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What is the name of your company?

2. How long has your company been operating in the Indian Market?
3. With how many other companies your company is competing in the life insurance
4. What is your current market share of the life insurance business being done in India?
5. What have been the growth strategies of your company? Can you please rate them on
extent of impact?
(a) Low High
(b) Focus on Advertising /Ad campaigns
(c) Putting hard work in building brands through Ads, promotions, PR, Sponsorships,
events etc.
(d) Managing the marketing mix in an integrated manner.
(e) Understanding prospective buyers at segment level in the Indian insurance market
through Marketing Research /survey.
(e) Bringing out products that suit specific needs of the buyers.
(f) Expanding product portfolio and heating different brands as per market requirements.
(g) Creating markets and redefining markets to explore growth opportunities.
(h) Focusing on the proper channel-mix for distribution of product.
(i) Continuously looking for growth opportunities by using appropriate strategy
(j) Building a strong corporate brand through company performance, good PR and
corporate advertising
6. Which are the different modes that have been adopted by your company to deliver the
brand message in an effective and efficient manner?
a) Advertising in electronic and print media
b) Making use of flurry of media, including internet e-mail, fax, telemarketers, Instore advertising etc. Working with the media Department of Ad Agency to define
reach, frequency and impact of the Ad Campaign
c) Making use of tools like PR, sponsorships, events, soul causes, and getting media
to talk about the brand
d) Percolating traits of our brand through all of the companys marketing activity
e) Stressing on long term relationships with the customers and creating brand loyalty
Clarifying and living the companys basic values and building the corporate brand.


Developing a brand building plan to create positive customer experience at


customer contact point, person-to-person contact, events, seminars,

telephone, e- mail
Using the brand value proposition as the key deriver of your Companys
strategy, product development operations and services?
7. Which are the different methods of promotional mix strategies had been adopted by
your company? Can you please rate them?
a. Advertising in electronic and print media
b. Advertising campaign
c. PR and publicity
d. Personal selling
e. Sales promotion
f. Direct marketing
g. Tele marketing
h. Word of mouth
i. Combination of all of them
8. How does your company decide the Advertising budget? What factors are generally
taken into account for arriving at Advertising Budget?
9. While advertising what is the main message that you wish to convey about life
insurance to your consumer
10. How does your company measure about communication effectiveness- What works
well in the Ad and what works poorly?
11. To what extent have the various promotional strategies adopted by the company
impacted the sales of insurance products?
12. Can you express in terms of increase in volume of business, percentage of growth
and/or average of new lives?
13. Does your company subscribe to the view that mass advertising is likely to
diminish in its in thence and use?
14. If answer to que. 12 is yes what kind of publicity and promotional measure in
being undertaken by your company to market the products in vast rural areas?
15. What kind of support does your company provide to the buyers and service providers?
16. What plans does your company have to create stronger and long lasting relationships
with customers?
17. What practices has your company developed to understand customer needs instead of
just pushing out products in the market?

18. Has your company chalked out plans to register it presence online and operate in
cyber space by using the internet for selling insurance products recruiting, training and
consumer casting with the customers and prospective buyers?
19. With all promotional strategies being effectively put in action what response can your
company aim to achieve in terms of growth in premium and market share?





Designation________________ E: mail ________________
Q1. Do you have any life Insurance policy?
a) Yes
b) No
Q2. Which companys Insurance policy you prefer the most? (Rank them from 1
to 5)
a) Life Insurance Corporation
b) HDFC Standard life Insurance
c) ICICI Prudential life Insurance
d) SBI Life Insurance
e) Bajaj Allianz
f) Any other_____________________ (please specify the name of company)
Q3. Are you aware of the concept of Banc assurance?
a) Yes
b) No
Q4. What is the main reason for buying life Insurance policy?
a) A saving tool
b) A tax saving tool
c) A tool to protect family
d) Return
e) Any other reason _______________________ (please specify)
Q5. Which benefits influenced you most for buying life policy through banks?
a) Trust and loyalty
b) Easy accessibility
c) Experts advice
d) Convenience
Q6. According to you which is the most preferred channel to obtain life Insurance
a) Agents
b) Brokers
c) Banks
d) Internet

e) Any other_________________( Please specify)

Q7. Are you aware with the type of policies sold by the banks?
a) Yes
b) No
c) No response
Q8. Are you satisfied with the services of banks?
a) Satisfied
b) Highly satisfied
c) Moderately Satisfied
d) Dissatisfied
e) Highly Dissatisfied
Q9. What is your future plan to take life Insurance policy?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Not decided