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Unit 4

Perusahaan bisnis milik pribadi adalah lembaga yang didirikan untuk tujuan membuat
keuntungan. Dioperasikan oleh individu yang saham kepemilikannya diwakili oleh sertifikat
saham. Orang yang memiliki sertifikat saham disebut pemegang saham.
Bentuk kepemilikan perusahaan memiliki beberapa keuntungan. Yang pertama adalah
kemampuannya untuk menarik sumber daya keuangan. Keuntungan kedua adalah bahwa jika
perusahaan menarik sejumlah besar modal, dapat berinvestasi pada pabrik, peralatan, dan
penelitian. Keuntungan ketiga adalah bahwa perusahaan dapat menawarkan gaji tinggi dan
dengan demikian menarik manajer berbakat.
Perusahaan bisnis milik pribadi bukan satu-satunya jenis perusahaan yang ada.
Lembaga pendidikan, keagamaan, dan lembaga amal juga diperkenankan untuk bergabung.
Biasanya jenis perusahaan ini tidak mengeluarkan saham dan merupakan lembaga non-profit.
Jika ada keuntungan, umumnya diinvestasikan kembali dalam lembaga daripada
didistribusikan ke pemegang saham swasta.
Di samping itu, ada perusahaan pemerintah di Amerika Serikat yang dapat dibentuk
oleh kota, negara, dan badan-badan khusus. Beberapa contoh perusahaan pemerintah ini
rumah sakit pemerintah, perguruan tinggi, dan kebutuhan milik kota. Perusahaan
pemerintahan selalu non-profit dan biasanya tidak mengeluarkan sertifikat saham.

Page 17
Exercise 1 : Change the following sentences into passive. Omit the unspesified
agent (doer of the action)
1. Mathematics is applyed by people in many different activities.
2. The binary scale is used by every programmer in electronic computers.
3. In the future, more applications of mathematics will be developed by people in the
modern and sophisticated technology.
4. The square of number is formed by them by multiplying the number by itself.
5. A lot of attempts have been made by a scientist to deceive the ordinary citizens.
6. People believe that the nation will be helped by science and technology to reach the
goal of the development.
7. A lot of scientific discoveries were made by many scientists during the renaissance.
8. An experiment is being make by Mr. Joe to prove his new theory.
9. Statistics is should used by us for analysis of data in all branches of science.
10. Decimals are used by mathematicans rather than fraction for scientific purpose.
11. Mathematics is often called by them the language of science.
12. In the binary scale, numbers are expressed by people by combination of zero and one.
13. It is easier to perform mathematical operations with computers if the binary system is
used by us instead of the decimal one.
14. Some letters are being written by Susy to her friends.
15. The assignment has to done by the students regularly.

16. My homework has been finshed by me already.

17. My grandparents will be visited by my family in the village next Lebaran Day.
18. Metalica performance was enjoyed by many people last month.
19. The door wouldnt be locked by the teacher if some students didnt come very late.
20. Are English or French being studied by the students in this College?
21. Has The door been closed and have the lights been switched off by you before you go
to bed?
22. Are some special cakes made by your mother on Lebaran Day?
23. My homework hasnt done by me yet.
24. The written test must be finished by you before the manager interview you
25. The house works have to done by Mira before she goes to school.

Exercise 2
A. Choose the correct answer

c. Is generally classified as
b. Canceled --- Printed
a. Which are generally classified
d. Were seriously discussed
b. Commonly called
c. Was not permitted
c. Encourage --- Develop
c. Being explained

B. Find the incorrect Structure, Word(s), or Phrase Underline Below

9. One of the worlds best-selling authors, Louis Lamour said to has written 101 books
mostly westerns. (c. Has written)
10. For many years, space enthusiasts harbored hope that the atmosphere of Venus could
support life, but now it is known to be extremely dead. (d. Known)
11. The result of the failure to plan fot the future is a child from an urban area must be
took to the country to see nature. (a. Is)
12. Aspirin is recommended to many people for its ability to thin the blood.
(a. Recommended)
13. Mr. Andi will not let his son plays before his homework is done. (b. Plays ; d. Done)
14. Some punishment will be given to you by the police if you dont obey the traffic
regulation. (b. Given)
15. Does the data always update before your program is closed? (a. Does)
The computer system was developed by adapting the binary scale to the off-on
pulses of electricity. (b. Developed)

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