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DATE: Monday 10/03/16

8-8:30: Morning Work: Monday math problems

Motivational Monday: You Tube: TWC News Austin: High School Blitz Interview with Apollos Hester
8:30-9:15: Music
9:15-9:45: Enrichment --1. Highs & Lows - share at the end of the day
2. Student will correct their multiplication quizzes

WEEK: _10/03-10/07/16_ LANGUAGE ARTS Grade _5_ Time: _9:45-11:45_

Weekly Comprehension Strategy: Predict
SOL objective: SWBAT make, revise, and confirm predictions and locate information to support predictions. (5.5k,
5.5l, 5.6g, 5.6l)
Skills: Sequence of Events
SOL objective: SWBAT identify the structural pattern of sequence of events in nonfiction texts and summarize the
order of events in fiction texts using signal words. (5.5h, 5.6f)
Writing: Word Study story revise and edit; Journals (w/ Resource Teachers)
Biography Cube: (in computer lab sometime this week)
Word Study: Homophones (Long a) - ALL, Week 2
Assessment: Group organizers (formative - not graded); The Titanic sequence (10 points); Spelling Test (24 points);
Sequence - Completing Sentences (__ points)

Day: MONDAY 10/03

9:45-10:05: Independent Reading Time (SSR) - Student Conference with Chris and Deanna
-- Give bathroom breaks
10:05-10:10: Book Talk: Gracie (small group)

Read-aloud Title: *during mini lesson

Focused Questions: (model making predictions - before, during, and after reading)
(Interactive Think-Aloud lesson or/and use of anchor posters)
Before: Ask students: Do you ever think about what will happen next as you or reading? Think about what you just
read in your SSR book today and think about what might happen next. Allow a few examples and then explain that what
students just did is make a prediction.

1. Introduce Paul/Paula the Powerful predictor. Use the notebook file Predict Introduction in teachers only>Unit 2.
Read through and discuss slides 3-8.
on slide 7 you can use this link to play music for the song:
on slide 8 play the video
2. Read aloud from a book from the prediction selection in the library. Model making predictions throughout the story.
After: Use the following link to have students practice making predictions:
Target Skill: Predict
Group A/B/C: Obj: SWBAT make predictions about the jaguars impact on the rainforest if it became extinct.
Play the video to introduce
the topic of endangered species.
Explain to students that we will be reading about our POD animal, jaguar, to determine what impact the jaguar has in
the food web and will work to make predictions about what would happen to the rainforest if the jaguar became extinct.
Work to skim the four articles on jaguars to find their impact on the rainforest. Look for the types of animals they
interact with, what they prey on, and any other resources they may use or affect in the rainforest.
*Group A you may work more as a whole group, group B in partners, and group C in partners or independently.
Have student work to fill in the prediction organizer, using evidence from the articles.
*You can have these filled in individually, as a group, or in partners. They do need to be done neatly though, in
order to display them on the bulletin board.

Target Skill: Revising and Editing
Group A/B/C: Obj: SWBAT edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure,
and paragraphing.
Word Study Story Peer Edit
Students choose a partner in their reading group to edit their word study story from last week with. They will trade
notebooks, read each other's stories and use a twistable to make editing marks.
After making editing marks, they need to use their pencil and write two complete sentences under their partners story.
One sentence should be positive feedback and the other should be a suggestion for what their partner can work on.
They then switch back, read over what their partner wrote, and make corrections as suggested.

Ask students:
What are predictions?
How can we make our predictions powerful?

11:45-11:56: Write down homework/wash-up for lunch/MONDAY FOLDERS

11:56-12:21: Lunch
12:21-12:45: Recess

Math 12:45-2:00
Skill: Problem Solving
SOL: 5.4 and 5.5
Objective: SWBAT solve multistep problems using whole numbers and decimals.
Materials: Math Binder
Setting the Stage: What was a key to understanding algebra problems? (finding operation words and
understanding what you read)
Set Purpose: Today we will read, comprehend and solve word problems using the same skills that helped us
understand algebra problems (open sentences) .
1. Turn to binder page 19, and open multistep problem notebook file.
2. Touch beside each number on SB to reveal steps. Students will write steps on corresponding page in binder as
each step is revealed.
3. Read slide 2.
4. Read directions on students problem solving page and got to slide 3. Underline question of the word problem,
draw a picture, and work out the problem. Students will then write a sentence to answer each question.
5. Repeat step 4, doing 2 more problems together. Students will work with a partner on the next two problem.
6. Assignment/Assessment: Students will finish last 3 problems on their own.
7. As students finish, they may use iPads to check last weeks morning work.

VA Studies 2:00-2:55
Day 1:
Title: Review of Westward Migration
SOL: VS.6c
Objective(s): The students will demonstrate knowledge of the role of VA in the establishment of the new
American nation by explaining the influence of geography on the migration of Virginians into western
Materials: highlighters, social studies quizzes
Activate Prior Knowledge:
Set Purpose: Today we are going to go over your social studies quizzes on Westward Migration that you took

1. Handout quizzes
2. Use document camera to go over the correct quiz answer (students should highlight correct answers)
Closing: Tomorrow we will be starting our Civil War Unit
Homework: none
2:45: Share highs and lows
2:55-3:02: Make take-home piles and pack-up
3:02: Dismissal -- ***Parent pick-up duty***