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Brand: Parachute

Company: Marico
Hair oils and its use are deeply ingrained in to the Indian Psyche.( Usage
of oils is a deeply ingrained habit with Indian consumers) .It is only in
India that people feel that oil nourishes and strengthens hair
About the Oil Industry
This is a 1500 crore industry which is dominated by unbranded oils. The
branded category accounts to around 600 crores. The majority of the hair
oil segment is occupied by Coconut oil.
Create differentiable and successful value propositions
Value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and a belief from
the customer that value will be experienced. Satisfying customers is the source of sustainable value creation.
This focus on purity and quality, clearly differentiated the product from the rest of the unbranded oils. And it also focused
on non-sticky, nourishing, fragrance aspect of the oil, providing strong hair.
The purity was reinforced by careful packaging and communication. The brand was established emphasising Caring and
Mother - Daughter relationship.
Parachute knew the pulse of the urban market and emphasised that the oil is non greasy
Weight-test" (proving that pure Coconut oil is heavier than impure oil).
Parachute has thus ensured that it enjoys tremendous equity and trust with every passing generation. The brand has a huge
loyalty, not only in the urban sections of India but also in the rural sector.
it has also differentiated its products by targeting segments such as
Parachute Baby Oil. Parachute Oil Spray, Parachute Ayurvedic Oil, Parachute Scalp Oil
Creating superior value proposition. Why a consumer should buy a product?
Consumer preferences are changing. The youth now didnt want to have Oil - on- their hair look. This prompted Marico to
look into the Value Added hair Oil market.
Marico decided to depend less on the basic Parachute oil and we saw a series of new product launches.
Marico launched Parachute with jasmine fragrance which was well received by the market. Also came Parachute Advansed
and Parachute Sampoorna. Path-breaking brand, Parachute pioneered the switch from coconut oil sold in tins to plastic.
Parachute is also available in pouch packs, to service the rural sectors.
Launch readiness of the product, troops extension practicing
Marico found out that this is a market that have very low entry barrier and that is the reason why the market is dominated
by unbranded oils. This is a 1500 crore industry which is dominated by unbranded oils.
Therefore Marico in early 1990's made a bold step in launching a brand in this segment. Parachute manufactured by
Bombay Oil Mills was acquired by Marico in 1990's. Marico was a sister concern of Bombay Oil Mills.
First Branded coconut oil in the country
Marketing mix decision making.
Price catalogue
Normal: 200ml Rs. 39, 20ml Rs. 5,
Mini a bottle shaped small pack: Re. 1,
Parachute Advansed: 80ml Rs. 27. 170ml Rs. 48,300ml Rs. 80
, Parachute Therapy: 50ml Rs.190
Parachute Jasmine: Rs.500ml Rs. 90, 50ml Rs. 12
PromotionIt advertises through Television, Print, Outdoor, Digital, Radio
The brand has been endorsed by celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Diya Mirza, Yuvraj, Sreesanth
Advertising is heavy before Holy & during winters
Popular & effective campaigns like 1 hour champi kiya, Help remind people about the benefits of oiling before hair
Parachute also uses van campaigns, Haats in rural areas to promote the brand
Sales Promotions like 20% extra was made on the 200ml pack
Parachute sells all over India both in urban as well as rural India. Parachute Hair Oil is sold through retailers like
supermarkets, kiranas, baniyas, general stores etc It is also sold in Bangladesh and the Middle East

Market segmentation and targeting

Segmentation: Parachute is in the Segment Marketing level. It has different variants to suit the different needs of
consumers and to tap a huge customer base.
Geographical Segmentation:
Since hair oil is an essential commodity, Parachute is present in every region, city, as well as rural and urban areas. This is
because it aims at targeting every woman in any part of the world. However it is not present in all international markets. It
is available in the Gulf, Bangladesh, South-East, Egypt, and UAE.
Demographic Segmentation:
Although it aims to target customers of any age group, its primary focus group are women of any age group. The user age
group indicates that Parachute Coconut Hair Oil is used more by young and middle-aged women.
Income level is no hindrance to buying a Parachute Coconut hair Oil. Sachets of Re.1, small, medium, and big bottles are
available in the market
Occupation and education also are no great determinant in choosing hair oil. But a more conscious consumer tends to
choose hair oil that enhances her personality.
A social class of a consumer may be wary of the way he/she looks. So, he/she may choose a higher valued product when
compared to Parachute. However a habitual buyer may buy Parachute regardless of its price and what it has to offer.
Psychographic Segmentation:
Lifestyle and personality can determine the kind of product that an individual chooses.
The Socio-economic classification (SEC) could be B1, B2, C, D, E1 segments. This is based upon the market price at
which Parachute Hair Oil sells in the market.
Behavioural Segmentation:
Occasions: Users may apply hair oil daily, alternate days, twice a week, Once a week, once a fortnight, once a month or
Benefits: Benefits are good quality hair, easy-to-use bottles and wide availability.
User Status: There are few ex-users, many users, a few non-users and potential users (who use loose hair oils).
Loyalty Status: Many are loyal to the product, some use a combination of different hair oils, some non-users use herbal hair
oils, and some do not use hair oil at all.
Readiness Stage: More or less, ever consumer is aware of Parachute Coconut Hair Oil. They are also informed about its
qualities and drawbacks. Almost everyone has tried Parachute coconut hair oil at least once.
Attitude towards product: Mostly the consumers are positive about the product. A small minority is either indifferent or
negative. The extreme cases of enthusiasm or hostility are absent or almost nil.
It is targeted at busy women in urban areas who lead a stressful life and suffer from hair fall
Parachute Baby Oil It is a special hair oil for kids Moistures baby delicate skin and helps protect from dryness scalp
Parachute Oil Spray It can be used by modern generation like the youth Instant usage Optimum utilization
Parachute Ayurvedic Oil The herbs and medicinal herbs are used to enrich the oil content It would help to nourish your
hair growth and strengthen it
Parachute Scalp Oil To Prevent Excessive hair loss To Reduce density of oil in hair because a survey revealed that
excessive content of oil in hair leads to hair loss as the oil clogs in hair and leads to formation of wax in the scalp thus
leading to damage of scalp
Managing sales channels and customer relationship
Communication Strategy
Parachute Loyalty programme Har pack per paayiye points aur points par paaiye aakarshak inaam
50 points- 1 Hair brush free
150 points- 100 ml Parachute Hair Oil free
250 points- 100 ml Parachute Hair Therapie free
1000 points- 1 free visit to Kaya Skin Clinic
Personal Hygiene Awareness Camps in schools Student discounts coupons
Consumer Promotion in rural areas Parachute is sponsors jatra (open-air folk theatres) to facilitate an increase in
Parachute's market presence in rural areas. Partnership in each of them would cost the company anywhere between Rs
25,000 and Rs 65,000 depending upon the troupes that are hired. Discount coupons can be distributed among the spectators

Consumer Promotions Champi booths at malls Spot buy discounts Surprise gifts
Distribution Channels
Distributors Retailers Consumers
Retailers includes - Kirana Stores, Supermarkets, Medical Shops, Co-operative Stores etc.
How can Companies position their products for maximum competitive advantage in the marketplace?
Trade Promotion Point of Purchase- Best Product display award at retailer level Jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai
Allowances Gifts or Attractive schemes to make the retailers and distributors to stock more which would increase
the sales Additional margins for the retailers who sell more
Incentivizing the retailers and consumers to collect the parachute oil cans, jars, bottles for recycling A Trade and
consumer promotion. Will act as a CSR initiative in conserving the resources by recycling. Thereby creating a
goodwill for Parachute brand in the society.
Contests & Awards: Retailers Meeting the celebrity contest Retail Product push winner award Seller of the
Communication StrategyExisting Communication strategy Coconut Dream: Mass communication on the platform of caring with mother daughter
theme. Communication aimed at youth for nourishment (proteins and vitamins)
New Communication Mantra Pure coconut oil matlab parachute (proving that pure Coconut oil is heavier than
impure oil).
Synonymous with pure coconut oil the gold standard for purity. Effectively explain the benefits of various
innovative packing (Flip top, wide mouth, and tamper proof etc.)
Parachute hot oil and tendercoconut oid
Brand: Liril
Company: HLL
Agency: Lowe
It was launched in 1975, the year I was born, this is a brand that built a segment or should I say category for itself in the
Indian market. The brand is also the testimony to the genius of India's Ad man Alyque Padamsee. The brand was a runaway
success and the Liril girl became the talk of the town. The brand has been consistent with its communication and the
effective use of brand imagery.
Liril was positioned on the freshness platform right from its birth. The girl and the waterfall with the unique jingle ensured
that the freshness is experienced by the audience. Liril can be called as an experiential brand and the communication
perfectly supported that.
Liril did not change its positioning for 25 years although the models changed, the brand communication was consistent.
Then some nut in the company or the agency thought that they should change the communication that worked so
effectively. The rest as I say it " Liril became history".
Brand Positioning
The brand was positioned as a provider of Freshness and cool bathing experience. Brand should revolve around the core
benefits of a unique bath. The brand would stand for aspiration of women aged15- 40. It would reflect as the selfexpression for these women who would like to make a point. Also, the brand stands for individual freedom and happiness.
Liril has extremely high brand recall in Urban markets due to which it has sufficient levels of recall in the rural markets as
well (trickle down). However, the imagery that was used in the urban markets cannot be replicated in rural markets.
The new imagery should highlight how fresh fragrance of lime can act as a confidence booster.
2. Brand Image (Brand Personality)
Cheerful, Energetic, Lively, Fun-loving, Self-expressive, Modern, Progressive. The brand image should be signifying the
confident female youth of rural areas and small town
3. Brand Communication
They should revive the waterfalls, the lime baths and the sizzling Nymphs who sang laah-la-la-laah Liril should be shown
as pioneer brand providing the original and classic way to feel fresh while bathing. Also, the Lime factor should be
projected (Other than soothing bath, Lemon will also provide necessary nutrients to skin). HUL should stress on the fact
that Liril keeps the skin healthy and lively. The original tagline of Come alive with freshness can be revived to stress on
the core of this brand.
4. Brand Extension
Liril brand can be extended to Deodorant category. HUL can launch the deodorant in spray form, for the same target
segment. The deodorant will be communicated as an add-on for freshness at occasions other than bathing.
5. Monitoring & Review
The efficiency of communication programs can be reviewed through the Reach, Frequency & Impact analysis of Ads.
Market Research should be done by a reputed firm to ascertain the favorable change in consumer preference towards Liril
brand. Also, projective techniques and free-association tests can be used to understand the brand associations throughout
the PLC by during market research.
Possible New Product Development (NPD)

They should launch some new fragrances in attractive shapes such as oval etc. Based on market research findings, other
product attributes can be decided. The brand extension of Liril can be developed as Deodorants (same on the lines of
Rexona). However, the attributes will be focused on freshness and vitality. The development should start 3-4 months after
the above recommended variants of soap are launched.