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Thursday Lesson Plan

Multicultural Education
Teague Albenesius
Theme: Welcome to Algebra
Lesson Subject: Real-World Problems with Multi-Step Operations
Grade: 4th on Grade Level
Duration: 1 hour
State Standards Addressed: 4.ATO.3 Solve multi-step, real-world problems using the
four operations. Represent the problem using an equation with a variable as the unknown
Content Goal: The student will understand how to solve for real world problems and
represent these problems as equations.
Student Learning Objectives:
Cognitive Objective 3.1:
While doing 10 multi-step problems involving four operations for homework, the student
will solve 90% of the problems or greater.
Cognitive Objective 3.2:
While doing 10 multi-step problems involving four operations for homework, the student
will successfully write down a mathematical equation representing the problem with 80%
or better.
Affective Objective 4.1:
When working on independent work, the student will be focused on their work by not
looking away from their work more than twice before completion as recorded on a
corresponding checklist.
Materials/ Resources/Technology:
Resources and Materials:
Powerpoint Presentation
Booted up computer and projector
Guest Speaker
12 calculators
Websites and Purposes:
Super Teacher Worksheets
The above worksheet helped me to find sample homework problems to draw inspiration
for my math problems.
IXL Learning
The above website serves as a way for students to practice extra problems at home. This
is linked in the homework to go home with the students.

Classroom Website
Classroom Prezi
1. Procedures:
a. Preparation As soon as possible, I will contact a mathematician of color to
come present to the class about who he/she is and I will try to aim to get a
person who grew up in the area we are currently in.
b. 8:00 8:05 Introduction:
Good morning class! I need you all to turn in your homework to the front of
the room and say hello to our special guest! (S)Hes going to teach the first
part of the lesson today and help us out along the way!
c. 8:05- 8:30 Presentation
1. To begin, the guest speaker will introduce herself/himself and how she/he
became involved in math. Then she/he will introduce the topic of multi-step
problems. I will be there for the process of planning this lesson to help with
strategies that will help with teaching this concept. Also, we will be sure that
each of these problems incorporate multi-cultural themes.
2. After each problem that the guest speaker demonstrates, I will model how
to write down a corresponding equation to each example problem that the
guest speaker presents. I will explain the multi-cultural significance of each
problem as well.
3. To finish the presentation, the guest speaker will have the floor so that
students may ask them questions. This opportunity will allow for students to
see this guest as a role model for the students and hopefully inspire them to
pursue math-related careers.
d. 8:30 8:55 Application
1. Due to the difficultly of the content for this day, the students will begin
working on their homework in class as their application work. This will be
beneficial to students because the teachers aide, guest speaker, and I will be
available to move about the classroom as they work. These questions will also
serve as teaching moments to learn about other countries and cultures about
the world.
Closure 8:55-9:00
Wrap Up
Did you all learn a bunch today? I know that there was a lot of content today,
so I hope that you all will finish these problems tonight for homework. I
attached different links that you all can access more information about the
different cultures if you want to learn more!

2. Assessment Plan:

Formative Assessment
3. Homework/Connection with Home:
Homework/Connection with Home