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1. First, the Aspen Hysys user interface is opened and blank simulation is
2. Choose the component list.

3. Then, select Peng-Robinson as fluid packages.

4. Go to simulation and the flowsheet main will appear.

5. Choose splitter and distillation column from palette.
6. Insert stream at spiltter.

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7. Then select valve in order to change the pressure.

8. Connect all streams.

9. Then, double click on first column and name as T-100(DC1). Insert no of

stages and inlet stage value.

10. Select as total condenser.

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11.Click Next.

12.Insert the rebiler Pressure and condenser pressure.

13.Click Next.

14.Insert reflux ratio.

15.Click Done.

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16.Insert the refux ratio.

17.Click Add Specs and choose Column Feed Ratio.

18.Click Feed Ratio Spec and choose draw as flow type.

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19.Insert the feed ratio and tick on reflux ratio and feed ratio on active column.

20.Repeat all the procedure from DC1 for DC2.

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21.The final main flowsheet should look like this.

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1. What is the molar flow before entering DC1 and DC2?
2. How to reduce pressure in DC2?
3. What is the temperature at the bottom of DC1 and DC2?
4. Did the process achieve a methanol that free from water? What is the purity of the methanol?
How to increase the purity?

1. Molar flow before:

Figure 1:

Molar flow before entering DC1=1350 kgmole/h

Figure 2:

Molar flow before entering DC2=1350 kgmole/h

2. By adding valve in order to reduce the pressure.

3. Temperature at the bottom stream which is Stream 6 and Stream 8

Figure 3: Final Temperature at stream 6 is 153.0 C

Figure 4:



Final Temperature at stream 8 is 99.65 C

Figure 5:: Material Stream

Figure 6: Compositions Stream

Figure 7: Energy Stream


Figure 8: Material Stream

Figure 9: Composition

Figure 10:Energy Stream

The objective of this project is to understand the usage of valve and
distillation specification. The process involved is the production of methanol.
This process required one splitter, one valve and two distillation columns. The
distillation column is used for dehydration to provide commercial methanol
that is nearly free of water. In this process, the feed of the methanol and
water are considered an equimolar mixture at 2700 kgmol/hr at 25C and 5.2
The mole fractions of the feed mixture are 0.5 of methanol and 0.5 of
water. It is then split into two stream and fed to two distillation columns, one
at a reduced pressure and the other one at the same pressure. The amounts
of the streams leaving the splitter have the same molar flowrate which is
1350 kgmol/hr. These two streams leaving the splitter is still in equimolar
mixture. Valve is used in order to reduce the pressure to 1.01 bar before
entering the second distillation column. The stream 2 entering the DC1 is in
liquid phase. There are two streams leaving the DC1 which are bottom and
distillate. The temperature at the distillate is 131.3C and the temperature at
the bottom is 153C while the pressure is still the same which is 5.2 bar while
in DC2 the pressure is reduce 1.01 bar by using valve equipment. The
temperature is different because of concept of distillation states that the
separation of the mixture depends on the volatility of the components. Its
means that the component with lower boiling point will vaporised first and
going out at the distillate. In this case, methanol has the lower boiling point
compared to water. Therefore, the product at the distillate is methanol which
has 52% mole fraction while the remaining is water.
At the bottom, water is the product and its mole fraction is 98% and
the remaining 2% is methanol.The stream 4 entering the DC2 is also in liquid
phase. The temperature at the distillate is 80.38C and the temperature at
the bottom is 99.65C while the pressure is the reduce pressure which is 1.01
bar. The decrease in pressure will decrease the temperature.Even though the
operating pressure for DC2 is difference with DC1, the composition of the

product at distillate and bottom is also the same. Methanol is the desired
product flowing out the distillate has the mole fraction of 52%. At the bottom
of DC2, water is the product whichis 98% mole fraction