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Carolyn Brager

Honors 100 BF
31 October 2016
Assignment 3
After meeting in the Mary Gates honors lounge and sharing stories about our recent
midterms, my partner Alexander Waugh and I started telling each about our interests. I learned
Alex plans to double major in math and computer science and has an overarching interest in
systems and the brain. He wants to explore the connections between how our brains can rewire
themselves, and the computational aspect of brain imaging and data analysis. Other than this
interest, Alex grew up in a military family and spent nearly his whole life traveling through the
country, going to many different types of schools and living in many different places. Outside of
the classroom, he likes to do martial arts and taekwondo. My first idea for an experiential
learning opportunity would be in the category of research where Alex could work for a lab
directly through the neurobiology department because they are looking for undergraduate
research assistants who have a computer science background to organize their data. Second, in
the service category, Alex said he likes to help his friends who are in math 124 who ask him
questions, so he could potentially be a Clue or Tribeta math tutor for fellow UW students who
need help with math. Third, for international engagement, Alex is currently taking a Greek and
Roman mythology course that he mentioned he really enjoys so he might love the Honors Study
Abroad trip in Rome and then could do further travel exploring the Grecian isles. Finally,
because of his love for martial arts, Alex could pursue a leadership role at a Taekwondo studio in
downtown Seattle to teach classes for kids or potentially join the UW martial arts club and hold a
leadership role for them!