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Evangelical Theological College of the Philippines

Child Psychology
T. Debbie Constantino

July 12, 2016

Baterna, Pasturan, Parame, Mojado, Comawas

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1. Do people grow and change slowly over time, or do they made sudden steps forward into a new
phases in their lives?
Answer: Yes they grow and change slowly over time because human being is a process. It
doesnt remain constant excluding for those people who are in special needs. But as normal
being, they will undergo in such a process like the other. They changes in stature, their
personalities, and their view in life as they reach the end point of life. It is not a quick change but
it process through time and expected to undergo same steps into new phases in life.
2. What makes who you are? How are you different from other people? And will your personality
even change?
Answer: The surroundings that I grow up with. It makes me who I am for being Extrovert, kind,
love in fashion. I am different from other people for being uniqueness because all of us have a
different characters, talent, etc. That makes us unique. Yes personality will change as I am now a
college student who stays inside the Christian dormitory. I become open an open window about
my life.
3. How can two people be so different?
Answer: Two people be so different because they are not the same. Mike has different attitude
while Jemma has too. Mike is introvert while Jemma is extrovert. They are siblings but both has
different characteristics. Other side of the coin, when theyre parents become one through
marriage, both of them also came from family whom had a different lifestyle, and personality,
Secondly, in Psalms 139:14 says, I will praise thee; marvellous are thy works; and that my soul
knoweth right well. And thats what makes us unique.
4. What goes into persons personality? Does it change over the course of his or her lifetime?
Answer: Peoples Personalities evolve throughout their lives. Personality changes in men and
women older than 30 were demonstrated in a study. Personality asserts that personality traits are
largely set by genetics, and by consequence, changes in personality traits should slow as other
function of maturation slow.
Yes it can change, as a child grows up a possibility it will change his/her personalities by
interactions with others and through his/ her cultural experiences. And it will change over time
5. Why is adolescence so much more different than other stages?
Answer: At this stage, its more complicated in dealing our environment, peer pressure, feelings,
and emotions an experience of struggle situation that can make us consciousness and also in
making choices in wearing and everything.
Evangelical Theological College of the Philippines
July 12, 2016

Child Psychology
T. Debbie Constantino

Norvelyn A. Comawas
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1. Does the word PERMANENTLY convince you that we are what our first experience have
make us? Explain
Yes, we are permanently what we are in the physical area and sometimes of the capacity
of our brain have. From the womb of how our parent treated us what they gone through in their
prenatal. Though there is prevention but no such thing as cure if we are not cared. It relies to
stability; we are what our first experience has made us. Change is there as the child grows up in
the area of how they view their selves through the affect of their surroundings if they are exposed
whether good or bad environment through nurture. Therefore, stability vs. Change is not conflict
but rather they are interrelated to each other.