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United Arab Emirates

Ministry of Interior

Sustainability Report

Strategy - Ministry of Interior

2014 - 2016
To have the UAE as one of the most secure and safest countries in


the world.
To work effectively and efficiently towards enhancing the quality


of life in the UAE community by providing security ,traffic ,reform,

and residency services, and ensuring safety of lives and properties.



Team working





Social Responsibility

Strategic Objectives

Promote safety and security

Control road security

Deliver the highest levels of safety for civil defense

Ensure readiness at crises and disasters

Promote public confidence in the efficiency of services provided

Optimal use of intelligence

Ensure all administrative services are provided based on quality,

efficiency and transparency standards

Entrench innovation culture in the organisational performance



Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

In spite of being a newly emerging state, United Arab Emirates

has succeeded to accomplish substantial steps in the way of
environment protection, pollution control, and urbanization of
the desert, therefore UAE is currently considered a role model for
countries intend to defy the harsh nature of the desert, maintain
the environment, and develop its purity and sustainability,
making the relationship between the Earth and the human being
as a correlation of tender and mutual endowment.
The late His Highness

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Founder of UAE, 1918-2004

Environment protection, and achieving sustainable development

in UAE, should never considered as an intellectual luxury, or a
secondary concern, but rather a national duty, which has
profound roots deeply embedded in the consciousness of
the Emirati people, and has the institutional frameworks, and
integrated legislation, in addition to sophisticated mechanisms
that have proven their efficiency, competitiveness, and ability for
bestowment and renovation.

His Highness Sheikh

Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

President of the United Arab Emirates


Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

UAE seeks to achieve sustainable economic diversification,

as a part of UAE Vision 2021. Under the wise leadership of His
Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect
him, Emirates is seriously committed to contribute in the
fulfillment of the growing global demand for energy, through the
development and deployment of renewable energy technologies
& solutions.

His Highness Sheikh

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE
and Ruler of Dubai


Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

The deep attention and critical care, which UAE holds to

maintain traditional and heritage contours, and preserving
them from extinction, for the revival of their components and
authentic elements, and planting them deep enough in the hearts
of our generations, such efforts come in order to sustain the
inherited national culture; from the ancestors to the future

His Highness Sheikh

Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces
Chairman of the Executive Council




Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

UAE is considered an international center of all types of energy,

and a destination for innovative projects and initiatives, which
aim to ensure a better future for the world.

Lt. General HH Sheikh

Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior



We are pleased to announce the release of the Sustainability Report of the Ministry
of Interior for 2015, in its first regular version. Which is issued this year to enforce the
vision of (Lt. General HH Sheikh, Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister
- Minister of the Interior), who has considered this matter as a topic of particular importance, through his continuous following up to the ministerial performance with
regards to sustainable development, believing in the importance of the ministrys
role to ensure social prosperity and welfare, and the commitment to promote our
society to the global cultural levels. This report also reflects the successes accomplished by the Ministry on various aspects, and forms further step in our endeavor
for more sustained future.
The Ministry has successfully realized many distinguished security accomplishments &
objectives in UAE, in a framework of innovation and human development and civilization
prosperity, currently witnessed in Emirates. In addition to the substantial security duties;
being the responsible entity for national security sectors, the Ministry gives particular attention to make every effort to protect the environment and contribute in the enhancement of society, by providing a variety of social and volunteer programs, working towards
a sustainable economy.
The Sustainability Report 2015, reflects such concept in details. As this report is considered a spacious platform for the Ministry of Interior to express for everyone their achieved
and ongoing accomplishments, and the efforts done on the endeavor of sustainability, for
the present and future of our beloved country.
As the Ministry of Interior is an integral part of the national system, thus our adoption of
the sustainable development strategy is well compatible with the overall national methodology, which urges the implantation and embedding of such values, as per the Ministrys approach of its various activities and missions, in order to promote the progress of
the nation; towards sustainable and innovative development, that would ensure an effective environment, safe community, and a strong economy for UAE.

Major General Dr. Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi

Secretary General of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior

The enhancement of security and safety in UAE, is considered a strategic objective and a
basic prerequisite, on which all police sectors in the country are seeking to improve quality of life, happiness and well-being, and provide security services with great efficiency and
quality, to ensure the safety of people and property, and to protect the great national &
economic achievements that have been accomplished, in addition to achieving the ambitious vision of the Ministry, to make Emirates one of the most safe and secure countries all
over the world. Therefore, the adoption of the principle of consultation and communication between all relevant sectors, is considered one of the most important success factors
for the development of future strategic plans, and to find the best indicators of the implementation of our activities, according to the best internationally recognized standards,
especially after the great progress realized by our country in the field of sustainability. Accordingly, we aim to achieve our vision through joint collaboration between the Ministry
of Interior and civil society, of which the business sector is an important part.
Finally, wed like to thank all those who contributed to the preparation of the Sustainability Report 2015, and we appreciate your efforts to help the Ministry getting out of a year
full of challenges, with strong and more sustainable outcome, and to be more able to face
the challenges of tomorrow, the more sustainable than ever.


Sustainability Report 2015

A Message from the Secretary General of the Office of the

Deputy Prime Minister & the Minister of Interior



A Message from the Secretary General of the Office of the

Deputy Prime Minister & the Minister of Interior............................................................. 15
About the Sustainability Report 2015................................................................................. 19
Overview of the Ministry of Interior...................................................................................... 21
Sustainability Development...................................................................................................... 47
Relevant parties............................................................................................................................. 69
Employees........................................................................................................................................ 89
Community.................................................................................................................................... 107
Matching the contents with the Global Reporting Initiative indicators................ 126




Sustainability Report

This Report


Our annual report of sustainability for 2015, clarifies the missions and activities accomplished by the Ministry of
Interior with regards to the fundamental issues of environment, economy, community, and governance. As a stride
from the Ministry to introduce the achieved practices related to sustainability, which are considered as strategic approaches for the Ministry.

Scope and limits

The report contains data and information during a specific period, starting from 1st of Jan, until 31st of
Dec 2015, where the report is a review of what was achieved by the Ministry, of activities and procedures,
targeted to the dissemination of sustainability culture. The ministry has decided by its own discretion to
prepare the report to disclose its performance in the field of sustainability, where necessary procedures
were designed for data collection &/or estimation, then assessed and reported, while the Ministry has taken
into consideration, during the preparation process, the existence of some confidential information, which
had not been disclosed, for security reasons, therefore the report simply mentions some of the activities
and initiatives launched by the ministry with respect to sustainability.

Identification of relevant aspects

This report has been prepared and designed according to the G4 of Reporting Framework developed by
the Global Reporting Initiative on the basic level. GRI is an organization that develops the most used worldwide voluntary sustainability reporting frameworks. This reporting framework has been developed in accordance with the initiative, through multilateral actions, aimed to reach a consensus on the issues. In this
context, the Ministry of Interior has prepared its report to disclose the measures that it deems relevant in
this area. Identification of the reports content has been based on the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines,
in addition to the disclosures of the ministry, according to the G4 framework of the same initiative. This
report is based on the principles of implying concerned parties, context of sustainability, and the elements
of materialism & inclusiveness.

Comments and suggestions

The development and enhancement of the sustainability performance, is considered as an important priority for the Ministry, therefore; if you have any comments, inquiries, or suggestions, regarding the issuance
of this report, please dont hesitate to contact us, via the contact page on the Ministrys website (, or call us on the toll free (8005000).
Please be informed that the electronic version of this report are available on the official website of the Ministry of Interior.


Overview on the
Ministry of Interior

Sustainability Report




Ministry of Interior in Brief

Our History

Ministry of Interior in the UAE is one of the important authorities in the Country. Our missions is to maintain the
security of country, citizens and residents alike as security is essential for life and a cornerstone to achieve progress
and comprehensive development in the country. So security strategies have been settled to preserve the individual
and society security from any breach by any of the outlaws.

The establishment of the United Arab Emirates on December 2, 1971 was an expression of the peoples will to achieve
unity, an embodiment of their aspirations to develop and
prosper. It was a reflection of their ambitions to attain
strength, pride, and dignity. The unification of security
in the UAE was the real expression of unity of UAE lands
people. Functioning at the national level was viewed as a
cherished objective which was given great attention right
from the beginning. The Ministry of Interior was established at the time of Federation establishment in 1971, as
an embodiment of this united concept. Its headquarter lies
in Abu Dhabi in addition to its subsidiary stations in the
other emirates as a part of the main Federal authorities and
a cornerstone of the complete unification of all security
and police authorities.

The Ministry has adopted a new approach based on scientific and systematic methodology to develop MOI human
and physical potentials for keeping up with the comprehensive renaissance which is clearly witnessed in the UAE
and to maintain a more secure community, reduce crime rates and eliminate the fear of crime, and contribute to
realization of justice through enforcing the rule of law and maintaining the prestige of the country by police authorities effective practically and on the ground.
H.H Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior of the United Arab
Emirates . The number of employees in the Ministry amounts to (30.5%) of the total employees of the government
of the United Arab Emirates. . They accomplish all operations assigned to them competently and confidentially in
accordance with military seizure rules. Regarding the services, the Ministry of Interior provides (7) main services as
Citizenship, Residence and
Port Affairs
Traffic & Licensing
Civil Defence
Favourite E-Services
Punitive & Reformatory
Policing General
Head Quarters
Crime Security

Sustainability forms an integral part of our vision in the Ministry of Interior to deliver our objective which represents
in seeking to improve security authorities to suit sustainability facts to be more effective on the ground as one of the
fastest growing countries. Its vision is based on four themes:
1. Understanding and realizing the needs and necessities of the local community.
2. The principles and values that govern society and rely on.
3. Modernization and innovation.
4. Effectiveness and efficiency.
To deliver and activate its vision, the UAE Ministry of Interior depends on values derived from Islam and deeprooted Arab customs and traditions, which can be summarized in the following:

Honesty, sincerity, integrity, and concern for human rights.

Providing fair, just, and equal service to all the community individuals.

Dealing justly, fairly, tactfully and politely with the public.

Encouraging team work.

Keep seeking for excellence and distinction in all assignments and duties .


The headquarters of Ministry

of Interior lies in the city of
Abu Dhabi with other branches are distributed in the rest of
the United Arab Emirates.

Sustainability Report

It was given several duties and responsibilities. The most

prominent of these is to protect country security, create,
organize and supervise police and security forces, conduct
all naturalization and residency affairs, regulate traffic on
roads out and in the cities, provide protection and security
of establishments and property.
Its existence represents one of the vital targets which
gained general consensus. The great attention paid to security unification at national level was behind the giant steps
realized in this respect. These steps have not only boosted
the federal entity, but have had great impact on developing
and improving efficiency of the security organs as well as
providing peace and stability all over the country till the
Ministry of Interior become one of the most important federal establishments in the UAE, due to its leading and effective role that clearly contributes to supporting security and
stability. The Ministry has set noble targets, namely to have
a more secure community, maintain order and security, reduce crime rates and eliminate the fear of crime, and contribute to realization of justice through enforcing the rule
of law and maintaining the prestige of the country through
the professional performance of police authorities.
The MOI has achieved a significant milestone through recording the first place in the absence of organized crime.
MOI gained international advanced levels in preservation
the gains of stability and security of the UAE to be one of
the most secure and stable countries recognized by international organizations, corporations, authorities and forums.
This is a reflection of the High leadership vision that provided support to police authorities and encouraged them
to keep up with the latest evolutions and innovations in the
field of police.

MOI was established per

the UAE Constitution issued on the seventh of
August 1971, where designations of ministers
and powers each minister was stated in article
58 in the first Federal
Cabinet meeting.


Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

Our Strategy
Our strategy relied on understanding the needs of all concerned and external environment and also understanding the performance and internal potentials. The strategy for (2014-2017) was designed under the supervision of
cabinet office and in cooperation with government authorities including revising and updating vision, mission and
objectives to be consistent with the vision of UAE 2021. The following strategic objectives were adopted:

Strategic Objectives

Promote safety and security

Control road security

The ministry of Interior disseminate and clarify the strategic trends for staff through disseminating the strategic plan
using number of channels as publications, posters, web site and delivering (95) field visits and workshops all over
the country. Satisfaction of the staff regarding the clarity of vision, mission and strategic and institutional objectives
reached (75.9 %), and the overall satisfaction regarding the ministry was (84%).
Therefore, the Ministry of Interior adopted a clear strategy to achieve its goals and implement its vision in field
through a professional plan in construction and institutional development orientation, and to reinforce its prominent role in excellence and concentration of all efforts to provide security and increasing the feeling of safety for all
those living in the UAE through:

Create the confidence and reassurance amongst all

segments of society through effective dialogue and

Improve the quality of services and performance


Deliver the highest levels of safety for civil defense

Achieve optimal value through utilization of resources to provide services

Ensure readiness and aptitude at crises and disasters

Promote public confidence in the efficiency

of services provided

Develop the skills and potentials of all MOI staff to

achieve the professional goals

Enhance and promote the concepts of honesty, virtuous ethics and integrity

Optimal use of security intelligence

Ensure all administrative services are provided based

on quality, efficiency and transparency standards

Provide such equipment, tools, premises, facilities,

techniques and technology that assist in providing
effective and efficient services.

After understanding and determining the needs and future and recent decisions of the concerned and the external
environment as well as understanding and determining its internal potentials, the work was continued to develop
our designed strategy make it successful to integrate sustainability with all what the MOI accomplish and settling
as a methodology to contribute preserving our community and economy. This targets the Ministry of Interior to
occupy a leading position as a national entity represents the ideal in the local community and a role model internationally. As a result, we are developing our strategies to cause a new sustainable work strategy corresponds the
sustainable security work necessities.




Sustainability Report



Our Strategic Ambitions are compatible with UAE Vision 2021

Under a safe and strong federation, the Emiratis stepped in confidence and ambition, armed with knowledge and
innovation to establish an invincible competitive economy in a cohesive society adheres to his identity, enjoys the
best standards of living in a sustainable generous environment.

The MOI strategy towards (2021) was established as a continuation of the UAE government efforts to act its role
through coming up with five subjects, the ministry could achieve its goals of sustainability insha allah in the next
years by, as follows:

Promoting sustainability

Promote the economical competitiveness

and supporting innovation

Deliver the quality of sustainable

high-standard life
Deliver an efficient use of natural and
economical resources

Promote the national security in the field of

energy and water



Whereas the MOI made an equation, its strategy represents one of its parties and the other is sustainability which was implemented in all the ministry
activities. This would help the MOI to promote its potentials to contribute
designing the ambitious local and federal development plans and preserving
the security of the country and citizens and to ensure conformity of sustainability facts with work data in the Ministry Of Interior.

Deliver excellence in smart services

As a result of increasing the size and importance of responsibilities and duties of the Ministry
of Interior as a professional security institution, there has to be a modernization of the rapid
technological development and making good use of the modern technology to promote
the work systems and techniques and automating the procedures aiming to improve performance, increase productivity, and the quality of services delivered in different sectors of the
ministry. This also comes up with the choice to implement information technology systems
through creating (the General Directorate of E-Services and Communication) which has the
following strategic goals:

Develop the work and improve performance using information technology systems.

Using available information in supporting decision-taking mechanisms in all fields of police work.

Establish and develop complete IT structure, united data base concluding naturalization
and residency systems, crime security systems all over the ministry, targeting to deliver
excellence in the essential services delivering for the ministry customers and all concerns.
This can be achieved through implementation and committing to international standards and administration systems and approving the leading international practices in all


Joint cooperation between MOI and its partners in national action

Promote the UAE reputation internationally

and preserving the leading position in the
international energy markets

The six national themes, the UAE Vision 2021 adopted, have formed the correct standards of the strategic development of the main sectors that will be highlighted during the next years in the government work. The national
agenda of UAE Vision 2021 seeks for the UAE to be the most secure place internationally through promoting the
feeling of security for all community individuals and to maintain advanced posts of the UAE in relation to counting
on police services and readiness of emergencies alongside maintaining the road security for the safety of the UAE


The MOI role in strategy towards 2021

This was clearly reflected during the approval of (UAE Vision 2021) launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed
bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which aims to make the
UAE one of the best countries in the world by the Golden Jubilee of its federation. Therefore, the MOI reflects this
vision to tangible reality through improving the MOI strategy concerning the environment, the green applications
and the government trends which was reflected in the UAE strategy for green Development. This strategy has defined six strategic goals including:

Attract investments and creating job

opportunities for citizens

Sustainability Report

As the MOI work within work environment concludes internal partners at the
level of ministries administrations, their organizational units and external partners
with some government ministries and departments such as the Ministry of Labour,
Ministry of Health, Emirates Identity Authority, etc., in addition to the other firms
the MOI interact with in the field of importing systems, programmes and devices
smoothing work, satisfaction for all concerns must be delivered through the principal means which lead the MOI to success as a security ministry delivering its services
to the local community. This reason derives us forward to promote all concerns
participation and understanding their needs and expectations.


Sustainability Report




Sustainability Report

Scheming approach of our strategy of (2014 - 2016)


The Strategic Innovation to be an approach

The security sector is one of the sectors capable of innovation. The Ministry of Interior
launched a private website aiming at improving innovation through the web site: (http:// This web site is the first of its kind in the Middle East
aiming at disseminating the culture of innovation and encouraging sharing innovative and
creative ideas as the MOI considers its staff capability of innovation is highly important to
promote its position and foreseeing the future challenges. The ministry strategy based on
creating sustainable solutions which are more suitable to recent and future challenges the
ministry encounters. To encourage innovation, the ministry launched (Police Innovative Ideas
Award), which is a unique award of its kind internationally. It aims to encourage innovation
and serve police work through organizing a conference every two years for all security and
police authorities all over the world.


The ministry paid attention to structure the strategic plan of (2014 - 2016) to notify for all concerned whether customers, partners or staff. The strategic plan team in the MOI took over the responsibility of supervising workshops
aiming at determining issues and internal strategic initiatives of every administration, which is related to the ministry strategic goals themes, which were executed per internal and external Pestel and Swot Analysis to determine
the strength and weak points, opportunities and threats. This shows to what extent there are strategic issues can
be used to settle initiatives for serving directorates to build strategic plans and approved values reaching the vision
per the inputs which are (51) input.


Strength points
Effective and strong leadership
Supporting financial, human and advanced technological resources.
Launching awards to urge concerned.

providing a qualified staff aware of their responsibilities and

capable of development
Security staff in all communities represents the safety valve regarding their importance. Therefore the human forces in the ministry are the cornerstone the whole
strategy relies on and the responsibility of its implementation lies on their shoulders.
In favour of the citizens efforts and the public trust, the ministry has achieved clear
good results urges the ministry to more achievements as gratitude of the nation
value and infinite grant. The Ministry trusts its members; men and women, to
achieve prospects of the better tomorrow. They have the ability to accomplish their
duties efficiently and professionally. As a result, the Ministry of Interior stays at the
forefront of the other most innovative, modern and developed ministries, not only
at the region level, but also all over the world. Therefore, we will still committed to
investment in our staff and providing a more productive, secure and comfortable
work environment to support the progress and success of our business along with
promoting the national identity of the United Arab Emirates and maintaining it.

Effective communication with concerned decision-makers

Working continuously to study the concerned satisfaction
Adopting the common initiatives
Conducting workshops & seminars in conjunction with
concerned people

Weak Points (Points of Improvement):

To guarantee the balance between the results related to concerned and determining long and short-term priorities to
lead the sustainability of good utilization of all concerned of
the ministry such as balancing between the target of readiness and the efficiency in utilizing re sources.
Opportunities: participating with suppliers and giving opportunities of innovation in the social, economical and environmental
Security implications at regional & international levels
Implications of global crisis and oil rates.

PESTEL Analysis of
future decisions:

Security challenges
Sustainable economy
Organization development Technological Development
Environmental Challenges Social Challenges

Dealing with sustainability facts.

Effective dealing with all concerned e.g. staff, partners or
Excellence and creativity of our smart services
Environmental analysis and progressive planning
Balance between the MOI strategy and UAE vision 2021


SWOT Analysis

Strategic trends



Sustainability Report



Our approach ... Creativity in performance

The MOI sought to adopt innovation and creativity in
the first place as part of its approach, to achieve the vision of the good governance of the UAE. The MOI did
its best to improve the principle of innovation and creativity in the security sector. The MOI connected creativity and innovation to the performance indicator (strategically and practically). This target was implemented
through number initiatives such as (Creative Individuals
Sponsorship Centre). The MOI measures the innovation
rate through some indicators such as number of participations in the innovation awards and the number
of developed services, in addition to forming private
committees to follow-up new innovations such as (High
Committee of Smart Transformation Project).

Designing traffic board for special needs whereas

board works through sensor recognizes the vehicle approaching, launching many signs to pay the
driver's attention. The device was linked to ID card
of the special needs whereby the device doesn't fire
any warning alarm.

The Third Idea:

Balanced Score Card Excellence (BSCE)

It is inventing electronic software to avoid the repetition of recruitment applications and smoothing
access to the application and archiving files electronically by connecting ID card program to the Information Bank of the Financial and Administrative
Affairs Authority.



Launching the Police Innovative Ideas Award

The MOI is working on providing an encouraging

environment of innovation though brainstorming
meetings and e-suggestions programs. The number of
innovative suggestions of (2015) reached (23045) suggestion, whereas the suggestions being in force reached
(1944) suggestion. The innovative suggestions are being assessed and nominated to the innovation award
and creative employee award within (the award of H.
Highness Minister of Interior). The ministry involves
the owners of innovative ideas to take part in as supervisors to implement their own ideas such as the project
of (establishing the mobile armoury) and (smart parking for special needs)

The ministry could achieve significant progress in the field of adopting innovative solutions in all our operations.
The most prominent ideas and innovative solution are the ones created by our staff as the following:

The First Idea:

The machine of collapse hoses

Sustainability Report

It is a machine designed to fold the hoses as smoothing for fire-fighters and to save time and effort spent
in folding, the matter that smoothes the quick response to the next mission once receiving any report.

The second Idea:

Smart Traffic Board for special needs

The MOI launched (Police Innovation Award). This award is unique of its kind internationally, aiming at encouraging
innovation and serve the police work through organizing a conference every two years for all police and security
authorities all over the world. The Award categories are as follows:

Innovation in criminal field

Innovation in customer
service field

Innovation in traffic field

Innovative initiative in the environmental field (Green applications)

Innovation in human
resources field

Innovative community initiative

Innovation in modern
technology field

Innovation in economic security

Innovation in human rights

support field


Innovation in the judicial

security field

Model of the MOI applications in the innovative field

Iris Scanner

The idea of Balanced Score Card Excellence (BSCE)

by adding (E) which means (Excellence) aims attuning administrative operations and performance indicators through the groups targeted by applying the
idea in the general directorates and police stations.
It is an excellent idea as (BSCE) is a new style in the
field of institutional assessment through assessing
backwards by assessing results and connecting to the
nine institutional excellence standards in the output
of performance indicators. This leads to recognition
of performance levels in colours and numbers within
five main axes.
The Fourth Idea:
An Electronic recruitment by ID

The MOI has accomplished a great scientific achievement counted for the
UAE in the field of (Iris Scanner) which
is a new system to identify the individuals identity relying on one of the most
precise biological techniques used to
identify individuals. The system works
through capturing a photo of the iris of
the eye, storing and decoding it. It is a
quick and effective system in searching
the criminals and it doesnt take but few
seconds. A study, known all over the
world as (the UAE study for the technology of Iris scanner), was conducted,
which is practical and international recognition of the UAE pioneering role in
the field of Iris Scanner technology.



Sustainability Report



Institutional Governance
Ministry of Interior is aware of its responsibilities to show values related to morals and business sustainability within
the UAE. The MOI approach is to implement the principles of institutional governance based on committing of
transparency, justice and equality. The MOI seeks to achieve that relying on the highest degrees of possible openness in work techniques and structures and in the strategy and plans of the ministry. Whereas the governance
is a directing and monitoring system on the institutional level, the ministry role is to determine responsibilities,
rights and relations between all concerned categories and to organize the rules and procedures necessary for wise
decision-making to support the police leaders and achieve justice and transparency in work environment, which is
a very important role to achieve the following goals:
Organize relations between the establishment and the concerned to be compatible with Governance principle.

Ensuring all activities and procedures are carried our through trusted, transparent and justice systems.

Therefore the Ministry of Interior recognized the principles and governance systems as rooted principles to
achieve sustainable development which revolve essentially around the basic elements of institutional governance
and execution of these principles and systems effectively.
The Ministry of Interior associated with a group of institutional relations with the internal and external concerned
parties, which are administered through a group of public policies, approaches and approved work techniques
to fulfil its strategy. The MOI promot ed the governance
system through improving general framework of good
governance in accordance with rooted principles (justice,
transparency, accountability, responsibility, integrity and
disclosure). Whereas the business sector in the ministry
was divided into (6) basic fields to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of its control to support achieving UAE
Vision 2030, and the national agenda. These fields are:
1. Administrative and strategic field: which reflects the
commitment of the ministry of Interior towards the
availability of governing rules of the decision-taking
field and smoothing their understanding and being
under control along with ensuring the right of concerned participation of decision making and taking
whether directly or indirectly through providing adequate and balanced data to achieve the overall behalf
to provide service for concerned and setting a long and
short term strategic trends along with preparing operational plans matching strategic plan and preparing
budge to ensure saving the resources appropriate and
necessary for achieving desired results and placing pol-


Find internal regulatory tools capable of detecting abuses.

Providing basis to develop and

improve the recent and future

icies related to services and preparing strategies related

to these policies. In addition, the MOI committed to
placing performance indicators to measure performance to guarantee following the right procedure and
issuing reports to the internal and external authorities
related and commitment of progressive improvement
operations in the MOI.
2. Human resources field: reflects the commitment of
the MOI towards placing high moral standards of the
staff and promoting commitment of these standards,
rules and values, and to promote basis through staff
awareness and direction towards the sound employment morality and self-discipline framework that
governs workflow through spotting the light on their
responsibilities and duties. These ones which are consistent with laws, regulations and employment policies
and their roles in improving the services and promoting credibility of the service and promoting the confidence of the institutions'' customers.
3. Property and financial field: reflects the MOI commitment of integrity, transparency and efficiency
of financial and accounting operations assessment
through standards specified in features and functional
tasks and the best use of. It also reflects the implementation of control operations simultaneous and subsequent to the operation of categorizing the financial
resources in budget law, and utilizing united and comprehensive financial database assists to administrate
the public money efficiently along with securing purchase decision-taking transparently and fairly.

4. Electronic Services Field: reflects the commitment

of the MOI to determine the strategy related to information, communication, technology and priorities according to the needs of work and the administration of
business, resources and threats program and commitment to the strategy related to the IT and communication technology.
5. Public security and safety field: reflects the commitment of the MOI to improve the quality of government
services through receiving, and solving the complaints
of the concerned. And supplying the information to be
used as inputs to the operation of smoothing the procedures and improving the service to make a paradigm

Sustainability Report

shifting at the level of providing the services efficiently

and effectively, as well as organizing the establishment
structure and administrating the development program, shifting and preparing strategies to administer
the relation with the concerned and placing plans and
programs needed for its execution.
6. Risks field: reflects the commitment of the MOI to
assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal
preparations of the establishment and its operations
and reviewing the aspects related to threats that can
prevent achieving the ministry goals along with ensuring the development and implementing the policies
and procedures of Risks Management.

The leader councils and the High committees in the MOI are making control of performance to guarantee accountability as follows:

Positivity and happiness Council: to overlook the annual governance reports coming
from the leader councils and the High committees and taking the appropriate
corrective measures

Strategic and Administrative field:

the executive council of the MOI

Human resources Field : the durable

High committee of Human resources
The Property and Financial Field:
the high committee for internal

Electronic Services field: the durable High committee of projects and

modern technology

Risks field: the high committee of

internal security

Public safety and security field:

Council of improving civil defence
Police Headquarters council and the
council of federal Traffic.
Council of naturalization &
residency and ports



Sustainability Report



Our Values

Transparency and integrity

Therefore, the Ministry of Interior was committed to work in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and was always keen to that
the principles of accountability, justice and transparency shall form
the main basis for its relationship with everyone, through rooting the
trust between it and all concerned parties and maintaining the same
and the commitment with integrity in all what is done by it, approving the international standards of the institutional governance relying
on an institutional structure of governance providing a frame of the
principles and procedures relating to the Department, the concerned
parties, internal audit and the risks management, which enhances the
culture of ethics and good conduct between the Ministrys employees, accordingly, it was necessary to carry out a set of procedures and
placing the principles and criteria in relation with maters such as the
institutional structure of the Ministry, accountability and authorization of powers, internal audit, forming the different departments, editing the internal and external reports and the community responsibility, as well as the reduction of illegal practices, including acceptance
of gifts and bribes, and all the employees shall commit thereto. It is
recorded for the Ministry, since its creation up to the period which
included this report that no facts of the event of corruption of administrative manipulation have been recorded and no employee has
received any bribe, this is due to that the employees cadre at the Ministry enjoys the qualification, integrity and professionalism.

No place for corruption in 2015.

The Ministry paid a great attention to minimize illegal practices
including acceptance of presents and bribes. Thanks to the Ministrys efforts, no case of corruption or administrative manipulation
was recorded in the report period. Moreover, no employee of the
Ministry received any bribe. This is because the Ministry staff are
efficient, honest and professional.

Governance framework at the Ministry of the Interior


The fields of implementing the Governance at the Ministry of Interior

The General Departments holding
the Governance Indexes
The Leading Councils and Supreme
Performance Indexes
Council of Happiness and Positivity

Learning and Performance Development

Control (Efficiency
and Competence)

Standard and

The directives of the Federal Government to the Rational Government

The institutional values being the equality

and working in the team spirit, excellence,
good dealing, integrity, loyalty and community responsibility are considered as the most
important pillars to build any institution, as
the individuals humanity is complete only
with the morals, the institution at any of its
level will be fit and straighten up only with
the morals, therefore, we have determined
our values at the Ministry of Interior to be a
mirror reflecting the community principles
which our community enjoys, as these institutional values are manifested in the rules
of conduct and career discipline on which
all the employees are trained upon joining
the Ministry, which can be inspected via the
E-Gate of the Ministry in its various publications as an uncompromised approach.
The values placed by the Ministry for itself as
an approach are of an immense importance
as their implementation is considered among
the priorities at the Ministry of Interior and
which is emphasized by the Supreme Leadership, because our institutional values are
directly linked with the vision and message.
The values are as the foundation stone of
the blocks of the institutional building, and
makes its components cohesive and consistent in order to achieve what is sough by the
Ministry namely the following:
1. The Sustainability is a Life Approach
The Ministry is committed to find the balance between each of the environment,
community and economy, and practicing its
business with a responsibility to maintain the
resources necessary for our upcoming generations and finding appropriate alternatives to
find a decent life and secure nowadays and in
the future.
2. Continuing Innovation in Creative Ways
Continuing the development innovative
creative mechanisms and searching them
continuously is considered for the Ministry
as a fixed commitment, and availing from the
ideas creating a new approach having innovation and creativity is among the main issues
which are adopted by the Ministry; and its
adoption for an approach to operate in a flexibly and efficiently can achieve the strategic

objectives of the Ministry and is considered

an obsession to the supreme leaderships at
the Ministry.
3. Realizing the Customers Happiness
Departing from the strategy of the Ministry
of Interior aiming at enhancing the trust of
the public regarding the efficiency of the
services provided to them, and realizing the
Ministrys values being the excellence, working in a team spirit and community responsibility, the customers happiness and satisfaction on the provided services is reflected
directly on the development of the services
at the Ministry which realizes the feeling
of satisfaction and raising the index of the
happiness levels interactively between the
centers of services provision and customers, therefore, the Ministry is committed to
exert its efforts continuously, and allocating the appropriate and adequate resources
in order to predict the needs and expectations of the concerned parties, their analysis,
meeting and exceeding the same to move
from the satisfaction level up to realizing
their happiness.
4. Excellence in Performance
Our commitment at the Ministry of Interior
to continue the distinctive work in one team
spirit in order to upgrade in implementing
the highest practices of competence and efficiency in order to realize the sustainability
in all fields is considered a vital matter for
which the Ministry has recruited its departments and cadres to implement the same
on the ground.
5. Rational Governance
The Ministry of Interior is considered the
upper hand of the law, and therefore, its
compliance therewith and its respect is represented through maintaining the levels of
transparency, integrity, fairness, participation, efficiency and accountability in all our
transactions with the partners in the other
institutions and the public customers
The educative directions, lectures given and
the seminars held by the Ministry played an
important role to increase the employees
awareness of this issue. The anti corruption policies and procedures were communicated to all employees without exception.

Sustainability Report

The Organizational Chart of the Ministry of Interior

The current Organizational Chart of the Ministry of Interior has been
formed under the supervision of His Highness Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al
Nahyan, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Interior, due to the
force of the importance of the organizational chart for being supporting
the efforts made to upgrade the matrix of the efficient administrative
work and realizing a typical distinctive transition for the obligations and
tasks of the Ministry of Interior.

The Chart of the Institutional Governance of the

Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates
According to the organizational chart, the minister is the supreme
commander of the Ministry and practices the powers vested to him
pursuant to the Federal law No. (1) of 1972 concerning the ministries
competences and the Ministers authorities and the laws amending the
same, and the Federal Law No. (12) concerning the Law of the Police
and Security, as amended, the organizational chart determines, pursuant to the Resolution of the Cabinet No. (37) of 2008 concerning the
organizational chart of the Ministry of Interior, the competences of the
Minister, Undersecretary, Assistant Undersecretaries, the organizational
units affiliated thereto according to the organizational map under the
Resolution of the Cabinet which are outlined as follows:
First: The Minister of Interior
The Minister of Interior shall be competent to determine the general
policies and strategic guidance of the Ministry and to supervise the
placing and approval of the strategic plan of the Ministry and its executive programs, following-up their completion and the general supervision on the work progress at the Ministry and approing the resolutions organizing the same, following-up the completion reports and the
general supervision on the Ministrys budget draft and following-up its
implementation with the approvals prescribed thereto and to supervise
the general headquarters of the Police related to the Minsitry of Interior.
The following organizational units are affiliated to the Minister of Interior:

The General Secretariat of the Ministers Office.

The Office of the General Inspector.
The General Headquarters of the Police.
The Police Judicial Council.
The Police Academy.
The Internal Audit Office.

Second: Undersecreatry
The Undersecreatry shall be competent to assist the Minister in managing the Ministry and administring its affairs, executing the general policy
of the strategy prescribed thereto, and he shall coordinate the work and
organize it between its departments which directly reported to him.
The following organizational units are affiliated to the Undersecretary:
1. The Undersecretary Office.
2. The General Directorate of the Traffic Coordination.



Sustainability Report



Third: Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalization &

residency and Ports Affairs.

Fifth: Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Support Services

Assistant Undersecretary for Naturalization & residency

and Ports Affairs takes the responsibility of supervising the
strategy and plans of the General Directorate of Residency
and Foreigners Affairs, the General Directorate of Ports
and Airports in the light of directions and the vision of the
ministry, the annual budgets of the general directorates
and supervising improvement of policies and work rules
in the field of naturalization and residency affairs activities
and the security of ports and airports in the UAE, and to
trace the results of implementing strategies and policies
as well as directing the concerned directorates to supply
the necessities of goals achievement and supervising the
assessment of the institutional performance through committing to standards and mechanisms of work and suggesting and activating modern and advanced systems.

Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Support Services takes the responsibility of preparing strategies and
plans of the general directorates Resources and Support
Services in the light of directions and vision if the ministry
and supervising the preparation of the annual budget of
the resources and support services activities. He also takes
the responsibility of placing policies and rules of work to
be harmonious with the ministry policies as well as suggesting laws and resolutions projects related to resources
and support services. Moreover, he takes the responsibility
of auditing and tracing the results of implementing strategies and policies and directing the affiliate directorates to
provide the necessities to achieve goals, as well as supervising the institutional performance assessment through
commitment of standards and mechanisms related to
work and suggesting and activating modern and advanced

The next organization units follow the assistant undersecretary:

1. General Directorate of Naturalization
2. General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs
3. General Directorate of ports and airports
Fourth: Assistant Undersecretary for Security Affairs
Assistant Undersecretary for Security Affairs takes the
responsibility of supervising the strategy and plans of the
subsidiary formations in light of directions and the vision
of the ministry and supervising the preparation of annual budgets of the general directorates and its subsidiary
headquarters and supervising the central operations to
encounter the security events. Moreover, he takes the responsibility of supervising the criminal security activities,
civil defence, civil safeguarding, safety and the activities
of confronting the events with internal security and the
protection of property and VIPs, the activities of punitive
and reformatory establishments, auditing and tracing the
results of implementing strategies and policies and directing the affiliate directorates to provide the necessities to
achieve goals, as well as supervising the institutional performance assessment through commitment of standards
and mechanisms related to work and suggesting and activating modern and advanced systems.
The next organization units follow the assistant undersecretary:

General Directorate of central operations

General Directorate of criminal security
Civil Defence Command
Special Forces Command
General Directorate of punitive and reformatory establishments.


The powers are delegated to the

Minister of Interior
Sharjah Police GHQ

General Secretariat of the minister

of Interior office

Ajman Police GHQ

Police Judicial Council

Umm al-Quwain Police GHQ

Inspector General Office

Ras Al-Khaimah Police GHQ

Police College

Fujairah Police GHQ

Ministry Undersecretary
General Directorate of Traffic

Ministry Undersecretary Divan

Public Relations Administration

General Directorate of engineering


Police Sports Federation


Federal General Directorate of

Drivers & Vehicles Licensing

economical, environmental and

social matters

Per the power granted by Federal Law No.

(1) of 1972 regarding ministries terms of
reference and the powers of ministers and
laws, as amended and the Federal Law No.
(12) of 1976 regarding security and police
forces and the law amended, the powers
of the ministry of interior are delegated
regarding economical, environmental and
social matters of senior executive staff,
staff per the matrix of related powers and
responsibilities in the virtue of establishing
the organization units related to the organization structure and the job description approved by the General Directorate
of Human Resources and through the ministerial and administrative resolutions.


Organization Structure of the Ministry of Interior - UAE

The next organization units follow the assistant undersecretary:

1. General Directorate of Human Resources
2. General Directorate of Finance and Support Services
3. General Directorate of e-services and communication

Sustainability Report

Asst. Undersecretary for

Resources and
Supportive Services
General Directorate of Human
General Directorate of Finance
and Support Services
General Directorate of
e-services and communication

Assistant Undersecretary
for Security Affairs
General Directorate of Civil
Special Forces Command
Federal General Directorate
of Criminal Police
General Directorate for
Central Operations
General Directorate of
punitive and Reformatory

Assistant Undersecretary
for Naturalization &
Residency and Ports Affairs
General Directorate of
General Directorates of
Residency and Foreigners
General Directorate of Ports
and Airports
General Directorate of
Resources and Supportive

Federal General Directorate

of Anti-Narcotics



Sustainability Report

High Committees
The administrative work in Ministry of Interior is organized and rated work based upon
working as one team, where the commanders of Ministry of Interior participate in supporting the processes of continued development and education through the teams
and committees based upon the Ministerial Resolution No. (704) of 2008 stating the
organization of the business of the committees in Ministry of Interior, and the ministerial resolution no. (152) of 2009, stating the
formation the standing high committees,
and the ministerial resolution no. (303) of
2010, stating amending the management
and assessment of the committees so that
the chairmen and members of the command councils and high committees shall
be selected according to the seniority in
term of the military rank and seniority and
the personal capabilities, knowledge and
the nature of the assigned tasks, in addition
to the skills of planning, business administration and experiences (educational and
practical) which shall not be less than (5)
years in the work field in Ministry of Interior and direct contact and communicating skills, subject to the specialty in defined
field (economic / community / environmental) provided that it shall not be less
two years as the number of teams in which
the commanders participated for the year
2015 more than (113) teams. The management teams is supported in its activities by
set of other committees such as Committee
of HRH Minister of Interior Award for Excellence, Crises Management Committee,
Operating Committee and Sustainability
Committee and the High Committee of
Smart Transfer Project, Performance Development & Enhancement Committee and
other committees which are formed from
either members of the management team
or other individuals from the different sectors of the Ministry. The Ministry encourages the individuals and the work teams to
participate as ambassadors of success and
excellence, where (1142) reams and work
teams had been formed such as forming a
team to support Ministry of Justice in the
field of corporate excellence and submit
worksheets in the different conferences and




Risk Management
Risk management is considered a main part of the work of Ministry of Interior due to utmost importance of the management thereof as it is an essential and important aspect. It participates in making the strategic decisions.
Based upon what stated in the decree of the federal law no. (10) of 2008,
regarding the competences of the ministries and the powers of the ministers
in the fourth article, the Ministry of Interior shall undertake, in coordination
and cooperation with the competent authorities (National Emergency Crises & Disasters Management Authority) protecting the security of the Union from what threatens it internally and place the public policy to prevent
and fight the crime and supervise the implementation thereof in the State.
Ministry of Interior had approved a methodology for the exercises of the
internal security, crises and disasters which stipulates determining the tasks
and liabilities of the Supreme Ruling Body to deal with the potential risks on
an annual basis by (11) exercises where H.E. Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior directs to execute the exercises of the internal security and crises and
disasters for the General Headquarters of the Police and the Support Units
and Administrative Units, and approve the subjects, locations and dates of
the exercise which the General Headquarters of the Police and the Support
Units will execute and the police commanders and the concerned units shall
determine the type of exercises, and observe the potential threatens determined by the Supreme Council For National Security. Also, the Ministry had
developed its internal capabilities for the governance of the corporate risks
by establishing the internal audit office for the Ministry of Interior presided
by the Inspector General of the Ministry to deal with the risks which may
affect the strategic objects and its main operations, through approve the
charter and methodology of the internal audit for the Federal Government
according to the resolution of the Cabinet no. (1) of 2013 (The Second Aspect), Stage of planning to assess the corporate risks annually which is based
upon (4) main stages: (Determination of the risks, determination of the activities that can be planned, assessment of risks and preparing risks register,
controlling the risks and re-assessment).
Due to such importance, the Ministry of Interior had implemented the principles and guidelines stated in the international standard to manage the
risks (ISO 31000) which recommend the application of the process as stated
in the following figure:-

Risks Definition
Risks Analysis
Risks Assessment

Determine the degree of the risk effect

Determine the potentiality of the risk occurrence

Control the Risks


Was the
control made

Sustainability Report

Accordingly, the Ministry measures annually the preparedness & readiness to disasters and crises to ensure the application as the schedule of readiness to disasters and crises illustrates in the following example:


Periodical Control & Follow up


Measurement Cycle


Ratio of ready plans for determined risks






Ratio of ready plans for the risks (disasters)






Response average to emergencies (national indicator)






Performance Indicator Name

Value Chain of Ministry of Interior

(Establishment Logistics)
Ministry of Interior realizes that its overall environmental and
social effects exceed its direct operations, thus, the Ministry
developed Vendors Relationships Management System which
allows establishing of long term relationships with them and
maintain the same and enhance the quality of the services and
the value of the supply chain. The Ministry classifies its vendors into three categories namely: (Gold, Silver & Bronze) Vendor category according to classification, analysis and determination of the capabilities of the vendors. The environmental
performance standards of the vendors had been approved,
1- Approve the vendors holding ISO 18001 certificate or other proof which proves the conformity of the environmental materials, security and safety.
2- Disseminate the culture of the green applications to the
vendors through the workshops, meetings and booklets.
3- Comparison in selecting the vendors in registration and in
the various offers submitted for the materials and services
which conform to the environmental standards.
During 2015, the Ministry worked with total number of registered vendors amounting to (117) vendors out of (541) vendors registered therewith.
The Ministry of Interior was keen on continued enhancement
through its strategic and operational partners by communi-






cating with them continuously and identifying their present

and future needs and expectations, the matter which contributes in supporting achievement of the strategic and joint
targets with all the partners. In conformation of strengthening the relation with them, the High Command of Ministry
of Interior approved Partnerships Business Guide which includes all the mechanisms which ensure activating the role
of the partners in achieving the values added to the two
parties of the relationship. As part of its vigorous quest to
efficient communicating with the vendors, it developed Department of Finance & Support Services which took financial
and administrative approach characterized by transparency
and objectivity and straightness and highest level of professional efficiency to achieve the highest level of performance
and excellence in providing our services to all customers and
increase the use of local products and services.
The Ministry required also, in the guide distributed on the
vendors, all the environmental requirements as one of the
supply conditions such as obtaining ISO & health & safety
standards certificates related to the product. Also, it granted
the materials which match the environmental standards (5)
marks from the assessment of the vendors performance,
because we, in the Ministry of Interior, are committed to
business practices which commit to the international standards, and by reducing the weak points and ensure the continuation of the suppliers within the good standard of work
through the components of the supply chain, including contractors, sub-contractors and vendors.

Partnerships within Value Chain System

The main purpose of any partnership concluded by the Ministry is to participate in achieving the vision of the Ministry
that United Arab Emirates shall be one of the best countries in term of security and safety. The partnership shall be defined
as A joint work between the Ministry and one or more of the government authorities (Federal or Local), or the private
sector or civil society establishments outside the Ministry, which will contribute in achieving the strategic goals, so the
Ministry has distinguished relationships with the vendors, customers and other business partners, including our partners
in the joint venture. Accordingly, the Ministry coordinated and communicated with the partners and classified them at
the strategic and operational level to determine the frames and limits of the partnerships through signing contracts and
agreements and memorandums of understanding and form the joint teams and measure their impression thereof. In order
to achieve the mutual benefit with the partners and the corporate objects, the Ministry made its efforts to strengthen the
relationships and activate the partnerships at the strategic and operational levels and measure the effect of such partnerships based upon the level of achieving the objects of the memorandums of understanding and the achievements of the
work teams and thereby contributing in developing the services and reinforcing the capabilities of the Ministry and the
integration of the partners abilities.



Sustainability Report



The Financial Sustainability & the Management Approach in the Economic

Manage the Financial Resources in
Sustainable Way
The Ministry is following a methodology (Financial Resources Management) to achieve its strategic objects and
the initiatives emerging from these objects and control
the expenses and take actions in case of noting ant deviation from these budgets, according to the best international practices of modern financial management system
(ERB). The necessary resources to achieve the initiatives
aiming at sustainability had been determined in line with
work plan related to each initiative and approve the necessary budgets to ensure achieving the approaches of the
Ministry to maintain the environment and limit pollution
and adopt the green applications. The workflow in these
initiatives shall be evaluated periodically and follow up
spending in line with the approved budget and as per the
completion reports of each of the initiatives.
Also, the Ministry has adopted a methodology of managing the property, inventory management system, evidences

of the works of warehouses division, quality management

systems approved in different sectors and headquarters
in which the materials are stored and maintained, which
aim at ensuring the optimal use of the materials and prevent their damage due to bad storage or excess purchase
and release as per the date of entry (First In First Out),
especially for the materials which have limited validity
such as medicines and ammunition and others. The applied procedures led to significant decrease in the rates
of the damaged materials due to bad storage such as the
decrease of the damage ratio in medicines by the end of
2015 comparing to the previous years and the decrease in
the quantities of the damaged consumable materials during storage at rate of more than (5%). We have sought in
Financial Affairs Department to take a financial and administrative method characterized by transparency and
objectivity and straightness and within the highest level of
professional efficiency to achieve the highest level of performance and excellence in providing our services to all
customers through:

Manage the financial resources in the way that serve the

interest of the State & citizens.
Invest in the different initiatives to serve the community,
environment and local economy.
Deal with the vendors in the local market where this dealing shall serve
the interest of the two parties and achieve the desired results.
Seek to obtain local products and services to build capabilities
and energies in the area.

In order to apply the methodology (Property Management) and the guide of Warehouse Division works and the approved
procedures within environment management system, the Ministry has provided warehouses which suit the nature of the
materials to be stored and limit the energy consumption at the same time such as the refrigerated warehouses in which
the temperature and humidity are controlled electronically and the natural lighting warehouses. Also, it provided storage
systems (shelves) to exploit the available spaces and facilitate access to the different materials in the two cases of storing
and releasing and in a way which maintain the materials from damage, which is positively reflected through the decrease
in the quantity of the damaged materials due to bad storage or expiry. Also, the Minister contracted with set of vendors


Sustainability Report

to implement the periodical maintenance works for the systems and equipment to maintain these resources and ensure
their continuance and the efficiency of their operation such as:

Military Vehicles

Contracts of Radiography Devices in
Medical Services
In addition to the maintenance works carried out by the
competent departments in the Ministry such as Transport & workshops Department which maintain the civil
defense vehicles to ensure their continuation and limit
pollution and the Engineering Projects Department which
supervises the maintenance works for the buildings of the
Ministry (according to the work guides of Engineering &
Designs Division and Project Implementation Division)
and the development thereof. The maintenance programs
resulted in notable enhancement in the environmental
performance such as decrease in consumption of the fuel
used in operating the generators in the warehouses due to
decreasing their operating hours and increase the operating efficiency.
As per the methodology of Project Management and the
requirements of the Environment, Professional Health &
Safety Management, the Ministry requests to prepare an
integrated environmental study of the projects which the
Ministry is financing directly by the contractors so that it
includes all the potential environmental effects of these
projects and determine the mechanisms of dealing with
and limit them and the plans of controlling the workflow
in applying the environmental plans. Also, the environmental performance of the vendors and the environmental licenses and certificates which are provided as one of
the factors of comparing in the methodology of (manage
the relationship with the vendors), upon getting offers to
purchase materials or services. A note shall be made in the
margin of the approved price request form that the supplied materials (should be Eco-Friendly) and that (the protection of the environment and limiting of the pollution
is everybodys responsibility). These standards have been
circulated to all the approved vendors with the Ministry
through the official correspondences and the tenders
documents and the purchase orders and encourage them
to suggest Eco-Friendly alternatives for the required ma-

Air Condition
Devices & Systems

Paper Photocopiers Maintenance


terials and ensure that they will be highly considered in

comparing between the offers to motivate them to search
continuously for the best alternatives which affect positively on the environmental performance of the Ministry.
Also, the Ministry adopted through a committee for assessing the extent of benefit from the material not valid
for use and the assessment committee and sale committee and the methodology of the property management a
set of mechanisms to re-cycle the materials which include:
oils, tiers, iron, paper, liquid batteries, clothes, textiles and
others where the Ministry contracted with specialized
companies in re-cycling by annual contracts, in addition
to collect and re-cycle the metal wastes (empty lead covers / forfeit)
Also, the Ministry encourages the vendors to suggest EcoFriendly alternatives for the different materials supplied to
the Ministry so that the Ministry shall, based on the methodology of property management and the mechanisms
of purchasing, evaluate the environmental impact of the
alternatives which are suggested by the vendors and select
the resources with low environmental impact such as selecting the air-conditioning systems which consume level
levels of electricity.
The Ministry is following up continuously the technical
developments in the field of environment and green applications and limiting the pollution and adopting mechanisms which limit the pollution such as the investment of
more than 120 million dirham by the Ministry in building main servers room which observes the minimum limit
of electricity consumption (Energy Saving) through used
cooling equipment and fire systems which depend on
pulling the air from the servers room without using any
fire fighting materials which can have negative impact on
the environment.



Sustainability Report



Protection of Local Economy & Investment

The United Arab Emirates is characterized by an independent investment, economical and political environment
capable for continuing the economical growth despite the stagnation conditions which the global economy witnesses through different periods and the recessions in the oil prices. Also, the States following of economical strategies stimulated on the economic variety has attained a success in increasing the contribution of the non oil sectors
in the national economy such as the transformative industries, aviation, banks, commerce, real estates, services and
alternative energy. It goes in constant steps to increase the contribution of these sectors in the national economy to
reach (80%) in the year 2021 as UAE is classified in the rank 13 globally and the first rank in the Middle East among
the promising destinations of the investors during the period 2013 till 2015.
The huge investment environment which the State enjoys is need of a protection in order to support:
First: Political Stability
The UAE is considered as a model for the political and security stability despite the existence of a big category of the
resident expatriates and foreigners and the tourists. Characteristics of sobriety, tolerance and acceptance of others
are considered as a part of the culture of UAE and its genuine people.
Second: Social Stability
UAE enjoys a safe environment for work, and the average of the crime is very low, in addition to its being qualified
for developing the works, as well as is provision of suitable and comfortable livening statues to all residents on its
land, whether in terms of the health, or educational, or residential or recreational services and it is characterized by
A state which includes the various nationalities, cultural backgrounds and the experiences which are capable to
execute the most huge projects in terms of competence and complication.
A brooder of skilled and unskilled laborers with an efficient cost which fulfills the object.
It owns several laws which contribute in supporting a successful society for business, through legislations which
aim at protecting the rights of the laborers and customers.
It provides to the investors the choice in establishing business with UAE National and explore the various internal markets in the State, as well as in the GCC countries.
For this reason, the Ministry was interested in maintenance of the economic performance internally and externally
so that it protected the economy from futility and provided all means in order to provide the protection for the
financial capabilities in the State through:

Economic sustainability

Facilities of obtaining the visa

Protection of the

Return of the
rights to their

Fighting the
regulated crime


Protection of the
UAE Nationals
from the roads

Protection of
properties from

Protection of the
society from

Investment in the

Limit the theft



Sustainability Report

Attraction of competencies

Enhancement of Emiratization

During the year 2015, the Ministry employed

more than (25) persons of the holders of
competencies and high certificates

The Ministry participated the UAE Nationals as suppliers to enhance their economic

Story of Success

Economic Sustainability Forum

The Ministry of Interior has laid out its strategy to commensurate with the strategic government strategies so
that to contribute in realizing the vision and objectives
of UAE to reach a sustainable economy according to UAE
vision 2012. In application of this subject, the security areas which represented in the Police Headquarters, Civil
Defence and Nationality & Residence in the various emirates of the State by holding the Forum of the Economic
Sustainability 2015 under the patronage of the lieutenant
general His Highness Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan,
deputy prime minister, mister of interior with view to enhance the partnership and integral cooperation between
the services provided by the Ministry of Interior and the
business sector in UAE to contribute in supporting the
competitive location of the State to make it a safe environment for the business and attractive for the investments.
The importance of this forum is to reflect the extent of the
connection between the economic and security field for
the sake of enhancing the security and safety throughout
the State and such matter is considered as a strategic objective of the Ministrys strategy, and a main requirement
which the State seeks to achieve by all sectors in the Ministry. Also, the forum comes as an objective step towards
our active seek for the State to attain the first positions in
the global indicators to the level of security and safety and
absence of the crime.
All of the General Departments and Headquarters at the
State level as well as the businessmen, the governmental
and local authorities and the private sector of the mutual
interest participated in the forum, wherein the services
which the Departments seek to provide and the future
plans which will be implemented later on were discussed,
the matter which had its impact in the increase of the cooperation level existing between these Departments and
the sector of the businessmen and economy in UAE. The
forum discussed the important axes such as:

4- Discussing the strategic plan of the security sector of

the Ministry.
5- Reviewing the system of complaints and proposals.
The Economic Sustainability Forum played a forwardlooking for the business future as it:
1- Enhanced the competiveness of the State globally to
meet the ambitions of the business sector in relation
to the nature of the services provided by the Ministry
of Interior and which are connected directly with facility of practicing the business whether for the small, or
medium or big establishments.
2- The forum contributed in the introduction of the distinguished service channels in the Ministry of Interior.
3- Introducing the methods and mechanisms of the innovation which the Ministry follows for sustainability
of the development in its various services.
4- The forum constituted an opportunity for the direct
communication between the commanders of the
Police and the business sector transparently to know
about their proposals and the challenges which encounter the sector seeking for achievement of the sustainable development.
UAE according the global competiveness report issued by
the economic sustainability forum in Geneva is considered
in the top of the World countries in the indicator of the
less impact of the crime and violence on the business cost,
as well as it achieved the second rank globally in the less
spread of the regulated crime. These results are considered
as a natural result of the continuous and active efforts in
the sustainable development of the competences and services provided by the Ministry of Interior.

1- Sustainable development and economic sustainability.

2- Vision and strategy of UAE towards the economic sustainability.
3- Importance of the economic sustainability and the
concerned categories.



Sustainability Report



Scientific Research & Development in the Ministry of Interior

Also, the Ministry recently launched (Prize of the Minister of Interior for Scientific Research) within its sleekness for excellence in the field of the knowledge society industry.
Such prize will enhance the career of the research and studies, in addition to giving the
opportunity to the personnel of the Ministry of Interior in conducting the researches and
studies and providing the ideas.
Also, the Ministry laid out standards for the activities of the research and development
for the police services, and designed a scientific creative model for the services of Abu
Dhabi Police which accommodates the developments and solves the problems and develops the capabilities in addition to root and establish the theory of learning for creation
and training to complete the higher studies in order to serve the Ministrys objectives.
The interesting in the scientific research in the Ministry of Interior came due to its basic
role in the two field of knowledge and development, because the scientific research is
the efficient and basic motive for the progress and development of the human societies. Therefore, the interesting came in the necessity of completing the Police personnels
obtainment of the higher academic and scientific certificates to cope with the developments in order to enhance the maintenance of security and stability.



Story of Success

Prize of the excellent sent out person

The security business is a developed business naturally. Therefore, the Ministry of Interior
with its all departments had to cope with the research and development in relation to
the security matters through the development of he police investigation system at the
Police Stations, as well as the development of the communication tools in appropriation
with the contemporary data, and working on everything required for the police sector
of performing its missions duly, and coping with the development which UAE witness,
and caring for providing thereof with the best competencies according to the best global
The importance of compliance with the research and development of the police methods comes from what such compliance has of impact in enhancing the vital image of the
police, and supporting the cooperation with the partners according to the highest standards of quality, because the comprehensive police station is considered as the basis of the
police, security and service business. Therefore, we developed this role in appropriation
with the efforts of the comprehensive development which the State witness to be always
ahead. As an enhancement of the security business concept which is more distinguished,
and for this purpose it came the importance of participation in the prices of His Highness
Minster of Interior, as a stimulation of the personnel for care, innovation and positive
competitiveness, and encouragement of the officers and the work teams for continuation in the creation and initiative in laying out the developing plans and programs. Also,
the frequent meetings between the commanders at the Ministry of Interior with the field
work teams reflects the extent of the interesting in the encouragement of the cadres
and personnel of the police for developing the self and professional capabilities, as well
as the advancement of the business fields, and working with the spirit of the one team
to be always the example in the business environment, the matter which contributes in
developing the police career, supporting the efforts of attaining the feeling of security
and safety according to the latest applied practices and the developing plans and initiatives in the world. Because the development is connected with the continuous research,
the Ministry cared about the scientific research so it established (15) higher committees
for researches wherein the holders of Master and Ph Degrees worked as experts and advisors. As well as the Ministry of Interior worked in the few last years on encouraging the
security researches and studies, believing in the importance of the scientific research in
developing the police business and its excellence. The Ministry sent a number of its personnel to outside to complete the higher studies in order to develop their scientific tools
in the various fields, as the number of the sent personnel amounted to more than (300).

Sustainability Report

This prize comes within series of the successes to which the UAE Government seeks at all levels in the career of excellence
and success as the prize objectives are represented in showing and motivating the UAE students who are sent over the
word countries, particularly the excellent and creators thereof, and encouraging them for creation and innovation in the
police and security fields such as Traffic, Civil Defence and Reformative Foundations in addition to the non security fields
which serve the business of the Foundations, as well as they reflect the honorable representation of the State outside.
It is considered as the first prize of its type at the level of the State to encourage the excellent and creators of the sent
students for creation and innovation in the governmental and private fields which serve the business of the governmental
The lieutenant general His Highness Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, deputy prime minister, mister of interior witnessed
the celebration of the Ministry of Interior in honoring the winners of the prize of the excellent sent person (first course)
which is allocated for the UAE Nationals students from the governmental and private authorities, in the presence of a
number of the ministers.

Leadership of the Nation and ahead of that

my master His Highness Khalifa Bin Zayed
Al Nahyan, President of
the State "May God Preserve Him" is very careful about that our State
shall remain as an example for modernization and development
the career of excellence
which has become a basic requirement in the
contemporary world".
HH Sheikh
Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Minister of Interior

The student Dr. Rashid Hamdan Al Ghafiri (Phd in the

Criminal Genes Science Britain) won the first position
for his reaching of a new masculine genetic fingerprint of
which strength exceeds the masculine genetic fingerprints,
the matter which made its benefit of a big importance in
the criminal field, explaining that he registered the patent
at the world level and published more than seven scientific papers in the top universities.
The student Zainab Mohamed Al Sharif (Major of Molecular Biology- Britain) won the second position for its idea of
establishing the tumors bank which contains documented
researches base which is responsible for the genetic failure
and tumors which is the most spread phenomenon in the
United Arab Emirates, as her idea is considered as new and
The student Mahfouz Salem Shamakh (Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Australia) won the third position and
the idea of his invention is about the usage of copper in
the hospitals to insert its atoms in the bacteria through
placing it on the handles of the doors and beds of the hospitals.
Also, His Highness handed over the winners of the prize in
the category of the national representation as the student
Nora Naser Al Karbi (Phd in the International Relations-

Spain) won the first position, for her honorable representation of the State in the regional and Arabic forums, and
her winning the first position of the prize of the excellent
Arab Young People, and her obtainment of (51) local and
global honoring certificate and participation in the voluntary works and the global conferences in addition to
her academic excellence.
The student Reem Suleiman Naser Mohamed Al Naqabi
(Electronic Engineering Japan) won the second position for her role in representing the State in a civilized
form and for her excellent participation in cultural activities which introduce the UAE and Gulf heritage in Japan,
in addition to her excellence in the competence examination in Japanese Language and in her academic education, and she astonished the attendants with her presenting to them a greeting in Japanese Language fluently.
The student Ibtisam Ali A Tinaiji (Master in the leadership sciences in the United States of America) won the
third position and she is assistant professor in the Emirates University, for her role in representing the State and
introducing the habits and traditions of the UAE society
through connecting the national authority with creation
and introducing the American society with the successes
and achievements which our State achieve.


Sustainable Development


Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

Administrative Approach

Sustainability Governance

Ever since it was established, the MOI has been very keen on laying out the appropriate strategies and working
for materializing the objectives of national development plans, such as the UAE Vision 2021, National Innovation
Strategy, the Initiative by H.H Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice-President and Prime Minister of the
UAE and Ruler of Dubai known as (Green Economy for Sustainable Development) and the National Community
Initiative Development launched by H.H Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan Deputy Prime Minister and
Minister of Interior organized by Khalifa Student Empowerment Program (Aqdar) and entitled (Express Your Love
For the Emirates) which aims at showing love and respect for the leaders and people of the UAE. For that purpose,
MOI has followed an effective and collaborative approach that help in the success of the UAE as a country as well
as the success of its institutions.

Governance constitutes an integral part of MOI deep-seated values; and we firmly believe that implementing the
highest standards of governance is essential for integrity in our operations and sustainable development. For that
purpose, MOI has organized the (MOI Sustainability Project Team) that consists of a group of qualified officers
from different sectors whose task involves sustainability achievement for MOI. Their duties also include setting up
sustainability-related plans and initiatives in all MOI-affiliated departments in order to involve all stakeholders; they
shall also furnish the concerned authorities with any relevant reports. Whereas the team leader (Major General/
Abdul-Qudoos Al-Obaidly) will be responsible for reviewing sustainability reports and adopt the same in collaboration with MOI Sustainability Project Team.

UAE Cultural progress is one of MOI most important objectives. So, we have undertaken to take whatever necessary
to the MOI lead by example in its operations, which requires a combination between homeland and citizen safety,
protection local environment and diligent work for community welfare, in order to achieve a fullfledged sustainable
development and rationalize power and water consumption by all means possible for a more sustainable future.
Through working on rationalizing the consumption of power & water, releasing initiatives reinforcing the same, and
distributing guiding bulletins on offices
As for the issue of Emiratization, MOI has always been very keen to give high priority to UAE citizens as far as employment is concerned, as it believes that would contribute to economic and social security of UAE citizens, which is
part and parcel of the social role played by the public and private sector to realize UAE strategic objectives. By 2015,
100% of administrative and top-management posts has been Emaratized. Moreover, MOI has also mobilized all its
resources to train its employees and staff listed under all salary scales to enhance their individual skills and qualify
them for the promotions available in MOI, which help them enhance their abilities, each in their area of competence, to continue serving their country in a highly professional manner.

The Speech of Sustainability Project Team Leader

Sustainability is no more a luxury we talk about it, but it has become,
thanks to the efforts of HH Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al-Nahayan- Deputy
Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, a duty we are proud to accomplish.
Sustainability team has worked on application of its requirements in its
three fields (the economic, environmental and social) and conducting
studies which will reinforce the sustainable concept with our human cadres, and launch our strategy for next years. The sustainability team has exerted great efforts to make it an approach of life and technique followed
for better tomorrow.
Brigadier General Dr. Abdul Kodous Al-Obaidely

Associations/ Organizations
MOI has devoted attention to the effective communication with different organizations, associations and national
councils and committees with which it has managed to set up frameworks of cooperation that promoted their
participation for achieving MOI strategic objectives and sustainability. Moreover, MOI has cooperated with many
of these organizations, including for instance.

Federal Government: Ministries / Authorities / Institutions.


Scientific universities and institutions (Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Higher Colleges of Technology).


Studies and research institutes.


Public associations (Environment Friends Society, Emirates Strategic Planning Association, Emirates Volunteer
Association, Emirates Wildlife Society, Emirates Women Police Association)


Charity associations (Dar Al Ber Society, Al Ihsan Charity Association).

6- Others.
Colonel Faisal Sultan Al Shuaibi
Colonel Dr. Tamim Mohamed Mohsen Al haj
Major Adel Hameed Al Mazroui
Major Dr. Saif Salem Al Nuaimi
Major Ali Sultan bin Awad Al Nuaimi Major Jaber Ahmed Al Jasmi
Major Thani Mohamed Jawhar
Captain Rashid Saed Al Nuaimi
First Lieutenant Saif Rashid Al Saaedi
Lieutenant Maneh Khalifa Jomaa bin Tamim
Sergeant Faisal Saeed Al Abdouli
Expert Reem Auni Abul Qas
Civil Servant Qaltham Ghulam Hassan Al Ballushi


Lt. Colonel Omar Ghanim Al Ghaith

Major Jasim Mohamed Ahmed Al Hamadi
Major Mr. Rashid Khalfan Al Kanadi
Captain Mansour Abdullah Al Mahrizi
Lieutenant Fawziya Ali Al Junaibi
Expert Ibrahim Mahmoud Awad



Sustainability Report



Notable features of MOI Sustainability Management in 2015

100% of top-management and senior positions are occupied by UAE citizens

MOI has managed to comply with an average period of (6) minutes as a standard
response time for the Civil Defense thanks to the geographically well-balanced
distribution of service units

MOI has been awarded the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility Excellence Award in
the Category of social responsibility at the regional level for its efforts in the application of
community development practices and in the progress of the communities where it operates

MOI has been conferred Stevie Award in the category of community service

MOI has also won Khalifa Award for Education (Community Service)

MOI has won Khalifa Award for Education in the category of (Sustainable Education,
Rehabilitation and Care) and category of (Community Service

It has also been awarded Shiekh Mohamed bin Rashid Award in Green Applications
(3rd Cycle)

Stakeholder Management
Stakeholders are of great value to MOI; so, it has made available to them all the services that meet their needs
whether they are individuals, groups, public or private institutions. MOI has also taken into account stakeholders
needs and expectations and has been very keen to provide them with an added value by listing all customers requirements and taking advantage of all feedback channels to upgrade customer complaints systems, complaint and
grievance systems, evaluation systems as well as the standards for employees remuneration, incentives and recognition. It has also taken into account the development of fully integrated mechanisms for property management at all
sectors and the emphasis on efficient utilization of all the technologies available in such a manner that is beneficial
to all stakeholders.
Partners and Suppliers:
MOI has also given due consideration to managing the partners and suppliers for sustainable benefit through the
following process:
1- Selecting and classifying MOI main partners and
suppliers, distinguishing between them in accordance with the strategy set by MOI leadership and effectively managing the relation with them pursuant
to appropriate policies and procedures.
2- Identifying the framework and limits of participation for mutual benefit and sustainable relations
based on mutual respect, trust and openness.
3- Understanding of partnerships, identifying the main
objectives thereof and identifying how to work with
partners on a sustainable long-term basis.


4- Taking advantage of all partnerships to enhance MOI

potentials and capabilities and provide stakeholders
with an added value, taking into account the possibility of assessing and evaluating the effect of partnerships.
5- Working in cooperation with these partners and
suppliers to improve the performance of MOI operations, facilitate procedures, upgrade customer
services, support institutional development efforts
for companies management and to bring mutual
benefits to all related parties.

Sustainability Report

MOI has divided partnerships into two

Second: Authorities:


They include Federal Customs Authority, Insurance Authority, Federal Electricity & Water Authority, General
Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, General
Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare, Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, National Emergency
Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, General
Civil Aviation Authority, National Transport Authority, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Federal
Authority of Human Resources, Emirates Authority
for Standardization and Metrology, Emirates Identity
Authority, General Authority for Pensions and Social
Securities, Securities and Commodities Authority and
Human Resources Development and Employment Authority.

I- Strategic Partnership
1. It contributes to the usual provision of services (MOI
operations and services)
2. It has been involved in a number joint initiatives and
projects that contribute to implementing the strategic plan.
3. It has been involved in a number of plans and activities with many MOI-affiliated departments.
4. It contributes significantly to the achievement of
MOI strategic vision and objectives.
II- Operational Partnership
It a partnership through which a specific activity of initiative is executed to contribute, to a lesser extent, to
the achievement MOI strategic objectives. These partnerships is likely to be limited in time; however, this is
not necessarily the case with all of them.
This type of partnerships helps reduce transaction
costs through confidence-building, economies of scale
and exchange of knowledge and technologies. As per
the information provided in to the portal dedicated to
MOI partnerships, MOI has successfully managed to
strengthen its relationships with the said partners that
are listed in the following categories.
First: Ministries
They include Ministry of defense, Ministry of Finance,
Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Cabinet
Affairs, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry
of Health, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community
Development, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Justice and
Ministry of Environment and Water.

Third: Institutions

National Media Council

Central Bank
National Statistics Center
Zakat Fund
Marriage Fund
Institute of Training & Judicial Studies
Emirates Red Crescent
Emirates Transport

In addition to external partners outside the country is 47

Furthermore, MOI has adopted an external communication approach and has set a media plan to communicate with partners in the area of environment. This
plan includes holding consultative meetings with government partners and public interest organizations for
the exchange of views and experiences in the area of
improving partners environmental performance. The
said plan also provides for circulating any procedures,
requirements or instructions recently approved by MOI
for improving MOI environmental performance; it is
worth mentioning that partners satisfaction with MOI
environmental performance has already reached (78%).

Statistics of partners number classified as follows:

Partners class

Geographical range

Partnership frame











Joint comof undermittee

Private 60










Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report
Ministry of Interior
MOI Sustainability
U n i t e d A r a b E m iUr aAtEe s


Toolkit of Stakeholders Engagement in Supporting the

Main Strategic Objectives
Making use of stakeholders opinions,
analyzing and examining the same as
per the groups to which they belong


Management of Stakeholders
and partners

Seeking new opportunities of cooperation with main partners to promote

sustainable development

All services provided by MOI are both comprehensive

and integrated in terms of quality and quantity; these
services have been set and applied for citizens and residents benefit. For that purpose, MOI directly deals
with the local community, including its institutions,
groups and individuals.
Therefore, MOI has ensured that the needs of all
stakeholders categories and their expectations are at
the core of MOI strategy to ensure the peace and security required for supporting UAE journey towards a
promising, safe and sustainable future.

Organizing workshops that are

dedicated to main groups of
stakeholders with the aim of improving the quality of services
and performance of the security
sector in general

Striving to fulfil the needs

and expectations of stakeholders, receiving their proposals and commending
those whose proposals have

Launching social initiatives that benefit

the UAE, such as the
national social initiative (Aqdar )

MOI stakeholder categories in 2015

Stakeholder Categories

Stakeholders Sub-categories


Ministries, Authorities and Institutions

MOI Employees (Ranks)

Supreme military leadership supreme civil leadership MOI-affiliated

departments departments of security centers - civil servants


Strategic/ operational partners


MOI stakeholders any categories and nationalities


Golden- Silver- Bronze

Community and coming


Media Environment protection authorities


Officials at MOI believe that stakeholders needs, goals

and expectations, assessing and evaluating the same
cannot be identified without dealing and engaging in
an effective dialogue with them in order to provide
them with satisfying solutions in case their goals and
expectations are in line with our mutual interests. This
can only be achieved by carrying out the necessary
studies and surveys, such as circulating questionnaires
to measure MOI customers satisfaction, launching
security awareness-raising campaign, joint projects
with partners, cooperating with government entities
in accordance with the organizational priorities and
following up the complaints and opinions submitted at the MOI website. MOI may also instruct the
Complaints and Suggestions Department in the MOI
Directorate General of Strategy and Performance Development to receive the complaints, handle them
electronically according to a methodology approved
by MOI, and refer any sensitive complaints to the
quality insurance team affiliated to H.E Minister of
Complaint-handling methodology consists of different stages, the first of which is receipt and recording
followed by study and analysis after that comes the
stage of referring the complaint to the concerned
bodies and following it up until it is closed, the customer satisfaction report is then completed. Any
complaints related to police services are to be submitted via the internet-based electronic system, Emirati
Post, the electronic club on the intranet and the coordinators at different departments, via telephone at
this free number (62525555), via Fax, by handing the
complaint personally, or by putting the complaint in
the boxes dedicated for them on the MOI web page
for complaints and proposals (

Complaints and Suggestions

MOI provides, in light of a complianthandling
system, a permanent mechanism for receiving,
acknowledging and studying the suggestions submitted by the employees and the public dealing
with MOI and for taking advantage of these suggestions for performance development, honoring
those whose suggestions have been implemented
and conferring upon them financial as well as inkind rewards in accordance with the best practices globally accepted in this regard.
It is evident form the above that the MOI understands the importance of dealing with its customers, identifying the appropriate methods of
providing highquality services by engaging stakeholders and striving to achieve significant results
in accordance with Stakeholders Engagement
Standards (AAA1000-2015), and the guidelines of
the Global Reporting Initiative related to Sustainability Reporting.



Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

Needs and Expectations of Stakeholders

MOI Activities for Stakeholder Engagement

MOI aims to adopt a clear, stable and transparent methodology when the engagement of stakeholders in MOI activities. Therefore, MOI is keen on the engagement of stakeholders in many different ways. MOI invited many public
interest organizations working in the UAE to participate in Partners Forum for Environment in which environment
and green applications strategy was presented, stakeholders feedbacks and suggestions about their potential contributions to apply the proposed initiatives and the development of MOI environmental role were sought. This
forum resulted in establishing a series of partnerships between MOI and public interest organizations that are concerned with environment by which communication channels and issues are defined since 2003 to the date of this
report. The analysis and discussion with partners resulted in linking initiatives and projects of environment and
green applications approved by MOI to the six focus areas of UAE Green Growth Strategy. In order to undertake
these initiatives, roles and contributions of partners should be identified and mechanisms should be developed to
ensure the efficiency of these roles, such as (partnership agreement with Environment Friends Society, the formation of teamwork with Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) and signing memorandum of
Understanding with (Emirates Wildlife Society). The efficiency of these partnerships is under follow- up and assessment on quarterly basis and in accordance with partnerships manual and as shown in the below table:

The engagement of our stakeholders is the most important pattern of interaction at all levels. The target audience
represent the significant value and we engage them in our activities through welldeliberated plans implemented by
our departments depending on our strategic objectives that paid great attention to stakeholders and empowered
us to highlight the needs of stakeholders and meet :their expectations. Therefore, we engage our stakeholders, as

Applying green building specifications
in the existing building of MOI, such as,
the use of renewable energy in the

Manager of Eng.
Office and

Developing a program for sustaining

power efficiency and rationalization and
water consumption rationalization in
the locations of MOI

Chairman of

Qualifying different MOI departments

to be awarded Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Management
System Certification

Quality Control

Establishing solid waste sorting

and recycling system


Converting to technologies and green IT

Manager of IT

Studying the conversion to the use

of clean fuel in MOI vehicles


Awareness and increasing efficiency of

green applications and pollution
Revising vehicles relicensing
specifications to ensure emission


Developing policies, instructions, laws

and ways to deal with chemical,
biological, radiative, nuclear substances
across the UAE





Ministry of Public Works


Contractors (identifying and

fulfilling green building specifications according to each Emirate)




Environment Friends Society


Contractors (supplying
equipment of water and power
consumption rationalization)


Investment companies


Organizing sustainability workshops for internal stakeholders

Active participation in stakeholders activities (public sector &
private sector)
Developing joint educational projects (environmental,
economic, social) with external stakeholders

opinions and
response to their

Table of Partners (Partners Forum for Environment) and Stakeholders involving in MOI Initiatives

Partnerships and
between MOI and

Technical and

Customer opinions and recommendation fund

Opinion polls of suppliers, employees and MOI
Mystery shopper
MOI councils
Forums and sessions

Joint education, decision-making and initiatives

Enforcement and development of laws in line with
government regulations

Effective Media



Contractors (waste recycling

after collection and sorting)


IT companies
ADNOC company
Masdar Institute of Science and
Technology (research center)
Training Companies
Emirates Sustainability Group
Environment Friends Society
Emirates Authority for
Standardization and Metrology
Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA)
National Emergency and Crisis
and Disasters Management

of Stakeholders
and their role in

Permanent communication with stakeholders

Launching effective advertising campaigns (visual,
audio, print media)
Optimal usage of social media channels

Continuing educational courses

Receiving student visits to MOI
Launching motivational programs for internal stakeholders
(Minister of Interior Excellence Award)


An example of the fulfillment of stakeholders needs (promoting 90-day visit visa through e-services and smart phones)
The Ministry of Interior has called upon the public to acquire visit visa for 90 days under the guarantee of national
citizens, residents or investor. This service is available among MOI e-services via MOI different channels, and UAE-MOI application on smart phones. This service is promoted by MOI, Naturalization, Residency
and Ports sector as part of continuous endeavors for the development to gain the satisfaction of the society with
services provided to customers and to implement instructions of senior leadership. This is achieved by providing all
possible capabilities for fulfilling the needs of society and allocating efforts to satisfy its individuals and going extra
mile to maintain the components of progress and development by providing distinguished services .going beyond
the publics expectations and in accordance with the highest standards and sophisticated systems.



Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey for 2015 Sustainability

Sustainability Culture

Annual survey issued by MOI to measure stakeholders satisfaction addresses stakeholders expectations about
many issues related to both MOI and stakeholders. Therefore, MOI desires to communicate effectively with them
to evaluate its sustainability performance. MOI put questions about sustainability in all stakeholders opinion polls
to evaluate its effectiveness. Results of 2015 stakeholder satisfaction survey showed that the most of respondents
of survey are aware of sustainability procedures taken by MOI and they are satisfied with MOIs performance on

Due to MOIs efforts aimed at enhancing sustainability concept in its corporate culture for pollution reduction
and environment preservation, and according to environmental culture required for achieving the strategic goals
for the environment and green applications, MOI issued memorandums that oblige different departments and
employees to preserve the environment and reduce pollution, adopt green applications, educate them about risks
resulted from noncompliance of these guidelines which negatively affects the environment. MOI held more than
(94) workshops on the awareness of environment and green applications . for different MOI employees in addition
to continuously distributed awareness leaflets.

General satisfaction of
society members with
MOI environmental role

(Noise Pollution)




Health hazards
from processes

Degradation of natural resources

by environmental pollution




MOI encourages all its employees to engage in formal and informal outdoors environmental activities, such as, the
participation in environmental organizations and different environmental activities. No leave request is allowed in
case of group participation. These activities are considered social responsibility of MOI. Moreover, MOI encourages
its affiliates by providing them with training and increasing efficiency and encouraging academic achievement - the
number of academic degrees holders in environment related- fields is (43) MOI officers. The efficiency of those activities reflects on improvement in in employees satisfaction with MOI environmental performance and its role in
developing culture of environmental preservation, pollution reduction and adopting green applications. In order to
sustain its educational role:


General Rate


Resource preservation
and recycling

Rationalization, Water,
and power use efciency

Adopting and including standards of federal authority that excelled in green applications (Minister of Interiors Excellence Award) and MOI Award
for Environmental and Occupational Health and
Safety (EOHS).
Engagement of Minister of Interior personally in
adopting initiatives concerned with environment
protection and environment .awareness-raising.

Conversion to the use of clean fuel

Waste sorting and recycling that have economic,

social and environmental impacts and creating
new job opportunities in waste recycling field.


Expenditure on building maintenance and facilities related to MOI.


Improving requirements of (Ideal Establishment

Award) and provision of resources required for
this purpose to be included among Minister of
Interiors Excellence Award to encourage external
entities (government and private authorities) to
improve their environmental performance and
adopt green applications for building and facilities
of these entities.


Encouraging employees to make suggestions on

improving environmental performance, adopting
effective suggestions, and rewarding those who
offer brilliant ideas. MOI recognized some of its
employees who made contributions in this field
through making suggestions, performance improvement and accreditations from external entities, such as, the recognition of those who made
suggestion of cleaning up Fujairah Beach and recognition of Ajman police commanders by .awarding them 14001 ISO Certificate.

Launching initiative aiming to educate employees such as natural marine initiative launched by
Commander-in-Chief of Umm Al Quwain Police.

4. Engaging commanders in opening workshops

and activities concerned with development of
environmental performance and participating in
landscaping activities in UAE Emirates. Engaging
commanders the activities aiming to exchange of
knowledge and experience acquired by MOI staff,
partners and stakeholders of environmental affairs
inside and outside the UAE.

Participation in international events such as .Environment Day, Earth Hour, etc.


Allocating budget for initiatives approved in strategy of environment and green applications which
represents long-term projects and activities, :as


Sustainability Report




Sustainability Report

Relative significance
The form of relative significance matrix showing the results of evaluation procedures and the
significance or importance of each individual issue to the performance of the Ministry and the
concerned ones:

The concept of relative significance or importance is of the important principles of report preparation. The relative
significance reflects the economic, environmental and social effects or those viewed as important by the concerned
ones inside or outside the Minster. So, we studied the requirements of concerned ones to list the issues affecting interested persons and their decisions and to use them in selecting and arranging the priorities of relative significance
issues for the Ministry. To achieve this purpose, we:


1. Conducted studies and investigations to identify the issues concerning each of the partners from the federal
government, ministries, authorities and institutions (annex) in addition to the employees and those who deal
with the local community and suppliers (annex) and made standard comparison and compliance with the
development goals.



Provision and support of security and safety.

Roads Security Control.
Occupational health and safety.
Achieving highest safety levels of civil defense.
Ensuring preparedness and readiness to disasters
and crises.
Enhancing the public trust in the efficiency of
services provided.
Optimal use of security information.
Ensuring provision of all administrative services according to quality standards.
Partners happiness.
Economic sustainability.
Compliance with laws and regulations
Training and education.
Research and development.
Creativeness and innovation.

16. Economization of energy and water consumption.

17. Employment of citizen (placement).
18. Compliance with environmental laws and regulation.
19. Clients health and safety.
20. Emission.
21. Local communities.
22. Environmental assessment of resources (supplier).
23. Providing information to customers.
24. Employment.
25. The managements relation to employees.
26. Services effect.
27. Combating corruption.
28. Management of purchases.
29. Evaluating suppliers according to work practices.

2 10



Significance to concerned ones

According to the studies we conducted, the relative significance can be described as follows:



3. We evaluated each issue base on its social, economic and environmental impacts and indemnified its relative
importance or significance. Then, we collected the results in a matrix. We put the issues with the utmost importance in the upper right corner of the matrix. Thus, the final matrix was made by the Ministry.

Sources of relative significance for the Ministry of Interior


2. Internally, we studied the issues arising out of the Ministrys general strategy and its relation to environment,
economy and community. We used standard comparisons by letting the concerned ones participate and comparing the different issues individually to reach conclusions.

4. We selected the most important issues. We didnt address the least important issues except where they have
effect on the issues with utmost importance or the latter depend thereon.










Significance to Ministry

Environmental Aspects
Economic Aspects
Social Aspects




Sustainability Report



Success Story

(Innovation Lab) workshop at the Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior launched (Innovation Lab) workshop under the patronage of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin
Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior in order to develop i nnovative solution related to
MOI tasks for addressing challenges being faced by Emirati community. I nnovation Lab was launched in line with
directives of police leadership of MOI on the adoption of meaningful suggestions and their potential applicability
with participation of society members. This is to sustain and develop policing services provided by MOI.
Innovation Lab is based on active participation of the public through innovative ideas and suggestions on social
media channels of MOI in order to define challenges being faced by the society followed by the revision and selection of the innovative ideas to be analyzed and studies for addressing these challenges.
Lab idea activation started with launching hashtag # ___MOI innovation lab on social websites: (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+) in order to invite the public for raising (matters needed
to be addressed through ((hashtag)) and SMSs on phone number 3344).
Innovation Lab workshops are meant to be a space for discussing suggestions of the public to reach innovative,
practical and realistic solutions. Since MOI launched (Innovation Lab) initiative, stakeholders made many suggestions, in particular, on (traffic accidents). After Innovation Lab sorted the contributions made by the public, traffic
collision was the most concern for participants, as it is the most serious challenge required to be addressed with
different possible ways, in particular, innovative solutions actively proposed by the public.


Awards and Accreditations received by MOI

1. MOI received (16) awards and accolades in the 3rd cycle of Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence
Award in the main category of distinguished federal
unit(ministries of more than 900 employees).

7. MOI, the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Abu Dhabi
Police GHQ, Sharjah Police G.H.Q were awarded (6) local and international accreditations:

2. MOI won three awards of International Stevie Awards:

Stevie Award for Innovation, Bronze Stevie Award in
the international business category of the best nonprofit or government organization and Silver Stevie
Award in the category of Dubai Police support team
for people with special needs.

International ITB Certification for excellence won by

Department of Human Resources at MOI; to be the
first policing entity that was awarded this accreditation in the world through application of international excellence standards.

Sheikh Saqr Government Excellence Program Award

in the category of Distinguished Federal Unit.

International Stevie Awards in the categories of

(Leadership) and (Community Service) won by General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs
- Ras Al Khaimah (RAK).

Khalifa Award for Education in the categories of (Security Culture) and (Community Service) won by Al
Sharjah Police. Khalifa Award for Education in the
categories of (Sustainable Education, Rehabilitation
and Care) and (Community Service) won by Juvenile
Care Center at the Abu Dhabi Police. Khalifa Award
for Education in the categories of (Law Respect Culture) and (Supporting Organizations for Education)
won by Law Respect Culture Bureau.

3. MOI received UAE Ideas Award in the category of

(Innovation in Encouragement, Engagement and Empowerment of Citizens) organized by Dubai Quality
Group as an appreciation for its ongoing scholarship
programs offered by the UAE, under the unique flag of
the union.
4. MOI received (14) awards in the 11th cycle of Stevie
Awards held in France, which is the most prominent
international award for innovation, corporate excellence and international businesses.
5. Medical Services Department at General Directorate
for Finance & Services of Abu Dhabi Police GHQ won
international accreditation in healthcare field to be the
first policing healthcare department in the world that
was awarded this prominent accreditation from the
Joint Commission International (JCI).
6. MOI won Excellence Award in the category of social
responsibility from Arab Organization for Social Responsibility as an appreciation for its efforts in applying social development practices and society development.


Sustainability Report

8. MOI won Global Performance Excellence Award

(GPEA) from Asia Pacific Quality Organization
9. MOI won accreditation (UK Platinum Accreditation
Certificate) for its corporate suggestion mechanism
from ideas UK to be the first government ministry that
won Platinum Accreditation Certificate in the first assessment.



Sustainability Report



Success Story

Adoption and Applicability of Sustainability Concept under Environment

and Green Initiatives Strategy
MOI adopted environment and green applications
strategy in line with UAE general strategy and the current strategic plan of MOI. This strategy reached indicators and results that MOI seeks through which developing environmental performance and pollution
reduction. In order to develop environment strategy
of MOI, the Green Applications Team was assigned to
revise the focus areas of (UAE Green Growth Strategy),
define and comply with strengths, define the role and
responsibility of MOI for fulfilling objectives and instructions of federal government and link MOI initiatives for environment and green applications to the six
focus areas of Green Growth Strategy.
The Green Applications Team analyzed comprehensively the focus areas of Green Growth Strategy and defined
areas that MOI could make contributions in order to
achieve its objectives and actively coordinate with partners in achieving these objectives and goals under applicable environment laws and regulations. This analysis
resulted in, for example, linking MOI initiative (development of policies, instructions, laws, and ways to deal
with chemical, biological, radiative, nuclear substances
across the UAE) to objectives of UAE Green Growth
Strategy to ensure active participation of partners in
this initiative when the adoption of environmental
initiatives related to focus areas of UAE Green Growth
As environmental performance improvement and pollution reduction are the priorities of many different
activities and actions taken by MOI, MOI adopted environment and green applications strategy to achieve
strategic objectives of MOI, such as, (Ensure Readiness
at Crises and Disasters). Rationalization of electricity,
water and energy consumption, in all its form, contributes to save resources across the UAE to address any
possible crisis. It also serves to achieve the strategic objective (the Effective Use of Financial and Technological
Resources). Rationalization of consumption is generally
associated with reducing the operational costs, thus allowing these resources to be used for other purposes.
MOI developed initiatives that contribute to achieve
these objectives in line with the essence of its security
mission. The initiatives concerned with green applications and environmental performance : improvement


adopted by MO, including:


Initiative for applying green building requirements

in the existing and new buildings of MOI, such as,
the use of renewable energy resources (solar power).


Initiative (2) for the application of a program for

sustaining efficiency and rationalization of power
and water consumption in the locations of MOI.


Initiative (6) for the study of the use of clean fuel

in MOI vehicles.

Moreover, joint initiatives with external partners with

the aim to improve the environmental performance
across the UAE:


Initiative (8) for revising requirements of relicensing vehicles to ensure reduction of harmful emissions.
Initiative (9) for developing policies and instructions on dealing with chemical, biological, radiative, nuclear substances across the UAE.

As it seeks to cope with the latest technologies in green

applications, MOI coordinated with specialized authorities and strategic partners to cope with the latest technologies and the possibility of being adopted by MOI
and providing support to partners to adopt them in
their businesses. These activates resulted in developing
initiatives, including: initiative for solid waste sorting
and recycling in MOI locations and recycling of military
uniforms besides, many Green IT and smart buildings
MOI circulated these initiatives among different departments and leaders. The teams were formed to develop

Annual reduction rate of water and energ consumption.

Reduction rate of carbon emission represented by

reduction in fuel consumption and increase in recycling.

All leaders and departments of MOI observe environmental performance indicators adopted in line with
action plans and legal obligations depending on work
place and activities of leader/ department to account
for special nature of local and federal requirements and
laws. The corrective procedures should be taken in the
cases of poor performances or non-compliance with legal requirements according to instructions of non-complaisance and corrective and preventive procedures
mentioned in the approved environment management


action plans (operation plans) that defines the role of

each (department/ leadership) for achieving these initiatives. The workflow of MOI operations was revised in
order to implement these plans on quarterly -basis and
procedures required for to deal with any non compliance cases were taken to ensure achieve these objectives.
This strategy was presented to partners for their opinions and suggestions on MOI role in improving environmental performance across the UAE and identifying
role and joint activities could be undertaken by partners to implement this strategy.

MOI adopted methodologies for the development of environmental performance, including:


MOI developed action plans for launching the initiatives mentioned in environment and green applications
strategy at the level of MOI. Depending on these action
plans and the previous performance, MOI developed
environmental objectives after making benchmarking
related to environment performance of police department with similar departments:

Sustainability Report


Administrative processes


with suppliers



and green

In addition, MOI issued manuals and procedures, including but not limited to, the following:


Water and
energy rationalization




and workshops

Moreover, developing a program for the adequate rehabilitation of all departments and leaders at MOI to acquire
the environmental management system certification (ISO 14001: 2004).



Sustainability Report



Analysis of Environmental Performance

MOI adapted procedures for analyzing environmental
impacts and assessing its importance:


All activities and services were analyzed and negative or positive (environmental impacts) were defined.
Developing controlls and instructions for the reduction of negative impacts on environment and
sustaining positive impacts resulting in:
Establishing anti-pollution mechanisms resulted
from MOI activities.
Developing awareness-raising program for many
different employees of and customers of MOI in
order to maintain the environment , reduce the
pollution and adopt the green applications.

Remarkable reduction in water, fuel and paper

consumption rate.

Remarkable reduction in pollutants resulted from

MOI activities, such as, gas emissions of MOI vehicles and solid waste resulted from training activities undertaken by all MOI employees.

To ensure its readiness for dealing with any emergency

or accidents that may affect its environmental performance, MOI took procedures for identifying emergencies and possible accidents, developed and circulated
environmental emergency plans among different concerned leaders and departments and evaluated their
readiness for dealing with these accidents, such as:

Plans for dealing with fires and fire-related waste.


Plans dealing with spilled oils and chemicals in

warehouses and workshops.

The results of readiness at crisis assessment showed an

increase in awareness level of different employees at
MOI about emergencies affecting the environment and
the rapid response to emergencies.
MOI coordinates with external entities to review emergency plans adopted by these entities and to define its
role and contribution to apply these plans. Based on
emergency plans adopted by Ministry of Water and
Environment to deal with red tide phenomenon, Umm
Al Quwain Police GHQ determined the beaches that
fishermen and hikers are prohibited to enter when the
phenomenon is occurred. These beaches are controlled
and supervised by Umm Al Quwain Police GHQ when
the plan is activated.



Annual Reduction Rate in Water, Electricity, Fuel and Paper Consumption of 2015

The Environment Section at MOI is assigned to supervise and follow-up environmental performance of
different departments and their activities to ensure
achieving approved objectives under the strategy and
according to the procedures and manuals developed
in accordance with environment management system
providing mechanisms that defines environment performance components to be assessed and measured
by different departments and leaderships of MOI. The
results of these measurements are periodically compared to applicable laws and regulations. In the case
of violation of allowable limits, the main reason of the
problem should be studied and the related corrective
procedures should be developed and circulated among
different locations/ activities that may encounter the
same problem. The analysis of environmental performance assessment results shall be used to define any
possible pollution trends or increase in pollutants percentage that may lead to exceed the allowable limits
in the future. In this case, the preventive procedures
should be taken for proactive coping.
MOI defined its priorities when dealing with environmental impacts resulted from its activities and actions
trough analysis and assessment of environmental impacts related to its activities and actions. The environmental impacts are divided into four categories as per
their severity and environmental impact level. Many
different departments and leadership that conducted
(the analysis of environmental impacts) analyzed the
environmental impacts of its different activities and actions and developed the controls of effectively reducing
and dealing with these impacts. MOI adopted a methodology of four levels/ priorities for addressing environmental impacts:
1. Eliminating the environmental impact, such as,
the use of e-communication and stop using papers.
2. Replacing the environmental impact: replacing
firefighting foam used in civil defense with environmentally friendly substances.
3. Controlling environmental impacts: rationalization of electricity and water consumption and activation of e-linking with federal entities.

Sustainability Report

Addressing the environmental impact: recycling

and providing Body Paint (ABP) workshops with
(air filters).

.Fig. 1: annual reduction rates in water consumption















Fig.2: annual reduction rates in electricity consumption














Fig. 3: annual reduction rates in fuel consumption














Fig.4: annual reduction rates in paper consumption

















Sustainability Report



Our Commitment to Sustainable Future

Sustainability Report

General Statistics of Sustainability at MOI

As we consider the coming future is sustainable future, taking the necessary procedures represents the practical
activity of our commitment through (Project Management Office). We adopt many green applications in the facilities of MOI:

Using solar power for water heating (solar boilers)

Total of work injuries of

2015 is (7)
Awareness-raising level of employees about the culture of
environmental performance
improvement is 75%

Providing equipment for water consumption rationalization

Using motion sensors to control the lighting system inside work place.

Developing air-conditioning solutions to set temperature depending on the location and

the usage

Sorting waste according to their nature

Replacing the existing buildings with environment-friendly building over the next five years

Application of (technical resources management) methodology in the buildings of MOI

by adopting the latest programs and technologies that contribute to the improvement of
environmental performance:

Rate of interest of employee

in improving environmental
performance is 80%

Employee satisfaction
level with MOI role in fostering environment preservation culture is 76%

Number of environmental
initiatives undertaken by
MOI is (102)

Community satisfaction
level with MOIs environmental role is 82%

General customer satisfaction

with MOI role in fostering
environment preservation
culture is 86%

Adopting policies of conversion to E-Systems

Reducing the consumption of papers and printing inks
Safe disposing of ink cartridges
Warning all stakeholders of printing papers is not allowed and using the two sides of
paper, if possible.
MOI spare no efforts to make progress in sustainability, therefore, MOI committed to improve its performance and
reduce consumption rates through fulfilling its commitment, as follows:

The use of environment-friendly vehicles of total number of (1060) vehicles at MOI.


The percentage of increase in recycled tires is (10%).


The percentage of procurement related to environment and green application is (13%).


The total of collected medical waste is (60154) Kg





Sustainability Report



Our Administrative Approach

The Ministry of Interior, being a ministry of security and services at the same time, is seeking to ensure the service for
nationals and expatriates residing in the state in a professional way. This matter is considered as the most important
priority for the ministry, which is shown clearly in the mission, vision, intrinsic values and strategies of the Ministry.
The Ministry is adopting a special vision in providing services for customers, which is represented in the dynamic
dealing with their needs, and transcending their expectations, through the commitment for the continuous improvement of the quality of services provided, and the permanent focus on satisfying them.
The Ministry of Interior launched the (Customer Charter) through which the ministry has provided high quality
and distinctive services which contributed in achieving the trust and satisfaction of customers to embody the UAE
vision 2021. The idea of the Charter is inspired from the civilizational initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed
bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai God Bless Him which is represented in launching (Standardized Customer Charter), within the Emirates Program for Excellence in Government
Services. Receptions (Information) desks was established in the service united of Ministry of Interior according to a
standardized specifications and standards to provide high quality public services for customers, and working on the
number of procedures for ensuring provision of smooth service and accurate information, as well as providing service in different times, and through the suitable channels for customers, receiving the opinions of and suggestions
for improving the services with the possible speed. In addition, to improve reception desks and unify the offices with
standardized specifications and standards in terms of form and color (Brand), and prepare a standardized job title
for reception staff and preparing specified standards for hiring them, In addition to training them on the skills of
dealing with customers. The ministry of Interior persisted to provide high-quality and excellent services that achieve
the trust and satisfaction of customers, and exceed their expectations through its excellence of customer services
and its commitment to the following:

Good reception and treatment of customers in fine and respectful

Provision of excellent and high quality service with fair treatment.

Providing the customers with the accurate information about the

services and requirements of the ministry in a clear manner and the
prescribed deadlines for completing the same.
Improving the quality and the speed of interaction with customer.


Listening to comments, needs and expectations of customers, and

responding through providing many channels and provide an opportunity to participate in services improvement.
Investing the smart services in achieving the customer services and
providing them with accurate, comparable and modern information
through electronic and smart services.
Facilitate the delivery processes.
Provide services for customers with disabilities.


Meeting the needs of customers in a professional manner by trained

and qualified staff.
Responding to requests and needs of customers without delay.

The ministry had achieved a remarkable success this

year (Thanks to Allah), by maintaining the security, stability and leadership gains in the security work through
the enhancement of the state position in World Competitiveness Indicators, among international recognitions of the UAE security achievements. Also its steps
accelerated to execute its initiative and strategic plans
which conform to the federal government approach in
the fields of improving and developing of services quality, road security control and acquire the trust of customers, through providing the highest services levels for
them fairly and transparently. The ministry of interior
succeeded through its entire cadres to gain the trust of
customers locally, and consolidate its international position through:

Broad cooperation relationships

with various security institutions in
the world.

Its civilized dealing with international events and its constant presence
at the forefront of teams of dealing
with foreign crises and emergencies.

Showing a bright image to UAE visitors whether for residence or transit

or tourism or work.

Ministry Customers

With the increase of the residents number in United

Arab Emirates and the constant economic grow in the
state; the number of the ministrys customers will increase likewise. And we have in the Ministry of Interior
classes of customers which are:

1- Governmental sector

(Ministries, Federal Authorities, Institutions).

2- Ministry of Interior staff.


3- Customers.
4- Suppliers.
5- Partners.

Sustainability Report

A Story of Success

Customers Visit Management

It is recorded for the ministry of interior that the system
of (Customers Visit Management) in the ministry has
reduced the queuing time of customers at 34% since the
implementation of the system in 2015. It was deigned
to work in the field of governmental services, and contributes in providing these services in a fair manner regardless of the difference of customers cultures. Also it
is a way to motivate and award the servant to provide
the services in the best standards.
The most important system properties that it is based
on the approach of interaction between customers and
service centers on part, and between the services provision staff and their senior management on the other
part. It is based on organization of the flaw of customers queue, and valuating the productivity of the service
provision employee by advanced means and tools in
the service provision centers. In addition, the system
automatically monitors the discipline and the behavior of the employee, in a way that makes the system as
equivalent to the managers who is observing the flaw
and procedures of work, which makes this system as
a serious step to support the achievement of strategic
goals of the Ministry of Interior, which is related to the
enhancement of the people trust in the effectiveness of
the provided services and the optimal use of information technology. Also it ensures the provision of all administrative services according to the quality, efficiency
and transparency.
A central monitoring room was established in the customer service department of the Ministry of Interior
to make live monitoring of the performance of service
provision centers related to the ministry sectors across
all departments in the State, and following up with any
defect in the levels of service provision quality, in order
to avoid the overcrowding of the customers in waiting
rooms, and follow up the prescribed indicators of queuing time , and time for providing services to ensure the
speed of transactions accomplishment by one of the
Also the system provides the property of sending alerting messages for the quality of services to the staff in
the central monitoring room to perform their part of
communicating directly from the monitoring room
with the concerned in the service centre and the supervisors of the rooms to inform them with the nature of
the defect and giving the suitable solution, through the
statistical reports of the flaw rates and the stereotypical
demand of the service.



Sustainability Report



Excellence in Service Performance

The Ministry of Interior had adopted the concept of excellence in all its operations. And persist on continuing its
leadership of providing its various security services by adhering to the best and latest standards and applying the
latest techniques. In 2015, the ministry has improved by
27% in efficiency, compared to the previous years through
utilizing the modern technology and raising the efficiency
of the staff of the Ministry.



Also the methodologies of administration in Ministry of

Interior adhered to the integrated administration system
which is compatible with the international standards
in the field of health and safety of the environment ISO
9001, also the ministry has achieved:




Quality Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety

(OHSAS 18001).

The Ministry of Interior has launched (169) electronic services through its website, and (30) smart services through
mobile phones, as part of its actively pursued goal to mechanize all the provided services which amounted up-todate (342), in addition to the auto responder system services and interactive messaging system provided by communication companies. Also (a smart application center) in the ministry of interior is allocated to handle all the
electronic procedures related to the services and answer the people inquiries. A qualified team of UAE nationals is
working on that through the customer service department via modern applications suiting the modern zeitgeist in
terms of saving time and effort to customers, Promoting sustainable development in the UAE.
The Ministry developed a comprehensive strategy to execute the smart infrastructure, also launched the awards to
promote these applications and urged the innovators to innovate it to apply it and earmarked sums for the winners. (The ministry of interior award for smart applications) is the best example for that, whereas the ministry had
adopted the award to encourage the universities and students to provide innovative solutions in the field of smart
and portable phones applications, given the importance of providing governmental services all the time to meet
the needs of the customers and exceed their expectations. Because of the advanced features that applications may
provide and work within effective electronic frame.
The general directorate of electronic services and communications a group of projects, notably the integrated solutions project for the naturalization & residency sector services through the internet, and the archive project and the
e-mail for automatic corresponding in various ministries administrations and their organizational units. And as a
part of Keeping abreast of developments, the directorate is working on executing the project of re-engineering the
unified base system in the ministry of interior, and launching the website of ministry of interior, and the project of
services engineering and reduce the time of service provision, and the project of comprehensive quality management system, within the new organizational structure of the ministry of interior.
It should be noted that the customers can receive the smart services of the ministry of interior by accessing the
application of the ministry (UAE-MOI) through the electronic market working in the modern smart systems; therefore they click on the electronic links suitable for their smart phones in different market. For example the following
service links:


Apple Store

Smart Services

t/421 ppworld.b
8/?co lackberry
=US& ebstore/c



We become distinctive through you...

Dear Audience
We are dedicated to offer the best services to you.
Developing and improving police bodies services in
the state is considered one of our first priorities. Therefore we shall employ our best efforts to respond to
your requirements and needs in transparent and vocational manner. This what we consider as our duty and
your right to enjoy. We expect badly to receive your
cooperation with our personnel to enable them offer
you the distinctive service.
Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan

(Under the Guise of: Our Services at Your Hands)


As Known, these certificates provides the required direction of work sectors about how to execute works with
achieving the expectations of the ministry in the field of
excellence and work within the sustainability approach
that serves the environment, society and economy alike.

Our commitment towards you

Good reception, careful and respectful treatment for
To enjoy a distinct and high quality service and fair
To meet your needs in a professional way by trained
and qualified staff.
To respond to your requests and needs without delay, with exerting the utmost efforts to meet in a
timely manner.
To provide you with the accurate information about
our services and requirements clearly with the prescribed deadlines for completing the same.
To work on simplifying the procedures and reduce
the time for providing the service to improve the
quality and speed of our services provided to you.
To work on providing our services and the information through different channels at the times that
suits you as much as possible.
We welcome your opinions, suggestions and impressions about our services through providing many
channels, and give you the chance to participate
with in improving our services.
What we expect from you to provide distinct service
To appreciate our employees efforts in serving you
and treat them with mutual respect.
To provide all the documents and papers required
when submitting the application.
To provide all the required documents, information
and data fully and accurately to complete the transaction.
Inform us in case of any error or alteration in the
data as fast as possible.
Inform us with any change in personal information
and that related to the situation like changing the
address or the conditions related to the completing
of the transaction.
Reply to our staff inquiries cooperatively and on

Using smart services in the work of Ministry of Interior

Windows phon

For example: the ministry, as part of its application of the

Requirements of (ISO 14001 of the environment administration system) specification for compiling and analyzing
of all the legal requirements related to the environment
at the country level which specifies the regulations of the
environmental performance of the ministries in the different emirates, and set a matrix of analyzing process results
and specifying the checks and procedures executed by
various locations to prove the conformity with the applicable environmental laws and legalizations.

The ministry of interior is assiduous to provide

high quality and distinct services which achieves
the trust and satisfaction of customers and exceeds
their expectations.



Google Play

ISO 10004 Certificate for the General Directorate of

Residency and Foreign Affairs in Fujairah for the integrated administration system to be the first international authority achieving this certificate.

Customer Charter

Sustainability Report


Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

A Success Story

Ministry of interiors Platform for Smart Phones

The Ministry of Interior has launched (Ministry of interiors Platform for Smart Phones) for all types of smart phones
(Apple, android, Blackberry, windows), which featuring various and direct characteristics like electronic link with
many partners in the UAE, like vehicle inspection and insurance companies, in addition to the integration of comprehensive connectivity with the website of the ministry, and unifying the User ID and Password for acquiring services from any connection channel. Thus the user shall be registered for one time, weather through the website or
smart phone, and then the person can get the services of the ministry from all the available connection channels.

Ministry of Interior Centre for Child Risks Protection UAE

The smart applications of the Ministry of Interior included many of services like machines and drivers licenses, and
other police services related to the judicial record, the evaluation of the security information and the criminal information. The following shape indentifies the applications issued by: the Naturalization & Residency, Civil Defense
Services, as example of all the above mentioned, and there are many other examples but this is sufficient as an
indicative model.


Issue entry permit for long visit & short visit.

The Naturalization & Residency



o ,ya
for assistance service workers.
51 tcpermits

Renew National Passports.

Facility file.
Engineering plans approval

Civil Defense

Awareness lectures.
Service cards and call (999).
Social media follow service

Interpolation certificate.
Vehicles and tanks
Locaters and service centers services.
Text messages via (5999)
Call Center Number (8005000)

The Ministry of Interior has taken advanced steps in spreading awareness among families in terms of child protection, an initiative that reflects the level of care enjoyed by all the children in the territory of the State. The Higher
Committee for Child Protection has contributed by an integrated system to provide the best levels of protection
for children from any potential danger to their physical and psychological life. The Committee worked towards the
provision of all means of necessary protection and awareness and their development effectively by working on the
establishment of the (Ministry of Interior Centre for Child Protection), the idea of which came as necessary response
to the modern requirements, as well as the significant technological development taking place in the world and
puting our children opposite a window that open on all risks. In this regard, the Ministry of Interior cooperated with
Local and Federal Authorities that deal with childrens rights, which contributed to the development of policies and
innovative plans. The Ministry has succeeded in cooperation with its partners in the formulation and follow-up of
phases of issuance of the Childrens Law, carrying out a media campaign and establishment of workshops in different places to inform of the law. The Ministry also succeeded in adding texts to the new Cyber Crimes Law, which
criminalizes all acts related to child pornography by tightened penalties. A fruitful aspect of cooperation is what the
Ministry, represented in the Ministry of Interior Centre for Child Protection conducted with the Child Affairs Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs in training (250) Kindergarten Supervisors in (375) Centres and Nurseries
in the State, and carrying out a training campaign for all public and private schools to raise awareness of protection
of children from abuse and neglect, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Education Council which contributed to the
consolidation of the concept of children protection and safety, having the right to hear and consult on the matters
that affect their lives, and going through the initiatives carried out by the Centre to build the capacity of partners
in child protection.

HEMAYATI Application A smart child protection application

The Ministry of Interior launched also (HEMAYATI) to enhance the safety of children and secure the necessary
The Ministry of Interior launched also the Instant Messaging within the new application of the Ministry of Interior on smart phones (MOI UAE) in order to promote the effective communication frameworks with the
customers, and reply to their inquiries, and receive all their suggestions, comments and complaints related to
the electronic and smart services.


The Ministry of Interior Centre for Child Protection

has launched HIMAYATI Application through (Apple store), (IOS) for iPhone and iPad in (Google Play)
market, for android smart phones. To download and
install the application you can search for the word (HEMAYATI) in (Apple Store) from iPhone or in (Goole
Play) Android. This comes in the context of the Federal
Government 2021 vision to make the UAE the worlds
most secure spot, by achieving a 100% sense of safety.
HEMAYATI Application comes in response to the
UAE national agenda for the next seven years with respect to security and police field and to provide Call
for Help Feature by children appeal to their parents
when they feel threatened, in order to improve the services provided to customers, and to enhance the safety

and protection of children in order to allow parents to

communicate via the application, which helps parents
to know the whereabouts of their children or delay in
reaching the predefined destination, such as school or
public places.
As the application is characterized by automatically
sending an alert to the father or mother in the event
of children delay in reaching the intended place. In addition, as it provides Call for Help feature by children
sending an appeal to their parents when they feel
threatened, and escalation of help request by pressing
the button for operation rooms in the form of (smart
call for help) as priority calls in a period of time to respond to emergency calls in just 4 minutes.



Sustainability Report



Launching the hashtag Creative Ideas Award

A Local Idea to Attract International Ideas with Sustainable Nature

We believe in the importance of motivating for creativity, we launched the hashtag Policing Creative Ideas Award
of Ministry of Interior on social media to introduce the Award and its goals locally and internationally. The Award
is meant to attract the best practices and Creative Ideas in the sustainability field with policing and security nature
to contribute in developing the security and policing work locally and internationally, and finding a competitive
environment between the authorities and security institutions, and building of partnership with the competent
authorities in the field of creativity and thinking.

The Ministry of Interior was interested to provide an electronic system pertaining to the General Directorate of Civil
Defense for documenting all the procedures of prevention and safety measures applicable at the Directorate, and
working to increase the productivity and minimize the errors resulting from the paperwork as much as possible.
The focus is made on that the system shall be built on the principle of electronic sequence of transactions as much
as possible, from the beginning of the procedure until its end, fully and up to the principle of E-Government and in
line with the principle of a Paperless Management.

This system offers the following E-Services:

The procedures and security and safety of the facilities.

The award had decided ten fields available for participation, and posted the rest of the details on the mentioned
website of the ministry:

Creativity in Modern

Creativity in Economic

Human Resources

Creativity Supporting Human Rights

Award for innovative ideas

Customer Service

Environmental Field
(Green Applications)

in Commu8 Creativity
nity Initiative Field


Facilities Licensing (A).

Issuance of Fulfillment Certificates for
the low-risk facilities.

Creativity in
Traffic Field

Creativity in Judicial
Security Field

The award was launched on the website:

To receive participations. The conference shall be established and organized in December every two years. And to be
called for by the policing and securities departments officers internationally to announce the names of the winners
and honor them. And circulate the winning projects and work on applying them.

Local, Regional and International Appreciation of the Ministry of Interior Applications


The Electronic System of Prevention and Safety Procedures

The launching of this award is to embody the strategy of Ministry of Interior to stimulate the staff sectors in the
ministry and the private and governmental sectors for excellence and innovation, in addition to growing the positive sense of the people and encourage them to participate in making progress, services quality, and boosting the
cooperation links between the Policing institution and the society with its different segments and individuals.

Creativity in
Criminal Field

Sustainability Report

Procedures of the Plans Office.

The procedures of security and safety
of the buildings.
The procedures of security and safety
of the vehicles.
The procedures of licenses of trading

Application of Sustainability in dealing with the public

1. The General Department of Finance and Services placed (7) methodologies for the green applications in dealing
with the suppliers focusing on the environment, health and general safety, the management of the relationship
with the suppliers, maintenance of electrical appliances, recycling the materials and goods, energy rationalization, maintenance of buildings and maintenance of vehicles.
2. The Ministry is working and focusing on the developmental efforts in application of its strategy in a manner
achieving the efficiency and quality of the services provided to affiliates of the Police Institution, the adoption of
scientific methodology and the adoption of developed initiatives.
3. The General Headquarter of Abu Dhabi Police o affiliated to the Ministry of Interior is considered as one of the
first official authorities which initiated the implementation of the Resolution of the Executive Council of the
Emirate of Abu Dhabi which stipulates to convert (25%) of the total number of the vehicles of the government
bodies to use the natural gas, whereas The Department of transport and concerns in the Federal Department of
Finance and Services has succeeded in converting a number of the police cars to operate with natural gas

2- Gaining the regional superiority through the award of GCC Electronic Government Conference And Exhibition, the category of the best electronic service (Integrative Government).

4. The Ministry of the Interior has worked to provide the best scientific, technical and practical training opportunities to the employees according to the latest scientific security theories and was keen to interact with the public
and gain their trust and cooperation, prompting everyone to participate in their turn with their active role in the
provision of the public security and safety.

3- Gaining the international superiority by winning the Stevie Award, the category of distinctive authority
(General Administration).

5. The Ministry has worked to provide electronic systems contributing to raise the culture of the public and their
service at the same time, such as the system of the procedures of prevention and safety.

1- Winning Mohammed Bin Rashid award for excellent governmental performance.




Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

The relationship of the customers with the Ministry of Interior via social media

Providing services to the special needs customers

The Ministry of Interior has availed from the various social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and BlackBerry
Channel) for being one of the fastest ways to spread the news, awareness and warning from some of rumors which
are circulating from unreliable resources. These means have witnessed a tremendous development due to the new
technologies such as smart devices, which shortened the distances and accelerated the access to all community
segments , because these tools have become available to use for the small ones before the grownups of both sexes
and worldwide, in order to spread the cultural awareness, and build communication bridges between people, with
each other on one hand, and between themselves and the officers in the various sectors on the other hand, therefore, a department has been established to deal with such sites namely the Center of Social Media at the Media
Security Department, which broadcasts to the customers the size and importance of the tasks and responsibilities
carried out by the Ministry of Interior. The Center Officers always give the priority for interaction with the public,
to respond to their enquiries as soon as possible around the clock seven days a week. The Ministrys sites have a
wide base of followers, and has become a vital bridge of communication between the public and the Ministry, and
contributed to the enhancement of the security and social awareness via various media materials, which met a great
demand and interaction from the various customers categories. In terms of social media, the number of the followers has increased via each of them in the following figure:

In line with the strategy of the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry has carried out a series of operations at the customer
service centers to increase the accessibility to the services they provide, these services have included the special
needs customers, those to whom the Ministry has paid a special attention by dedicating reception offices, corridors
for the special needs customers, in addition to many other services such as:

(611261) Twitters
(367) Followers

(682090) Users

The types of operating systems of the browsed devices of the website of the Ministry of Interior
39,433 21.70%

30,223 16.63%







Services to the
Special Needs

An active participation in
the annual forum of the
students of hearing disability, organized within
the 40th Arab Deaf Week,
which contained traffic
information and competitions and an awareness
traffic stage scene of which
was translated through the
sign language, which contributed in forming a traffic
knowledge for the disabled
students helping their integrate into the community,
and enabling them to independence by themselves
and to provide their safety
and to prevention from the
traffic accidents.

Launching the initiative of (Closer to You) to provide the management services to their applicants of
the elderly and special needs people category, at the
places of their presence.

Followers (52445)

The Ministry has launched an introductory initiative under Hachtag ( # Silvey Interior) on the social media in
order to introduce the various service departments at the Ministry of Interior, where the Center displays within
the (Hashtag) Silfy recorded videos completed in cooperation with the TV branch at the Department in order to
introduce the service departments and sectors of the Ministry of Interior which are directly related to the public,
knowing that the video period does not exceed 15 seconds.

104,022 57.23%

Launch Initiative Entitled

Hand by Hand To support
people with special needs in
police departments, In collaboration with all Departments and Centres For the
rehabilitation and operation
of the disabled In Ministry
of interior

Followers (218836)

Launching the Initiative of (Hope Planting) aimed at

integrating special needs children with their peers
and promoting the meanings of belonging and loyalty to the nation in their hearts and making them a
productive force in the community.

The Criminal and Investigation Department of Abu Dhabi Police has

launched a community initiative
considered as the first of its kind,
targeting the category of visual disability, and their families, to raise
awareness of the dangers of drugs,
based on the Braille way used in
reading to the blind, to containing this scourge, and prevention of
all community members from falling in the paw thereof, and protect
them from slipping in, and giving a
hand to the addicts.

The establishment of the Ministry of Interior Centers for Rehabilitation and Employment of Special Needs, to provide
vocational rehabilitation services to all
the researchers of employment in all the
Emirates of the State. Those centers were
able to accomplish outstanding achievements, through rehabilitating and empowering those able of them to work in
different institutions in order to integrate
the handicapped person in the community and the environment and making
him an element involved in the service
and development of the community
through the following:
Providing him with the basic educational skills such as reading and writing.
Training on the different professions
which he can carry out alone without
difficulty realizing for him an economic
gain and integration into the community.
Developing and encouraging the tendencies and hobbies o the handicapped
to occupy the free times and achieve
psychological and social compatibility.
Providing of health, psychological and
social care qualifying him to live a normal life within the community members.
Awareness of the parents and families
and training of the parents.
Enabling the handicapped person from
the social integration and improving his
self-confidence and gaining the community confidence in him.



Sustainability Report



Application of the simultaneous conversation (MOI UAE) in the customer

The Smart Government Program of the Ministry of the
Interior launched a service of simultaneous Conversation within the new design of the application of the
Ministry of Interior on smartphones (MOI UAE), in order to promote the frames of effective communication
with the public of customers, responding to their queries, and receiving all the proposals, observations and
complaints related to electronic and smart services.

An effective application serving

the special needs
The instant conversation service provides special features for people with disability through the option of
voice order, which enables the visual handicapped person to hear the voice of reading the text of the application content, the option of changing the font and color,
so that the person suffering from the colors blindness
can distinguish the colors in a way enabling him from
reading easily.
Such options have contributed in facilitating the communication and interaction with Smart Government
Program of the Ministry, as the data are also available
in Arabic and English, taking into account receiving the
customers letters via e-mail in the event of staff busy
in the service to respond to the inquiries of another
customer. The applicant or the enquiry person can
also send his observations and communicate with the
competent employee later in respect thereof, and the
reports of Ministry of the Interior indicated that the
number of calls and inquiries received by the Ministry
during the first month of the activation of the instant
chat option for the customers within the application of
the Ministry of Interior (MOI UAE) was approximately
2.4 million local people, while the number of the caller
from abroad the country was 15050 calls received from
27 countries, which have been all responded according
to the Smart Government Standards, which contribut-


ed to help the customers and supporting them in completing the requirements of all their transactions. The
Smart Government Program of the Ministry of Interior
introduced a specialized information service enabling
to know the people sponsored by the sponsor and displaying their personal data as well.
The provision of this service comes from the Smart
Government Program of the Ministry of Interior in the
framework of the Ministry's commitment to implement smart government creative initiatives, which innovate outlook solutions to overcome the challenges,
and works to facilitate the life of customers and win
their satisfaction with the services, whereas this service allows the users, each separately, to rearrange the
services according to his personal interests and adding
them to the Favorites. The locals and residents have
been called to speed up the registration process within
the electronic smart services to avail from the leading
advantages provided by the Ministry via its smart services, knowing that the registration process in the application requires the inclusion of the identity card data
and own contact details (the mobile phone number),
which should be effective during the procedure of the
operations of registration in the application in order to
receive the activation code which is sent to the mobile
phone number registered in the system. Thereafter, the
contact is made to provide the services in an easy and
codified manner.


The success of the Ministry of Interior in finding a sound traffic environment

Given that the protection and security of the lives of citizens is among our strategic objectives, the Ministry has succeeded in finding a safe traffic environment in line with the international standards, and strengthening the partnership with the authorities concerned with the traffic safety in the State to reduce the traffic accidents, human and
material losses resulting therefrom, in order to provide the security and safety for the road users. The United Arab
Emirates topped the developed countries thanks to the recent wide achievements in the field of traffic safety, as the
deaths and injuries caused by the traffic accidents which occurred during 2015 were significantly reduced according
to the following data:
Decrease of
the number
of deaths

The total number of deaths

from the road accidents was
(675) death, by a decrease rate
of (37) death cases, at the percentage of (5.2%), compared
to (712) deaths in 2014.

Decrease of
the number
of injuries

The total number of injuries

was (6863) injuries, compared
to (7108) in 2014.

The Ministry has made great efforts to achieve the traffic

safety, in cooperation with the partners to achieve the
objectives set out in maintaining a safe traffic environment, whereas the mortality index for each (100000) of
the population fell to 5.99 death vs. 6.31 death in 2014.
The Ministry believes that it has achieved remarkable
success on these levels and will continue its approach
which included many axes of the traffic safety, including the axis of awareness and education, and traffic culture which has been enhanced through the following:
1. Organizing guiding lectures in schools and universities.

The launch of this application comes from our belief

about the need to serve all community segments with
sophisticated and easy techniques at the same time,
to convert the slogan of Our services between your
Hands into a concrete fact through obtaining the services and in a safe manner It should be noted that the
customers can obtain the smart services of the Ministry
of Interior in the application which has been launched
from Google Market (Google Play) for smart phones
operating on android system on the following link:

Sustainability Report

2. Organizing regular media campaigns to establish

the concept of traffic awareness and safety for all,
and the axis of engineering and safety of roads and
vehicles through the expansion of creating new

Decrease of
the number
of accidents

The total number of traffic accidents was (4788) accidents,

compared to (4895) accidents
in 2014, at a decrease percentage of (2.2%).

3. The control of roads and development of traffic control systems.

4. The axis of control, legislation and enforcement of
law to issue laws and legislation able to improve the
traffic safety.
5. The axis of medical services and ambulance as emergency services points are provided on the roads.
6. The success in reducing the mortality rate percentage at (82%) to be in this ratio the first country in the
region to achieve a significant decline in the number
of deaths, injuries and traffic accidents during 2015.
7. Launching the electronic transactions facilitating to
the customers such as: Federal Gate for vehicles and
others. =
UAE + Ministry + of + Interior & hl = en_GB



Sustainability Report

Happiness and Satisfaction of the Customers

The world celebrates the happiness on the twentieth of March each year, and every time the UAE records, as usual,
benchmarks in this field, because the happiness is the highest function which can be performed by the government to its people. In implementation of the commitment of the Ministry of Interior to realize the happiness to all
concerned, the Ministry has worked on serving all the segments of the community through sophisticated and easy
techniques at once, as it converted the slogan of Our Services between your Hands.. and your satisfaction is our
objective) into a concrete fact through obtaining the e-services securely, the Ministry has obtained the certificate
of international standard of handling the complaints and increasing the customers satisfaction ISO 10002 for the
quality of customer service, as many advantages have been achieved such as:



Due to our attention to the happiness of customers, the experience has been generalized on all external offices of
the sector and other departments, to ensure the application of the concept at all organizational levels, the implementation of the concept in the sector include the launch of permanent happiness councils at the service centers
which form an institutional platform for direct communication between the officials and customers, to identify the
expectations of customers and how to maximize and sustain their happiness, as the best international practices
have been studied in the field of implementing the concept of customers happiness in each of Singapore, Canada
and Scandinavian countries.

The Ministry of Interior was keen to serve the entire community segment with advanced
technologies for the customer service through the following:

Establishing the principle of transparency in communication with customers

Enforcing our response to urgent and normal telephone calls

The interest in the rational leadership is being increasing to adopt the concept of happiness of the employees
and customers, which is shown through the launch of the national agenda of the Emirates Vision in 2021 and also
through the following:


Reducing the time to arrive at the accident location (traffic accidents)

Reducing the time to arrive at the crime scene

Reducing the time to arrive at the serious accidents locations

Improving our emergency planning through securing the proper response

Taking care of the victims and witness

The disjoining of criminal gangs

Boosting the work with partners to the fullest as possible

Coordinating with judicial bodies


Allocating the Toll free Number (8005000) to receive the inquires within
working hours


Receiving suggestions to improve the services via E-mail ID:


Automatic answer machine at (600).

Strategic Link

Launching by His Highness the UAE Vice President - Prime Minister - and Ruler of Dubai
the Happiness Index of the human capital, which is measured directly by the Office of
the Prime Minister.
The Programme of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Government for the Government Performance Excellence 2015.
Allocating an Award within The Programme of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Government for the Government Performance Excellence entitled The Happiest Work Environment.
The creation of a central department for the customers happiness in the sector of naturalization and residency.


Our means to achieve happiness and satisfaction of the customers

Achieving operational efficiency to determine the causes of complaints.

Solving more complaints through the adoption of focus on the customer.
Involving the staff in new opportunities for training in customer service.
integrating the ISO 10002 standard with the standard ISO 9001 to improve the efficiency and effectiveness.
Follow-up of the process of dealing with the complaints and their enhancement continuously.

The Ministry has also the introduced a central department in the sector of naturalization, residency and outlets,
which undertakes the responsibility of expanding and sustaining the happiness of the customers of the sector; in
response to the recommendations of the committee of the Service Center Departments, emerging from the second
meeting of the Council of Sector Development, which was held under the chairmanship of His Highness the Minister of the Interior in person. Therefore, the Sector of Naturalization, Residency and Outlets studied and created a
department for the customers happiness embodying the directives of the Supreme Command to move from the
traditional concept of customer service to the spaciousness of modern concepts namely making them happy, offering services exceeding expectations, and contribute to building a rich experience and close relationships founded
on the trust and communication between the sector and the public of customers.

Sustainability Report

Interactive call system at ( # 152) and Kiosk machines, mobile phones with
various platforms and the website of Ministry of Interior
Improving the time for completing the applications, complaints and
inquiries of customers
Improving the access to information related to services offers



The Ministry will continue with the involvement of customers in its efforts aiming
at the continuous improvement of services.
Because the happiness comes only through excellence of the service, two centers of the customer service have obtained the classification of 5-star, namely:
1. The Center of Traffic Services and Licensing in Fujairah.
2. The Center of Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Services in Abu Dhabi.
The Ministry seeks to increase the upcoming improvement opportunities in line with the Governments directives
to reach the level of seven-star for all service centers.



Sustainability Report



Measurement of the Customers Satisfaction

To measure the customers satisfaction in 2015, a form was designed in a way of a direct question on the overall satisfaction has been implemented, and main axes have also been placed and which form a set of indexes to measure
the overall satisfaction of the customers: The sample of customers were divided into two categories: The Delegates
category (businessmen), individuals category, randomly among the customers directly at the places of providing the
service, such as police stations, departments of traffic and patrols, departments of vehicles and drivers licenses, the
department of residency and foreigners affairs, and civil defense, where the number of the sample individuals was
4510 individuals. In response to the requirements of the Presidency of the Cabinet in 2015, and to reduce the impact of cultural bias in the United Arab Emirates, the primary collected data have been redistributed on the peace
quintet, according to the mechanism (Percent-to-Maximum) where all indicators have been calculated to compare
the results with the 2014 b mechanism TOP 2 BOXES.

Sustainability Report

followed in 2015. However, the reason of decrease of the average of the satisfaction is attributed to the discrepancy
in the mechanism in coding the responses of the questionnaire paragraph, as in the previous years, the Scale Quintet is converted onto a triple measure through merger (I do not strongly agree) and (I do not agree) by giving them
1 mark and the neutral remained mark 3 and I strongly agree and I agree by giving them the mark 5. However,
in the following year, the variables were coded from 1 5 which means the existence of a decline in the satisfaction
average as a result of the mechanism of dealing with the data and not because of the decrease of satisfaction.




Comparison of the general results with the last year

The record of the direct question of the public satisfaction on the service provided by the Ministry of Interior increased by 1.4% compared to the last year, whereas the arithmetic average of the general satisfaction on the services
realized 88.7%, the complete satisfaction also recorded an increase of 10.4% compared to the last year, as per the
mechanism of Top 2 Boxes followed in 2014.



Knowing that the direct question of the general satisfaction on the service provided by the Ministry of Interior recorded a percentage of 70.5% with the mechanism of PTM approved in 2015.
Satisfaction on the innovation in the services provided by the Ministry of Interior




General Satisfaction


The direct question on the satisfaction with the creativity in the services provided by the Ministry of Interior recorded a decline by 9.2% (compared to the last year, , as the arithmetic average on the satisfaction with the creativity
in the services provided by the Ministry of Interior realized a percentage of 77.3%, and the full satisfaction also recorded an increase by the percentage of 19.2% compared to the last year, as per the technic of Top 2 Boxes followed
in 2014. Knowing that the satisfaction with the creativity in the services provided by the Ministry of Interior recorded a percentage of 82.8 % in PTM mechanism followed in 2015. However, the reason of decrease of the average
of the satisfaction is attributed to the discrepancy in the mechanism in coding the responses of the questionnaire
paragraph, as in the previous years, the Scale Quintet is converted onto a triple measure through merger (I do not
strongly agree) and (I do not agree) by giving them 1 mark and the neutral remained mark 3 and I strongly agree
and I agree by giving them the mark 5. However, in the following year, the variables were coded from 5 1 which
means the existence of a decline in the satisfaction average as a result of the mechanism of dealing with the data and
not because of the decrease of satisfaction.


Complete Satisfaction





Confidence and approval of the customers on the services provided by the Ministry of Interior
The direct question on the confidence and the approval of the customers on the services provided by the Ministry
of Interior recorded a decline by 3.6% compared to the last year, as the arithmetic average on the confidence and the
approval of the customers on the services provided by the Ministry of Interior realized a percentage of 89.6%, and
the complete satisfaction also recorded an increase by the percentage of 0.3% compared to the last year, as the technic of Top 2 Boxes followed in 2014. Knowing that the direct question on the confidence and the approval of the
customers on the services provided by the Ministry of Interior recorded a percentage of 75.1% in PTM mechanism






Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

Measuring the ratio of the partners satisfaction

Measuring the ratio of the suppliers satisfaction

The Ministry of the Interior made a survey aiming to measure the satisfaction of partners on the Ministry. The survey has been implemented on a sample of the partners of the Ministry whose number is 300 partners. The data were
collected through a personal interview, by using a form aiming to measure the extent of satisfaction of the partners
on the efficiency of this partnership and the Ministrys performance. The results are as follows:
The percentage of the partners satisfaction on the performance of the Ministry of Interior was 95.5%.
89.2% of the partners recorded their satisfaction on the efficiency of the partnership with the Ministry of Interior in general.
The general satisfaction on the evaluation of the performance of the Ministry of Interior in the partnership
witnessed a satisfaction percentage of 94.4% (increase of 11.7 percent point of 2014).
87.3% of the partners recorded their satisfaction on the axis of innovation and creativity in the Ministry of
The satisfaction on the transparency in implementing the partnership reached 87.7% .
80.2% expressed their satisfaction generally on knowledge management in MOI.
90.7% of the partners recorded their satisfaction on the performance of the employees at the Ministry in 2015.
The general satisfaction on the completion of transactions witnessed a percentage of 89.6%.
The partners have also expressed a satisfaction percentage of 87.7% on using by the Ministry of Interior the
technology and e-services provided to the partner which is a new axis added in 2015.
The general satisfaction Chi-square test did not record any moral differences in the all the axes between the
results of both 2014 and 2015 except the axis of the partnership performance.

The Ministry of Interior made a survey aiming at measuring the suppliers satisfaction on the Ministry implemented
on a sample of suppliers whose number is 145 suppliers dealing with the Ministry of Interior in 2015m and the response percentage was 100.0% and the results are as follows::
The ration of the suppliers satisfaction in general on the Ministry of Interior was 92.9% in 2015.
86.5% of the suppliers expressed their satisfaction (satisfaction on the tools of communication used between
the Ministry of and the suppliers.)
96.8% of the suppliers expressed their satisfaction on the procedures of welcoming the suppliers.
90.5% of the suppliers expressed their satisfaction on the procedures and transactions applicable at the Ministry of Interior.
The satisfaction on the transparency in the transactions of the Ministry with the suppliers reached 91.3%.
89.7% of the suppliers recorded their satisfaction on knowledge exchange by the Ministry.
90.5% expressed their conviction with the excellence of the Ministry of Interior with the innovation and creativity in its dealing with the suppliers.
Table indicating the general percentage of the suppliers satisfaction on the Ministry of Interior

Table indicating the general percentage of the partners satisfaction on the Ministry of Interior




Sustainability Report




Sustainability Report

Administrative method to deal with staff of Ministry of Interior

Our Employees

The Ministry developed work systems and policies covering the different aspects of management of employment,
professional development, transfer and training processes. For this purpose, the Ministry:

The Ministry of Interior has men and women, accounting for 30.5% of the total employees in the federal authorities
amounting to employees working full time because there is no part time employment. The Ministry is one of the
largest places employing and attracting qualified human elements in the region. The Ministry provides several positions requiring experience and knowledge in all fields. So, it has the most efficient cadres for the skills they have. To
ensure the Ministry s sustainability, the Ministry observes the necessary procedures to control the retirement rates
of experienced employees to replace the retired employees with new employees with the same level of skill and
training to replace their predecessors to continue and proceed from where their predecessors end.

Identify skills in the job

description card

Staffing and salaries in Ministry of Interior

Study personnel productivity

The staff of Ministry of Interior consists of two classes:

Develop a mechanism to advertise the vacant
leading positions in the Ministry on its website

The Ministry identified the indicators of performance expected from its staff of different categories. In the job
description cards, it indicates the employees commitment to conserve the environment, adapting procedures of
minimizing pollution and meet the requirements of environmental policy approved by the Ministry in addition to
directions and instructions to minimize pollution, conserve recourses and abide by the green applications distributed at the different sites of the Ministry.
Since The Ministry believes that its success depends on the human resource efficiency which is an essential pillar
in all institutions and organizations. So, the Ministry seeks the best qualified human elements, train, develop and
stimulate them and provide a suitable working atmosphere to enhance performance and productivity efficiently
and effectively according to the Ministry top leaders vision and directions. The Ministry also aspires to develop
its staff to be active employees and provide favorable and positive working environment to satisfy its employees
as part of the Ministry overall system and encourage them to perform their job efficiently and effectively. At the
same time, the Ministry developed and applied programs for its employees to acquire the necessary skills for active
participation, expressing their opinions and receiving remunerations through the excellent performance programs.
The Ministry of Interior always seeks to understand its employees requirements and expectations and responds to
them. This include welfare, rewarding, development, job security, satisfaction and positive working environment.
The main pillars of the Ministrys methodology to manage human resources include:

1- Military staff

They include the whole (19) military ranks Policeman, first policeman, corporal,
sergeant, staff sergeant, sergeant major, senior warrant officer, second lieutenant,
lieutenant, captain, major, lieutenant general, colonel, brigadier, major general,
lieutenant general, general and field marshal.

2- Civilian staff

They include (17) grades from 14 to 1 in addition to the special grade, assistant
undersecretary and undersecretary.

The staff of Ministry of interior enjoys respect at all levels, local, Arab and international, for their great achievements
in the security field.
General statistics
The confidentiality of details was taken into consideration upon giving this statistic, the total numbers of employees
were given without mentioning the areas. Overall numbers were calculated according to the total percent of the
employees which amounts to (30.5%) compared with employees of the government of the United Arab Emirates.
Percentage of
employees 2015

Percentage of
Fresh appointments 2015





27.8 %

2.2 %

305 %




2.4 %

0.05 %

2.9 %




1.5 %

0.97 %

2.47 %

Training and

Health and

Percentage of
Service retirement cases 2015



Sustainability Report



Employees entitlements
We, in the Ministry of interior as a professional workplace, consider how to reward employees optimally.
So, the Ministry reviews performance assessments and
other employees related matters to ensure that employees are rewarded fairly. For this purpose, the Ministry facilitates and meets their necessary needs and
provides a large set of remunerations and entitlements
including variety of leaves, allowance, increments, housing and medical insurance to create pleasant a positive
working environment.

Job motivation policy

By this policy, the Ministry aims to achieve conformity
and integration among its motivation tools to ensure
they provide a motivating working environment for the
different job levels and classes and so that employees
can perform the duties assigned to them at the highest
performance levels. Providing a motivating working environment is one of the priorities of leaders and officials
of the Ministry. A set of stimulating tools and means
were adapted to ensure continuous motivation of employees for production at all worksites such as:
Minister of Interior's prize system
The Corporate Excellence Division manages this prize
and develops the policies, methodologies, regulations
and controls organizing application of this prize system.
It also provides the Employees Performance Assessment Department with the results by identifying the
numbers and names of the participants honored.
Orders, medals and badges system
From the beginning, we realized that the status of the
Ministry of Interior as an active service provider requires
it to select professional and qualified police personnel
to work at international standards and realize security
and safety. So, we should consider how to reward our
employees and military and civilian personnel optimally in accordance with the Cabinets decree No. 1 of
2010 passed pursuant to the Federal Law 19 of 1995 as

amended and the executive regulation of H.H Minster

of Interiors Decree No. 106 of 2010 regarding orders,
medals and badges granted to stimulate the Ministry
employees according to their performance levels.
For this purpose, the General Directorate for Human
Resources (Employees Performance Assessment Department), coordinated with the Permanent Committee of orders, medals and badges, to inform all sections
of the Ministry to receive e- nomination applications
for orders, medals and badges and identify those who
deserve the faithful service medal and excellent long
service medal and present them to the Permanent
Committee of orders, medals and badges in accordance
with the ministerial decree to grant orders, medals and
badges passed by the Minster.
Increment payment system
General Directorate for Human Resources (Employees
Performance Assessment Department) grants orders,
medals and badges in accordance with the Minsters
Pursuant to the Ministerial Decree No. 76 of 2009 regarding assessment of performance and the police and
security staff and other employees entitlement to increment and annual bonus, the General Directorate
for Human Resources (Employees Performance Assessment Department) identifies the employees who are
entitled to the increment.
Suggestions & Complaints system
The Complaints and Suggestions Section manages and
plans this system and sets the policies, methodologies,
regulation and controls organizing its application according to the Ministerial Decree No. 416 of 2010 on
reorganization of the Ministry Complaints and Suggestions system. This department provides the Employees
Performance Assessment Department with statistics of
the numbers and names of the employees honored in
the different sections of the Ministry.

Employees care

The Ministry of Interior seeks to protect its employees health and safety by setting policies applied by
the Ministry and its employees themselves. Employees should comply with the environmental policies,
controls and principles passed by the competent authorities. Any breach of these policies may be associated with disciplinary actions.

Every employee shall perform his or her duties in a way ensuring his safety and the safety of others.

Employees are compensated for occupational accidents.


Wages and salaries

The pay system applicable in the Ministry of Interior
depends on the Federal Decree Law No. 1 of 2008 on
the civil service in the Ministry. This law depends on the
Federal Law No. 1972 on the authorities of ministries
and powers of ministers, the laws amending it, the Federal law No. 7 of 1976 to establish the audit office (controllership) and its associated laws, the Federal law No.
7 of 1999 to pass the Pension and Social Insurance Law
and its amending laws and the Federal Law No. 23 of
2005 on preparation of balance sheet and final account.
According to the Ministry bylaws, the employees salary, privileges and job duties are set out in his or her
employment contract in accordance with the military
rank scales and grades for civilians. The employees salary begins from his or her commencement date of work
or from his or her entry date into the country in case of
expatriates contract. The employees monthly salary is
paid in his or her account with an approved local bank.

Sustainability Report

Remote area allowance: This allowance is paid to employees working 150 Km away from their residence address and employees who work in islands, marine platforms and fields.
Risk allowance: This allowance is paid for jobs which
employees are exposed to risk.
Labor conditions bonus: This bonus is paid monthly
to employee in jobs requiring great human efforts and
those who work in the field of scientific research.
Compassionate (special) allowance: Paid to employees in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Social allowance: Paid to male and female employees.
Living allowance: paid to employees working in shifts
and subject to military exercises.
Detectives allowance: Paid to employees commissioned with investigation works and collecting evidences (field).

Wages Equality between males and females

Aviation bonus for noncommissioned officers and

individuals: Paid to airmen, helicopter pilots and flight

No wages Differentiation between males and females, wages are equal and are paid based on the
Military rank.

Special profession bonus: Paid to advisers, instructors,

Comprehensive Center officers and drivers of vehicles
10 ton.

Bonuses and allowances

Specialization allowance to doctors and medical and

paramedical technicians: Paid to each according to his
or her grade.

The following allowances and bonuses are paid to military police and security personnel in accordance with
the Ministerial Decree No. 447 of 2008:

Housing allowance: Paid according to military ranks

and grades of civil employees.

Professional bonus
Professional bonus is paid to noncommissioned officers
and employees working in the capital and its suburbs
according to the profession title and bonus payment
conditions and controls provided that the employee
works in the field of profession he or she is classified
therein. 50% of this bonus is paid to employees in the
other emirates and regions of the country as follows:

















To provide all forms of support for employees to take
the leaves they need, we classified leaves as follows:
Annual leave, sick leave, hajj leave, study leave, hajj
companion leave, maternity leave, custody leave, Eidda
(waiting period before a woman remarries after divorce
or death of the husband). The Ministry of Interior staff
benefited in 2015 of the leave system for their comfort.
Relaxation or doing favorite activity during leave ensures the employees return back to work with activity
and vitality and thus production improves. It also supports balance between the employees practical and
personal life so that the employee can perform his job
optimally. 92.7% employee receives their leave in that


Sustainability Report




Sustainability Report

Initiative of Social Solidarity Fund for employees in Ministry of Interior

Leave types
Leave type

(Fazaa e-Project)

Employees entitled

Leave period in days

Officers, 4th grade and above

60 days

Noncommissioned officers, individuals, 5th grade and below

45 days

Sick leave

Police and security staff

1- One year with full salary + 2 further years with half pay.
2- If less than 15 days, leave must be approved by medical
3- If more than one day, it must be approved by medical

Waiting period leave

Muslim female employee

3 months and 10 days with full pay

Hajj leave

Muslim officers, noncommissioned officers and personnel

30 days with full pay

Muslim civilians

21 days with full pay

Annual leave

Maximum 35 days above 12th (academic)

Study leave

Police and security staff

Company leave

Police and security staff

Two months fully paid expandable for further two


Maternity leave

Police and security staff

45 days

Custodianship leave

Civilian female employee

15 days

Maximum 15 days for students under before academic stage

Lieutenant General, H.H Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Interior launched
the website of Fazaa project

Leaves given to employees in 2015 with frequency


Action title

No. of days


Action title

No. of days

Annual leave



Examination leave


Sick leave (treatment inside

the country)



Emergency (casual) leave



Official duty


Study leave



Sporting leave


Hajj leave



Course leave

Maternity leave



Graduation leave


Cash compensation for leave



Incentive leave



Study leave



Rotation leave



Unpaid leave



Custodianship leave



Sick leave (treatment outside

the country)



Paternity leave


Death leave



Second session leave


Exemption from military





Grand Total



Sick company leave



Waiting period leave



To provide the different services and privileges to its

employees, the Ministry satisfies its employees living
needs and requirements for the important role and duty
they assume to serve the country. Lieutenant General,
H.H Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Vice Prime
Minister and Minister of Interior launched the website
of Fazaa project under the Initiatives of Social Solidarity
Fund for employees of the Ministry of Interior.
This is a leading project in the field of social work because it provides several packages of services to the
Ministry employees and staff and public and private
sectors to attain the public interest, enhance competition between suppliers and partners and create incentives and opportunities pleasing its afflatus and their
So, Faaza e-project is a solidarity movement aiming to
promote the concept of social solidarity and support
rules of brotherhood and solidarity. The project also
realizes the Ministry strategy to be an optimal environment for work and solidarity and continuous field

attracting the efficient employees from different disciplines. To help employees, the project provides the
interactive website That enables the employees to know its objectives and privileges including a
number of services.
There are platinum, gold and silver memberships in Fazaa initiative including many privileges such as:
1- Insurance against personal accident leading to
death or permanent total or partial disability during or outside working hours.
2- Professional labor services.
3- Lease to own vehicles program.
4- Medical services.
5- Several discounts and offers.
6- Place service.
7- Facilitated good loan of 100,000 AED at zero interest.



Sustainability Report



Initiative of Social Solidarity Fund for employees in Ministry of Interior

Training, education and


Leaders Development and Innovators Care Center

General framework of training plan of 2015

Story of success

Because security and stability are an integral part and essential necessity to make progress and comprehensive
development in the country, the Ministry followed a new method based on scientific rules and methodology to
develop the human and material abilities of the Ministry to keep up with the comprehensive renaissance witnessed
by the country in different fields. The development and change movement to achieve excellence and leadership was
included in the essential values of the Ministry strategy as a strategic goal by investing our human resources and
encouraging innovation.

Pursuant to the public order passed by the Ministerial

Decree No. 349 of 1992 and the goals set for training,
the training requirements of the Ministry of Interior
was formulated and the following events were held:
Courses for officers.
Courses for noncommissioned officers.

To support this, the Minister of Interior passed the resolution no. 37 of 2008 to establish the organizational
structure of the Ministry of interior. A new organizational unit was created to be concerned with leadership
and innovation in the name of Leaders Development
and Innovators Care Center to set policies for developing and stimulating innovative and creative thinking
among the Ministrys employees and preparing the second row leaders to lead in the future in the Ministry of

Periodic training.

The Leaders Development and Innovators Care Center

is adhered to continuous development and improvement of the quality management system in accordance
with the international specification ISO 9001:2008 and
related legal and legislative requirements regulating its
work through continuous revision and review to attain
goals, assess performance, measure results and meet or
exceed the requirements of those who deal with. The
center also:

1- Behavioral skills such time management.

Participates in developing the leaders preparation

systems and updating the Ministry staff in leading
Evaluate the Ministrys employee efficiency to develop programs for them and submit reports in respect thereof.
Develop skill of top leaders in the Ministry of interior
in accordance with the latest systems and practices
so that they perform their rules efficiently.
Supervise preparation of the future leaders to assume the leading roles in the Ministry.
Develop policies and methods to discover, care and
encourage innovators and spread the innovative
thought culture in the Ministry.
Develop its employees abilities by suitable training
and spread the quality policy and culture among
them so that they provide excellent services.


Launching programs to improve the Ministry trainees skills and knowledge in two types:
Officers, noncommissioned officers and personnel: The
Ministry identifies its training requirements by determining the training programs required by the leaders
to their employees and developing the annual training
plan based on these requirements. The training plan includes:
2- Specialized skills such as criminal search and investigation.
3- Skills and courses required for military promotion
such as the first, middle and top leadership courses.
Moreover, the Ministry supports continuous learning
process by the following mechanisms:
1- Cognitive exchange.
2- E-club.
3- Reference comparison.
4- Scholarship systems of which 58 employees benefited.
5- Visiting institutions inside and outside the country
such as Germany to recognize the training potentials.
6- Participate in seminars and conferences such as the
international management processes development
To develop its employees abilities, the Ministry made
several achievements at the training level and established specialized units for training and attracted 108
internal trainers (instructors) to give annual courses.
Moreover, the Ministry executed a system for manpow-

Sustainability Report

er and performance assessment. This system provides

integrated e-solutions for the human resource planning
procedures in addition to the essential work duties and
providing statistics and reports required to take decisions. At the level of the general department of human
resources, a number of new projects was executed in
2015 such as:
1- Convert a number of manual procedures to electronic form.
2- Develop an e- system to communicate with the department manage to complete the required duties
and accelerate work progress.
At the training level, the Ministry of Interior and its affiliated authorities executed a large number of training
programs and activities according to the highest international standards to meet the training requirements.
Moreover the expected model of Emiratisation plan
was developed at the end of 2010 to 2015. The Training
Department executed 3039 training courses in security,
administrative and technological fields to improve employees efficiency to improve the services provided by
the police institution to the community.
The Ministry trains its employees and allow them to
have access to systems. It also provides the necessary instruments and equipment for its employees to perform
their jobs and duties and attain the Ministrys goals.
The Ministry provides all possible support to its employees to improve their talents and skills, enhance social coherence among them to develop them and maintain their high skills. Training is one of the main means
used by the Ministry at all administrative levels for continuous improvement of its employees skills.
At the environmental level, the environmental coordinators cooperate with the Training Department in the
Ministry to determine the training requirements of different classes of employees related to their duties and
roles and the efficiencies required from them to achieve
the required environmental performance, set training
plans for employees to acquire behavioral skills and
knowledge, ensure efficient application of sustainability
and improve environmental performance.



Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

Training Hours Average according to the job degree for the year 2015
Average of Training Hours for the Year 2015
Trainees Percent

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter

Commanding Category





Supervising category





Executive category





Specialized category










No. of trainees for half

7829 / 15036 = 52.07 %

Annual number of hours

4226 / 15088 = 28 %

12055/15088 = 79.9 %

Total Number of Training Hours Compared with Previous Years

Total No. of Employees Actual
Training Hours (with repetition)
during measurement period

Total No. of Employees at the End

of Measurement Period











Job Development
Since its first day, Ministry of interior has sought to reinforce its work force, employ skilled persons who can participate in its success as a leading governmental organization, through commitment with supporting the employees
development on the professional and personal level. Due to the importance such commitments constitutes on the
level of development of the higher commanding competencies for employees of Ministry of Interior, and development of their administrative abilities, reinforcement of their job skills such that they should meet the Ministrys
objectives and strategic plans, it was a must to qualify the national cadres, discover and develop the abilities of the
distinguished officers, empower them, prepare second line commanders, in a manner that ensures sustainability of
the march of excellence and innovation, according to organizational system that ensures adoption of creation and
innovative ideas, provision of all potentialities and needs required for driving employees towards excellence in a way
that is useful to the society.
Due to the importance of job development, which comes as embodiment of the police command vision of development in the fields of police and security work, especially for the assignments, responsibilities, procedures and
policies, the Ministry has celebrated the graduation of the course of (Change and Development Management) on
first of October 2015, which is one of the specialized courses in the modern administrative field, it was held to coup
up with the accelerating changes, follow the new administrative concepts in which (20) officers and personnel of
different departments within the Ministry were involved. Moreover, the course concentrated on reinforcement of
the group of skills which assists on creation, innovation, and development as Ministry of Interior has taken ling pace
in the field of innovation, and development creation in a way that serves work.

fying human cadres, advancing job skills, elevating the level of the cultural competency of their human resources,
linking them with the job course in the form which leads to positive change and making a specific move which
reinforces the march of development, and drives the police work towards better future; identifying the pivots of
change, its axes and requirements leads to satisfying the requirements of administrative excellence, further change
in work techniques and tools necessitate us change personnel behavior, develop their performance, promote their
skills, ideas and their self-abilities so that they can accommodate with new work circumstances..
Further, the Ministry encourages employees on participation in internal excellence awards which participates in employees understanding their role and the level of their participation in realizing continual success, on the job level,
for them and the Ministry. The level of employees understanding of their role in realizing success for the Ministry
is measured through evaluation of employees performance, level of their satisfaction with their role in realizing
Awards obtained by job cadres of Ministry of Interior

Order of the prime minister in the supervising field

Ministry of Interior
has won four

Order of the prime minister in the specialized field

Order of the prime minister in the administrative field

Order of the Prime Minister in the field of Clients service

Development aims at reinforcement of excellence and participates in strategic plans realizing their targets, such as
reinforcement of productivity, improvement of the level of the services rendered, work according to team spirit, reduction of cost, and fast accomplishment, therefore Ministry of Interior always organize courses which aim at quali-




Sustainability Report



Story of Success

(HH Minister of Interior Award of Excellence) in its third session 2015

This award is inclusive of contents with the aim of giving a push to the innovation march with integral performance through its three categories, which participate
in sustainable organizational performance development towards quality and excellence, thus spreading
the positive effects of change and development result-


ing from them. This award was complementary to the

award of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Government
Excellence Award, with the aim of advancing the level of
services, development of comprehensive quality criteria, and performance criteria in all sectors of Ministry of
Interior, which therefore embodies the Ministrys strategy, aspirations of HH Deputy Prime Minister, Minister
of Interior aiming at motivating the employees within
the governmental and private sectors towards distinction and creation, developing the positive sense with
the concerned, encouraging them on competing on the
Mohammed Bin Rashid Government Excellence Award,
reinforcing cooperating connections between the police organization and the society with its different tiers
and individuals.


Excellent Area, Excellent Comprehensive Police Center),

according to the strategic values based on justice, transparency and excellence.

Organizational performance improvement percent

in the sectors and commands reached (19%) from
the award second session

The award has realized the series of success Ministry of

Interior has long sought on all levels, as it took on its
shoulder excellence and success as sole option, encouraged team work and dedication therein, and belief in
the holiness of the message it holds within the future
police command vision it put for spreading the excellence culture and making same an actual practice in organizational and job performance, thus constituting the
comprehensive frame for organizational excellence and
competition between all sectors, commands, teams
and employees within Ministry of Interior, thus becoming one of the first security excellence systems on the
world level.

Improvement percent in the number of participations in different awards reached (12%) from the
award second session

Moreover, (the HH Minister of Interiors Excellence

Award) has won:

In harmony with the Ministry of Interiors vision represented in acting effectively to realize the Ministrys
strategic objectives, and couping up with the Ministrys
aspirations to advance the job performance of its employees through motivating and encouraging them to
compete in providing the best services based on the
highest international practices, the Lieutenant General
HH Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al-Nahayan Deputy Prime
Minister and Minister of Interior (The excellence award
of HH Minister of Interior) in a step that aims at embodiment of the higher police commands attention to the
importance of distinction and excellence, motivating
the employees keeping the accomplishments realized
in the course of safety and security, and realizing the
aspiration through the Ministry strategic vision which is
focused on work effectively in order for the United Arab
Emirates to be one of the best world countries as to security and safety, through activating the organizational
frame and approach for governance and continuance
motivation, which enabled Ministry of Interior to occupy the peak of excellence on the level of the country,
even on the world level in the reports of the International Competitiveness in obtaining awards.

Sustainability Report

The award of best internal development work team

on the countrys level within the Mohammed Bin
Rashid Government Excellence Award.
Intellectual property certificate from Ministry of
Economy in the United Arab Emirates
However the accomplishments and results realized as
a result of application of the system of (HH Minister of
Interiors Excellence Award) are:

The award developed a fertile environment for training, and promoting the skills and abilities of award
evaluators, as the percent of increase in the number
of the Ministry evaluators participating in the evaluation reached (69%)from the award second session
The award participated in preparing the Ministry for
participating in local and international excellence
awards, as the percent of the awards obtained by
the Ministry in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Government Excellence Award from (50%) on the year 2012
to (72.2%) on the year 2014 with the total of (16)
awards out of (22) awards. Number of the awards
the Ministry obtained internationally rose from (5)
awards on 2013 to (15) awards on 2014. During the
year 2015 the Ministry obtained (11) international
awards, it is expected for the Ministry to obtain on
2016, several local awards which are distributed every other year.
Furthermore, every year the work team supervising the
award in the Ministry, after the end of every session,

Besides, the award has motivated the individuals on

application the concepts and criteria of international
police distinction, created a spirit of police competition between different sectors and commands and employees of the Ministry, gave them the opportunity for
showing their skills, accomplishments and using same
in the service and development of police work.
Number of Participations in the HH Minister of Interiors Excellence Award in its third session for the year
2015 reached (450) divided on (65) award categories,
out of motivation and empowering, the award secretariat had the opinion to coup up with the increase in the
number of participations by increasing the motivations
in the award main categories (Excellent Management,



Sustainability Report



develops its operations to coup up with the modern

developments on all levels, the distinction expert team
in the Ministry work on evaluation and reviewing the
categories, criteria and mechanisms of the award execution such that they should suit the governmental excellence system (fourth generation) and the United Arab
Emirates strategy for smart transfer.
Lieutenant General HH Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al-Nahayan Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior has given
security cooperation medal for a number of police senior commanders in appreciation of their efforts in police and security work.

Excellence Awards:
1- Distinguished Department Award
2- Distinguished Security Area Award
3-Award of the Best Section in Security Field
4- Award of the Excelled Comprehensive Police Center
5- Security Award of Ports (land/maritime/air)
6- Crime Scene Award
7-Strategic Development Award
8- Award of the Best Section in Measuring Productivity
9- Award of the Best Clients Service Center
10-Partnership Management Award
11- Human Resources Satisfaction Award

24- Award of Best Body in Standard Comparisons

Vocational Health and Safety

25- Award of Managing Catastrophes and Crises

Ministry of Interior has given the greatest attention to the

health and safety of its employees and put it among its
strategic priorities to encounter the risks resulting from
work environment circumstances in the framework of coherent, constant and effective policy and provision of the
most recent medicine in case the employee is subject to
any injury. The Ministry undertook to consider the best
international practices and standards in the field of health
and safety management, seeks to realize continual improvements in its performance in this field. The management methodology is represented in ensuring the health
and safety of the employees and transistors in the administrative systems and policies the Ministry applies, which
embody the police command interest in development of
the medical services rendered to police employees and
their families. To reinforce this, it was endeavored to hold
several courses and workshops which are still continued
for doctors, and work for admission of the medical systems internationally modern, as using ultrasound waves in
the arthritis & joints diseases and injuries. Development
and upgrading plan for all medical devices and diagnostic
equipment continued, in this regard architectural practical procedures were taken for lasic and ultralasic clinic
building within the specialized clinics in the medical services department. The ophthalmology clinic new building
is considered one of the development fruits, for its provision of the most recent treatment methods for police elements and their families, this building is considered a new
addition as medical edifice, which is added to the remaining specialized clinics included by the medical services in
Ministry of Interior.

26-Award of Creation Management

27- Award of Innovative Idea For 2015
28-Award of Excelled Service Development Team

Job Awards:
1-Award of Best Officer in the Commanding Field
2- Award of Best Officer in the Supervising Field
3- Award of Best Officers in the Technical/Technological/Engineering Fields
4- Award of Best Officer in Specialty Field
5- Award of Best Officer in the Field Domain
6- Award of Best Officer in the Administrative Field
7-Award of Best Noncommissioned Officer and Personnel in the Technical/Technological/Engineering
8- Award of Best Noncommissioned Officer and Personnel in Specialty Field
9- Award of Best Noncommissioned Officer and Personnel in the Field Domain
10- Award of Best Noncommissioned Officer and Personnel in the Administrative Field

12-Green Applications Award

11- Award of Best Noncommissioned Officer and Personnel in Clients Service

13-Award of Planning and Performance Management,

won by Dubai Police General Headquarters

12- Award of Best Civil Employee in Technical/Technological/Engineering Fields

14- Information and Knowledge Management Award

13- Award of Best Civil Employee in Specialty Field

15-Award of the Best Experiment in the Field of Reforming and Rehabilitation of Prisoners/Juveniles

14- Award of Best Civil Employee in Field Domain

16- Award of Excelled External Joint Team

17-Award of the Team of Excelled Internal Performance
18- Award of Excelled Internal Joint Team

15- Award of Best Civil Employee in Administrative

Field 16- Award of Best Civil Employee in Clients
Service Field
17- Award of Best New Employee
18- Award of Innovative Employee

The Ministry has early realized the importance of using

quantitative and quality standards and indicators in describing the conditions and circumstances of vocational
and environmental health and safety, and has studies the
subject of merging the vocational health care within the
preliminary health care services, to facilitate transferring
the sick cases to health care advanced level, to specialists

Schedule Stating Numbers of Work Injuries within

the years from 2012-2015
Number of work



19-Victims Caring Award

19- Award of Ideal Mother



20-Governmental Communication Award

20- Award of Ideal Partner



21- Award of Excellence in the Electronic Field

21- Award of Societal Service




22-Award of Excelled Technological/Technical Team

22- Award of Ideal Driver



23-Award of Best Body in Traffic Field

23- Award of Creation and Innovation


No case of death was recorded for the year of 2015

Sustainability Report

and specialized hospitals, and provision of special medical

register for each employee, and regulations for classification of vocational health diseases, to be a basic reference
for the Ministry on need.
Further, Ministry of interior is total obliged with rendering
its services safely and responsibly towards environment,
and ensuring health, safety and care for employees, transactors, its partners, clients and society individuals who may
be affected by its actions. The Ministry is also obliged with
continual improvement of environmental performance
of its activities whereas the targets of environment and
vocational health & safety emphasize spreading Ministry
of Interiors policy and objectives between all employees,
its transactors, partners, clients and all society members
which reflect obligation with the guiding principles related to environment, health and safety in the country, and
managing the accidents of environment, health and safety
and reporting same to authorities in charge after investigating them internally. I.e. being obliged with ensuring
and quality of effective consultation procedures on environment, vocational health and safety with all employees
through cooperation or sharing in responsibility between
individuals and all governmental and private sectors in the
country, and limiting environmental pollution as much as
possible, and provision of enough training and information to maintain efficiency and awareness of environment,
vocational health & safety all over the levels in Ministry of
Therefore, the Ministry defined targets and ends for environment and vocational health & safety such that they
should be measurable in a way commensurate with the
governmental objectives, merging the risk limitation and
reduction in the aspects of environment, health and safety
in general, setting considerations of maintaining biological
diversity, integrity of environmental systems within decision making operation, evaluating employees performance
as related to environment, vocational health & safety and
reporting same to develop, reinforce and improve performance, with the aim of reducing negative effects on the
environment within scope

The Ministrys training programs in 2015 included

several courses on occupational health and safety
such as:
1- Occupational security health and safety systems.
2- Security and safety in prisons.
3- Corporate (institutional) occupational health and
4- First aids.
5- Principles of fire protection and safety.
6- Others.



Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

Reinforcing Emiratisation

Measuring Job Satisfaction for the Employees

Ministry of Interior managed through job development programs, societal police project, participation in employment exhibitions in attracting and employment of big number of national cadres from both sexes, of university
graduates and general secondary school students, gave them the opportunity to become within its cadres for including Emiratisation with police sectors on the local and federal levels. In harmony with the national sound trends
towards sustainable knowledge economy led by national cadres, the Ministry formed a specific national cadre
which took on their shoulder the management of the country organization efficiently, where citizen formed the
basic element in development and advancement of work system . The Ministry has worked on setting the plans and
programs needed for giving a push to Emiratisation in all departments, with the aim of creating opportunities for
specific localization, and reducing relying on foreign workers within the Ministry cadres.

The Ministry of Interior has conducted an opinion survey to evaluate the job satisfaction of the employees at the
Ministry. The survey targeted the employees community at the Ministry from both genders in all Emirates of the
State; including all job levels as well as all departments and nationalities. It has been taken into account when
selecting the sample of employees satisfaction that such sample would be selected on random basis, and would
represent the various job categories (the Leading and supervisory positions, and the executive position and the specialized and technical positions). The survey was also intended to represent the various sectors (the Police Leaders
and the Assistant Undersecretary and the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai, and the Outlets
and the Traffic & Licensing Sector and the Civil Defense, and the Penal & Correctional Installations) given that the
number of the targeted sample was (3258) individuals, and the number of the achieved sample was (3199), i.e., the
response ratio was (98.2 %)

Emiratisation Percent for 2015





Emiratisation percent (total)

84.7 %


96.18 %

Emiratisation percent for command category

3.5 %

3.5 %

100 %

Emiratisation percent for supervising category

14.2 %

14.2 %

100 %

The General Job Satisfaction Rate for the employees at the Ministry of Interior for the year 2015 has reached (71.4%)
with a drop of (7.8) percentage points vis--vis the year 2014 where the Satisfaction Rate has reached 79.2 % with
the mechanism of (Top Two Boxes), where the General Job Satisfaction Rate for the employees at the Ministry of
Interior for the year 2014 has reached (85.7 %).
The justification for such drop is that we have used the highest two rates in the Measuring Process as directed,
which resulted in reducing the Rate of Satisfaction.

The students and delegates were connected with Emiratisation plan which aims at breeding new generation of Emirates academically and professionally qualified by targeting specialized jobs:

The Employees

Medicine and medical sciences Engineering sciences Fields of energy Environmental sciences
This is performed through delegating Ministry of Interiors employees to universities and faculties inside and outside
the country for study, according to Emiratisation needs then redistributing the employee to the organizational units
targeted with Emiratisation. This way, the Ministry managed to support its strategy in investing future man power.
Statistic about Educational Scholarships submitted by Educational Institutions to the Ministry Employees
Educational institutions scholarships/Body

Their number


Study is on

Higher education cost

Ras Al-Khaima cost

The Ministry has also applied the vocational and job advance program for citizens through military promotion programs, and specialized qualification programs, and qualifying commanders and second line commanders in a way
that reinforces Emiratisation percentage in the Ministry.

(Top 2 boxes)










71.4 %



(Emiratisation bag) was also released within Abu Dhabi police programs, which is a training program assigned for recent graduates which was placed for the civil and military tiers with the aim of increasing awareness of new employees of the basic axes in Abu Dhabi police such as: organizational structure, servant duties and rights, police behavior
and morals rules approved for Ministry of Interior employees, and the methods and initiatives in Abu Dhabi Police.

As regard the reason for the decrease of the average Satisfaction Rate in some axes, that is attributed to the disparity
in the mechanism of encoding the responses at the time of the Opinion Survey, as the quintet scale was converted
into a tripartite one over the previous years through combining I totally disagree and I do not agree, and giving
them the degree (1), and the neutral the degree (3) and I totally agree and I agree| were given the degree (5).

The infinite support Ministry of Interior gave to Emiratisation file positively affected Emiratisation , and encouragement of departments on adopting job replacement process, through disseminating spirit of competitiveness with
organizational units to seek Emiratisation of their human cadres in the sake of pushing Emiratisation and replacement, deepening Emiratisation culture for commanding category, finding more jobs for citizens therein, to realize
the national objectives which accord with the Ministry policies to meet the requirements of employment market
for national man power.

However, in the following year, the variables were encoded (from 5 to 1) which means the existence of a drop in the
average satisfaction rate, as a consequence of the mechanism of dealing with the data, rather than the decrease of

The Ministry has sought to support the countrys efforts to increase the percent of citizens working in police corps
and train them in embodiment of the economic and social reality, and develop the training programs provided for
them and consolidate their educational and scientific experts alike.





Sustainability Report



Our Management Approach towards Society

As a Ministry of Interior, our responsibility towards the
Emeriti Society has a priority. Accordingly, the Ministry
has adopted clear policy to identify social responsibility
that goes in line with the best practices, on both national and international levels, so as to meet the standards
and requirements of the Emeriti society.
As part of the Ministrys concern to build up and achieve
a strategy for social responsibility, the real needs of
those who are involved were carefully identified while
achieving and evaluating the Ministrys social responsibility as well as recognizing the degree of its feasibility
to those needs.
In order to effectuate its leading role in the social field,
the Ministry accomplished several activities, such as

5. Launching the Minister of Interiors Award for Excellence, including the Award of Social Responsibility
so as to motivate the target groups.
6. Encouraging the involved to participate in national
and international competitions.
7. Using the various channels of communication to
identify the needs and requirements of those who
are involved in the initiatives of social responsibility,
such as

2. Organizing Ramadan competitions, cultural lectures

and collective iftar.

Official correspondences;

5. Achieving 86 Social initiatives during 2015.

Social Responsibility
Part of our duties, our social role and the nature of environment where we do our job, we constitute an essential cornerstone of the Emeriti society. Therefore,
we have our own contribution in protecting and developing our society as per the regulatory legislations.
The great development we achieved at work has been
reflected on the development of our society leading to
adopting lots of national, social, economic and environmental initiatives in which we effectively participate.
This has been reflected in several fields such as
1. Disseminating and promoting the concept of social
responsibility among our employees and partners
by highlighting the successful experiences applied in
the state and region using ISO 26000 as a criterion
for success.
2. We took into consideration the expectations of the
beneficiaries as well as our responsibility for making
the right decisions to achieve sustainable achievement.


The Initiative of the Ministry of Interiors Village

4. Producing real social initiatives which are responsible, sustainable and documented.


4. Participating in the weddings and other social activities of its employees so as to embody the spirit of


3. Imparting institutional nature on the applications of

the social responsibility taken by our management.

1. Developing an annual plan for sports and cultural

activities through the Police Sports Union.

3. Organizing Haj and Umrah trips.

Sustainability Report

Official meetings with groups involved;

Site visits;
Ideas and suggestions submitted by the involved
Cooperating with the specialized institutions and
achieving the standard comparisons;
Supporting and encouraging voluntary participations; and
Recommending incentives and rewards for the
employees of the ministry and its various departments.

Social Police
We enhanced (the Social Police) to cover
all suburbs and communities to effectively
replace the traditional police system and
create safe residential quarters, spreading
social awareness and gathering the police
members with the civilians for one goal
through the activation of peoples role in
the prevention of crimes, and to achieve
one mutual goal; developing the social behavior and individual responsibility.

Believing in the importance of effective communication with our society, the ministry launched (the Ministry of
Interiors Village) in all the Emirates of the State to allow a large number of people to make use of its various activities. This initiative is considered as the first of its kind in the world, as a security institution introduces all its activities
and services to people where they often exist, such as gardens, parks and entertainment places. These programs and
activities are various and renewable so as to enhance communication and interaction between the police members
and people. All the parts of the village indeed witnessed a large number of visitors where they were able to practice
their social activities easily and comfortably.
And every time the village is open for visitors, the organizing committee cares to explore the views of people about
the ministrys services such as the emergency call numbers, the electronic website of the ministry as well as their
opinions about the positive and negative sides in the village so as to avoid the negative ones in the future.
Furthermore, an electronic website for the village has been launched within the electronic website of the ministry so
that the visitors can easily identify the services and programs available there. The link is given below.



Sustainability Report



The Social National Initiative: Express your love to the UAE

HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed - Minister of Interior- taking a photo selfe with a group of students
The Ministry of Interior launched a national initiative organized by Khalifa Programme (to enable students) under
the title (express your love to the UAE) which aimed to show love and appreciation to the leadership and people of
the United Arab Emirates. This initiative came as a new vision which aimed to deepen the effective communication
among the various parts of the Emeriti society, citizens and residents, providing the opportunity for everybody to
express their real love and loyalty to the UAE and its wise leadership which labors to achieve happiness and welfare
for people. The initiative also aims to enable people to express their love on their own way and document it and
publish it, opening all channels of communication with the community and the various institutions of the state. Another objective is to familiarize people with the humanitarian and developmental roles of the UAE on the regional
international levels. All the audio and visual speeches given by citizens, residents and tourists to express their love
to the country and its leadership are documented and kept as a national reference which reflects gratitude towards
the UAE. The initiative includes a variety of activities such as organizing a poetry forum to the non-native speakers,
and another forum for the Arab residents. A sports day is also organized, and a mass social activity to express love
to the UAE through painting. Furthermore, the oldest residents of doctors, engineers and others are appreciated.
Appreciation awards of all types are offered to distinguished participants including citizens and residents.


The Initiative of the Ministry of Interiors Councils

Communication with the various parts of the community has a unique priority at the Ministry of Interior.
Accordingly, the ministry established the M.I. Councils
which are held during Ramadan to provide opportunities discussing all types of topics creating social momentum at the level of the state and other participants. Attending these councils represents an important source
for designing the developmental policies of the ministry.
The ministry provided the opportunity for everybody
to participate in these councils, men and women. The
councils reflected the cooperation and communication
with the ministry to face challenges and other social
phenomena through the recommendations raised in
such councils so as to enhance the quality of services,
and establish a secured community.
These Ramadan councils played essential roles, such as
1. Constant communication between service provider
and recipients
2. Informing people about the ministry services with
high transparency


Sustainability Report

3. Changing the traditional image of the police which

has become a social institution that cares about the
issues of the community
4. It has become a real point of communication between the ministry and the community, representing
an ideal example for social partnership.
5. Enhancing legal culture among people
6. It has become a good habit featured with content
and topics raised
7. Reflecting the public participation in the issuance of
decisions that serve the local community
These Ramadan councils are considered as an important initiative which succeeded in creating a wide public
base of Emeriti families, reflecting the social interaction
between the individuals of our society. They managed
to positively influence the community through hosting
social effective elites. These councils have played a great
role to instill the concept of loyalty, and enhance the
national identity, exchanging opinions between people
with no exception.



Sustainability Report



Story of Success

General Administration of Civil Defense / Abu Dhabi

The Ministry of Interior has establish the General Administration of Civil Defense as the main objective of this institution is protect human and material wealth in the state. The ministry provided the Civil Defense with all types
of support so as to establish its centers all over the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, issuing regulations and legislations that
could assist in achieving the required objectives of Civil Defense. The modern civil defense centers covered all residential, commercial and industrial areas. There are now 52 modern centers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi provided
with trained teams as well as all types of equipment and machinery so as to be capable for facing all kinds accidents.

Believing in the importance of social partnership, and the role of people in achieving the strategic goals of the civil
defense which leads in the end to the benefit of the country, the General Administration of Civil Defense signed
agreements and partnerships with municipality, tourism authority, Abu Dhabi Education Council, and others. These
agreements and partnerships included obligation to apply all procedures and conditions in the buildings and facilities.

The ministry constantly aims to enhance and educate

people through organizing campaigns and launching
initiatives. These campaign and initiatives are often accomplished through a wide net of specializations covering all types of media and social network under the
supervision of Security Media Department. This department has adopted the media discourse of the ministry
and how to convey it to people objectively through the
various means of communication to raise their awareness and familiarize them with the services and achievements of the ministry, reinforcing the sense of security
and positive conduct. The community is addressed in
three languages (English, Arabic and Urdu) focusing
on gaining the trust of people of all types and levels,
the newspapers readers, the social network users, and
others. They are carefully treated so as to meet their
needs and inclinations. In addition, the Security Media
Department produces and provides all types of materials and programs for TV, radio, press, internet, advertisements, photography, translation, media archive and
documentation, and periodicals of security media and

We also organized campaigns through media, social network, press and publications, and documentary films so as
to establish prevention awareness among people. We also visited all schools in Abu Dhabi as we believe that the
new generations need to understand the correct safety procedures and be aware of the dangers surrounding them.
Besides, many exhibits were organized in the malls and shopping centers so as to reach most people using all possible capabilities to convey the correct information through well-trained teams.
As a result of our concern to protect souls and properties, we developed our performance at the various sites of
work through the application of prevention procedures which aim to creating safe environment for work.

The security media plan focuses on several stages which


On the other hand, the Civil Defense coordinated with the police and other public and private institutions to lead
exercises of simulated evacuation to raise team work efficiency and rehabilitate those who work on the civil defense

1. Collecting all statistics and indications related to

performance and current state of the institution
2. Leading standard comparisons with international
media circles and governmental bodies of commu-



Means of Communication and


We were able through the strategy of security media

to gain the trust of people who constitute the core of
our media strategy. We adopted transparency as an approach in our dealing with the media. We also concentrated on raising awareness among people about the
services of the ministry by using all channels of communication to reach target people and ensure readiness
for fast and active responses so as to keep such trust
in a community that lives safely in the UAE. The strategy also intended to enhance the quality of human resources, and using them properly, rehabilitating official
spokesmen distinguished and competent. Meanwhile,
we work on supporting the objectives and priorities of
the institution, and building partnership with the related union institutions.

In the field of enhancing cooperation with people, the civil defense in Abu Dhabi participated in the national campaign of visiting families at home. 4000 families were visited (85000 people), educating them against the risks of fire
and how to use extinguishers to fight fire.

Sustainability Report

nication, including comparisons between types and

methods of communication and their quality
The ministry follows the mechanism of the security
media work which is achieved through the various divisions and branches.
1. The Press: this branch is responsible for sending the
material related to the services and activities of the
ministry to the media, and preparing press material
for the media campaigns.
2. The Television: This branch coordinates with the
TV channels to broadcast the news and reports
which serve the strategy of the ministry. It increases
the security awareness among people, and provides
TV coverage for the media campaigns. Besides, it
produces TV adverts for these campaigns as well as
documentary programs which support the image of
the police institution and its achievements.
3. The Radio: This branch coordinates with the radio
stations to broadcast news which deepens the security awareness among people. It works on live programs to cover activities, and coordinates replies on
complaints and suggestions.
4. The Center of Institutional Reputation Management: it applies the video identity of the Ministry of
Interior on all media materials. It prepares and analyses the results of media researches and studies which
contributes in the development of security media
and measure the campaign results. It leads studies
and researches about any developments in the field
of media. It also publishes adverts in the newspapers
and magazines. The center is responsible for organizing all types of campaigns, media, marketing, traffic
awareness, social and security. Finally, it supervises
the updating of data, and publishing the media materials on the electronic websites.
5. Social Network Center: It includes applications
such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and
Google+. It is characterized with speed and accuracy of covering the news of the ministry, and the
police leadership in the state. It publishes messages,
awareness campaigns, and familiarize people with
the services of the ministry.



Sustainability Report



6. Division of Government Communication and

Media Support: this division uses the channels of
communication to reach the target people dealing with issues related to the Ministry of Interior.
It works on developing an interactive and positive

relationship with the media. It also works on reinforcing the government communication to support
decision making, designing policies, and contributing in achieving success.

The Security Media Department has won local and international awards for achieving the goals and strategies
of the Ministry of Interior, such as

The award of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid for the Government Excellence, Federal Category,
in the field of Government Communication, first, second, and third sessions respectively.

Voluntary Work
The Ministry of Interior believes that the voluntary
work is a sustainable work for our society. It works on
attracting, training and motivating people as volunteers
to participate in disseminating security awareness, and
giving proper services to individuals and institutions ensuring contribution in achieving the strategic objectives

2. Making use of the experiences and skills of the volunteers to serve their community
3. Investing the hidden energy of the youth to reinforce voluntary work
4. Developing the spirit of participation among people
enhancing the principle of citizenship

The ministry constantly aims to enhance the initiatives

that encourage employees to participate in the various
social activities through

The best governmental practice in the Social Electronic Participation, 2015

The best strategic website, 2015


1. Developing cooperation between volunteers and

internal and external partners and civil society organizations

The Award of the Minister of Interior for Excellence, second and third sessions in the
field of Government Communications, the years 2013 and 2015

The best interactive platform, the category of ministries websites, and thanks to the
UAE in Egypt.

Sustainability Report

1. Applying the approach of public relationship management with the society

2. Exempting participants from other work

The Award of the International Internet

Awards of Global Marketing Activity first place, sports car project

3. Establishing and offering the social service medal

4. Adding the standard of social service participation
to assess employees

The number of volunteers has increased at the social

police department in the General Headquarter of Abu
Dhabi Police to (145) volunteers during 2015, who par-

International Platinum Award, category (institutional reputation F999)

The best Interactive Government Platform on Facebook

Table showing the number of volunteers and the number of volunteer hours for 2015

All statistics and numbers indicates that the Security Media has accomplished 76017 tasks in the field of media during 2015. They covered materials
on press, TV, radio, publications, internet, adverts, social network, photography, translation, documentation and archive, security media periodicals and
various campaigns.


ticipated in the activities held by the Abu Dhabi Police.

The Ministry intends to activate the role of volunteers
through activating the volunteering branches to play a
positive role in spreading the concept of giving. Several
agreements have been signed to reinforce the concepts
of volunteering. The students of the Colleges of Technology are an example for such volunteers who have 16
hours of voluntary work within their courses.



No. of Volunteers

Hours of voluntary work

No. of Activities























Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report

Some of the most important standards for voluntary work are the skills that a volunteer should have so that he
could do his work effectively and properly. In addition, the volunteer should have good idea about the police job
and their positive role in the society. Finally, a volunteer should be enthusiastic to do his voluntary work.
H.H. Lt. General Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, attended the signing of a
memorandum of understanding between the Emirates Association for Strategic Planning and Emirates Association
for Volunteering on the sidelines of the third annual conference for the Emirates Association for Strategic Planning,
2015 so as to reinforce mutual work between the two associations. According to the memorandum, the two associations work on enhancing partnership and cooperation in the field of social responsibility, making use of human
and material capabilities. The memorandum emphasizes cooperation between both parties in different fields such
as providing volunteers to participate in the various activities performed by the two associations. It also focuses on
providing consultancy about strategic planning and effective partnership.

Pictures of Social events for Ministry of Interior




Sustainability Report



Human rights

Response mechanism to human right complaints

UAE adopted the following four of nine essential conventions concerned with the human rights and issued
by the United Nations:

The U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All

Forms of Racial Discrimination 1974

The U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All

Forms of Discrimination against Woman 2004

The Convention on Child Rights1997

The Convention on Handicapped Persons 2008

Moreover, UAE adopted the following nine conventions

/ agreements of the World Labor Organization on human rights:

Convention No.

Convention Subject

Convention 1 of 1919

Working hours (industry)

Convention 29 of 1930

Forcible work

Convention 81 of 1947

Work inspection

Convention 89 of 1948

Working at night,

Convention100 of 1951

Equal pay

Convention 105 of

Canceling forcible

Convention 111 of

Discrimination in employment and profession

Convention 138 of

Minimum age

Convention 182 of

Worst children work


The Ministry of Interior complies with the above agreements and conventions and the Human Rights Department of the Ministry made great efforts in this field. It
worked with all concerned authorities, partners and
suppliers to find the best means and practices to deepen the community understanding of this issue to keep
up with the country trend to protect human rights.
Moreover, the Ministry sought to spread the human
rights culture using different communication means
and reviewed and revised the courses of different police faculties, institutes and schools. It also established
a website for the Human Rights Department on the internet ( to receive complaints,
reports and proposals on breaches and contraventions.


The Ministry receives complaints through several channels including its official website and the proper actions
are taken on a case by case basis. Confidentiality is observed in the actions and witnesses and complaints
protections. The partners satisfaction with human
rights in the questionnaire of 2015 applied to 300 suppliers reached 91.7%.
Ministrys efforts to protect human rights
Excellence in the field of human rights protection was
achieved because the Ministry believes that the main
duty of different police authorities is to realize public security and safety and protect souls. The Ministry
made more efforts to attain the country goals in the
field of equality and human and labor rights by the following means:
1- Establish a department for human rights in the Ministry.
2- Create social support centers to protect victims of
different crimes.
3- Provide psychological and social support and accommodate victims of family violence particularly
women and children. These direction were generalized among all police leaders all over the country.
4- Establish several units concerned with the human
rights protection such as the law respect culture
office and dispute divisions in the nationality and
residence affairs sector and created the Ministry of
Interior center for Child Protection. The Ministry
of Interior provides full care to interns, meets their
requirements and needs and rehabilitate them in
training programs including the labor market program implemented in cooperation with the high
technology faculties.
In 2015, no abuses of human rights were recorded in
security institutions and there were no opinion prisoners in the country. UAE came 14th internationally on
the human rights indicators as for the essential rights of
man and to what extent the state provides these rights
on its land to its citizens and others. Every year, the
Ministry of Interior celebrates the world day of human
rights and the world day of handicapped rights because
the human protection is the core of our work. Our participation confirms that the country took vast steps to
reinforce the rights of all community classes.
Measures taken to eliminate child labor
In the field of childs rights, the ministries executed
several initiatives and projects to protect our children
against risks, combat and eliminate children work and

boost childs protection and security by taking the necessary actions

and measures including:
1- Establishing a child protection
center concerned with all affairs of the offences committed
against children and all phenomena encouraging employment of children.
2- UAE passed legislations and
laws to ensure the childs right
to lead a good life in an integrated social and family system
guaranteeing all legal rights, humanitarian and educational, for
him or her.
3- Proposing solutions and initiatives to provide protection for
children and observe and monitor the internet crimes such as:
Inducement and deception of
Observing and monitoring sexual abuses or exploitation trials
of children.
Control and monitor of contraventions committed in the
internet cafes and public networks by documentation of the
users identity and use record.
Increasing awareness of the optimal use of internet at the family and individual level and of the
risks they may be exposed to.
4- Develop and implement, in coordination with the concerned
authorities, media campaigns
and specialized academic and
training programs to increase
the awareness level of the gravity of information technology
crimes related to bad exploitation of children via the internet.
5- Monitor suspected financial
transactions concluded via internet of concern to exploiting
children and identify person
who commit such exploitation
crimes, produce, distribute or
acquire such files types.

Sustainability Report

Maintaining Social Security

The social security is considered the cornerstone on which the progress is
based and the development adopts it to achieve the targets of the community. Based on this, the Ministry of Interior worked to support the security and develop its services to achieve tranquility and safety and keep
pace with scientific progress to fight the crime and work to raise the efficiency of the security officers by training and scientific planning and sending missions abroad and introduction of police criminal lab which helps
the security officers to face the cases which occur in the big cities and
establish Police Colleges to meet the requirements of the social security
where the Ministry conducted many procedures which shall maintain the
security, such as for limiting:
1. The Ministry took the necessary arrangements to operate the service
of dealing with the phone reports via the mobile camera to reduce the
response time and increase the efficiency thereof the matter which
enhances the protection of the lives and property.
2. The Ministry succeeded by its professional police cadres to reduce
the disturbing crime index and placed a classification of the crimes
as per the criminal method and the performance and the conditions,
in a way that contributed in monitoring the criminal phenomena and
face them and implement a package of procedures to fight the crime
via the security programs and initiatives which helped in reducing the
rated thereof and entering developed methods in the field of fighting,
towards the efficiency of the police officers and the awareness of the
locals and the expatriates and their cooperation in this regard.
3. The Security Media Department performed thousands of works which
embody the approach of the Ministry of Interior for the transparency
in dealing with all the individuals of the community via different media.
4. The Ministry, represented by Department of Punitive and Reformatory
Establishments has signed a memorandum of understanding with Abu
Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute regarding establishing continuous and developed cooperation and coordination partnership between the two parties, for the purpose of providing opportunity to the inmate of the punitive and reformatory establishments to
complete the education course, the matter which shall provide them
with work opportunities after their integration with the community.
And in a way which decreases the unemployment rate for them and
contribute in reducing the rate of their return to the crime and violating the law.

Realistic Example
The Criminal Investigation Department Abu Dhabi achieved major
achievement in the operation of (Wooden Doors) which has been
followed by HRH Minister of Interior personally where promotion of
almost (4 million narcotic pills) had been aborted in Al-Ain City of
which (11750) pills in emirate of Dubai and the operation was carried
out by a professional fighting team that included Abu Dhabi Police,
Dubai Police and Ministry of Interior and this seizure is considered
the biggest seizure for this kind of drugs at the level of the State.



Sustainability Report



The Campaigns Launched By Ministry of Interior to Maintain The Social

In line with its strategy towards achieving an efficient sustainable community, Ministry of Interior launched initiatives and campaigns aimed at achieving the social security and protecting its economy and maintain its environment through launching several campaigns, for example:

Campaigns of Holy Month of Ramadan and Summer Season

Civil Defense General Command in Ministry of Interior launched initiative of (Safety is everybodys responsibility) coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan and summer season to spread the culture of prevention and
safety among the individuals of the community. A time schedule had been prepared for the campaigns which are
included in the initiative, namely: (My House is Safe), (My Kitchen is Safe), (My Kid is Safe), (My Tent is Safe) and
(My Car is Safe) and the campaign to define the (risk materials) (Falling From High Places), (Risks of Swimming
Pools & Open Places) and asking the public to not to throng at the sites of accidents and call on the following
numbers (997 / 999 / 998) in emergencies.
Launch a comprehensive campaign for traffic safety during the holy month of Ramadan entitled (Safe Ramadan)
which aims at providing the traffic safety and limits the occurrence of traffic accidents during the holy month.
Agree with Al-Ihsan Charity Association which carries out (Project of Safe Ramadan 5) to distribute about
(103500) iftar meals throughout the holy month in emirate of Abu Dhabi in distribution rate of about (3450)
meals daily of which (1770) in the capital Abu Dhabi, (1000) meals in Al-Ain and (750) meals in the Western
Area, also 2000 volunteers had participated in distributing the meals, (1200) in Abu Dhabi, (700) in Al-Ain and
(100) in the Western Area.

No Begging Campaign
As the begging is considered one of the lesions of the
community, the Ministry launched a campaign called
(No Begging) to raise awareness of the risks of dealing
with beggars, considering the begging is uncivilized
appearance and source of disturbance and open field
for cheating and fraud to get money from people who
sympathize with those beggars.
As we deal with the community members as partners,
the Ministry called the community members to coordinate with the police in reporting such beggars,
considering the partnership with the community to
face this social lesion is a priority of the police work, as
the efforts cannot be successful except via the social
participation, in which the Public bear their duties, as
they are the first defense line against and in fighting
the lesion. The beggars tend to win the sympathy of
the locals and the residents and in many ways and
forms which are dominated by lie and fraud, exploiting the kindness of the UAE Community and rush of
people to do good things, but this phenomenon has
its negative effects on the security aspects and the


Sustainability Report


They Tricked Me Campaign and a leading role of the Police Leadership in

The Ministry of Interior paid a great attention to the counter narcotics, and providing all technical and material opportunities to face this problem, in addition to carrying out awareness activities in the visual, audio and print media with the
continuous awareness on the necessity of the solidarity of all the responsible authorities and families in order to realize
the contemplated results, in addition to the religious awareness and increase of preventive legislations, and the role of the
educational institutions, universities and the remaining educational and family institutions.
In enhancement of its leading role in this field, the Ministry of Interior has launched, in cooperation with the National
Center of Rehabilitation, a campaign of Tricked Me aiming to awareness regarding the drugs problems in general and
their effects on the individual, family and social level, and warning from the culture of the first trial of drugs as of the age
of (18) years and less, and introducing to them their destructive risks and effects, and emphasizing on not to take any
strange materials, explaining the means of their identification and the methods of their fighting, enhancing the culture
of refusing the trial for the new generation and awareness about the serious damages caused to the druggy (physically
and morally) in order to obtain the drug. Tricked Me Campaign has been launched to be as a link with all segments of
the community, particularly the Locals lounges through the direct interaction with them, identifying the drugs hazards
and what might be resulted there from and warning from falling into the trial trap, the necessity of presenting examples
on the cases which have been rehabilitated and re-integrated into the community, whereas through such lounges, the
methods of identifying the druggy have been outlined in order to help him and distributing brochures explaining the
extent of drugs seriousness and how to avoid them.
The activities of They Tricked Me Campaign have focused on visiting the summers centers to aware the students about
the necessity of refusing the culture of trying drugs in all their forms, spreading the culture and principle of not taking
any strange materials with the awareness purpose, taking into account the targeted age category of the students to enable them to understand the message, and due to its importance, the campaign of Tricked Me has been enriched with
awareness activities in the visual, audio and print media means, along with the screens of the commercial centers and
buildings in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates, awareness advertisings on the television and radio channels as well as local
newspapers and publishing advertisings and news via the accounts of the Ministry of Interior on each of (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.)
The cooperation has been also made through They Tricked Me Campaign with the Federal Social Police, the Center
of the Ministry of Interior for Child Protection, the Directorate of the External Regions, the Directorate of Al-Ain Police
and the Directorate of the Western Region Police. The Campaign contacted also various external partners, including the
General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Donations, National Center of Rehabilitation, in addition to their introduction
via the websites of the Ministry of Interior, publishing radio advertisings through targeting the most heard radios especially by the youth category, newspapers advertisings and publishing the advertising on the campaign and introducing
the schedule and its events, in addition to television advertisings, short awareness and introductive movies dealing with
the subject-matter of the campaign.



Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report




Measuring the Community Satisfaction

The Ministry of Interior carried out a survey for the opinion of a sample of (1500) individuals including the total population of the UAE, locals and residents, (Arab, Westerns and Asians), distributed according to percentages representing each
category of them. Below are the most important results:
The percentage of the general satisfaction on the Ministry of Interior was 84.0%.
The percentage of trust in the Ministry of Interior was 83.7%.
The percentage of the clarity of the vision, message, values and strategic objectives of the Ministry of Interior was76.4%.
The percentage of the general satisfaction on the easy contact and communication with the Ministry of Interior was 76.5%.
79.6% of the community members are satisfied on the community initiatives provided by the Ministry of Interior.
77.9% of the community members agree in general that the Ministry has an important role in the field of environment,
health and safety.
79.6% of the community members agree in general that the Ministry has a prominent role in the field of community responsibility.
79.5% of the community members agree in general on the appropriateness of the contact channels used in communication with the all community segments.
75.2% of the community members agree in general that the Ministry is committed to provide equal services realizing the
justice in dealing with the different categories of the community.
86.5% of the community members feel the security in general.
75.4% of the community members agree in general that the Ministry is innovative in the community work.





General satisfaction on the Ministry of Interior

84.0 %

86.2 %

-2.2 %

Non Significant

Trust in the Ministry of Interior

83.7 %

87.3 %

-3.6 %


Satisfaction on the community initiatives of the Ministry of Interior

79.6 %

75.4 %

4.2 %


The Ministrys role in the field of environment, health and security

77.3 %

76.4 %

0.9 %

Non Significant

The Ministrys role in the field of community responsibility

79.5 %

77.0 %

2.5 %

Non Significant

The appropriateness of the contact channels used in communication with the community segments

75.8 %

75.6 %

0.2 %

Non Significant

The Ministry of Interiors dealing with the community in terms of

treatment, equality, transparency and professionalism in the work.

75.2 %

71.9 %

3.3 %


Feeling security and safety

86.5 %

88.1 %

-1.6 %

Non Significant

The field of innovation in the community work by the Ministry

of Interior

75.4 %

76.0 %

-0.6 %

Non Significant

The satisfaction on the technology and provided electronic services

71.8 %


In this context, the campaign of Tricked Me was interested to publish true stories for persons convicted in drugs
lawsuits after being tricked by some people and beautifying the addiction world to them. The campaign has been
concluded with honoring the winners in the innovative competition launched via social media in order to involve
the community due to its role in promoting the realization of the campaign objective. The competition contains
Advice Book, Designing an Advertising Annex and a Video in order to express the content and objectives of the
campaign. The participations were distinctive and expressive and the winners obtained encouraging cash prizes in
appreciation to their prominent participation.
The Security Media Department at the Secretariat General of the Office of His Highness the Vice Prime Minister,
the Minister of the Interior, has launched a competition to the prisoners of the Penal and Correctional Institutions
on the level of the State, who have been convicted in the cases of drugs abuse to participate in writing a short story
where the prisoner narrates his suffering with the drugs tragedy and narrating therein the reasons which led him
behind the bars, which was within the framework of They Tricked Me Campaign.
The story reflects the fact of the prisoner and the impact of the environment surrounding him, the reflections which
affected his family and community, in addition to his life in the jail, the learnt lessons and the message he is addressing to the community members in order to avoid becoming victims of the drugs abuse.
The Ministry of Interior has also launched the hashtag # Participate with us in the counter-narcotics campaign,,,
They Tricked Me on its account on Twitter and called all institutions and sectors of the community to interact with
the campaign and contribute in spreading awareness and the Security Media Department urged the youth and users of social media to interact with the campaign.
The Ministry of Interior praised the quick response from the different government and community institutions with
the campaign of the Ministry to make awareness on the drugs risks, such as: the Ministry of Education and Scientific
Research, (ADNOC) Group of Companies, Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi, who were the first institutions
which interacted with the campaign objectives in enhancing the public awareness with the hazards of drugs lesion.


By comparing the percentage of the general satisfaction in 2015 for the main axes, the percentage of the satisfaction on the
main axes in 2014, it has been established that the percentages in some axes have increased while declined in other axes. Despite the decrease of the percentage of the communitys satisfaction in general on the Ministry of Interior in 2015 compared
to 2014 by -2.2% percentage point, this decrease has no significant indication and it is within the margin of the accepted error
In terms of the reason of the decrease of the average satisfaction in some axes, the same is attributed to the coding mechanism
for the responses of the survey paragraphs, whereas in the previous years, the difference in the mechanism of coding the responses of the survey paragraphs, as in the previous years it was used to convert the fivefold scale into triangle through merging
(I do not strongly agree) and ( I do not agree) and giving them (1) degree and the neutral remains the degree (3) and (I strongly
agree) and (I agree) giving them the degree (5).
However, in the year following it, the variables from (1 5) have been coded, which means the existence of a decrease in the
satisfaction average as a result of the mechanism of dealing with the data and not due to the decrease of satisfaction.



Sustainability Report



Appendix 1
Promoting security and safety


(Law enforcement


Decreasing crime

Entries and
exits control
across state
ports by using
the modernist technique


& traffic



making safety
and prevention conditions available
to maintain
humans and



Effecftive Transparency
communiand justice
cation with in offering
the public



Fighting (Combat
Readiness to face
and fire extinguishing:
disasters and
enabling operations
crisis through
and centers to using
plans updating
the best available uni- and setting out
fied equipments and
techniques that suit
civil defense services

and scenarios with

The optimal usage of security information




planning and control and
of hu(operational,
man re- capitalistic and of technolog- support and
ical sources predication

Relevant External Stakeholders







Rationalization of energy consumption

Rationalization of water


Products and services

Supplier Environmental Assessment



Economic sustainability

Procurement Practices & Financial


Research and development






Labour/management relations

living level of

efficient management

Ensure potential risks are



Occupational health and safety

Training and education

Supplier Assessment for Labor Practices

Local Communities






Applying E-government concepts to

convert MOI services
to E-style-mail

Developing policies and financial

procedures and
maintaining application thereof

Enghancing job








Developing human
resources through
training & Education

the best

innovative environment

Providing and managing

advanced technological
environment for quick
response and supplying
high degree of information

under high
efficacy and

Circulate and
in efficient

institutional performance




Ensure offering all administrative services in conformity with quality standards


Material Aspects

Maintain preparedness and

readiness in crisis and disaster


Enhancing public confidence in terms of offered services efficacy


Reduction Contributing
Maintain- Maintainof illegal
in enhancing ing security ing inmates
residence community se- and safety
in the state curity through of institu- and safety
prison inmates tions; emrehabilitation ployees and
and reformaproperty


Roads and Legislation, Protection:

control and circulate
engineering laws implesafety &
and safety mentation preventive

Service Quality Control (speed,

efficacy in offering the service)
excellence standards

Realization the highest levels of

civil defense safety

Roads security control



Appendix 2:
Requirements (ministries, agencies and institutions)

Relevant Requirements (Ministries, bodies and institutions)


Sustainability Report


Product and service labelling


Customer Health and Safety

Customer Happiness and Satisfaction

Provision of information




Sustainability Report



Sustainability Report


GRI Index


Participation of stakeholders

General Standard Disclosures


List of all groups of concerned parties

Strategy and Analysis


Basics to define and select concerned parties

39, 52


Mechanism for participation of concerned parties

52 - 55


Main requirements submitted by concerned parties

54 - 56


Message of Secretary General to the office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and

Minister of Interior


Institutional file

Message of Secretary General to the office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and

Minister of Interior


Institution Name


Trademarks, products and services






Ownership and legal entity


Markets served by the institution


Volume of organization (number of employees, operations, turnover, products and

services served)


Staff (total number of manpower, classified as per type of work and gender)


Ratio of group negotiation agreements


Supply chain


Material changes in organization during the report period


Protective principle in Risks managemen


External charters, principles and initiatives or organization, participants and


Report Particulars file



Reporting period

22, 51, 72 - 80


Date of last (previous) report

NA, this report is made

for the first time


Course of reports preparation

15, 19


Contact party in case of inquiry about the report or its contents


GRI index


External SRA

22, 23
22 - 23
22, 30 - 31


126 - 132


22, 91


Organizational governance structure of Ministry of Interior

32 - 37



Power authorization for economic, environmental and social topics by

supreme ruling authority to senior executives and other officers

36, 49


If the organization has appointed a position (s) on the executive level

to be responsible for economic, environmental and social topics, and if
the person in charge in such positions are directly reporting to the ruling



Consultation process between stakeholders and supreme ruling authority in the economic, environmental and social topics; if consultation process were authorized, state authorized entities and list any processes to
report the conclusion to the ruling authority.



Formation of supreme ruling authority and affiliated committees.

No material changes as
report is made for the first
24, 31, 39, 51, 62

Defining important aspects and limitations


List of entities contained in the financial statements of the Ministry and define
unlisted entities in the report


Procedures to define the content of report, limitations of important aspects


Important aspects defined in the identification of report content


Limitations of important aspects in the Ministry



Limitations of important aspects outside the Ministry



Interpretation of repetition of information from previous reports

No previous reports


Material change from previous period contained in the reports in terms of

scope and limitations

No material changes



19, 58


If the chairman of supreme ruling authority is an executive officer (in

such case, state the position within management of the organization and
reasons of such arrangement)

35 - 38
Chairman of the Supreme Ruling Authority in the Ministry of
Interior: HH LieutenantGeneral Sheikh Saif
bin Zayed Al Nahyan,
Deputy Prime Minister
and Minister of Interior
22 37


Nomination and appointment of supreme ruling authority, affiliated

committees and standards used in nomination and testing of members

35 38



Sustainability Report




Processes made by supreme ruling authority to maintain avoidance of

conflict of interest and management thereof

35 - 37

Role of supreme ruling authority in drafting the objective, values and

strategies of organization

15, 27 - 29


Measures applied to develop and enhance group knowledge of supreme

ruling authority with economic, environmental and social topics.

57, 62 - 66


Competence of supreme ruling authority and evaluation of performance


24, 57, 113 - 114


Role of supreme ruling authority in defining impacts and risks, economic, environmental and social opportunities and necessary management within the role of supreme ruling authority in application of due
diligence procedures. State if consultation with stakeholders is used by
supreme ruling authority for definition and management of impacts and
risks, economic, environmental and social opportunities.

29, 38, 39

Role of supreme ruling authority in review of the effectiveness of organizations management of risks, economic, environmental and social topics.

29, 38


Frequency of review of impacts and risks, economic, environmental and

social opportunities by the supreme ruling authority.

29, 38


The supreme committee or position that is officially reviewing and approving the organizations report on sustainability, and maintain that all
material aspects were covered.



Applicable values, principles, criteria and regulations to ethics in the

Ministry of Interior

Economical Category
Economic performance

Management concept in economic performance

40 - 43


Generated and distributed direct economic value



Financial impacts, risks and other opportunities from activities of the organization due to climate change



Coverage of regular obligations based on defined entitlements plan



Financial aids offered by the state


Availability at market

Approach of management


Standard wage ratio of initial classified level based on gender compared

with local minimum wages at important operations site


Ratio of supreme management appointed from civil society at important

operational sites (Emiratization)

43 ,104


Important economical indirect impacts ant extent thereof

42 - 43

Disclose of major concerns to the supreme ruling authority


Practices of procurement


Nature of major concerns disclosed to the supreme ruling authority, total

number and mechanism (s) used to confront and solve them.



Approach of management


Ratio of expenditure to local vendors at important operational sites




Definition of wages. State if there are consultants used to define wages,

and if they are independent from the management. State any other relation between wages consultants and the organization.



How viewpoints of stakeholders are obtained and considered in relation

to wages, including results of voting to wages policies and proposals, if



Ratio of total annual remuneration for the highest salary in each country, where important operations exist to the average total annual remuneration for all employees (excluding the highest salary positions) at the
same country.





Research and development

Wages policy for supreme ruling authority, senior executive officers in

terms of types of wages

Percentage of promotion in annual remuneration for the highest salary

positions in each country, where important operations are existing to the
average total annual remuneration for all employees (excluding the highest salary positions) at the same country

34 - 35

Defined standard disclosures


Wages and incentives


Ethics and integrity



Sustainability Report


Approach of management: research and development and expenditures



Environmental category




Management approach


Energy consumption inside the institution


Rationalization of energy consumption

48 65


Approach of management


Water withdrawals based on water source

48, 65


Approach of management

62 - 63



Sustainability Report



Liquid and ordinary wastes


Management approach


Total weight of wastes and disposal

Products and services


Approach of management


Extent of effect of reduction of environmental impacts to products and services

64 - 65 71 - 81


Approach of management


Cash value of major fines, and number of non-cash penalties against noncompliance with environmental laws and rules.

Average training hours per year for each employee as per gender and job


Programs for management of life-long skills and learning that support continuity of employment of labors and support them in management of end of
professional life

96, 98, 99, 103


Employees who receive regular checking up visitors for job performance and


No penalty or cash fine


Environmental evaluation of vendors


Approach of management



Preparing new suppliers by using environmental standards


Social Category

Basic salary of females compared with males classified by virtue of employee

category and important work sites


Approach of management

G4- HR5

Arrangements adopted to contribute in effective eliminating children labor

118 - 119

Forced labor
Arrangements adopted to eliminate all forced labor


Security practices
Ratios of trained security personnel on policies or regular procedures in
HR scope of concern as to operations

Approach of management


G4- HR7


Total ratio, number of newly recruited employees, turnover of employees as

per age category, gender and region


Suppliers assessment


Payables granted to full-time employees, rather than part-time or temporary

employees, as per important operational site

100 - 102


Ratio of return to work and job retention post parental leave, as per gender


92 - 95

Relationship of management with employers

G4- HR11

Number of suppliers who are subject to HR



Auxiliary community category

Local communities

Management approach


Approach of management




Minimum term of notice on operational changes, including, if defined in the

group agreements

Performed operations shared by the local community, impact assessment and

development programs



Negative operations and are prospected on the local communities.

116 - 109

Planning and response to disasters/emergencies

Occupational Health and Safety


Management approach


Civilized dealing with global incidents and continuous availability of

teams to deal with crises and outside emergency cases



Approach of management


Ratio of total manpower represented in official and health and safety committees between management and labors, which help in monitoring and advising
on programs of occupational health and safety.



Work injuries, total death cases due to work, no death case was recorded during 2015



Management approach


Put data stickers for the products and services



Total employees who were reported of Anti corruption policies and procedures


Corruption confirmed cases and carried out procedures



Training and Education



Children labor


Approach of management


Auxiliary category Human Rights

G4- HR6




Gender equality in terms of wages




63 - 64

Sustainability Report


34 - 36
Neither case was
recorded during 2015



Sustainability Report


Management approach



Major Cash penalties and total non-financial sanctions



Complaints mechanism s to impacts on the community

72 82 92

Auxiliary category: product responsibility

Customer safety and health

Management approach


Total cases of voluntarily non compliance to rules and bylaws in terms of products health and safety impacts and offered services during product validity
based on collected results.

81, 112

Set up stickers including products and services information


Management approach

82 - 85


Results of dealers' satisfaction measurement questionnaire

84 - 87

Supplying information


Management approach practices to overcome hindrances as to language

and culture, lack of cognitive, handicap and supporting the employees

19, 77, 113 , 121

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