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Soal Latihan Semester 2 Bahasa Inggris Kelas X

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Soal Latihan Semester 2 Bahasa Inggris Kelas X - Ujian semester 2 akan

segera digelar, tidak ada salahnya mulai mempersiapkan dengan soal latihan
khusus semester 2 mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris yang akan saya bagikan
berikut ini. Soal semester ini merupakan soal latihan bagi siswa siswi sma/ma
kelas x. Pokoknya bagi yang ingin pintar dan lebih mantap dalam menghadapi
ujian semester atau ujian kenaikan kelas maka akan lebih baik untuk lebih
meningkatkan belajarnya dan jangan lupa berlatih dengan soal-soal.
Pada uraian ini juga akan disertakan kunci jawaban untuk soal yang
dibagikan. Jadi disini latihan yang akan kita kerjakan ini adalah soal semester
bahasa Inggris dan jawaban. Tak lupa di ingatkan kembali bahwa yang akan
kita kerjakan ini bukan hanya satu-satunya. Masih ada banyak lagi soal
bahasa Inggris lain yang bisa kita pelajari. Biasanya di internet selain ini
banyak juga yang mencari beberapa informasi serupa yaitu misalnya:
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Ya sudah, tidak perlu terlalu banyak basa basi, intinya hari ini kita akan
kembali berlatih mempersiapkan diri untuk ulangan semesteran dengan soal

Soal Latihan Semester 2 Bahasa Inggris Kelas X

1. Adib : Thats a very cute sweater.
Retno : ______________.
a. Its no trouble at all.
b. Thank you for saying so.
c. With my pleasure.
d. Very well, thanks.
e. That would be nice.

2. Marcell : __________________.
Virga : Really? Thats wonderful!
a. My lovely kitten died last night.
b. My little sister killed my hamster.
c. My horse has been sick for three days,
d. My dog won a swimming contest yesterday.
e. My rabbit was hit by a car this morning.

3. Denias : I heard the news that Pasha Ungu was put on probation for eight
Andi : ____________.
a. I dont believe it!
b. Thats great.
c. Id love to.
d. Its no trouble at all.
e. Dont mention it.

4. Virga : Wont you have a dinner with my family tomorrow night?

Adib : _____________________.
a. You must be joking!
b. My goodness!
c. That would be great.
d. Well done.
e. Congratulations!

Questions 5 11 are based on the following text.

The White Butterfl yAn old man named Takahama lived in a little house
behind the cemetery of the templeof Sozanji. He was extremely friendly and
generally liked by his neighbours, though most of them considered him a little
mad. That was because he was very old but he did not want to get married.He
did not have the desire for intimate relationship with women.One summer day
he became very ill, so ill, in fact, that he sent for his sister-in-law and her son.
They both came and did all they could to bring comfort during his last hours.
While Takahama fell asleep, they watched a large white butterfl y fl ew into the
room and rested on the old mans pillow. The young man tried to drive it away
with a fan; but it came back three times, as if it was very loath to leave the
sufferer.At last Takahamas nephew chased it out into the garden, through the
gate, and into thecemetery beyond, where it lingered over a womans tomb,
and then mysteriously disappeared.On examining the tomb the young man

found the name Akiko written upon it, together with a description narrating
how Akiko died when she was eighteen. Though the tomb was covered with
moss and must have been erected fi fty years previously, the boy saw that it
was surrounded with fl owers, and that the little water tank had been recently
fi lled.When the young man returned to the house he found that Takahama
had passed away,and he returned to his mother and told her what he had
seen in the cemetery.Akiko? murmured his mother. When your uncle was
young he was betrothed to Akiko.She died shortly before her wedding day.
When Akiko left this world your uncle resolved never to marry, and to live ever
near her grave. For all these years he has remained faithful to his vow, and
kept in his heart all the sweet memories of his one and only love. Every day
Takahama went to the cemetery, whether the air was fragrant with summer
breeze or thick with falling snow. Every day he went to her grave and prayed
for her happiness, swept the tomb and set fl owers there.When Takahama
was dying, and he could no longer perform his loving task, Akiko came for
him. That white butterfl y was her sweet and loving soul.
Adapted from:
5. The text tells you about
a. an old man with his faith
b. an old man with his neighbours
c. a mad old man
d. a crazy old man
e. dying old man

6. How was Takahamas characters?

a. He was a humorous person.
b. He was an indolent person.
c. He was a pathetic person.
d. He was a sociable person.
e. He was a hilarious person.

7. Who was Akiko?

a. She was Takahamas fi anc.
b. She was Takahamas niece.
c. She was Takahamas sister I law.
d. She was Takahamas sister.
e. She was Takahamas mother.

8. Which statement is not true according to the text?

a. Takahama went every day to Akikos grave and prayed for her happiness.
b. Takahama lived near Akikos grave.
c. Takahama resolved not to marry after Akikos death.
d. Takahama became very ill on summer day.
e. Takahama chased the white butterfl y out into the garden.

9. The word It (paragraph 3, sentence 2) refers to

a. the garden
b. the cemetery
c. the tomb
d. the white butterfl y
e. the gate

10. Which of the following words is the antonym of resolved?

a. undecided
b. resolute
c. unyielding
d. determined
e. unbendable

11. Which of the following words is the synonym of betrothed?

a. alienated
b. divided
c. separated
d. estranged
e. engaged
Kalau sudah mengerjakan soal latihan semester 2 bahasa inggris kelas X di
atas maka tiba waktunya bagi kita untuk mendalami berbagai materi yang
berkaitan dengan soal di atas. Kita bisa mulai dengan mengecek kunci
jawaban dan pembahasan yang ada di bawah ini.
Kunci Jawaban
1. B
2. D
3. A
4. C

5. A
6. D
7. A
8. E
9. C
10. A
11. E

PRIYANA, Joko INTERLANGUAGE: English for Senior High School Students
X: Jakarta: Pusat Perbukuan, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional, 2008.