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Management, production and operation are the three functions

basic to all organization. The operations function creates goods and

service. While the management, is a factor of production and economic
resource. Management is responsible for ensuring that labor and capital
are effectively used to increase productivity. There are three different
journals regarding management, production and operation are selected
for this assignment purpose.
The first journal is about how the cooperative performance affect by
different types of triad structures, and the management mechanisms
adopted by the local company. This study also, uses a social network
perspective to examine the triad management phenomenon in the
military avionics maintenance context, which is closely associated with
the field of operations management.
While the second journal, is about analysation of how firms are
redesigning the organizational architecture of supply chains, bundling and
unbundling resources, sharing information and coordinating flows in order
to facilitate capability partitioning. It aims to analyse how process
interdependencies are managed either through modularity or coordination
Finally, the last journal is about the important to understand what
contributes to small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) success as well
as the difficulties they face. The journal has shown that the lack of
available financing from financial institutions is one of the biggest
problems facing small businesses today. In this journal paper, they try to
identify the aspects of obtaining financing that SMEs have most problems
with and determine which firm specific factors such as type of set-up, size
of operation, years in operation and type of industry which contribute to
the firms ability to borrow. From the journal can see that, for the firms
that applied, the main difficulties faced were the lack of collateral, the lack
of proven track records, the lack of proper business plans and the need to
show good sales turnover.

1. Managing Triads in a Military Avionics Service Maintenance Network
in Taiwan
2. Bundling resources across supply chain dyads, The role of
modularity and coordination capabilities
3. Journal of Production Research & Management A Case Study on
Performance of Financial Institution in Funding SMES and Challenges
Ahead in India for SMEs