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Agenda for the Tech-Knowledge 'Final Hunt' Event

Overview - The Tech-Knowledge campaign would be coming to an end with the incubation of 2
EdTech startups into Plan9. We are calling this event The 'Final Hunt'. The event would be an
amalgamation of the Startup Weekend and Plan9 Launch Pad forum.
Dates - 22nd and 23rd October 2016
Venue - Auditorium, 3rd floor, ASTP
Expected participants - 30 startups
Agenda for the Final Hunt:
Day 1: 4 PM - 9 PM
4 PM
Registrations open
5 PM
Introductory talk
5:45 PM
Mentoring on Elevator Pitch
6:15 PM
Workshop on Elevator Pitch
7:15 PM
8 PM
Mentoring on Slide Deck presentation
8 PM
Individual mentoring
9 PM
Mentoring ends
*Mentoring would take place on the 9th floor and the mentoring panel would be a mix of
representatives from Ilm Ideas 2, educationalists and our current batch.

Day 2: 11 AM - 6:30 PM
10 AM
11 AM

Reporting time - PPT submission
Opening Note

11:30 AM
Panel Discussion
12:30 PM
Pitching Round 1
2:00 PM
Lunch Break
2:30 PM
Announce Round 2 contestants
3 PM
Round 2 pitching start*
5 PM
Closing note
5:30 PM
Result Announcement
* Round 1 - The format of this round is an amalgamation of Get in the Ring and the recent US
Presidential Debate. 2 startups who are solving a similar problem set would be on stage and
would be defending their solution over the other participant.
Round 2 - PPT presentation of 7 minutes of the top 8 startups followed by a Q&A session.