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Born to Be Blue (lm)

3 Production

Born to Be Blue is a 2015 internationally co-produced

drama lm directed, produced and written by Robert Budreau. The lm stars Ethan Hawke and Carmen Ejogo.
It was shown in the Special Presentations section of the
2015 Toronto International Film Festival.[7] The lm is
about American jazz musician Chet Baker, portrayed by

In October 2014, it was announced that Ethan Hawke had

joined the cast portraying the role of Chet Baker, with
Robert Budreau directing from a screenplay he wrote.[10]
That same month, it was announced that Carmen Ejogo,
Callum Keith Rennie had also joined the cast of the
lm.[10] Filming took place in Sudbury, Ontario, in fall


The jazz score to the lm was created by composer and

pianist David Braid[12] The audio for trumpet perforThe lm is described as semi-factual, semi-ctional.[8] mances in the lm was done by Kevin Turcotte.[13] Hawke
Variety's reviewer, Andrew Barker, noted that the lm is had taken trumpet lessons from Ben Promane,[14] and reabout a character who happens to share a name and a quested video of Turcotte recording, in order to mime the
signicant number of biographical similarities with Chet playing during the shoot.[15]
Baker, taking the legendary West Coast jazz musicians
life as though it were merely a chord chart from which to
launch an improvised set of new melodies.[2] Set largely
4 Release
in 1966, Baker (portrayed by Ethan Hawke) is hired to
play himself in a movie about his earlier years when he
rst tried heroin. He romances actress Jane Azuka (a c- The lm had its world premiere at the Toronto Interna[1][16]
tional character, a composite of several of Bakers women tional Film Festival on 13 September 2015.
in real life, portrayed here by Carmen Ejogo) but on after, IFC Films acquired U.S. distribution rights to the
The lm had a limited Canadian release on 11
their rst date, Baker is attacked by thugs and his front lm.
and a limited release in the United
teeth smashed. As Baker recovers from his injury, his March 2016,
embouchure is ruined and he is unable to play trumpet States two weeks later.
any better than a novice. Meanwhile, he must answer to a
probation ocer, and ensure he is employed, while sticking to his regime of methadone treatment.

5 Critical reception
Born to Be Blue received positive reviews from lm critics, with Hawkes performance receiving praise. It holds
an 88% Certied Fresh rating on review aggregator
website Rotten Tomatoes, based on 100 reviews, with
an average rating of 7/10 and critical consensus being:
"Born to Be Blue benets from a highlight-reel performance from Ethan Hawke and an impressionistic, nonhagiographic approach to Chet Bakers life and times.[21]
On Metacritic, the lm holds a rating of 64 out of
100, based on 32 critics, indicating generally favorable

Ethan Hawke as Chet Baker
Carmen Ejogo as Jane / Elaine
Callum Keith Rennie as Dick (Richard) Bock[9]
Stephen McHattie as Chetney Baker, Sr.
Janet-Laine Green as Vera Baker
Tony Nappo as Ocer Reid

6 Soundtrack album

Kevin Hanchard as Dizzy Gillespie

Dan Lett as Danny Friedman

Warner Music Canada released a collection of 14 tracks,

with 12 arranged or composed by David Braid and 1 track
each by Charles Mingus and Odetta. Two tracks feature
Hawkes vocals.[23][24]

Katie Boland as Sarah

Nat Leone as Jenny


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The lm opens two weeks earlier in Canada than it does
in the U.S, starting March 11 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox
and at Montreals Cinema Du Parc. One week later, on
March 18, Blue opens in four cities in Ontario (London,
Waterloo, Guelph and Sudbury), as well as Saskatoon, SK,
Halifax, NS and Edmonton, AB. On March 25, the lm
opens in Vancouver, BC and Calgary, AB, followed by
Ottawa, ON and Victoria, BC on April 1 and Regina, SK
on April 8. The Bell Lightbox screening on March 11 is
followed by a Q&A session with Budreau, while Ethan
Hawke also appeared at a special screening of the event
on Feb. 29 at the same venue. eOnes VP of theatrical
operations Tim Smythe-Bishop said the strategy behind
opening in Canada two weeks ahead of in the U.S. was
partially so the Canadian release would receive an extra
boost from Ethan Hawkes promotional appearances south
of the border.
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