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Banking Decisions

_____ Is your pay set up the way you want? (DDS

to correct account(s)? Split Pay? Any Allot-
ments or automatic check drafts?)
_____ If married, do you both understand clearly
how finances are to be handled during deploy-
Legal Considerations ment?
_____ Do you have a will?
_____ If married, have you considered establishing
_____ Is your Record of Emergency Data (page #2) separate checking accounts?
up to date?
_____ Have you considered joining a credit union?
_____ Is the correct beneficiary listed on your
SGLI? Bills, Bills, Bills!
_____ Who will be paying your bills while you are
_____ Do you need to leave powers of attorney
with anyone?
_____ Are there any once-a-year expenses com-
_____ Do you need to leave a medical authoriza-
ing up while you are deployed? Who will pay
tion with the person who is taking care of
them for you?
your dependent children?
_____ How will you be making monthly payments
_____ ID Cards/DEERS enrollment?
to your creditors? Do they all have your cor-
Financial Planning rect address?
_____ Do you have a written monthly spending plan _____ If married, have you decided who will be
for the deployment? (Get a Financial Planning using which credit cards during the deploy-
Worksheet from your CFS to get started.) ment?
_____ Do you have access to MyPay? Does your _____ Do you and your spouse both understand
spouse? who will be paying which bills?
Does the spending plan include amounts for: _____ If youre renting an apartment, who will be
paying the rent for you?
_____ port visits
_____ Will you have to pay utility bills while de-
_____ long-distance phone calls ployed? Who will pay them for you?
_____ gift/souvenir purchases _____ Is your renters/homeowners insurance
_____ savings for vacation after the deployment current?

_____ utility bills Vehicles

_____ Do you have a safe place to store your vehicle
Does the spending plan include amounts for pos- and/or someone to take care of it for you?
sible income changes such as:
_____ Are vehicle insurance, tags, registration/title,
_____ sea pay and base/inspection stickers all current?
_____ Family Separation Allowance (FSA) _____ Is all routine maintenance, i.e., oil/filter
_____ promotion while deployed change, etc., current?

_____ reenlistment bonuses or any other special _____ Have you left the name of a trusted me-
payments chanic/repair garage with your family?

_____ Do you have a savings plan to help you Emergency Plans

achieve your financial goals? _____ Do you have at least one months pay saved
_____ Have you considered enrolling in the Thrift in case of financial emergency?
Savings Plan TSP? _____ Have you considered signing a pre-authori-
zation form with Navy-Marine Corps Relief
Taxes for your spouse?
_____ If you plan to do your taxes while deployed,
do you have all the records you will need? _____ Does your spouse know how to access the
TRICARE system for medical care, particu-
_____ Do you have a Specific Power of Attorney? larly when outside the local area?
_____ Does your family know your complete, official
mailing address, command name, and social
Little Creek 462-7563 Northwest 421-8770 security number?
& Newport News 688-NAVY Oceana 433-2912
Norfolk 444-2102 Yorktown 887-4606 _____ Does your family know how to use Red Cross in case of an emergency?