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Jacqueline Ali

Seada Mukanovic
Elisah Romero Jones
Activity Design Plan
Activity Objective
Students will comprehend different aspects of WWII by reviewing the reasons for the war, the
geographical locations, the different leaders and important events that occurred, including Pearl
Description of Activity
The students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of World War II by participating in a
class activity. The game Jeopardy was created as a compelling way to review different aspects
of World War II. In this activity the students will compete against one another in an organized,
structured activity that will resurface previous learning from the unit.
The extrinsic motivation will be fun size pieces of candy to each contestant that gets the answer
correct. A homework pass will be awarded to the team with the highest score.
The students will be intrinsically motivated by the test coming up and having the activity going
over all the topics that will be covered on the test.
1. The class will be split in half into two teams.
2. One student will be chosen to keep score on the board.
3. The contestants will be chosen by going up and down the rows on each side of the
4. The first contestants will choose who gets to decide the category and amount by
doing rock-paper-scissors. After the first contestants goes, the player who gets to decide
the category and amount will be from the group who got to previous answer correct.

5. Students will have 7 seconds to answer the question after ringing in.
6. Students will not be able to consult with anyone else.
7. Once the question is answered, if the response given is incorrect, the other
contestant will have 5 seconds to answer.
8. If the second contestant gets the answer wrong, it will open up to the class to
answer and the teacher will choose volunteers.
9. Contestants may not use a review sheet at podium.
10. If a member of the audience shouts out the answer, neither team will receive
points for that question.
Understanding of the directions will be checked by asking students:

How will contestants be chosen?

Which contestant will be the first to answer the question?
How long do you get to answer the question?
Are you allowed to ask another person for help in answering the question?
What happens if the answer is incorrect?
Are contestants allowed to use a review sheet when competing?
What happens if someone shouts out the answer?
Summarize what we are doing today.

Students will be selected to answer the questions by pulling popsicle sticks.

Active Participation
For this activity, the teacher will make sure all students are involved throughout. The student
who will go next will be chosen by going in order up and down the rows on each side of the
room. The teacher will make sure each student has gone at least once before allowing volunteers
if there are any questions remaining. When checking for understanding the teacher will use
popsicle sticks to chose who to call on. The students will need to be active listeners in order to
hear the correct responses and then be able to compete when an incorrect answer is given.
The teacher will make sure on-task behavior is maximized by using a timer for student response
time for each question. Transition time will be minimized by students active participation,
following all rules and paying attention to when it is their turn. Students will not be allowed to
have any technological devices out such as cell phones and laptops/tablets.

Expectation of Students Behavior

Students are expected to follow all classroom rules and game rules during this activity. Students
must remain in their seats at all times, unless it is their turn. Students will be encouraged to cheer
their team on, but answers are not to be yelled out by another player. If so, neither team will
receive points for that question. If the volume gets too loud, the teacher will give the auditory
signal 1,2,3 eyes on me and students will stop what they are doing and look at the teacher. The
switch between players will be a smooth transition. The players will stand in front of the ringers
with their hands by their sides. The student from the team who got the previous answer correct,
will choose the category and point value. The winner of the round will take a piece of candy
from the candy bowl and then will proceed to their seat. If one of the audience answers a
question that has not been answered correctly by either one of the contestants, he/she will go to
the candy bowl, select a piece of candy and go directly back to their seat.

Materials Needed

Two ringers
Powerpoint (Attached)
Fun size candy
Popsicle sticks

A practice round will be played with two students randomly chosen from the audience. Each
step will be labeled as they go through the process of playing the game. Once the correct
performance is shown, the criteria are labeled, and all steps are clarified, the game will begin.
*Note: The creation of this game comes from the television show Jeopardy.