-519-624-5217 FLAGGERS NEEDED
If not certied, training available for WERE ON THE WEB organizational skills, and be able to
work under pressure to meet dead- Flexibility in scheduling initially.
E-Mail: a fee. Call 604-575-3944 Available during morning hours:
lines. Bring resume stating salary
expectations, in person to: 10077 9am to 11:30am and afternoon
from 1:00 - 3:30 pm. Please send
115 EDUCATION 115 EDUCATION Grace Rd. Surrey, B.C., on Friday
June 18th between 9am-12noon. resumes and cover letters to:
No phone calls please. South Surrey Oxford Learning
Attn: Nazir Fazal #205-15149
Hwy. 10 Surrey, BC V3S 9A5

We Believe in You.
E-mail: ssurrey@
MANAGEMENT Fax: 604-575-1496

Receptionist/Administrator 160 TRADES, TECHNICAL

Busy and growing Property Man-
Sprott-Shaw Community College has been agement/Real Estate ofce in im-
mediate need of an charismatic,
Commercial Transport MECHANIC
with CVI ticket & ISX engine exp
wanted for Port Kells truck shop.
independent, professional indi-
training students in BC for over 107 years. vidual. Yardi experience pre- Fax resume to 604-513-8004

Call Our Surrey Campus: ferred.

We want yyou to be a success story too! Please respond with your resume FLAT ROOFERS
583-1004 and references to Box 124, C/O
Langley Times, 20258 Fraser
Hwy, Langley BC. V3A 4R3
Metro Roong based in Langley
B.C. requires exp. Flat Roofers,
BUR, torch, single ply (TPO &

Get In.
In Get Out. Get Working. 156 SALES
PVC). Commercial and Industrial
Good Wages & Benets.
6877265 CANADA Inc. Skin Care Call: 604.888.4856
retailer is seeking 4 energetic Retail Fax: 604.888.4827 E-mail:
Guildford. $12.50/hr. Please email
36 Wednesday June 16 2010 Classifieds 604-575-5555 Circulation 604-575-5344 Surrey North Delta Leader

JOURNEYMAN with the IEWP online course. Seasonal specials. Truck mount
steam cleaning. 778-885-9695.
Blacktop/Concrete driveways, Roof Washing Specialist.
Start your own successful business. Renos, Roong & Bobcat Service. Gutter & Window Cleaning.
FABRICATOR Youll receive full-colour texts, Gaary Landscaping (604)889-8957 * Fully Insured * Licensed * Bonded
DVDs, assignments, and personal 21 yrs. exp. Joe 778-773-5730
We are looking for dependable tutoring. FREE BROCHURE. 225 CARPET INSTALLATION
personnel to add to our 1-800-267-1829. 281 GARDENING
production team on a F/T FLOOR LAYER: 30 YEARS EXP. 283A HANDYPERSONS
Carpet, Lino & repairs. Tax Free! #1 QUALITY GARDEN SOIL DEL.
basis. You must be able to Train to be a MEDICAL LAB Work Guard! Gary 604-585-2044.
read blueprints, have a min. of 3 to 6 yards delivered. EXPERT HANDYMAN available for
ASSISTANT. The Healthcare indus- SEMI RETIRED FLOOR layer all jobs big or small. Young, t and
5 yrs. fabricating exp., and try needs YOU! MTI Community Visa & Mastercard Accepted.
available. Will charge by the hour or Call Loren at (604)834-3090 hard working. Great rates and
have exp. in both stainless and College, (1) 604- sq.ft. Call 604-626-1702. friendly service! Phone 778-319-
mild steel. You must be able to 310-2684. LOVE YOUR JOB! FENCING, pressure washing, land- 5713. Ask for Dan.
work day or afternoon shift. scaping, mowing, yard cleanup,
Please send your resume to: AERATING, p/raking, hedge trim,
Decks, fences, plumbing, stoves
Knelson at etc. Phone (604)290-4022. TOP NOTCH ASSOCIATES
$500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, lawn cut, gutter/roof cleaning, p/washing. Victor 604-589-0356 We do only Quality work:
no credit refused, quick and easy, Repairs/Renos and water tight
or fax: 604-888-4013
Attn: Production Manager
payable over 6 or 12 installments. AERATION, power raking, lawn MAN AROUND Bathrooms. Electrical, Plumbing,
Toll Free: 1-877-776-1660 cutting/reseeding, pruning, trim- Tile, Sealing, Finishing, Safety and
NEW DREAM ENTERPRISES INC. ming, yard clean-up, tree topping THE HOUSE Handicap. Mike 604-594-4791.
AVOID BANKRUPTCY - SAVE UP Free Est. Call Jason 604-614-5954.
1 FRAMING CARPENTER reqd in Semi-Retired Do-it-Yourselfer
TO 70% Of Your Debt. One af- EB Gardening Complete property 296 KITCHEN CABINETS
Surrey, BC; completion of high sch;
fordable monthly payment, interest maint. Landscaping, garden, press. *Repairs *Renovations
3-5 yrs of related exp; General Car-
free. For debt restructuring on wash. 778-893-1634 604-710-1726.
pentry, framing & form work; knowl-
YOUR terms, not your creditors. *Maintenance *Chores QUICKWAY Kitchen Cabinets Ltd.
edge of Punjabi an asset; $30/hr full Free Est. Pwr raking, grass cutting, ****Mention this ad for 10% Off ****
time; email resume: Call 1-866-690-3328 or see web
fertilizing, hedging, pruning, Rub- Call Dave 604-317-5915 Call Ram @ 604-561-4041.
site: bish Removal. 604-230-0627
PROGRAM Helping Canadians
SHEET METAL repay debts, reduce or eliminate
local for all your lawncare mainte-
nance. Call Tars @ 604-614-0565 PRINCE LANDSCAPING Power
APPLICATORS interest, regardless of your credit. A-1 CONTRACTING
rake, Lawn/Garden care, Hedge &
Metro Roong (Langley) requires Steady Income? You may qualify Renos. Bsmt stes, kitchens, baths,
experienced Sheet Metal for instant help. Considering custom cabinets, tiling, plumbing, Shrub Trim, Cedar Fence. Junk Re-
Applicators. Must have min. of 5 Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 sundecks. Dhillon 604-782-1936. moval. Free Est. Raj 778-991-2054
years experience installing roof FREE Consultation Government BEAUTIFUL BATH = Plumbing
ashings. All work to RCABC Approved, BBB Member Drywall Electrical Tubs & Showers 311 MASONRY & BRICKWORK
Standards & Specications. Vaild GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad cred- & Sinks Toilets & Tile Fans Win-
Class 5 D.L. and attention to DAREKS HOUSE Cleaning Re-
it? Bills? Unemployed? Need Mon- sponsible, hard working, experi- dows, crown molding. 17 yrs exp.
detail work a must. Commercial ey? We Lend! If you own your own enced. Insured/bonded, references. Senior disc. Work guar, Res/Comm. CABANA MASONRY
and industrial projects. home - you qualify. Pioneer Accep- Nick 604-230-5783, 581-2859
Good wages and benets. Call Darek 604-308-2600
tance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-
Call:604-888-4856 E-mail: 987-1420. EXCELLENT CARPET cleaning services available to you for very B.L.
reasonable prices. Owner operated
Fax: 604.888.4827 If you own a home or real estate, with over 10 years of experience. CONTRACTING
Serious Enquiries Only! money: Its That Simple. Your Cred-
All work is guaranteed. 604-537-
3541 for an estimate.
SHOWERS & SAUNAS, HARD- Driveways Wall Caping
it / Age / Income is NOT an issue.
Steel Industry 1.800.587.2161. WOOD & LAMINATE FLOORS, Staircases Concrete Work
Project Coordinator/Manager 239 COMPUTER SERVICES PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL Retaining Walls Chimneys
and Steel Detailer
CIAL CRISIS? Call Corporate SUITES, DOORS & WINDOWS Fireplaces Cultured Stone
Turnaround Group for creative debt COMPUTER SERVICE. FREE
(604)240-1920 Concrete Cutting Walkways
We are an established North phone or email support. Repair, Natural Stone Stone Facings
Surrey structural steel fabricating restructuring plans to signicantly
reduce corporate debt, lower networking, consulting, training. Patios Masonry Repairs
company and looking to ll the Microsoft certied. Doug DECKS, FENCES, ARBORS, Bsmt
following positions: monthly payments and minimize di-
604.594.8458 Stes, Additions~Renos, Kitch- Planter Walls Brick & Block
rectors liabilities. Call 604-467-9505 en/Bath. Cert. Carpenter, General Bobcat & Disposal Service
Project Coordinator / Manager or visit contractor, Concrete, Retaining 604-671-4953
Enthusiastic and detail oriented 242 CONCRETE & PLACING walls, 20yrs exp. WCB/ Liability.
Clayton, 604.591.7687
with excellent computer & com-
munication skills required.
Experience in the steel and/or GET FIT, Get Free. Be your Own Concrete Lifting Specialist Small renovation jobs welcome!
construction industry is a must. Call Jatinder, 604-614-3480
Personal Trainer. Watch the video! Driveways, Garages, Patios,
Steel Detailer Sidewalks,
Experience with Pro-Steel would EUROPEAN CRAFTMANSHIP
All Residential Concrete Finish Carpentry-Mouldings, sun- 320 MOVING & STORAGE
be ideal, X-Steel okay - to detail Lifting Needs decks, stairs, siding, painting, dry-
miscellaneous metals and cus- 188 LEGAL SERVICES Raise to Proper Height - Eliminate wall. Refs. Rainer cel 604-613-1018
tom structural steel. Must be ex- Trip Spots Provide Proper
perienced, committed, detail Dial-A-Law offers general informa- EXP. CARPENTER / HANDYMAN Moving & Storage
Drainage Free Estimates Visa OK. 604-628-7136
oriented & have excellent com- tion on a variety of topics on law in All types of work! No job too small!
munication & computer skills. BC. 604-687-4680 (Lower Main-
Rain or Shine We Lift Over 20 yrs exp! Ed 778-888-8603 AAA ADVANCE MOVING
Living in the valley and working land) or 1.800.565.5297 (Outside Anytime Home Improvement Specialist Experts in all kinds of moving/pack-
in town? Shorten your commute! LM); (audio ing. Excellent Service. Reas. rates!
If you want to see your handiwork available).
Ross 604-535-0124 Milano Landscapers & Renovations, Restoration, Power
Washing, Landscaping, Drainage, Different from the rest. 604-861-8885
come alive - then you need to 3 Yr Warranty 15 yrs exp Garden Services
Lawyer Referral Service matches and Painting. Odd jobs BIG & small
contact us. These are full time welcome. Attila (604)944-2180
positions and we offer fair wages people with legal concerns to a law- Spend more time with FAMILY A AMC MOVING. Professional
& benets yer in their area. Participating WE WILL do your YARDWORK movers. *Big/small *local/long dis-
lawyers offer a 30 minute consulta- MIDDLE EARTH tance. Insured, great rates. Free
Email: tion for $25 plus tax. Regular fees PLACING & Finishing * Forming DBark Mulch DAll Blend Soils CONSTRUCTION est. 604-638-9966 or 778-888-9628
or Fax: 604-581-5156 follow once both parties agree to * Site Prep, old concrete removal DGarden Bed Maintenance Specializing in: proceed with services. 604-687- * Excavation & Reinforcing DHedge Trimming DFertilization AFFORDABLE MOVING
No phone calls! 3221 (Lower Mainland) or * Re-Re Specialists DLawn Cutting DPruning Complete Additions, Renos,
1.800.663.1919 (Outside LM). 30 Years Exp. Free Estimates. DPower Raking DPower Washing New Construction, Custom Local & Long Distance
Concrete, Stairs, Retaining
PERSONAL SERVICES HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES Call: Rick (604) 202-5184 Ask about our weekly Walls, Sundecks, Skylights
Excellent References
From $45/Hr
Maintenance Program for 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 Ton Trucks
Residential /Commercial and Call Dale 604-767-4419 Insured ~ Licenced ~ 1 to 3 Men
171 ALTERNATIVE HEALTH 203 ACCOUNTING/TAX/ UNIQUE CONCRETE other services we offer. Free estimate/Seniors discount
Residential ~ Commercial ~ Pianos
Good Rates. Hot Oil. 10077 -
BOOKKEEPING F All types of concrete work F
Dan 604-374-2283
Vinyl or wood. Stairs, Railings, etc.
40 Yrs exp call Don (604)596-0652 604-537-4140
F Re & Re F Forming F Site prep
Whalley Ring Blvd. 604-719-5628 ADD YOUR business on FDriveways FExposed FStamped A Honest Man Moving & Delivery.
MING SPA, Spring Special. $40/1 directo- F Bobcat Work F WCB Insured 288 HOME REPAIRS Packing, cleaning & carpets. Han-
hr. Perfect body massage, effective
for fatigue, stress & after exercise
ry for province wide exposure! 778-231-9675, 778-231-9147 ROYAL KING dyman Services etc. 604-782-3044
Call 1-877-645-7704 FREE ESTIMATES
or work. 15932-96 Ave, Surrey.
8:30am-9:30pm. 604-580-8830.
GARDENING 1 CALL ABOVE all Handyman Serv
Elect,. Plumb, Appls, Gen Repairs, EZ GO MOVERS
Reas Rates S Quality Work
ALL ACCOUNTING 257 DRYWALL Yard Clean-Up S Gardening
No job too small. Sell repair & in-
stall major appls. Also do kitchen,
173 MIND BODY SPIRIT AND TAX SERVICES Lawn main S Power Raking baths, bsmt, renos. 604-588-2828. Quick & Reliable Movers
S. Ananthanarayanan & Co. Ltd. A Call to Vern. Free Est. Guarantd. Aerating S Pressure Washing A1 BATH RENOS. Bsmt suites,
NEW CERTIFIED GENERAL Drywall, Reno & Texture Specialist.
No job too small. 604-825-8469
Gutter Cleaning, etc
Free Est. Call:
drywall, patios, plumbing, siding,
fencing, roong, landscaping, etc.
Joe 604-961-9937 or 604-581-3822
Tel: 778-395-3939 D Personal & Corporate Taxes
Expert work. Call Dean @ MR SUNNY GILL
10am-9pm #102 14045-104th Ave. Sry.
D Compilations & Reviews 604-543-5566 or 778-228-7662 604-807-4763 287 HOME IMPROVEMENTS 287 HOME IMPROVEMENTS
D Payroll & Government Filings
SCOTT HILL LASER D Real Estate & Lawyers Trust 260 ELECTRICAL Small Haul help & yard maint.
HAIR REMOVAL Audits Randy at Small Haul. 604-202-3363
D Business Consulting Services #1 QUALITY WORK, or email
Upper Lip / Chin $20 ea D Bookkeeping & Other Big or sm. Exp. Electrician avail. Soil, bark, Sand, Gravel etc. $25/yd 283 GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS
Under Arms $40 ea Accounting Services Reas.rates.604-773-0341. Lic#9902 + $50 del. Also, Property Maint. HOME
Face / Bikini $65 ea Services avail.Simon 604-230-0627
Full Body $499 ea
Contact: Kumar Anant, CGA
Tel: (604)-782-7449
ALL JOBS Big or Small. Panels,
lighting, plugs, fans, hot tubs etc. SUNNY DAY LANDSCAPING
FREE EST. Gutter Cleaning re-
pairs, wndw cleaning, power wash. IMPROVEMENTS Guaranteed work. 604-539-0708 Spring clean up power rake aera- 7 days/week, Simon 604-230-0627
604-588-4662 Cell 604-537-1773 Lic. 26110 tion mowing pruning hedge trim
Unit # 108 - 9257 120th St.Delta Reasonable rates, discount for weeding fertilizing seeding Fencing,
seniors and in-house service
All electrical work & repairs. Rea- rubbish removal Jay 778-862-2400
available sonable Rates. 604-761-1094
PLUMBING. Res. & Com. Mainte-
Bookkeeping & Payroll nance & Repairs. Lic. 15 yrs. exp.
Full Cycle Accounting 778-668-0188
Personal & Corporate Returns YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service
General Application Forms Call Lic #89402 Same day guarntd
Financial Analysis & Small We love small jobs! 604-568-1899
Businesses Welcome! Home, Garden & Design Solutions
Certied Management 263 EXCAVATING & DRAINAGE
Accountant. 15 years Exp. Home, Garden & Design Solutions FREE ESTIMATES
Unique Taste, Unique Menus...
604.512.1872 AFFORDABLE Excavating, Mini, Kitchens Bathrooms Renovations Additions
Gourmet, customized menus Bobcat, Stump Remov, New Servic- FREE ESTIMATES Outdoor Living Spaces Suites Custom Homes
tailored to your function! ing, Drainage, Driveway, trenching,
grading, ditches. 604-841-6644. Complete Garden / Landscape Designs & Makeovers Flooring Hardwood Tiles Laminate
q Dinner Parties 206 APPLIANCE REPAIRS
q Executive Meetings DRAINROCK INDUSTRIES - Drain New Homescapes Outdoor Living Spaces Gardening
Brick / Block Retaining Walls Pavers Cultured Stone Sundecks Patios Arbours Pergolas
Cleaning, Video Inspection, Drain
q Weddings / Banquets tile replacement and repairs. Call Pillars Gates Driveways Masonry Pillars Gates Driveways Masonry
Quality work. Also appls for sale.
q B-B-Ques q Funerals Elect & plumb serv 604-588-2828
BOB @ 778-773-6657 Lighting / Sprinkler / Drainage Systems Brick / Block Retaining Walls Pavers Cultured Stone
We Come To You! Doing It All ELLJAY CONTRACTING. Mini Lawn Installations Pruning Weeding Clean-Ups Roong Windows / Doors Framing Fencing
From Set-Up - Clean-Up. ABDUL APPLIANCES: Certd tech. Excavator, Drainage, Driveways,
20/yrs exp. 1/yr parts & labour warr. Clearing. Small jobs ok! Stumps re- Residential Maintenace Programs Landscape Products Complete Renovations Handyman Services & More
Kristy 604.488.9161 24/7. Buy / Sell. Zeb: 604.596.2626. moved. Sewer repair 778-908-4012 Fencing Home Improvements Handyman Services Gardening Landscaping
Dawn Appliance Service. (Sry) Fast
in-home repairs, all makes & mod- BBB WCB Fully Insured 20 Years BBB WCB Fully Insured 20 Years
180 EDUCATION/TUTORING els Certifd tech. 1 Yr parts & labour 269 FENCING One Call Does It All
warr. 7 days/24 hrs. 604-512-5936 One Call Does It All
chain link & landscaping. #1 quality B.C.s Premier Full Service Home B.C.s Premier Full Service Home
line web design courses. Beginner
or advanced, College accredited 224 CARPET CLEANING work and reasonable rates. Harry Renovation & Landscaping Company Renovation & Landscaping Company
curriculum. Learn from home while 604-719-1212 or 604-306-1714
you build your online business and
design skills. Visit: to
ACTION CARPET. 1 bdrm $59, 2
bdrms $69. Whole House package.
Cedar & Concrete Fences and
Landscaping. Quality work, Free 604-501-9290 604-501-9290
apply! $79. For info call 604-945-5801 Estimates. Call Mike 604-781-3870.
Surrey North Delta Leader Classifieds 604-575-5555 Circulation 604-575-5344 Wednesday June 16 2010 37

Gas Fitter Plumber CHEAP RUBBISH
RYANS MOVING On Call 24 Hours/Day
young adults. Black & tan and
sable. Quality German bloodlines.
Huge Garage Sale Lone Butte, Hwy 24, 5 acre lots. 10
furnace Boilers, Hot Water Tanks
Hot Water Heat, Plumbing Jobs.
REMOVAL Call 604-856-8161. 13132 67A Ave
minutes from 100 Mile House.
Paved road, water, hydro & tel.
B.C. & Alberta from $59/hr. Repair & Installation. Reas. Rates
Friendly Same Day Service GOLDEN RETRIEVER puppies $85,000. Phone: 604-290-7088.
Reasonable Rates for Anything goes! born April 27, 7 males, 4 females,
Sat, June 19, 9am - 3pm
604-507-4606 4 outdoor cedar chairs-$125, pup FLEETWOOD/SURREY: large bldg
Experienced Mover. 604-312-7674 Anywhere, Anytime! 4th generation of healthy family tent-$40, housewares, board &
Free Est. 7 days a week raised dogs, from 4-H, show and computer games, stuffed ani-
lots. Still time to beat the HST. Fantastic Location
eld trial heritage, will have rst Ready to build. Call: 604-244-1112,
More info call: Nobody beats our price mals, pictures, toys, story books, email: Surrey City Centre
shots and deworming, reserve now.
604-590-4463 341 PRESSURE WASHING Daniel 604-518-3688 $650. 604-820-4827.
novels, lots of barbie, clothes, 2 bdrms. from $775
dolls & acessories, misc & more
R12 Lot in new South
New Carpets available
SPARTAN Moving Ltd.
Fast & Reliable. Insured
*House Ext *Gutters *Driveways,
*Trucks *Equip. Res./Comm. Free
Surrey subdivision.
Summereld # 53
in most units.
Seniors only pay a $150.00
Competitive rates. Wknd Specials. est. WCB Ins.Ph Bob 778-846-2212 #1 RUBBISH REMOVAL MULTI FAMILY Lot 180, 172A St.
Call Frank: (604) 435-8240 Make us your rst call, we do it all! Security Deposit.
GUTTER cleaning, roof/window Reasonable Rates. Fast, GARAGE SALE 3445 sf. Allows 3300 sf Close to Shopping, Sky
cleaning, hedge trimming, aerating, Friendly & Reliable Service. June 17, 18 & 19 home $295k. also Train, Parks & Schools.
329 PAINTING & DECORATING Victor 604-589-0356
604.587.5865 Grandview Petland
8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Includes Heat & Hot Water.
#10 2215 160 St, Surrey RSR lot 560 sq.metres- 604-541-2329 13925-113 Ave. $360,000: can accom. Small Pets Okay!
Furniture, household items
3700 sf w/ bsmt, prime To arrange a viewing
Pug Type and more!
Home Maintenance. Reasonable
Chihuahua X Yorkshire Terrier subdivision lot w/south Call 604-319-7517
rates. Call Red 604-290-7033. Member of Crime Free Mult.
Miniature Dachshund Type facing backyard, 50 ft frnt
Pomeranian Type
Int. & Ext., Excellent Prices,
LOW Pressure SOFT Wash 359 SAND, GRAVEL & TOPSOIL Yorkshire Terrier X Maltese X 604-538-3237
Mobile homes, T/H Shih Tzu or 604-599-1646
Res/Comm. Free Est.
Written Guarantee. No Hassle,
Residential Homes (2 lv) $149.95
Window, Gutter, Cement cleaning
& gravel delivered. Small orders ~FREE Rent~
Quick Work, Insured, WCB.
(Insured) 604-513-9543 welcome. Topsoil available. Call All Petland puppies are vet 560 MISC. FOR SALE
Call (778)997-9582 (604) 532-0662 days/eves. inspected & come w/vaccina- 636 MORTGAGES Where do over 300 seniors,
AT A CLICK of a mouse, singles, parents & children from
POWER WASHING tions up to date, a spay /
neuter incentive, health is your BANK ON US! Mortgages for countries all over the world live in
Forget the Rest Call The Best! GUTTER CLEANING 372 SUNDECKS local source to over 300,000 purchases, renos, debt con- peace & respect?
guar., training DVD & more! Survey says:
Harry 604-617-0864 Same day service avail. 604-724-6373 businesses! solidation, foreclosure. Bank
Jack Russell/Mini Schnauzer X rates. Many alternative lending Kennedy Apt Adult
pups. 8wk. 1st shots, vet check, de- BUILDING SALE! 25x30 $4,577.
A-TECH Services 604-230-3539 programs.Let Dave Fitzpatrick, Ridon Apt-Family
347 RECYCLING wormed. $300. 604-858-6731 30x40 $7,140. 32x60 $11,950.
your Mortgage Warrior, simpli- N. Delta (604) 596-9588
32x80 $18,420. 35x60 $ 13,990.
PAINT SPECIAL Jack Russell Puppies: 15 weeks 40x70 $14,650. 40x100 $24,900. fy the process!1-888-711-8818
3 rooms for $269, 2 coats old, dewormed, multi-colored. Par- 46x140 $37,600. OTHERS. Ends dave@mountaincitymort- We Got a Good Thing Goin On
(Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls ents on site. $350. 604-316-7615. optional. Pioneer MANUFACTUR-
Cloverdale Premium quality paint.
JACK RUSSELL pups short haired, ERS DIRECT 1-800-668-5422. CROSSROADS Enterprises
NO PAYMENT until Job is smooth coats, nice markings, 1st Cant Get Up Your Stairs? Acorn
completed. Ask us about our
Laminate Flooring &
shots tails done $380 604-820-5242 Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stair- 641 TOWNHOUSES GATEWAY 2 bdrm 2 bath s/s appls
u/g prkg, steps to skytrain in newer
Maid Service! LOVEBIRDS Beautiful vibrant gor- lifts now! Mention this ad and get bldg. $1350. 778-294-1218
Aluminum patio cover, sunroom, geous hand-fed babies, 8/wks. $75. 10% off your new Stairlift! Call 1- #48-14909 - 32ND AVE. $599,900. 2 Lvl T/H, 2 car grge, heated rs. GATEWAY, 3 bdrm 2 baths, show-
railing, vinyl oor. 604-782-9108 Peachface&Opalines 604-536-0288 866-981-5991 Gated complex, w/guest ste, 1760 er, ldry, gym, gas f/p, walk to sky-
JACKS HOME IMPROVEMENT. MALTESE PUPS, (white) born May NEW Norwood SAWMILLS - sq.ft. Call: JOY (604)657-2220
Prof painting & home repairs. Rea- 4 & 7, paper trained 4 fem. 3 males. LumberMate-Pro handles logs 34 train, $1395m Immed 778-294-1218
sonable rates & quality work. Jack $800. Dep will hold. 604 464-5077. diameter, mills boards 28 wide. GATEWAY Stn, 1 bdrm condo, 1.5
604-716-3653, 604-767-6010 373A TELEPHONE SERVICES MIN Schnauzer 2female/1male, Automated quick-cycle-sawing 660 LANGLEY/ALDERGROVE yr/old, 5 appls, avail now. $825. sec
tails docked, 1st shots, dewormed, increases efciency up to 40%. prk. 604-240-8438, 604-589-6319
Get Your First Month Free. Bad
hypo-allergic. $650. (604) 795-1953
- FREE Information: 1-800-566-
NEED A GOOD HOME for a good
604 - 551- 6510 Credit, Dont Sweat It. No Deposits.
No Credit Checks. Call Freedom dog or a good dog for a good
6899 Ext:400OT. Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. Langley FAMILY FRIENDLY
home? We adopt dogs! COMPLEX
Interior & Exterior Phone Lines Today Toll-Free Rental Incentives...
1-866-884-7464. or call: 604- 566 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 696 OTHER AREAS
S Professional Painters 856-3647. 1, 2 & 3 Bdrms available.
S Free Estimates NECT! Paying too much? Switch, P/B BORDER COLLIE PUPPIES. SOUTH CARIBOO
S Written Guaranteed M $300 & F $350 Vet , 1st shots Soprano Buecher Silver 80 yrs old, school, park. Small pets wel-
save money, and keep your num- excellent condition $2900. Alto su- Bridge Lake & Deka Lake
S Bonded & Insured ber! First month only $24.95 + Call 604-250-4360, 604-856-7975 604-880-2625 come. Call: 604-585-1966.
per King model all original, good
connection fee. Phone Factory PUG PUPPIES. Very light fawn. 3 shape $3500. Baritone Saxophone West Pro Properties Ltd.
PAINTING Wallpapering 27 yrs exp Reconnect 1-877-336-2274; males. Vet X. 1st. shots, de- 1926 Silver CM Conn Ltd, all origi-
Int/Ext, Pr Wash. Free Est. Gutter/ wormed. Pad trained. Social. Home nal $4000. Call 604-534-2997
window cleaning.Carl 604-951-0146 raised. 8 wks. $700. 604-588-9095
**HOME PHONE RECONNECT** PIANOS; Hot summer deals, new
~ PRO PAINTERS~ Call 1-866-287-1348. Prepaid Long
Distance Specials! Feature Pack-
PUG PUPS, $700, vet chkd, shots,
etc, ready to go, male/female, fawn
48-$3695, new grands-$5990.
Prof. moving/tuning. 604-533-2646.
INTERIOR / EXTERIOR age Specials! Referral Program! or blk. View parents 604-702-1072 Guildford Gardens
353 ROOFING & SKYLIGHTS Dont be without a home phone!
Quality Work, Free Estimates Call to Connect! 1-866-287-1348.
RUSSIAN BLUE CAT c/w house, Pianos, upright, 1910 Weber & 706 APARTMENT/CONDO 1 bdrm. from $650
carry on, litter box, $350. 604-538- 1934 Gourlay both include bench-
Member of Better Business Bureau 2218 es. Best offer. (604)795-2406 Chwk 2 bdrm. from $799
old, vet , dewormed, $600 incl. ac- CEDAR LODGE Close to shopping, Transit,
Vincent 543-7776 AN EXPERIENCED TILE SETTER cessories. Phone (604)596-4215
587 TOOLS Parks& Schools. Includes
Interior / Exterior CLEAN 1 & 2 BDRM SUITES Heat & Hot Water.
YORKSHIRE X Poodle, black male, Band Saw mills $2500 - $2700.
SL PAINTING Amber West Roof &
Call BRUCE @ 604-583-4090
We always advertise with
14 wks, very friendly. Owner allergy
To loving home $399. 604-535-4974
Sharpener kits for most blades.
(some w/ensuites) in Park-like
setting. Cable, heat, & hot water Small Pets Okay!
To arrange viewing
Interior/Exterior. Chimney Repairs THE LEADER incl. Laundry rest area
FREE Estimates. Is strictly a repair Co. CERAMIC TILE Installations, reno-
on each oor.
Call 604-319-7513
Quality job. We DO NOT do re roofs. vations, repairs, design work. Small REAL ESTATE 604-588-8850 604-584-5233 Member of Crime Free Mult.
jobs welcome. Dave 604-644-8799 Housing Program
Fully insured - WCB
Please call Sonly. Before you replace your
roof call us & be 1 bdrm $770 & 1 bdrm/den $810
604-328-6387 pleasantly surprised we
may save you


Super capacity
SURES Near Booming El Paso,
suites avail. High security, highrise
bldg. Skytrn. Hot tub/gym/lndry.
NS/NP. Avail now. (604) 439-8848
WASHERS/DRYERS Texas. Was $16,900 Now $12,900 Crime Free
thousands of dollars $$ Newer self & easy clean STOVES, $0 Down, take over payments, $99 CLOVERDALE 174/57 Ave. 2 bdrm Multi-Housing Certied
Super clean Fridges, Stackers per/mo. Beautiful views, Owner townhouse $870/mo. Quiet family Spacious Suites, very
All types of roofs. & more Financing, Free Map/Pictures. competitive prices. Extra large
Comm & Res. complex, no pets, 604-576-9969.
Warranty, delivery, low prices 800-755-8953 1 & 2 BDRM stes, lots of
Full written guarantee. WCB & CLOVERDALE 1 br $650+utils, 2 storage. Heat/hot water
Liability Ins. Seniors Disc. 19897-56 Ave.
br $825 + utils, available now, 4 included. Access to
604-534-4402 BEAUTIFUL ARIZONA LAND! appls, n/s, n/p, near all amens. Vancouver via freeway,
604 - 219 - 0182 ------------------------------------------------ $0 down. $0 interest. Starting 604-270-4824 1 bus to Skytrain. Clean, quiet
(L.Mainland) $89/mo. Guaranteed Financing. bldgs. No pets. Outdoor Pool!
APPLIANCES WANTED No credit check. 1-2.5 acre building CLOVERDALE Apts: 1 Bdrm $750;
604 - 984 - 0071 * Free pick-up* lots! Call (800) 631-8164 Code Incl heat, h/w & prkg. N/P. Secure Phone 604-582-0465
(N & W Van.) Morris The Arborist 4001 bldg. Lndry facilities. 604-576-8230
* Pruning * Retopping * Falling AT A CLICK of a mouse, TRAVEL with 17788 57 Ave. Senior building,1 & 2
332 PAVING/SEAL COATING A YOUNG BROS Service Surrey 25 years is your 604 575 5555 bdrm suites avail now. Starting at Brookmere Gardens
ROOFING LTD. FULLY INSURED local source to over 300,000 $700 to $850/mo. 604-574-2078 14880 108th Ave. Surrey
ALLAN CONST. & Asphalt. Brick, **EMERGENCY CALL OUT** businesses! CLOVERDALE: Large updated 1 3 bdrm 1150 sq. ft. from $900.
10% Discount Certied Arborist Reports
concrete, drainage, foundation & 609 APARTMENT/CONDOS Bdrm, 3rd r, $750 incl heat & h/w. Quiet family complex with gar-
membrane repair. (604)618-2304 ~ Re-roong & Repairs Morris 604-597-2286 N/P. 604-576-1465 ~ 604-612-1960 den-like courtyard, bordering Hol-
604-820-2187. Specialist asphalt, shingle, Marcus 604-818-2327 509 AUCTIONS AT A CLICK of a mouse, CLOVERDALE. Sherwood Apt. ly Park. Prime Location. Near
cedar, at schools, shops, transportation. 1
Guarntd ~ WCB National Online Horse & Tack is your 5875-177A St. 1 bdrm-$750, 2
PRO TREE SERVICES bdrm-$900. Lndry facility. np/ns. bus to Skytrain. N/P. Heat, H/W
338 PLUMBING Auction: Reg. & Grade Horses, All local source to over 300,000 incl. Security.
778 - 896 - 4858 Quality pruning/shaping/hedge trim-
ming/ removals & stump grinding. Ages, Minis, QHs, Paints, Appys, businesses! Avail immed. LEASE. Member of
Surrey Crime free Multi-Housing
10% OFF if you Mention this AD! John, 604-588-8733/604-318-9270 Morgans Already Consigned. For
Program. Call Lloyd at 604-575-
Lic.gas tter. Reas $. 778-895-2005
BEST BUSY BOYS details go to: or 612 BUSINESSES FOR SALE 1608. ASCENTPM. COM 604-582-1557
1 Call Does it All - 2 OLD GUYS
ROOFING LTD. PETS Call 1-800-667-2075, PL 915407.
PLUMBING & HEATING, Repairs, D Conversion from cedar to Concept. Full line. Exceptional LANGLEY
Renos, H/W Tanks. 604-525-6662. Asphalt, Shingles, Fibreglass 523 UNDER $100 growth. Turn key. Prime location
D 30, 40, 50 years Warranty - 477 PETS ****GUILDFORD**** - Apartment BRIGHTON APARTMENTS
/parking. $195k. Building with 2
D WCB, BBB, Liability Ins. FREEZER: Apt size chest freezer. bdrm accommodations above is
- 2 Bdrm apt with 2 applis. Large 1 & 2 Bdrm. Apts
# 1 PLUMBER Free Estimates. Call Gary
604-599-5611 OR Visit
beautiful markings. Litter trained &
$100. obo. Call 604-502-9952 also available. $879,000 C.Hobbs,
- $790/mo.
$150 Move-In Bonus!
Licensed. Registered. Insured. eating. See pictures www.netin- 250-537-1778 NEWTON - Townhouses Suites include fridge, stove,
Installations. Renovations, HWT. $60/each 604- 530 FARM EQUIPMENT - 2 & 3 Bdrm Units available drapes & carpeted throughout.
COMPLETE ReRoong/Repairs Ltd. 534-2106 - 5 applis., Hot water & parking included.
GOOD RATES! Asphalt, Shingles, Cedar, Flat Roof. AMERICAN BULLDOG pups, p/b, 05 MASSEY FERGUSON 1428V 625 FOR SALE BY OWNER - from $1025 & from $1150/mo Close to shopping & schools, on
Guartd, WCB, BBB. 604-725-0106 4 males left, vet check, shots, de- 28H.P. $10,000. (604)780-8736. bus route. Seasonal swimming
wormed. $399. (604)819-7958 55+ TOWNHOUSE Guildford 2 lvls Spacious Units, great park-like pool & tennis court. Some pets
WOLF PLUMBING EAST WEST ROOFING & SIDING 1550 s/f, 2 BDRS, 2.5 BATHS, dbl setting nr shops & bus. No pets. welcome.
(604) 789-3922 CO. Roofs & re-roofs. BBB & BLUENOSE P/B pitbull pups for 542 FRUIT & VEGETABLES garage, wine cellar, wood & tile os
WCB. 10% Discount, Insured. sale. 4 left. $1000. - $2000. Ready thru-out $379,000. 604-957-3007 BAYWEST Mgmt Corp. Call 604-533-0209
Call 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437 to go. Phone Tim (604)557-8359 FRESH LOCAL Strawberries $9.99
$38/HR! Clogged drains, drips,
BOXER PUPS, tails & dew claws at. Picked / U-Pick. 5180 152nd.
FLEETWOOD 8935-151 St. To view 604-501-4413
garbs,sinks, toilets, installs & more. 60x127 ft LUC lot, 2 bdrm up, LANGLEY
SURREY FARMS ~ 604-574-1390
24/7 Emergencies. 778-888-9184. 356 RUBBISH REMOVAL done, dewrmd, 1st shots, vet chk.
Ready July 1. $850 (604)793-7937
1 bdrm down, unnished bsmt,
ABDUL Plumbing. All repairs, low
$412,000 rm. Serious inquiries
only. Please call 604-807-8463.
DELTA WEST 1 & 2 Bdrm Apts Avail
rates, same day service, guard
qual work. 24/7. Zeb 604-596-2626 EXTRA tion spayed & neutered adult cats.
Greenvale Farms SUNBURY PK. Exc cond S/L CDS 4895 - 55B St, Ladner $200 Move-In Bonus!
Close to shopping & schools.
For info 604-309-5388 / 856-4866 3 bdrm 2 bth. f/rm. dble gar.
FITTER Very neat work & honest. CHEAP CHIHUAHUA Puppies~3, rare Blue.
vet check Parents on site 1 teacup,
Opening Soon! wkshp. Nr. park. Lovely backyd.
$525,000. By appt. 604-855-2777.
1 & 2 Bdrms Available.
Spacious suites, balconies,
Seasonal Swimming pool, and
tennis court. 3 appliances
27 yrs exp. Refs. Reas. rates. Already Picked & u-Pick rent incl heat & h/w. (fridge, stove dishwasher),
Free est. 24 hrs. 604-220-4956 male. $800. & up (604)460-0445
RUBBISH Take 264 St exit off Hwy #1 & Prkg avail. Refs reqd, N/P blinds hot water and parking
~ Certied Plumber ~
CHIHUAHUAS, very tiny Teacup 627 HOMES WANTED Call 604.946.1094 included. Carpeted throughout.
REMOVAL puppies. Ready to go now. $700. follow yellow signs. Some pets welcome.
ON CALL 24 HOURS/DAY Call (604)794-7347. * SELL YOUR HOME FAST * Bayside Property Services Ltd.
OPEN 8am-8pm DAILY
Almost for free! Dave FILA/ MASTIFF Guard Dogs Own-
604-856-3626 / 604-855-9351
Buying Any Price, Cond., Location.
GATEWAY, 1077 University St. 5374 - 203rd St, Langley
Renos and Repairs (778)997-5757, (604)587-5991 ers best friend,intruders worst night- NO COMMISSIONS ~ NO FEES ~
Furnace, Boilers, Hot Water Heat mare. All shots. Call 604-817-5957. No Risk Home Buying Centre Brand new 1 bdrm suites. (2)-12th Call 604-533-9780
Plumbing Jobs ~ Reas rates (604)435-5555 r & 15th r) $900/ea. 778-862-
German Shepherd/Blk Lab x pups,
vet check, rst shots, dewormed. Classieds WE BUY HOUSES
2361 or 604-782-6047. NEWTON 1 bdrm +den. Quiet adult
bldg. Heat, h/water, sec parking. Nr
~ 604-597-3758 ~ 7 Days A Week! (604)807-0198 $400. (604)823-6952. No Sun calls
GATEWAY, 1/bdrm condo with bal-
amens, ns/np. Now. 604-596-9910
work hard! Older Home? Damaged Home?
Need Repairs? Behind on
cony, 3rd oor, clean, 5/appli, u/g
pkng, storage, gym. Nr mall, SFU, SURREY 66/Scott. New 2 bdrm &
H/W Tanks, Renos, Boilers, Furns. Remove: concrete / drywall / stucco tan, long-haired, shots & vet chkd, Payments? Quick CASH! SkyTrain. July 1. $875/mo + util. den, 6 appls u/g prkg ament bldg
Drain Cleaning. Ins. (604)596-2841 trees/junk *Best Deal* 604-773-9479 ready June 19. $800 (604)820-4644 Call Us First! 604.657.9422 N/S, N/P. (778)883-8717 np/ns avl now $1150. 604-306-4135
38 Wednesday June 16 2010 Classifieds 604-575-5555 Circulation 604-575-5344 Surrey North Delta Leader

CEDAR HILLS. 129/97. Brand new FRASER HGTS. 2 bdrm bsmt suite. SURREY 108/144 lrg 3 bdrm gr.r 1995 CORSICA. 250K, 45K/gallon,
SURREY spacious 2 bdrm. N/P. N/S. Avail $850/mo incld utils. Nr elem school. nr Skytrain/shps/schls. WD, pet OK, auto, 4 dr, 4 brand new tires, good
CUMBERLAND PARK immed. $850/mo incls utils, cable, W/D. Avail immed. N/S, N/P. Call $1295 av.July or Aug 604-537-4140 work car. $1250. 604-951-3704
net & laundry. Refs. 604-805-4795 604-727-1876 or 604-957-0168.
1995 OLDS ACHIEVA S, white/red,
2 Bedrooms Available CEDAR HILLS. 1 bdrm ste. grd lvl. FRASER HTS. Large 1 bdrm. 5 752 TOWNHOUSES full power, AirCrd to 2011. reblt
New Paint 4 yrs old. Nr all amenits. N/P. N/S. appls incl private laundry. $700/mo. trans. $1900. Call (604)594-5161.
Call The Manager June 30. $575. 604-728-8661. N/S. N/P. Tony 604-617-7270.
GUILDFORD - 2 bdrm,1 bth, 3 lvl 1998 Cadillac Catera, V6-Air Cared,
@ 604-589-1167 CEDAR HILLS, 90/123. 1 Bdrm G/L Grandview/Morgan area 168/32, 2 T/H, In-Suite Ldry, N/S,N/P, $1050 4dr, fully loaded 120kms must see.
stes $550. Close to amens. Suit bdrm on priv acreage, util incl June 15th Refs Please 604-888- $3,595 o.b.o. Call 604-534-0923
mature N/Smokers, N/P, no prkg. NS/NP $950 Immed 604-531-5023 4970 or
604-501-2427 1999 CHRYSLER CIRRUS LX- 4
GUILDFORD, 1 bdrm suite, close GUILDFORD GLEN 14860 101 cyl. auto, air, tilt, cruise, PW, PDL,
CEDAR HILLS 98/127A, spacious 3 to schls & mall. Avail. immed. $625 A Ave. 3 bdrm T/H. Avail. NOW mint. $2450 Langley 604.309.3135
bdrm, 4 appls, $980/mo + utils. clse incl hydro & cable. 778-822-1371.
to all ament NS/NP avail July 1. $985 Near amens 604-451-6676 2000 INTREPID- exc. cond. Well
GUILDFORD 2 bdrm. bsmnt. suite, maint. Pwr windows, locks, & seats.
SURREY / LANGLEY: 778-395-4797, 604-787-0417 N/P N/S. No ldry. $650 incl. cable & LANGLEY Air/c, cruise control / fog lights.
New Condo near Willowbrook CEDAR HILLS: Bachelor ste. Avail hydro. Avail. now. 604-585-7015 180,000km. $4500 (604)888-0268
Mall & Frs Hwy. In-ste laundry, June 15th. $450/mo incl utils.
N/S, N/P. U/g prkg & storage. N. DELTA, Renod 5/bdrms, 2.5 NS/NP. (604)584-8242
GUILDFORD. 2 bdrm. bsmt. suite. RIVERSIDE GARDENS 2004 CHEVY Cavalier, auto, 90K, 4
Nr schools & mall. Ns/np. $700/mo. FAMILY COMPLEX dr, alum wheels, new tires, all pow-
Amens room including gym. 1 bthrms, 4/appli. July 1. N/S, N/P, CEDAR HILLS, Newer 2 bdrm, incl. utils. (604)583-3281 aft 4 pm
Bdrm, 1/bath: $900. 2/Bdrm, 2 $1650/mo. Nr amen. (604)501-1574 $680 incl hydro & cable. NS/NP. 2 & 3 Bdrm T/Homes er, a/c, spoiler, like new red. $6500
bath: $1100/mo. Available now. LANGLEY - 2 bdrm suite for rent. Move-In Allowance!! Keyless alarm 604-502-9912
NEWTON. 3 bdrms. 2 full baths. Avail June 15th. (778) 395-3445. Clean and spacious. Close to
Rent-to-Own Avail: Ask how! Garage. Avail. June 15. N/S N/P. CHIMNEY HEIGHTS, 148/67A Ave schools and willowbrook mall. 2006 PT CRUISER, 59,000 kms,
Fridge, stove, dishwasher auto, no acc, garage kept, senior
Pls call 604-613-5998. $1300/mo. + utils. 778-895-1416. Lrg 2 bdrm ste. $725 incl hydro/sat. In-suite laundry. n/s. $875 mth incl (in most), drapes. Outdoor pool.
N SURREY: 10928 128A St. 3 Avail now. NP/NS. 778-837-6135. utilities. 604-817-6291. driven, $7800. (604)539-2040. Some pets welcome. Resident
bdrm rancher, 2 baths, laundry. July CHIMNEY HEIGHTS. 14959-68A. 2 N. Delta, Scott Rd. Lrg 2 bdrm. Nr Manager. Close to bus, shopping,
VISTA GREEN 7575 140 St. $850 1st. $1050/mo + util. N/p. 604-930- bdrm spac suite. Lam r. $650 incl schools and parks.
& up. 2 Bdrm, 3 appls, f/p, no pets. Jarvis schl. $800 incl hydro/cble.
5840 or 604-306-5025. utils. np/ns. Immed. 604-572-0396. N/S. N/P. July 1. 604-562-4995. #36 - 5210 - 203 Street, Langley
1010 sf., 1 prkg spot/storage. Avail PORT KELLS: 3 Bdrm, 2 baths, on Call 604-532-2036
June 15 or July 1. 604-594-8534 or CHIMNEY Heights 151/76A. 2 bdrm NEWTON 12721 67B. 2 bdrm bsmt
park-like acreage, clean, $2000/mo, f/s, h/w rs, no lndry. ns/np. $700 Hardwood rs, new paint. N/S, N/P.
604-583-6844. avail now. Call (604)581-0099 N. DELTA. Cougar Canyon Co-op
incl utils/sat. Immed 604-590-9288. $650/mo. Avail now. 604-671-5009
WHITE ROCK: 1 Bdrm apt, remod is accepting applications for 2 bdrm
S,SURREY, 139/34th Ave, House CHIMNEY HEIGHTS 1 bdrm, f/bath NEWTON, 140/79, New 2/bdrm T/Hs. Nr schools, shops. Priv yds,
bldg, 1 blk fr Semiahmoo. U/G prkg. with acreage & 6800sf living space
$880/mo incl heat. N/P, N/S. priv, greenbelt, $500 incl utils & Sat. bsmt suite, grnd level. N/S, N/P. pet ok. $1900 share purchase.
w/pool, $3500/mo. 604-328-2826 TV. No lndry. NP/NS. 604-488-9809 Incl util. July 1. (604)502-9198 Send S.A.S.E. or P/U application at
Avail July 1st. 604-533-2023.
S. SURREY. 3 bdrm. 2 bath, nice CHIMNEY HEIGHTS. 1 bdrm g/l ste NEWTON 140A. 2 Bdrm grnd lvl. 6838 Nicholson Rd. V4E 3G5 or
area near park/beach/bus. New car- Incl utils. $550 Avail now NP/NS No Incl utils. Nr all amens. Avail now.
715 DUPLEXES/4PLEXES pets & kitchen, lge yard w/big patio. lndry. Ref 604-591-8654, 594-5881 N/P, no lndry. $650. (604)543-2810
SKYLINE APTS. Ns/np. $1775. July 1. 604-319-5901
GUILDFORD 10529 144 St. 3 Bdrm NEWTON, 151A/71 Ave. New 1
WHITE ROCK SURREY - Own with $3300 Down $500/mo. N/S. N/P. Avail. NOW.
15321 Russell Ave
1000 sq.ft., 3 appls + w/d, 2 car
prkg, $1000 + utils. June 15/July 1.
Updated 3bdrm townhomes in Sur- Phone 778-565-1879.
1/bdrm suite. $600/mo incl cable.
N/P, N/S. Avail now.
rey w/ fenced yards, pets ok. Dont pay until July 1st
1 MONTH FREE RENT!! 4 Bdrm 1500 sq.ft., 3 appls + w/d, 2 $1256/mo mortgage plus $220/mo CHIMNEY HEIGHTS. 2 bdrm, incl (604)786-9860, 778-578-1879
CALL FOR DETAILS car prkg, $1500 + utils. July 1/15. for maint fees & taxes OAC. Mort- utils, NS/NP, $700/mo. Avail now. NEWTON, 1/bdrm grnd oor suite.
Nice quiet building. 1 & 2 bdrm N/P. Ph: (604)588-1445 Near bus stop. 604-593-3522 Avail July 1. $475/mo incl util. N/S, 3 Bedrooms $1350/mo.
gage of only $1028/mo plus $220
suites. Includes: Hot water, cable, Guildford. Upper 2 bdrm 4plex tax and maint with a $14,300 CHIMNEY HEIGHTS. 78/147A. 2 N/P. (604)591-6429 Only 1 left! Family Complex
underground parking, video view/lrg yd/storage. w/d n/s. n/p. downpayment. Combd income of bdrm. or 3 bdrm suite. Good area, NEWTON. 1 bdrm. N/S. N/P. $550. conveniently located close to
surveillance. NO PETS adults. $850 heatincl.604-576-1746. $43,300/yr & good credit (680 Np/ns. Ample prkg. 604-594-9548 incl utils & lndry. Call 604-593-1314 schools, bus, skytrain &
CALL 604-536-8499 SURREY, N. River Rd 1200 s/f 3 beacon) to qualify. Call Jodi Chimney Heights brand new lge 2 or 604-771-2547. shopping.
bdrms, 1.5. baths, w/d, July 1. Steeves from Re/Max Panorama @ bdrm ste, avail July 1. NP/NS. $800 5 appliances, gas replace,
604-833-5634 for more details. NEWTON 2 bdrm, fam/rm, cls to
Quiet/Responsible. NO pets/party. incl utils. No cbl/ldry 778-899-2200 schls, bus @ door. Quiet, NS/NP. backyard.
NO drinking/drugs. 604-951-8950 CHIMNEY HILLS. 78/147A. 2 bdrm. Avail now. $675. (604)780-4900.
SUNCREEK ESTATES N/P. N/S. Incls utils, net. Avail
immed. Call 604-572-9957
NEWTON. 3 bdrm walk-out bsmt Call 604-830-2501
* Large 2 & 3 bdrm apartments 730 MISC. FOR RENT suite. N/S. Cat ok. Avail July 1. Website:
* Insuite w/d, stove, fridge, d/w CHIMNEY HTS. 146/79 2 bdrm 604-374-1799.
* 3 oor levels inside suite SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE suite. $650/mo incl utils. Immed. No NEWTON. 62/142. Brand new 2 SURREY, Scott/80th. 3 bdrm T/H.
* Wood burning replace FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Ser- laundry. N/P, N/S. 778-668-7645. bdrm. $750/mo, no laundry. Avail Newly renov. New appls. June 15.
* Private roof top patio vices will Sell/ Rent Your Unused Chimney Hts: 3 Bd bsmt 2 full bths, July 1st. N/P, N/S. 778-237-7874 Small pet ok. $1400. 604-507-3976.
* Walk to shops, nr park, pool, Timeshare for CASH! Over $78 Mil- Visit: 2 liv/rms, almost new nice patio NEWTON 67A/147B st. Newer 1
playground lion Dollars offered in 2009! $1100 incl all util. np/ns, no lndry SURREY WEST
* Elementary school on block WWW. July 15. 604-598-1111, 780-0000
bdrm spacious bsmt suite. Avail
July 1st. NP/NS. $550 incl util. Nr
* Party room, tennis court
* On site security, Sorry no pets
(877) 624-6889 CHIMNEY HTS. Large 3/bdrm all amen + school. 778-565-1202 MOVE IN NOW!
suite, 2/bthrm, Sep l/r, fam rm, kit NEWTON. 80/134 Brand new 2 Dont pay until July 1st! 821 CARS - SPORTS & IMPORTS
Ofce: 7121 - 133B St. 733 MOBILE HOMES & PADS $1100mo. incl util. June 15. N/S, bdrm. bsmt. suite. Near schools &
Surrey WANTED N/P (604)592-1117, 778-881-0621 shops. Ns/np. Avail immed. Incl. Only 1 left - large 3 bdrm town-
NEWTON MOBILE HOME PARK. Houses, Townhomes, CHIMNEY HTS, newer 2 bdrm, cls util. 604-889-9291 homes with inste storage or
604-596-0916 Has 2 large lots available for your 120K on new motor, wolfsburg edi-
Condos & Suites! to park/shcl, avail. immed. Own NEWTON. 92/Scott Rd. Large 2 den. $1300/mo. 5 Appls, 1.5 tion, auto, leather, new top, exc.
mobile. Call 604-597-4787. W/D, cbl & utils incl. (778)881-7081. baths, gas replace to relax
bdrm. suite in new house. Inside cond. local $1995 (604)328-1883
SURREY. 13938 102nd. Ave. New- CLAYTON HTS - BEAUTIFUL parking. 1 day laundry. Near all by. Close to schools, shopping
Serving 1994 Honda Civic LX, spec edit.
er bldg. near City skytrain. Lge 736 HOMES FOR RENT BSMT SUITE 880sqft, 2 bdrm & schools, bus & shops. N/s, pet ok. & transit. Located at Scott
260km, A/C, rmt strt, new frt brks,
suites; 1 bdrm & den, 2 bdrm & White Rock / S. Surrey, kitchen (inc W/D), Parking pad - $850/mo. July 1st. 604-957-1116; Road & 82nd Ave. well mant. $2000obo.604-716-0595
den, 3 bdrm., 2 ba. Adult oriented. ALDERGROVE, newer 2 bdrm sin- Surrey, Langley, Delta, $895, ns/np (inc utilities & cable) 604-807-5020
All appl, d/w, secure, gated on 2 6756 193 St, tel 778-908-4050 Come visit our park-like 1996 HONDA ACCORD EXR - 4 dr.
gle wide, on shared acreage. Priv. PANORAMA: 142/62: Brand new: 2
acres 604-582-7970; 604-731-4131 fully fenced with deck. Incl. shed, Ladner, Tsawwassen, CLOVERDALE 172/64 A Ave,
setting sedan, 4 cyl. loaded, local, Air/C.
or 3/Bdrm gr/lvl; nr bus, schools, all Call NOW 604-591-1600 green, low k, $3495 (604)613-5989
f,s, w/d. N/S N/P. $895 mo. Avail. Steveston, New West & 1/bdrm $625/mo. 2 bdrm $850/mo. amens; mature person; ns/np. $800
SURREY 9655 King George Hwy. 2 immed. Can be contacted Mon-Fri. Website:
bdrm., July 1. Close to Surrey Place Coquitlam. stes in new house, avail now or $900 inclds utils (no cable). Call 1998 VOLVO S70
9:30-5:30. 604-856-3571 NP/NS. Incl util. 778-574-8187 778-885-0376 & lve a msg. Leather int. Mint cond. $3888:
Mall, hospital, schools, parks, bus.
$1250 + strata fee. 778-558-7646 Cedar Hills: 133A/94: 3 bdrm ranch- CLOVERDALE. 1 bdrm bsmt ste, nr PANORAMA PARK, 139/58. 3 TRANSPORTATION (604)507-7167
er, very cln, cls to amen. NP/NS. Call Now! 604-536-0220 schools/bus, ns/np, $550/mo incl all
or email info: bdrms, 2 full baths, bsmt suite. July 2003 NISSAN MURANO SL
SURREY CENTRAL CITY. Largest June 15. $1250m. 604-671-9736. utils. Avail now. 778-889-6609 1. $900/mo. incl util. 604-590-6456. 132,000km. Black. One owner, no
penthouse ste. 35th r. 2 bdr, 2 CENTRAL SURREY. 105/138A. 3
ba, computer/rm, 2 patios, 4 prkg. bdrm rancher w/gar. Fenced yrd. Nr
Cloverdale. 1 modern bdrm, s/s ap-
plis, sep ent. $675 inclds utils, net,
PANORAMA PARK, 1/bdrm + den, 810 AUTO FINANCING accidents. $15,000. 604-516-9227
Facing Vanc. (oceanview), ns/np, very sunny, util. $700/mo. N/D, N/P, 2006 Honda Civic 2 dr coup. Gal-
amens. $1150/mo. (604)589-0490 laundry fac. Avl now. 604.999.7933. N/S. Nr bus stop. (778)565-4997
avail ASAP. $1850. 604-339-7034.
739 MOTELS, HOTELS CLOVERDALE bachelor suite, suit
$0 DOWN & we make your 1st pay- axy gray. Auto, p/w, 104kms. Not a
ROYAL HTS. 116/98th. 2 bdrm ment at auto credit fast. Need a ve- rebuild. Dealer maintd at Surrey
er house, huge kit & fam/rm, cls to LINDA VISTA Motel Luxury Rooms quiet person, near bus & amen. suite, fully airconditioned. Avail hicle? Good or Bad credit call Honda $9700. 604-613-4223
SURREY CENTRAL /GUILDFORD school, Must see! NS/NP. Avail July $550/mo. Ns/np. 778-574-2071 aft5 June 15. N/S. N/P. 604-338-2797. Stephanie 1-877-792-0599.
w/cable, a/c & kitchens. 6498 King 2007 TOYOTA YARIS, 5 dr, H/B,
15th. $1650/mo. Ph: (778)863-8464 George Hwy. Mthly, Wkly & Daily DLN 30309.
DONCASTER & FRASER HEIGHTS $1250/3br - 4 Specials. 604-591-1171. Canadian
CLOVERDALE: brand new house.
2 Bdrm bsmt $900 + 1/3 utils.
ROYAL HTS. 1/bdrm suite. Cl to silver, auto., A/C, am/fm/CD, exc
96/114 St. Avail now. $550/mo + cond., $13,300 obo. (604)881-4477.
BURNSIDE yrs old bsmt suite for rent, close to Inn 6528 K.G.Hwy. 604-594-0010 Coachroom $800 + 1/4 utils. N/P util. Nr bus stop Jim 604-786-7977 2008 HONDA FIT H/B, 42,000 kms.
skytrain, mall, T & T, etc. Avail. Avail now. 778-558-2142
APARTMENTS June, 2010. (604)219-8899 ROYAL HTS., New 2/bdrm suite. 4dr, std, grey. Reduced to $9,800.
Fraser Hts. 2 storey house, 3 bdrms
clean ste, $650/mo incl util/cbl
$675/mo incl util & cable. Avail no accidemts. 604-596-1591
Close to shopping, transit and Immed. N/P, N/S. (604)951-7290
2008 MAZDA SEDAN, 35 km, nice
schools. Quiet, spacious 1 & 2 & den, games rm. Nr schl & amen- FLEETWOOD. Furn. room for rent, NP/NS no ldry July 1 604-512-0568
its. July 1. $2100. 604-765-1030. S.SURREY. 2 bdrm in new house, family car, $12,500 obo. Phone
bdrm units. Some with wood $475 cbl/hydro incl. Preferred prof FLEETWOOD 15018-88A. Brand net/utils incl, culdesac, bright, open, 604-588-2405 or 604-719-2046.
oors, f/p, skylights. Heat, hot GUILDFORD, 10487-154th St. 3 male. Call to inquiry 604-319-7482, new 1bdrm g/lvl w/aircond. Abso- patio, fenced yrd, granite cnters, in-
water and parking. N/P. bdrm unnished bsmt on 3/4 acre. day til 3pm, 604-507-8186, 6-9pm lutely N/S, N/P. $599 incl utils/cble. ste lndry $1200 July 1 604-536-3606 200O HONDA PRELUDE auto, sil-
Avail now. $2000m. 778-862-3500 GUILDFORD, 96/148. 1 bdrm. Pri. 604-588-3240, 604-807-8463. ver, 145K no accidents, aircared for
SURREY, 105 / 128th, brand new 2 yrs. Xcond. $7400. 778-889-3573
604-834-0535 bath & living, shared kit. N/P. N/S. FLEETWOOD: 156 & 80: 1/Bdrm house, 2 bdrm suite, NS/NP. $800 706 APARTMENT/CONDO Sec prkg. rec. facility, $650 Avail.
now. 604-657-4147, 604-585-8169.
a/grd, covd patio. NS/NP $550/mo
incl util & cbl. July 1. 604-543-2738
incl lndry, cable, hydro. Avail July 2010 NISSAN VERSA, auto, 4dr
hatchback, red, options, low kms,
1st. Phone (604)616-6552.
GUILDFORD area. Furnd room in FLEETWOOD 156/81, newer 2 $9500 rm. 604-538-4883
SURREY, 149 / 68, 1 bdrm, bright,
Refreshingly Clean Meticulously Maintained house. Suitable for lady Nd/Nd.
Avail. now, $375. 778-388-5039.
bdrm g/l, 4 appls, f/bath f/yd, cls to
ament, NS/NP, Now 604-507-4807
spacious, Cl to school, bus stop &
market. Avail. June 15. $500 incl.
AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your
GUILDFORD: Fully furn. room. Incl FLEETWOOD 159/88 Ave. 1 bdrm, utils. 604-782-4832 / 604-572-1354 local source to over 300,000
Surrey Gardens Apartments util, cble, internet. $450. Now. 604-
726-1892; 604-580-0844 aft 5pm
spac bsmt ste, $600 incl util Avail
now NS/NP no lndy (604)374-6286
SURREY. 149/71. Brand new 1
bdrm bsmt suite, NS/NP, all utils

for your new one bedroom home SURREY, STRAWBERRY HILLS

Avail July 1st. Furnished or unfur-
FLEETWOOD, 167/78th Ave.
bdrm grd lvl ste. F/S, W/D. Carport
1 incl. $650. Immed. (604)351-6730
SURREY. 1 bdrm. suite. No pets.
$610/mo. incl utils. July 1. Call Ben nished room available in new 2
bdrm T/H. Priv. bath, shared ktchn 604-910-3002 or 604-869-0607.
Smoke outside. Available now.
$600/mo. Call 604-507-9104. 2001 HONDA SHADOW, 1100,
& L/R, laundry avail. House has Sabre, 8500 km. Perfect condi-
time Owner Managed been freshly painted, hrdwd rs
FLEETWOOD 1 bdrm bsmt suite,
across fr. Fleetwood gardens. Suits
SURREY, 68/152. 1 bdrm bsmt. tion. $5,500. Call 591-9740.
Avail now. N/S. N/P. $550 incl utils.
discover Sorry, No Pets throughout. Close to transit, shop- one. Ns/Np $525/mo. 778-822-2433 2001 HONDA Shadow 600 black
1MONTH ping acrss St. $550 + utils, incl 778-565-7983 or 778-878-0772.
FLEETWOOD 2bdr bsmt, sep ent & w/black saddlebags, 2,600 org rural

cable/internet. Smokers are ok. SURREY 84/128, 2 bdrm bsmt ste miles. $4700. 604-220-5005.
alrm,nr amens, July1, ns/np, n/laun-
Call for details! 604-589-7040 Must like dogs. Call 778-317-5436.
dry, $750 incl utils. 778-886-3438
FLEETWOOD: 2 Bdrm bsmt. N/S,
clse to all ament, $695 incl hydro &
cable. Coin laundry NS/NP. 778- 2003 Honda Shadow 750 Ace,
blk/chrome, windshield, saddle
750 SUITES, LOWER N/P. Cls to amens. June 15th. $650 SURREY 94/160 St. 2 Bdrm, July 1
bags, Cobra pipes, 12,000k, $4950

util incl. no ldry. (604)562-5022. obo. (604)793-5454 (Chilliwack)
BEAR CREAK brand new 2 bdrm. $675/mo incl util/cable. NS/NP, no
FLEETWOOD. 80/168. Large 1 lndry. 604-581-4184, 778-928-9153 2005 GSW 50CC SCOOTER,
suite, new appl. N/S N/P. Near all windshield, gear kit, exc condition,
amens, new appl. Very spacious. bdrm ste. np/ns. $600/mo incls SURREY, 9914 126 St. New Two
utils/cable/net. Now. 604-575-9093 $2250. Call: (604)535-8659
Avail. July 1. $750 mo. incl. utils. 2/bdrm suites. Avail July 1. Cl to
604-597-3857 604-722-3857 FLEETWOOD, 81/170 St. 1 Bdrm bus & park. $700/mo ea. incl hydro. HARLEY Fatboy Softail -New 2009,
HUGE SAVINGS ON BEAR CREEK 2 bdrm. bsmnt. Ldry.
& utils. incl. Ample prkg. Close to
newer gr/lvl, July 1, $585 incl cable,
utils & net. NS/NP. (604)760-3534
FLEETWOOD. Brand new 2 bdrm
N/P, N/S. More info. (778)558-7646
SURREY. Near Central City. Reno-
Only 9kms! Upgraded wheels, sec.
system, custom paint. Harley war-
ranty. $18,995.Laura 778-918-1055
park, N/S N/P. $700 mo. Avail. now. vated 3 bdrm., 1.5 baths. Np/ns.
YOUR FIRST YEAR!!! 604-593-0074 after 6pm
BOLIVER HGTS. 114/142 St.
ste. Over 900 s/f. Nr amenits. June
15. N/S. N/P. $925. 604-649-0570.
Fleetwood: Lrg, clean, 1 bdrm, gr lvl
Available now. $1050/mo. incl. util.
604-543-3166 or 778-552-2586

Saturday & Sunday Brand new, Lrg 1 bdrm/den, liv rm,

kitc, full bath. Nr amen. Clean,
bright, quiet, nice furn. Ready to
Priv ent. Suits one. ns/np. Utils/net
incl. Avail Now $650. 604-585-0300
SURREY new 2 bdrm bsmt suite,
Strictly NP/NS. $675 incl hydro/sat-
ellite. Avail now. 604-590-9323 or
June 19th & 20th move in. N/s, $680. 778-316-8298
BOUNDARY PARK: 1 Bdrm g/l. Nr
FLEETWOOD newer 1 & 2 bdrm, nr
amens. $650 & $800 incl utils/cble.

ns/np, refs, July1st. 604-306-8731.

from 10am until 5pm schl/bus/Hwy 10. NP/NS, no lndry.
$550 incl util. Jun 30. 604-805-3018 FRASER HEIGHT 2 bdrm., full
BOUNDARY PARK 64/Scott 1 Bdr bath, incl. cable & utils. $600 mo. BEAR CREEK. 92/KGH. Spacious
N/Smoking. N/Pets $600 incl utils. N/S. Avail. immed. 778-838-8557 1 bdrm. side suite,cov patio, $585.
Imperial Parkside Near amens. Immed. 604-619-9686 FRASER HEIGHTS 1 bdrm ste incl util. Clean. 1 prk in driveway,
NS/NP. Phone 604-710-4692.
CEDAR HILLS, 100/122 St. Very new appls, alarm, utils. ns/np, $700
9555 128th Street, Surrey large 1 bdrm suite. Near school & Avail. July 1. 604-951-3511 CEDAR HILL,123/98. 2 bdrm upper
bus. F/P. No lndry, no pets. Suit FRASER HEIGHTS: 2 Bdrm bsmt. lvl. in new home. Nr bus. N/P. N/S.
778.835.9481 778.228.7978 quiet person. $650/mo incl. heat/ $775 incl utils. N/P, N/S. Lndry opt. $750 utils incl. 604-581-6682.
hydro. Avail now. (604) 951-6766. Avail Now. Call (604)581-0099 CEDARHILL 98/126. 2 bdrm. + of- WANT A VEHICLE BUT
CEDAR HILLS 121/98A Ave, 2 FRASER HEIGHTS: Lrg 1 bdrm ce, garage, d/w, ldry., N/P N/S. STRESSED ABOUT YOUR
Modern and spacious 1 & 2 Bedrooms. bdrm g/l ste, $750m Suit sngle/cple. liv/rm & kitc, sep entry w/patio. Utils July 1. $1050 mo. 604-581-7178 CREDIT? Last week 6 out of 10
NP/NS. July 1. 604-951-7351 incl. NP/NS. $700. (604)584-9111
Laminate/ceramic tile ooring. CEDAR HILLS, 128/96 Ave. Private Fraser Hts. 2 bdrm, w/o bsmt.
N.DELTA 117/90th. Totally renod
lrg 3bd upper, 1.5ba, w/d, walk to
applications approved! We fund
your future not your past. Any Cred- newer 1 bdrm. $600 incl utils. N/S.
July 1. 778-241-5785 aft 2:30 pm.
Alarm, Nr bus/schl. ns/np. $850 incl
utils/sh ldry. Immed. 604-582-8826
schls/bus/shops, ns/np, refs, lease
$1300/mo incl utils. 604-277-5666.
it. or
Surrey North Delta Leader Classifieds 604-575-5555 Circulation 604-575-5344 Wednesday June 16 2010 39

1990 Golden Falcon, 26.5 5th 2001 FORD WINDSTAR LTD.
wheel, clean, ns, new tires, awning, F/loaded, tan, auto, 158K, very
mic. air. $6000obo. 604-530-7203 good cond. $4600. 604-951-3704
1994 Fleetwood 19ft Yukon Wilder-
ness 5th wheel exc cond 1 owner,
new fridge $6500. 604-576-9658
2001 MAZDA MVP - DX, 7 pass.
2.5L, no accid. loaded, local, Air/C,
low K, $4295 teal grn 604-613-5989
U-Haul Moving Center
Claims a Landlords Contrac-
tual Lien against the following
persons goods in storage at:
The Scrapper
13425 King George Hwy
Surrey, BC,
Tel: 604-585-4511
Pest Management Plan # 34401710/15
2006 Forest River 22 ft. Lexington,
Class B, 8,000 miles. $36,500. Call
604-575-1365 or cell 604-724-5051.
2002 DODGE RAM SLT 1500. 4
dr, 4x4, 195K, V8, Auto, Full load
118-19 John North Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited
#107 - 14684 105A Ave.,
2009 R-Pod 151 only 2000lbs Stk options, leather seats, New truck
tires, Rad & water pump, Bed lin- Surrey, BC Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited, 2102 River Drive, New
#29278 fully contained trailer. Hot
water, shower, laminated berglass er. Good condition. $9250. Call 135 Corrie McCorkle
& aluminum construction Only 778-571-0484 (after 6pm) #308 - 70 Donwood, Westminster, B.C., V3M 6S3, Telephone 604-527-6307, Fax 604-526-0914.
$13,990. Travelhome 604-533-1566 Winnipeg, MB
2005 Ford 350 super duty diesel,
2010 Wildwood 18XLT Stk #28161 dully, loaded, remote start long box 215 Donna Verschaer Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited is developing a Pest
Fully contained & only 3400lbs, FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal 136,000k. $24,500. 778-833-3536. #114 - 13958 108 Ave.,
sleeps 4, fridge, furnace, hot water Up To $200 CA$H Today Surrey, BC Management Plan and will submit the plan for registration under the
& Patio awning. Only $12,990. Call
Travelhome 604-533-1566
Fast Service. JJ 604-728-1965 234 Mabelle Fonseca Integrated Pest Management Act. This plan will describe a vegetation
2010 Wildwood 27 Bunk House Stk 17477 64th Ave., management and wood preservative programs using Integrated Pest
#29374. Loaded with Air, super Surrey, BC
slide out, queen island bed, awning, 238 Ron Bruce Management, including the use of herbicides and pesticides to control
sleeps 6. Only $19,893. Call Travel- 3901 Carrigan Crt., pests and wood decay. The purpose is to control vegetation on the right of
home 604-533-1566
way ballast section, to address sight-line related safety issues and to control
We Pay Up to $300 CA$H AND OTHERS 247 Shake NTile Steel
Cars, Trucks & Machinery 13274 113B Ave., wood decay in the timber trestles. Pesticide treatment applications using
Rick Goodchild Re: The Estate of Mary Surrey, BC Telar (chlorsulfuron) on 35 ha, Karmex DF (diuron) on 61.9 ha and Vantage/
Delphine Bell also known as
604-551-9022 7 days/wk. Delphine Mary Bell also known 310 Natalie Philip Weed-Master Glyphosate 41 (glyphosate) on 94.81 ha, to be made using
as Delphine Bell, Deceased, PO Box 207, Port truck mounted spray boom, power hose/nozzle and back pack sprayer. Non-
formerly of 1032 Falcon Road, Edward, BC
847 SPORT UTILITY VEHICLES Quesnel, BC. pesticide treatment methods are mechanical brush cutting, manual brush
339 Mark Karpenko
Bigfoot Camper: 9.5 ft - ts all yr 1992 NISSAN PATHFINDER 4x4 1501 Bann St. Merritt, cutting, ballast cleaning, ballast reconstruction and surfacing between New
trucks. Sell with or w/o custom Creditors and others having
aircared 2 years, 80% tires, exc claims against the estate of Mary BC
trailer. A-1 condition ready to cond, $2299/obo. 604-721-5211. Delphine Bell, also known as Westminster and Chilliwack; Trapp Railway Yard in New Westminster and
go! Phn: 604-319-6656. $7300. 347 Bruce Tedesco
1999 NISSAN PATHFINDER, 152 Delphine Mary Bell also known
14067 Antrim Rd, Burnaby; Sixteenth (16th) Street Railway Yard in New Westminster, Queensboro,
MONTANA 34ft 5th wheel, Key- km, fully loaded, $10,500 obo. 604- as Delphine Bell are hereby no-
stone. Excellent cond. with 3 slides. 588-2405 or 604-719-2046. tied under section 38 of the Surrey, BC New Westminster and Annacis Island, Delta, annually commencing October 1,
3yr warr transferable 604-312-1021 Trustee Act that particulars of 463 Shelley Assu
2002 Ford Escape XLS, 4 cyl, 5spd,
their claims should be sent to 14033 82 Ave., Surrey,
2010 with completion on September 30, 2015. Wood preservative pesticide
225K. Aircared. Good runner. Great
845 SCRAP CAR REMOVAL on gas. $3800obo: 604-531-9889 Culos & Company, 3006 32nd
Avenue, Vernon BC V1T 2L7 on
BC treatment applications using Timber Fume (chloropicrin) and CU-89-RTU
2002 MAZDA Tribute, 4 dr, auto, or before July 9, 2010, after 498 Shake NTile Steel (copper naphthenate) by internal insertion/injection into drilled holes in the
green, am/fm, cd, 4 snow tires, which date the executer will 13274 113B Ave.,
loaded, 175K $7,500 604-543-5089 distribute the estate among the Surrey, BC affected members that will be tightly plugged to ensure that the pesticide
2005 MAZDA TRIBUTE, 1 owner, parties entitled to it, having
regard to the claims of which the
does not enter into a body of water or other environmentally sensitive area.
beige, 90,000kms, $12,000. Great A sale will take place at the
condition. (604)533-2429 executor then has notice. storage location on Friday,
D NO Wheels - NO Problem
June 18, 2010. Viewing 10:00 A copy of the Pest Management Plan Application and maps of the proposed
851 TRUCKS & VANS Public Notice AM - 12:00 PM. Sealed bids
D CASH FOR SOME CARS will be opened at 12:30 PM. treatment areas may be viewed at Southern Railway of British Columbia
D SERVICING Greater Vancouver
Notice is hereby given: Room contents are personal
/ household goods unless
Limited ofces at 2102 River Drive, New Westminster, B. C. or 34520 Vye Road
7 pass. alloy whls. p/w, pdl, c/d, To recover our charges, under
Larry Powell - 778-552-6359 126k, mint. cond. no accidents, noted otherwise. Bids will be Abbotsford, B. C. during normal working hours.
the provisions of the Warehouse
beige, $2695 (604)328-1883 Lien Act, total contents of the fol- for entire contents of each
1998 TOYOTA SIENNA, green, lowing storage unit(s) will be sold locker unit.
164kms, A/C, no accidents. on or after: A person wishing to contribute information about a proposed treatment site,
$4,900. Good cond. (604)728-0390 June 30th 2010
The person(s) who appear in the
relevant to the development of the pest management plan, may send copies
ed, AirCared, 7 pass, 196K, key- following list, are liable to us for of the information to the applicant at the address above within 30 days of the
less. $7500 obo. 604-812-1278 outstanding charges.
publication of this notice.
EXTRA INCOME Christopher K. MacPherson
Classified ads are a direct line to Contents of unit = 2-22 I
Tanya Noakes
extra income. Look around your Contents of units = 2-28 I
home. You're sure to find items you
no longer want or need. All goods will be sold at Bridge-
Somewhere there is a buyer for view Self Storage, #103, 11125 -
them. Call to 124th Street, Surrey, B.C., or by
place your ad. 604 575 5555 auction.


vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673



Big Brothers $100 TAX RECEIPT

Big Sisters of Canada
Donate Your Car - Share A Lit le Magic Donate A Car
1-888-431-4468 tax receipt issued
A Program of White Rock Mil ennium Rotary Club
3-10F A12


2009 Pontiac G8 GT V8 2009 GMC Yukon SLT 2009 Nissan Versa 2008 Chev Avalanche LTZ 2009 Buick Allure 2009 Chev Impala

m e n t s
40 Wednesday June 16 2010

No P ay SOLD D o or
s Stock #B15215. Stock #B15251. Stock #2328. Stock #P2256. Stock #P2257.
th Stock #B15152.
on 31,000 kms! Low kms. Fully loaded Very well Popularly
Black. $
for 6 m $
27,995 41,995 $
13,995 29,000 kms.
38,988 equipped.
16,888 equipped.
Sale Price
16,888 Cra s h e r s !
2007 GMC Acadia SLT 2 2007 Chevy Equinox AWD 2006 Chevy Aveo 2006 Mini Cooper Classic 2007 VW Eos 2008 Ford Mustang
t Stock #P2259. Stock #204187A. Stock #P2265 1999 FORD F-150 XLT
n Th e Sp o Stock #P2307A.
Triton V8 One of a
65,000 kms,
Financing Stock #B15322. Stock #B15340. Stock #4005111. unbelievable Fully loaded, 4x4 Crew Cab,
AWD, low kms, $ Nicely equipped, $ Auto, air, power $ value & handling. $ leather & Sunroof. $ auto, air, cruise. $
dual sunroof, DVD. 34,980 AWD, alloys, CD. 17,888 group, alloys. 7,880 Only 16,888 Only 27,988 Only 16,888 $
2008 Hyundai Elantra 2006 Chevy HHR 2007 Ford F150 S/C 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 2008 Nissan 350Z Convt 2007 Chev Silverado
Quad Cab Power
n Wagon Crew Cab 2005 HONDA CRV
ve r 3 m illio Stock #P2290.
Four wheel drive,
O auto, low km.

Stock #9B15261. Stock #B151551. Stock #B15327. Stock #P2230. Stock #P2263. Stock #P2284.
35kms. $ Low kms, auto, $ Leather, alloys, $ 3/4 ton, $ Contact us $ Ready to $
11,995 air, alloys. 10,895 sunroof, loaded. 20,980 low kms. Only 32,995 for details.Only 29,998 tow. Only 32,888 $
dollars iny
inventor 2005 GMC Canyon Crew Cab 2007 Corvette Z06 2006 Chevy Equinox LT 2007 Chev Silverado 2007 Ford F-150 Ext Cab 1999 Dodge Dakota
Stock #B15390.
All Wheel Drive,
new tires, beautiful
Stock #2283. Stock #16287A. Stock #148314A.
Stock #B12345.
Stock #B15359. Stock #B15339. Fully loaded, Only 52,000 kms, Local, 1 owner,
Brilliant Yellow, extra clean This is a must see! only 54,000 kms.
have arr 4x4, crew with $ low kms, Navi, $ AWD, leather, $ $ $ $ $
matching canopy. 18,880 chromes. 57,888 roof, alloys. 15,986 Only 31,888 Sale Price 19,888 Sale Price 8,988 6,888
e s 2009 Cadillac SRX 2007 Hyundai Entourage GLS 2009 Pontiac Montanas 2008 Chev Trailblazer 2008 Sebring Ltd Convt. 2001 Chrysler 300M 2008 PONTIAC G5
Fr es h tra d Stock #15132.

e d Stock #2329. Stock 2331. Stock #148314.

t o ck Stock #B15341. Stock #104396A. 6 to choose. Perfect for the Very rare car. Readyy Only 55,000 kms. $
All wheel drive.
O v er s $
29,995 Only 19,000 kms!
Pwr sliding door.
19,780 EXT model,
DVD, alloys.
18,885 holiday getaway
23,988 for summer
23,888 A must see.
7,988 9,888
 150-Plus Point Inspection  Manufacturers Warranty
 24-Hour Roadside Assistance  30 Day/2500 km No-Hassle Exchange Privilege



in the
32nd Av

Dealer #10012


All pricing net of General Motorsprograms including Loyalty. Taxes, fees and levies not included.
*Loyalty conditions apply see dealer for detailsdocumentation of $395 not included. KING GEORGE HWY
1-888-254-7933 1-888-866-5038 Dealer No. 6928
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