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Response to RFI


No.1 Second Close, Airport Residential Area, Airport, Accra

P. O. Box 9311, KIA, Accra, Ghana
Telephone: +233 (0) 302 776 460

07 May 2015

Dear Sir,

Expression of interest - (REFERENCE NO. SP3:

In response to the request for expression of interest, I write on behalf of W.A.S.P Ltd,
the Authorized Nashua Dealer for West Africa. We have the desire to undertake this
The team of data analysts, software solutions specialists, managed services experts,
and project managers, has the necessary and relevant competencies to deliver on
this project. The collective skills set has been developed over the past two decades,
where Nashua has been at the forefront of technology change in the corporate
environment. Acknowledged as a leader in Managed Services, Nashua focuses on
leveraging the analytical power of its underlying software solutions, all of which aim
to reduce the impact on the environment.
Furthermore, the strategic partnerships with Indias Ion Exchange, a water
treatment specialist, and USAs alternative energy supplier, Point Innovate, give
credence to our intent to utilize our technology base, especially in the field of data
management and analytics, to affect change in West Africa, where the hitherto
unmanaged environment has led to a state of acute crisis in the areas of energy
consumption, water treatment and usage, and the impact this has on the human
condition as well as climate change.
The Ghana in-country team is led by Change Management specialist, Grant Webber,
who has 20 years of experience in emerging markets change programmes; Head of
IT, Ian le Roux, who has deployed our environmental management solutions for 15
years, and has led a number of successful data management analytics projects;
Solutions Specialist, Michael Rich, a Gold Certified Laserfiche ECM practitioner, who
has led numerous ECM projects in South Africa; an Environmental Policy Expert, Dr.
Eric Twum from Institute of Green Growth Solutions with 20years of experience; a
Climate Change Expert, Dr. Kwadwo Owusu who has successfully executed many
consultancy projects for clients like the UNDP and the Environmental Protection
Agency; and an Environment, climate change development expert with expertise in
sustainable development, business development, green business management,
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Response to RFI

climate change and business, environment and development, public policy, and
project management (Dr. Albert Ahenkan).
Working in concert with our partners at the Institute of Green Growth Solutions; who
have expertise in climate change, we have the technical know-how, domain
knowledge and expertise, the relevant software solutions, and the ability to provide
IBM data management and analytics solution.
Our partnership with ITON gives us a better edge to implement IBMs solution endto-end with over 5 years experience building and implementing IBMs solutions
across the globe.
This brings on board a very comprehensive and multicoated approach in ensuring a
proper and efficient upgrade and improvement of existing GHG database.

Yours Sincerely

Grant Webber
Managing Director
W.A.S.P Limited
Authorised Nashua Dealer
+233 (0) 543 072 033

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Response to RFI

Scope of Work
EPA/MESTI are using part of its NREG TA 2015 funding to recruit a consulting firm to
lead in the upgrading and improvement of the existing online GHG database.
The upgrade and improvement of the existing database will cover the following;
a) Enhance the backend data model architecture of the existing online GHG
database to allow for the inclusion of additional data points on climate
change activities and its effects and support received.
b) Redesign the visualization, query and on-the-fly-analysis capabilities of the
existing database to enhance its user friendliness.
c) Establish channels to facilitate continuous data collection and exchange from
both existing and new climate change projects.
The upgrading of the online GHG database to include the climate activities and
support received will make the database functionally complete and useful to
monitor and evaluate climate change actions, it effects and support received to
enable its full and effective implementation. The completed database will also
enable Ghana report to the UN on regular basis.
As per the organizational requirement this assignment will be done in four parts by
Part 1 - ITON will assess the existing online database and on the basis of the
assessment redesign the data model and visualization, query and on-the-flyanalysis functionalities to allow for the inclusion of additional data points and to
work efficiently.
Part 2 ITON team will prepare online protocol and establish electronic channels
to facilitate continuous data collection and exchange from both existing and new
climate change projects and other databases on such as agriculture fact and
figures, forest inventory, vehicle inspection database and the energy statistics.
Part 3 ITON team will create operation standards and data protocol manual to
guide the running of the database.
Part 4 ITON team will focus on the technical upgrades and deployment of the new
online database shall be done according to specifications of the redesigned data
modal and user interface, which will be produced from an earlier consultancy.

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Response to RFI

Understanding of Scope
Based on the information provided in the document, we see that the overall scope
refers to the
a) Implementation of Data ware house Implementation in collecting the
statistical data from various Organizations.
b) Reports Generation.
c) Collaboration among various companies with GHG and facilitate the data
exchange process.
d) Communication with external systems (through Web services).
Based on preliminary understanding from the RFI, we have planned a technology
stack here and the same will be further streamlined once we receive the RFP from
the client. In our response to the RFP, we will be in a better position to confirm the
final technology stack and the deployment architecture along with the infrastructure
needed to run the same.
Using the technology stack proposed here and the experience in building similar
systems in the Middle East countries, we can deliver a portal and dashboard with
Business Intelligence over the upgraded database and data warehouse to the
various stakeholders in the government to ensure that it has a comprehensive view
of all activities on-going and planned on climate change in a dashboard in order to;

Foster Synergies
Avoid Duplication of Data
Ensure consistency with national development plan
Provide a good picture of the policy impacts of climate change measures in
Ghana and
Enable Ghana have access to one-stop data portal in its comprehensive
climate change reporting programs.

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Response to RFI

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Response to RFI

Introduction and Company Profile

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Response to RFI

Team Members and Curriculum Vitae

Grant Webber MBA, MSc, MPhil, BSc
A Change Management specialist, focusing on the use of environmental impact
management software solutions and data analytics, with a proven track record of
driving and leading in nascent, changing economies and multi-cultural
environments through fact based research and thought leading conclusions. Grant
has led a number of transformation projects and has built relevant strategic
partnerships, all designed to leverage the power of data analytics and data
management in previously unmanaged data environments.
Focus areas are the provision of data analytics and data management, print and
document management, new water treatment technologies, and the provision of
alternative renewable energies, all with the aim of managing the ravages of climate
Ian le Roux
Head of IT at W.A.S.P Ltd with 13 years experience in the Nashua Environment. Ian
le Roux has experience in installing and maintaining Nashua software, (Print Audit
Software and Document Managing Solution Software). He also has experience in
building software processes using middleware in order to facilitate the electronic
and intelligent movement of documents into an EDMS. Ian has implemented and
maintained numerous Document Management Solutions in high profile projects
ranging across all market verticals and was able to show them the power of data
management and analytics.
Focus areas are to maintain the highest level of support and service through
implementing state of the art solutions and to increase productivity through the
solutions processes.
Michael Rich
A Solutions specialist at W.A.S.P Ltd with 7 years hands-on experience in the Nashua
Software Environment. Michael has experience in network and specialized software
installations as well as on-going customer software support. Michael has assisted in
numerous high profile document management projects ranging across all market
verticals namely Education, Gas and Finance & Short Term insurance. Focused on
business improvement, cost effective solutions and data management and

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Response to RFI

Volta River Authority (VRA) Ghana
Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management project:

Electronic capture, storage and management of records through life cycle

Standardized filing system for easy and timely retrieval of information
Ability to do imaging, versioning, tracking, cross referencing and archiving
Facility for workflow, digital signatory access control, security and audit trail
Data management and analytics

Aviance Ghana
Managed Print Services through PaperCut:

Installing PaperCut software and assisting with waste and cost cutting
measures through monitoring and restrictions in the print environment.
Data management and analytics

Perseus Mining Ghana Ltd

Managed Print Services through PaperCut:

Installing PaperCut software and assisting with waste and cost cutting
measures through monitoring and restrictions in the print environment.
Data management and analytics

Petroleum Agency of South Africa

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management: Document and Records Management
(EDRMS), manage all information assets and automated business processes;

Contract Management
Exploration and production (EP) application capture
EP metadata loading from legacy systems
Vendor document expiry management
Policy and procedure management
Data management and analytics

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Response to RFI

Avis Fleet Services

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management:

Centralizing data storage

Streamline accounting, claims and traffic fine processing
Time resource savings

South African Calcium Carbide

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management:

Centralising data storage, electronic library

Archiving workflows
Data capturing
Data management and analytics

Laserfiche Document and Records management

Workflow design
Change management
Data management and analytics

Institute of Green Growth

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to RFI

Climate Change and Environment Team composition and

task assignment
A team of dedicated consultants will be involved in the execution of the contract.
The consultants have expertise knowledge in climate change mitigation and
adaptation, climate change policies, greenhouse gas inventory quality assurance
issues, IPCC guidelines, and curricula development. The brief Curriculum Vitae and
role of Team Members are provided in the below table.

Brief Curriculum Vita and role of Team Members

Team Role
expert (Lead

Name of
Dr. Kwadwo

Brief Curriculum
Dr. Kwadwo Owusu is a climate expert. He obtained a
PhD in Geography from the University of Florida in
2009. He has since work with the University of Ghana,
teaching and researching in the areas of climatology,
climate change and sustainable development. He is
currently a Senior Lecturer heading the University of
Ghana Climate Change programme. He has authored
may peer reviewed journal articles on climatology and
climate change. He is a member of the Association of
American Geographers (AAG) and Ghana
Geographical Association (GGS)
Dr. Owusu has successfully executed many
consultancy projects for clients like the UNDP and the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He was part of
the team that completed Ghana Climate Change
Adaptation Strategy. He was also the leader of the
team that just completed the climate section of
Ghanas Third National Communication. He has work
on many Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action
(NAMAs) projects including the prioritization of
Ghanas NAMAs for implementation.


Dr. Albert

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Response to RFI

Dr. Albert Ahenkan is an Environment, climate change

and Business Development expert. He obtained his
PhD from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium
in 2011. His areas of expertise include sustainable
development, business development, green business
management, climate change and business,
environment and development, public policy, and
project management.

He has taught many courses at both graduate and

undergraduate courses in environment and
sustainable development, public sector management,
financing climate change, green business
management, advanced environmental management,
supervised many graduate thesis in the University of
Ghana Business School (UGBS) and also actively
involved the development of academic programmes in
the School. He is also the coordinator of the MSc.
Climate Change and Sustainable Development
programme in UGBS.

al Policy

Dr. Ahenkan has consulted for many organizations

including Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources,
Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology
(MEST), Government of the Flemish community of
Belgium, FAO, CIDA, and CFLI, CIBIE etc. He was
actively involvement in the development of Ghana
NAMAs Investor Guide. He has also initiated and
managed a good number of development projects on
poverty reduction, climate change, food security,
environmental management, forest resources
creation, water and sanitation in Ghana. He has over
the years participated and presented a number of
papers in international conferences including
international conference on Ethics and Sustainability in
Belgium, and the 18th Commonwealth Forestry,
Conference in Edinburgh, United Kingdom in 2010 and
regular participant of the European Development Days
in Brussels, Belgium in between 2009-2011.
Dr. Eric Twum Dr. Eric Twum has had an extensive training and
experience in resource management and policy,
environment, finance, politics, and regulation across
Africa and in UK. His work on environment and climate
change coupled with his exceptional skills in
communication, organization, finance and
management has been applied to rigorous and
successful policy development and implementation.
He holds a PhD in Political Science and Public Policy
from University of Exeter, and an MSc (Hons),
Environmental and Resource Management from
Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus,
Germany. Dr Twum is a member of the Chartered
Institute of Environmental Health and the Association
of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). He also
serves as a consultant to The Ministry of Environment,
Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) on a low
emission capacity building project: Nationally

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Response to RFI

Appropriate Mitigation Action. (2014-2015).

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Response to RFI

Background of Institute of Green Growth Solutions (IGGS) and

IGGS is a private sector organisation consulting firm focusing on environment and
sustainable development issues with the view to providing evidence based-research
to support socio economic development.
Key officers of the company have provided research and advisory support for many
governments, non-government organizations, and multi-lateral agencies in many
countries in the developing world. The works of these officers in international
development has been highly regarded by clients. IGGS aims at developing a
proven track record in the area of developing effective, innovative and practical
solutions to the complex challenges in environmental management through the
translation of theoretical underpinnings into implementable policies and strategies.
The hallmark of the success of IGGS and its officers can be attributed to the
innovation, high customer service and the excellent quality of both research and
consulting services that we provide.
In summary, they provide research, advisory and consultancy services in these

Climate Change
Environment and natural resource management
Socio-economic development strategies
Capacity building
Monitoring and evaluation

IGGS has significant knowledge of climate change, economics, political economy

and natural resources management in Ghana and experience working with
development partners, governments, legislators, international NGOs and national
civil society to promote pro-poor growth dependent on natural resource exploitation.
Officers of the company are currently providing technical assistance in the area of
the development of Policy Advice Series for the Ministry of Environment, Science
and Innovation with funding from the United Nations Development Programme and
the development of innovative financing mechanisms and National Appropriate
Mitigation Actions (NAMA).

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Response to RFI

Proposed Solution Components and Requirement Mapping

Based on the brief scope of work seen in the RFI, we recommend to implement a
solution which is a combination of the following components;


Lotus Connections
Cognos / IBM Business Intelligence
DB2 / IBM Informix
Content Manager.
Websphere (IBM MQ, Websphere Application Server, Websphere Portal

IBM Data Power (Security Integration Platform for API, SOA and B2B
The final list of solution components along with the deployment / technical
architecture will be confirmed over our response to RFP at the next stage once more
information on the data sources and other needs are confirmed by the client.
Note: The list of solution components proposed here will change based on the
technical and commercial needs of the customer depending on the information
provided over the RFP.

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Response to RFI

Approach and Methodology

ITON and its team shall perform the following tasks within the stipulated time and in
accordance with the quality standards that will be agreed between the Government
of Ghana, World Bank and ITON during contract signing. ITON will therefore perform
the following specific tasks;
Phase 1

Needs assessment, redesigning and upgrades

Conduct a system wide-assessment of the existing online GHG database.

The assessment must identify potential ways to redesign and expand the
existing data model in order to include new data windows on climate
initiatives, support and effects of actions. The review must also look into
the possibilities of designing the user interface of the existing database.
Based on the outcome of the initial assessment, redesign and upgrade the
existing online data taken in account (a) data model architecture and
visualization, query and on-the-fly-analysis functionalities in order allow for
the inclusion of additional data points and to work efficiently.
Phase 2

Data protocols and linkage with other databases

Prepare online protocol and establish electronic channels to facilitate

continuous data collection and exchange from both existing and new
climate change projects and other databases on such as agriculture fact
and figures, forest inventory, vehicle inspection database and the energy
Phase 3

Operations and data management standards

Develop operations and data standard manual that will be used by the
administrators of the database. The book will seek to ensure greater
integrity in the data that will generate from the system.
Make recommendations for the long-term sustainability in the running of
the databases after the current funding dries up.
Phase 4

Installation, upgrades and testing

Implement the specifications of the redesigned data model and the user
interface on the database infrastructure by setting up the electronic
systems and the installing necessary software in order to deploy it.
Process all the existing and new data of all aspects of the climate database
as defined above and upload them on the new database. The uploading of
data onto the database must satisfy the standards set out in the operation
and data standard manual.
Test the run the database with all the data fully populated. Conduct stress
scenario of the database (e.g. optimize capacity traffic) for in order to
identify and correct bugs, design and operation flaws.

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Response to RFI

The following specific deliverable will be delivered by the team:
An inception report will be prepared before going into a full-fledged exercise.
It will detail the understanding of the task and objectives, showing
o How each of the objectives will be met
o Proposed methods
o Proposed sources of data
o Data collection procedures
o Detailed work plan
o Implementation schedule.
It will include a proposed schedule of tasks, activities and deliverables,
designating a team member with the lead responsibility for each task or
product. The inception report will give all parties involved in this exercise an
opportunity to verify whether they share the same understanding about the
exercise and clarify any misunderstanding at the outset.
Draft and final reports of the review and assessment of the existing GHG
online database including recommendations of technical and operational
options for improvement.
Upgraded and improved climate change database.
Quality control/Quality assurance recipe book.
Draft and final report on system upgrade and testing
Training Workshops for End-Users and Technical Team

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Response to RFI

Project Team Key Member CVs

The following technical and functional team with relevant experience will be used
for this project/implementation. Team will be finalized based on the contract signing
and availability of resources.

Sridhar Talluri Delivery Manager

Delivery Manager

Sridhar Talluri

Professional Qualifications (Education)



Other Qualifications:
IBM certified Quality Ambassador, IBM certified IT- Specialist
Level 1
PMI Ceritified

Modern Information Technology (MIT) LLC





Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management

Modern Information Technology (MIT) LLC
Title: Delivery Manager

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Response to RFI

Experience in project management of high revenue

accounts involving application development and SLA driven
maintenance services

Instrumental in maintaining good relationships with the



Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management

clients and organization.

Preparing project plans, evaluating high level design and

data architecture.

Managing detailed project documentation and leading the

project from elaboration through project completion.
Analyzing and resolving issues / risks involved in projects.

Defining project team, allocating, executing project

assignments and monitoring tasks assigned to team
members; ensuring timeliness and quality of deliverables.

Responsible for providing quality deliverables to client.

Conducting quarterly
tracking NCs to closure.





Generating project status reports.

Preparing training plans and reviewing documents.




Royal Oman Police Electronic Visa Project

Royal Oman Police Electronic Customs Project

Royal Oman Police Electronic Prison Management

Many other projects


Title: Delivery manager

Effort Estimation In terms of Resources & Budget.

Review the deliverables from offshore team at IBM. This
includes test design and automated test scripts for Mobility
Application Development & NSS Connectivity developed by

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Response to RFI



Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management


test engineer offshore.

Responsible for defining the requirements traceability matrix
for the project scope and get it reviewed with the team and

Responsible for Identifying the Risks and perform Risk

Analysis to list out the risk during the early stages of

Collate the information received from the Module Leads and

update the Work Plans or WBS if required.

Responsible for preparing the Communications Plan & other
project related documents like HR Plan, Requirements
Traceability Matrix, Quality Plan, Project Plan & Metrics and
getting them reviewed by the Project Manager using RPM
(Rational Portfolio Manager) & Monitoring the development

activities through RTC (Rational Team Concert).

Collect metrics data (such as baseline, actual values for
costs, schedule, work in progress, and work completed) &
reports on project progress and other project specific

information and share the same with the stakeholders.

Responsible for preparing the bids & proposals


extended the business in achieving more modules for

automation in IBM Finance sector.

Responsible for accomplishing project objectives and the
outcome of the project by completing it on time.


Honored with IBM Bravo award & IBM Certified

Quality Ambassador for the Process Improvement Plans
implemented in Groupware Pool Account.

19 | P a g e
Response to RFI

Honored with IBM Certified IT-Specialist Level 1

Certification for Architecting the Solutions in Groupware



Jan 2002


Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management


Modern Information Technology (MIT) LLC

Title: Technical Lead
eOffice (Document Management System) :- eOffice System
regulates the process of workflow automation for various activities
in the Organization which includes optimization & storage of the
data in Digital format and making it available to the departments /
People upon request.

eHR (Human Resource Management System):- A complete

Lotus Notes & Domino web based portal to meet the requirements
of HR Department at Omifco (Oman India Fertilizer Company eHR deals with the automation of various
modules including Payroll Management, Leave Management,
Timesheet Management, Employee appraisals, Vehicle
Management, Salary Advance Requests etc.

eHelp (Help Desk Management System) :- Helpdesk

management system application is an information and assistance
system that troubleshoots problems for the users within the
Organization and as well as records the complaints received from
the customers via a toll free number / email / website feedbacks.
The incident management system module of the eHelp allows you
to track the list of issues which were reported by the customer and
track the status until closure.

Led teams across broad technical, financial and business

disciplines. Focused teams on business objectives and







completed on time, on budget and with the desired results.

Mitigated risk factors through careful analysis of financial

and statistical data. Anticipated and managed change
effectively in rapidly evolving global business environments.

20 | P a g e
Response to RFI



Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management


Defined processes and tools best suited to each project.

Moved between agile and waterfall approaches depending
on project specifics and client goals, creating detailed
project road maps, plans, schedules and work breakdown

Defined Communications Plan & other project related

documents like HR Plan, Requirements Traceability Matrix,
Quality Plan, Project Plan and Metrics.

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Response to RFI

Swamy Boyapati Project and Technical Manager

Project & Technical Manager

Swamy VLN Boyapati

Professional Qualifications (Education)


Other Qualifications:


ITIL, Six Sigma

Modern Information Technology (MIT) LLC



er 2004


Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management

Modern Information Technology (MIT) LLC
Title: Project & Technical Manager

22 | P a g e
Response to RFI

Overall Project and Presales responsibility Oracle apps,

People soft, BPR. DMWS and CRM solutions space
Business Process Standardization for customers by
implementing ITIL best practices, Six Sigma, CMM and
ISO standards.
Providing delivery leadership to onsite / offshore project /
program managers
Providing services from Domain Consulting to Deployment
Product Realization services
Responsible for executing business targets along with Sales



Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management


Responsible for developing business alliances in South Asia

and UK
Making necessary business decisions as required
Leveraging offshore resources
Managing customer delight
Additional value added service delivery proposition
Planning and managing the entire project activities
Coordinating with the client and vendors
Conducting project review meeting and status reporting to


Nov 2004

Innova Solutions
Title: Practice Head Solutions
Framing Architectural decisions, providing leadership,
direction, strategy, and vision in the areas of technology and
product development to facilitate and enable growth and
business agility.
End to end management of multiple projects from
conceptualization and visualization to technology mapping
and final execution of projects.
Holding review meetings to monitor progress of the project
as per schedule, and ensuring timely completion and
delivery of the project to the client.
Delivering and implementing the project as per scheduled
deadlines; extending post implementation and maintenance
support to the technical support team and client.
Functional, System Integration, regression, performance and
User Acceptance testing (manual & automation).
Prepare Performance test strategy, effort estimation,
workload model, POC, Customer Proposals
Co-ordinate with the Business Analysts, Capture
performance Test requirements, determines business
processes and technologies to be tested.


Oct 2003

Blue star InfoTech Limited

Title: Project Director
Project Planning, Tracking,
MSProject for this purpose.

23 | P a g e
Response to RFI







Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management


Collection of metrics for customer and project management.

Usage of MSOffice tools for this purpose.
Quality Management - reduction in number of defects,
defining targets.
Development of tools to track Reliability and Quality
Measurements for product and process schedules, effort,
turn-around time, productivity. Using graphs to define and
improve performance targets.
People Management - Conflict resolution, Time management,
Seven Habits, Persuasive influencing.
Strategic planning across projects. Developing skills of the
team. Developing synergy across teams.

Suraj Melvin Mendonca Project Manager

Profile Summary
PMP Certified with over 16 years of global experience in strategy and
operations in IT service delivery functions, with insightful knowledge of the entire
software development lifecycle and QA practices. Excelled in building high
performance teams and implementing continuous improvement programmes.
A strategic leader involved in maintaining, enhancing and growing the company's
business interests, managing relationships and improving clients experience.
Distinction of interacting with and managing CXO level global stakeholders.
Possess commercial acumen and P&L accountability with good understanding of
management methodologies.
Adroit in performing a stakeholder management role, enabling delivery by
ensuring closer collaboration between the global delivery teams and clients
organisations. Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to relate to people at any level
of business, create confidence, be flexible, and possess cultural awareness and
sensitivity with a mature thinking, strategic business approach and an elegant
Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technology from NCST (National Centre for
Software Technology), now CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced
Computing), an R&D division of Dept. of IT, Govt. of India in 1997.
Bachelors in Computer Science from Mangalore University, India in 1996.
Primary and Secondary education from schools in Dubai, UAE affiliated to
CBSE, India
Technical Skills
Platforms / OS
24 | P a g e
Response to RFI

: Unix, Windows, Tandem (HP NonStop),

Test Automation / Mgmt. Tools
: HP QC, QTP, BPT, Jira
Productivity Tools
: MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio
Development Products / Tools
: Weblogic, Jbuilder, Rational Rose, PL/SQL
Programming / Scripting Languages
JavaScript, Visual Basic, COBOL
Database Systems
: Oracle, Teradata, Tandem NSQL, MS Access
SDLC Methodologies
: Waterfall, Agile (SCRUM)
Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI in 2012
Significantly contributed in introducing a system of representing the
various diverse efforts across multiple projects in terms of a uniform unit
measure, thereby helping quantify the holistic effort spent by the team and
eventually improving the accuracy of estimations and budget
Capably improved work efficiency of the team by introducing automation
of manual processes, thereby improving productivity and helping deliver
projects within their schedule and budget
Efficiently implemented a re-org of the delivery team to better capitalize
on domain knowledge and product competencies as well as leverage technical
skills across multiple projects
Successfully achieved an average of 15% incremental yearly revenue on
account of the excellent services and on-time deliveries of projects under my
Played a major role in introducing a system of data analytics on existing
work performance data to identify inefficiencies, root cause of defect leakage
and top 20% focus areas that would give 80% improvement
Involved in setting up testing CoE (Center of Excellence) based on lessons
learnt from executed projects & industry best practices, with a strategic view
to build a TaaS (Testing As a Service) service for future projects & clients
Achieved multiple Bravo Zulu recognition awards from client & an
Employee of the Year award from employer.
QA/Test Management
Defining testing strategies for projects following Waterfall and Agile
methodologies with particular focus on:
o Automated testing and creation of automation frameworks that
are reusable and scalable
o Risk-based testing using techniques such as all-pairs (pairwise
testing) and statistical analysis of historical test performance
o Emphasis on defect prevention over defect detection, hence
building quality in from early in the SDLC
Management of testing deliverables including test planning, test design,
25 | P a g e
Response to RFI

test automation, test execution, defect management and reporting

Defining, implementing and managing test SLAs/metrics to measure
efficiency and effectiveness of testing; monitoring and reporting
performance against those metrics/SLAs using visual dashboards
Performing various types of trend analysis to facilitate decision making in
terms of focus areas and priorities to maximize identification of defects
before release
Undertaking improvement initiatives by analysing root causes of defects
& identifying preventive action plans

Project Management (Operational)

Conducting system study and requirements analysis for new projects from
clients, developing solutions and preparing estimates of cost, time and
resources to execute the project
Developing and maintaining project plans, creating and updating WBS and
project schedule
Managing team members, defining their roles & responsibilities, allocating and
tracking their assignments, evaluating their performance and conducting their
annual appraisals
Identifying issues/risks, escalating them to the appropriate levels after
planning suitable mitigation steps
Supervising the transition in & out of projects, resources, roles and locations
while ensuring successful continuity of operations with no adverse impact
Guiding the team in resolving technical issues through collaboration and
encouraging out of the box thinking
Generating periodic status reports, conducting stakeholder / steering
committee / checkpoint meetings to discuss on-going project performance,
variances if any, plans/initiatives to address open issues and risks
Monitoring and tracking projects with respect to SLAs, change requests,
resource utilization, cost and schedule over-runs and assisting in
SOW/Contract negotiations and administration
Project Management (Strategic)
Steering service delivery of global projects by serving as the single point of
contact / client interface and defining a clear roadmap to address both nearterm and long-term strategic goals
Creating and/or customizing service delivery models and project governance
frameworks to suit the specific needs of clients/projects and aligning them to
strategic business goals
Managing escalations on on-going deliverables by being politically aware of
stakeholder sensitivities and keeping in mind the clients explicit as well as
implicit expectations and perceptions
Reducing attrition levels, improving team morale and productivity by
mentoring team members, addressing training requirements, conducting
frequent team building activities and rewards & recognition programs
Building domain knowledge within the team for strategic long-term advantage
by establishing sound knowledge management practices such as knowledge
26 | P a g e
Response to RFI

sharing sessions and enforced documentation

Identifying & promoting opportunities to grow business from client while
simultaneously increasing value to client by providing relevant, timely, valueadded recommendations as well as cost-effective solutions through innovation
Improving profitability of project by maximizing resource utilization and driving
investments / initiatives for productivity improvement based on cost-benefit
analysis to justify ROI

Professional Experience
Developer, India
CRM/Sales Support, USA
Java / J2EE Sr. Developer, USA
Java / J2EE Tech Lead & Project Manager, India
Project/Program Manager, QA / Testing Manager,
USA and India for ITON

27 | P a g e
Response to RFI

Mar97 Jun97
Jul97 Nov98
Dec98 Oct00
Nov00 Dec04
Jan05 Dec06
Since Jan07

Anjaneya Swamy Rayani Head of Integrations and Migration

Head - Integrations and Migration

Rayani Anjaneya Swami

Professional Qualifications (Education)


Other Qualifications:


PMP Certified

Modern Information Technology (MIT) LLC





Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management

Modern Information Technology (MIT) LLC
Title: Head - Integrations and Migration
Experience in developing applications using Oracle
10g/9.x/8.x/7.x, Developer 6i/9i, Visual Basic 6, SQL *
Loader, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2008, IBM DB2 v7.1,
IBM Content Manager v7.1/8.1
Good team player with excellent communication skills,
analytical and learning new technologies
Currently working with Modern Information technology
(MIT) LLC, as product owner.
As a product owner , I hold a very powerful and crucial
position responsible for the relationship between business
and application development
Leading development effort for all products within MIT, like
customizations, new requirements and enhancements,
Operations and Maintenance activities, by conveying vision
to the team, outlining, and prioritizing it based on business

28 | P a g e
Response to RFI



Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management


Prioritizes and sequences the Product Backlog according to
business value or ROI
Decides on the functionality, the release date and the
budget to maximize customer satisfaction and ROI.
Creates and updates the release plan and the release
Communicates the customer needs, guides the release and
collaborates with the team and the stakeholders on an
ongoing basis.
Responsible for Customer needs, project success and
Developing and communicating the product roadmaps and
Collaborating with the teams and aligns with the
stakeholders throughout the entire release
Managing partner expectations and the achievement of SLA
objectives and ensuring that compliance with processes &
guidelines are achieved.
Establishing relationship with Reputed company partners to
ensure satisfaction and repeat business.
Manning global processes and collaboration/resources to
deliver consistently great customer experiences, while
meeting financial commitments
Working on best practices and processes and continuously
identify improvements to ensure that the practices
processes remain best in class aligning to global delivery
Grooming and mentoring new and existing team members
on processes, technology and or any other required areas
where they have less experience and helping them ramp
Increasing business through contribution to territory
strategies, helping sub team to a work for achieving this
Making collaboration with different teams and Business
Groups in Reputed Company to increase reach and

40+ signed off projects

29 | P a g e
Response to RFI

Ammar Talhouni Infrastructure Specialist

Infrastructure Specialist


Professional Qualifications (Education)


BSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Other Qualifications:
Professional Associations / Memberships:
Association of professional engineers of Jordan
Association of professional engineers of Canada

Modern Information Technology (MIT) LLC





Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management

Modern Information Technology (MIT) LLC
Title: Director of Government Solutions
Develop the Government Sector business of MIT for custom
business software
Develop the Consulting business for MIT as necessary
Develop and manager partnerships with subcontractors and
technology vendors
Manage relationship with customers and ensure customer
expectations are met

30 | P a g e
Response to RFI



Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management


Support MIT teams as necessary

Oman E-Visa system,
Oman Visa Sticker project,
Salalah Free Zone multitenant Data Center & Infrastructure
Oman Tender Board System
Ministry of Agriculture Portal system

Feb 2012

Information Technology Authority

Title: Senior Consultant
Providing consultancy and advisory services to all
Government organizations of the Sultanate of Oman with
regards to developing the organizational IT vision and
Strategy, Data Center, infrastructure and networking. Scope
includes, but not limited to: Develop the need for automation,
design, best practice advice and implementation, RFP writing,
tender evaluation and award, post implementation inspection
and compliance check. I am also responsible for developing
standards for infrastructure implementation and design for
the Government based on industrys best practice and
international standards.
Account Management for several Government Organizations,
and relationship management with these organizations,
Including all technical and non-technical requests.
Develop the Government Business Continuity Framework
Oman Government Network design and implementation
National Data Center design
Information Technology Authority Disaster Recovery center
Government Business Continuity Planning framework
Public Key Infrastructure Subject Matter expert
National Museum infrastructure design
Oman Council infrastructure and Data Center design
Ministry of Justice Court complexes infrastructure and Data
Center design
Supreme Court Data Center design

31 | P a g e
Response to RFI




Oct 2005

Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management


Royal Oman Police

Title: Project Director
Manage the contracting and implementation and deployment
of the National Registration System and the Smart Card ID
system. Manage the time and on budget and manage the
resources required for the implementation, as well as vendor
management. National ID Card and National Registration
System is the key pillar in the Oman Digital Society strategy,
and is the foundation for establishing efficient E-Government
systems, and is the key enabler of the Government to Citizen
Technical Assurance of the National Registration and Smart
Card ID system installation. The system is built on an Intranet
based architecture with 3-Tier based application using java
technologies. The application runs on IBM and Oracle and
Microsoft platforms and technologies. The Smart Card System
employs a suite of applications from GemPlus to manage the
collection of Biometrics (Finger prints, and Photo), enrollment
of citizens information, and customizing and issuing the
smart card to the citizens information and biometrics.
Furthermore it manages future addition of applications on the
smart card when required. Smart Card ID other applications
include; Driving License Application, E-Purse Application,
immigration application and PKI application and E-Voting
application, all in addition to the base ID application.
The National Registration and Smart Card ID system also
includes the implementation of fingerprint operated
automated gates at airport terminals to speed up the flow of
travelers for Smart Card ID holders.
Launch the National Smart ID card System on time and
Launch the National Registration System on time and budget
Design and deployment of the Directorate General of Civil
Status office information systems and infrastructure
Implement the Automated Biometric Gates at Seeb
International Airport, both in the Departure and Arrival areas
Implement the Electronic Document Management System at
Inspector General of Police and Customs office

32 | P a g e
Response to RFI



Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management




Setup the Project Office at ROP directorate General of Civil

Status and implement the IBM Worldwide Project Management
Independent Contractor
Title: Contract Consultant
Provide Information Technology consulting services, focusing
on strategy and solution design area, and specifically in
Telecommunication and Infrastructure, tender preparation and
evaluation, Project Management and IT supplier negotiation.
Infrastructure design, setup and launch for a
major B2B dotcom launch in the region. Including office IT
infrastructure in Dubai, Amman and Beirut.
Design and implementation of UCP AG Jordan office IT system
and Unified Communications infrastructure including Security,
LAN/WAN, PSTN integration and Internet Gateway.



Jordan Telecommunications Company

Title: Director of Data Communications & Internet Project
Implementation of His Majestys vision and directives to
enable the Connected Society. The mission was implemented
by deploying a nationwide Internet broadband network,
enabling triple play service to the Jordanian Citizen.
Established the Data Communications and Internet business
Unit at Jordan Telecomm, including setting the department
mission, define the objectives, define the offerings including:
Broadband Internet Access, Data Communication services,
VoIP and prepaid VoIP calling cards, Video on Demand and
Video Multicast services, Distance Learning Services and
Telemedicine enabling solutions
Conduct presentations to His Majesty King Abdulah II, Deputy
Prime Minister, ministerial committees as well as the Board of
Directors of JTC.
Launch the Broadband Internet infrastructure in Jorda in 5
major areas in Jordan covering over 50% of the Jordan
Launch the IP+ATM and MPLS business network
Set the pricing strategy for launched services based on the

33 | P a g e
Response to RFI



Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management

internationally competitive market prices



SITA - Airline Telecommunication and Information Services

Title: Country Operations Manager
Responsible for the technical operations of the SITA, The
position included heading a team of 6 technical engineers,
and responsible for three (3) data centers in Jordan. These
data centers provide X25, Frame Relay, IP, SDLC/SNA, QLLC,
P1024B/C network connectivity services to SITA customers in
Achieve and maintain highest levels of operational targets of
99.96% network availability, 4 Hours Mean Time To Repair and
Zero customer escalations.
Ensure proper periodic maintenance and adherence to SITA
international standards for the SITA data centers in the
Ensure that operational targets and SLAs are met for all new
customers installations.
Act as SITAs key contact with the local Telco (JTC) and the
various customers (Airlines) in the country.
Manage the network operations for the EQUANT (SITAs
commercial arm) office in the country and its associated
Internet Services.
Launched the first commercial SITA operation and Network
POP in the Middle East and North Africa region
Achieved and exceeded all operational targets
Established a disaster recovery mechanism and procedures to
guarantee continuous operation of the SITA data centers
Title: Regional Special Projects Manager ME & NA
Act as the regional expert and project manager for SITA
regional office Middle East and North Africa- handling all nonstandard and new technologies to be introduced to SITA
ME&NA, such as: Satellite and VSAT technologies, Wireless
Spread Spectrum technologies, commercial project launch for
Manage a project to conduct an audit of services and

34 | P a g e
Response to RFI



Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management


infrastructure of the ME&NA regions PTTs, in an effort to map

the available and planned services of these PTTs.
Manage the project of deployment of SITA Satellite
communications in the Middle East and North Africa region,
specifically in Pakistan, Lebanon, Tripoli, and act as the SITA
regional expert for satellite communications.
Manage the move towards commercial services in the region.

Implemented the first Commercial Operation for SITA in the
region under the name Middle East Communications and
operating in Jordan.
Implemented the satellite international links in SITA Pakistan
Conducted a high level study of the available infrastructures
services and its prices by local telcos of the region.


FASTLINK Mobile Network

Title: Information Technology Manager
Responsible for setting up the Information Technology
infrastructure in preparation for the launch of Fastlink.
Design and manage the implementation of FASTLINK
corporate LAN and WAN infrastructure.
Procure and manage installation of all elements of the
Information Technology infrastructure and Office Automation
Responsible for selecting, procurement and installation of the
automated bill printing systemto handle current and future bill
printing volumes.
Setup of the Fastlink IT department and mobilize the IT
technical team
Setup of the IT infrastructure and office Automation System
Implemented the Fastlink Financial and accounting System
Implemented the Jupiter Cellular Billing from Kingston SCL
Implemented the Xerox Bill printing system
Implemented the Kern Enveloping system and integration with
the Xerox Bill Printing system
Support all Fastlink business units with the required IT

35 | P a g e
Response to RFI





Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management


Aramex International Courier

Title: Communication Manager
Responsible for the design and implementation of ARAMEXs
worldwide information network
Set strategy, policies and procedures for the Information
network and connectivity to the Mainframe based tracking
and tracing system for all ARAMEX offices worldwide.
Planned and managed the installation and administration for
all ARAMEX International Couriers office LANs worldwide as
well as all WAN and LAN-to-Mainframe connections.
Established the standards for LAN and WAN deployment in
ARAMEX International Courier offices worldwide.
Implemented the ARAMEX International Courier Head Office IT



Royal Jordanian Airlines- Data Processing Center

Title: Communications System Programmer
Responsible for all LAN in Royal Jordanian Head Office and all
Airport Sites and Offices
Responsible for LAN to Mainframe connectivity in Royal
Jordanian Airlines Head Office, Marka and Queen Alia
International Airport.
Support all non-Mainframe systems and its corresponding
communications requirements
Planned, Installed and supported all Royal Jordanian Office
Implemented and Managed the LAN to Mainframe, PC to
Mainframe and LAN to SITA WAN connectivity.
Implemented and supported the AS/400 connectivity to the
SITA global network as part of the Departure Control System
Designed and Implemented a PC based Store and Forward
message switching communication router that interconnects
RJ Mainframe network to the SITA Type B network.
Implemented an online voice based cargo reservation inquiry
system, to deliver fast and accurate response to customers.

36 | P a g e
Response to RFI



Company /Project/Position/ Relevant technical management


37 | P a g e
Response to RFI

Upgraded the RJ Computerized Flight Planning Systems

communications link to SNA/SDLC across the SITA network.

Uday Chikati IBM Websphere MQ Expert

Profile Summary
Having Around 6 years of experience in the IT industry, which includes in
Websphere installation, configuration and administration of Enterprise
Applications using IBM Web Sphere Application server 6.1, 7.0 &
WebSphere MQ 7.0 administration.
IBM HTTP Server on UNIX, Linux and Windows 2003 environments.
Expertise in Installation, Configuration and Administration of IBM
WebSphere Application Server 7.0, IBM HTTP Server on different flavors of
UNIX and Windows
Expertise in Deployments, Configuration and Administration of J2EE
applications on IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0
Experienced in configuration of cells, nodes, clustering, application
servers, virtual hosts, configuring web server plug-ins
Experience in the implementation of session management
Experience in implementation of Workload Management (WLM) using
clustering techniques including Horizontal and Vertical Scaling for failover
and backup/recovery processes
Experience setting up WebSphere Global Security for access to WebSphere
Admin console
Configuration of WMQ, setting up of Queues, Queue managers and
Experienced in Installation and configuration of MQClient/Server in
different environments.
Monitored and maintained MQ Series objects such as Queue Managers,
Queues, Process Definitions, Channels and Listeners.
Enabled WMQ Triggering on the Queues (Transmission Queues &
Application Queues).
Hands on experience in WMQ Distributed Queuing.
Have done Clustering of Queue Managers.
Strong experience in supporting enterprise business critical messaging
through a High Availability and Workload Sharing in cluster environment.
Used MQSC Commands to perform administration tasks.
Involved in MQ Backup & Recovery process.
Hands on experience with Dead Letter Handlers.
IBM MQ Series related troubleshooting and Bug Fixing
Providing support in a demanding 24/7 Production Environment
Excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills, ability to lead bridge
calls during production issues
Keep updated with latest technologies in the IT industry
Education Information Technology, Nagarjuna University.

38 | P a g e
Response to RFI

Technical Skills


Operating Systems

Windows 2000/2003, UNIX/Linux, AIX


g Servers

IBM WebSphere Application Server

6.1, 7.0,
WebSphere MQ 7.0 .
Application Server. GXS AI 4.1, EDI
Mapping Tool.


IBM WMQ 6.x/7.x.

Web Technologies

JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML


Oracle9i, 10g

Network /Protocol


Other Tools

Actuate 7, WinCvs, Bugzilla,Logviewer


Certified in IBM Websphere Application server 7.0 .

Certified in ITIL Foundation Certification in IT Service management 2011.

Professional Experience
Client: GHS, USA.
(June 2011 Nov 2013)
Environment: Websphere Application Server 6.1,7.0,IBMHTTPServer6.1,WebSphere
MQ 7.0,
Perigrine Service centre, Oracle 10g and AIX 5.3,Solaris 5.10.
Description: Xerox is a nearly $23 billion enterprise with capabilities and scale to
expand leadership in a $600 billion market. We have a sound strategy to
aggressively pursue growth, and a business model that is proven, flexible and
robust. And our world-class brand, global presence, pioneering innovation and
operational excellence are all assets that help to make us the worlds leader in
document and business process management. Government health insurance
programs such as Medicare and Medicaid are facing tremendous challenges: The
skyrocketing cost of care. A growing number of recipients. Concerns about access to
quality care. And the complexities and inefficiencies of healthcare financing. You
must focus on solutions that provide both administrative efficiency and improve the
health of populations in need. Healthcare and other programs.

39 | P a g e
Response to RFI


Installed, configured, Administered and supported WebSphere Application

Servers 6.1/7.0 on Windows and Linux environment using GUI as well as silent
Involved with Migration of applications from WebSphere 6.x environment.
Installed and configured the IBM HTTP Server 6.0/6.1 created web server
definition and re-generated web server plug-in on Application Server to
redirect request from Web Server to IBM WebSphere application server
Created and federated profiles to the Deployment manager using Profile
Management tool and also automated the process using manage profiles and
addnode command
Worked closely with developers to define and configure Application Servers,
Virtual Hosts, Web Applications, Web resources, Servlets, JDBC drivers and
Servlet Engines
Understanding of the overall system functioning, including interaction with
other system components such as DB2, Oracle.
Created multiple Profiles on WebSphere Application server 6.0&6.1and 7.0.
Starting and Stopping Servers, applications, Clusters, And Nodes Agents.
Creating various resources like data sources and JMS resources at cell, Node
and server levels.
Migrating Applications from version 6.0 to 6.1and 7.0.
Installing refresh and fix packs for WebSphere Application Server and IBM
HTTP server.
Experience in implementing Security Policies, Enable Security on components
and LDAP.
Trouble shooting various problems in different stages of production using logs
Deployed JBOSS Applications in UAT & SIT environments.
Copied files from Dev to PROD in JBOSS
Deployment of .WAR files to PROD Jboss.
Recycling the JBoss instances
Analyzing Activity log files and diagnosing Application Server problems.
Troubleshooting the problems related with webserver/appserver configuration
and performance issues.
Used automated scripts to perform routine management tasks on WebSphere
environments like monitoring Disk Space, CPU & Memory Utilization.
Supported applications 24X7 on-call on a rotational basis.
Responsible to analyze the clients request and resolving the issues by
setting up Bridge calls for Production issues and Investigate in all aspects of
the event until it get resolved or to escalate if necessary

Client: MetLife, USA.


(June 2010 June 2011)

IBM Web Sphere Application Server 7.0, IBM HTTP Server, Oracle 10g and AIX 5.3
40 | P a g e
Response to RFI

Description: MetLife is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.
In an effort to better serve its customers, the Web Infrastructure Design (WID) team
has built a common production platform (CPP).This shared environment supports
internal (Intranet) and external (Internet) Web-based applications on a common

Setup, Install and Configure Web Sphere Application Server 6.1

Deployed new enterprise J2EE applications in the distributed WAS
production and testing environment.
Implemented horizontal & Vertical Scaling in both application server
Troubleshooting Applications and analyzing logs to diagnose problems.
Configuring Resources like JDBC Provider for Oracle, creating Virtual Hosts,
Shared Libraries, JNDI Configurations, EJB References, Environment
Variables, and Configuring Session Management
Coordinating with the Operations, Database, Network and the System
administration teams to resolve issues
Configured Web Sphere resources such as JDBC providers, JDBC data
sources and connection pools
Performance and tuning database connection pools, thread pools, JVM
Heap Size to required sizes using admin console.
Configuring of JDBC providers, virtual hosting, global security, and LDAP
Performed routine management of WebSphere environment like
monitoring disk space, CPU utilization
Documented all procedures and any other important issues
Trouble shooting various problems in different stages of development
using logs files.
Responsible for setting up user access and set up control for specific

Client: Schlumberger, USA.

(May 2009 - June 2010)
Description: Schlumberger is one of the leading oilfield industries across the world.
The goal of Project Schlumberger is to replace many separate transaction systems
that currently exist across various USA & EMEA countries with one common system.
By doing so, will support harmonization of the business processes and provide a
platform to help transform the way we do business in USA & EMEA.
IBM Web Sphere Application Server 6.0/6.1, IBM HTTP Server, Oracle 10g and AIX

Supported an eBusiness Website and provided the development, testing,

41 | P a g e
Response to RFI

staging and production environments to the new application development

and implementation
Installed and configured IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0, JDBC
drivers, Data Sources and Servlet engines on Sun Solaris and Windows.
Maintenance of the WebSphere Servers on different UNIX platforms and
setting up the development and testing and staging environment for the
on going application development.
Maintained the repository for Development, Testing and Production
Involved in configuring and setting up Virtual Hosts
Created user roles and groups for securing the resources using local
operating system authentication
Troubleshooting Applications and analyzing logs to diagnose problems.
Debugging of the application problems while developing the application
Implemented security using LTPA and LDAP
Followed Support Procedures, received calls from customers 24x7 and
assisted customers with setting proper Priority/Severity of problems, work
problems to resolution, recorded/documented actions in databases as well
as utilized tools and resources

Potu Murali Krishna Websphere Administrator

Profile Summary
10 Years Experience in IT, Nine Years Experience in IBM WebSphere Application
Server Administration in Installation, Deployment and Administration of
WebSphere Application Server V5.x/6.0/6.1/7.0 .
Skilled in Deployment of Applications, Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting,
Security Management, Workload Management in Web Sphere Application Servers.
Expert in WebSphere Cluster Management including horizontal and vertical scaling
and creation of nodes to avoid single point of failure and distribute user load for
maximum availability.
Experienced in installation and configuration of IBM WebSphere Application Server
V5.x/6.0/6.1/7.0 and creating Application Server and Deployment Manager profiles
and implementing WLM clusters
Expert level knowledge in creating and managing Portal resources: Pages, skins,
themes labels, and URLs.
Configured IBM IHS Web Server V6.0/7.0 and created Web Server definition in WAS
V5.x/6.x /7.0 admin console for web server management, Plug-in generation and
Had Setup WebSphere resources such as data sources, virtual hosts, webserver
plug-in, Variables and JVM parameters.
42 | P a g e
Response to RFI

Administered and Configured the Global Settings, Managed themes and Skins,
Search Index, enabled tracing, site logging and analysis.
I worked the LDAP migration for all environments.
I have strong knowledge JBOSE.
Experienced in maintenance of the WebSphere servers on different UNIX platforms
(AIX, Linux), Windows environment and setting up the development, testing,
staging, and Production environments.
Worked on TWS tuning and monitoring using Performance and various monitoring
tools, performed analysis, tracing and debugging issues.
Installed Fix packs, Cumulative Fixes and interim fixes for WebSphere Application
Server and Web Server.
Having Extensive Experience in Planning and Implementing Web Applications into a
standard and J2EE Infrastructure and troubleshooting during project
Experienced in working on large enterprise environments which hosts several
Enterprise Applications and Servers
Worked the SSL certificate for Dev, QA and PROD.
Provided Expert level WebSphere administration, Monitoring in a 24x7 production
Master of Computer Applications in India
Technical Skills
Application Servers: IBM WebSphere Application Servers 5.x/6.x/7.0, WebSphere Portal
Server 6.x.
Operating system: UNIX, IBM AIX 4.3/5.2, Windows 2000/2003 Server, Windows NT
Server 4.0, Linux 2.1 AE, Windows 95/98/XP, MS-DOS.
Web Servers: Microsoft Internet Information Server IBM HTTP Server V6.0. /7.0
External Security Managers (ESM): Tivoli Access Manager (TAM) V5.1/6.0
Databases: Oracle (11g/10g/9i/8i/7.3.4/7.1), MS Access2000/2003, MS SQL Server
Web Technologies: JDK, J2EE, Web Services, Java Beans, JNDI, XML.
Programming languages: C, C++, Java, UNIX and VB.
Ticketing System: Remedy and, Manage Now
Software Tools: VMWare, Putty, TWS, IBM heap analyzer tool, thread dump using IBM
Certified IBM Websphere Application Server, ND V7.0, Core Administration ID:
Professional Experience
43 | P a g e
Response to RFI

Client: Bank Muscat, Oman

April 13 Till Date

Roles & Responsibilities:

Support Servers systems with IBM Websphere WAS & MQ for banking applications
Installation and Configuration of IBM Websphere WAS 8 & MQ 7 on Windows,
RedHat Linux and HPUX Operating Systems
Implementing security on IBM Websphere WAS 8 & MQ 7 software
Supporting IBM Software for Banking Applications
Troubleshooting for connectivity issues, software issues
Installation, configuration and Administration of IBM Websphere WAS 8 & MQ 7 on
Windows, RedHat Linux and HPUX Operating Systems BankMuscat-IT Version 5.0
Troubleshooting on Windows 2008, RedHat Linux 5&6 and HPUX v3 Operating
Working on LAN/WAN networking technologies, communication topologies and
TCP/IP protocols etc.
Documentation & Report Preparation
Client: Michelin NA, US

April 09 March 13

Roles & Responsibilities:

Installing Configuring, supporting and maintaining Websphere Application Server,
Network Deployment Manager IBM Http Server web servers on AIX and Windows
platforms in Development, QA, Staging and Production environments.
Troubleshooting Linux and Network Deployment Manager Profiles, Federating
Nodes to Deployment Manager Profiles. And also enabled Global Security for all
the profiles
Administered and Configured the Global Settings, Managed themes and Skins,
Search Index, enabled tracing, site logging and analysis.
Created a Common Shared Web server Environment for Web Applications using
IBM HTTP Server.
Primary contact for all the Servers and various application Servers in case of
Administered and Configured Managed, enabled tracing, site logging, analysis and
Recommended and implemented Various Fix Packs and Cumulative Fixes
Proactively Participated with different teams to ensure high Performance in the
complex business environment.
Creating Application server instances (JVMs), Horizontal and Vertical Clustering.
Remote deployment and Involved in resource configuration
Configuring the URL and testing the application.
Client Interaction and provide solution for the issues.
Configuration of Websphere MQ 6.0 and mange in large environment
Experienced in providing 24 X 7 system supports in the Production Environment.
Strong inter-personal skills, written and verbal communication, and facilitation
44 | P a g e
Response to RFI

Environment: IBM WebSphere Portal Server 6.0 ,IBM WebSphere Application Server
5.1.x/6.0.x, Microsoft IIS V6.0, Active directory Application Mode 2003(ADAM), SQL
Server 2000/2005, J2EE,JSP, HTML, Servlets, Windows 2003 Server.
Ernst & Young, Secaucus, NJ

July 08 March 09

Roles & Responsibilities:

WebSphere Administrator consultant with Overall responsibility for System
Analysis, Service and Support for applications.
Primary contact for all the Servers and various application Servers in case of
Responsible for the deployment, administration, testing and integration of the
WebSphere Applications and Support for IBMs WebSphere Application Server.
Responsible for Installation, configuration and administration of WebSphere Server
5.x/6.0 Installed, configured, deployed applications on WebSphere Application
Server 6.1.
Administered and Configured the Global Settings, Managed themes and Skins,
enabled tracing, site logging and analysis.
Recommended and implemented Various Fix Packs and Cumulative Fixes as per
the IBM specification.
Responsible for configuring JDBC, Connection Pool, data source with Oracle
Proactively Participated with different teams to ensure high Performance in the
complex business environment.
Provided Expert level WebSphere administration, Monitoring in a 24x7 production
Solved and debug hardware, Software and configuration issues, and interacted
with various teams to perform complex testing, Support and troubleshooting
Environment: IBM WebSphere Portal Server 5.1/6.x, IBM WebSphere Application Server
5.1.x/6.0.x, Microsoft IIS V6.0, Active directory Application Mode 2003(ADAM), SQL
Server 2000/2005, J2EE,JSP, HTML, Portlets, Servlets, Windows 2003 Server.
Chrysler, Detroit, MI

45 | P a g e
Response to RFI

Jan 06 June 08

Role & Responsibilities:

Responsible for setup, installation and ongoing development of WebSphere
Application Server 5.x /6.x on windows and AIX platforms.
Configured Application Servers, Virtual Hosts, Web Applications, Resources,
Deployed the applications EAR on multiple WebSphere Servers and maintained
load balancing, high availability and Failover functionality.
Configured the WebSphere load balancing utilizing WebSphere workload
management including horizontal and vertical scaling
Involved in scripts to handle everyday system administration tasks such as
backup procedure, system cleaning, everyday system tasks etc.
Interpreted log files to locate and solve problems such as tracing and
debugging facilities
Used Resource Analyzer to analyze the resources.
Configured session management and used database for distributed sessions to
persist session data
Configured Oracle thin driver JDBC provider. Created and configured data
sources for all the sites.
Troubleshooting and Administration of WebSphere Admin Server
Configured WebSphere Application Server for different databases such as SQL
Installed fix packs for WebSphere Application Server.
Supported on Call schedule for Production Support and documented all
procedures and any other important issues.
Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.1.x/6.0.x, IBM HTTP Server 2.0.47, IBM
Tivoli Directory Server 6.0, SiteMinder v6.0, DB2 8.2, Oracle 9i, Solaris 5.x.
Client: UNUM

Sep 05 Dec 05

Roles & Responsibilities

Developed Servlets, JSP pages and DAO (Data Access Object) classes to retrieve
employee information and presenting it on web based screens.
Used JDBC to access and modify the data in Oracle database.
Accessed Oracle stored procedures and functions using JDBC callable statements.
Developed login and logoff functionality using Http Session and user views.
Designed and developed complex SQLs to insert, update and retrieve data. Developed
search engine and various reports for users and management.
Used enterprise framework for logging and property file access. Used OOAD for building
Designed and developed Configuration, Caching and Logging service.
Created sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams, class diagrams, use cases and
activity diagrams using Rational Rose for the Configuration, Cache & logging Services.
Developed and deployed Session Beans and Entity Beans for database updates.
Prepared EJB deployment descriptors using XML.
Wrote Servlets to service the requests from the UI populate business objects & invoke
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Developed the front-end using Java, JSP, Servlets, DHTML, and JavaScript.
Developed the client front-end using JSP, HTML and JavaScript.
Environment: Java, Apache Tomcat, XML, HTML, JSP, JDBC, Windows2000/NT, Oracle 7.3,
SQL Server 2000.

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