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OXFORD STUDENT'S BOOK Highly Recommended English for the hotel and catering industry Trish Stott & Rod Revell © Unit contents chart UNIT COMMUNICATIVE AREA SITUATIONS /FUNCTIONS STRUCTURES 1 Taking phone calls Incoming calls: James speaking. How can Requests with Can/Could, 1 help? Making simple requests: Can/Could Pd ike to reserve a parking space? I'd like to speak to rs Bader. |= 2 Giving information Hotel and restaurant location and failies Present Simple of be: There are more than 900 bedrooms on eight floors, 1s there?/Arethere?, There is/ Identifying yourself: My name's Caroline. There are, There isn'y/There aren't 3 Taking room reservations Requesting information: Do you have Do, Does a double room? Does the hotel have a Prepositions of time: a, at, in, restaurant? from. 0 = 4 — Taking restaurant bookings Opening and closing times: When do you Dates close? What time do you serve dinner? Adverbs of frequency: aways, often, sometimes, rarely, never 5 Giving polite explanations Turning down requests: 'm sorry,/ Present Simple (short forms): afraid we're fully booked that weekend. bbe, do, can = 6 Receiving guests Guests ariving at hotel reception or Pessessive adjectives: my, your, his, restaurant: Could you fill inthis registration het, our, your, their card? Here's yourkey cara, "7 Serving in the bar Inthe bar: What can get you? Requests and offers with Requests and offers: Would you lke ice Can, Could, Shall, Would you lke? ‘and lemon? = 8 Instructions Mixing a cocktail: How do you make a Instructions: cake, fil, pour ‘Margarita? Giving instructions in sequence: Sequence markers: fst, next, First, take a cocktail shaker and fill it with then, finally crushed ice. ext, pour ia one measure of tequila = 9 Taking a food order Restaurant staff taking orders for aperitif, ‘a/an, the starters, and main courses: Are you ready a/an, some to order? Would you like to order some wine? = 10 Desserts and cheese Restaurant staff explaining cheese and some, any dessert menus: {recommend the French ‘apple tart. The femon tarts very good, t00. What kind of cheese is Stilton? m 11° Talking about wine Restaurant wine waiter taking orders: The Comparisons: -r than, Sauvignon Blanc is drier than the Riesling more. tha, not aS. aS @ 12 Dealing with requests Hotel reception and restaurant staff replying Offering help: get you to requests: Il get you same more. I'l bring some/one/another/some more. you another, 13 _ Describing dishes Waiter explaining menu: Present Simple Passive Itcontains/consists of/is made of pasta, © 14 _ Dealing with complaints Guests complaining in ahotel and restaurant: Pst Simple We ordered our drinks twenty minutes ago. 15 Jobs and workplaces Hotel reception and kitchen staff explaining this/that, hese/those, here/there responsiblities: Ths is Louise. She's responsible to, responsible for responsible for six staf UNIT COMMUNICATIVE AREA SITUATIONS / FUNCTIONS STRUCTURES 16 Explaining and instructing Hotel kitchen staff instructing trainee: ‘must, have to, don't have t, First, you must wash your hands. You have to musn't. break tint flocets. It mustn't cook fr long. 17 Taking telephone requests Hotel facilities and services: How many need + noun glasses do you need? My sult needs dry need + -ing cleaning. We need to leave in half an hour. reed + ful infinitive 818 Taking difficult phone calls Hotel reception taking difficult phone Past Simple: questions reservations: 'm sorry, | didn’t catch the and short answers, and date. Can you speak up? negative statements, 19 Health and safety at work Hotel assistant manager reading safety Adjectives and adverbs regulations: Please read the lst carefully © 20 Giving directions indoors Hotel staff directing guests: i's on the Prepositions of location ground floor. Take the lift tothe first floor. and direction (2) | 21 Giving directions outside Hotel staff directing guests: I's quite near Prepositions of location here. Turm right outside the hotel. Toke the and direction (2) tube from here. . = 22 Facilities for the business Hotel receotion explaining conference Linking and contrasting: traveller faclities to a guest: Can you tell me obout 50, both .. and, but your in-room facilities? m 23 Offering help and advice Hotel staff dealing with an accident Present Perfect with yet, just One of the guests has just faien over. We should for advice should call an ambulance. ® 24 Dealing with problems Hotel guests complaining to reception: Should + Present Perfect Passive ‘My room hasn't beer serviced, It should hhave been done this morning. m= 25 Paying bills Hotel and restaurant payments: How are Present Continuous you paying? Would you lke @ VAT receipt? Object pronouns: me, you, him, her, it, you, us, them we 26 Payment queries Hotel and restaurant guests querying bills: ‘much, many, a lot of | think there's a mistake. How much is the ininioar bil? 27. Applying for a job Writing ev Formal language for business letters and applications: Dear Sir/Madam, Yours feithfully/sincerely = 28 Theinterview Ajob interview: think Ihave the right Talking about the future: skils and experience forthe job. I'm will, going to, -ing {going to make a shortlist. 'm seeing three ‘more candidates tomorrow ‘Activity material 60 Wordlist 97 Listening scripts 66 Useful vocabulary 110 Language review 76 Imegular verbs Mi Help yourself 92