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Virtual Reality Technology for Our Life

Have you ever experienced virtual reality (VR) games? The virtual reality
game is a game which is made by virtual reality technologies. You can fly to the sky
with flying eagles and you can be a hero who is shooting enemies with dual pistols
like an action movie hero by using a VR headset. Virtual reality is one of the most
innovative technologies. It makes us feel refreshed and have a totally new
experience. Virtual reality has been developed not only for games but also for
various fields. Some are for education, and some are for medical science. We can
also use this ground breaking technology in a classroom or a shopping center or
even in our home. Thus, advancement of VR technology will affect our life in three
First, disabled people will be able to experience a new life in virtual world. By
using virtual reality technology, disabled people can move freely in the virtual world
instead of the real world. Virtual reality technology makes people think that they are
in the real world. Disabled people who lost his legs or arms can move their legs and
arms in the virtual world just as he has legs or arms. Also, disabled people can take
part their Jobs with the virtual reality technology. Development of virtual reality
technologies will make hundreds or thousands of new jobs. People who lost their
jobs because of their disabilities will have a chance for applying their new jobs. In
addition, virtual reality technology can be used in rehabilitation for disabled people.

People who have a stroke which is a disability of brain can improve their symptoms
with the virtual reality therapy (Henderson, Britensky and Levin 52). Although the
effectiveness of using virtual reality in rehabilitation is limited, it is still encouraging
for people who are trying to overcome their disabilities.
Next, indirect experience by using virtual reality technology will be able to
make peoples life more comfortable. When we are shopping on the internet, we will
be able to wear many dresses comfortably by using virtual reality technology. Before
the development of virtual reality, we could shop without going outside but could not
estimate products real size and weight by ourselves on the internet. However,
because of development of virtual reality technology, virtual reality technology will
help in better human interaction with the products (Purva Kedari, Puja Mahamulkar,
Eram Khan, and Shalakha Kohli 95). Virtual reality can be used in a sports activity
as well. For example, ball games such as soccer, baseball, and tennis need a wide
and open space. If we use virtual reality for sports activities, we dont have to go
outside for find large places. Virtual reality can be useful for people who need their
own place. These days people lead a busy life. They always want to undisturbed
rest. Thus, they can take a break in the peaceful virtual place which is made by
Lastly, virtual reality technology will be used in education. Student will be
able to observe various experiments which cant be taken in school because of
limited environment. Especially the experimental side of earth and medical science
contains a lot of variables that cannot be controlled in the classroom or the
laboratory. In fact, there are surgery simulators using VR technology for medical
students. They have been developed over the past few years and they are

improving rapidly (Botden, Sanne MBI, and Jack J. Jakimowicz 1693). Therefore,
unlimited experiments by using virtual reality program will motivate students to have
an interest in learning and carry out their experiments easily (Kim 531). Not only in
experiments but also students can study more effectively with using virtual reality
program than with using only books. Virtual reality technology can attract students
interests. Using this technology, students will be able to concentrate on their class
rather than current teaching methods (Hsin-Kai Wu, Silvia Wen-Yu Lee, Hsin-Yi
Chang, and Jyh-Chong Liang 41). Moreover, Students who live in the remote city
from school can attend their classes with virtual reality technology. By making virtual
classroom in the virtual reality, students can enjoy their school life same as in real
place. If there are some students who refuse school attendance because of bullying,
they also can attend the class in virtual reality.
Improvement of the virtual reality technology will change our life. This
technology can be used for students in school, disabled people in hospital, and
customers in shopping mall. It has been developed very fast. Besides, lots of
researches about using virtual reality in our life are under way now. However, there
are also lots of disadvantages as much as advantages. If we use it in the wrong way
such as cyber violence or war weapons, it will be a disaster and our quality of life will
decrease. Consequently, we should use virtual reality technology to enhance our
quality of life in good ways.

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