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Easy Questions
1.Connecting a lead from the negative to the positive of a battery will produce:
A short circuit
2.Which parameter should be kept constant so that Ohms law can be applied to a circuit?
3.In an intrinsic semiconductor, the Fermi-level is -------------------midway between conduction and valence band
4.What type of capacitor is often used in power-supply circuits to filter the rectified AC?
5.Transistor is a
Current controlled current device
6.Two charges are placed at a small distance. If a glass slab is placed between them, the
force between the charges will
7.In boolean algebra A.B = B.A represents _________ law.

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8.Which of the following Indian cities does not have metro train?
9.Which of the following is the most stable ecosystem ?
10. Sequential Code is________Code.
8421 Code
11.The internal impedence of an ideal current source is
12. A J-K master slave flip-flop could be converted into a T flip-flop by making
CLK = 0
13. A Zener diode is used for
Voltage regulation

Medium Questions
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1.In a full-wave rectifier without filter, the ripple factor is
2.The important characteristic of emitter-follower is
high input impedance and low output impedance
3.A red-red-red-gold resistor in series with an orange-orange-orange-gold resistor produces
35,200 ohms
4.Which motor is NOT suitable for use as a DC machine?
Squirrel cage motor
5.The Mutliplexer device is also called as
Data selector device
6.Compact discs, (according to the original CD specifications) hold how many minutes of
74 mins
7.What is the relationship between current (I) and voltage (E) in a circuit consisting of a
capacitor in series with a resistor?
I and E are in phase across the resistor.
8. The condition for reciprocity of a two port network is
AD - BC = 1
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9. Lissajou's figures are used in a CRO while measuring
10. The type of transmission used for television in India is a
11.An SCR is a device having
Four layers with three junctions

Difficult Questions
1.In classA amplifier, the output current flows for

Dept. of Electrical and Electronics, KLE.I.T, Hubballi-30.

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the full cycle of the input signal.
2.It is required to construct a counter to count upto100 (decimal). The minimum number of
flip flops required to construct the counter is
3.AMD stands for
Advance Micro Devices
4.P&G stands for
Proctor & Gamble
5.Most modern TV's draw power even if turned off. The circuit the power is used in does
what function?
Remote control
6.A tunnel Diode is also known as
Esaki Diode
7.Which type of software can translate scanned text in to text that you can edit?
8. In a transistor when base-width decreases with increasing collector to base voltage, this
phenomenon is called
Early Effect
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9. A three and half digit voltmeter could measure a maximum voltage of
1000 Volts
10. The octal number system has
Seven Different Digits
11. The ladder network used in a D/A converter is
R-2R Ladder
12. A commercial super heterodyne radio receiver has its intermediate frequency chosen as
455 KHz
13.The amplifier is which current is proportional to the signal voltage, independent of
source load resistance is called
Transresistance amplifier

Dept. of Electrical and Electronics, KLE.I.T, Hubballi-30.

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