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Wilbur Wildcat, BSN, RN, CEN

Nurse Recruiter
Emergency Hospital
1234 North Emergency Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85719
Dear Mr. Wildcat:
I saw your most recent advertisement for an available position within your
department as a Registered Nurse on your hospitals website. I am currently
enrolled at the University of Arizona, with an expected graduation date of
December 15, 2016. My interest in the position stems from the fact that I
wish to become a flight nurse later on in my career, and the excitement of
emergency medicine.
As part of our fourth and final semester at the College of Nursing, we are
required to complete 180 hours of hospital experience under the guidance of
a preceptor. My preceptorship is at Northwest Hospital in their medicalsurgical ICU. On top of the 180 hours at Northwest, I have also complete 270
hours with the ICU setting at St. Josephs hospital here in Tucson. Outside of
school, I am an active member within the Student Nurses of the University of
Arizona, in which we perform a series of activities to further enhance both
the community and the University of Arizona. Currently, I hold a position at
St. Marys Hospital as a Nursing Student Intern in which I work alongside
nurses on various units as a patient care technician. Along with being a PCT,
I am employed by Jane Carrington, working as a research assistant, collecting
data from Tucson hospitals, hoping to better understand RN-RN
communication, while simultaneously generating a new EHR to better predict
clinical events. Using my background, I hope to augment and facilitate better
patient outcomes and patient satisfaction within your emergency
Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read this and consider me
as a new nurse within your department. I am looking forward to meeting you
in person to discuss this position in more detail, along with getting to know
not only you, but your employees and unit as well. I will follow-up on this
position again in the near future. However, I can be reached at any time at
(928) 814-9801.
Clay Sensibaugh
Clay Sensibaugh
2228 East 21st Street
Tucson, AZ 85719