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Standard 5.

Element 5.3- Understand and can safeguard the values of
democracy, equity, and diversity within the school (MILF 8.1, 8.2,
Activity: Previous BOE Meetings
Develop, implement, and evaluate school policies and procedures
that support democratic values, equity, and diversity issues
Time: 5 hours

Description: Review past school board agendas, reports, and/or minutes.

Note significant events, policy changes, and recurring themes or concerns
that impact the school/district today.
I spent 2 hours searching for previous school board meetings and reports and
spent 3 hours reviewing the information on each of those meetings. The
meetings were monthly from January 2016-June 2016.

Reflection: Developing, implementing, and evaluating school policies and

procedures that support democratic values is an important task. Attending
school board meetings gives the insight to the current events before it gets
to the administrators and staff. Its important to keep up to date with the
policies and be able to demonstrate ethical behavior based on those policies.
When browsing through the meeting minutes, I noticed that policy change
isnt quickly done. It takes several meetings to begin to change and to obtain
a final statement. A variety of items were consistently discussed including
maintenance items, recognitions/proclamations, calendar updates, and CTE

Significant events, Policy changes, Recurring themes/concerns:

Jan 2016- Election of officers- Dr. Root voted in as President, Mr.

Hanna presented a revision of the policy regulation for prevention of
disease/infection transmission, FHHS football third consecutive state
champion, maintenance/construction updates on new Allegany,
Braddock, Frost, and Mt. Savage

Feb 2016- Dr. Cox recognized as Superintendent of the Year, many

legislative issues that were being addressed was discussed, calendar
updates, first readings of the School Board Member Services, Student
Data Privacy, and Staff Data Privacy policies, maintenance/construction
update, Smart Board training results, CTE updates-new courses that
are being offered,

March 2016- Legislative issues are still ongoing, second reading of

School Board Member Services policy, calendar updates, first reading
of Policy for Substance Abuse by Students, Policy for Federal Awards,
Policy for Access to School Facilities, and Policy for Evaluation of
Professional Staff/Teachers

April 2016- Maintenance/construction update, graduation, college and

career ready pathways discussed, Access to School Facilities policy and
School Attendance Areas policy recommended to be changed or

May 2016- Second reading of School Attendance Area policy and

Records Retention and Disposal policy, consider approval of the bid for
Occupational Therapy/PT Services, recognitions of many students and

June 2016- Recognition of spring athletics and the arts, legislative

updates, second reading of the following policies- Substance Abuse by
Students, Federal Awards, Access to School Facilities, Evaluation of
Professional Staff/Teachers, Records Retention and Disposal, Student
Data Privacy, and Staff Data Privacy