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Katerina Penrose

Catherine Pirrone
TELL 311
November 21, 2016

Activity Design Plan

Activity Objective
The students will review for the unit test Similar and Congruent Shapes by answering
questions that will be on the unit test along with some review questions from past unit tests.

Description of Activity
The students will demonstrate their knowledge on solving similar and congruent shapes and
order of operation by playing a Jeopardy game as a class. Students will get into seven groups
by using a bag of candy. Each group will need dry erase board and a marker to solve a problem.
Once they have the answer, they will ring a bell on their desk. The first group rings the bell, will
show their answer by raising their board up. If they get it wrong, the question goes to the next
group. Each group will be numbered from one through seven. This activity will help students be
prepared for the unit test.

Extrinsic: The group with the most points will receive a 10 extra credit points and the rest of
class will get 5 extra credit points. Students can also eat the candy they have received in the
beginning of class.
Intrinsic: Students will use their math skills they have learned throughout the unit and be more
comfortable to take the exam.
There will be a container of candy that will have five pieces of seven different colors of candy.
Each color will represent the number of groups and the number of people in each group. Each
student will receive that piece of candy as they enter the classroom. Once they have seated at
their assigned seat, they will have 15 seconds to get into their groups. There should be five
students in each group. After the timer goes off, the teacher will clap her hands three times to
get the students attention. Each group will receive Front Desk/Classroom bell, a dry erase board
and a marker. The Jeopardy questions will be projected on the board. Each group will have 30
seconds to solve the problem. Each group will quietly work together and be able to show their
work when showing the answer. The first group to ring the bell will show their answer on the
board by raising it up and if they get it wrong, the question will go to the next group. Each group
will be numbered from one through seven so the teacher knows which group goes next. The
group who answers correctly gets to choose the next question.

The teacher will use popsicles sticks to ask the students for understanding.

How many groups should you have?

How will you get into groups?
How long do have to get into groups?
How long do you have to answer the question?
Which group goes first?
Active Participation
All of the students will be involved through randomly selected by using popsicles sticks to check
for understanding. The students will work as a group to answer the questions on the board. On
task behavior will be maximized by using a timer to precisely time how long the groups have to
answer each question. All of the students will be engaged throughout the activity. Transition time
will be minimized by using the timer between the questions.

Expectations of Students Behavior

Each group will be respectful by quietly working with their group while answering the questions.
Each group will be respectful when it is time to answer the question. The teacher will clap her
hands three times to get the students attention.

Materials/Resources Needed
Bag of candy
Dry Erase Boards
Front Desk/Classroom bell
Jeopardy PowerPoint
The teacher will display a practice round on the board. After the students know what they have
to do, the activity will begin.

* Note: This game is based off the television game show Jeopardy