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Table 11: Template for Peer Observation 1 & 2

Please ensure that the observer /critical friend has a copy of the lesson plan.
Peer Observation Number:
Date/Time: 7 March, 2016
Name of Student Teacher to be observed:
Aeasha Ibrahim

Grade: 1 A

Area of Focus: States of matter ( solid)

Name of Observer/Critical Friend: Maryam

Saeed Al Shehhi

Learning Outcomes:
To define the solid of states matter

To pasta the solid pictures of the states

matter on paper

To select the solid pictures of the states

matter on chart

To describe the solid picture of the states


To cut the solid pictures of the states

matter on chart

To explain how this pictures is solid of the

states matter


Students management
Classroom management
Time management
Using positive reinforcement
Giving feedback
Observed Strengths:

Suggestions for further development:

Good starting to introduce lesson was about the

states of the matter.
A great way to show students classroom
management cards with explain each card before
start teaching.
Using interactive activity to engage students at
the beginning
Using clear instruction.
Repeat instruction more than once.
Moving around tables while students do the
Using close eye strategy for students misbehave
and it is worked, well done.
Using positive reinforcement to motivate
students, such us saying beautiful words and
giving points as group working.
Giving feedback while students do activities.
Explain the concept in creative ways by drawing
picture on board with supporting explanation. For
example, can we change pencil how? What do you
think? One a student answer when we sharp
pencil will be a small. And, how we can change
paper? The answer was color, shape and size.
Reflect on board what she said orally, so it is an

Write question on paper that make sure for

students what they should do. For instance,
identify the states of the matter was the solid.
Ask students at the end lesson about the learning
objective of this lesson to make sure students

effective way, because not all students do

understand what teacher asks.
Using celebration slide to motivate students which
group will winner at the end lesson.
Students were excited while do activities.
Asking students different questions that related to
the lesson at the end.
Asking students interactive questions while
explain the concepts.
Using appropriate activities that make students
excited and so happy,
Clean tables after students do activities.
Change level of the sound to attract students

Reflection (to be completed after discussion of Peer Review with colleague): e.g. how did you
feel about conducting a formal observation? How did your colleague feel about being observed? How
did you feel about discussing your observations with your colleague after the lesson? How did your
colleague react to your assessment? Did she agree with your evaluation? Which of the suggestions you
made will your colleague apply in her next lesson? Do you and your colleague feel that this was a
valuable experience? Why/Why not?
First of all, I felt confident because I sure that I can do it and this is year three for me so I
have a lot of experience. My colleges said for me that my lesson was so attractive for the
children and for her. She is very proud of me because I did well. She suggest for me to
apply the lesson in front of all of the education department. Lastly, I agree with her
evaluation and I am so happy to evaluate me.

Please tick the boxes using the scale with 5 indicating the best possible performance

Displays a high standard of professional behavior, which includes

punctuality and readiness for the session.
Shows initiative and enthusiasm during the session.

Promotes a positive learning environment & builds good rapport

with the learners.

Comments or reasons for scoring above:
You were so professional with students that is positively reflect on lesson.
You used effective strategies to promote positive reinforcement and students were motivated as well.

Planning for Learning

Provides a lesson plan, which includes all the required information
and has clear and explicit learning outcomes.

Shows a student-centered focus in the lesson plan.

Incorporates differentiation through activities, questioning and/or

learning styles.

Materials and resources for teaching are of high quality and

appropriate to the level of the learner.
Formative and/or summative assessment activities are included
in the plan.

Comments or reasons for scoring above:

You used interactive students learning center that students enjoyed while do activity.
You gave students clear instruction that help them to do activity.
You gave students materials to do activities and the activities were appropriate for them as
Implementing and Managing Learning

Uses accurate and appropriate language.

Maintaining engagement independence

Ensures instructions, questions & explanations are clear, accurate
& constructive.

Uses effective questioning & elicitation techniques.

Establishes and maintains clear and consistent rules & routines.

Maintains an appropriate pace to challenge and motivate the


Uses a range of teaching strategies.

Manages lesson time effectively.

Comments or reasons for scoring above:

Your language was clear and simple for students grade 1
You engaged students in attractive way that assist to keep motivating at the end lesson.
You asked effective questions to promote cognitive skill in thinking and social skill in
You used effective strategies to manage students, classroom and the time.
You keep challenging for students while do activities and answer questions
You finished lesson on time with achieving the learning objective.

Monitoring and Assessment

Monitors student progress effectively during the session.

Provides ongoing feedback to students to enhance learning

during the session.

Uses formative and summative assessment instruments such as

checklists, grading scales, rubrics, tests and projects etc. to
evaluate students performance.

Comments or reasons for scoring above:

I observed that the students achieved progress in your lesson.
You gave students effective feedback in the while and the post lesson.
You used effective formative and summative assessment that promote students learning in progress.
At the end, I would like to tell you have done a great teaching. You reflected to me lots of strength
points that achieved more than suggestion. You really achieve significant progress in your teaching. So,
I am proud of you and keep going on. Your lesson is very creative and excellent way.

Please add specific comments about the student teachers observed

strengths relative to their area of focus during this session and identify
areas in which you feel further development is necessary.

Please share feedback immediately following the

observation once the forms are completed.
Feedback meeting date: 7th March,2016____________
Observer signature: Maryam Saeed Al Shehhi
Date:__7 th March,2016 ____________
Observee signature:___Aaesha Almansoori
________________________ Date:_______7th March, 2016