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Alan Kohn

Microteach IV
Lesson Cycle
Lesson Title/Topic: 6th Grade Culinary Arts/Chef
Concept: Understandings of a Chefs career and how to prepare an appetizer and desert
Standards/Rationale: B. Connections of mathematics to nature, real world situations,
and everyday life
1. Use multiple representations to demonstrate links between mathematical and
real world situations.
Learning Target:
Student can prepare 2 dishes with 80%
accuracy on presentation appeal and flavor
when given the recipes.

Complete 2 dishes with creative
presentation and correct flavor

Materials: bowls, Ziploc bags, food, gloves, Clorox wipes, power point, aprons, products
Lesson Cycle: (Direct instruction)
The teacher will:
Focus/Mental Set:
Show video about culinary arts and what a
chef does in the kitchen.
Food Images Video for fun
Teacher Input:
Ask Q1 What is your favorite meal or dish
to eat?
Describe how it tastes?
Ask another student Q1.
Have you helped make this before?
Explain how this is made?
Present the power point presentation.
The power point presentation explains the
different types of chefs and what different
schools they can attended for your degree.

The student will:

Watch the video and show excitement for
the upcoming lesson.

Answer and participate in the questions

about taste and meals. Listen to
information about culinary arts and
becoming a chef.
Differentiate being a line cook and an
executive chef.
Understand how math is used in recipes.
Students should be able to do math
conversions of ingredients.

It also discusses cost of the schools and

what salaries may be once they graduate.
It will give different types of jobs and
positions that are available.
Power point presentation has images and
presentations of different types of entrees
and desserts as well as appetizers.
After the power point presentation, have
students get out a sheet of notebook paper
and pencil.
Place Recipe 1 on overhead projector
Discuss the use of recipes and
understanding of measurements. Talk about
the measurement numbers. Different
ingredients affect the flavor of a dish or
Place Recipe 2 on overhead projector.
Point out the serving size.
Have them calculate 2 or 3 ingredients
needed if the serving needed to be 10 vs.
the standard 4.

Guided Practice:
Divide students into 6 groups of 5 students.
Students need to clean off all items from
their table. One student will need to grab
one Clorox wipe and sanitize their table.
Pass out rubber gloves to each student.
Tell the students to not look or touch the
bag that you place in front of them.
Talk about mixing items together to come
up with a flavor that is tantalizing to the
taste buds.
Student 1 will pull out the top seasoning in

Will inspect and describe types of

seasonings used in Chex Mix. Predict what
we are going to make in class. Participate
in mixing and combining all ingredients in
the making of Ranch Chex Mix.
Pay attention to recipe on power point for
amounts of seasonings used.

the bag. Ask them to describe what they

see. Ask them to open the container and
inspect the seasoning. Garlic Powder
Student 2 will pull out the second
seasoning. Repeat (student 1) Dill seed
Student 3 Repeat Ranch Seasoning
Student 4 take out Oil. Ask Student 4to
predict what is going to happen with these
Bring out the 5 main ingredients.
Rice Chex
Corn Chex
Wheat Chex
Pass out larger Ziploc bags and measuring
Bring up rest of power point presentation
and go step-by-step with each ingredient
going into the bag.
Each student will come up, one at a time
and get one cup of main ingredients.
Then adding the final seasoning and oil
into the bag. Seal bag and shake till all
coated. They will divide the Chex Mix into
smaller bags for each person. 1 cup a
Independent Practice:
Everyone will need to find a partner. One
member from each table will come get all
supplies for the team. One partner from
each group will need to come up and get
their brownie.

Working with partners, students create and

design a plate presentation of a dessert,
using a brownie and the ingredients that are
Design a name that describes the dessert.

Each team will have a tray of bottles that

include chocolate, strawberry, caramel,
chocolate shavings, coconut flakes, whip
cream and chocolate bark. The tray will
also include plastic knives and tooth pics,
as well as a few other kitchen tools. They
will have 10 minutes to discuss and create
their own presentation for brownie dessert.
Tell the partners not to begin till they have
a design title/name that describes the
dessert. They will need to write the name,
for judging purposes, on a note card.
Once presentations are complete have the
students bring them up to the front table for
presentation viewing. Vote on which
brownie is the winner.
They will be judged on
creativity of name and
over all presentation.
Certificates rewarded to the winners.
Have all the students clean up and sanitize
their table.
The judge will decide which brownie
presentation is the winner by describing the
different aspects of the plate. Explain to
students that the flavor and presentation is
very important when becoming a chef.
Each student will create a recipe of their
favorite meal. It needs to include the
ingredients and amount of each ingredient


Students will get to enjoy their works of

arts and enjoy the food. Congratulate the

Work with students on the computer to
look up a new recipe. Discuss with them
each part of the recipe. Work with the
students to build a Venn diagram for the
different positions in a kitchen and
breaking down their different pays and
schools to attend.

Follow IEP

Preferential seating close to board