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The Interview about Health Issue

Resource Person

Place and Time



: Good MorningExcuse me, Sir


: Good Morning.


: Im sorry for wasting your timefirst, let me introduce myself. I am Edy

Hermawan as a student university come from polytechnic of health denpasar. I got

assignment from my teacher about recent health issue. Do u mind if I ask u about it ?

: No. I dont mind.. what do u want to ask to me?


: ok.. topic of health issue that I want to discuss is hymen reconstruction


: ok..indeed, hymen reconstruction is hot issue in health. It has bad effect

on social life although low effect on health.


: what do u think about that ? Hymen reconstruction has a low effect on

health. But, Are there important things for health staff to notice it ?

: I think it so important to discuss it because we know, hymen

reconstruction is one of health staff interventions to human especially focus on the

physical complaining

: Actually, I dont understand about hymen reconstruction yet. Can u tell

me a little bit about that ?


: Based on woman reproduction anatomy, there is a part that known as

hymen. Hymen is a mucosa membrane that surround and protect the canal of vagina
fullfil with blood vessel and nerve tissue. Indeed, if you have hymen reconstruction you
will get pain. Hymen reconstruction is well-known as hymenoplasty in medical term.

: Oh..i see. But, how the success of this operation if we look in physical

view. Isnt no trace ?


: Actually, hymenoplasty is a procedure to reglue the hymen on the lips of

the vagina using sutures. Stitches are applied is a type of dissolvable sutures that are
invisible to the eye will not look and do not need to be removed after surgery.

: a great progress in health technology. Then, would

you mind to tell me the procedure of this intervention ?


: first, we consult with doctor about the operation to get synchronization

between the expectation of client and doctor. Second, you will have a health checking to
ensure the prime condition of patient. Third, the main step is implementation. anesthesia
is performed under general anesthesia so the patient is comfortable, no pain, because the
position of the patient same with parturition. The technique used in each patient is not
same, depending on the type of torn that exist. When the new torn occurs only in one
place while the rest tissue are still intact hymen, it will be a simple operation. This
operation requires only a relatively short time, which is about 10-20 minutes. When the
hymen has long been torn and in some places it is a technique that is done will be more
complicated. So, the success possibility of this operation is lower. The time needed for
this operation is also quite long, about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

: hmm..i see. So, we must notice this step for good outcome. Are there any

others step after that mr ?


: As an act of postoperative, the patient required "fasting" sex at least 40

days or until the surgical wound recovers. As a result, virginity (hymen intact) can be
obtained patient

: hahaso, there is a fasting for the patient if they wanna get a good

result. It is agree with philosophy of life, no gain no pain. Do u agree with me mr ?


: of course. What are others thing that you want to ask to me ?


: question is what is the advantages of this operation ? maybe for

the patient, for the medical view or for societies ?

Resource :
First , cover the disgrace
Covering disgrace a girl who has torn the hymen by restoring the hymen is done through
a doctor's surgery is covered disgrace active way.
Second, protect family

Beside disgrace covering is to protect the most family-which will be formed later-because
if later the girl who had lost / damaged virginity married, and her husband learned that he
married a woman who was not a virgin, then it could be the cause destruction family. Or
at least not to cause prejudice and loss of confidence between them.
Third, Prevention of prejudice
This hymenoplasty can spread prejudice in society, so we must maintain ourself image
And the last, Justice between men and women
Fornication is not defined by a loss of virginity girl. Because somehow cause loss of
virginity is diverse, so if it is not confirmed by the recognition, testimony, or the
chronology of events, meaning he could not be a sign on the heinous act and no
These provisions in order to realize justice for men and women. Because if the signs do
indecency was assessed on the physical, the views of a woman's hymen, it would seem
unfair to women.

: Oh..apparently, there are also many advantages of this operation. But,

what are the disadvantages of this operation? I am sure theres a bad effect to our
common life. Can u tell me a little bit about it?

: There are some bad effect such as ;

First, Fraud
Behind the return of virginity, by physicians that there is an element of fraud against a
husband, as a sign that attesting to the bad behavior ever undertaken by the girl had been
covered. If the unknown evil, undoubtedly her husband will not continue married life
with the girl.
Second, Encouraging indecency.
If virginity can be restored by surgery, it will encourage the development of lewdness in
society. Awe and responsibility on a girl will be lost. If the hymen tear caused by accident
or acts that are not immoral by law and not sexual relations in marriage, then this
operation is considered by the community in general.

Interviewer : is clear sir..i think thats all about my question today. Thanks for your
explaining. Im sorry for the wasting your time. I support this operations for the right
using and promote health of society
Resource : I agree with youIll never mind if you ask me about others health issues.
Have a nice day..see u later

: oke.. see u later again.