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Sidrah Marotti


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Katel, Peter. "Press Freedom." CQ Researchei


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The article Press Freedom is written bV Petg_Kg!?!,y!3,_it* staffwriter for CQ Researcher as

well as an award winning journalist. This"article discusies'the controversy over if partisan
bloggers should get free-press protection. It centers around the life and history of the
conservative activist and self described journalist James O'Keefe. The article is organized into
subheadings that describe the content to

follow First there is an introduction, which

talks about

O'Keefe's history and motives. The article then goes into further detail regarding blogging as
joumalism, the bias within journalism, and the restrictions on journalism that have been
proposed or implementedlKatel uses O'Keefe as his p-ryqgrys4qqtple, byt he also referenqgs ,
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CQ Researcher.

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Katel ,dppears'to,b. ygnluedibi_,e. Thb article is extremely unbiased, which is particularly
importint to tt is article becauie it discusses if partisan journalism should be protected via the

first amendment's freedom of the press. The issue with this article is that it is not very relevant
to my research question. It gives a brief summary of the infiltration of Association of
Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), which is very relevant to my topic, but it
does not focus in on it. The article itself is not terribly hard to understand, but it is incredibly
long, and most of the information provided does not pertain to my topic, so there is an excess of
irrelevant information. Aside from much of the information provided being unrelated to my
topic, Katel presents his information in an unbiased manner. He explains the different views on
the freedoms that partisan press should hold, while referencing back to the story of James

"Unspinning the Planned Parenthood Video." FactCheckorg.N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Nov. 2016.

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